Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Muslim Ban

Well, we had an exciting weekend! I live a few blocks from the White House these days, and got to hear the protesters and sirens. This hamfisted and radical policy is Bannon's play - he's doing this to piss off liberals in the hopes that the resistance to 'keeping us safe' plays well with the rest of the country. We'll see; I'm not sure which way it will go, sadly.

Freepers' reaction to the court orders so far has been rote - dox the judges, disobey them, blah blah. But Freepers are clearly off balance, as they often are when weekend news breaks and there is no talk radio to guide their message.

It makes for kinda watered down threads despite the explosive subject matter, so I'm going to focus on a particular example of their attitudes. Trump's broad ban will prevent an Oscar contender from attending, because he's from Iran. Freepers seem to dimly sense this might not play well, and some try and rationalize, as the dimmer among them double down.

Fightin Whitey is proud of his racist school:
Asghar Farhadi?

Dude never would have made it in my high school.
Mandingo Conservative knows bigotry is the hard choice, but the right one.
Iranian and liberal heads are exploding. 
This director might be a decent person and as an artist I don't like to ban art too much, but I think this is something as a nation we need to do when it concerns the Middle East. It's extreme and it might make people hate us more but too bad. 
The way I look at it is this: Iran doesn't play nice with us or Israel - it's still a gigantic sponsor of terror. If normal Iranians don't like this ban well...they need to then work within Iran to remove the Islamic dictatorship and foster a nation wide human rights movement. If this is done, the ban will be removed.
montag813 is sure that if this policy seems kooky, it must be liberals making it seem so:
He could EASILY get a waiver...he’s trying to get publicity to help him win the Oscar.
Trump_vs_Evil_Witch is sure Iran and Islam has never had anything to offer world culture:
Given that the ‘religion of peace’ has lead to nothing but warfare in its’ inherent doctrine of global forced submission to Sharia Law for 1400 years....

....it is a real lose that this guy won’t show up
Mean Daddy argues America isn't banning the important stuff:
There’s no banning of art, just people.
Goddamn, that reads like satire.

Tennessee Nana attacks all art that isn't anti-Muslim propaganda.
unrealistic propaganda movie...

if she was raped she gets stoned to death...

and the rapist gets away with his crime...

apparently he didn’t show that part of Iranian real life.....

so its no loss that this guy might not get to come to the US..
InABunkerUnderSF decides we are at war with Iran.
If you are a loyal citizen of a country where government officials, and the public at large, routinely chant “Death to America”, maybe you should not come to the US.
dsc is just eager to use this new thing he learned.
Iran, Hollyweird, and every muzzie on the face of the earth can go TAFFAARD.
'take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.' Hipster profanity.

fhayek on the virtues of collective guilt:
Well, now they are lumped all together, and maybe this will give them incentive to reform, or otherwise get rid of the bad apples. If they choose not to, then, I would question how ‘good’ they are in the first place. Either way, none of them can come here and set down the roots of future terrorism. And I am good with that.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. III

pissant dramatically explains what make America Great again means. It's not a surprise.
Trump’s task is literally to save our Republic. Not just on the economy and trade and illegal immigration. But he must stop and reverse the whole trajectory that this country has been on at least since the 1960s. The shithole, islamicized, feminized, neutered states of Europe is our future if he (and we) fail.
WildHighlander57 picks up the dog whistle in Trump's immigration EO. Until Rudy made it explicit, lol.
“...ban on allowing refugees into the United States except for religious minorities escaping persecution, ...”

Religious minorities = Christians

(and others, but mostly Christians)

It’s about time 0’s policy was reversed.

Winning !!! Not tired of winning yet.
21twelve doesn't know what social media is.
As we know, these protests are too well-organized to just be spontaneous. Maybe Trump can put a “tariff” on Soro’s money coming in to support these protesters. Or better yet, put a bounty on Soro’s head for supporting these terrorists.
a fool in paradise has some high standards for his media:
And ABC got the Oscar nominations wrong today as well.

And Time got it wrong that the MLK bust had been removed from the White House.

And this is the “trusted media”.

A bunch of crooked hacks.
Suddenly all the martial law BS they feared from Strawbama is Constitutional and good - DesertRhino
President Trump Says he Is Open To Using Feds to Fix Chicago Violence

  • RICO
  • Massive immigration fraud
  • Massive violations of the Felons using firearms
  • and last... they came in and started consent decrees on police departments. Obama just did one in Chicago. It means the feds RUN that department. Now Trump can use the authority Obama launched. 

  • And last but not least, a refusal of state and locals to protect civil rights. You may recall three civil roghts workers murdered in Mississippi back in ‘64. The Feds came right in.

Yes, they have plenty of authority. They can roll into town and enforce every federal law in existence. Dope, Guns, RICO, you name it.
martin_fierro is one of them manly individualists:
PBS/NPR In Panic: Trump Administration To Defund/Privatize

BansheeBill wants some institutional reform at NPR:
This might make NPR have to reduce the bloated number of producers on their shows.
Check out how many producers and assistants are needed to put Morning Edition on the air:
x_plus_one loves some tough-guy Trump.
Visualize a poster of Trump al la Teddy Rosevelt. One hand holding his rifle, the foot resting on big bird, a basket of phesants with elmo and oscar the grouch hanging out with x’s on their eyes. The public will either be appalled or highly amused.
x focuses on the important:
Trump has more important stuff to do than stare out the window.
Obama didn't.
It's a wonder how he found time for anything else.
HotKat continues Conservatives' obsession with protest cleanliness.
I have been searching for photos post innauration of Obama vs Trump. I remember the Mall was trashed after Obama’s, but i haven’t seen any after Trump’s.
When you can't find moral highground except on such remote arenas, I guess you make due with what you have...

x1stcav is still hating Obama, and half of America. But loves Mozart's 5th!
hope the most vile and evil things plague this POS the rest of his life.

I don’t feel affection for the creeps that votec him in twice either.


dit dit dit dah
Reno89519 makes me wonder what Cruz's long term prospects in the GOP are, and then I laugh.
Do you have a bot running that notifies you every time an article is posted that mentions Cruz, just so you can be sure to post more crap soon after the article is up? No, but like many others on FR, I a tired of Lyn’ Ted BS so I and others are quick to reply. Good riddance to Lyn’ Ted.
Yaelle remains second to none in mixing a rational perspective with batshit insanity.
I always preferred Bernie to Hillary because it’s only a fair fight with an honest ideological difference. I have seen no evidence Bernie is a dirty double crossing murderous traitor, committing felonies as easily as coughing and seizing up.

He is a legit politician, for what that is worth, and believes his crap. I differ with him on 95% of issues but I respect him and his right to believe as he does.
dragnet2 suddenly thinks Presidential death threats are important.
. Holy sh!t ... a Trump advisor survived an ASSASSINATION attempt!! Oh, wait a minute ... it was only sugar or flour in that envelope.

Never mind the fact Trump and his family have received 5000 threats, some from mass murdering billion dollar drug kingpins, key Republicans, Democrats, ISIS, Celebrities , members of the media, foreign leaders, and thousands of other death threats from every direction.

What a piece of work you are.
Key Republicans and Democrats

Dilbert San Diego has some really strong confirmation bias going.
A bit off topic, but do you ever notice, that it tends to be religious faith organizations, which step in to provide disaster relief?? Has anyone ever heard of any prominent liberal organization doing this sort of humanitarian work???
Doctors Without Borders: not liberal, I guess.

Gay State Conservative is pretty sure the Obamas and Clintons have been abusing their kids, so now he hopes for those kids to die.
When you're raised by two utterly amoral individuals like Chelsea and these two kids were how can we expect them to become anything *but* worthless filth?

All three have clearly been subjected to the most breathtaking forms of child abuse...so the best we can hope for is for them to die young.

Yes,we can hope for their "salvation" but I fear that they're too badly damaged for that.

Monday Potpourri pt. II

nopardons celebrates tens of thousands of liberals dying.
Repealing Obamacare Will Kill more than 43,000 People every year

One thing this blog has done is highlight some of my gender preconceptions - I'm still shocked when it's the female Freepers who lust for death.

