Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Paranoia, thy name is Free Republic

A scary one for y'all this evening. When a poster has computer problems, Free Republic is on the case!

TBP is the first to suggest foul play:

The leftwingers at Google can eagerly cooperate with the Butchers of Beijing but try to ban conservative sites.

Nice to know that liberals are so conssitent.

Could google be secretly trying to do some social engineering? That would explain the liberal bias in today's youth!

Terpfen says it ain't so:
Google doesn’t filter content.

Not openly, anyway.

Of course Google would filter secretly! They're leftists. Lying is like breathing for them!

Then, 2 minutes later, the same poster decides he wasn't clear enough:

Google doesn’t filter content.

Guess again.

Well, that cleared things right up, then.

But it isn't till JerseyHighlander gets involved that the crazy really gets started:

Totalitarians of a socialist bent are gaming the Google threat detection and prevention system to deny access to views they deem a threat to their worldview.

Google has shown itself not to be lax, but an active participant in blocking the free speech over the internet of organizations that hold views opposed to by the staff of the Google corporation.

Google officially views you, your family, your neighbors, your community and the people of the United States as serfs without Constitutional rights, and they have now in the last month, clearly stated their position on your lack of humanity several times through their legal department.

Google has been hoisted upon this once beautiful thing called the “internet”, to be the jackboot to the throat of the people of the entire developed world.

Welcome to the new media, same as the old media.

Batten down your tin-foil hats, folks! The Google dictatorship is coming! Though it looks like it'll just be a changing of the guard compared to the CNNMSNBCCBS dictatorship I was part of and never knew.

Later, JersyHighlander elaborates on his manifesto:

Nefarious individuals coalesce around the idea of banning/blocking/denying access of conservative websites, they either find enough individuals to join their cause, or they build or rent out a botnet to send in abuse/spam/malware/ hate speech/child pornography complaints to various companies and organizations that maintain services that are blocklists. These companies include, NetNanny, CastleCops etc.

FR has been blocked in the past through this method various times too.

Google has a problem because they are actively supporting (financially, publicity wise, and legally) non profits who have active members who are actively sending in false complaints against conservative websites. It’s very cozy on their side.

That's why no one can get to Free Republic! So when I worked for the government, and Adsense blocked all the blogs, except for Free Republic, it was only to lull me into a false sense of security! And when the men in white coats take JerseyHighlander away, that'll be part of the comspiracy too!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Laura Bush, while in the middle east promoting breast cancer awareness, is given a headscarf. And she PUT IT ON!

“Oh no, she graciously accepted a gift and participated in something that is part of their religion/culture. What’s the world coming to? (/sarc)”

She and Bush also host a Ramadan feast in the WH every year for our “moderate” muslims. I say it is totally disgusting.

I agree! In fact, we should never talk to any Muslims ever! That'll show them to hate us for out freedom and tolerance!
What political ideology has a women’s head scarf as it’s symbol?

Islam. The gutter political ideology of the bastard Ishmael.
The original poster pointed out that both some Russians and some Jews wear headscarves too. But no one replied to that actual fact. Too much trouble hating on/defending the sainted Laura.
Gutter political ideology? Quite a broad brush there, farmer18th.

She is being attacked here for PUTTING ON A GIFT.

So, if they gave her a bright red bra, some matching panties and nice garters she'd have immediately put those "gifts" on?

(It's OK to insert a Judy Ruliani joke here. I did mention bra and panties...)
There you have it, folks! Headscarf = lingerie. Putting it on is damn near pornographic. I wonder if anyone told isthisnickcool about the unity of opposites? Cause that's kinda deep.

There’s no way anyone but an abject, hopeless idiot could think that what she did proved she has submitted to Islam.

You can spin it and all you want, including ad hominem attacks, but submission is exactly what she did. Our enemies will certainly see it that way.
This just in: Submission is done only through actions; no mental thought is needed. Laura Bush is now a muslim.

