Thursday, December 6, 2012

2012 Election Autopsy

Freeper rage is cyclic. They may one day reach the levels of crazy right after the election, but their once horrifying white-hot desperate rage has cooled to smoldering resentment and denial once more. Thus, they're sober and still crazy analysis of what went wrong in 2012.

I like Freepers more this way, as the veneer of rationality upon a core of bitterness and self-deception makes them more amusing and less horrifying.

Obadiah thinks Republicans' neglect of white males is the problem.
Republicans fell in the trap of pruriently focusing on women. The whole Republican convention was an estrogen fest. Democrats targeted women. Once again, the poor white guy was viewed as unworthy of any attention. It's almost as if any attention given or discussion about white males was done with a sense of embarrassment.

Fine, you don't need them, then they stay home... and you lose!
Scotswife blames fraud.
I call BS...Romney’s supposed fatal 47% comment doesn’t come close to rivaling Obama’s gaffes.

I don’t think voter blocs disappeared.
I don’t think white male votes disappeared.

I do think ballots disappeared.
wintertime also thinks the election was too shocking to be real.
We also have a problem with rampant and blatant fraud.

Honestly,...Do you **really** believe that Mia Love lost with 78 votes given that Matheson’s district includes at least one large Indian reservation?
American in Israel...also fraud.
Massive Voter Fraud is the 800 pound gorilla in the room. But the Marxists will carefully not speak of that.
iopscusablames Romney and the yankees:
Quit blaming the voters and not the lousy candidates put up by both corrupt parties. Obama is a commie and Romney is a loser schmuck that evidently could not attract any blue-collar white voters in the NE or MW....the southern WM/Blue Collar Voters did vote for Romney but his dumb Yankee homies did not
DManA thinks we need more body language segments.
Snicker all you want but Romney's precious head tilt did not help him with male (OR FEMALE) voters.


  1. I love it. It's like they see a body with multiple stab wounds and a knife in his hand and their conclusion is...someone poisoned him!

  2. Massive Voter Fraud is the 800 pound gorilla in the room. But the Marxists will carefully not speak of that.
    He's right! Why would Obama talk about the Republican attempts at voter suppression, he won!