Thursday, December 20, 2012

Maximum Racism.

The Free Republic regime relies heavily upon moderation to define it's message. These last four years have seen a distinct slackening in the reins with respect to racism. Add to that some selective reporting on black-on-white crime from Drudge et. al. and well, this is where we are:

A young mother was killed by some teens in Pennsylvania. Black teens. This is, of course, a trend. And Freepers need be coy no more!

Eagles6 lays out the horrifying stats.
There has been a rash of attacks on Whites by blacks here in SW PA, the latest resulting in 2 deaths in the last few months.
Levy78 barely escaped!
All whites must concealed carry at all times. I recently (okay, two years ago) was in Dallas, TX and got complacent and left my handgun in my hotel room (I remember looking at it and thought, “nahh... i don’t need it”) )while my girlfriend and I walked to a restaurant in downtown Dallas. Well sure enough, walking back from the restaurant to the hotel, I was ambushed by a single feral savage. This was a few blocks from Dealey Plaza next to the Greyhound bus station for anyone that knows downtown Dallas. At any rate, I managed to get us out of the scrape. However, from that day on, especially when in the company of my now fiance, I have never failed to venture into ‘indian country’ without being armed. She is now armed too. If you are white, you’re a target. Arm yourselves.
a fool in paradise sees evidence of voter fraud:
Too young to smoke.
Too young to own guns.

Is it wrong to suppose that they voted for Obama with all of the other laws they break?
PaleoBob draws the mother of all false equivalences:
What are the chances of Obama flying out to “mourn” with the family and calling for fewer guns in the hands of non-white youth?

Oh. Never mind.
Obama’s sons wilding again.
Navy Patriot
Feral Negroes mimicking Cain.
"wilding" and "feral." Man, my racism bingo card is doing pretty well...

obama thinks he’s going to go into the inner city and say “Nigger, give me your assault rifle.” He’s in for a surprise because the blacks are well armed.

jazusamo knows the negro mind:
These punks killed a young woman because they believed she dissed them. Scum of the earth.
Sarah Barracuda is still misconstruing Obama's comments from back in the day:
Little Trayvon adorable..if Obama had sons they would like like these little angels
And Holder's People feature as well in the thread.

Red Badger is rolling racial civil war:
Theres a civil war coming and it wont be civil........
RightOnline woulda beaten them both. Also, he wants to shoot more blacks.
Two things:

A) What did the fiance’ do when these pissant, vermin, feral mongrel animals gunned down the love of his life, his intended, right in front of his eyes? [HINT: I’d have taken the gun and shoved it up each one of ‘em’s ass and fired...but that’s me.]

B) When do we, as a nation, say ‘enough is enough’ and stop coddling blacks? I’m sick of this s**t and seeing them get a pass because of political correctness. Time for whites to REALLY start packin’ en masse and USING the damned things.


  1. Keeping in true freeper tradition at least a few of them took the time to blame the victim as well. Hopefully Free Republic can overcome this new fringe element while retaining it's core values.

    1. "Core values" *snicker*

      Their core values consist of believing whatever Rush Limbaugh tells them to. These people are empty shells with one foot in the grave circling the drain of irrelevance.

    2. Na bro, Free Republic is an activist website. These people are out in the world, bravely interacting with negros. Look at Levy78, his totally true story of seeing a negro standing at a bus stop is a chilling reminder that negros can be anywhere (Stupid Lincoln made us all unsafe).