Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Harward? I hardly knew her!

This Trump show is painfully good satire, but I think the immediate rush to declare everyone kept out of his cabinet as not good enough for Trump is a bit over the top.

McGavin999 goes for the tautology:
If he has turned it down he needs not to be there. We need a warrior with balls of steel. If this guy is wobbling already he is obviously not man enough for the job
HLPhat assumes Harward was motivated by greed.
Those Lockheed milk and apples must be tasty.

Just stay safe and warm in the farmhouse and suckle those teets with the other L.I.F.E.Rs out on Silver Star lane, admiral. Maybe somebody else with step up and do the heavy lifting.
You should be willing to sacrifice to work for the President! Except for Trump - he doesn't need to divest at all.

353FMG can't decide between shadowy conspiracies:
Did the long arm of the NSA get a hold of him?

Or was it Soros?
I think the way to read WENDLE is kinda like a poet. His words are more about evoking an emotional state than any sort of reality.
Either he was a serial adulterer or a homo. Adios!!
CyberAnt speaks on Harward's behalf that he wanted to spend more time with his family:
His wife intervened .. Husband has given most of his life for the USA, and they’re happy working in the private sector - overseas.

I don’t blame her for wanting to have her husband near after all the years they were required to be apart.
LS details Trump's winning, mostly based on cherry-picked economic numbers the President has no control over anyhow:
Huh? Guess you missed his presser.

Dow at all time high.
Retail sales shoot up.
Philly Fed says best outlook in 10 years.
Ryan says they will do O-care repeal.
Two more cabinet people confirned.
lodi90 is pretty excited about corporations explicitly working in support of the President, I guess unaware of the actual 1930s definition of fascism:
He won’t be working for Lockheed long dissing POTUS like that.
faithhopecharity keeps her head in the ground:

if President Trump offered a position to a senior Lockheed exec, I can ASSURE you that ....
either the exec would accept the job, or else
IF the exec declined the offer, he would do it gracefully
AND NOT INSULT PRESIDENT TRUMP by citing any supposed problem with DJT’s administration
Trump Girl Kit Cat also declares false news. Which won't last long, but is good enough to make her forget Harward ever existed, or that Trump has been handed another defeat.
How do you KNOW that what is being reported is true!!! Seems to me a seal WOULD NEVER make a comment like this publicly!!! Unless of course this was on the phone and LEAKED AGAIN!!!! Seems to me MAD DOG could step in and SAVE this nominee!!!
...a seal?

amorphous puts it all in God's hands:
maybe it's the hand of God at work. Some very famous actors got their start because someone else refused the part.
Arthur McGowan is dwelling on past failures:
Trump should say, “I made a mistake,” and bring Flynn back.
Lazamataz agrees that the definition of a good week is if Trump hasn't resigned:
Been a fine week. SH*t happens, and you plow right through it.


Freepers on Milo.

Milo Yiannopoulos does not interest me. I got all pissed off at Ann Coulter back in the day, and it didn't mean anything. He's just the same thing with a more transgressive branding. Just the Westborough Baptist Church but with a partisan allegiance.

As the 4Channing of Freep is still in process, Freepers aren't all quite hip to his deal of 'my repeating your talking points is more compelling because I look like those you hate!'

So now Milo has been uninvited from the largely overtaken by events CPAC, mostly because someone dug up some quotes in favor of pedophilia - e.g. “I think in the gay world, some of the most important, enriching and incredibly life-affirming, important shaping relationships very often between younger boys and older men, they can be hugely positive experiences.”

In my cynicism, I would suspect he was trying to sell himself as an example of homosexuality and pedophilia being related.

Well, now you have a fine mess on Freep. Some hating him extra now, some just hearing about him, some reflexively defending him because liberals are surely behind this somehow, some grasping at straws, and of course many just yelling "FAKE NEWS."

WKUHilltopper wants the real facts:
I’d like to see what he actually said before getting pissed.
gaijin didn't see the quote I did, I guess:
he only said his own homosexuality began with him getting molested, he never said molestation was good.

And if these people were serious about molestation being bad they would more honestly look into PizzaGate, which is real.
GreenHornet knows this is a great time to call the liberals pedo-lovers! Better than talking about the matter at hand.
If true, this presents a serious dilemma for the left - now they won’t know if they should continue to attack him, or embrace him.
trisham hear Milo say it was taken out of context. Good enough for him - no need to check!
Milo claims that he was talking about his relationship with an older man (29) when he was a teen (17) and that the video was edited.
FatherofFive sticks to the party line, though:
He seems to be part of the homosexual recruiting efforts. I just wonder how many young boys this queer has 'helped'
Navy Patriot, of course, makes no effort to go out and find this info himself.
I will need to hear exactly what Milo said in context and the history leading to the event before I render an opinion.

Been lied to, too much.
over3Owithabrain wonders if maybe it was just a misunderstanding, again clearly having read none of the quotes, which mention ages:
Gay dudes call anyone younger “boys”. Milo clarified that and it’s true. He deserves the chance to explain himself. Which he did.
over3Owithabrain comes out and declares Milo to useful to abandon for something as little as principle. Just like Trump. And Clayton Bigsby.
Milo has been on the front lines fighting the America first battle with Trump, bravely and with little help outside we the people, just like Trump. He deserves the benefit of the doubt and support but instead he gets diced up at the first sign of trouble and handed to the enemy.
dsc is buying what I think Milo was trying to lay down:
I am a gay man, and a child abuse victim.

He suffers from same-sex attraction disorder *because* he is a victim of homosexual molestation.

It is the trauma of molestation or seduction in the pre-adult years that induces same-sex attraction disorder.
Maverick68 is another who weakly tries to insult liberals to distract himself:
I have PROOF Milo isn’t a pedophile: The Left hate him...
max americana just yearns for status, doesn't he?
Well, there are a LOT of faggot lovers on FR. And here i thought this was a ‘conservative’ forum. I wont name names but these Fretards slip up in their posts and support the poofters.
Veto! has a bunch of anecdotes about how gays are all child molesters and also can never truly be your friend:
I was went to a Christmas party years ago at the home of a gay friend in San Francisco. Nice house, great food, charming crowd (I wasn’t the only woman or straight person there). Among the guests were a couple of older gay guys with what looked to be teenagers. They were acting like good dads, but it seemed possible to me that they were grooming the youngsters. Among other things, I wondered where they found those boys, were they homeless or fatherless?

Later, a gay fellow who had been a very good friend to me said, “If I told you what went on between (and among) gay guys behind closed doors, you wouldn’t like me any more.”

If you live in SF, and especially if you work in the arts, you have gay friends if you have any friends at all. But they’ll never be your best friends, more like charming, funny people you enjoy at parties.
LS wants to believe. So he does:
Milo addressed this on his Facebook page and completely repudiated what was said.
Meet the New Boss - what's a little pedophilia when someone is so useful against the super-evil NeoCons!
He would not have been my first choice, but having made the choice they should stick with him. Milo regularly goes into the most totalitarian, anti-free speech venues in the country and defends free speech.

