Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Learned Sociopathy

Doctor_TeethMD uncovered this peach of a thread.

Richard Engel is all safe and sound, but while he was missing, Freepers discussed is death. Now, there was the usual "Obama manufactured this to invade Syria cause MUSLIM" BS but I'm focusing on something else.

Freepers were doing their usual death dance - maybe a bit more strident than usual, with the inauguration looming. Then one Freeper, Dacula, evinces a bit of empathy:
And why should I care when a mouthpiece for tyranny goes missing?

Because he is a human being you - b@st@rd!
Freepers' replies are chilling in how they dehumanize:

treetopsandroofs knows what equivalence to draw!
So was Jeffrey Dahmer.

Where was your compassion for him when he was murdered?
Buffalo Head prefers comparing some random journalist to murderous dictators:
So was Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. Get smart you human being!
pgkdan doesn't like NBC's coverage, so kill 'em all!
Reporters and members of the so-called MSM are propaganda agents for statism. NBC has already given his disappearance more coverage than they’ve given to Barry Bengazi’s coverup of the Benghazi massacre. That says all I need to know.
Neoliberalnot doesn't want to risk soldiers for a liberal...
Are you suggesting that bo’s mouthpiece getting him self caught in a trap warrants putting at risk the lives of good soldiers to rescue this artful mouthpiece of tyranny? Bah.
PGR88 rationalizes that liberals are childish, so let them die.
I feel for his family, but knowing and have met many media types, I can’t help but think that what often is a strong sense of entitlement and a naive and childish American-leftist ideology common among these folks gets them into trouble in the real world.
Darksheare is pretty sure every liberal is a copy of Stalin:
I believe the left calls their fallen tools “heroes of the revolution” when they accidentally die in the hands of other ‘useful tools’.
wrench's fantasy world is all black and white:
He is an enemy to this country. Engel was there to push for the overthrow of the Syrian ruler by force with the aid , or by the US military. He was justifying and furthering Obama’s support of the MB.

Karma is a bitch.
ExSoldier subscribes to a "let them die, God will sort them out" theology that went out of style in the fourteenth century:
You sound like a sniveling, handwringing liberal. If he's a Christian, God is looking after him. If he dies it's okay -- I'll see him in Heaven. If he's not a Christian, he'd better find Christ fast, so he won't have to worry. If he doesn't find Jesus, he's got much bigger problems to worry about, and so do we. He's an active reporter for NBC that makes him one of Satan's minions. I'll not worry about one of those.
Folks who want Freepers to die or be institutionalized? Careful...



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