RedWulf thinks the only way for America to continue is to become a dictatorship.
Due to the left’s ever great holier than thou signaling spiral we either face civil war or dictatorship with mass suppression of the left by the 2020s. 
Co-existence with the left isn’t going to be compatible with survival as we’re starting to see in the streets. The republic will not survive a second mass civil war. Either the left is suppressed, or the country and a lot of us will be destroyed and the Chinese, Muslims, and Russians will inherent the world.
RedWulf also thinks all women these days are too slutty to vote or go outside without a male escort.
In modern America most women regularly screw loser criminal/bad boys for most of their teens and 20s. There’s literally no downside now that slutting it up because their behavior is excused by everyone. Sexually the average woman has a lot less self control when making long term decisions than the average man does, which is why most civilizations spend a great deal of time making sure women are not around strange men and strongly value female virginity while ignoring men’s bad behavior.

Civilizations don’t live long once they liberated their women.
aquila48 is also obsessed with women having too much power.
I’m having trouble figuring out which will happen first:

1. White men finally waking up and reclaiming the power they surrendered to the feminazis
2. Islamists taking over and raping all the feminazis.
CyberAnt declares the nationwide protests not part of Real America.
Sorry ... I am not “united” with these extreme people.


These people are americans in name only. They don’t vote.

They have no clue who America really is .. and they don’t want to find out .. because it doesn’t fit their narrative.
gaijin explains that because the right embraces intolerance, cursing out Clinton supporters is fine, but doing the same for Trump supporters is the height of hypocrisy.
To be fair, I would say darn near the same things to people wearing a Clinton hat.

I believe you.

On the other hand, YOUR side doesn't go to such extravagant and condescending lengths to insist WEEEEEEEEEEeee are open-minded, big-hearted people who TOOOOOOLLLLLERate people unlike our own, WEEEEEee are diverse and patient, WEeeeeee insist on free speech for all.....

THAT is the difference.

They set a bar that is STRATOSPHERIC and then they don't even extend the courtesies common to deckhands, sailors, construction workers, stebedores and taxi-divers.
blackbetty59 smugly declares that rich preppers putting their getaways in rural areas proves they don't love their 'urban pets.'
The first thing I noticed was that these ultra-liberal rich folks were planning on escaping the “urban folks”. They are buying up areas as far away from their urban pets as they can get. If they loved their urbans as much as they claim to love them, why wouldn’t they be unafraid to survive the apocalypse with them? Instead, they are planning their safe-havens in deplorable zones. Hypocrites.
Intolerant in NJ has some prime bullshit for ya:
Yeah, my doctor was telling me the other day that to keep going under Obamacare he was going to have to start reusing unsterilized hypodermic needles - how’s that for lowering professional standards, Buzzfeed?......
the OlLine Rebel declares only conservative women are truly independent, smart, and strong.
It’s ironic how liberals think they are the ones with “real” women.

But they are all wimpy, like their men. Oh sure, they’re crude and rude, but they really can’t stand serious blowback. It’s a cover for wimpyness.

Meanwhile they call us meek milquetoast housewives “from the ‘50s” (why it has to be ‘50s I am not sure), but many of us have more serious study under our belts (not “women’s studies”), serious jobs, work with our hands, and aren’t afraid to step into a fight!
The purity crusade continues. sport is one of many Freepers opposed to Pryor as SCOTUS pick for petty reasons.
If he was/is opposed to Judge Roy Moore, then I am against him. To blazes with him.
Be fun to watch sport turn on a dime if this is Trump's pick.

shotgun loves Trump's gag order on government agencies, mostly because it makes liberals sad.
Let the tearing of clothes, wailing, and gnashing of teeth begin...
5th MEB assures everyone his literate lifestyle is born out of spite, not intellectualism.
I came back down south (so. cal.) to do some work on the house (my wife still lives down here, she’s got 4 months till retirement).
Last weekend she gave me a choice; we could go to the book store or the movies.
Hollywood makes nothing but angst, homocrap, and perversion for the last 50 years.
jim35 does not trust our justice system to properly deal with murderers.
Anyone want to bet she’s out in less than 5 years? This is not nearly enough. The little murderer-wannabe will charm the parole board, get out in 4 years, all rehabilitated. Then she’ll kill much more carefully.
central_va continues to be zealous about the weirdest stuff:
I didn’t vote for Perot, but I should have.
a fool in paradise is revising even 9-11 to demonize liberals.
Will it take tragedy to bring us together, as it did at 9/11?

That togetherness lasted less than 2 weeks and within a few months Hillary Rotten Clinton was shouting on the floor of the Senate that "Bush KNEW!".

Conspiracy theories about Jews, explosives, and remote control planes went on and on.

Bill Maher said the hijackers weren't cowards.
Neidermeyer, the 'too rational to be a practice juror' from last week, has been engaging in frivolous lawsuits? Hmmmmm....
I’m ecstatic about 2-3 YUGE wins a day... I just won an unwinnable lawsuit by attacking their weakness one step at a time and never stopping... This is not the time to bring on the outcry this will start... get the team in place , get things up and running independent of the president and then start taking on the bigger and bigger items. THEN when we have 50 YUGE wins in progress you yank DACA and take the attention off of your 50 wins in the process of being implemented.
Yardstick declares any public goods to be against the Founders' America. No mention of how the words 'general welfare' and 'more perfect union' slipped in there.
Socialism is an alien ideology that should never have been able to take root here. The Declaration is all about natural rights and the Constitution is about limited government. Combined they amount to a neon sign saying “No Socialism Here”. Yet here we are up to our gills in a struggle against friggin socialism.
pissant is still not happy with Trump.
I’m not panicking yet. I’ll give him another 10-12 days to get Obama’s executive orders revoked. If he hasn’t moved by then, the restlessness will turn to a roaring cacophony.

Monday Potpourri pt. I

HomerBohn wants Democrats on trial, and to close Congress to the public.
Democrats, as well as Muslims, are America's enemies!

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer need to be held responsible for any left wing liberal democrat attack upon any Republican officials. They are the heads of the left wing liberal democrat congress and should be held accountable for their democrat crybaby's. I

If these deplorable events continue the Secrete Service will have to protect all of Trumps Cabinet and staff members.

Speaker Ryan should declare the House closed to all outside visitors and press. Speaker McConnell should do the same for the Senate. Both should impose sanctions against democrats as they are truly despicable enemies.
Ugh, fuck you Simon Foxx:
1. McConnell needs to be recognized for singlehandledly SAVING Scaia’s seat by refusing to hold hearings on Obama’s nominee in 2016.
Simon Foxx could be channeling Mussolini. Or Loki from the Avengers.
Its a funny thing about Trump that people are starting to pick up on - he seems to act like a quick “spine transplant” on those that are around him.

Human nature is such that most people will gravitate towards, and bend their will towards, a REAL leader, because people want to be LED.

When you don’t have one around, most people go back on their heels. When you have an UBER-leader like Trump around, even the Mitch McConnells start feeling like they can move mountains.

'because people want to be LED.'

RushIsMyTeddyBear seems to think an accusation of liberal hyperbole is a challenge to his own hyperbole crown.
Leftards live for hyperbole.

Not enough deaths for the leftists. They despise humanity.
Actually, with Freepers, you can never tell what's humility and what's sincere, delusional madness.

Let's Roll is not up on his populist history, I guess.
As if unions ever answered to the American people.
polymuser focuses on making up the important stuff about Trump.
I just LOVE looking at the photo of our new POTUS sitting at the Oval Office desk!! :0)

And I really doubt he will EVER put his feet up on that desk (like Bammy and W shamefully did.)
PJBankard is only accepting two sources of info:
Don’t believe it unless Trump tweets it or it comes from his press secretary. Trump should not tolerate leaks, unless designed to purposely troll the media.
hondact200 is still being racist at Obama:
Look to Obama - His mother had an afterbirth and named it Barack Hussein Obama III. When she went to Indonesia, his name became Barry Soetoro. Just think Obama’s should have thrown the baby out with the bathwater.
A number of Freepers are indignant about some nobodies insulting Barron Trump. bgill shows how insulting Presidential kids is done. Or, how it's done when they're black and you're racist as fuck:
Malia was supposed to do a summer internship with Costos at the Spanish Embassy. Instead, she was out doping, twerking and partying. Last time they were in Martha's Vineyard, her SS had to scoot her out of a party before it was raided.

