Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Potpouri

vette6387 knows why Hillary Clinton fell down and got a concussion:
She will fake anything to get out of going before the Congress over Benghazi. Hell, she’d probably have sex with Slick to stay away from The Hill! Black Marxist, White Marxist, alleee sameee! We should all hope the the concussion is real and that she gets to follow Hugo shortly!
lookout88 most likely said this same thing about 2012.
All you people are acting like there will be an election in 2016. No friggen chance.
eyeamok has a whole new conspiracy I'd never heard of:
Considering the controversy over the passage of the 16th and 17th Amendments to the US Constitution, look it up if you haven’t before. Most of these problems could be solved overnight if just one State where the Governor and Legislature were in lockstep together could simply file a Formal Declaration with the House of Represantitives that the forementioned Ratification of either of these amendments were FRAUDULENT and after doing an exhaustive search of the records surrounding said Certificate of Ratification we have determined that said certificate ,to be FALSE, We the People of the State of () DID NOT RATIFY EITHER OF THESE AMENDMENTS, making them Non-Existent.
Create a Constitutional Crisis, stand your ground and SAVE THE COUNTRY.
FR_addict thinks Jim DeMint isn't partisan enough.
[Jim DeMint] can keep his friendship with Harry Reid, and you can say it is the way the senate does business, but it is only the Republicans who do this. The Democrats keep saying how racists and vile the Republicans are and the Republicans keep saying the Dems are their friends. I can only deduce that they say they are conservative to get elected. I have been disappointed with Republicans time and time again.
AnotherUnixGeek knows humor - and knows Colbert isn't really funny.
OK, Jon Stewart can get off some very funny lines - but Stephen Colbert? I see his fans laughing, I see him forming his own PAC and interviewing politicians while his fans nod in knowing hilarity, and I'm pretty sure even they don't find the guy funny. Colbert's success is an interesting example of the power of group-think:
crosshairs's comment from last Monday seems a bit...anti-prophetic:
Only certain tribes are irresponsible with guns.
muawiyah lays out all the RINO Presidential candidates:
Stassen, Dewey, Willkie, Nixon (first time), Goldwater, Ford, Bush (second time ~ he learned nothing), Dole, McCain, Romney
Where to start. No H.W. Bush? Nixon's second term was conservative? W. Bush's second term wasn't? GOLDWATER WAS A RINO?!

Wurlitzer is frustrated that Freepers aren't jumping on the WND voter-fraud bandwagon:
Good grief, alleged conservatives here seem to be more difficult to lead to some information than a bunch of feral cats.

It’s WND so it must be BS (Saul Alinsky response)

It’s a video and I want someone to write it down for me (Saul Alinsky response)

It’s too long. (If that video is too long then how is 4 more YEARS of this POS in the WH going to be?) PATHETIC

I don’t want to give WND a hit. PATHETIC
My favorite is "this video is long? Obama's term is 4 years!!!" That might be one of the best non-sequitors I've seen on Free Republic.

Yashcheritsiy is looking ahead:
Then conservatives need to start NOW with destroying Hillary Clinton in the minds of the American people.

Barack Osama did it to Romney starting the moment it became apparent Romney was going to have the eventual GOP nomination.

Turnabout is fair play.
Windflier obliges - only evil people age:
Look at any recent photos of Hillary. She appears to have aged ten years or more since the 2008 election. There's no question that she's now certifiably elderly, and in my opinion, it's because a lifetime of evil intent and deed, has finally eaten its way to the surface of her body.
Eye of Unk has got to be joking, right?....Right?!
If I were accosted by someone looking to prey upon me for whatever reason say by asking for a cigarette then I will pull my weapon on them.

Don’t bum a smoke, it can be deadly.
bluecat6 gets his conspriacies from the vintage store, it seems:
Children of international bankers in the administration:

- Barack Obama. Mom and grandma were bankers.

- TC Geithner. Obama’s mom and his dad were at the Ford Foundation running international banking.

