Thursday, June 28, 2012

The ACA Decision - Spite.

Anonymous turned up this petty little gem.

max americana seems to be one of those few freepers too crazy to leave it at the keyboard:

he posts a vanity thread:
We have a small production office and after today's decision by those putrid traitors on the SC. We will fire our obama-worshiping employee. Hey, it's not my fault. WE CAN'T AFFORD HIM now after the decision. I hope for the worst on those scums on the SC and this POS p-resident.
Then he notes he's been planning this a while:
We were actually saving this clown for November as therapy if Odumbo manages to win again.

Then he makes it clear this is entirely a spite-firing:
We hired this a-hole because one of our company liaisons ask for hiring him as a favor. He;s also late to work on many occasions so eff’ him. I hate liberals. I promise to be in the room once we let him go.
Also boasting he is totally going to lie about it

How will they know it’s discrimination? This ass could not even do his job right.

He further lays out his pretext:
The plan is due to “performance” issues that we are letting him go. He signed a contract where termination is for any reason anyways (kudos to our employment attorney). I need some enjoyment after the death of our country today.

No worries 'cause he's posting this on Free Republic!

look nimrod, erase this or he may be able to sue you for some kind of discrimination after you can him. Haave a really good paper trail so you can show you fired him because he was late, stole or other cause. 
You’re the nimrod here, jackass. Is FR facebook? Go join your liberal friends and suck on it.
Because this thread is totally gonna get deleted!
While I think that is an excellent idea, I also think posting that reason on a public forum will get you in lots of trouble eventually.
You might want to ask Jim Rob to delete this thread.
Yeah, it will be deleted by the mods eventually.

Yeah...about that plan...

But more than simply advising this jackass to lie about his dickishness, others post how they do this all the time:

 6SJ7 relates his own brave battle:

I had the option to work for a new boss in another department of our large company. Position sounded promising.
I googled this potential new boss and found his personal website where he had the most vile hatred posted about Pres. Bush; I mean real out-there, full blown BDS stuff. I quietly declined the offer of the new position. Never gave a reason.
Who is John Galt? 

Jewbacca knows Democrats make bad employees:

You absolutely should fire liberals.
I check and see if people are registered democrats before I hire them because democrats almost always have no work ethic or sense of personal responsibility.
Grampa Dave fondly tells the story of another petty boss:

We knew a business owner in the EBay who walked through his parking lot and wrote down the license plates of the idiots with Obozo/Lyden stickers on their cars.
Shortly after Obozo was installed as el supremo, those people got pink slips.
He did the same thing with those with Moonbeam stickers on their cars.
pingman advises how to best defraud the unemployment office to screw the liberal even more!

If you really mean it, do it smart. Document every shortcoming, every unfinished task, every argument with other employees.
Then can his a$$.
Smile later when your contest of his unemployment compensation wins. Firing for “due cause” beats a layoff every time.
my small voice later walks this back, but even for venting this is pretty low:

Love this. Key their f#%king cars before they leave.
albionin will be avoiding about half the population:
I am breaking off contact with everyone who voted for the President. I don’t have any liberal friends but I do have liberal family members and I am done associating with them. If I had employees I would do the same thing you are. I am so angry right now that I don’t think I will be able to function today. No, angry is not a strong enough word. There is no word strong enough. I think I had better stay away from people for the next few days because if some liberal gloated about this in front of me I don’t think I would be able to stop myself from hurting them.
albionin follows up with his impression of a petulant teenager:
 I won’t strangle them because that would require touching them. No I don’t care who they are they will never see me again. It will mean missing out on a lot of family events but I am serious and I will let them know why I am not attending. I am starting to feel like I want to sell everything I own and move as far away from other people as I can get. I am starting to hate my own species. All of the farmers in my neck of the woods call themselves conservatives but they are all for government subsidies and payments. 
My new name for liberals is slavers because that is what they are.


  1. I don't have enough tech skillz to figure out where this guy's business is and forward his post to all of his employees. But I bet someone reading this does, or knows someone who does.

    Of course, anyone who tries it will probably find out that this Titan of Industry is actually unemployed and living in an old chicken coop at the back end of his parents' property.

    1. It's not really a matter of tech skills, since the only people who can see his IP address are the administrators at FR. You just have to go through his posting history and look for clues. One post seemed to indicate he lives in California, possibly the Los Angeles area since he mentioned a friend who works for EDD/Worksource.

    2. And I just found a link where he does admit to living in Los Angeles:

  2. A freeper asks "Will you buy health insurance? Or will you not comply?"

    Craziness ensues but the best is the very first comment from brivette who says, "I’m disabled and on SSDI."

    1. I saw that one too, Freeper Fan. I literally laughed out loud.

  3. HAHAHA "If you are on Kaiser you are already in compliance"...