Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Obama knows your party affiliation

There's an app being released that crosses public party registration information with google maps.

Old, paranoid Freepers have two threads, each full of crazy, and each pointed out be commenters

thecodont is only being slightly paranoid:
What if Republicans are mapped out and targeted the day before the election, and Dem operatives "arrange" for these people to be "inconvenienced" on their way to their local polling place?

Possible scenarios:

1. Vandalism to property (house vandalized).
2. Vandalism to car (flat tire).
3. Staged/false family emergency call.
4. Neighborhood "emergency" that blocks the way to the polling place.
Add your own. I'm only being slightly paranoid.
musicman realizes that liberals have text and e-mail tech as well!
Now imagine millions of Obamaphones that Barry can text and email to to "create" whatever mayhem he needs for re-election. A whole army of obots in complete communication with each other and their leader and an app to tie them all together.
wjcsux has a plan:
If I was a criminal, I could use this App to identify potentially unarmed targets.
OK 1) amazingly, some liberals own guns without bursting into flame
2) the usual criminal pattern is to wait until people are away from home. Indeed, guns are valuable!

silverleaf worries about voter suppression, but has a plan!
Sorry. this is just...creepy Like sending a message to his “domestic army” about whose house to hit if and when shtf

I don't suppose this would ever be used to deny someone federal or other govt employment...nah (sarc)

Maybe we need to register as democrats, then go to Tea Parties and vote conservative

That would sure screw everybody up ... which is excellent
radpolis knows this mapping app means you gotta get a gun:
I am more afraid of left-wing thugs with this technology than I am the government.

In liberal strong holds, the government will just look the other way when left-wing terrorist fringe groups will come after you and your property, just like they look the other way when illegals prey on Americans.

If there is ever a reason to be armed to the teeth, this is it.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, defending yourself against liberal terrorism would be considered a hate crime, and the victim will end up being arrested.
RandallFlagg also thinks ya gotta carry a gun all the time, to defend against the liberal reign of terror:
Union thugs will LOVE this app.

And the moral of this story?
Lock your doors always.
Get more ammo.
Never be unarmed.
piasa knows who is behind this sinister app:
Probably Organizing for America... which is probably Soros.
2ndDivisionVet wants to beat up some liberals:
I know what, Dems: Go over to your bitter clinger racist non-Democratic neighbors at midnight or 2AM and wake them up by banging on their door! See if they gave their wedding present, birthday and back-to-school money to re-elect Dear Leader, as instructed. They wouldn't dare beat up or shoot someone who represents Obama for AmeriKKKa, would they?
ExTexasRedhead knows the Death Panels will target Republicans:
Big Bro and Big Sis knows everything about each of us so they can use their database for their Death Panels to determine who lives and who dies. Kind of the Obama Gestapo at work, IMO.
concerned about politics knows Hitler started with an app:
Designed to help his activists threaten or intimidate those who do not do as they are commanded. Support Oboma - or else! (They learned this tactic from the NAZI's.)
Ouderkirk fears the flash mobs:
NOw they can “flash mob” and check for republican dominated precincts and trash those polling places.

These are the new digtial brownshirts. this is just andother weapon in their arsenal of intimidation and voter suppression.

You watch, there will be polling places that are flash mobbed and destroyed. With the electronic voting machines there will be no record of who voted for whom when the polling place is destroyed.

Expect to see this in the suburbs...not in the city.


  1. If you want to screw with RWNJs, you Don't need a fancy app, just pick the houses with Gadsden Flags, Palin bumper stickers on the car out front, or mobile home parks.

  2. lol Obama is cumming 4 our flags!!!

    good jorb libs

    - R

  3. Sandra Fluke, Called A 'Slut' By Rush Limbaugh, To Introduce Obama At Denver Rally

    In recent days, when the news from the Temple massacre in Wisconsin was just coming in, Freepers went crazy and said all sorts of stupid things. That's one thing.

    But this Fluke matter has been over for a while now and the Freepers don't seem to have ever figured out what was going on. They still have the facts of the matter wrong.

    They are sitting in front of computers connected to the internet and they STILL don't know what's going on.


    This is not a terribly interesting thread but it just so stupid. Wait, there is one thing.

    "No wonder the GOP elite doesn’t take us seriously. *eye roll*"
    by RIghtwardHo

    That's a good point.

  5. Being gay is totally like this, I know because I read it on Free Republic.

    "One of my (former) high school buds stabbed, lacerated and dismembered his 6 month old pregnant wife. His father disowned him and he said it in front of us in the courtroom, for everyone to hear including the judge."
    by max americana

    So, if your kids are gay it is totally OK to tell them you won't ever speak to them again because it's like being a freaking ax murderer. Same thing.

    1. I was just reading that thread about the father disowning his gay son. What a sad display by FR.