Sasha had on last fling on the taxpayers' dime with a vacation with Biden's granddaughter and a group of friends in Miami the weekend before the inauguration. We can only assume she's back in school with grandma "baby" sitting but who knows what Malia is up to.
mumblypeg is still on the Pizzagate desk. It doesn't come up so often, but it's now Freeper conventional wisdom, just like the Clinton death list.
Of interest, possibly, to Pizzagate fans:

Spanish ambassador James Costos would be among the ambassadors summarily dismissed by Trump, no?
His boyfriend, the interior designer who redecorated the WH for Michelle, will have also been evicted from the embassy.

The mostly boring article, linked below, contains an interesting nugget, namely, that Costo & his bf routinely hosted tours of the American Embassy in Madrid, for elementary age schoolchildren, to look at their art collection.

Wut? Why would local schoolchildren in Madrid be taken out of school and brought to the American Embassy, to look at esoteric art owned by a couple of middle aged fairies?
Proves nothing, but seems odd.
greeneyes finds war in all the strangest places.
Well, we are already at war, in every area except full blown military. We have been under attack culturally, economically, cyber attacks etc. for decades.
Trump's election lead to a brief respite, but now Freepers like fella are again predicting/rooting for actual war.
The Demoncrat party appears to be striving for another civil war. If they get what they want it will be very ugly and brutal.
FreedomStar3028 has a really low standard for the miraculous.
Mad dog, now this guy.

Not to mention the amount of prayers to God and Jesus at the inauguration.

This is divine intervention.

Could it be anything else?

Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Spotlight: MeganC

Another more evident Freeper that's been a long time coming.

MeganC came onto this blog a long time ago, and laughed off some commenters who challenged her for her Freepish views, and her proudly submissive family life. I was impressed with her spunk. Turns out, I'm too easily impressed, and her seeming self-confidence has more to do with her being kinda crazy

She claims a number of things. To be autistic. To be a homemaker blissfully married to a much older man, even as she spends all her time on Free Republic thinking about Muslims raping her daughters. To have been constantly harassed by horny blacks in high school. Thing is, I don't think she has the wherewithal for artifice, so I believe she believes all of it.

One of the reasons I believe her is that MeganC is a bit odd for a Freeper. She's a bit like a bizzaro HiTechRedneck. While clearly motivated largely by tribalism, she occasionally strays from Freep doctrine. She will get into it over police violence or whatnot when most other Freepers are circling the tribal wagons. But that just makes it worse! She can't hide behind the madness of the crowd, or a sad sad desire to find somewhere that will accept your assholishness. No, all her other Freeper-type madness, obsessions, need for persecution, racism, conspiracy delusions, etc, is all her.

Freeper group psychosis is awful enough; making it a personal choice is a whole other level.

Freepers made themselves miserable under Obama. Therefore...
Good! Payback SHOULD BE a bitch!!
Not that she endorses massacring liberal kids, she just thinks it's a good idea. And liberals are totally into such things on the other side!
I think he was humane. When you look at what the Left has done in the past 100 years then you’ll see real barbarism.

Billions enslaved. Hundreds of millions murdered.

Breivik was brilliant (and sane) in his strategy not to try to assassinate the current crop of leftist leaders but to assassinate the next generation of leftist elites.

It is cold, it is unthinkable to contemplate as a mother of three, but in fifteen years what Breivik did may allow Norwegians to cast off the shackles of leftism when there are not enough elite leftist youth moving into leadership.

Again, I do not approve of what Brievik did but if the tables were turned and some leftist murdered 100 kids at, say, a Tea Party summer camp I do not doubt that the left would be openly celebrating. Bill Maher would call the killer ‘brave’, Obama would call the killer the son he never had, and any number of academics would call the killer a hero.

We’re better than that, of course, but let’s not lost track of the fact that the left would do this same thing a million times over to our kids if they could. History shows that’s how they roll.
Ever notice how genocide is always in self defense?
I was once asked (maybe on FR?) how many Muslims I was willing to kill to protect my children and I said all of them.

I meant it then and I mean it now.
A Muslim, dating MY daughter????
Any Muslim boy who treats one of my daughters as a prostitute from his pig god will shortly be meeting the real God.
Good lord, we get it, you can't stop thinking about Muslim boys schtupping your daughters.
My daughters can go where they want in their own country and any Muslim POS laying a hand on them will pay dearly for that transgression.
BABIES! Dedication to babymaking solves everything for a woman!
Most women find great satisfaction and fulfillment as mothers.”

This is so true!!!!!!!

- Megan, mother of six with one more due in June!
'Do things my way, it's the only way!'
The best thing for young women to do is to opt-out of the whole liberal lie in the first place. Instead of going to college, piling on the debt, and then working 20 years to just get to where you break even before you can start a family at 40 why not just tell the feminists to **** off?

I did.

Got married at 18 and started a family. In the middle of it all I went to a trade school to learn how to cook (my mother taught me how to ‘cook’ with a microwave) and I work part time while being a full time mom.

I’m happy as a clam. Meanwhile my old friends are struggling to get through schools that don’t have room for them and they have student loans that will have to get paid even if they don’t get a degree. A family and a home are not even in their dreams.

Give them 20 years and maybe they can start a family right about the time I will probably be holding my first grandchildren.


Feminist liberalism is a lie. Nice to see another young woman discovering this before it’s too late.
Feminism is why women aren't all marrying much older men
I’m 22 and could not find anyone my age (or close to it) who was either worth marrying or interested in being married. Got lots of offers for short-term relationships and non-committal shack-ups from them but nothing else.

Finally met a great guy who is a lot older than me. My mom is jealous of what I have.

Seriously, women wanted to be men and now they’re reaping what they sowed. It’ll be generations before the damage of 150 years of lesbian feminism is undone.
Taylor Swift is totally anti-feminist.
The leftists hate Taylor because she’s an actual woman and not some man-hating, always-angry, lesbian douchenozzle.

Which is why I like her! Taylor was the first new celebrity who made it acceptable to be feminine again!
I can see it. I can also see her self-diagnosing, or even just making it up.
I’m a functioning autistic and I resent Hillary’s remarks.
Of course she homeschools.
We homeschool. One of my husbands oldest daughters (by another marriage) was homeschooled and has now graduated from Hillsdale College and is working in the wine industry in California.

I redid high school on a home school curriculum which vastly improved my reading, writing, mathematics, and history knowledge. I’ve even picked up some Spanish which is handy every now and then.

I cringe thinking of what I was subjected to in the public schools and would NEVER do that to my own children!
High school was full of black males sexually assaulting her nonstop, so now she's racist.
I graduated high school Class of 2008. In all four of my years in high school black males who I didn't even know would come up and put their arms around me, hug me, rub on me, and etc. and I could always count on the liberal faculty to do absolutely nothing about it.

Meaning all those civil rights laws never applied to me when I needed them so why should I give a sh*t about them?
She used to get in trouble with the Sacramento police for unspecified antics.
I do not miss California and I don’t hold any great love for the Sacramento Police Department or the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department. But I will say that even when the latter two agencies were mindlessly mucking around in my life the CHP officers I ran into were consistently courteous, thoughtful, concerned about my well-being, and professional to a fault.
Oh no, what if God loves Bernie Sanders???????????
Birds For Bernie

That’s scary as that kind of thing would indicate a blessing.

President Sanders.

I guess you find a new God...

