Thursday, June 28, 2012

The ACA decision - John Roberts hate

Welp, it seems Roberts won't be getting out of the Freeper doghouse anytime soon!

Responsibility2nd shows the birthers knew all along:
Eff John Roberts. He knew The Kenyan is not a Natural Born Citizen, yet he swore him in.
And now this??
george123 expects bribery:

Roberts had a huge deposit made in a Swill [sic] bank account for him. He is set for life.
dennisw knows it was a threat:

He has well known health problems. This is how someone got to him. I have no specifics, just my thoughts. He has a red face, indicating blood pressure problems. He'll be out in a few years 
Clump does not pray for Roberts anymore!
He can burn in hell with the left bloc of the court.
God bless Justices Thomas, Scalia, and Alito.
Nifster seems to kinda like Benedict Arnold..
Benedict Arnold was a man of principle. Roberts is a boot licking toad
Toespi blames Ginsberg for something I'm not clear on:
Ginsberg gave the Obama the thumbs up signal to Obama several days ago in her interview. She should be impeached for that act alone.
izzatzo is ready to riot!
It is time for revolution/violent opposition, then gallows.
Yosemitest advocates shooting Roberts, but all subtle-like:
Traitor John Roberts needs to have a Garand old time.
Bidimus1 uses an interesting construction:
Yes he is, a traitor to the constitution.
We now live under the mafia... buy from us or pay us to leave you alone... the tax is just protection money
traitor the the Constitution?

sand88 also seems to nationalize our founding document:
Roberts is an evil man.
To be in the position he holds and rule the way he did shows a man who is an enemy of our Constitution.
May history always show Roberts to be a traitor to our Constitution. 
formosa knows evil:
John Roberts is an evil creature. He has cast the deciding vote to end his country and constitution. He has effectively made this a slave nation.
John Roberts is the enemy of free men everywhere. Pure scum.
I don’t want to overstate it, but I hope he dies a long and terrible suffering death. Ten times over.
Impy may be a bit petty:
Brutus, Judas, Quisling, Roberts
If I lived across the street from him I'd take a crap on his lawn EVERYDAY.
I'm a bit young to be sure, but this kind of drama seems like it'll take decades to get over.


  1. The Zot cannon slowly turns its aim from Romney supporters to Roberts backers. Watch out! Incoming!

  2. John Roberts is the most hated man in America. I hope a pox falls on him and his family.

  3. Hey there Ozymandias I don't know if you'll be aware of this reply to this year+ old entry. Yes, I'm the same Impy. I found this by googling my screename trying to find an old post, how about that?

    Yeah I'm pretty petty, especially when it comes to black robed jackholes who violate their oaths of office by upholding blatantly unconstitutial legislation.

    1. Hey Impy - I get an e-mail whenever someone comments, so I just got your message - whether anyone else sees it is another issue...

      I always love it when actual Freepers come by - it's kind of like a celebrity sighting!

      First, yard pooping is kinda Occupy Wallstreet, no? It was immature when they did it, and it's silly to threaten it.

      But to your larger point, I know you think Roberts is clearly wrong. Thing is, you need to have enough humility to realize that you yourself could be wrong as well - you have no special conduit to the document, and no doubt many, many Americans agree with you!

      Anyhow, it was cool for you to drop by. I hope you're doing well, politics aside. Thanks for being courteous and reasonable!

  4. Hey! That was quick. I was actually thrilled to find that someone noticed something I wrote even if it was this blog. I often wonder if I'm wasting my time.

    I was sure mad at Roberts, betrayal hurts you know. Certainly crapping on his lawn once or twice would have sufficed.

    I would recomend you check my postings periodicly, I might provide you with more material.

    And some of the rocket scientists I argue with, boy oh boy. They give freepers a bad name. ;)

    1. Heh. I'm on the East coast- yo ucaught me on my way to work.

      It is funny how betrayal by one you counted as with you is so much worse than someone who does the same thing (or worse!) when you're not expecting different.

      Freepers these days, man...2016 is gonna be amaaaazing, at the very least from a drama point of view :-P

    2. Indeed, if it had been Kennedy I probably would've been only half as angry. I figured it was 4-4 and he was the swing vote, as he often is, I figured it was a 50-50 shot. I was prepared for HIM upholding it.

      But he wrote the dissent! I never thought we'd lose one of the other 4. Roberts line of questions made it seem like he was gonna scrap it. Imagine if Breyer had voted to other way, your side would have been shocked.

      I'm sure the Cruz birthers versus Cruz supporters threads have had you guys in stiches, I've told the Cruz birthers "the dems are laughing at you". ;)

      They've been driving me nuts. Seems like they've been scared off, for now.

      And then there's the people that want to repeal the 17th amendment and are so obsessed with the idea that they mention it constantly, ugh, they usually also think Lincoln was a tyrant, long live the conferacah!.

      I won't even mention those that are still obsessed with a certain lady that was never going to run for President in 2012 despite her teasing about it and isn't gonna run in 2016 either. I don't care for myopic hero worship, I try to aviod it myself.

      The internet, what can you say.

    3. Eh, the Cruz birthers get points from me for consistency, at least. That kind of blind adherence to an ideal they made up is really infuriating to argue with. Reminds me a bit of the "Communism is great, it's just never been tried" crowd. Hard to prove ya wrong when it's all speculation you've made into facts, chief!

      The 17th is a weird one - it has some more mainstream pragmatic proponents as well, but then it has the ones who think it's the silver bullet.

      The Lincoln folks have always been the crazy uncles of Free Republic, and always will be. I was kinda fascinated when I first started reading in like 2002, but every thread since that time has basically been the same.

      I like the guys who used to by Obama birthers and are trying to rationalize the switch with either "Obama did it, so nothing matters" or "Canada is basically the US."

      I'm generally a proponent of the partisans on both sides are equal theory, but at the moment the right does seem more into the idea of a single savior for whatever reason. Maybe because liberals got burned recently with Obama, maybe because the left has no one in their stable who gets the job done.

      I think putting your eggs into one basket is a bad idea practically and politically - and that goes for Cruz as well.

      Regardless, the next two months promise to be really entertaining on a political drama level, though I do kinda wish I weren't living here while I watched it...