Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Making a Muslim serve Pork

Nice find, AMJ!

Freepers may be flirting with Stormfront racism, but they're all the way there when it comes to Muslims.

ConservativeInPA, keeping with the "Pork equals Muslim kryptonite" canard has been going out of his way to have his local dusky-hued butcher handle pork:

Just a little humor. The local grocery store where I live still has a real real meat counter. They don't shrink wrap meat, everything is in the case or cut for you,

Recently a Muslim was hired by the store. Instead of protesting when he serves me, I make him serve me pork. I am not too nice about it, I make him touch a lot of pork before buying any meat, which maybe beef or chicken.
Gloatingly, he follows up:
Is this the way to treat our Muslim brotherhood?
And then weirdly answers himself:
You should see face. Yes
See? I pissed off this dark-looking man! Let me go to my fellow internet crazies and bask in the praise of my pettiness!

GladesGuru obliges:
Training the Koranimals, I see.

DonnerT, though, counsels caution:
Do you realize that if he is touching it with his left hand he is sheiting on your food?
JZoback has also studied Muslim fecal habits:
You do realize he may wipe his ass with his hand....TP is too high tech for some koranimals...
Berlin_Freeper reveals the shocking truth!
They won’t eat pork, but they will eat bull balls.

I have witnessed this.
Vendome worries, as one must assume all Muslims are secret terrorists:
Are you lookin to get your bacon with ricin and pepper flavor?
HereInTheHeartland knows this is unwise - you should just boycot anyone who hires a Muslim!
I would not do this. I would shop elsewhere and let management know why.
Never give grief to people who handle food you eat, is a good rule to live by.
Wyrd bið ful aræd also thinks this is a dangerous idea:
Well, the way I figure it -- he signed up for a job that involves touching pork. Its not your fault, and if he is truly offended by the necessity of handling pork he can resign his position.

Watch your back though. Muslims tend to have extended families and as we know they are rather prone to making "honor attacks" against those who they think are slighting them somehow.
Not all are so bigoted. boop is a rare sanity:
He may be a secular Muslim, who doesn't care.
Secular Muslim?! Not in Freep America!

nickcarraway also thinks this is weird racist crap, which of course makes ConservativeInPA a Marxist:
This poster is a sick man, and his Marxist ways are bring down the U.S. Maybe you should go back and read the Bible and read George Washington.
doorgunner69 goes with Free Republic's most relied on trope: "the other guys are soo evil, that anything I do is justified!"
sophomoric and without class.

Mebbe you should go review a few of those head chopping videos of theirs just to recall where the roots of this "religion" are.

I care as much about their feelings as I do about liberals. Do you truly think they give a damn what you think or care about? To them you are an infidel (I assume) and should be put to the sword or submit.
max americana though, explains that 9-11 justifies all pettiness against Muslims, or people who kinda look Arabish!
I applaud you and don’t listen to these limp-wrist Freepers who think you’re mean...apparently they forgot what happened to us on 9/11.

If I was beside you, I would be chomping on a triple bacon cheeseburger..


  1. The best part about this is that from the butcher's perspective, all that is happening is a random old guy can't decide what the fuck he's buying.

    They completely cannot understand that someone might choose not to do something (here, maybe eat pork, given some baseless assumptions) and NOT try to force everyone else not to do it as well. As usual in projection-land, it's the exact thing they accuse liberals of.

  2. Or if you want to go into a total rage, Toys for Tots thread here: