Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Republicans Obamacare trap

Obamacare has some very popular effects among non-ideologues.  If the Supreme Court strikes it down, this puts Republicans in a bit of a bind between alienating their active base and alienating the more apolitical masses.

You can see it as Republicans are trying to hedge a bit in anticipation of the ruling:

Venturer will not compromise:
There is but one solution for Obamacare.
DUMP it in it’s entirety and start over.
It’s a good thing to do with anyone who opposes us for doing it too.
ilgipper has a plan:

We have to get as big of a majoirty in both houses as possible in 2012, and push as many seats to principled conservatives as possible.

After the election, we need to make it abundantly clear that the clock is running, and that we will stay home in 2014, and they will all go home in Dec 2014 if they do not stand strong and make the changes needed.

This means, purely market driven reforms on health care, enacting the Ryan plan to reform Medicare and Medicaid and reforming taxes, cleaning up the code and lowering rates. Anything less than these three things means an abbreviated term for anyone up in 2014.
stockpirate is worried about the conspiracies: 
The sooner conservatives understand that our republican leadership are ALL Big Government, New World Order socialists the better we will al be.
SuperLuminal is not optimistic:
The only way deathcare gets eliminated (even if the black robes declare it bogus) will be with the actual use of pitchforks and tar & feathers. Hah! Even on a good day, there aren't enough un-pussified males under the age of 50 left in the U.S. with the gonads to gave any chance of success for that.
The only possible impediment the tyrants who now rule us might have to an unblemished 1000 years is 9992Apophis.
9992 Apophis being an asteroid passing close to earth.

cripplecreek thinks term limits will make Republicans sufficiently crazy:
I've come to the conclusion that they never fix anything because it means losing a campaign issue. Term limits might clear that foot dragging problem up in a hurry.
GeorgeWashingtonsGhost thinks Romney's whiteness will keep him conservative:
There is a chance that since Romney isn’t black he won’t be able to flash that race card of immunity and get away with bloody murder of America. Republican Congressman might find themselves once again able to hold the POTUS accountable because he will no longer be black. Fear of being labeled ‘racist’ will no longer be a part of the political landscape. Amen.

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