Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Spotlight: MrB

A perfect melding of Christian theocrat and libertarian zealot, he thinks not being able to do what he wants is slavery, but God commands you to not do what you want. Any contradictions are smoothed over by hating liberals.

He also enjoys that movie himno hero likes.

God hates based on culture AND religion:
Available to all who will adopt the Western Culture, based on the Judeo-Christian heritage and the Law of God.

Unfortunately, many refuse to adopt this culture, just as many refuse the gift of Salvation offered through Christ Jesus.

Both are an act of rebellion to God.
He managed to convince his 8-year-old that taxes are slavery:
I had a discussion with my 8 yr old the other day...
one of those “as you walk along the way” moments.

I asked her what slavery was, and she accurately described it as someone working for someone else for no pay. Yes, someone living off the fruits of someone else’s labor is slavery.

Then we started talking about the percentages - if the slave owner takes all the person’s fruits, that’s slavery.
If he takes 90%, that’s still slavery.
If he takes half, that’s still slavery.

Yep, people who work in this country are slaves to those who don’t.
He knows liberals' true agenda, but alas everyone thinks he's crazy when he says it!
I really wish we could have the balls to call these commies what they are. But, of course, we’d be demonized and marginalized and called “kooks”.

There is one reason the left pushes for gun control and it is nothing benevolent and it is not to save lives.

It’s so people can’t fight back against subjugation.
Their goal is total control, and an armed citizenry stands in the way of that goal.

Put a bright spotlight on them.
He's a lost-causer, natch:
Never was a “civil war” in this country.
There was an attempt at war for independence II, which was lost.

They could avoid the whole messy war business and let some states secede peacefully.

0bama wants to be Lincoln. He wants another “Civil War”.
Not a fan of the blacks:
Hmmm... what subset of Americans is disproportionately represented in violent crime statistics...

Interesting thing to look up, I’m sure.
Hollywood is evil:
I personally attest to the horrible darkness that pervades our entertainment these days.

I hadn’t been to a theater in 2 years until last weekend.
The previews were an assault on the senses and the psyche.

It was horribly spiritually dark and evil.
Liberals main fear is rampant paranoia:
The left hates preppers more than they hate gun owners.

Gun owners merely prevent the left from subjugating the citizenry.

Preppers screw up the whole leftist eschatology.
Stupid Birth Control Pill allows women to be independent, sex to be fun, etc:
Separating sex from the POSSIBILITY of procreation has deep societal, cultural, and moral consequences, as we have seen since the 60’s.

The incentive for marriage is reduced, which reduces the incidence of the “family”, and the family is what directs the energies of young men toward productive, society building endeavors.

That being said, I would not have any problem with the use of contraceptives within the framework of marriage, since the family is already established at that point.
Point is, those who disagree with him are demons:
The left are Satan’s minions.
Indeed, and easily demonstrated.

Those who love God obey his commands.
Those in opposition to God rebel, and, in the case of the left, hold the OPPOSITE values.

Demonstration of just the “horizontal” commands, 10 through 5:
10) Do not covet/envy
Leftism with its ubiquitous appeal to “fairness” and “equality” exploits envy for political power
9) Do not lie
“You’re poor because they’re rich”
8) Do not steal
It’s still as much stealing if you vote for it as if you do it.
7) Do not commit adultery (or fornicate)
No explanation necessary of the left’s view of this
6) Do not kill
Abortion and euthenasia - ‘nuff said
5) Honor/respect your parents (ancestors, tradition, etc)
The left disregards all “wisdom of the ages” in favor of their own “progressivism”.


  1. At first glance I thought preppers was "peppers" and I was lost as to why liberals don't like spicy food.

    His point still doesn't make sense but preppers makes it less amusing.

  2. The NRA had its faux news conference and now all sorts of crazy is flying.

    Freepers are divided on whether it's a great move, whether it addresses the real issues, whether it's a good idea to arm union thugs like teachers, if maybe just extending concealed carry to schools is the way to go.

    My favorite? One Freeper gets upset at Mr. LaPierre for using collectivist language --

    " Good grief. First of all, they are not "our kids," Mr. LaPierre; they are MY kids, your kids, and kids belonging to other parents. Cut the collectivist language and use your brain. Are you suggesting that we turn schools into armed camps that can refuse releasing their defenseless hostages back to their parents? Hell, we've got one school here in California that is installing high security fences with only ONE exit.

    Until we can rid ourselves of the 19th Century factory model of education entirely, why isn't Mr. LaPierre advocating getting rid of "gun free zones" in schools and instituting free teacher training in the proper use of firearms and maybe even a foundation to supply them. Isn't that what the NRA is supposedly set up to do? "

    --Carry Okie

    The crazy is going to fly strongly on Free Republic today.

  3. Sounds like his inner Fred Phelps is trying to break free.