Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Special: Obama Didn't Cry!!!

Ahh, back to hilarious angry pettiness. Such a variety of stupidity on this thread, it's gonna be a long one!

The first is how Freepers all think crying is proper in this situation, and struggle to argue Obama isn't really crying. Boehner? He's a girl for crying. But Freepers who love calling Obama gay never even though of calling him a girly man for crying at this.

Cept for manc, of course.

The second thing is more general. Freepers eagerly used this tragic shooting as a springboard to hate and rage at people they already hate and rage at. I was reflecting on how much Freepers seek out this emotion that I myself reflexively recoil from.

In a somewhat horrifying metaphor, it kinda reminds me of beer. Most people start out not liking it, but if you drink enough, it starts to get delicious. Maybe 'righteous' anger is the same way. (Full disclosure - I never learned to like beer myself, maybe that's why I compare it to loathing.)

Abbeville Conservative never saw tears!
I saw him motion like he was wiping away a tear but I never saw any tears. Also, I found it interesting that when he scratches his face while talking about an opponent he uses his middle finger but when pretending to wipe away a tear he uses his index finger. Wouldn’t he use the same finger each time?
Freepers are going big on that whole middle finger thing lately.

tumblindice wants a book. A crazy, crazy book:
Someone should write a book on the subject, `The Rhetoric of Zero’s Body Language’ ....

The way I see it, he doesn’t want to flip-off people that he’s not trying to subliminally insult; here he is trying to persuade them with synthetic sorrow.

He reminds me of the Walrus in `Alice in Wonderland,’ weeping copious tears over the oysters as he selects, shucks and swallows them.

Why would someone actually shoot the bird when he knows he’s being recorded? Because he can say, “That’s just me, an international man of mystery.”

He’s a slick fraud but if he tries to mau mau this horrible tragedy against the 2nd Amend, that ain’t gonna work.
...He's some kinda fake spy and also an Alice in Wonderland character? Does this even make sense, or is some kinda hate-dada thing?

Quickgun has the smoking gun:
Someone on another thread has already pointed out that Zero wiped the outside corners of his eyes, and the tear ducts are on the inside corners. But we already knew he is a fake.
This seems legit. If you've never cried before.

PoloSec doesn't need no evidence in improper tear wiping, he knows Obama!
Everything this man does or says, is suspect and fits a mold.

If he did have tears, they were tears of joy!

Never let a crisis or a tragedy, go to waste.
P-Marlowe has diagnosed Obama, and knows all the answers:
I’m sure they were fake tears. Sociopaths don’t feel the pain of others. They are only capable of inflicting it.

IMO Obama shows all the classic signs of narcissistic sociopathy.

The tears were intended to garner sympathy FOR him. Classic manipulative narcissistic behavior.

I would believe GWB’s tears. I would even believe Bill Clinton’s tears. But I don’t buy tears from Obama. Not for a second.
TigersEye recognizes a photoshop job:
His eyes are reddened in that photo. They were bright white today.
Junior_G is super pissed Obama seemed to cry.
Obama’s obviously phony “choking up” disgusted the hell out of me. That vile bastard should have had the decency to show no emotion rather than fake it for the cameras. Of course, all the news reports said the president “teared up”. A nation of morons, led by an anti-American Marxist. Great. Just great.
junta knows only Hitlers don't arm kindergardners!
Being defensless is not morally superior, those who advocate for others to be defenseless are evil, you know like Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot, Mugabe.
kearnyirish2 realizes Obama hates rich white kids. Also, he has a plan:
This was in a wealthy area; I don’t believe for a minute that Obama cares a whit about these wealthy white children.

AS the left prepares its assault on gun rights, we need to prepare an assault on public schools. They obviously can’t provide the safety necessary...
ColdOne thinks Obama should cry a lot more!
editor-surveyor posits that if Obama doesn't cry at something that happened when he was eight-years old, so this doesn't count..
Crockodile tears from that hypocrite.

He thought the Ayers bombings were OK
PA-RIVER thinks abortion is the reason for school shootings:
The young man that did the killing lived in a society where killing the young out of convenience is a sacrament for the presidents party.

Truth hurts.
rockvillem knows Bush cried at the right time.
Does he cry when giving out a Medal of Honor like GWB? Nah. Does he cry when seeing the caskets of our brave troops who paid the ultimate price? Nah. As we speak he and his handlers are figuring out how big an opening this gives for grabbing guns from law abiding citizens. Countdown starts now . . .
Yes, this mass shooting will be different. This time for sure, your guns are going to be taken!!

SoFloFreeper knows Obama is too hated to comfort anyone:
Anything Obama has to say would only make it worse—he is not a likeable person, and is not capable of doing anything positive in regard to this tragedy.

Unless he just bows out and allows the families and communities to heal.
A_Former_Democrat reveals Obama's an android!
Fake tears from a Fake Pres__ent who is a fake human being.
FlingWingFlyer knows liberals are all secretly stoked.
The DemocRATS are ecstatic and celebrating tonight. They will finally have the poll numbers in the next couple of days needed to disarm Americans. Go ahead and celebrate ‘RATS! You’re not going to get my guns! This is America. If you don’t like the Bill of Rights, GET THE **** OUT!

All the future tax money lost to the government today really shook Obama up.

Bet Soros gave him quite a drumming over the killing of those children. That’s 20 or 30 million lost to Soros, unions, and other liberal predators.

Feudal lords are very protective of their peasants, there’s no money without them.
jetson makes with the Birther prayers:
Oh lord, take this man back to his homeland...Kenya. Please.


  1. I sense a small slight shift in the landscape, a minor tremor. Even some Freepers are writing that if you have mentally ill children it is not good to keep guns in the house. Of course these people are promptly jumped upon. Even the suggestion that gun owners use a gun safe, or unload their guns, is attacked. One guy says the right thing is to keep your loaded guns right by the front door.

  2. Freepers really do live in a fantasy world where President Obama is actually Snidely Whiplash. They keep asking themselves, "Why can't the rest of the world see our fantasies?" And they'll keep asking themselves that until they become even more irrelevant than a Fifth Monarchist in the 1700s.

  3. To be honest, the big massacre thread Ozy posted Friday really made me wonder if Freepers have serious mental problems. I don't say that as just an insult.

    What I think has happened is that over the years, FR has self-isolatted hrough purges, zottings, and the more sane Republicans simply leaving. All that's left is the real bottom of the barrel, the gum on the sole of your shoe types.

    Every post, I mean EVERY post illustrated the warped, bizarre thought process of the Freeper. All of it predictable at this point. Posts about "Wonder if his name is Abdul, that's why the drive-by media hasn't reported his name 4 minutes after the story broke", or "Looks like a pot user. Must be a liberal, because liberals are about violence and murder", or "Obama must be setting up a false flag incident with the UN to take away our guns".

    I actually live a mile from where the hospital several of the victims were taken to. I'm not trying to falsely insert myself into the community involved, because I have no standing in the situation other than mild geographic proximity. But just as a normal person, who actually thinks the things that Freepers think? My reaction was like, "Wow, that's horrible" and to be honest, I went back to my business, even though a guy in my office knows a faculty member at the school.

    I just can't imagine my first, legitimate thought being "Betcha he was a gay pot-smokin' OWS member named Mohammed".