Thursday, June 28, 2012

ACA upheld - defiance

Via FreepFan

Freepers plan some civil disobedience but encounter some practical problems:

brivette explains the problem:
I’m disabled and on SSDI.
MeganC seems to think states can opt out of the mandate:
We’re not buying it. Period. I imagine Wyoming will opt out of it anyway.
EyeGuy is too sarcastic to actually protest:
I’m not buying sheat.
I’m going to default on my mortgage, go on food stamps, declare bankruptcy, secure a disability settlement, and let honest, productive, private sector Americans support my dead-assed, lazy carcass.
Its the new American way.
Sarah Barracuda is already in compliance, but will maintain her ignorance in order to feel like a maverick:
My insurance is through Kaiser Permanente, had them for as long as I can remember, I will NEVER comply with Obamacare, Obama and his cronies can kiss my ass
Retired Greyhound  explains that civil disobedience is just what the left wants you to do!
The more people refuse to comply, the more it bolsters the left’s argument for universal coverage. They will lump non-compilers in with the rest of the uninsured, and then force everyone into a single-payer system. In a sense, they’ve made is so that non-compliance plays right into their hands.
I buy my insurance on the private market. I do so for my own personal economic reasons.
I think the best action we can take is to elect conservatives and try to repeal or neuter Obamacare.
texaschick has a clever plan to go bankrupt via health expenses:
No, we won’t buy it. We can’t afford it, no matter what the SCOTUS says. We had to drop it this year when our payments went to 1050.00 a month, and that was just for my hubby. I don’t have any insurance. We pay out of pocket for his meds and doctor appointments.
cuban leaf gets at the root of the problem:
Until this thing is fully and 100% repealed, I say we do all that we can to bankrupt our own Government; they obviously don’t have me and mine or yours in mind. 
That’s pretty much my take as well. Taxable income is poison.
freeangel is totally going galt, not giving up!
I lost my job last year and this will stop me from looking any further.
The Duke has decided offshoring is patriotic dissent now:
I had ruled out moving myself and my company to some offshore location, but I’ll re-evaluate that. If I stay in the US then, if I’m carrying too many parasites on my back I’ll just “go Galt”... and maybe become a parasite myself.
lightman realizes God wants him to be a martyr:
Has anyone noticed the intersection of this decision—complete with its dire implications for religious liberty—with the feast of the 2nd Century Martyr Irenaeus of Lyons and the eve of the feast of the martyrdom of the great Apostles Peter and Paul?
GrandJediMasterYoda just buys in for unthinking defiance:
I will definately NOT BUY Fascist-O-care ™ ! I don't care if they steal everything I own and throw me in jail, I will NEVER bow down to tyranny! It's going to be very amusing if the foreign born Kenyan Marxist is unconstitutionally elected again and this goes into effect in 2014 because I know I am not the only one who will not bow down. Hey maybe if nobody obeys liberals will treat it like they do illegals..It's OK if everybody does it and therefore legal! 


  1. I am really a little worried about texaschick. If things are as she says they are, her husband may well qualify for the state insurance pool. My step-sister in Texas is 40 now and that's the only insurance she's ever been able to get due to a pre-existing condition. She's been on it since she became a grown up. It's not the best insurance in the world but it's something.

    Shout out to the Comedian - would you please send a message to texaschick and ask her to check out the state insurance pool. If you'd do that, I'd owe you a solid.

  2. I'm an agent in AZ and that could very easily be the premium for an older person in the state pool here.

    1. It's been a long time since the subject came up but as I recall my step-sister was paying something like $450.

      Still be worth checking. And even though Freepers do tend to be old people, texaschick did not indicate such.

    2. I think it's really very sweet that you are genuinely concerned. I looked up the Texas rates- they are high! Depending on their income that is quite possibly what he would pay.

      Sorry, I need to learn how to do Tinyurl.

    3. Well, OK, I really was trying to help. Crap, that really is high.

      TinyUrl is the bomb. Just cut and paste the long link into the slot. Then click.

      It works every time.

  3. The husband seems to have some kind of preexisting condition that needs meds, which is (weak) circumstantial evidence that he, at least, is getting on in years.

    1. Well, OK.

      Still wouldn't hurt to check.

    2. I think it's both touching and hilarious that over here we are concerned about people that threaten to shoot us regularly.

  4. I love the idea of FReepers vowing to leave this communist hellhole, and looking desperately for a wealthy country that doesn't have "socialized medicine."

  5. "I lost my job last year and this will stop me from looking any further."

    Sorry, can't work! Obamacare!