And these NeverTrump Neocons who had their knives out for him for most part were all for gay marriage and not very troubled by the Supreme Court imposing it on the country by diktat!
heights agrees - nothing matters but the war he's made up in his head.
CPAC are Globalist dogs, Milo is a warrior for Free speech. Easy one, I back Milo.
RegulatorCountry suddenly goes all Christian forgiveness:
Nobody’s perfect, nobody’s without sin. I don’t approve of his lifestyle and don’t want to hear about it but he’s been doing some good, has been an ally and has shown some signs of being capable of repentance.
Tellingly, Trump Girl Kit Cat comes our as totally fine with homosexuality, and no one seems to care.
MILO is NOT a pedo he may be ALOT of things but a pedo is not one of them!!! I understand your feelings about him being gay HOWEVER he is NOT a gay trying to push the gay agenda down our throats!!! 
WE ALL have the right to live our lives any way we like as long as we are NOT hurting others!!! Milo being gay is between him and God Milo IS MORE conservative than John MCCain, and frankly I would choose Milo to be on OUR SIDE over MCCain ANY DAY!!!!
Maverick68 laments that Milo has been sidelined by this attack by people using his own quotes. SOROS!
This attack on Milo was meant to destroy his effectiveness and cause Civil War on the Right....Judging by this thread, it was 100% effective.....Kudos to the Soros Wing of the Republican Party....
Weaponized empathy-faker Yaelle is begging for a spotlight.
Milo is rationalizing abuse because he was abused. It is one way to deal with those memories. He may feel differently at 40 than he does now. I’m sure the whole gay community does this with those memories. If the molester was kindly, they can get away with this rationalization.

Milo admits 18 is probably the right age of consent. Which means he does deep down know that the 13 year old giving consent isn’t truly able to cope with an abusive molestation situation.

This has been going on, gay and straight, pretty much forever. But now we know life is better when we respect our young teens and don’t get sexual gratification from people who don’t have enough wisdom to really give it.

The Supreme Communicator

Freepers do not struggle much with the fact that Trump seems to be playing entirely to them and only them. And, to be fair, it's worked for them so far.

Trump's latest press conference played more like an Airing of Grievances than anything like a leader talking to those he serves, and Freepers, having learned from the best, doubled down on declaring that they were winning, even as their happiness seemed a lot more like ever more impotent rage.

detective loves Trump, despite all the evil around him:
President Trump gets an A+ for an excellent, extremely effective press conference.

And this was with the media trying to sabotage him.
ActresponsiblyinVA continues the conservative mantra that anyone criticizing Trump just makes more people vote for Trump:
The Democrats and media will never figure out that their hysteria will result in more Trump voters.
proud American in Canada is not the only Freeper who seems to have a pretty easy job:
I was stuck in my car for an hour —couldn’t stop listening.

Me neither. I am a reporter for a small community paper and was supposed to be working on a city council report, but I could not turn off the t.v.

It was incredible!
Who cares about policy? LoveUSA only cares  that Trump's happy:
The little nugget that made me relax was when he slipped in the comment about all his verbal battles with his detractors:

He said he "enjoys the back and forth".

When Trump is happy I'm happy!
WashingtonFire has moved on from Reagan:
If the Gipper was “The Great Communicator”, The Donald is “The Supreme Communicator”.
datricker compares Trump to Alexander Hamilton...?
I kinda remember president Reagan he was funny, strong and smooth - President Trump is the American Revolution in your face cutting across time, class and culture. We missed out on something similar when Burr shot Hamilton.
wildbill noted that Trump knows that the press will report when he says something sensational:
The defining moment to me was when Trump told the room what their headlines would be - that he was ranting about the press—and that they wouldn’t headliine any of the real issues or things he tallked about that were actions on behalf of the country..

The press conference was hardly over when the first reports on the internet sites of the MSM were exactly about the ‘rant’ on the press.

It’s all about them, not about the good things for the country.
Not that even one Freeper in the thread talked about these mysterious 'real issues' or 'things he tallked about that were actions on behalf of the country.'

 The_Media_never_lie is still stuck on Obama, though he refuses to say his name. Which only highlights his obsession:
Recall, the other guy would panic if the teleprompter went awry. The other guy NEVER, or maybe only a couple times answered contentious questions with multiple, disbelieving folloup questions. The other guy, in 8 years, never had the hostility Trump has had in the first month.
Inevitably, 353FMG blames the media for Trump not yet making America Great.
It is depressing to see how this POTUS is surrounded by enemies. His friends, and there are plenty, should show their support for him more openly. 
What is of grave concern is that, because of the constant infighting he has to endure, his personal agenda for MAGA is falling behind of schedule, that is: infrastructure improvement program and energy independence program. 
Those who are still waiting for an upturn in the job market should understand that they have the MSM and the RATs to thank if they have to wait another jobless week at home. Make your displeasure known at the ballot box in 2020.
manc thinks the issue is that Trump's always joking, but the media doesn't get it!
The media are used to having their elitist cocktail parties, and not having a guy around which has a sense of humor different to theirs.

This is why the media are out of touch with the average American, and to see them just sitting around thinking they should be attacking him instead of actually doing some honest reporting.

They put their agenda first, put their views first, and put their talking points first, instead they should be focusing on what their viewers want to ask and hear.
The problem is that the media takes any responsibility for informing the public.

MeneMeneTekelUpharsin loves how the press hardly seems free anymore:
Absolutely brilliant. He told them when to stand up, when to speak, when to shut up and when to sit down
Sure, there's no policy involved, but yelling at the press makes eartick pretty happy about the direction America is going.
This was a great speech to the American people.

I have been shouting from the roof top for our President to do this and have been getting hammered here on FR for it. Saying get off tweeter and talk to the PEOPLE. He did a great job and looked very presidential.

The news conference that followed was even great.

I am feeling good about our direction
Candor7 is thrilled that the press is acting afraid of our government. That's the way healthy Republics are!
President Trump showed his mettle as a genuine American leader.

He had CNN’s Acosta almost in tears.

One thing I noticed was that the MSM leftist press is now starting to huddle in a group, their reporters now feel as if they are under threat, lying cattle surrounded by the predatory truth.. This is a good thing.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

gaijin is now blaming Jews, and their hatred of the Internet for Trump's rocky start:
Liberal secular Jews despise American values:

If you can sit through an entire episode of a leading u.s. sitcom without throwing up you will see that the producers, writers and the executives want to spread a set of values that are completely antithetical to the ones you were raised with.

That’s because this group despises the values that built America.

they want a completely different country and they control the mainstream media:

That is why they hate the internet and they hate bloggers, because those Avenues present a way to get around their control.
gaijin explains how dissent is now treason:
The president is more or less an extension of the American people.

it seems like it’s the bureaucracy the poses him openly we have a case of sedition.

that’s going to aggravate instability.
seastay heard Obama gave a secret order so that all the leaks are his fault, but Hillary's leaks were OK because she sucks...
I just heard that Obama 17 days before he left office signed an order that allowed over a dozen agencies access to SIGANT intercepted data voice and emails of the American public.

This , normally is data is only available to the NSA, and of course is classified ... The number of potential leaks now by those willing to break the law for Obama and the potential targets of all Trumps cabinet and Trump himself of wiretapped records going back who knows how far is unprecedented . These leaks are likely to be used illegally for many months to come...

if anybody is caught leaking they should be jailed ,, and unlike Hillary who was negligent with personal data, law abiding Americans should not fear their own government leaking private information,, these people are dirty scum...
Ray76 is in on the ground floor of some made up BS so scanty it doesn't even rise to the level of a conspiracy theory...yet:
Why Did Obama Install A New W.H. Computer System On Jan. 1...Where Did He Stash The Old One?

Arrest Obama.
Scrambler Bob - Trump throwing red meat to him is not wasting time! He needs the morale!!
Australian PM says Trump wasting his time criticizing media

Oh, Trump is NOT wasting his time.