Bottom line is she was tricked into wearing the scarf with the “gift”. I’m sure there were protocols discussed with advance people that the First Lady would not be wearing head scarfs.

...the muzzies likely ordered the women to give her this “gift”. Never trust those people - ever.

This is probably my favorite. It's a vast brown people conspiracy! Be very afraid!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Free Republic: Not a fan of Ron Paul

when Free Republic heard that Ron Paul supporters were campaigning in San Francisco, the mixture
of Ron Paul (who they hate) and San Francisco (who they hate) made for a spicy meatball:

If you hate George Bush hard enough, any liberal enclave will welcome you...til Hillary says otherwise.

The idea that SF denizens will love a libertarian, so long as he hates the president doesn't seem to match with practice. But then there is the BDS meme still around.

Also: Hillary's control over liberals is so complete that with merely a word she can control their philosophical inclinations. Or something.

drpix has another theory. And, it involved pictures:

I think this RP campaign office is in SF - but I'm not sure.

The coy "I'm not sure" really makes it. Though Cocaine never struck me as SF's drug of choice, the denim-clad hippie in the picture is prove otherwise.

Finally, it wouldn't be Free Republic without some gay bashing upon the mention of San Francisco:
Is San Francisco Ron Paul territory? (Duh!)

Maybe because Ron Paul is bringing up the rear.

Ron Paul: libertarian buttsex ranger! Good thing Free Republic is on the case!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Photoshop Phun

The UN is useless. Except they're going to take all our guns. It is kinda weird that Freepers Fear and hate the upended turtle so much.

Senator = Skunk. Subtle, but difficult to refute. I don't quite get how the Freepers don't think military service is enough to get citizenship. Hate > love of the military I guess.

Also, I like how their pictures are next to each other, as though they look similar.

Yup, Hillary hates the military. I'm sure the other senators were super happy when talking to Patreas.

Friday, October 26, 2007

What's Hillary doing now?

Kiling her cat, apparently.

Seems the Clintons gave up their cat upon leaving the WHite House, because it didn't get along with their dog. They gave teh cat to their former secretary. Siinister!

Free Republic is on this breaking story!
What kind of person gives up a pet after 8 years? A cold and heartless one.
The important thing when condemning Hilalry is to paint with a broad brush.

Why on earth would Hillary give away her familiar?

Or make some kind of antiquated wichcrafe joke.
OK, I have another question.

After Buddy's untimely end, I think Clinton got ANOTHER Lab named Seamus.

WHAT IN THE HECK HAS HAPPENED TO SEAMUS?????? Has anybody seen him lately?
The Clintons: killing pets just to watch them die.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Free Republic Can Barely Get up the Energy to Hate George Soros These Days

A now defunct investment fund owned by Goerge Soros once owned a plurality of shares in WellCare Health Plans of Tampa. Years after they sold all their shares, though, the company is being investigated by the FBI.

Pretty run of the mill byzantine business shenanigans. Something may come of this, I suppose. But I doubt it. For on, the thread has like 14 posts. The competing thread, which was frozen, has 8 posts.

Oh, there's hate, but it seems like it's phoned in:

The shifty bastard is overdue for jail or worse.

Yes, and I hope I am alive to see it!

"or worse" sounds like a death threat, but really, compared to a Hillary thread...

This communist wasn’t even American born and he’s been out there stirring up financial and political trouble for years. I hope his life is cut short (not tragically) and that he has to stand before God with all his monies left behind and nothing he can possibly do to alter his eternity!
Kinda crazy. The non American born charge was noticeable absent when discussing Arnold, current republican Governor of CA. And the idea that his life should be cut short, but that it shouldn't be tragic...can you say contradiction?

But where's the rage?

Well, this being Free Republic in this age of Republican fearmongering, there is paranoia:

Soros and the Clintons all want to rule the world. My bet is on Soros. I can’t wait for the dustup between Hillary and Soros to explode.