Purge all the gays, like everyone throughout history did. Except for Sparta. And Rome. And Victorian England boarding schools. And some African peoples.
I now understand why every society that wants to endure periodically purges these people as they are inherently destructive of all of the good and decent things that make for a successful society. These people can no more coexist with decent people than radical Muslims can peacefully coexist with Jews or anyone else.
Just making shit up right there.
Khizr Khan Deletes Law Firm Website that Specialized in Muslim Immigration

He was selling immigration visas to Muslims with the full knowledge of the Democrats and the Clintons.
More making crap up, again about Muslims
Teenage Girl Admits Making up Migrant Rape Claim That Outraged Germany

Sounds to me like witness intimidation. The girl gets raped and the authorities tell her to recant or face persecution.
Doxx those who cross Trump.
Post Gonzalo Curiel’s home address on social media. That often helps these freaks realize that their black robes don’t make them all that special.
The best part of a revolution is the purges afterwards.
Just my own humble opinion, but it would be nice if maybe someday we have a revolution and in the result of that revolution everyone has to be interviewed. Those who are found to be Americans, who are productive, who speak English, and who contribute in some way to the country (even if it’s just by their example as individualists) will be welcome to stay and will receive citizenship in the new republic.

The other types, for whom English is and always will be a second language, and who cannot fathom the idea of supporting themselves, and who think that other people should support them, and who think that stealing wealth from others is the path to happiness...all of these people will be sent to the Mexican border, airdropped on Syria, or anywhere else stupid enough or anarchic enough to take them.

Those who remain, be they white, black, or etc. will be Americans and they will build the new Republic whose Constitution will not be a mere suggestion, but will be the law.
Liberals will kill you if you apologize, or something.
NEVER apologize to liberals because they are NOT Christians! Christians see a heartfelt apology as an act of contrition and a reason for forgiveness.

Liberals see any apology as a confession of guilt and a justification for the death penalty (which they oppose in cases of murder but approve of when someone is ‘offended’.)
Remember the wave of liberal violence in 2012?
Shooting at Family Research Council office in DC

I was wondering when the leftards would start shooting.
Liberals even kill liberals in 10 out of 10 imaginary scenarios!
If Hillary or Trump gets assassinated it’ll be by a Democrat.
Muslim Holocaust is OK, because Muslims evil.
You sound like Hitler and his group during WW 2.

How is that logical to you? Hitler hated the Jews and supported eradicating them. The vast majority of Muslims (99% or better) also support killing the Jews and during WW2 the Muslims were allied with Hitler in the Balkans, in Iraq, in Iran, in Saudi Arabia, in North Africa, and in Eastern Europe.

Opposing Islam and wanting to eradicate it is no different than opposing Nazism and wanting it eradicated given the historical and indisputable FACT that Nazis and Muslims were ALLIED against Western civilization and Judaism.
And for the record, if the annhiliation of 1.5 billion Muslims is what it takes to attain peace with these people then so be it. I really don’t care because they’d do the exact same thing to us...and worse...if they could get away with it.
Genocide against the Muslims? OK. But celebrating the killing of Bin Laden? That's in bad taste!
it was in bad taste to celebrate someone getting killed, even if it was OBL. Forgive me that, but I’d expect that kind of thing from the barbarians in the Middle East and not from Americans.
What the fuck kind of double standard....?

Vigilante justice is best justice. Solves all crime
The murder rate in Chicongo would DROP if they got rid of the cops!


Because decent people would arm themselves absent the police to keep them defenseless.

And the decent people would get to declare open season on the criminals who are frankly being protected by the police.
Fifth-grade level burns.
What the hell is a “freshperson”?

That’s how they say “rug munching bull dyke” these days.
America gonna fall by 2067.
America in fifty years, at this rate, will not exist.

Hawaii will be taken over by China.

California and other parts of the Southwest will either be an independent Hispanic state complete with Aztlan-sponsored ethnic cleansing or it will be part of Mexico.

Texas will be independent again.

The US military will be second rate. Maybe even third rate.

China will dominate the mining and manufacturing sectors and the remainder of the US will be subject to a mercantilism relationship with China.

Or we could elect a conservative next year and see this country prosper through the end of the century.
Bill Clinton is Satan.
Seems fair to have a statue of Satan outside the Arkansas capitol since he was inside the capitol from 1979–1981 and again from 1983–1992.
Seems like a joke, but there's no affect to it, and given the other crap she's said...

Why do black people get to say nig...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
So what that Paula Deen said the word ‘nigger’? Turn on any rap radio station and you hear it all day long. I don’t get why anyone pays any attention to the PC crowd on this. As long as they keep using it on the radio I really don’t care if anyone else does.
Also, the radio bleeps all sorts of stuff, 'nigger' included.

Turning that paranoia inward.
FR is STINKING with trolls.

Agreed. Some of them are pretty good at it, too. You have to go to their posting history to start to see the subtly negative and anti-conservative trends and themes they promote.

Like I almost don’t mind the overt Trump haters. It’s the ones who offer ‘sage advice’ about Trump who to me are the more pernicious of the trolls.

I’ve also observed that you’ll note that troll accounts almost all show as joining FR in the two years leading up to a Presidential election. Is it a fact? No, but it is my personal observation because I can’t recall the last time I saw a troll who signed up in the year after a Presidential election.
California secession? Traitors! Sadly, I don't think she's aware of the inconsistency.
From the website of the traitors:

Yes California is the nonviolent campaign to establish the country of California using any and all legal and constitutional means to do so.
But then she's not part of the Freep anti-Manning squad, even if her reasoning is awful.
Just myself but I don’t have a problem with what Manning did.

If the US military and the US government had not been committing crimes and doing things that they were ashamed of then there would have been nothing to leak.

Same thing with the DNC emails, the Podesta emails, and the Clinton emails.

It’s amazing how this works: If you don’t do anything wrong you won’t get caught!
Acknowledging the Alton Sterling shooting was a needless killing.
That’s not what you see or hear on the video. What you hear is that one officer says the man has a gun. Then you see one of the officers draw his weapon and aim it at the man’s chest and he fires.

Afterwards a witness reported one of the officers took the gun out of the dead man’s pants.

With that much established it will be an interesting investigation.
The usual Freep prediction, with the usual result.
He’ll pardon Hildebitch tomorrow morning.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

NYT calls Trump a liar.

Freepers have been making stuff up for years, so they've had zero problem doing the same to defend Trump's spate of ridiculous lying.

Still, either from the imprimatur of the President, or fear that they've come to worship a clown, they really go for the gusto to prove shift the burden for Trumps repeatedly debunked claim (randomly, in a meeting with Congressional leaders, hahaha!) that illegal aliens totally voted against him in the millions.
I don't even think this was a tactic to roll out voter suppression (though it may have that effect) it's just Trump being a baby man.

fhayek knows who has to prove there WASN'T millions of illegal alien voters.
Somehow, the New York Times is able to prove a negative.
Freepers like TEXOKIE have gotten so good at dog whistle politics they create dog whistles where none exist:
I heard a news clip of Obama ENCOURAGING ANYONE IN THE USA to VOTE!!!

Ahem.... fake news, anyone?
Hey, Reno89519 is a logical fallacy that somehow gained sentience. Not a lie if you can't prove me wrong!
Can anyone prove President Trump is not right? No. Therefore, not a lie.
BookmanTheJanitor is willing to round 'millions' to 'one.'
NY Times - prove every vote was legal and by a legal citizen.
Az Joe attacks the original poster, which I always find amusing, since Freep lives for these hatefests.
Hey, why don’t you quit posting fake news and Left wing propaganda. Are you carrying water for the Slimes or what?!!
ChessExpert argues maybe Trump is just so ignorant he has no idea he's parroting long debunked falsehoods:
To make the argument that President Trump lied, you have to make two arguments:

a) President Trump’s claim is mistaken.

b) President Trump knew his claim was false.

The article does not make a serious argument in either case.
Dagnabitt is probably serious, but I hold out hope for sarcasm:
Audit California!

- sounds like a reasonable plan.
Enchante slips a 'might' into his argument that does a shitload of work:
The LIE is for the NY Times to call this a “lie” because it is President Trump offering his opinion about what the intersection of perverse liberal trends (tens of millions of illegals, lax laws and enforcement, Obama and Democrats encouraging illegals to vote etc.) might have meant for the level of illegal votes in 2016.