He is giving us a super morale boost.
JLAGRAYFOX knows Trump's crowd size is VITAL to the destruction of the Democratic Party
Central Florida folks, turn out by the multi-thousands to support POTUS, Donald J. Trump!!! The Democrat Party, led by Barack Hussein (Benedict Arnold, American traitor/turncoat)Obama, seeks to destroy both Trump & the American Republic!!! The Democrat Party must be politically destroyed, come the mid-term elections of 2018!!!

The hangar holds only about 8,000 folks, standing....we need around 50,000 folks to show up and stand out on the ramp!!! America is at stake!!! God bless POTUS, Donald J. Trump and, God bless the American nation & Republic!!!
marron lays out the Democrats plan. First judges, then violence. But Trump is like superman!
Plan A is a slow-motion coup d’état that has a veneer of faux legality. It will have a judge’s approval, it will have bipartisan support in the senate (think McCain and Lindsay Graham) and the loudly trumpeted support of the news, opinion, and entertainment media non-stop around the clock.

It won’t be legal, but it will look legal enough to cow that part of GOP that isn’t actually complicit.

Plan B is uglier, but they won’t hesitate if Plan A doesn’t work. We’re talking very ugly people here. Trump isn’t owned by these people and that makes him kryptonite to them.

Trump only beats these people by engaging them openly and somewhat brutally, exposing them, mocking them, prosecuting them when necessary. 
Any normal Repub would not be able to withstand the pounding but Trump likes a good fight. That’s why he will probably win this, but only if he is prepared to fight every day for the next 8 years.
TomasUSMC has the way to drain the swamp!
Trump needs to move the entire Federal Government to Texas. Right now it is populated by odumbiloving blacks, liberalAltLeft whites and Illegal Immigrant lovers who populate the demonrat states of Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Time for a change of scenery
JudgemAll blames Obama for...Megyn Kelley?
And OBAMA DEBAUCHED the press, inducing them to do it with Megan Kelly like courtroom “cutes”.

This destruction of the press and fiat-fake-money-fiat-press is not Trump’s!!! Enough said.
StAntKnee will be waiting for a long time...
Now that Flynn is exonerated, can't wait for the press to start berating President Trump for firing an innocent man. (Lying is no offense in their Catechism.)
Badboo's conflation of random liberals on twitter and the actual media is an intended consequence of only reading Breitbart and the like:
It's called projection, the uncontrollable auto response of the left.

The press calls his wife a whore.
The press says he sexually abuses his daughter.
The press says his son is autistic.
“Antagonistic” surely not the press. They are just perfect angels.

In any normal situation they would be ass whipped and sat down in a bucket of salt.
Rastus is the lamest!
Crucial is back with the Bush-like 'never changing your mind is the best' except Trump changes his mind based on who he last spoke to...
With Trump when he knows he’s right, he doesn’t waiver. Most human beings will back down from a truth if enough pressure is applied.
Former Proud Canadian thinks the bad speech coming from the media is sure to cause war:
Propaganda has given way to outright sedition. The level of sedition taking place is unrivalled since the first civil war. It is real and palpable. It manifests in the media every day. It reveals itself as opinions harden and relationships break apart. It is as if a psychosis has gripped the land.

I don't think this will end well.
RedWulf is sure Trump isn't flailing, he's laying in wait:
Trump’s been leaking things for weeks finding out who these people are. Once he has a big enough list he’s going to fire/prosecute them all.
Trump_vs_Evil_Witch comes out strong against anything that antagonizes Russia, and the American media generally:
How many posters on this sight actually work for the same military-industrial-complex that murdered JFK & engineered the Vietnam War?

How many actually are Government Paid Trolls working for the CIA or the agency?

Despot of the Delta has the Clintons' death powers figured out. They really should be hiding that better:
Who in the CIA assasinated Seth Rich? The morning he was to testify with the FBI about the DNC?

The Clinton's wet boy Michael Morell
donozark clearly misses her favorate hate-target:
Speaking of Hillary, anyone note how absent she seems to be since the inauguration?
USCG SimTech just sees coups and counter-coups everywhere!
The "white hats" of the counter-coup that rose above the coup that took place in 2009 got Trump into office. These same white hats will out all the traitors in the coup. This blood bath may not be just a euphemistic one.
Ciaphas Cain out does a fellow Freeper when it comes to pettiness:
President ...

It has been 8 years since I could use that title.

It's been 24 years since I could use that title.

Maybe even 28.
But Michelle Obama's pride in America is the worst!

SubMareener's Pizzagate expands to the media!
Jake Tapper has a serious PizzaGate problem. He has aged ten years in the past two months. So he is really flailing around. We should try really hard not to get any pleasure from this. But it’s hard! ;-)
LibWhacker wants to go full McCarthy, but for Democrats:
Fire anyone with democrap leanings. 
How do you know? Easy, interview everyone. Ask them to identify all the leftists, yes, but also all the people who know who some of the leftists are (so later we can fire all the ‘rats who tried to cover for the leftists). 
It’s impossible to work side-by-side someone for years without knowing whether he is a leftist, because they just can’t keep their mouths shut.

Monday Potpourri pt. III

NTHockey has lowered the standards for what war is so much that now it's everywhere, and he's suuch a badass:
The last time the Democrats were this intent on bringing done the government, the country split in two and waged a bloody war against itself. Every thing since then has been a build up to this point in time where they are emboldened enough to try again.

We are at war. Not on two, three or even four fronts. Mohammedans are determined to kill us. Democrats want to destroy the concept of America. Republicans will do nothing until they have no more authority. Meanwhile, the media is busy stirring up trouble.

We are Texans at the Alamo. We are the 300 facing the Persians. We are with El Cid at Valencia. This is our battle, our war.
bereanrabbi joins many of his fellow Freepers in blaming Obama:
All this sh!t is coming from Obama. He has moles in all the departments. He bought a house in D.C. just so he can manage the opposition to Trump. Round one - they brought down Flynn.
Zathras blames...Romney? And then everyone BUT Obama:
We have found our leak.
I wonder what Romney’s opinion of 20 years in prison would be for aiding and abiding?


20 years in prison
You can tell how impotent Freepers are once again feeling by how much they are turning to jailing their opponents:

Not keeping track of Flynn's conspiracizing, unlearner explains that Flynn was gonna Mission Accomplished Trump, and now it's time to go after Pizzagate. ANd also Russia is awesome!
Trump did not cave. He responded.

Flynn was caught being less than honest with the Vice President. Pence, relying on what Flynn told him, made inaccurate statements publicly.

We can’t have that. That’s quite similar to Bush and Powell making bold public statements about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction only to be unable to find them later due to intelligence failures.

The left probably did us a favor unintentionally. Eager to do anything to slow Trump’s momentum, they got rid of someone who might have harmed us by his cavalier attitude. (I don’t mean to disrespect Flynn, who is probably a great man, but he brought this on himself. He’s not the right man for the job.)

His replacement will do better.

These things are a distraction from the real issues:

possibly illegal wiretapping
leaking classified information
publishing classified information
a massive, worldwide Satanic / pedophile network being exposed (while the mind-raping media and some of the likely culprits try to pass it off as fake news)

The globalists appear to be willing to go to war against Trump and Putin who are both strongly nationalistic.
Williams knows that if you truly commit to 'b-b-b-but Hillary,' there is nothing Trump will do that you cannot excuse:
you gonna tell me Hilary wasn’t communicating with the Mexicans and Europeans attacking Trump? I know EXACTLY who decided the election and I see him in the mirror every morning.
MagillaX thinks the Flynn failure is just more art of the deal!
This is my take on what happened.

The MSM had damaging recordings of Flynn’s conversation. Trump tried to hold this off but received pressure from the Republican establishment relayed through Priebus.