What about Bill?

The craziest post uses Hillary. Frankly, I am disappointed.

But the real question is why there isn't the passion for Soros here on the net. O'Reilly hates him; Limbaugh talks about him some, so why not Free Republic?

My initial idea is that Soros isn't public enough. To really hate someone, you need to see them often; each sighting fuels the hate. Soros, being private, has sucked all the oxygen out of the hate.

Time will tell if some pundit can start this fire.

UPDATE: Turns out WellCare is now owned by some Bush Pioneers! Hahahahah!
This just in:

I am a genius! If you want to hear the propaganda a day before Fox News reports it, watch Free Republic. Or watch me watch Free Republic.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Catholicism and Condoms

AIDS in Latin America is on the rise. Some people are advocating condoms. The Catholic church, of course, disagrees. Free Republic generally is a bit agnostic regarding condoms. But here someone blamed a church, so awaay we go:

The very first post makes some interesting posts:

Yeah, we all know condoms are more effective than abstinence. (sarcasm) More holier-than-thou lecturing from the demonic U.N.
I'll ignore oft disproved idea that abstinence education actually prevents sex, due to a more pressing concern...Demonic? I've got to say, the UN seems pretty ineffective for a demonic organization.
Yeah, right. Put your faith in a piece of rubber manufactured in the third world.

Or not.

The UN worships some very strange gods.
This may explain why the "demonic UN" us not so successful; worshiping condoms? If you want to worship demons, you're doing it wrong. More sacrifices, less latex worship.

Putting faith in condoms to prevent disease is science, not faith. Generally science has proven more effective in combating disease than faith. Indeed, I'd wager poster ArrogantBastard has been to the doctor and taken advantage of some of that science himself.

And, the final bit of crazy, the argument that condoms are unreliable because they're manufactured in the third world...WTF?

MrB continues with the faith trumps science trend:

Libs can’t/won’t understand that there is a REASON for traditional values - and this is an example.

They “can’t” understand because their arrogance tells them that their limited time on earth has given them more wisdom than the accumulated knowledge of billions of people over thousands of years.

They “won’t” understand because such understanding would necessarily lead to some self control and denial of instant gratification.

Condoms were a leap backwards! Traditional values were created with AIDS in mind! Never mind it only emerged in the late seventies/early eighties!

Aplause for SuzyQ who makes an actual argument!

I’m always amused by this argument. If someone is a faithful Catholic, they won’t be engaging in either extramarital or homosexual relations, so they won’t be in need of a condom. Others who do engage in those activities don’t give a hoot what the Church says, and will use a condom or not, depending on how THEY feel about it. The Church shouldn’t be blamed for their irresponsibility.

Alas, it assumes there are only 2 types of people: faithless heathens and good catholics. The idea that some people will obey some (easier and better feeling) tenets and not others (abstinence is hard! Trust me) just doesn't fly.

HKMk23 brings up another facet of crazy:

OH NO, we CAN’T blame the poor humans for their behavior!

Perish the thought that we, the United Nations, should EVER actually blame the guilty. Why, the very IDEA! It’s a violation of our....our, uh....



We ALWAYS blame the blameless and exonerate the guilty; it’s in our organizational DNA, you know.

It’s the only true path to equality.

“Damn the good, and up the damnable,” that’s the spirit of global unity and peace.

/retching sarcasm

I'm not sure exactly what he's saying, but it looks like the poster is blaming the Latinos for their AIDS and no one else. I agree! Death is a proper punishment for unprotected sex! A slow wasting death! We're getting into Phelps territory here...

No, Anal sex is spreading AIDS in Latin America.

By Cracky!

I think you’re right!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Forest fires: nature or...terrorism.

The Paranoia Continues!

California Fire Battalion Chief - Whoever Did This Knew What They Were Doing

Let me be the first to say.........ILLEGALS doing the arson that Americans won't do.

Wait, Mexicans are burning down California?

Once the odor of smoke dissipates, there will be a strong stench of MudSlimes.
MidSlimes? Well, I guess it's better than "moosLimbs" still, Freepers need to work a better racist epithet. "Muzzies" is my bet.

Isn’t there a verse in the Koran about the “breath of Satan”?

Evidence! But wait, when you dig deeper:
HELLO??? The entire koran is the breath of Satan
No evidence, but the Freepers have decided:

No chance at all the ROP, either a right wing firebug(media choice) or a lefty evio-terrorst...../sarcasm

UPDATE: It seems Arson really is suspected. Still, the Freepers are deciding who to blame immediately, before any evidence is in.

"Attention: the Fire Danger from people I Hate is Rising!"

Obama and religeon: College makes you gay!

"I have consistently spoken directly to African-American religious leaders about the need to overcome the homophobia that persists in some parts our community so that we can confront issues like HIV/AIDS and broaden the reach of equal rights in this country." the senator said.

I expected some fireworks when Obama, a democrat, challenged evangelical tenets. But I did not expect the paranoid craziness I saw:

Would that be Obama’s whitey-hating “church”?

...Obama's church, the "Trinity United Church of Christ" has as one of its tenets "Adherence to the Black Work Ethic, family and community." Apparently this equates to "whitey-hating." Of course, Freepers use black-on-white racism to explain why their party never gets any of the black vote.

He’s an islamist. [sic]

...Barak Obama, secret Muslim. And not just any Muslim, but one looking to establish the Caliphate. If he's president, I'm sure burka laws will immediately be instituted.

This paranoid idea has been around Free Republic for a while, but I have not seen much evidence provided other than that he is a democrat. Of course, on Free Republic, they believe McCain was turned by the Viet Cong, so...

We’re going to see a push for “EVERYONE” to get a college “education” which will amount to more people undergoing gltb (sic) indoctrination.

Wow. The argument against universal college education is not financial or free market based, but as a front in the Culture War. This crazy poster believes that Good Conservatives do not go to college, or at least attend Bob Jones. And they must fight against education in their to fellow citizens as well. Cause COLLEGE MAKES YOU GAY!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Feminists Have More Fun ("Feminist male partners?" Barf alert!)

When I heard a new study foudn that feminist couples had mroe fun in bed, I went directly to Free Republic, and found this 40 post thread filled with gems:

MPJakal has an interesting take on liberal sex:

Of course they do. They get to strap one on and take out all their frustrations on their partner. If that happens to be a man they also get to release some of their hatred of ALL men out on that poor wimpy schmuck.
Wow, so it's all angry gay buttsex, even if women are involved! There should be a documentary.

I have said it before and I will say it again: the liberal white female is the person filled with the most hate of any person I have come across in my business and/or personal experiences.

MassRepublicanFlyersFan clearly has observed many "white liberal females." Those hippies, always filled with rage! Unlike freepers. This was one post among many regarding the angy/unhappy nature of liberals.

Real feminists look after their family and their children. Fake hippy feminists are depressed psychotics. And yes most of them are ugly shrews.

Real feminists stay at home and don't dare to enter the workforce! YES! Finaly a feminism food enough for the 19th century! Also,those women who work outside of the house are crazy AND ugly.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Photoshop Phun

What have the Freepers done on their computers these days?

Nice. I like the Manson Family touch of the brands on their foreheads. Also the color scheme. It must have taken some trouble to get these just right. Well, I'm convinced. String 'em up!

Liberals don't really care about people; they are royalty in their own mind. Damn Elitists! SCHIP is secretly made to help the secret Liberal Aristocracy. Luckily, Free Republic has gotten to the bottom of this conspiracy.

Animation: now used to make fun of liberals who fall over! Awesome! She got injured! She drank wine at some point as well! That's all I need to know!

