Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scorched earth

It's been well over a month, and while a lot of Freeper rage has congealed into resentment, some Freepers still want to watch everything burn:

Case in point CommieCutter
Let it burn.
henkster agrees:
Yep. Passive resistance. We built this country, it’s been taken from us. Let it go to hell.
servantboy777 sees the bright side of fire:
The quicker it breaks, the faster we can begin pickin up the pieces and repair this great nation.
Flycatcher has a plan to avoid destruction:
We have two options.

1) Encourage/urge/insist/DEMAND that at least one state of the Union DEFY every last federal fiat and mandate that originates in DC...


SMARTY keeps telling himself that Freepers are still super powerful!
Liberals didn’t accomplish this on their own, because face it... THEIR ideology is dated and flawed beyond credibility.


They had the complicity of decades of Conservative politicians who said ONE thing to get themselves elected, THEN went to DC and DID something else!
precisionshootist agrees - the left cheats, that's why they win!
The left has a HUGE weakness. They simply don't have the numbers to defeat us on a level playing field. This has always been true yet we have failed to exploit it. An Article 5 Convention levels the playing field where the left will be outnumbered three to one.

I encourage all on this thread to do two simple things.

1. Study up on Article 5 of the Constitution. Understand the reason the founders gave the states the option to call a Constitutional Convention.

2. Put up a picture of the red and blue states and precincts from the last election and stare at it frequently.

The answer to "Now what?" will soon be very clear.
EQAndyBuzz targets his destructive rage:
The simplest thing to do is to out Alinsky Alinsky. However because the left is so far entrenched into government agencies, the only thing that can be done is to take down the messenger.

The MSM needs to be destroyed. That is the only way we are getting our country back
oncebitten does the usual extreme couponing suggestions:
Find like minded people. Use barter and private funding and local exchange - resist the “takers” any way that you can. Create self protection networks with your trusted neighbors. Keep everything on the downlow. Work hard and insist on top dollar for your services (after all the population of educated and effective employees is shrinking). Strip the system where ever you can take advantage of every government free-be and program. Consider strategic “separation” so your spouse can pillage government benefits, while you write off income/support on your taxes. Advise your children to get government jobs - the private sector is on the ropes. Learn survival skills and improve your skills. Tune out, turn off, drop out.
I like the "divorce and get your wife on welfare" plan, since that's what Freepers yell that liberals are doing. Spite makes liberal stereotypes of us all.

Resolute Conservative kinda makes me sad, Awaiting civil war is all he has left.
I ...only hope that the outright fighting either starts soon or after I am gone. I don’t want to be unable to engage because I am in the last chapter and cannot muster it anymore.


  1. So I checked out Article 5 of the constitution to try to figure out what the hell precisionshootist is talking about. Article 5 deals with how amendments to the constitution can be proposed/ratified. Nothing else.

    Amendments can be proposed by a convention of 2/3 of all states, even if congress and/or the senate don't do anything. I guess this is what he's suggesting.

    So now lets figure out what kind of amendment he has in mind that would be "clear" from a picture of red and blue states/precincts. Maybe he's suggesting that electoral votes should be inversely proportional to population density instead of directly proportional? Any state with more than half a million people doesn't get to vote?

    1. I suspect precisionshootist isn't quite that color blind.

    2. He probably wants the electoral votes awarded to the presidential candidates by congressional district, rather than by state. If that was the case in all 50 states, Romney would have won the election, despite losing the popular vote.

  2. My theory was that he thinks that there were more red states than blue, so he plans to ram through a Freeper Constitution.

    So all guns allowed, no Muslims, Super-Duper natural born Citizens only, no Mexicans, no income tax, no women voting, no 17th Amendment, and other such bullshit:

  3. the private sector is on the ropes.

    Yeah, apart from having more money than God, being taxed at the lowest rate since forever, earning record profits, collecting politicians like Faberge eggs, and getting to write laws that increase their power over consumers and workers, the private sector is as dead as vaudeville.

    What a bunch of fucking drama queens. I'd hate to be around one of these guys when he gets a hangnail. I'm sure it's a tragedy on the scale of the Holocaust.

    What actually upsets them: Being survived. They can't handle the idea that they're gonna die and life's gonna go on. They'd rather see everything blow sky-high than face their own extinction. That's what I think, anyway.

    1. I think that was the best comment EVER!