Trump made a deal to let Flynn loose in an exchange for an investigation into the leaks.

Trump can appoint anyone he wants to the position without confirmation and will choose someone he is comfortable with.

I would like to see President Trump find a non-official role for Flynn to keep him in the tent.
blueyon also still holds out hope of Trump doubling down on Flynn, and not actually being defeated by his own ethical turpetude.
Would LOVE to hear Trump name Gen Flynn as Security CZAR... CZARS answer to no one
sergeantdave smugly tells of how a CIA agent in Vietnam once liked whores:
One day a long time ago, we had a CIA flunky assigned to our unit. After we determined that he might be a detriment to our mission, we called the local mama-san.

Mama-san took him to the village and entertained him for the duration. He most likely returned home with various incarnations of VD that still have no cures.

The CIA is not special, unless you watch and believe Hollywood propaganda.
dp0622 wonders about how McCain will fair in the Civil War over Trump's impeachment:
They WILL try to push this russia sht to impeachment and i’m sure enough republican senators would go for it.

McCain may yet get to be a POW again if he turns on Trump and we take up arms.
Apropos of nothing, Yaelle posts a semetic-looking TV bad guy on a Trump thread:
That is one of the evil CIA guys on Homeland. He is a Muslim from some Arab country and he works closely with a Jew whose sister lives on the West Bank. (Of course he is really a Jewish actor playing a Muslim.)
LucyT is still on the totally not racist 'Obama smells' beat.
Can you imagine the odor in the WH after othuggas departed?
Intolerant in NJ heard Harrison Ford had an incident at John Wayne airport, and wheels begin  to turn...
Semi-deranged by need to land at an airport named after famous conservative and Republican John Wayne.....
Leep declares that Flynn and Puzder were never truly down with the cause!
Lost a democrat and now a conflicted Republican. Could be a lot worse.
Hostage wants payback against liberals for being sassy about Puzder  in his imagination:
He was criticized for hiring an illegal maid and being weak of immigration, but he would not be in charge of immigration as Labor Secretary.


And I would guess it’s the sassy hypocritical democrats taking shots at him. They really need some payback.
Rome2000 continues to urge Putin-esque police state assassinations against reporters, and Freep does not care:
When the “press” can operate as an enemy of the President and the right wing without consequence, there is no disincentive to them trying to destroy them.

The press in Russia behaves because once in a while one of them gets shot or disappears.

The US is made weaker and less safe by allowing these degenerate animals to operate against the national interest.

It is not “Patriotic” to allow them to continue unmolested, it is cowardly and wrong.
lodi90 doesn't care, but goes full McCarthy about people born on military bases overseas.
I don’t care about that but this guy grew up in Iran. He no doubt has a natural affinity for the place of his childhood. That’s the last type of person I want negotiating with the Iranians. Obama and Rhodes must be thrilled with this development.
Of course, said candidate since withdrew because Trump required FOX News flunkies be part of his staff:

Well, you can't argue with Terry Mross! No one investigated or wrote about Hillary's e-mails!
All of a sudden national security is important. Not the case when Hillary’s email was being hacked by the Russians.
RoseofTexas loves her some vague lack of commitment over the Israeli peace process:
Excellent answer by our SMART PREZ!!! Two state blahhh..GOOD ANSWER MR PRESIDENT!!!
semaj with the military coup:
Send military detachments to arrest everyone at the NSA and CIA. Then slowly sort it out.
It's gotten so bad HarleyLady27 is taking time off from Trump boosting to rejuvenate in some nice, hateful birtherism.
So does Barack Soreto and a fake SS#...remember the old man that died in CT. he wasn't old enough to go on SS so Soreto’s Aunt that made the ‘fake’ birth certificate in Hawaii and then died in a ‘plane crash’...

So Barack Soreto needs to be kicked out of the Country, and take that phony Wookie with you...the kids, since they are not theirs, put them in a Foster home somewhere in the Canary Islands...
Just like Trump, Vic S has heard things:
I’ve heard many stories over the years that people come here illegally, sign up for benefits and have them mailed to a relatives house. Then they move back to their country of origin and have their benefit check sent there (where they live like kings.)
Cicero explains that the CIA has always been Communist, just like with FDR handing America to Stalin:
The CIA has been stuffed full of Communists and leftists of all kinds for as long as I can remember. I used to think that the OSS was OK, before the changed the name, but then I realized that FDR was basically a Communist and that they were working for him and his good pal Stalin. 
Sure, they did a lot to defeat Hitler, but only to hand everything over to Stalin instead.

And the FBI has been pretty bad, too.
Leftist love prison. Makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Look what prison did for Hitler. He became leader of his country, and lead it to ruin.
jjotto pushes some kind of Jewish exclusive theology about how Christianity is the product of broken goyim souls...?
The non-Jewish soul is a product of Shevirat haKeilim, so all unity is shattered, making multiple gods a natural view. The Trinity is an intellectual effort to acknowledge The One, but the emotions can’t quite accept unity.

The Jewish soul is chelek Elokim mima’al. so the emotions naturally assent to unity.

Monday Potpourri pt. II

GailA - only Discover card doesn't give your money to SOROS:
The new chip credit cards are MORE HACK ABLE than the older ones.

Looking for 1 to replace my soros shredded Mastercard. I use Discover on 99% of my purchases, but a few places won’t take it. So a simple Visa would do for those odd purchases.
As California confronts a problem with flooding, sociopaths like HarleyLady27 think this is the time to gloat:
Well Governor Brown, where did all the money go for the ‘fast rail’ go to??? I don’t see a ‘fast rail’ in California yet...

Governor Brown, tell us how your going to support your ‘Illegal Immigrant State’ on YOUR STATE’S tax dollars???

And yet your BEGGING OUR GOVERNMENT for money??? Why don’t you start charging for all those ILLEGAL immigrants you have in your STATE for money to repair the dam so you don’t get flooded away??? No very bright are you, Governor Brown!!!
Screw climate, cloudmountain refuses to believe that weather can change:
*When California gets ONE drop of rain TOO LITTLE, they weatherwitcheswarlocks bring out the "drought" CDs.

**When California gets ONE drop of rain TOO MUCH, they weatherwitcheswarlocks bring out the "flood" CDs.


Humans have been weather watching for only a little while compared to the age of the sun--4.5 BILLION years. So, the weatherwitcheswarlocks think that they are hot stuff.

snarkpup thinks maybe California talk radio can save people from flooding!
Before I fled the state a decade ago, it was my observation that there were two political forces in California: The Democrat Party and Conservative Talk Radio. (There was no Republican Party.)

Which brings up the question: Are the local hosts of conservative talk radio stations (like KSFO) stepping up to the plate (on this Oroville mess) to substitute for an absent Republican Party?
The Sons of Liberty straight-up hopes Trump lets Californians die:
Only a week or so ago Gov Moonbeam thought he was hot stuff, showing off by challenging Trump by declaring kalifornia "a sanctuary state". He was like a child - neglecting the obvious fact that sooner or later he'd need something from Trump. So now the show is on the other foot.

Pound Sand Moonbeam and Go To Hell!
Pollster1 is part of the Freeper cohort who yells 'fake news' and then goes on to treat it as a real story, once is media-skepticism bonafides are out there:
N. Korea claims successful test of medium-range ballistic missile

I was thinking “fake news” - unquestioned by the mainstream media because our socialist journalists like and admire North Korea.
WashingtonFire is a complete believer in Pizzagate. Still.
So the crime that went on at Comet is now a big laugh for the Clinton’s.

