Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Potpourri

FreedomPoster wants a revolution of disenfranchisement!
“No Representation Without Taxation” will be a rally cry for the 2nd American revolution.
This meme is growing. It's all over talk radio and cable, even. I look forwards to hearing it on the House floor soon.
It makes the right feel better, but it pisses of everyone else.

albie doesn't sound crazy at all!
ACORN still exists. Under 20 other names. Morons.
Edgar3 already has the Syria-Obama-Muslim conspiracy all set to go:
We have our “friendly” terrorists ready to set off a chem event and then we use it to flatten what’s left of Assad. Then we install another Moosie Brohood dictatorship. They have to paint the picture first, which is where we are now.
NTHockey wants to sue all liberals.
I am searching for a lawyer who will sue any and all LIBs , for slander. Accusing me of being racist is a personal attack on me. A good round number to sue for would be $1 Trillion plus legal fees. That’s $500 billion after taxes. I will donate all except $100 million to start a SECOND political party.
See, one might think he was making some kinda point, till he started making plans for his winnings...

blueunicorn6 knows all about Obama's evil, even as a pothead!
Even when he was a teenager, Barack Obama displayed his thinking. He liked to participate in the illegal activity of smoking marijuana with a group of other young men. Even in this group of lawbreakers, there were norms of fairness. You passed the choom around one way in the circle. Everybody got their fair hit of choom. Except for Barac. He would cut in any time he felt like it and grab the choom. It looked to me like he was hanging with a group of white boys, so they probably felt that stopping him from violating the norm might be seen as a racist act. Obama was exploiting his skin color. A white kid grabbing the choom out of order would probably have been slapped. So, we’re supposed to just laugh off Obama’s behavior. He’s exploiting his skin color. I don’t care if he is darker than me, he’s a grifter.....a con man.....a pickpocket. There’s no honor amongst crooks.
lgjhn23 advocates Republicans just leave Washington, which is sure to play well with the public.
Liberalism is a severe, chronic, mental disease. Their brains have been rotted out to the point where they are not longer logical or rational. They are “The Walking Dead”.
Republicans are just plain stupid to try to even begin to negotiate with these sick azzholes. IF the Speaker had any nuts at all, he’d adjourn the House and go home for Christmas.
alloysteel is ready for the Civil War! Also he is ready for Doritos, I suspect.
Lock and load.

We are going to carve ourselves out a new country, from parts of what was commonly known as “the United States of America”, and set off on the original course which that former home of freedom once steered to.

True North is still True North. The moral compass still points the direstion, though it may have been ignored for years.

The map is easy to draw. Just look at the last couple of elections, and determine what parts are designated “red” (a most slanderous designation, considering its historic political implications), or “blue”, then draw the borders, by congressional district or counties, effectively separating the two entities.

“Red” America returns to the literal and defined interpretation of the words of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, while the “blue” areas may set up whatever kind of cockamamie crackpot socialist-egalitarian-anarchist regime they want.

Works for me.

“One Nation, under God, Indivisible” ceased to be operative when the clause “under God” was effectively deleted or ruled moot.
We were "One Nation, Indivisible" until like 1960, chief.

libertarian27 is terrified of black people.
My work requires me to go to ‘inner-cities’ a couple of days a month. I shuffle my schedule and try to make sure my ‘inner-city’ days are rain soaked, it keeps most of them indoors and off the streets.

Nice sunny days? You’re just looking for trouble.

Also make sure to ‘go and get out’ before noon.
ilovesarah2012 is sounding a bit Nazi-ish these days.
I think the world would be a much better place without muslims. It’s just hard to kill a billion people, though.
laweeks has dome deep Clinton conspiracies still smoldering.
Anybody who doesn’t believe that Webster Hubbel’s girlfriend, Hiterly Clinton, was not directly or indirectly involved in this man’s murder is an idiot . . . clear and simple. And then she went on to tamper with evidence and obstruct justice in a very big way. The mere fact that this lying woman is now our Secretary of State is disgusting.
NVDave has been forced to hate women by the law!
What male in their right mind wants to father children in today’s feminist-dominated legal system? A woman can divorce you without any reason, and as long as she isn’t a crack whore, she’s almost certainly going to get primary custody. She’ll be able to get your assets attached for child support and sometimes alimony, and if you contest a child support payment, you lose any professional license you have.

If she invents a BS domestic violence complaint, you lose your right to own guns and you’re looking at 10’s of thousands in legal fees to get your name cleared.

Men are only responding to what women have been telling them: It makes no sense to buy a cow when you can get all the free milk you want.

And the cows like it that way.
knarf knows that belligerent dickery is the only dickery that matters!
The only worthwhile protest is an armed one, ready and willing to kill or be killed.


  1. I don't get the "No representation without taxation" meme. It doesn't seem to make any sense. Are Freepers saying they want to be taxed?

  2. euphgeek, I believe the intimation is that they believe all the moochers(in their minds) who don't pay taxes(again, in their minds) should not have any representation in congress or otherwise. Kinda along the lines of what Ted 'the dickhead' Nugent has been saying, those collecting unemployment, food stamps, disability, etc., should not be allowed to vote. These folks are so vindictive, and they believe it is a virtue.

  3. This post is ridiculously good. That one about the liberal lawsuit combined with the "He grabs the choom anytime he wants cus he's black" make the best combo of freeper posts I've seen in a while.

  4. Anonymous #1, you got it. Euphgeek, this is a variant on the votes-for-landowners-only meme.

    Aka, the votes-for-men/service members/rural voters/preppers/whites-only meme.

    Or, more simply: votes for Freepers, and only Freepers! The way the Founders intended.

    For a more cowardly version of this we-lost-change-the-rules argument, see Rich Lowry at NR on the electoral college: