Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Obama hates Mars

NASA has done a really good job on PR with Curiosity's landing on Mars - everyone is talking about it.
Freepers, though, can't stop thinking about how this can help them hate Obama more.

righttackle44 knows why Obama's happy:
Why shouldn’t he? He’s an alien there, too.
SeekAndFind knows NASA did this without government help:
RE: “Tonight, on the planet Mars, the United States of America made history,”

I was kinda waiting for him to say that they would not have accomplished it without the government. “They didn’t build that”.
publius911 loves NASA, but still finds something to complain about:
The Curiosity Mars Rover project has so far cost each American about $7. For what it has accomplished (the technological applications developed for it) and for what we may learn from it, it seems like a small investment. Americans spend more than that each week on junk.
What the hell you talking about?

It costs me at least that much every day to support our growing army of parasites.
clearcarbon knows Obama probably secretly hates this project:
I suppose the Curiosity program was already too far along in development for him to have killed it.
baddog 219 agrees - Obama's priorities are not with NASA:
Obama couldn’t care less... He’s mad that the money we spent should have been spent on the Muslim brotherhood.
Dallas59 wants to know about Muslims in NASA:
Now that the excitement has died down....we need to how many Muslims were on the team...
TigersEye also with the Muslims:
“Mars is now the second biggest Muslim planet in the solar system.” - Borock Insane 0bomber

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