Lives ruined, youngsters killed and for what Hellary ??
Wneighbor is still not tired of failed predictions of Clintons assassinating someone.
Does that sound like a threat to you? Arkancide on the horizon or a sacrificial lamb?
TigerClaws has moved on, but silverleaf cannot stop with the Pizzagate:
The nutter who took a gun to Comet Ping Pong Pizza is pretty much assumed to have been planned as a setup false flag to discredit the investigators

The Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis based on captures form his social media is a pedo with low friends in high places who visited the WH numerous times and has the goods on a lot of high level people in govt and business based on people who followed his twisted posting

The pedos think they will win because they are so much more clever than the rest of us and they’ve gotten away with it for so long and dragged so many people into it
eartick is getting restless about locking her up.
Ehhh, what the ehh Hillary trial is not happening?

WHAT, she murdered 4 of our bravest, she had secure documents outside a secure area and that was a campaign promise!!!!
Steelfish sees Satan in making funny faces:

So does Steelfish think Jim Varney is satanic?

FreedomGuru talks caveman talk for caveman ideas:
Us don’t want to be hated & killed.
Us don’t want Islamic terrorists and there is no way to id non terrorists from terrorists.
Helicondelta knows all that happens in the Trump Administration is automatically good because Trump is involved:
This isn’t a good thing for Trump 
Trump fired him.
He wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t a good thing.
boxlunch is really troubled by speech he doesn't like:
Stephen Colbert featured a segment that showed Miller about to have his head bashed in

Something has to be done to stop this. What can legally be done?? It’s got to stop
Red Badger still remembers Valerie Jarrett, and the amorphous powers Freepers once projected upon her:
Former Obama Officials, Loyalists Waged Secret Campaign to Oust Flynn

This has Lizard Face’s paw marks all over it................
txhurl refuses to believe Trump can lose:
General Flynn never should have resigned — unless he and Trump are playing a deeper game.

PS Leftscum, General Flynn has his own intelligence and other resources. Think you just made a bad move.

I vote deeper game, too, that the Left just again bit hook, line and sinker. I reckon Sessions’ to-do piles are to the ceiling.
txhurl continues to believe Trump's failures are Trump's strategies:
Starting look like a sting, and if so, if the dragnet is as big as it could be, Flynn will be enjoying island life for his services, working when he wants. Fingers crossed.
ClearCase_guy advises Trump start with the fascism:
The Left is fighting hard. They will take some scalps.

Trump needs to double-down and start sending people in prison. Start with big shots like that IRS guy. As far as I’m concerned, every Democrat politician or appointee could be put in prison for something. You just have to look hard enough. So start looking.
GrandJediMasterYoda...'Probably guaranteed.'
Probably some homo in the state dept doing the leaks guaranteed
Democrat_media is not optimistic:
This is a slow-motion coup d’état, it is already underway. They hope to have it done within two years. It will have the veneer of faux-legality, and with the help of bogus court rulings and a 24 hour a day press, very few people will question it when it comes.

We have to be very clear-eyed about what is happening. As importantly, Trump’s people have to be clear-eyed about it, recognizing that the government is riddled with Muslim Brotherhood, Leftists, people bought, bribed, blackmailed by Soros, the Saudis, the institutional Left. They have been given the signal, whether even they realize it or not, they’ve been mobilized and given the green light to do whatever it takes to undermine Trump and prepare the way so that people close to him can take him out legally, quasi-legally, or whatever it takes.

I don’t at this point trust anyone around him.

it’s looking bad . Trump risked it all for us

I’m ready to fight for Trump
More and more Freepers like ProtectOurFreedom advise jailing Obama. More on that tomorrow!
Bring back the Alien and Sedition Acts and arrest Obama for sedition. He’s running the shadow government he set up to destroy the current administration.

Monday Potpourri pt. I

greeneyes is laying out a plot for a fantasy strongman crackdown:
The President and the Military is determined to protect the country, and they are going to have sweeps to get the bad actors out.

If they have to lock down the cities to do it, they will. Boarder security will also be strengthened, but is far behind where it needs to be.

We know that the jihad goons have made an alliance with the Cartels, and they intend to pour over the border at some point. This was revealed by information obtained after a shoot - out in Mexico where a new consulate was being constructed.
GOPJ  finds the radicalization of those around him. In completely unrelated news, SOROS is responsible for all seeming liberal enthusiasm:
Out here in flyover people are REALLY starting to hate democrats.

Besides, George Soros doesn't have enough money to pay off millions of people. He buys less than a thousand 'progressives/thugs - then flies them around from city to city. It looks like a lot of people but they couldn't elect a national dog catcher.
somewhere in his wide-ranging conspiracy doc maverick conflates protesters with people shooting police:
Soros money.....for the socialists and muzzies. Probably some Saudi money too. I am sure CAIR is getting money also. They must pay for their deranged army of protesters and cop shooters. Global elites must keep their shadow government supplied.

These “organizations” all need to be shut down.
DesertRhino yells that Europe is Muslim now and America should start treating them like the enemy:
I’m sure the Brits don’t need anything from us. And honestly, we should begin to regard them as a hostile Islamic nuclear power.

While we freak out that Iran might get a bomb someday, Britain is becoming more Islamic by the month. Within a decade, RN Captain Ali Mustafa Mohammed will take a British Vanguard class SSBN out from the Clyde, onto an Atlantic patrol with 128 Trident delivered nuclear bombs.

WHile we worry about a few homebrew bombs, the musloids are about to get a turn Key nuclear system. Same in France.

We had better pivot our thinking.
jazminerose doesn't know much, but Trump good, Obamacare bad:
The Dems are the ones with the death panels who keep raiding social security.

I don’t know much about Price other than he is also an MD and he’s expected to be a yuge help in taking Obamacare apart. It’s such a complex monstrosity, its tentacles run far and deep.

And Trump picked him, so he must be excellent.
granite clearly assumes everyone is like Freepers.
The only way to deal with these obstructionist people is for another attack to occur as a result of their partisan actions.

You know they will claim “False Flag.”
Ann Archy keeps her eyes on the important facts:
Six New England Patriots Say They Will Skip a White House Visit

Are they all BLACK???
ColdOne notes that Iran sounds a lot like how she imagines liberals do!
Hundreds of thousands rally in Iran against Trump, chant 'Death to America': TV

Iran has the same talking points as the left does.
wilco200 is pretty excited about starting a boycott, except for where he actually has to change anything:
Boycott Liberal Stores and Companies

I can manage all of those, except Apple. 99 out of one hundred ain’t bad
hunter112 sounds exactly like my really liberal friends, except for the targeting only bad-guy states bit.
Spend NOTHING! Buy as much stuff as you can from the used market, grind the economy to a halt. 
And try as much as you can to avoid spending even a penny in the states that went for Zero, they need to be punished severely.
ought-six wants his drinking to be a political act:
What is a good, conservative brewery so I can buy their beer at the store? I believe Miller is into a lot of lefty causes, and Bud is owned by some Belgian company.
dp0622 just drinks. Not surprising:
It’s only 10:30am and I’m breaking out the Jack Daniels.

Wish I could say that was unusual...
i_robot73 points out that THEY are never killed by terrorists:
THEY are never afflicted, never 'inconvenienced' or bothered. Their gated communities never see the fruits of their (in)action. They don't ride the public buses\trains\planes that get bombed\hijacked. They don't shop\visit where the suicide bombers target. They never pay, with THEIR *lives*, for the decisions that affect us ALL.
Robert DeLong laments that people only oppose Trump because Republicans haven't gone full fascist.
These 3 judges were willing to blow up their reputations as arbiters of justice, all at the alter of left wing ideology.

