Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Freeper Archives: How times change

Doctor_TeethMD posted a rather intriguing thread. It's from the Bush years - 2006, to be exact. It's regarding then Senator Obama opposing a filibuster of Alito.

It provides quite an example of how for all their complaining about the GOP, Freeper are at core tribal, and driven more by short term gains for their side rather than any actual ideology:

livius knows Obama agreeing with them doesn't matter - he's only doing it for the polls.
Well, I don't like him, but he's the first Dem I've seen who has said that they've got to win elections rather than attempt to use procedure to do it for them. Going back to the old "winning the election" strategy would be a massive plus for the entire country.

But then, they've probably done polls and found out that people are sick of their attempt at a procedural coup.
Stupid filibuster...gotta use it responsibly!

new yorker 77 dismisses Obama as silly Democratic tokenism.
Obama is the Democrats answer to 204 years without a black man representing the Democratic Party in the Senate.

They are such Progressives.
spokeshave is already on message, though!
"Obama is the Democrats answer to 204 years without a black MUSLIM ISLAMIC man representing the Democratic Party in the Senate."

Fixed it
USS Alaska knows Obama is a bit too conservative for those Dems, and will soon get stabbed in the back.
Osama obama has been listening to the MahaRushie. The demonRATs will not listen to him, he is starting to make sense. If he makes any more reasonable, public statements, the RATS will make reference to the fact that his mother is white, therefore, he is really just a "rich white guy". Can't have any stray'en from the plantation, "You know what I'm talk'en 'bout".
Dengar01 knows ya gotta look out for Obama:
Obama seemed like a great guy when I met him. Compared to Turbin Durbin he is a saint, lol. As far as this state goes, it's so screwed up that I can't distinguish between the GOP and the Rats because of all the corruption.
Barnacle seems almost prophetic:
Watch out for this guy. He could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo.

Though I have nothing but a gut belief on this, I think he is the front man for a very well organized and powerful movement to run him for president in 2012.
Huh. And looking at this guy's posting history, he's actually pretty sane, if you ignore some "The Media is owned by Marxists" blather...

Wait...never mind:
People are beginning to see that socialism is the wrong way, and eventually the Dems will abandon that notion.

Interesting prediction. But, for all their posturing, I don't think they will fundamentally change, except to get worse. They can't win elections without appealing to the looney-tunes and the looney-tunes do not present a unified enough front be affective.

In short, the Democratic Party has sealed its fate. It was inevitable. That's just what happens when you run a fraud. Just like a Ponzi scheme, there comes a point when the game collapses. For the Democratic Party, that point began on September 11, 2001. I predict that it will continue to disintegrate for the next ten years as more and more of them crowd into the "Big Tent" of the Republican Party. But, as they do, they will bring so many of their Socialist trappings with them, that Conservatives will not be able to stand the stench and will form a Conservative Party headed by the likes of Pat Buchanan.

I think the Republicans realization of this scenario is the reason they so rabidly attacked Buchanan and eventually led to his withdrawal from the party.

Within 20 years, the real political races will be run between the Republican and Conservative Parties. The Democrat party will be about as significant a force as the Green Party.
Welp. So much for prophetic. Or even, sane.

toddlintown can reflexively hate even the most agreeable Democrats, since he knows their secret agenda:
Harry Reid, Durbin, Kennedy and Kerry are old school.

Obama is new school.

But they all are alumni of the same school.

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  1. It's a lot of fun looking back on what they used to believe during the Bush years and then compare it to what they believe now. Wait, what am I saying? They never believed anything. All they ever did was parrot talking points. All they are are ventriloquist dummies in Rush Limbaugh's lap.