Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday Potpourri

Short one, cause I'm actually off on vacation right now. Merry Christmas! I DO NOT SHAVE THE LEGS!

combat_boots seems to think Obama is a secret ally of liberty. Well, that or he never read Julius Caesar.
Why is 0bama coming?

“Friends, Americans, countrymen, I come to bury liberty, not to praise it.......”
wastoute sees the connections!
No, each of the recent massacres had one thing in common that the Ministry of Propaganda is suppressing. Occupy Wall Street/anarchist connections. Look back to the mass shootings of the 30s as well. Anarchists. Beck pointed all this out many months ago. Don’t fall for the propaganda and distraction. They WANT these shootings. They NEED these shootings.
Can anarchists even have a conspiracy?

SaraJohnson Knows the Brits are at the mercy of Muslim sex rings.
In Britian, if you are the victim of a violent criminal, you just have to die because if you defend yourself and hurt the predator, you could end up in prison. If your child is being raped by a sex ring of Muslims, you just have to report it to your local police who will accuse you of being a racist and do nothing to protect your child.
William Tell has been reading Stormfront again...
I have read that the murder rate and violent crime rate for the WHITE population in the U.S. is roughly comparable to the rate in other western nations.
Yankee Land of the Northeast must be purged from the Republic. The Yankees are far more trouble than they are worth.
NELSON111's chess metaphor may have gotten away from him, but I want to play sacrifice-zombie-betrayal chess.
You don't play chess by purging some of your pawns, rooks and knights up front...and then asking them to come back and fight the queen.
Texas Fossil explains that Obama's a Kenyan so he can't talk about gun control:
culture of guns & violence?

Culture in Kenya? machete’s, slavery, beheading and mass murder?

PAR35 doesn't trust any mental health principles after 1960:
Three step process to cure:


Castration (appears that the described case was based on heredity)

3722535r shaves his cats, and has trouble with all these demons for some reason.
A side note...My brother is into withchcraft and is completely demon controlled and I do not have any contact with him at all...He actually cut my black cat’s leg trying to shave hair for a ritual and tried to frame me saying it was a result of my shaving my cats.....I DO NOT SHAVE THE LEGS...I have video of the wound to protect myself and my vet asserted that wound could not have been made with shears if you tried......He used a sharp razor while carving wood on a model plane......When I called him out on his lies he refused to admit the deed and tried to have ME put into the nut house....Stay away from Spiritually sick people even if it is family........He’s an ARMED guard which makes me wonder about not reporting him which would result in him losing his job, which would result in him projecting his hate on me even more so, which makes me wonder if he would actually come after me.....


  1. That last one is pure gold. Good find!

  2. Good gracious! I don't know what these freeper folks value as a virtue more...insanity or idiocy.

  3. Nothing says Christmas for the Freerepublic set like celebrating the death of an AIDS patient.


    I think you've found a new motto for the blog.

    1. I for one am a bit tired of Newtoidaho's pathetic Turner Diaries fantasy - I'm with Ted on this!

  5. Beware anyone quoting Glenn Beck's grand conspiracy theories. A fond Beck memory (before he got pulled off the air in the NY metro area for the second time) was his dramatic and stitlted oration of OWS's plans for all of us.

    "They will COME for you....they will COME for you and they will....DRAG you from your house and...they will KILL you!"

    LOL. Apparently this OWS/Left Wing plan was imminent. This was about a year ago, so I'm sure Glenn has moved onto some other theory.