Monday, June 25, 2012

Holder's Contempt

Bit of a blacklog, so today will be full of posts as I try to catch up:

Fast and the Furious has borne political fruit!  It's still pretty partisan, and it's unclear if this will affect Obama's polls, but it does provide Freepers for a new target for their outrage, not that they needed one:

Candor7 has a unique idea of what contempt of Congress means:
does this action have any teeth?
You bet it does.
US Marshals or the FBI can now enter Holders DOJ offices and seize documents by the boat loads.
Blood of Tyrants wants contempt for everybody!
the Rats have decided that their role in this hearing is to defend Holder KNOWING FULL WELL that he is probably guilty of overseeing a scheme to illegally place the guns in the hands of known criminals and to facilitate their illegal deportation to Mexico. The Rats on the committee ought to be brought up on charges of contempt, too.
chessplayer watches a special NBC, thanks to the power of imagination:
For those who only watch NBC, they will never know about it. They don’t even know there were hearings. The don’t even know there is something called Fast & Furious.
JoshuaLawrenceChamberlain knows NBC are all terrorists buttsexxers:
NBC is a domestic terrorist organization that has dedicated billions of tax payer money to anarchy, disruption and destruction of all traditional American values.
Lean forward... And take it dry.
Art in Idaho mixes up politics and the Revolutionary War again... 
Rep. Darrell Issa!

We're 100% behind you!

Still Thinking posits that Democrats pardon people way more than Republicans, but also murder people:
You can tell whether an (R) or a (D) is in office because when it's an (R), the politically persecuted innocents who deserve one go begging, whereas if it's a (D), every shyster and pedophile with two bucks to run together (or incriminating evidence) gets one.
Bad side is, instead of a pardon, you might commit suicide by shooting yourself repeatedly.


  1. Wait wait waitwait... I thought guns didn't kill people, people kill people?

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