I don't actually think Freepers think Al Gore is responsible for Global Warming, but I guess they think he would have invented it if it didn't already exist.

Hillary Clinton: Master of the Dark Arts. You heard it here first.

In a stunning rebuttal to Hillary's arguments, she has a comically large lower body. Thus she is ugly, and her arguments do not matter.

Rosie is a lesbian! Hilarious! And relevant to current events!

The Elitism of liberals strikes again! They want to ruuule the world. Unlike Republicans, who are humble, blue collar types who want only to keep America safe.

I don't usually post editorial cartoons, but the idea of an androgenous Justice slicing her own head off while Judge Breyer sat on her lap like a boy asking for Christmas strange.

Seems Bill Clinton once sent a racist looking postcard involving a watermelon to his Grandmother, his Freshman year of College. Thus, we can mock him now, in graphical form.

Leadership of the opposition is sufficient to make you a target. Though the contempt evidenced by being characterized cockroach does not bespeak the same contempt Hillary gets.

So...she's unfeminine, I guess? I must admit, the ideas of the shopper who made this are beyond me. She's a war hawk, but also a woman, and this is silly?
Hillary Clinton is Satan. #1238975 in an infinite series.

See, here, Hillary is royalty, and also has emasculated Bill. It's like two jokes in one! And they said it couldn't be done. But then Free Republic has never been one to respect boundaries.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Rush Auctions Spite for Charity

So Rush has put a letter signed by 41 senators up on Ebay to be auctioned. The amount raised will be matched by Rush and sent to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. A brief Google search seems to indicate this is a legit charity that gives to children of marines and law enforcement officers that have been killed in action.

The driving force behind he auction seems to be spite. I don't quite get it myself; how does helping children spite congress?

Anyhow, Rush is the patron saint of Free Republic, and while they don't see him as completely infallible, you had better make a strong point before contradicting him. So this letter was a cause for celebration!

Harry is such a sad, pathetic DESPERATE little man as are his other 40 cohorts.

For historical purposes, he’ll go down as a failure. A failure as a Senator, a majority leader, a U.S. Citizen, an American...and a man even stalin would want no association with.

thank you betty for your genorsity! And i thank the other bidders as well.

I'm sorry, did I say celebration? I meant hate and rage. Such a failure, even Stalin wouldn't like him? WTF?

Though some saw a happy side to this auction:

Love Capitalism!

Yes. All exchanges of money are capitalistic! Well, at least, if they occur between republicans in AMERICA!

Waitaminit...Did I hear Rush say someone condemned charitable giving because it “robbed the government of taxes”???????

These people are SICK, SICK, SICK!!!

Yeah...if someone said that, they are crazy. But somehow I doubt that counts as the Democratic position. But then when did Free Republic deal with reality?

Been a great week for Rush, the Foundation, and conservatives in general.

Very bad week, number five by my count, for Democrats/liberals.

I dunno...SCHIP, Pentagon incompetence, Hastert out, Bush's WWIII comments, conservatives fracturing over Rudy...And that's all in this week. I have a hard time seeing the Republican Ascendancy.

The only person(s) that raised this money was Rush Limbaugh and his friends. BTW, I despise Harry Reid.
The important thing about charity is who's doing the giving. That way those that don't get the credit can be hated.

Someone was lurking on the DU forums. DU is a much smaller Liberal forum which Free Republic loves to hate.

We need George Soroes to buy the items and destroy them.

Yep DUmmies, get Soros to buy the docs, then send them over to Sandy Burglar and his Trusty Scissors.

Or if Sandy's scissors need sharpening, you could always hold a good old-fashioned bra draft card burning ! Wear your brown shirts !
Start with Soros and and with Hitler. Nice, though I feel like the Burger-Burglar thing is getting old. Though the "help us Soros, you're my only hope" is pretty dumb. Course, that kind of crazy is why DU is pretty marginal, unlike Free Republic, which is crazy AND important.

