Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Freepers send off Gore Vidal

Sometimes the inevitable Freeper death dance for liberals tires me out. But there are some pretty interesting nuggets in their reaction to Gore Vidal.

Dick Vomer calls him a quisling:
he leaves behind a great legacy, large family and the respect of honorable men....... oh.... nevermind. I was thinking of someone else.

This guy wrote odd fiction,was a homosexual and a disgusting anti-American quisling propagandist who grew up in the cesspool of DC and educated at Sidwell Friends and St Albans..... ugh...
moonshot925 is similarly quite dismissive:
The man was great propagandist. ontap doesn't care so much that he writes about how little he cares:
Dumb ass Commie!! So he’s dead.....I lost one of my socks ....guess which one I care about more!!!

I hope he meets Goebbels in hell.
rlmorel may not know who Vidal is, but he can always spare some contempt for a dead liberal:
If the NYT thinks it is a great loss, it isn’t.

Easy rule.
IronJack seems to hate writers in general for not beating up enough people:
Gore Vidal is iconic for the effete, elitist, chablis-and-brie crowd at the Times. A poofy eunuch whose mouth (and pen) constantly wrote checks his muscle couldn’t back up, he had all the virtues the Left embraces: he was pretentious, he was generous with other peoples’ money, he hated this country, he produced nothing concrete, and he looked like a ghoul.
driftless2 projects a bit...
Like virtually all leftist artistes, Vidal thought he had some sort of secret info about the evil U.S. witheld from the rest of the population. Only geniuses like himself knew the extent of the perfidy. In the end, Vidal’s literary output was almost unreadable blinded as was to his hatred for his own country. He probably never got over getting turned down for some political prize because he was a homo.
I'm not to familiar with Vidal, and didn't even know he was gay. Not so for many, many Freepers could see nothing beyond that he was gay.

The homosexual websites are all wearing fashionable black armbands.
JewishRighter posits his gayness turned him evil:
Was he a nihilist because he started out hating morality as a matter of conscience or because it justified being gay? I suspect the latter. After all, where does a young person find hatred against a decent society absent some underlying antagonism? One may cite the nihilism prevalent in today’s hard left, which is not (known to be) universally gay, as proof that it is ideologically driven in most cases. But today’s left came of age after Gore and his ilk made hatred of America and decency fashionable.

Either way, when I read that Gore died, I said Thank G-d! He was a truly evil man
I don't usually post the sane ones, but miss marmelstein is usually petty, petty crazypants. Not so here, though.
Yet again I'm gonna disagree with the zeitgeist of FR. While old man Vidal went completely bonkers with his conspiracy theories, the young and middle-aged Gore Vidal was a brilliant essayist and novelist. Think I'm wrong? Just read “Burr” and “Lincoln,” two of the greatest historical novels about America ever written.

His essays on film and books were particularly wonderful. And funny as hell! My generation of theatre and tv people loved to see him on Johnny Carson where he held court with such wit and disdain.

I never agreed with any of his political opinions about modern-day America. But he did warn that the breakup of the Soviet Union would cause the Muslim world to rise up. He said this shortly after the wall came down. I thought he was nuts but I guess not.
LibLieSlayer of course, thinks Vidal lost all the debates he was in with Bill Buckley:
gore vidal knows what the surface of the Sun feels like today. I started being a Conservative as a child... when William Buckley left gore sitting is a chair covered with his entrails after Bill slaughtered him on Firing Line.
LibLieSlayer follows up the above vitriol with this post, about how hes trying to hate less:
I have been praying and working hard to eliminate it from my heart. I despise obama... I despise the left... I have found that hatred clouds reasoning and holds back proper solutions to any problem. I am such an imperfect being... but I love GOD and HIS son JESUS. I belong to them. I am theirs to use as they wish... I hope that they accept me as I am not worthy... but I strive every day to become so.
nathanbedford uses many, many large words to say "Vidal was a creature of the media."
His life one of sound and fury, or at least a life of calculated provocations signifying nothing, certainly nothing permanent, Gore Vidal from beginning to end is a token of the homosexual impulse toward nihilism. A young writer on the make, a celebrity who took on Andy Warhol dimensions as a political commentator famous for being famous and he got to be famous by being contentious and provocative.

Analogous to a young but ambitious homosexual fashion designer who must contrive a way to make his mark, he does it by pushing past the bounds of civility and comity. So a new and more bizarre look is introduced for this year's line. We see the same phenomenon in dance at the high culture level of ballet or at the base level of Lady Gaga. Each performance demands greater deviation from societal norm than the last. This is a calculated and cynical exploitation of the senses which desensitizes them and requires ever more and more sensationalism to break free of the pack careers.

The problem for us conservatives is that Gore Vidal exploited this technique in the political arena where he found a media eager to play a symbiotic game with him by which the media fed the beast with more and more sensational meat. The media was eager to play the game for another perhaps subconscious reason. The cynicism of Gore Vidal matched perfectly the inevitable nihilism of the Critical Theory, a Weltanschauung which is as been systematically implanted in the chattering classes in the course of acquiring their journalism degrees.
Like blacks, women, and big intrusive government, from Freepers hate intellectualism, except when it's on their side.


  1. You should do a spotlight on that LibLie guy, Ozy. Some prime crazy going on in his posting history.

  2. LibLieSlayer is full metal crazy.

    What's really sad is that 30 years ago these sorts of crazies were called crazy. But now we've got the actual full metal crazies of the rightwing up in the House and Senate. Bachmann, Steve King, Louie Gohmert, etc, they're all of the full metal crazy ilk and the only audience they should have ought to be some weakly transmitted AM signal. Yet they get to bring their crazy talk and freeper crazy talk into the national conversation.

    Hopefully our country gets past this and some day a manual will be written with clear instructions, "No matter how tempting, don't go courting the crazies to be part of your political party. Eventually, they get so crazy and so validated by you using them, they start to take your party over. Don't do like the Republicans did in the 2nd half of the 20th Century. Just don't. They almost killed a country in creating a powerful Crazy Caucus."