Monday, June 4, 2012

Judge Revokes Zimmerman's Bond

It seems Zimmerman's wife played a bit fast and loose with how much money the Zummermans had raised for his defense.  And then got caught on jailhouse recording.  Also there were jailhouse shenanigans.

But most Freepers are in full paranoid victim defense mode by this point, so facts just make them angry.

There's just enough contrarians to really rile up the crazies in this thread.  It's pretty sweet.

samtheman makes a pronouncement
These prosecutors are beyond evil.
 Man, Freepers love to wear out the word evil almost as much as they do Commie.

Ezekiel makes a Nazi human sacrifice analogy:
Mr. Zimmerman finds himself metaphorically shoved into a boxcar and deposited upon the threshold of hell, with jackboots of justice-for-trayvon crushing his skull and kicking him through the gate. All the while the President of these United States stands in authority at the scene, nodding with approval.
I can see why any human about to be sacrificed upon the altar of Obamanation would default to the basic instinct of survival. There's no reasoning with animals.

skeeter knows anything goes because of those New Black Panthers:
Zimmerman has a dead or alive bounty on his head and an US attorney general who appears not only to not give a sh*t, but seems actually sympathetic to the bounty hunters.
I'd try to hide money and a passport just in case, as well.

Talisker thinks Zimmerman's murder is in the offing:
Brazen harrassment and setup for murder. They want Zimmerman in jail so he can be whacked by another prisoner (no doubt paid), and get them off the hook for falsely charging him.
dragnet2 may not have come up with it first, but he is pretty excited about his theory - he posted it about a dozen times on this thread:
Our nation is crawling with millions of illegal aliens, but zim is ordered to jail....Maybe he'll be killed, thus avoiding and embarrassing trial for the government.
Every black in jail, will have a duty to kill him. It was so unfortunate...
It's a win win for the prosecution. Concoct anything that comes up....hopefully, he'll be silenced before trial.
Drill Thrawl has a cunning plan:
Oh, you mean it’s ok to lie to the court then?
Since the courts, executive and legislative branches all lie to use and make up BS as they go, I see no reason not to do the same to them.
Step 1 - lie to the court...Step 3 is prison!

shadowland kicks it race-war style:
This is disturbing. I don’t even see, based on what has been made public, how any judge in good conscience can even allow this travesty to move forward.
Even more disturbing to me, is the knowledge that black America has essentially declared all out violent war on white and asian Americans - a one-sided war.
It’s time to open our eyes and take a hard cold assessment of this situation. There is no government that will help us in this national crisis. The executive branch has been completely compromised to the thugs.
jimjohn also makes with the revolution talk:
To Zimmerman (where ever you are):
There are numerous ways to visit other countries without a passport.
Use one of them. Come back after the revolution.


  1. I would love to know how exactly how many New Black Panthers Freepers think there really are.

    1. Two...under each one of their beds! Booga booga!

    2. I would like to know why you're such a limp wristed commie lib faggot. I think that's a more relevent topic.

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  2. dolce and gabbanaJune 4, 2012 at 5:21 PM

    goddamn liberals. I wonder why you find it funny that all REAL men defend the best republic.
    I was in bad korea to protect my country from commie leeches like you ! I hope you are proud your APEffirmative action president is turning America into another turd world dumpster baby.
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    1. Oh yes, we love "doing alot of pots" and "havbing gaybuttsex"! It's our favorite pastime when the family is around.

      You were in Korea? Say hello to Hawkeye and BJ for me!

    2. "commie leeches" "alot of pots" "gaybuttsex with your mom" "your wife gets the butthole case" You're kind of all over the place with your slurs. 2/10 for now. I'll give you two points because I like the part about gypsies. Gypsies are underrepresented in right wing rants.

      I had to look up dolce and gabbana. Does that name have some special meaning for you?

      Lastly welcome to Freeper Madness.

    3. This is how you use a namefield, IdiotJune 4, 2012 at 6:44 PM

      What kind of Conservative names himself after an Italian fashion house?

    4. It confused me too, but I guess Conservatives can be just as fabulous as Liberals...

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  3. "Gypsies are underrepresented in right wing rants."


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    2. For me, all of those things had something to do with it, but it's mostly because George Soros pays so well.

  4. Wow, we've got Poe's Law all up in here.

    1. Oh, and just in case these are legit freepers here, I'll save them some typing:

      (Clears throat)

      I am a commie faggot!

    2. I am a commie faggot too! See you on Sunday at the baby feast.

      This Nobama guy is kinda fun, but I'm worried that they're not an actual freeper... I've been dropping Nobama phrases/words that seem unique into FR but nothing is coming back. Unfortunately it might just be Poe's Law, like you said. But some things Nobama/Watchmen says are within the FR lexicon.

  5. On a side note; The Watchmen is a pretty good comic. Some of the art in it is absolutely fantastic.