They know the gutless Republican Congress will not move against them. They operate with impunity as a result. No judge signing their ruling though is very telling for sure. That omission shouldn't spare them facing the consequences. Like I said though, they do not fear the Republican control of both Houses of Congress because they know both leaders are weak sisters.
GOPJ proves the point that everything Freepers make up for their conjured imaginary evil liberals to do, they want to do also. Which makes ya wonder about Pizzagate...
I’m hoping we start appointing judges who will ‘find’ stuff inn the Constitution that pushes our ideas even if it fails in every vote done in the county. Kind of like Liberals did with gay marriage.

We have to play by the same rules and if they if their corrupt judges want to legislate - and we can’t stop them - then WE SHOULD DO THE SAME.
Windflier comes out against the judiciary being in the Constitution.
I’m sorry, but the issue of judicial supremacy is long-settled law.

See Marbury v. Madison 200+ years ago.

We either have a constitutional form of government and laws that actually mean what they say, or we don't. If judicial supremacy is baked into law, then that law is repugnant to the Constitution, and should be ignored or overturned.

I'm just past the point of giving a damn about people who insist that we can't have the country our forebears fought and died to bequeath to us. If it takes another civil war to sort this out, then so be it. I will welcome it.
Can't imagine why his family avoids him!

combat_boots reads only the titles of books:
Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America

Paul Sperry and P. David Gaubatz

It’s a book. I do not have this book. 0bama must have it, though, as it’s full of CAIR papers.
All that cheerleading takes a toll. HarleyLady27 is not being super coherent here...
Jason Chaffetz overreacts about Kellyanne

Well this Representative is in my State of Utah...

Instead of doing this piece of crap, he should be working on preparing to bring down the Clinton Foundation, all branches of it starting with Haiti and the sex trafficking from there...

Also, he needs to get Bears Ears back away from the Government that Barky took...

Then he needs to worry about what other people to look at such as Barky, John McCain, ‘Egg McMuffin’, Linda Graham...

Why is Paul Ryan taking money from George Soros? So instead of trying to put dirt on our President, go get the dirt that really matters and leave Kellyanne alone!!!
*yawn* John S Mosby calls for vigilantes to take out Democrats.
They are really going all out against Trump-Pence. This is going to keep on happening and they must be shut down, by the administration and by patriots.
Major Matt Mason renders Flynn a nonperson:
Didn't know he was a Democrat, which is being mentioned in this thread. Why do Republican presidents insist on including the enemy in their cabinet nominees? It is a practice that has to stop, IMO.
Note: the word Democrat did not appear anywhere in the thread in question.

petercooper knows the Flynn defeat isn't a big deal anyhow:
We’re still at 99-1.
KavMan isn't quite so sanguine. He posts this on a bunch of threads:
That gif...oddly hypnotic...

forgotten man knows what all black women are like!
ABC to cast first ever black ‘Bachelorette’

Will they be competing to date men in prison?
Yeah, Trump is gonna win over the black community to the GOP!

IWONDR seems to mix up downloading copies with deleting...
They are downloading stuff that is already archived on the false presumption that the Trump administration will “destroy evidence.

what they are really doing is hiding the evidence of their data manipulation to support their false religion of climate change.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Spotlight: heterosupremacist

This New York Freeper only started becoming really active in late 2015, though his regdate is 2014. My personal theory is that he was a sleeper account activated when someone went down during the Trump purges. Because he's been 100% Freep from his first post. He's posting articles, knows who to stay away from, which positions not to take...On the other hand, he sometimes adorably misses other Freeper racist and sexist dog whistles, and his class warfare strays into raising the estate tax!

Initially, he posted about gay marriage. But these days he's more into religious and cultural caterwauling than anything else.

Liberals hate us for our insight and reason!
Why all the hate? My theory: The opposition is too dumb and too misinformed to see reality for what it is. They don't posses objective/critical/thoughtful/reasoning capabilities. therefore, they rely on ignorance and 'feelings'. This why we have so much "Hate!" The opposition is so incapable of thinking, they would rather feel than think! Such dimwits only have Hate or (in the case of HRC/Sanders) a blind adulation or what they consider to be "Love." Only two tracks to choose from = two songs short of an Eight Track!
Liberals are too dumb to argue with, MAGA!
I once considered it my civic duty to inform/debate lefty imbeciles - but I no longer attempt it. Imbeciles are impervious to persuasion! Facts/reason/logic/and even THOUGHT, does not ever work for these fools. Pray for the future of the United Sates of America - Team Trump = MAGA!
Evolution is just a theory, which makes it just like faith.
My objection to Darwinisn is the fact that it only a theory, Darwin himself was always careful to refer to it as such. Too many people have been taught (so, believe) that our race is descended from apes. Hmmm. When I ask the people who blindly believe that absurd idea, and I try to talk to them about The Creator of Creation; they invariably reply something like," That is just religious superstition."
Though he will also quickly shift to use century-outmoded science to argue that evolution is a disproven theory. Coherence is for thinkers!
In over one hundred fifty years, the scientific community has NOT uncovered evidence of the missing link.. Yet MANY scientists have tried to hoax us with 'irrefutable proof' ... which they all claimed was 'skeletal evidence' of Darwinism, and its ridiculous claims!
Muammar Gaddafi was assassinated by the French?
In late September 2012, reports surfaced about the involvement of French secret services in the tracking and killing of Muammar Gaddafi. According to some sources, Gaddafi was in fact killed by a French spy who infiltrated the mob of rebels that captured Gaddafi, and shot him in the head after his capture. The motive was alleged to be to prevent Gaddafi from revealing links with the French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Former interim prime minister Mahmoud Jibril, told Egyptian television that “it was a foreign agent who mixed with the revolutionary brigades to kill Qaddafi.”

Former NTC head of foreign intelligence Rami al-Obeidi confirmed Jibril's assertion, stating that "French intelligence played a direct role in the death of Gaddafi, including his killing" and claiming that Bashar al-Assad sold Gaddafi's satellite telephone number to French spies operating in Sirte in exchange for a "grace period" and less political pressure on the Syrian government by France.
Is he maybe French?
The French Government is just over-the-top STUPID! HA!
Language police, which is how you know he's an old Freeper, because nowadays...
because Most Freepers like to be informed. I assure you I am not 'Leftist scum' nor am I a conservative” concern troll - who the gives a **** about this ? P.S. Unnecessarily crude post ~ we expect/demand better!
Hillary voters are all evil.
We are in a SPIRITUAL BATTLE for the soul of America...

I agree. Early in the primaries, I thought it was left v right. Those who vote for a living v those who work for a living. Socialists v patriots. Stupidity v intelligence. Now, it is clear that it was evil v good.

Pray for President Trump. I believe we will make America Great Again!
Laughing at tepid Pope jokes.
Me and Bergoglio down by the Synod https://youtu.be/bBXpGagzEvw That was hilarity, in a sinful way. I laughed so hard, I almost PLOTZED! I feel guilty (Catholic guilt?) for Laughing as much as I did...
Plotz? New Yorker confirmed.
As a New Yorker (red County in a blue State) I reject the notion that all NY voters should be held in the basket of ‘deplorable’ hard-leftist Dems...
Staten Island? Fellow Freepers, less sexism, more hating the proletariat!
That deadly substance called 'ESTROGEN' is what has DESTROYED politics!