He is matching the high bid out of his pocket and has challenged the signers to do the same. Like it or not Rush is rubbing Reids nose in it, and maybe even poking his thumb in Reids eye.Why doesn't some progressive radio star do something to counter this? Perhaps because that would require GIVING money to a charity rather than STEALING money from a charity.
Do not notice that the liberal is acknowledging Rush's charity; use it as a hammer to BASH the opposition!

In the end, the winning bid was for over 2 Million. But who was it?

Oh, I hope the winning bid was placed by President Bush.

That would really rub Dingo Dingy's snout in it!


Another response was so hate filled as to be incomprehensible.

Harry Reid: Erect middle finger and silent fart launched in your general direction, you pathetic little insect.

Bear in mind, that was in response to announcing the winning bid. Orgasmed with hate, did you, Clintonh8r?

My guess is the winner is probably a big lottery winner from the heartland.
Now that's interesting; Free Republic's ideal Republican is blue collar, yet rich. Yet they do not hesitate to get behind rich white plutocrats every time. Daddy complex, natch?

In the end, Rush revealed that the winner was one Betty Casey of MD. But...

Betty Casey is the winner.

She’s gives money to Barak.

Oh noes! Luckily, Free Republic's denial shields were up:
..and she also has donated MORE money to Republicans running for office. Maybe she wants the weakest Dem to win the nomination.;)

So what? Barak didn't even get a smidgen of what she has dropped in between the couch cushions. She just gave $2+ MILLION dollars to a fantastic charity. And she's given much more to other charities.

Yea Betty Casey!

Read the link at post 1420. She's a libertarian and I suspect the reason she is contributing to Barak is to try to undermine Hillary....

whew! Dodged a bullet! If a true Dem had won the auction, all that spite would be for nothing!

But, just who is this Betty Casey?

My son's one grandma's FIRST name (Betty) and his other grandma's LAST name (Casey)! How cool is that!
Well, that clears that up.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

HillaryWatch: part 1/54.

Hillary Clinton. Or, as Free Republic calls her,

bigbassbutt; devil incarnate; hildabeast; thunderthighs; shrillery; Hitlery; Hillary Rob'em Clinton; Stalin’s Granddaughter (alias, the Red Jezebel)

Free Republic's burning hatred for this woman is unlike any other only in its longevity. I've seen the same intensity in threads about McCain, her husband, Waxman, etc. But Free Republic is the genesis of many of Fox News's later talking points. This does not mean all the ranting gets traction, but it still bears watching.

First, the usual hatred:

many Americans already believe Hillary Clinton is a lesbian

many Americans already believe Hillary Clinton Is a criminal

many Americans already believe Hillary Clinton will kill the economy

many Americans already believe Hillary Clinton gut the military
Actually some substantive fears there...Free Republic, can you ramp up that crazy?
in a just world they would be in chains. Bill and Hillary Clinton are as dirty as pig slop.

I'm ashamed to be an American....knowing these two are walking around scott free.

I'm ashamed of my government....and have no respect for it.
So they are criminals. Abstruction of justice I assume. Oh, and Vince Foster.

If Hillary gets elected, we will have a minimal military. The military will not serve her and they will leave. Can we afford this?
erm. Massive troop defections? Sounds Unamerican.

It may actually take a Hillary presidency to cause a rebellion..............

Yeah, that will be interesting to see. Old people marching against Clinton.

This week, a judge dismised a suit brought by some disgruntled fundraisers and funded by some Freepers. And this did not make the Freepers happy. See, they had laid down with Dem fundraisers, and all they got for it was flees.

Common poster doug from upland was quite involved with the case, and attempts to clarify:

You have misunderstood. I’ve always maintained that she will never be convicted of anything, no matter what she does. The Clintons are above the law. With your help and millions of bloggers, we may be able to convince a small percentage of voters who on the fence that she is radioactive. That is the hope in this effort.