Actually, the NY Times has NO IDEA what the truth of the matter is, but like any dedicated libtards they assume their belief is correct and denounce everything else as a “lie”....
I also like that second paragraph, because Freepers are paragons of humility.

Showing how someone who reads only right-wing media keeps their mind well closed, A_Former_Democrat cites crap that reporters have investigated and discarded, and asks why it hasn't been investigated.
Hey Slimes, how do you know it’s a “lie”?

Did you investigate Detroit? Philly? Broward County? Chicago?

Why don’t you actually do investigative reporting for a change, and let us know what you find

Then you can opine one way or the other
JLAGRAYFOX might have my favorite post. Never has so little thought gone into so much text.
Actually.....both California & New York were massively out of line with the rest of the 49 states voting demographic patterns. There is no doubt that illegal voting of all stripes was overwhelming in both states. But....the Democrat illegal vote, was inspired & endorsed by Obama, Clinton and the Democrat Party. There was illegal voting going on in every state of the union, also. Had Nevada & New Hampshire been legal in votes, Trump would have easily carried both these states. Colorado, Virginia & Minnesota were also infected by ilegal votes.

This Democrat sponsered illegal voting was the Obama/Clinton, “ace-in-the-hole” card, that insured them that with thes massive illegal votes Hillary Clinton could lay back, for she was assured a massive defeat over Trump. Trump out foxed them with his massive “LEGAL” votes. The rest is history!!!
1. CA and NY...and the other 49 States!
2. Demographic patterns prove NY and CA were full of fraud!
3. Actually, it was all the states, not that there is any proof.
4. Well, mostly about 5 states Trump totally shoulda won. No proof, not even 'demographic patterns.'
5. So Democrats created a bunch of illegal votes in CA and NY, because they don't understand how the electoral college works.
6. But then Trump cleverly got people to vote for him, which is too clever for these sly but dumb voter fraud schemers!

kingu's math is also pretty strong. Count states and then add and then subtract and then presto millions! Also voting isn't secret, is it?
Oh, shoot, this is an easy lie to disprove. First, let's count the number of states that actually require proof of ID to register. Now, add in those states that require proof of ID which would identify citizenship to vote, then subtract states that permit open vote by mail without providing the slightest amount of identification and you'll have a probable number of illegal votes.

So, umm, Trump's likely right. Or maybe he's wrong. The actual issue is that WE CAN'T TELL. Now, if a newspaper actually got the voting records (including vote by mail) and actually investigated to find out how many of those voters were not citizens (say through a FIOA request from the White House for green cards issued by the Obama administration to children of illegals), they could actually prove or disprove Trump's statement.

Gosh, can you imagine a drive by media outlet doing that?
RedWulf wants some retribution:
Note that the NY Times is slandering the President of the United States on something they have no way of knowing is a lie. They should have their press credentials revoked, banned from all federal offices and then sued for slander.
I agree - Trump should cut the press off. It might return us to investigative journalism.

FreedomStar3028 points out that even if the Times debunks, it doesn't count because that would be media bias.
Thing is it doesn’t matter what they find. It will always be in the negative for Trump or anyone on the right side of the political spectrum.
As she does, Trump Girl Kit Cat uses CAPS and EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! as evidence!!!
I live in CA. I can guarantee EVERYONE HERE that ILLEGALS are voting in this state by the THOUSANDS!!!! Dems don’t care and WILL NEVER fix this Trump will have to fix this!!!
Not even an anecdote? Lame, Kit Cat.

lodi90 knows real patriots threaten the press when they don't like the reporting.
NY Slimes calling POTUS a “liar”. This won’t end well for them.

Solar Energy is a tool of Democrats

In an article about a potential breakthrough in solar energy, some Freepers are sorta excited about the whiz-bang technology. But most of them suspect it might make liberals happy. And since Freepers' number one policy driver these days is liberal unhappiness, they're going to shit on it until they moment they embrace it as a conservative market-driven innovation.

HiTech RedNeck knows they key is a free market, like the free market that gave us flat panel TVs. No subsidies there!
A free market in such things as this is wonderful. What isn’t wonderful is when government arbitrarily picks a winner, even if it is not the best in class (e.g. Solyndra).

It is because of relentless competition to improve in engineering that we went from the vertical scans of Stooky Bill to the flat panels that most of us are sitting before, if not using their miniature version in smartphones. Let good solutions give place to better, and then even better, solutions.

Quiet revolutions like this, rather than government fiats (which are ludicrous in technological fields), could evolve the world past the need for fossil fuels, if other events do not intervene. I don’t think technology is going to be the bottleneck for mankind. I think spirituality will be.
TheNext is just knee-jerk anti-solar power.
Major Breakthrough!

Solar cell now 0.000000000001 percent more efficient.

And they re-positioned the Sun for 24 hour coverage.

* cough * junk science * cough *
BobL doesn't think technology getting better requires any increased storage ability.
I read reports about all of these great battery ‘breakthroughs’ that never seem to make it out of the ‘battery journal’...and that’s understandable because the type of battery needed for an electric car, for example, will get exposed to more crap than even a typical Trump voter, from extreme temperatures, vibrations, accelerations, crashes, humidity, etc.

So, let them do their research...it is always possible that something new will break out and be usable...but yea, expect 20 technologies (at least) to be talked about as the next greatest thing...then quietly disappear.
PJammers doesn't understand efficiency.
It doesn’t matter if solar cells achieve 100% efficiency. They are only active 50% of the day and most of that time they are not at peak performance due to the position of the sun.

Solar power is the ethanol of the power industry.
theBuckwheat knows this just makes us vulnerable to bad guys!
As good as this news is, keep in mind that solar cells will be instantly and totally destroyed by any EMP. That is due to their very construction, that is the “PN junction” they all rely upon and the current-collection grid they all must have. The voltage spike induced by the EMP cannot be mitigated by the external diodes commonly used because of the sharp rise time of the Pulse. There is NO way around this. PV cells WILL be destroyed in an EMP attack. Almost certainly the vast majority of them.
outofsalt knows you can't harden against solar flares like solar panels have been for decades:
A solar flare that can burn a PV panel will fry the majority of gadgets that would benefit from using them. There are other calamities that can occur where you would want to have solar charging.
It’s been pointed out that PV is the second most expensive power system, only slightly less costly than having no power at all.

I won’t spend that kind of money for it but, to each his own.
Despite his not being mentioned, bert is sure this is a media conspiracy to prop up Obama.
but, you see....... it doesn’t matter. It happened while Obama was president. We are experiencing the three or four weeks of building the historic paper record of the Obama legacy.

Solar energy breakthrough to remove the Soylandra blight stain, Standing up to Russia moving troops to Poland, the UN peace initive to forever end the Israel/PIA wars.......

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Teaching Black People

In the Trump era, a lot of my buffer has become stale. Thus, I'm going to be cleaning out some of my older posts. Here is some racism from 2014:

Anonymous found a spectacularly racist quote. I decided to look further.

A Harvard study concludes that teachers Blacks and Latinos are taught be more bad teachers than than Asians and Whites. This is not unexpected, given that schools are funded by property taxes, and the general differences between urban and rural infrastructure. Freepers seem to think it's on accounta a black people's feralness. Or Harvard's racism.

bray knows not to trust studies he doesn't like.
More agenda driven science. Bet the data points to just the opposite of the findings.
Mouton - Harvard has become all negrified:
Harvard, I just determined, actually has a Hip Hop Analytic Research Institute complete with a director and assistant director. The assistant director was recently quoted giving an analysis to the song “beef” which was playing during the shooting by a white guy into a car load of juveniles in Jacksonville. He categorized it as thug music and his defense is he perceived a threat by what he believed to be an unrecovered firearm in the vehicle. So, why should anyone give any credence to this "study"?
E. Pluribus Unum is sure affirmative action means all black teachers suck.
That's because white students get white teachers and black students get black teachers.

