Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Michelle Obama for Senate?

via Anonymous, a poll about Michelle Obama running for Senator has Freepers' weirdly determined Michelle hatred mixing with their legacy Hillary Clinton fear and hatred, and producing some high grade fear and loathing.

bert mixes some D'Souza with misunderstanding satirical movie stereotypes:
she is at root an anti colonial tribalist negro who longs for the African society prtrayed in Coming to America
hal ogen wants Michelle Obama to be arrested for...hating America?
The subhuman grifter, affirmative-action, equal-opportunity opportunist, America-hating, racist mooch-elle need to be placed in prison. The only thing she should run for is when the bloodhounds are chasing her after she escapes.
Berlin_Freeper also predicts jailing, though he specifies no crime.
Good chance she will go to jail.
Arthurio knows Obama is too secretly evil to let Michelle be successful:
Hussein’s ego is just too big to let his “woman” get into the limelight like that. Michelle has been fairly low profile and has stuck to fairly non-political tasks, unlike Hillary.
LibLieSlayer: Rawrrr! Garbable! Obba Jooba Wookie Fat Bitch!
The biotch will have to move back to the war zone of Illinois... something tells me that she may run for an Hawaii senate seat. She knows something about seats... she has one of the largest in the world.
Essie just senses her entitled ambition!
From the time Obama won the last election, I felt that she saw herself as president after her husband’s term is over.


  1. Freep a Poll! (you OK with paying $63 a year to cover those with pre-existing conditions?)

    Wait a minute, Freepers. Are you saying I can pay my share and we can cover those with pre-existing conditions for $63? Really?

    Sign me up. I believe in my Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Would Jesus pay the 63 bucks? Yep.

    1. But that $63 is THEIR MONEY! They earned it completely by themselves without using roads, emergency services, police, buildings, the Internet, teachers, cars, other people, or help of any kind. They owe nobody!