Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic ptpourri returns

As the Olympics continue, Freepers continue to Freep it up!

bgill keeps track of Obama's birthday:
It’s obama’s birthday today. They’re lucky he hasn’t demanded they send him their medals as a birthday present.
drypowder is one of many all up on this idea that Olympic-made income is taxed:
It was most likely a democrat who thought of taxing Olympic medals. I’m curious, how did they conclude that competing in the Olympics was a source of income and a medal qualifies as income? It probably happened under Clinton since he also signed the double taxation of income for social security. In their own little corrupt world a democrat can skew anything.
Still Thinking wants more anti-Muslim pettiness:
I say oil any event equipment that needs lubricating with bacon fat and toss packages of bacon in the athletes goodie bags.
US Navy Vet hates England cause of it's Parliament, I guess?:
STUPID Inbred “Brits” DESERVE what they GOT! How that “Parliment” and “Monarchy” working out for ya!
dragnet2 knows nothing says "one world government" like nations competing with each other:
I avoid anything with the word 'Olympic" in it and do not watch any of it.

It's a U.N., global politically correct, cabal of crap.

DesertRhino notes that an athlete with noe-Nazi ties was kicked out, so all Muslims should too:
Nazis should feel unwelcome. As should jew hating Palestinian judo teams that refused to share a padded warm up mat with Israelis. They forced the olympics to put up a wall so they could not see jews. And i’d also vote to keep north Koreans out while they have active death camps.

The Olympics are sick if they expect us to forget about such evil in the name of a track meet. If someone wants to be there, they need to ascribe to the ideal. The IOC should not be expected to tolerate a Nazi, or a muslim racist. If you have those feelings as an athlete, you need to accomodate civilized society, WE should not have to bend to make nazis and moslems feel like their opinion is just another legitimate viewpoint.
PetroniusMaximus sees the coming Christain persecution:
Headline in 10 years...

“American rower leaves Olympics after reported ties to Christians surface”
Loyal Sedition knows the Orientals are always shemeing:
In my experience lying, cheating , and stealing are not dishonorable in Asian culture.
But getting caught is.
napscoordinator knows Phelps is just another lazy pothead:
Celebrating another burn out. Great. No wonder America is falling through the cracks. This guy is a pot head.
Eye of Unk hates the free market:
I call BS as well, it was proven that most seats were sold to high level friends and friends of friends, the lowly average UK worker and family could not afford most of the seats pricing.
Iron Munro doesn't like Serena Williams:
All the wealth redistribution in the world doesn’t change trash to class.

She is still nothing but ghetto trash.
SamAdams76 has clearly never been to London:
Now I'm not knocking London as a city. All that damp and cold weather puts you in the mood to duck into a pub for a pint or two of ale and a plate of fish and chips - which is the culinary specialty of the Brits, along with bangers and mash. When I walk into one of those pubs, I always see somebody at the bar that looks a lot like Winston Churchill.

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  1. I love their Olympic Nazi references.
    It's not like Nazi Germany actually held the Olympics, or anything.