All affirmative action does is ensure more inferior teachers.
AEMILIUS PAULUS's racism has not diminished!
I would hope so as it is insanity to waste good teachers on groups intellectually unable and morally unwilling to learn.
EinNYC explains how black culture works:
Students from "feral" urban ghetto backgrounds, with rare exceptions, have little interest in academic learning. In fact, there is a strong anti-education subculture afoot. Students who try to get good grades are ridiculed by the boors in classes. Often, they go along with the disruptive students in trying to derail the class to avoid being called "oreos" or actually being beat up.

It would not matter if you put the "best" or the "worst" teachers in front of such students. Why should the "best" teachers be rewarded for their skills by being placed into classrooms where they will not be respected, they will be the target of the lowest dirtiest gutter language, where they will have empty plastic beverage containers thrown at them, be spit on, and threatened if they dare to impose any sort of control ("Please sit down. Please be quiet. Please put away that cell phone.")?

And why should the students who strive to learn be "rewarded" with less skilled teachers? Is that fair to them?
DeFault User is sure it's the racist principles diving the high-quality whites away.
I knew a woman, a very effective teacher, who was assigned to a minority school. She was doing a good job for the students assigned to her, but the female black principal had no use for white teachers in her school. The principal constantly hounded her about minutiae, such as the displays in the classroom: the capital letters had to be above the lower case, she spent 15 minutes on a topic instead of 6, etc., etc. This became an intolerable nightmare and she quit midterm.

I suspect that this same pattern is repeated in a lot of minority schools.
Also, in my poking around, I found THIS. Not Freep, WOW that is some racist bullshit. Don't miss it!!!

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Liberal paranoia edition:
Oh, 0bama faced opposition from day 1. We just didn’t burn the house down. We were civil in our actions, even our marches and protests left the place cleaner than when we arrived.

We took our displeasure to the ballot box in 2010, 2012, and 2014 to finally culminate in Republican Governorship, a Republican House, Senate, and Presidency in 2016. Not just Republican either, but conservative or tea party too!

All along the Democrats kept thinking the battles they were winning meant they had won. For whatever reason, they didn’t see the losses they were taking were fatal to their positions and party.

We still have a lot of work to do as these events these past few months demonstrate the deep entrenchment of a failed democrat ideology. They behave as though they have not had over a decade to accomplish their agenda. As though we, conservatives, controlled their agenda or even stopped it.

It amazes me how well they are able to keep people agitated, fearful, and upset. The level of hysteria and paranoia we see is truly unprecedented, but that is exactly where the democrat/progressive wants them to be. They are using the group think method to invoke the ‘fight or flight’ response.

I for one am tired of the hysteria. We find ourselves looking at them and thinking, “What the hell is wrong with you?” It isn’t a slander against them, it is seriously a statement of amazement at the unfounded reactions.
Terror liberals are thinking like Freepers, while not realizing how Freepers think, brought to you by EBH (As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Golfing becomes OK again.

A short one, but one of the more pure examples of Freeper hypocrisy I've seen.

After eight years of yelling about Obama golfing and vacationing like a lazy negro, Trump took the weekend off, starting his job on Monday. Freepers find they are completely fine with this.

xp38 knows Trump has already taken credit for so much.
Hell, he’s done more before taking office than Zer0’s done in 8 years. I’m down with that.
RitaOK explains that even if Obama's created multiple crises, Trump has to party, and then go to Church, ya see!
Monday is immediately. Friday and Saturday are inauguration weekend and Sunday is the Lord’s Day.

I wonder how different this really is.

Seems one or maybe two big deals were signed by other presidents, on their inauguration day, but really it will take eight hours for Trump to sign off all the Obama EO’s, if he must sign them one at a time, which is seriously doubtful.

What will he do but null and void all but those his staff have pulled to seek his agreement to spare? If ANY.
kabar suddenly realizes Presidential vacations are completely unimportant.
Non-story. Trump is CIC the moment he is sworn in. There are no days off. He is at work 24/7 no matter where he is.
Not bothering to stay on topic, Blue Highway just hates on Obama.
He should get the CDC to stop in to erradicate Obola I mean Obama out of the White House
Wonder how that will be playing in four years?

The yugest crowds, I tells ya!

In politics, crowds are like potential energy. They are meaningless unless transformed into electoral results, but then they're strong.

Unless you're Trump, who has to win in all things, even the largely symbolic. Trump's crowd numbers were not great. Trump just had his press secretary lie about it, and tried to use outrage to cover it up, and Freepers now can't dismiss crowds, and are now obliged to go along with the buffoon

A 2004 Freeper snarkytart I had rarely seen, spent all day on this. She starts this thread, and posted in a lot of other crowd threads:
These people are vile liars and fake news spreaders. They fake polls then get surprised when they lose. They had their paid thugs out in DC causing violence that create two hour delays getting to the inauguration speech then they take pics before the ceremony started to spread propaganda to say nobody was there, when in reality once people got through the check points and the ceremony was started the crowd size was massive.
snarkytart hopes Rush will save her from having to read non-right wingers!
This is why I made this thread. Hopefully Rush and others will deal with this LIE tomorrow.

It’s a disgrace that they are allowed to spread their lies. They have encouraged violence at the inauguration for weeks, then it happens causing delays getting into the area to watch the inauguration and they run with some pic before the ceremony was in full swing. After people got through it filled out as you see in the pics above, one of which is from CNN itself. The left are deranged liars.
snarkytart knows if  these fake facts get out, it'll be all over for Trump:
It’s the kind of lie that causes a deflation and suppression of support for this movement. It’s a lie point blank. I’m glad Spicer called them out.
snarkytart then starts quoting other Freepers to just repeat the simple 'it's a media conspiracy' BS they are spouting:
Chris Wallace, the Democrat mouthpiece on Fox News, said this morning that Press Sec. Spicer should not have said anything about the inauguration numbers controversy. However, these photos were used by the Democrat media to discredit Pres. Trump and further the DNC theme that Pres. Trump is an illegitimate leader, voted in by the minority of Americans. 
The msm should be fought at every turn, or Pres. Trump will wind up as discredited as Pres. George W Bush, who did not confront them about their lies. They should be slapped down every time they slant the news. When were these photos taken? It took Trump supporters hours to clear security and many actually missed the swearing in because of the security bottle necks caused by the slow checks and several of the 12 gates being blocked by Soros funded protests that kept Trump supporters out. Where were the stories about the protesters who deprived many families, who had driven hours to come, from witnessing the swearing in.

This is a great and truthful post. The pic and numbers of attendance would not be a big deal but the left keep pushing this "he did not get the majority of votes" "He won because of Russia" "He's not legitimate" so this stuff NEEDS to be addressed at every turn. Chris Wallace, like most in the media, should not be listened to on ANYTHING regarding what Trump should and should not do. The media also says he should not tweet anymore. Forget them and their RINO, losing strategy.
Jeez, snarkytart what's going on with you? Just going to use all the excuses all at once are you?
True, DJT supporters are scattered throughout the country and not concentrated in areas like DC, Baltimore, NY, Philly etc. All those cities are leftwing and within a 3 hr train ride to DC. not to mention all the Universities around that area. 
Easy to get leftist to rallies in DC vs middle America to come to DC. However, once DJT started his speech that place was packed with only small areas way in the back not filled. 
Many have posted pics on their blogs and twitter with over flow crowd. It was 2 to 3 hour delays to get through check points to reach the area to stand to watch the speech, people filtered in while the ceremony was going on ... it’s really a disgrace that the left created this situation then brag how nobody was there at the beginning of the speech. Gee, you talk about violence for weeks, create over the top security that cause people to be delayed hours getting into the mall area, and then take pics talking “nobody was there”.
"It was because DC is liberal! And also it's a hoax! And also liberals blocked the entrances! And violent threats too!" Pick a story and stick to it.

hal ogen manages to get a word in edgewise to explain that snarkytart is overthinking things:
Liars lie...that is what they do. Never trust the “media”.
Hillarys Gate Cult is ready to unskew every crowd from now on:
Looks like the left has learned a new trick. Deflating crowd size photos. They’re so used to falsely inflating crowds on Hillary’s campaign photos that I’m surprised they could pull that off.

