Monday, June 11, 2012

Suffer the children

Freepers are conflicted about the Obama children.  Clearly, most of them want to use them as a weapon to attack Obama, just like every other concept or item in the known universe.

But they have some vestige of self image that makes them want to take the high road, so that they can use the high road as a way to attack Obama as well.

They solve this by making noises about the high road before diving to the lowest common denominator:

kristinn would merely like to blame the media for not covering the ins and outs of the Obama kids:
This isn't about the kids, so please leave them out of it. This is about the subservient news media that caters coverage to the dictates of the Obama regime.
2ndDivisionVet points out that Democrats are so evil that any evil used against them is justified:
The Democrats had no problem going after Mrs. Romney, Governor Palin’s children (all the way down to her Down’s Syndrome infant) and hundreds of other GOP candidate’s spouses and children. You can’t fight a war with one hand tied behind your back! If the enemy has no scruples, then they’ve set up the ground rules, haven’t they?
jennings2004 hates Red Robin for serving the Obamas:
Over rated, and with this little event, they are a little out of my range politically as are Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Home Depot!
Some Anonymous commenter found Uncle Slayton outdoing himself:
While the name of the restaurant Red Robin may be innocuous to most Americans the song “Red Robin” has been commandeered by Obama and the Democratic Socialists.
In fact, the DSA have used the song “Red Robin” to incite revolution! Look at this WND article on the Democrats and their use of the song!
“When the Red Revolution brings its solution along, along, there’ll be no more lootin’ when we start shootin’ that Wall Street throng. …”
Red Robin has deep Communist Overtones and the Obamas are using the Red Robin restaurant to send a message that they are in fact Communists!
Leep has plans for the Obama Children:
Is Sasha old enough to get a summer job? Then again maybe they won’t allow her to have one because then she would have more experience in the private sector than her father...You know the guy hobnobbing with the stars and 1%.
funfan resents how Obama keeps claiming to have the best family ever when really they are all fat:
Is Sasha the chubby daughter If so I hope she had a salad
wouldn't want her to make the health care costs skyrocket due to her unhealthy lifestyle. This is what the Obamas tell the rest of us and they should know they are the best family and the smartest family ever oh and the most good looking family.
Daffynition points out the Obamas are rich, so we can hate them:
The Obamas spent last weekend in Paris, where Sasha celebrated her birthday a few days early. She went shopping at children’s store Bonpoint and saw the sights of Paris!
Just in case anyone thinks The Husseins are *one of us. *
Daffynition also thinks Obama needs some token whites or else he's racist:
This isn't about the kids
Oh RLY? Well, of the whole population of Sidwell at their disposal, the Husseins couldn't find any token white kids or other minorites to accompany them?

Speaks volumes.


  1. woo hoo

  2. Did anyone hear about this? HuffPo has an article saying the Supreme Court smacked down the crazy birthers.

    What did the Freepers have to say? Are the Justices all commies like Oily Taint? I mean, what are they going to do now? Face reality?

    1. Reality? Freepers?

      Have a look:

      OneWingedShark is particularly great in that thread.

  3. Thank you very much, FreeperFan.