Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Eye of Unk Update

Australia doesn't like guns. Eye of Unk has is eyes on Australia to escape Obama's socialist Amerika.

How to solve this conflict? RED DAWN FANTASY TIME!
Australia will be invaded by China, and the Chinese will stop for nothing, they need expansion territories and they can tame the interior with water projects so a billion or two Chinese can live there.

But with an unarmed Australia there will be minimal resistance, and I mean very minimal, not even the best of all of the Australian military can cope head to head with China.

Now I happen to have some loyalty to OZ, and if I saw invading Chinese I would do whatever I could to create weapons of mass destruction, but of course it would be viewed as being illegal by Oz laws. They have condemned themselves. Its a bloody shame that the real patriots have to be an underground, always fearful of authorities seeking the guns, but also being patriotic to defend the land from invasion.

Oh yeah they are idiotic morons. They will surrender in a heartbeat. And the people of Oz will suffer for it, except for the gun owners underground.

UPDATE: Commenter Ted Brist points to an even more on point young adult novel Australian version of Red Dawn with Chinese enemies and improvised explosives as weapons.

Someone needs to work on separating fantasy from reality.


  1. Replies
    1. Well, Australian Wolverines, so more like


    2. A Wolverine is a badger-like thing, isn't it? So it'd be a bit more like


    3. No, no


      with assault rifles.

  2. Technically this isn't a Red Dawn fantasy. Its a Tomorrow, When the War Began fantasy. Which is pretty much Red Dawn, in Australia, with an enemy who the author tries very hard to never mention by name but is clearly China.

    Also, if China wants to invade, the only viable option for an invasion of ground troops is to go through Western Australia and the Northern territory first, then head southeast to Queensland, NSW, South Australia and Victoria. TO do that, they're gonna have to trek though the dead heart of the country, while facing down every beasty the land can throw at them.

    If they want to try that, be my frigging guest.

    1. Interesting. And suspiciously spot on. There may have to be an update in this...