I respectfully disagree - the deadly substance in this case is the leftist view of entitlement based on Family Legacy... Unaccomplished children of under-performing parents are routinely elected in Blue States - Cuomo, Kennedy, and especially Clinton have a huge advantage In NY elections. sad, but true!
Getting his Cartman in the way of some racist dialect.
Lib’ralism fo’evuh! Responsibilituh nevuh!

“Respect my authoritah”
Not for the death penalty, but willing to talk at length about how to do it.
I DO NOT favor the death penalty, but if it is imposed; I believe death by a Military Firing Squad is the most appropriate form of execution. Because it has been used for traitors to our Country, and also if the sentence of death is handed down to a convict, and if someone has to be killed to comply with the Government's rulings - then the executioners should represent the authority of the same Government, as members of the U.S. Defense Forces under authority granted to the Commander in Chief!
"My son did fine in public school, but I'm sure he was an exception!"
My only beloved son had breezed through his undergrad studies and then earned his Master's Degree from the University of Chicago. (3.87 GPA) He was not homeschooled, but he was schooled in right and wrong, good versus evil, and Man versus Mammon - (this, I believe) had to more to do with his life today than anything ANY teacher ever said to him and his classmates... He Is happy, and well adjusted, DESPITE his Education!

Thursday, February 16, 2017


The political world is coming apart, though my life as a white dude working for the DoD has never been better!

Good, bad, or the guy with the gun, it's time for...TAGLINES!

TXBlair is still fucking that chicken!
(We will not forget Benghazi.)
Texas Eagle quotes himself, totally a sign of wisdom.
(If it wasn't for double-standards, Liberals w.ould have no standtairds at all -- Texas Eagle)
laxcoach is not clear on how social contracts work:
(Government is greedy. Taxpayers who want their own money are not greedy.)
Fantasywriter, a huge birther and enthusiastic Internet sleuth, proclaims her false humility right before she declares every conspiracy proven by some sweet google work:
(Any attempt to do forensic work using Internet artifacts is fraught with pitfalls. JoeProbono)
txhurl waxes poetical in being a sore winner:
(The LEFT are screaming at the Tsunami, and the Sky, trying to set fire to the Ocean- S.Tom)
Grampa Dave rolls his eyes at all the people who claim Trump is screwing them:
(lesbians, gays, transgenderits, minorities, illegals, muslims, Uber drivers & children hurt by Trump)
Reno89519 wants to purify the party:
(Drain the Swamp: Replace Ryan & McConnell; Primary Lyn' Ted and others.)
a fool in paradise - is this a Superbowl tagline, or not?
(patriots win, Communists and Socialist Just-Us Warriors lose)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hedging bets on Gorsuch

Now that it's clear that Justice Gorsuch is a sure thing, Freepers have become skeptical. I think in order to be able to say 'I told you so' if he turns squishy on any issue. And if he turns out to be as much a tool as Alito, well, no one will remember this little bit of dumbness!

For you see, it turns out the seemingly conservative judge is...Episcopalian!

Marvel as FR_addict  does a complete 180:
After hearing about how Gorsuch said that Pres. Trump's comments were "demoralizing" and "disheartening.", I think the positions of his Church need to be scrutinized.

I know I wouldn't be going to a Church that had these views.

Lou Dobbs said Gorsuch owed Pres. Trump an apology. He didn't have to make any comments on this on-going case that may end up at the Supreme Court, let alone bad mouth Trump to DEMs.

I think it's funny. He's backstabbing Trump and the Dem backstabs him.

I hope he doesn't get confirmed.

It doesn't say what the views of this Church are on abortion, but if the female rector went to the Woman's March against Trump, I bet she has liberal views on abortion.
I'm digging FR_addict's quirk of calling us DEMs. I'm hoping there's an acronym there.
I think Trump was trying to get a very conservative pick. He went to Heritage Foundation and worked off their lists.

Everyone told him, this was the most conservative judge on the list.

It looks like the Judge was telling Trump one thing, then telling the DEMs another.

He needs to removed from consideration.
Destroys Everything Marvelous
Demonic Eating Machines
Dunking Edible Munchies

yarddog is also unhappy:
That really is troubling.

A conservative would never belong to such a church.
And P-Marlowe utters the name they are all thinking:
I think Gorsuch just may be another David Souter.

Trump should dump him now.

If he’s going to publicly criticize Trump after he dressed down a rouge judge, then he may himself be a rouge judge.

Anyone who would attend this church on a regular basis is probably not a Christian.
Dick Vomer keeps his morality simple:
Senator Feinstein likes him. ‘Nuff said.
tinamina has some sweeping genrealizations about Christian sects for us:
I became worried about this as soon as I read that he was an Episcopalian and not and never switched to Anglican. Only liberals go to the Episcopalian church
RegulatorCountry will trust the Federalist Society, but as a Virginan, he historically hates Episcopalians...?
His record in the judiciary appears to be exemplary, to the extent that issues of concern to Constitutional Originalists have been put in front of him. I’m going to continue to rely upon that, however his educational and religious background as well as the nature of the church he has attended do worry me.

I had assumed before today that he was a lifelong Episcopalian, that it was traditional in his family, an historical tie. I know the surname and a few who bear it, from Virginia, no doubt distant cousins. It’s an old colonial era Virginia family.

I’m prone to being rather reflexively suspicious of Episcopalians, rightly or wrongly. I suppose this too is due to historical family ties of my own, in colonial era Virginia.
T-Bone Texan tells of how the preschool he sends his kid to is Episcopalian and super gay:
I send my preschooler to an Episcopalian school.

The headmaster is a flaming (but closeted) homo in the vein of Charles Nelson Reilly, and I’m pretty sure the married rector is a homo too.

And this is the conservative Episcopalian school in our city. There’s a more liberal one.
Antoninus finds some Jesuit past as well!!
From the article: "Gorsuch was brought up as a Catholic by his mother Ann, and attended an elite all boys Catholic school in Washington D.C. run by the Jesuit order."

This is not the pedigree of a conservative. I think we're in a lot of trouble here.
Maudeen doesn't want no Jews on the Court either, I guess:
Count me in the troubled column. Unless this Supreme Court Justice wanna be believes in ONE God . . .God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and believes in the inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures, then all you have is another empty suit on the bench with no yielding to Divine Authority. “Man-made” is what has gotten us in the mess we are in today. I sincerely hope that President Trump realizes this along with his advisors.
Cheerleader to the end HarleyLady27 is like the only one to show up and urge blind trust for Trump.
He has sources all over...don’t worry, President Trump is on top of things...
sport comes in to FAKE NEWS it up:
Do not believe anything, even if it happens to be true, you hear from the MSM for the next four and probably 8 years.
Because exclusion and bigotry are the lifeblood of this place, Jim Noble ends up declaring Episcopalians worse than Muslims.
The problem is not any specific ECUSA church - as if he chose his parish poorly.

The problem is that ECUSA is literally satanic, there is a professor at their flagship divinity school who preaches that abortion is a sacrament, they are radically pro-gay and pro-trans - rectors and even bishops have been expelled from ECUSA for even a hint of disagreement.

It is an evil, dark, pro-death monstrosity and to remain in it -whoever your own rector happens to be - is a sign of deep spiritual sickness.

I would rather he was a Muslim.

Freepers vs. Our Gay Pop Culture

A long thread results from a Freeper complaining that Supergirl has some lesbians in it.

Freepers view pop culture with fear and suspicion. Which is interesting, because it's more varied than ever before, and has no shortage of white male power fantasies, if you care to look.

But Freepers don't care to look, because they are not about finding what they like, they are about hating what they don't. So they care to look for examples of liberalism in modern TV, alongside smug declarations that they don't watch TV anymore taken directly from some liberals' playbook.

