Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Real Ultimate Power

Freepers have some awesome suggestions of how state governors could become Freeper heroes, but fools to everyone else.

The post itself, by deep thinker  OneWingedShark  boils down to this:

First, declare a state of invasion; the New Mexico State Constitution gives the Governor such authority: 

Second, call upon the militia, both organized and unorganized [in the case of New Mexico], to enforce our southern border’s security with lethal force.

Third, apply to the Federal government demanding that they send assistance in the form of protection from the foreign invaders just as the United States Constitution requires: 

this course of action is very-much a win-win situation for us: we would be legally forcing the correct action of the government OR causing it to prove that it has no intention of upholding "its end of the deal," thereby forcing it to divest any pretense for the legitimacy of its authority.
Lorianne thinks some UN grandstanding is in order:
 Declare that the Mexican government is creating a climate of fear,and violence and lack of lawlessness which is creating a refugee problem along their borders. Call on the UN to feed and house these refugess (ON THE MEXICAN SIDE OF THE BORDER)until such time as Mexico can get its government and law enforcement in order so that it can protect its own citizens.
 OneWingedShark notes that the Supreme Court are all traitors if they don't rule the way he wants: 
the judicial branch cannot rule that an explosion of illegal immigrants are not conduction an invasion (per dictionary definition) without giving aid to those very illegal immigrants which is the Constitution’s definition of treason.
 DNME is pretty excited about all the guns:
Imagine ... the governor calls for all able-bodied citizens, ages 18-45, to report to the state capitol building by noon on Saturday. Every responding militia member must bring a serviceable centerfire rifle greater than .22 caliber with at least 200 rounds of ammunition for same. Sidearms may be brought as well but only rifles will be counted for militia duty. If the governor wants to be super cautious, the call-up could be limited to military veterans only, to weed out undesireables.
Additional call-up requirements could include camping gear (to include campers or Winnebagos), a knife or “well-scoured hatchet” (sorry, that was one of the old Minuteman requirements), food & water, ATVs, etc.
Even if the governor simply took names then disbanded them, just the sight of so many armed citizens ready to defend their state would make a potent statement!
The ramifications would be enormous! DO IT!


  1. Please tell me the title is a homage to realultimatepower.net???

  2. DNME's masturbatory fantasy was so funny that I dropped my taco. That was some serious funny.

    1. On a side note, most of my masturbatory fantasies involve tacos.

  3. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2897065/posts#9

    Speaking of killing hundreds of thousands of suspicious brown people, yefragetuwrabrumuy proposes setting off a nuclear device in Iran to prevent nuclear war.

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    Here's an awesome thread. A Mormon poster decries that "FR has dwindled into an insular, nearly feral, group of political and religious thought police whose mission is to ferret out anybody who doesn’t fit their orthodoxy and get rid of them." He gets LOTS of supportive responses. Then Jim proves the poster's point, by zotting him. Whereupon, the thread instantly explodes into the most amazing display of anti-Mormon bigotry ever!