Friday, December 14, 2012

Another shooting

A really bad shooting in a public school in Connecticut. Freepers' imaginations are on the case:

Old Sarge
Has anyone else noticed something at this point?

In the Aurora and Chicago Sikh shootings, we knew the perp’s identity and party affiliation almost at lightning speed, from every major MSM organ. We had wall-to-wall coverage and perps who appeared out of the ether, ready-made for exploitation.

Here, it’s been two hours at this posting, and we know barely anything. Only two local affiliates are covering it, and there’s only been one brief Reuters blurb. We have no firm data on number of dead/injured, police and FBI on scene, and there’s been nothing!?

Something smells wrong.
You ain’t kiddin’...

My first thought: A raghead. Ping to Darth Vader.
concerned about politics
I have no idea who this shooter is, but any time the guy has "Mohammad" in his name - there's a news black out about it.

It's either someone who wanted to commit suicide and knew he'd go out in a blaze of glory (via the MSM sensationalizing it), or a "Mohammad."


  1. When I saw the headline in the NYT I came right here. I knew the Freepers would be a chattering. It is repressed guilt I think. Maybe deep down they know that allowing wackos to walk the streets with guns is a bad idea, but their gun mania and political ideology wins out.

  2. This is great! A poster highlighted on the most newsworthy list at right says he has evidence that the grade school killer was set up by Obama et al as a false flag operation. How crazy can these people get?

    1. Damn it, that thread has been pulled. LOL.

  3. This post on the same subject, different thread, is chock full of crazy,

    "CT... strict gun and drug laws don’t prevent their spread in the streets indeed... funny it always is some priviledged kid doing this kind of crap... the type getting their hands easily on stuff illegally through corrupt bureaucrates.

    This reads like loughner, some kid whose mother is associated with a school or government position...

    Cops these days do not go after some dangerous people who are the special protected species of our society. GAyish people do not attract their attention in the deed of bad things, though they always are the rabble rousers in “parties gone wild” on TV. The routine checks don’t follow those traces. It looks too Obamaish and cute to be true that it would destroy the country to compromise with such death culture.

    I could thus easily think that this is to promote a “gun is responsible and not me” type culture out there, a leftist psychiatrist’s gallore.

    We already know islam has special protections, and the unions have islamic cops harrassing christians in many places. The culture of irresponsability is on. Some could play the 'I too am special in God game' and see where that leads to. Reverse infiltrate them with their demons and friends possessing them. It’s a kill priviledge culture that is being foisted, not unlike Nazism foisting a kill the jew priviledged culture.

    Bottom line of this story is: They really expect us and gun owners to walk in the sidewalk gutter of social shame in America.

    It’s a ploy by certain elites to control and enslave and harass legal citizens to submission and submissiveness... very vicious stuff of conformists and antisemites amongst others. Their kids are always special.

    The keys is they reward laziness and submission. The gun buy back is key in this."

    by JudgemAll

    1. "Representative Frye, who has twin nieces and a nephew at the school, just related to Fox how he was at the school's Holiday Concert. Only Christmas, Christ, is the answer, the only comfort in a world where the Evil One is allowed to seek the ruin of souls, the Father of Lies who traffics in death. Holday observances offer nothing to anybody - only fleeting, worldly, non-lasting emotion. "

      by jobim

      What is this I don't even...

      They are right, mental health really is a problem in this nation. That's the only explanation for people who actually believe this shit.

  4. The most laughable argument I heard from Freepers was after James Holmes shot all those people. Those jokers actually wanted to stop all graduate NIH research stipends since he was receiving an NIH research assistant stipend which he used to amass his weapons and bullets. Maybe we should have outlawed all money so the shooter couldn't have purchased the guns in the first place.

  5. It's such a tiresome pattern.

    1. It's a Muslim!

    When it's not a Muslim..

    2. "Well, if I'da been there with my gun it'd be different." OR "I suspect CIA mind drugs."

    Thus solved, the problem is forgotten till the next time.

    1. You forgot:

      1. 20 dead children is nothing. What about the hundreds of children Obama personally murders through abortion everyday.

      2. It happened in New England where there is gun control. See, gun control doesn't work.

      3. The person is mentally ill. No, the suspect is evil. It is due to the decline of religion and godless elements in our culture.

      4. Teachers should be armed. If they were, this wouldn't have happened. (This one takes the cake in my opinion. Who would want their child's teacher to have a gun? Teachers go crazy too.)

    2. Ugh. Not to mention the "possessed by demons" crowd. And I saw a "300 Mexicans killed by Fast and Furious" post.

      Yeah, it's reflexive, but it has many facets of politicization/denial to it.

      I've spent maybe 10 minutes reading the threads, and I feel saturated.

      I'll probably have something on it on Monday.

    3. It is due to the decline of religion and godless elements in our culture.

      Crazy! It's not just for Freepers anymore!

    4. The amusing part about the "It's a Muslim!" comments, aside from the fear and hate, is that they couch it as the mainstream media refusing to release the name. Forgetting that A) There's no way the media could ever indefinitely withhold the name of the shooter, B) They write stuff like that within 30 minutes of the initial story breaking, when no one in the media could possibly know who the shooter is, and C) Going back say, 20 shootings or so, have any of their predictions of it being a Muslim actually been correct?

      It's just reflexive hate with the Freepers now. Whereas most people recognize that 20 minutes after news breaks is too early for the media to announce all the details, Freepers see some massive conspiracy.

    5. You also forgot, "Hmmm, I see his photo. Definitely looks like a liberal (i.e., has stubble and is wearing sunglasses). Must smoke pot. Check out his playlist. Listens to Guns n Roses and plays video games. Definitely gotta be a liberal because libs are about the violence."

      It's predictable, yet doesn't make sense at the same time. And never do they retract their accusations. Not a Muslim after all? Just move on to the next stereotype on the checklist.

  6. Usually, Freepers are funny.

    Today, not so much.

    Fuck these emotionally defective ghouls, and all who sail with them.