RandallFlagg stopped watching TV when Obama ruined it:
I stopped watching all TV since 2008.
Quite liberating.
glasseye stopped watching TV when Bill Clinton ruined it:
January 17th, 1997.
Clintons second inaugural.
Amazing how much time the TV steals.
ETL wants everyone to know he has never heard of the Supergirl TV show:
I have officially first heard of the show upon reading this thread.
max americana pops up, of course, to remind everyone that he's super important in Hollywood, and totally telling the truth:
I recommend Ash vs the Living Dead. I worked with Sam Raimi years ago on a certain “superhero” movie. If you watch his movies, what’s the most common thing visually you will see?
It’s the American flag in his movies. It’s shown at least 5 times. nice trivia from max..
aquila48 knows the key is to make your media choices entirely for politics:
99% of entertainment has been taken over by the left. Best thing is to not give them any ratings. Think the message it would send if all conservatives turned their TV off or only tuned to FNC.
drewh noticed that the show has hot ladies!
never watched the show but enjoyed her *ahem* action pics on the net...
Castigar explains the downfall of Supergirl and the implicit anti-Whiteness of the Martians. Which I think were a thing in the comics and based on Edgar Rice Burroughs.
I loved season 1 of Supergirl. Melissa Benoist was, and still is terrific as Supergirl. But Season 2 has been turned into liberal propaganda.

First of all they got rid of Calista Flockhart who was Great in her role.

Then, who knew that Supergirl’s sister was a lesbian? I thought, well...one episode I can put up with...then two...then three...then four...and it became one of the central themes of a TRADITIONAL, OLD STYLE CLASSIC COMIC!

Then there was the Martian issue. There were the White Martians and the Green Martians. And guess who were the bad Martians...The WHITE MARTIANS. And the good Green Martin was played by...a black guy! Not TOOOOOO obvious! I have, after really holding on TOOOOOO long, given up on this piece of trash!
Ted Grant gives an exhaustive recounting of all the gayness in TV superheroes. Dude watche a lot of TV!
The CW DC Superhero shows all have recurring gay themes

Arrow depicts Mr Terrifc as gay and in a same sex marriage that’s experiencing stress because of his double life as a vigilante.

The Flash has the head of Barry Allen’s police department as a gay man planning his same sex marriage.

A main character on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, White Canary, is a sexually ageessive lesbian that routinely seduces women they encounter in time (though she’s had heterosexual relationships in the past, so she’s more accurately a lesbian leaning bisexual).

And now Supergirl’s adopted sister has discovered she’s attracted to women and is blissfully in a lesbian relationship.

Legends also makes a point to routinely diminish Dr Martin Stein (the brainy half of Firestorm) and Ray Palmer (The Atom). The only unambiguously masculine character is Heatwave (a criminal at heart), and he’s largely self segregated and ostracized from the team. Though to be fair, he’s presented as not as dumb as he plays).

I think I read that one of the Executive Producers is a very activist gay man, so there you go.

By the way, how soon do Betty and Veronica share that long awaited kiss in the bee, dark version of Archie comics, Riverdale?
HamiltonJay tells of how he watches with his daughter and hamhandedly fast-forwards through all the gay parts, hahaha.
Supergirl, other than a lesbian reference in the pilot, had been okay and my daughter enjoys the show.. I saw the gay angle coming before they even put it out publicly... so sadly nearly any scene with Montoya in it, or the sister getting ready to explain or go on a diatribe instantly gets skipped (DVR) 30 second skips quickly pass over that crap without expose my child to their propaganda. We have relatives who are homosexual, so it’s not that she is unaware of this stuff but I am not letting the sodomites indoctrinate my daughter with their propaganda.
who_would_fardels_bear finds comic books unrealistic:
Read the synopsis on Wikipedia:
Even without the lesbian story line this all seems ridiculous.

So Supergirl has to fight regular criminals, metahumans, Kryptonians, martians, cyborgs and people from alternate universes?


This is something that anyone wants to waste time with?

Why don't they just skip to the ultimate nonsense where this is headed and have here fight a pastel green mixed race meta-martian criminal cyborg raised on a planet Krypton from an alternate universe ... who happens to be lesbian.
Gasshog watches only old TV:
The only current television show we watch regularly is American Ninja Warrior.

All else in this house is re-run vintage on MeTV, etc. We like SvenGoolie on Sat. nights for the old horror flicks and coming up in Feburay, Godzilla month.
FreeAtlanta's favorite show had a lesbian vampire in it. As if that hasn't been a thing for decades:
The Librarians was fun and we would watch it with the kids, then last week... big fat lesbian kiss between the little red head and a vampire women. :-(

Every stinking show the left-wing homsexual anti-civilization agenda has to be forced on us.
Penelope Dreadful lists all the shows she hates because they are gay. Or because the race-mixing is unrealistic:
I am on the verge of dumping the show, too. I have already quit watching Conviction, and Sense8, and that thing with J-lo., and several others. If I want to watch a bunch freaks doing each other, I will just go to the Men’s Room at an Interstate Rest Stop, or a city park.

Plus, I quit watching Outsider, because I don’t believe some white redneck is going to fall in love with some ordinary black chick he meets in town. Too much obligatory inter-racial stuff, too. Way out of proportion.
txgirl4Bush found out her show stars a liberal, Oh no!
My favorite series is the Blacklist...On fb I find out Megan Boone is a hillary supporter and was at that filthy womens march. On her page today she is getting up another march against Trumps pick of Sessions!! Why cant these actors just do their jobs and keep their mouths shut?
YeahBuddy has some other shows that had gayness in them, and only Trump can save us?!!?
I was off work for awhile last year with a broken neck. Needless to say, I was very very bored and could literally do nothing.

I decided to watch some of these “new” TV shows. I absolutely loved season one of Truce Detective. Season two sucked. Of course they had a policewoman who was a fem-nazi with supperior knife fighting skills. She had daddy issues too. Another detective was a former military man, who was gay. The third detective had all kinds of drug and alcohol problems. Not one normal person on the show.

I moved on to the show Black Sails. I was enjoying it for a couple of seasons until, wham! They made the main character a queer and even showed him having sex and making out with a dude. I have never watched another episode.

I dont watch shows, movies and (especially lately) sports for a lesson in how I MUST accept every PC, LGBQRST-RSVP etc.

WTF is going on in this country.

Thank the Lord for Trump. Apparently there are a few regular people left in this country, although not enough.
Didn't Black Sails have a lesbian plot from like the first episode?

DoughtyOne thinks the concept of Supergirl is anti-man.
I contrast Supergirl with Superman.

In Superman, you have an entity that defeats the bad guy and support truth, justice, and the American way.

In Supergirl, you have an entity that defeats the bad guy, supports truth, justice, and the American way, and has to shove it in your face that she’s a female at every turn. Good freakin grief.

The formula is to do good. Folks aren’t going to fail recognize what your gender is. You don’t have to hit them over the head with it every ten minutes.
RW_Whacko just lives in the past forever.
There is much life outside the idiot box to be had. If I watch TV, it is a DVD from my modest collection.

I've RIPped all of my old DVDs to hard disk and use PLEX media server software in combination with My Roku to watch those movies on the tube.
Very little need to watch today's trash.
Randomly, someone may have made a mistake. Harmless Teddy Bear says 'no big deal' in the most mawkishly religious way...ugh.
As far as I can see you did it right.

If you didn't, no big deal. There was only one perfect person.

And look what they did to Him. :)