Was anyone able to tell what they’re showing? Original photo taken at first light or on an earlier day.
RebelTXRose remembers the Tea Party was super huge, but no one covered it:
I thought it was interesting yesterday hearing that the “women’s march” ORGANIZERS estimated their own crowd.

Remember 9-12-09? When there WAS 1.5 million of us in the mall and only “tens of thousands” was reported. The estimate of the organizers was NEVER reported.

So glad PRESIDENT TRUMP made the correction about Friday!
noiseman goes internet sleuth on stuff that's easily looked up, and finds an answer he prefers:
The misleading pic looks very similar (though from a higher angle) to how the mall looked in the background during the FoxNews broadcast about 2 hours before the ceremony. I think it’s an early pic, taken before most had been able to get in. Having attended the 2009 Tea Party march, I would say the inauguration crowd was larger (judging by the REAL pictures during the ceremony), and the Tea Party crowd was huge.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

Oh noes, dp0622's sister believes the wrong conspiracies!
I fear my sister has gone off the deep edge because she follows this site religiously.

Speaking of which, her miserable husband has driven her, inho, to an over-religious state. Religion ain’t for hiding from life behind.

She sends me a kooky story every day from infowars.

The army was gonna take over the south. obama had a million man service group akin to the nazis, ebola was gonna kill everybody because obama wanted it.

Obamas a POS more than enough without making up silly stories.

Jade Helm was the southern takeover thing.
Pollster1 is having fun with is flag:
This morning, I replaced my Gadsden flag with the Stars and Stripes (flown right side up for the first time in eight years).
Wyrd bið ful aræd spends a lot of time analyzing Olivia Munn's looks:
Her nose is quite aggressive, and she’s got a large forehead and mouth/teeth. Coupled with that skinny neck, jutting collarbone and clavicles, and eyes not big enough to set off that big ol’ “fivehead”...She’s alright, but you see better on any college campus. She’s got a hard, mean look to her face as well.
gaijin thinks photopshop is the window into the soul.
You take the brows off, and sorry, there's NO WAY to make it look normal:

Strongly connotes some type of dark mental problem. 
More visual silliness when ChinaGotTheGoodsOnClinton knows how to bring liberals to heir knees!
We need a table comparing Ivanka to ValJar and then post it ALL OVER FB...
Liz gloats that Latinos are not AMERICANS:
Latinos threatened Trump time and again——if he didn’t see it their way, he could not be elected.

Fact remains.....AMERICANS elected Trump-—not some insidious third world bund plotting to overthrow the US govt.

Nyyyaaaa, nyaaaa, nyaaaaa.
As Liz goes super racist, Toughluck_freeper knows the real racists are those who think aren't completely color blind:
Another Racist comment by liberals. They don’t even realize how racist they are.

In their view a person should be part of the President’s cabinet based on the color of their skin, instead of the person’s capabilities and skills.

What? an Asian and a Hindu and a Black was not good enough for them?
Though he no longer matters politically, DaveA37 still wants Obama to die:
Perhaps he will get by a stray bullet next time he visits his place in Chicago. We should be so lucky.
HypatiaTaught is another woman-hating Freeper woman.
Sad to say, and I am a woman, many women are absolutely out of their minds. As a woman it is a lonely place.
LydiaLong embraces objectifying her own gender:
Can you imagine the ‘ugly’ in that march?
SAJ is pretty smug about not being in America, because Panama is much more free:
this minute, I hold both US and Panamanian citizenship. Both legally and lengthily acquired, I assure you.

Had Hitlery won, I should have renounced US citizenship and become a full-time resident of Panama.. Now,I've a dilemma; fortunately, there's no deadline for the decision. If Mr. Trump looks like keeping his promises, I'll return. If not, I'll think some more.

Just FYI, renouncing US citizenship now costs approx. $2500 and takes some months of bureaucratic delay. In return, one becomes exempt forever fr/FATCA, FBAR, and a host of other things, including both taxes and filing the forms.

Yes, I'll do a post on Trump's crowd silliness tomorrow. Gaffer found a pic he likes, and declares it the authoritative one:
Incredible resolution with the full 180 degree coverage from Trump to the Washington Monument.

The pictures media are showing elsewhere are lies. I’m surprised CNN showed this, actually.
Sidebar Moderator continues to unskew:
Like I said, I generally don’t trust polls. But most of the polls that have President-elect Trump under 50% are corrupt media polls, rigged by the fact that they don’t even screen for likely voters.
Sidebar Moderator does not understand how addition works:
The only way Hillary “won the popular vote” is by excluding 49 states outside of California! Hillary is basically president of California LOL
WildHighlander57  wants to let the media know he counted Trump's crowd and it was lots!
This message is directed at CNN and the msm.

Hey, CNN!

Press secretary Spicer showed screen caps of the crowd size at the press conference, at half an hour into the ceremony.

I’ve got the same screen cap, that —I— took at the same time, and guess what?

—they MATCH—

Same massive massive crowd, going from the Capitol to the Washington monument; an ocean of people.

All y’all were shown visual proof by press secretary Spicer, but even after that, —still— you lie.

-—end message-—
realcleanguy strawman's the women's march as all about sluttery:
Most women would jump into bed with any man, if they are attracted to him. This is what I call ironic. They march to hate men, but can’t wait to get naked with him and let him screw and humiliate them. They call out men as evil, and will turn around and cheat on their spouses and boyfriends either physically or mentally for sexual satisfaction or gratification, and then piously claim to be a woman of virtue.

So this wasn’t about Donald Trump saying “Grab them by the pussy”, Its about women’s rights to chose to have sex with any man they like, to kill the fetuses, and to demand the right to be honored for screwing any man they want and that the man must pay for everything while they pay for nothing.
brucedickinson has a different set of people he'd like to decide were the womens' marchers.
Yes, middle-America is coming out in force against President Trump. Gays, Satanists, angry spinsters-- the people who make this country work are up in arms.
Oops, in his tribal competitiveness, MeneMeneTekelUpharsin forgot about making policy!
You want to see crowds? President Trump, please hold celebration rallys across the nation on Saturdays and we'll give you crowds. The media won't know what hit them. Literally.
Windflier gets really pissed off when a Freeper wonders how he actually suffered under Obama:
Hmmm.... I'll bet you know a great deal about the sacrifices my family made during the Obama years.

Yep. That's the only way you'd make such a snarky comment.

Yeah, you know all about our inability to sleep well at night, not knowing how on earth we were going to make ends meet at the end of each and every month.

Yeah, you know all about the incredible humility we experienced when showing up to the local food bank to accept the kindness of strangers, while trying to feed our kids.

Yep. You know all about the extraordinary lengths I had to go to, competing against illegal aliens, while trying to sell my services to homeowners in the marketplace.

Question: Have you ever experienced a 50% pay cut? A pay cut that lasted over ten years? Well, I have, and so has my family.
That President Obama was pretty rough ten years ago.

Monday Potpourri pt. III

Jim Robinson spent a lot of time espousing the 'Liberal Fascism' line to prove Trump isn't fascist.
The left tries hard to draw a left/right contrast between Marxism and fascism but there’s really not that much difference between them. Marxism and fascism are both totalitarian forms of government where the individual is subservient to the state and has only those rights the state happens to allow on any given day. The state literally holds the power of life and death over the people and eventually descends into mass murder, chaos, revolution, war.

Marxism/fascism are extremely authoritarian (totalitarian) forms of government, usually godless, lawless, statist dictatorships that place the interests of the state over the individual and tries to control every aspect of human society and economic/political activity.

Examples of Marxist/fascist totalitarians include: Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Castro, Obama (wanted to be a Marxist/fascist dictator, but blocked by we the people).

