Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Old Freepers and Computers edition:
Vanity - How Do I Block Pictures of Obama On My Internet Browser? How come every image search i do on google has muBarack oFUBARak in it? Like an image search "it's gonna come to that" or it's coming around. Why does he get to be on my facebook page when I never invited him?
Even Freepers mock


  1. is everything I love about FR. Understands the power the internet has to disseminate information, but refuses to use that power for self education.

    A two minute google search would have cleared up this misconception but decides to spread misinformation instead.

    "If i recall my history correctly it was Napoleon who inspired a movement that would eventually become the American Revolution. The idea that all men are created equal. He was a peasant who destroyed the concept of feudalism by rising to power and conquering the lords and kings of virtually every nation in the world."

    by Mon Mar 26 2012

  2. Mubarack Ofubarak?