Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Potpouri

bert has a metaphor for us:
Zimmerman will be the cross upon which Black America is crucified and dies
 ADemocratNoMore knows Trayvon Martin is to blame for all violence nowadays:
It may be that somebody in N.E. Ohio learned the lesson. A few days after all this hit the fan something set off a road rage case that ended when one driver got out of his car and approached the driver of the other, who proceeded to shoot once and take off, thus avoiding becoming another Zimmerman. To this date, AFIK, he has not been apprehended.
 TigerLikesRooster is pretty sure having an Asian spouse turns you into a traitor:
 I notice that quite a few VIP's have second marriage with Chinese women. I can't rule out that possibility that many of them are also working as informants to Chinese intelligence.
Ya know, TigetLikesRooster's name sounds a bit Chinese itself...

yldstrk does not believe in economies of scale: 
If JP Morgan fails, maybe the big corps will have to run on cash. That will force them to trim down instead of being so colossal.
Smaller corps will be more nimble, less crooked. We all win
 PA-RIVER could be persuaded:
The mouth, the eyes and the voice. The little black spots that Obama covers up on his face with make up. [Frank Marshal] Davis had them too. When we look into our fathers face we see some of the same signs of aging in the skin. These black flecks they both have. I could be persuaded that it is his father.
Yeah...look them up. About the only thing Obama and Davis share is skin color.

Diogenesis explains the situation: 
The Moslem Brotherhood is deep into the USA
led in by the undocumented Tyrant and his
terrorist-protecting AG supported by the
useless Congress that wallows in treason.
 hosepipe casts about for the proper analogy with which to hate unions:
Unions are indeed parasitical real Vampires..
But some members hate it that they exist on the life blood of others..
I’m not really happy with Union members that hate sucking my blood..
Their minds may be gentle but their teeth are not...
OK, not Vampires.. let’s try Tapeworms, intestinal worms, ticks, or really nasty bats..
 gov_bean_ counter has noticed Obama is black: 
These pressies are fools. They haven’t figured out that in a second Obie term, only BET, Jet, Ebony, and Essence will have a place at his table.
Tax-chick hates post-1950s fashion:
In a more civilized era, only young boys wore short pants, and little girls wore short skirts. Once getting past the rolling in the mud stage, everyone wore long pants, except in the tropics, or long skirts. Not only did it look more attractive on 98%, but you also didn't have to worry about the geneal public seeing your undies when you sat down!
 who knows what evil? makes all his buying decisions based on politics.   
If other corporations notice Denny's bottom line IMPROVING while Gay C. Penney's continues to decline; they MIGHT get the message. The NRA, Gun Owners, JPFO, and all the rest should be spreading the word about this ad BIG-TIME to their membership lists.
I am fleeing the godless sh*thole known as Red Hampshire in a few months, and I will be looking at Denny's when the hunger alarm rings on my way back down to America.
New Hampshire is liberal?  Have they seen Vermont?!

dragnet2 sees the signs: 
Pelosi was drunk or heavily medicated.
Watch her demeanor, watch her hand movements.
Watch how she had to lean on the podium for support.
Watch her repeat words over and over.
Pelosi was drunk or medicated.
Bet the rent.
 Aevery_Freeman hears patriotic music in his head all the time.
The Guardians of Freedom (us) are in an existential battle with the most dangerous enemy of Liberty we have ever faced in this nation.
This is no time to desert our champion, no matter how flawed.
We have the choice between a new election in four years or an new election when Obama dies.
 Neoliberalnot is one of more and more Freepers putting forth this scenario: 
Make no mistake, when Obaboon is voted out, he will empty the jails of every criminal he can lay a pardon on. Recall when and where you heard this.

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