- Susan Rice. Father was Emmett J Rice. Former governor of the Federal Reserve System.

Lots of bankers and bankers kids in this administration.
Venturer knows why the Washington Metro is so violent:
It took 15 Posts until someone pointed out the problem.


It’s the same in every large city run by blacks.

It’s what the news ignores.
I've been riding the Metro daily for eight years, and never once been stabbed by a black. Amazing!

MaxMax used to call the police on black people wandering in his neighborhood and then wait, clutching his gun until they arrived.
I used to catch little black punks running around VBeach Beach homes looking into windows

trying to make a score. Most were in gangs and came from Philly. I never took my hand off my concealed .357 while waiting for the police because they were like animals waiting to pounce.

And when I talked to them my phone line was connected to dispatch being recorded for the officers on route so they knew what they were dealing with. Cat burglars.
Prole knows political pragmatism only comes from blackmail:
I know this may sound crazy, but I am convinced that Boehner has gone the way of General Petraeus.

The democrats most likely have something dirty on him, and they are blackmailing him into going along with Obama's crap.

I cannot honestly think of why else he would conduct such outrageous behavior lately.
muawiyah unskews the polls that young people support gay marriage:
This poll separating older people from younger people does little more than support the idea that polls can't be trusted anymore. Of course older people oppose gay marriage ~ but due to their remarkably shorter lifespans, there are no old gays to distort that answer. However, with most gays being quite young, they probably cast much more than an 11X shadow ~ possibly 15X!
willowdean wins the lunatic of the week, though!
Now you can be born to a mental illness such as schizophrenia or phobic mania but not perverted anal sex or homosexual oral sex . These are abominations to God and are very sick humans.If your child is taught about homosexual acts in school, file charges immediately with the police in your community and sue the school district for pornographic discussions with a minor. These poor sick people need prison , not a “marriage” certificate. Can you image the child abuse of two of these sick adults in a “marriage”? Even the liberal Supreme court “justice” Roberts will annihilate this sick perversion and I can’t wait!!


  1. I don't know the context, but it looks to me like 'muawiyah' has listed the republicans who have lost presidential races. Nixon lost his first race to Kennedy, Bush lost his second race to Clinton. So I think the Bush listed IS H.W. Bush.

  2. I'd love to see a state do as eyeamok suggests...and then have the feeds laugh at them because there are 40 or more other states that did ratify those amendments.

  3. - Barack Obama. Mom and grandma were bankers.

    That one made me laugh out loud. They were tellers in a bank! If that makes them "bankers" then I'm a media executive because I work tech support for a cable company.

    1. Well I bet you're also Jewish like Barack and his mom and grandma because not only does the tribe run the banking industry but the media as well. I'm on to you.

  4. Richard Engel goes missing in Syria, FReepers immediately celebrate. Just a bunch of fuccos.

    "Richard Engel
    Born September 16, 1973 (age 39)

    Education Stanford University

    Bye bye Liberal "

    "He works for the NBC, the enemy of Christians and lovers of liberty. But we should still pray for him. Pray that he makes an act of contrition by disavowing an evil organization like NBC, then pray for his conversion to Christ, then pray for his safety. Pray in this sequence only."

    "So how many of our military members should sacrifice their lives to save this guy who put himself in harms way?"

    Four. Four should you fucking hypocrites.

    1. Ugh. I've never been this sickened at someone else. I have a deep, burning, personal hatred for Freepers, especially Jim Robinson for allowing and presumably condoning this shit. I honestly wish they would die. These cunts deserve cancer, or being kidnapped, or something.

  5. Goldwater is a RINO????? WTF LMAO

  6. Here's a freeper hoisting himself on his own petard:

    "Boy, do I know that...
    My father-in-law, a “good Catholic”, voted lib dim his whole life in RI until he got a brain tumor and voted Pub his last vote..."


    Yeah, there's nothing like a brain tumor to help clear up a person's political thinking.