Our republican form of government with its God-given individual freedoms and liberty for all guaranteed by the US Constitution and with its governmental powers limited by the constitution and supported by conservatives is exactly opposite to the Marxist/fascist totalitarian forms of government supported by godless democrats, progressives, liberals, statists, socialists, Marxists, fascists, and communists, ie, leftist revolutionaries.

The real distinction is between statist Marxism/fascism vs god-given freedom and liberty.

Freedom is a Judeo-Christian principle and is hated by Marxists and fascists.

America’s founding and our republican form of government and constitution was inspired by and based on Judeo-Christian principles and is hated by godless Marxist/fascists (democrats) who constantly try to subvert it and make it fail.

Trump supports our constitutional government and freedoms and Judeo-Christian way of life and therefore is no fascist.
Buckeye McFrog excuses plagiarism by making up the fact that everyone does it:
If we were to sit down and read every Doctoral Thesis ever written, how many do you think were plagiarized?

30%? 50%? 80%?
PCPOET7 tells how Trump won him over because Trump attacked liberals.
did not think in the beginning that he was right for the job but he has won me over. I think that what scares the left about him is that he really does not care about there opinion on anything and rather then ignoring them when they are foolish in what they say he points out what ever the hypocrisy is. My biggest fear is that he will be assassinated by one of the power brokers in Washington.
Blue Jays has some made up numbers, and a made up legacy.
President Trump has prevented the arrival at least 1 million (and possibly even 2 million) refugees from Muslim nations onto our shores.

I concur with you that if he continues to make excellent decisions, he will be viewed much like President Lincoln and President Reagan.
reg45 takes the death of the last man to walk on the moon and repurposes it for some short term bullshit.
A greater hero than John Lewis.
SamAdams76 blames liberals for cutting our space exploration budget (because they hate America, of course). He might want to check out Johnson's space budget did versus budget hawks Nixon, Reagan, and the Bushes...
I remember watching the moon shots as a boy and wondering what planets and even solar systems we would explore by the 21st Century. Back in 1972, it was easy to believe that fifty years later, we'd all be living like the Jetsons. After all, the world of 1972 was utterly unrecognizable and far more modern than that of 50 years prior (1922).

But as you point out, liberals made us ashamed of our progress in space when there were still "hungry people" down here on Earth. How many times did we hear variations of "We can put a man on the moon but we can't feed the children of Africa".

Ironically, our foray into space in the 1960s and early 1970s introduced technologies that greatly improved our overall standard of living today. Imagine how much better our lifestyles would be if we had continued to explore and discover.

Thinking back on the Dark Ages when we had the New World - a land of riches - just a few thousand miles across the ocean but we were too timid to explore out of ignorance and superstition. In a way, we have been in a new "Dark Age" since the last moon landings.
Seeing More Clearly Now declares a rabbi who doesn't like Trump must be one of those counterfeit Jews totally mentioned in Exodus:
One thing for sure. Despite that the article says, this guy is not “orthodox,” no way, just because he says he is and just because he puts on some hippy garb. He’s without a doubt, a Leftist poser and a Marxist enemy combatant within the Jewish community. 
Tradition has it that there is a group of not real Jews called who left Egypt with the children of Israel and have been a thorn in their sides ever since. This person is clearly one of this Fifth Column. Trump has major support from Jews who can think clearly and see that the Trump’s becoming president included help from the hand of God. Shmuly whatever his name is apparently thinks he’s God.
terycarl thinks maybe caps lock and lots of question marks will help ignore all events from 1965 on.
It amazes me that everyone seems to forget that the people who attacked Lewis were DEMOCRATS....Alabama, George Wallace, KuKluxKlan are all DEMOCRATS and when Lewis recovered from his injuries having his skull fractured by a DEMOCRAT....he joined them...?????????????????
I guess still feeling a bit scared, hal ogen continues to reassure himself that Obama was elected only due to his blackness:
Clown Dunce nobama...the ultimate affirmative-action hire. Loser. Pathetic.
Eaten up inside from bitterness, MadMax, the Grinning Reaper writes a long screed about how many people deserve painful deaths from cancer, like his parents got. Spoilers - it's all Democrats.
No one deserves the full ravages of cancer.

Some people do.

Arthur, right on, re “Some people do” re “No one deserves the full ravages of cancer”.

Can you think of a Nazi SS torturer or execution who you wouldn’t wish cancer on? The same for the Japanese torturers and murderers of tens of thousands of our men and women, often in the styles of ISIS today.

How about the Communists of the Soviet Union and Red China, No. Korea, No. Vietnam, and the Khmer Rouge, who made torture, starvation and mass executions into an “art”?

Would you wish Charles Manson “Good health”? How about the Marxist psychopath and FOObie Bill Ayers? Would you want the murderers of the KKK to have “good health”

HELL NO!. I wish them all the pain and suffering they deserve because they have EARNED it.

I’ve known Communists in this country (plus some bigtime white racists, black extremists and plain old traitors) who I would love to see die a slow death. In fact one did, Sen. Frank Church (D-IO?) who sold out our intelligence programs and agencies in the 1970’s which led to 9/11 (long story but trust me, I saw it happen). The last time I saw this POS he looked like a POS. He earned it.

Now, both my parents died of cancer (Liver and Leukemia) and I just had a minor skin operation last week, so I know what serious suffering is in a person, but my parents were good Americans, both served in WW2, my father in the Army, my mother in the Dept. of the Army. They raised a family, helped the poor, gave a black young man a job when others wouldn’t, and worked hard (my father literally died when his first Social Security check came in, from his medically forced retirement).

I’m sick and tired of wishing evil people or even stupid people who were warned about the dangers of their actions, “good health”. Screw them. They sold us out - our country, our children, our exceptionalism. I don’t care where they go when they’re gone. I want them to suffer while they are still alive so that they can think about what they did to a whole country.

I’m not an officer and a gentleman though I’ve been called that. I’m an old street fighter kind of guy who has seen the betrayal of America by the traitors and the stupids. It is time that they pay for their actions.

I’ve met Communists in Vietnam and Cambodia (POWS and defectors) for whom I had more respect than the shits we have who have continually sold out our country. The sooner our human termites are gone, the better.
libh8er keeps his perspective on H.W. Bush's ill health:
Hope it doesn’t overshadow Trump’s inauguration. Trump’s inauguration is a pivotal moment in American history.
Dude, it's a party, the ceremony is never the meaningful part.

JPX2011 explains why Trump's cabinet doesn't need to know anything:
Actually, I don’t care that Perry knows next-to-nothing (supposedly) about nuclear weapons, nuclear stockpiles, or nuclear energy. There is a fallacy in thinking among liberal technocratic circles that it takes ‘experts’ to run things. Not so.

Consider: why do companies hire CEOs from other companies that previously had no experience in their sectors? Because they know how to run organizations. That’s what I expect from Perry. How good is he at sniffing out B.S.; that’s the true test of his ability to run DOE.
tcrlaf has a really rarified idea of why Democrats are:
There is no “Democratic Party” anymore, and it’s last gasp was 2004.

There is only the Radical Academic Socialist Billionaires Part now.
Grimmy disbelieves direct quotes from Trump, because they are quoted by 'the msm.'
Did Trump say it? Or did some piece of msm scumsuckage make it up and project it as wish fulfillment rebranded as “news”?
9YearLurker worries Trump may be weakened by scheming women.
Ivanka with the “senior advisor” Democrat husband.

The same Ivanka who just spent an hour on the phone with Michelle Obama.

Add in the GOPe Priebus and three out of four of Trump’s top advisors are not on our side.
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin really leans hard on the slave narrative for Freepers.
No more bowing down to the radical racial dividers. We finally have a statesman instead of a politician. Finally, a light at the end of a long tunnel in which we have been living, cut off from reality, contact with others who think like we do and hopeless in the world. Thank God almighty we are about to break out into the light and freedom again.

We are no longer slaves under tunnel vision taskmasters trying to force their will upon us, force their thoughts into our heads and control everything we do, everything we buy, where we wish to live, how we practice our religion (if they disagree with it) and how we shoot our guns.
Thank God almighty, we are free at last. Everybody sing, "We shall overcome....."