Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Comin' for yer GUNS!!!

I was skeptical, but I think the tragedy in Connecticut may result in some movement on reasonable gun regulation.

Freepers are in full paranoia mode about them Nazliberals, generalizing a few kooky liberal partisans, and projecting nonstop:

factoryrat knows what the libs were doing in Germany back in the day!
Where do you think hitler found his followers and supporters? I highly doubt that the members of the SS were composed of conscripts. A combination of insanity and despotism tends to bring out the worst in humanity.
Freedom4US knows ya gotta take it personal, cause the other side totally does!
That’s the real story - they don’t hate guns, they hate YOU.
Hmm. I wonder who Noumenon is describing?
Liberals are consumed with hate. Without hate, they are empty vessels of despair.
M Kehoe has mixed up badass with psycho...
Liberals/socialists/communists/democRATs have been spewing hate filled rhetoric since 0bama won the election. I just don't understand it...

I might not understand it, but it doesn't bother me. They are humans, with friends and family. And you see, being humans, I know they all can bleed.
Nebr FAL owner expounds on the secret persecution theme:
Make no mistake many liberals are armed as well they just hate it that you can have a firearm as well . They hate you having arms for the same reason the Klan hated freed blacks having guns, it is real hard threatening folks who will gladly shoot you dead while burning a cross in front of their house.
556x45 on those hubristic, hating libs:
First, liberals aren’t against gun ownership at all. They own them in the same proportion as the general populace. Sure they trot out the useful idiots for the media to create an illusion. Their problem with guns is that you can own them. Second, they have no problem using deadly force on those they deem worthy of death (for whatever reason) as evidenced by this article. Death and destruction are at the heart of liberal ideology. Liberals view themselves as superior in every way and as such born to rule. For them if the ‘masses’ cooperate thats good. If not then they’ll be compelled by whatever means necessary. For liberals the ends justify the means. If those means include thinning the population to the docile then so be it.
Needless to say his stat about liberal gun ownership is bullshit. I think Mark Levin has picked it up though.

IbJensen is eager:
Let the war begin.
Mack the knife is ready and waiting! Just as soon as the liberal mass assassinations start...
Killing off pro-gun leaders or attempting to confiscate firearms would be a step over a very bright line. It would place every opinion leader and politician advocating gun control into the cross hairs of thousands of guns, not just the forces which attempted to confiscate the guns.
HOLY SHIT max americana has the MOST IRONIC QUOTE EVER:
Libs are pussies hiding behind their computers tweeting...I have advocated civil war for a long time on FR

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  1. That quote from max americana is great. Thanks for digging it up!