Monday, August 6, 2012

she did not put her hand over her heart!

Nice one, Anon!

Freepers love US Gymnast gold winner Gabby Douglas, because she mentioned God in one of her interviews.

But it seems that as the national anthem played during the medal ceremony, she didn't place her hand over her heart. So one guys posts, asking if she as unamerican as Obama.

No one agrees with him, though - seems no one remembers the Obama bit all of the sudden. But there's some pretty good crazy to be found anyhow:

Sporke noticed Gabby is black!
As long as a person is facing the flag, and not holding up a “black power” fist, they’re probably doin the right thing. :)
JLAGRAYFOX sees Gabby's blackness and is reminded of how Blacks have an aqful, awful life cause of Obama:
She is a winner and champion due to her personal dedication, hard work, competitive spirit and support from her family & friends . This what Black Americans need and do not have, due to the miserable leadership of their so-called leaders, starting with Barack Hussein Obama on down.

Some day, maybe Blacks will wake up and realize how badly they have been treated by their own leaders, who accept high unemployment, poor education, massive out-of-wedlock births, and assimilation of Blacks into general American society. Until that self assessment occurs, the overwhelming majority of Black Americans will remain adrift at sea, never moving forward towards real freedom, liberty and opportunity in America. Sad!!!
TigerClaws concentrates on what's important - that gymnastics is clearly all fixed:
The Russian did better on the floor program.

Any contest with judges having all the power = fixed.
outinyellowdogcountry wishes the Russian girls would all man up:
Gabby was a delight to watch. They were all very fun to watch but boy those Russian women were poor losers. Both nights they cried like a baby when they didn’t get the first place. I would be embarrassed. That annoyed me very much.

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  1. She also did not put her hand over her heart at the 2016 Rio Olympics...2012 possible oversight...twice...I'm extremely peeve when someone does not put their hand over their heart. All of the gymnasts did so...respect lost Gabby