Tuesday, June 12, 2012


World Net Daily, Drudge and a number of the other more famous right-wing bottom of the barrel have been cherry picking black-on-white violence for months.  I'm not sure what they are thinking here - maybe motivate the racists?

Because the effect on Free Republic is to bring a resurgence of serious, pre-Civil Rights era racism, not exactly what you want in your base:

little jeremiah links to some videos of blacks behaving badly:
I was trying to figure out a good place to post these, there is a first one too. I watched only part of the third one, couldn’t stand it. Hub watched all of it.
IMHO everyone should watch at least one.
Shows what 3 generations of welfare, destruction of morality, and institutionalized racism has done.
Hood Life 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5MGJ87hPGw
Hood Life 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXKnAwzhSUM
melancholy has clearly never been to Zimbabwe:
The US is the second state of Zimbabwe. What's the difference between Mugabe and 0mamie?
Oatka has observed that whites are the real victims:
It's been my observation, here and overseas, that when racial minorities gain equality, or a majority, instead of saying "Hot Damn! Now we can move up!", they say, "It's PAYBACK TIME!" and squander their opportunity as well as good will.
The black conservatives and middle class are put between a rock and a hard place. I still make the distinction between a black guy in a three-piece suit or stained overalls and the pants-around-knees and billcap-to-one-side types swaggering about. The pity is you don't hear much about the former unless they're called "Uncle Toms" or "Actin' White" by the losers.
SaraJohnson has a weird idea of what's happening in our schools:
Children are being brutalized by black racists in public schools - teachers and students.
Flintlock thinks a more heavily armed populace would solve the race problem:
The REAL REASON for the ban on high-capacity handgun magazines lies here.
If some victim has a 19-shot 9mm and a coupla spares things would go badly for the mob.
Badly for Holder and O’s peeps—as it were.
Can’t have that, now. Can we??
vetvetdoug wishes the Civil War had gone the other way so blacks would know their place:
Maybe this will make Minnesota citizens rethink their actions 150 years ago.
Smokin' Joe counsels lynchings and cross burnings:
Whites are not the minority in the population here, except locally. Unfortunately, any appropriate response conducted by available citizens will be regarded as "racist" and compared to the KKK or some such.
John O laments how the niggers are making him racist.
Unfortunately behavior such as this is once again making “black” synonymous with “nigger”.
Do they not understand that they are pushing white America back into a KKK mindset? When our only options are to avoid and fear any gathering of two or more black people because they act like rabid animals when they are emboldened by groups we will start shooting them on sight just to preserve ourselves.
obama has set race relations back more than 100 years in this country. The democrats have bound the blacks onto a plantation and instilled in them a slave mindset. Civilized people (of all races) are coming to grips with the fact that if they act like slaves then we have no choice but to eradicate them or to treat them like slaves.
(The thing that really pisses me off about all this is that I worked long and hard to get rid of most racial biases that I was raised with. But now I find myself with children in a world where the blacks themselves are confirming that those racial biases were true.)


  1. Jesus, Ozy, you must be relatively young. "I'm not sure what they are thinking here - maybe motivate the racists?" Of course that is what it is.

    Just got back from visiting the old folks in East Texas. They hate Mormons. They hate black folks more.

    1. I'll cop to youth - born at the end of '79.

      But do racists really need motivating these days?

    2. You should also cop to being a commie faggot, but I digress. Please continue the 127,909,009,899,978,199th blog posting about how weally, weally wacist those whacky Wepublicans are. It's some ground breaking stuff. Your drunken whore of a mother must be proud.

      ---Dan Dreiberg

    3. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Dan/Rorschach/Nobama! You have a super day, too!

      BTW, are you Rome2000? You never answered that and inquiring minds want to know.

    4. He might be a freeper named chrisser. chrisser posted "Wascally Wepublicans" on FR just a minute before his post here. Possibly he was so proud of his Elmer Fudd gag that he recycled it for our amusement.


      Or it's all just Poe's Law and FR is really only FBI agents and trolls

    5. Well, you'll never know, "MDaF". I might be a vicious Right Winger who wants to make your drunken whore of a grandmother pay for her own fucking pills.....OR.....I might be a harmless pothead who likes to disrupt pointless conversations after blazing a few bowls of top shelf Kronik.

      You just never know.....

      ---Captain Axis

    6. "top shelf Kronik" LOL. Interesting choice of words, you're obviously not a smoker.

      You're correct about the harmless part, but you forgot to add that you're adorable XOXO! You also forgot to add that you're actually OZYMANDIAS!!!! And this persona is a meta-troll to keep us all entertained! Thanks for all you do Ozy ;)

    7. No, you ignorant fucktard, I am not your commie faggot friend.

      ---Peter Parker

  2. The Republicans will win the Deep South, of course, but there are 3 states in play; Ohio, Florida and Virginia. The Republicans must carry these states. Yep, motivating the racists might do the trick. There are a LOT of those old guys.

    1. And I'm sure your lilly-white, sensitive commie faggot self has had to deal with soooooooo much racism in your life. Like totally.

      Hey, you din't like that ? Tough Shi'ite. Go cry in your burqa, you smelly commie twat.

      ---Walter Kovacs

    2. You're projecting. You should wait until someone actually gives some indication that they're offended by what you say before going the "tough shit" route.

      I, for one, vastly enjoy reading everything you write, Walter. But then I've always been amused by seeing stupid people say stupid things. It's why I come here in the first place.

    3. "You should wait until someone actually gives some indication that they're offended by what you say before going the 'tough shit' route."

      If I want to listen to an asshole, I'd fart.


    4. This is how you use a Namefield, DumbassJune 13, 2012 at 5:30 AM

      Its the same retard who can't use a namefield oh boy!

      Who wants a cookie? YOU DO! <3

    5. Bubastis, we enjoy having you here. This is a community to laugh at FR. We chuckle at the freeper hivemind of impotent rage, mock your grandstanding, and wonder at your belligerent bigotry. Thanks for bringing a raw piece of that here.

      I keep hoping for the Nun v. Vatican threads to take off, but it never really seem to get traction. However E. Pluribus Unum makes this thread awesome:


    6. You gotta respect this guy's staying power, and his creativity.

      I'm close to featuring him in a post.

    7. "I'm close to featuring him in a post."

      And I'm close to reporting you as a pedophile.

      ---Dr. Manhattan

  3. "We chuckle at the freeper hivemind of impotent rage, mock your grandstanding, and wonder at your belligerent bigotry. Thanks for bringing a raw piece of that here."

    You know what I chuckle at ? Your commie faggot liberal sensibilities. "Hope and Change....Forward", blah, blah, blah. What a crock of Shi'ite.

    You know what my dog chuckles at ? Your teeny, tiny Barbie doll sock pecker.

    ---Knot Top

    1. Glad we could make you smile. You've done so much to make us smile, after all.