Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Potpourri Pt. 2

hosepipe explains how Obama's campaign focuses on RAP Fans!!!!!!!!
...........This must be said............
Zeros campaign is geared toward RAPPERS or RAP enthusiasts..
A very low level intellectual mix of the political naive..

Unfortunately much of america has been DUMBED down that much..
If Myth Romney can educate some of them, he might win..

If NOT... he will join the Juan McLaim school of the politically inept..
And laughed at behind his back for the rest of his natural life..
You know...... as the Fascists take over..

p.s. however he may want to take a "dive".. and be payed off with the federal gravy train.. like other RINOs.. There is much money to made by bending over assuming the position to Chinese communists like Walmart, Costco and Target..
DariusBane sees how all his neighbors are medicated, so he's going to use superglue instead of stitches on his children!
My faith in the sanity of my fellow man, and this world is slipping fast. Virtually everyone I know goes to the doctor at least every other week, and is on mood altering drugs and/or Ambian.

My wife and three kids are weird outliers in that non of us has seen a doctor since around 2005. The 2005 issue was for stitches but I think I I will stock up on super glue so we don’t get profiled and reported to the gubment for something.

My point being that voters are NOT sane. They are nuts on drugs, either prescribed or bought in an alley.
Thanks to Obama, Eye of Unk's business is failing, and only Sarah Palin can save him!
should Sarah Palin become this countries next higher office elected official a lot of conservative pro christian businesses will come back from nearly going bankrupt under Obama/

My company is dead in the water, I am nearly the last employee left, and I blame it all on Obamas hate upon the working class of America.
Ruy Dias de Bivar knows liberals are gay nazi aliens:
Every time a sodomite nazi opens their mouth I am reminded of the remake of THE INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS when DONALD SUTHERLAND opens his mouth, points his finger and screams!
ETL really, really, wants the Aurora shooter to be liberal:
I would love to know what Holmes told the shrink regarding his 'worldview' and political opinions.
meadsjn thinks Holmes may have been a human subject of unethical rogue scientists!
The small group of six students and one professor at the university with whom Holmes was affiliated, are/were working on chemicals to tinker with the brains of people with PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and their eventual target patients were to be, or already are, combat veterans returning from combat operations.

Reportedly, their project involved injecting rodents' brains with chemicals to alter the behavior of the animals. It is not at all far-fetched to believe that their activities moved on to experimenting with human subjects, with or without official permission, with or without the knowledge or agreement of all the team members.
LibLieSlayer analyzes some random picture of a school psychiatrist who analyzed the Aurora shooter and senses demonic possession:
I did not refer to the “shape of her eyes” but of her squinting when the picture was taken and the evil that shines through the slits that she is looking through. Some of you are just too sensitive and too quick to read your own prejudices into someone elses words. If you read this thread... I am not the only one that makes mention of her eyes and the demon within this woman.
Constitution bedamned, sagar wants to kill all the abortion doctors once abortion is illegal nationwide:
Would “ex post facto laws” restriction apply with mass murderers like abortionists? The Nazi war criminals would not be hanged, because what they did was not illegal at all. After all, those murdered were not legally humans under the laws that they were operating under.
Norm Lenhart's daughter describes how people treat her interracial couple:
It basically goes like this from what they tell me.

At a lib filled place they hear:

“I think it’d great that despite blablablabla RACEblablablaHATEblablabla...” and on and on bringing up everything ‘wrong’ just so the libs can say for their friends to hear how PC they are about the ‘brave’ couple.

Around militant black women they get”

“That damn hiyella had to go get him a white bitch” and you know where the rest of THAT story goes.

And around “hateful intolerant bigots” (AKA normal people) people they get:

“Hey, want a beer?”
knarf knows Muslims are everywhere, and everyone is too afraid to shoot them!
I know it sucks, but muslims are everywhere in every country.

We can get away with 9/11 'ceremonies' because the entire planet (with the obvious exceptions) was on our side ... remember ... We're All Americans Now ?

Anyway, unless the entire planet is prepared to fight islam on all fronts ... national, international and worse of all ... our own neighborhoods and cities.

All of the Christians were crazy when we spoke of the EVIL of islam ... well, now the planet is sufficiently 'terrorized' (cowered ... and we'd better start thinking in, and using, proper verbage for our state) ... NO ONE is willing to antagonize the rabid animal.

It is either, Come Quickly Lord Jesus ... or pick up, make a stand and shoot to kill because islam is here and unless it is stopped, it is here to stay.
American in Israel takes a metaphor a bit far...
The growth is known in medical terms as cancer. Its when a part of the host begins to steal all the strength of the host to build itself.

And the budget that the Dims never got around to making, its called DNA. A second sign of cancer is when the unrestrained growth stops following the laws and blueprints of the host and just does what it wants, which is grow and consume.

A third parallel is if it is benign or malignant. That is, has the cancer spread beyond the original infestation, like to the supreme court or the Justice Department and the EPA.
Delta 21 hates how gay people only think about sex with men and also want him to be okay with all the non sex with men things they do:
The gay lifestyle is not valid. Why some people feel the need to define their entire existence with the gender of human they have sex with is beyond me. Couple that with the their staunch insistence that I accept this single facet of their life, disregarding all others and there you have it.
Spktyr thinks an army of Tea Partiers in Reagan masks is just what the doctor ordered.
Maybe we don’t need ‘a’ Reagan. Maybe what we need is a lot of Reagans, a la the end of V for Vendetta.
re_nortex drops some Hitler Science on us:
I told my girlfriend that I’m starting to feel like I’m living in 1930’s Germany.

That's indeed the case. Adolph Hitler: socialist. Obama: socialist. And the parallels don't stop there by any means.
ClearCase_guy knows what liberals think about black people:
Liberals believe that all black people are incapable of success. Therefore, all black people grow up in poverty -- but in some cases, a nice white Liberal comes along and lifts them up out of poverty. But, clearly, they all start out impoverished.

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  1. I think "Gay Nazi Aliens" was a title of a 70's grindhouse flick I watched recently.