Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Potpourri Pt. 1

The crazy has overflowed it's banks again this week, and the crazy is too fertile for a single post to contain it.

Every Freeper knows the Nazis were liberals. Some in the comments were discussing how Freepers have also decided the Nazis were gay. SuziQ explains that the Muslims were also Nazis:
It is suspected that The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem had a role in developing the Final Solution of the ‘Jewish Problem’. He had an office close to Nazi headquarters in Berlin, and sat in on meetings all during the war. He must have thought he’d died and gone to heaven, being able to arrange for the killing of so many Jews.
Well, you can't call xjcsa soft on crime...
The NCAA went far too easy on Penn State. If anything the entire school should be burned to the ground.
kevcol explains how Rush Limbaugh helps Freepers take their unthinking rage and make it seem reasonable:
Sometimes Rush gives the rationale for why you are so angry about something. In your head and heart you know its wrong but you need someone to connect the dots and tell you why - sometimes. Rush is the best person for that role.
Obama is too evil for DesertRhino to keep his principles.
“1) Don’t bash the president, 2) don’t apologize for America”

Obama made that obsolete. Romney can say anything he wants about Obama overseas and i’m fine with it. Obama sided with the Mexican government against Arizona. As a candidate, Obama struck deals with Iraqis aganst Bush. And worst of all, told Medvedev that he would do the things they wanted, but they needed to give him “space” so he could sneak it by his citizenry, which he knew would oppose it.

No lectures from Barry about “the waters edge”, or of acceptable behavior overseas.
bunkerhill7 has discovered proof of Obama's gayness!!!
Obummer may have made a Freudian slip in his book-


blow up the photo of Obummer and roommate Sohale Siddiqi, in the fall of 1981 on

and they are holding hands on sadiki`s knee [I count 8 fingers]-


and then compare Obummer`s statement about Sohale:

Sohale Siddiqi is identified as "Sadik" in Obama's memoir, Dreams From My Father, and is described as "a short, well-built Pakistani"'s_friends_and_associates

Sadiki is skinny with no muscles-

- evidently Obummer, in a homosexual slip, was referring to Sadiki`s Big Muscle, his well built homo part?

Obummer liked Sadiki`s big muscle? A slip?
pinochet thinks Obama isn't manly enough to be a good President.
Next time we vote for President, we should vote for a man (black or white) who displays "manly" qualities. Obama is the sort of man that ghetto blacks consider to be a "punk". That means a MINO (a man in name only).
ebysan has discovered Serious Info about the Obamas:
I read bloggs in 2009 that stated that Obama had to give his Law License up because on his application he checked “No Alias Names”

He was know as “Barry Soetoro” in Indonesia so this was False information!!

Michelle did some shady deals when working for the Wealthy Hospital.....

She instituted the program to have poor people transported to other hospitals instead of being seen at ER of this Wealthy Hospital..... Not sure if she lost her license before this. I did not know about the Insurance Fraud Charge!!..... Interesting!!

Something is definely “ROTTEN” here..... You do not surrender your Law License for no reason!!
I gave up my VA law license to avoid Continuing Legal Education requirements and high bar fees...I must be a secret Kenyan.

Rome2000 wants to imprison everyone who votes for Obama in 2012:
The Worst Lady should be in prison

More like the 48-50% of our fellow "citizens" who voted for this simpleton and will do it again in 100 days should be in prison.
combat_boots randomly speculates about Obama's racism:
Well, maybe we’ll find out that the White Secret Service guys were fired in order to cover for the Blacks hired in their place.
Durus knows liberals so well he no longer bothers to talk to them, since all their 'arguments' are just lies:
The only motive that has ever made sense for the rise of socialism (including it's offspring ideologies) and progressive policy in general is the lust for absolute power. They desire nothing less than a return to world tyrannies and the subjugation of the individual where they can wield absolute power over us like little wannabe gods.

All of their arguments are just lies to hide their true motive. Don't bother to formulate logical arguments to wannabe tyrants. They only thing that will every pacify them is your subjugation. Recognize them for what they are and work against them.
liberalh8ter sees deep into Michelle Obama's soul:
That perpetual scornful look that resides on Moochie's face comes from a lifetime of hating America and its Caucasian inhabitants. You can't spend your existence believing you've been cheated out of everything because of skin color and not have it settle in your eyes and in the furrow of your brow. I believe Moochie’s spending is so over-the-top because in her simple yet black-power-consumed mind, she believes it's owed to her. I believe she flaunts her grift because she thinks she's showing like minded grifters that she's ‘sticking it to the man’, on their behalf.
Vigilanteman would rather have there be no America than have Obama be President:
I'd take James the First anyday over Obama...Monarch or not.

Hell, I'd even take George III.
MagUSNRET can't stop thinking about all the perverted sex he senses going on:
I’m guessing Bill is just thrilled that his butch wife is travelling a great deal with her Islamic (But married to a Jew Perv) wife , so she doesnt interfere with him screwing porn stars...................GOD BLESS AMERICA

This country is being run by freakin perverts, drunks, thieves, and whores....DAMN It sounds a lot like BABYLON!
agere_contra digs deep into history:
They are doing it so that they can criminalise Christianity and kick off Diocletian Persecution 2.0
concerned about politics and her husband can't stop picturing cocks in Shep Smith's mouth:
Shep is a fag. After we found about about that, we couldn't stand to look at him any more. All we could do is picture a -----in his mouth. He makes my husband gag.

Yes, the lucifer left are the ones that need to tolerate other people's beliefs.


  1. I really hope that bunkerhill7 comes out of the closet and finds happiness.

  2. I've been telling you, they can't think about a gay person without imagining them having gay sex.
    I wonder if they do the same for straight couples.