Okay, she is no longer joins her impeached husband as a defendant. Let the depositions and grilling begin. The voters are going to be amazed at what they see that Josh Gerstein and others have failed to reveal.
Hoping for a Clinton Witch Hunt, part II? Good luck with that. I think most of the country will correctly surmise that all that you dig up is partisan claptrap.

By the way, Doug, your fellow freepers are not helping you with the credibility:

The anointed SHE-DEVIL will NEVER get hers here on earth, but in the afterlife! DAMN WITCH!

Now that is productive.

I. Will. Not. Vote. For. This. Witch.

Thanks for clearing that up, kromike, we'll take you off the list.

rllngrk33 (The RATs and Media are the enemy.) has been posting the following list of damming posts on just about every Hillary thread this week:

"We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good."

"We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.”

"It's time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few, for the few, and to replace it with shared responsibility for shared prosperity."

"We can't just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people."

"We have to build a political consensus and that requires people to give up a little bit of their own turf in order to create this common ground."

"I certainly think the free market has failed."

"I think it's time to send a clear message to what has become the most profitable sector [oil] in the entire economy, that they are being watched."

"What I want to do is take those profits and apply them to alternative energy."

Damn! She sounds like...FDR! Get the torches!

And finally, there is the prognostication. Many on Free Republic do not belive Clinton will be president. This clashes with the dire predictions of the others, but there is not much arguing between these two camps. Thus you have both:

The smart women won’t get near her and her traitorous husband.


Unfortunately, the Demwits won’t realize her true evil until she takes power (again).

I also find the evil taking power again thing. If the Demwits didn't notice before, what makes you think they will again? Yet this idea, that her evil will bring even the democrats over to the Republicans if she is elected, persists. I guess it's the same on both sides; people were amazed Bush didn't destroy the Republican Party in 2004.

And finally, this word from Outer Space:

If Hillary ever found true love, she would drop politics like a hot potato.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The thing about the SCHIP fiesta/fiasco is that at its core it is a legitimate philisophical dispute; conservatives do not believe that a society should help its poorer members. If you can make sacrifices, and pay for health insurance you should do so, or suffer the consequences.

Tha majority of the country, however, takes a different point of view. They think that a society's repsonsibility is more than the bare minimum; it's also to keep life from sucking as much as is possible.

Of course, this is not the debate currently going on. Both sides are making emotional apeals. The Democrats, already have the country behind them rationally, and can thus garner political points beyond the limited scope of healthcare. The Republicans counter emotion with emotion because they must.

So there you have it, folks: Free Republic weighing in on a debate that is being waged in an entierly emotional sphere. Let the maddness begin:

The counter to a good anecdote is another anecdote:

Yes I am Godfather to a girl that developed epilepsy that is suspected to have arisen from an MMR vaccine. The mother and father had no health insurance to cover it and I chided them for it, only a little as they are close family via my Godmother.

They were able to get help through various charities, to get their daughter into a special school at reduced tuition and to get support from family, friends and community. They never once complained that health insurance is too restrictive and should be made free to everyone.

so the answer is charities for the poor, not insurance. I think we tried that for a couple of centuries and it didn't work so well. Ah well, one person's progress is another's fascism:

SCHIP is cute and very saddam-esque, right up there with the "Baby Milk Factory", but it skips a few steps.

When did the health of children stop being one of the primary obligations of parenthood?

Until that question is debated thoroughly and persuasively, the SCHIP "controversy" is a manufactured crisis, perhaps a totally fraudulent one.

The "family" cited here is a prime example. Living high on the hog and expecting, perhaps demanding that others pay for their kid's health care.
Somehow, having everyone paying for everyone else's kids' health care, and having the government in charge of the whole scam will make it cheaper than caring for one's own children directly.

When, exactly, did that notion begin to make sense to anyone other than a politician?
Saddam? High on the hog? Those words, I don't think they mean what you think they mean...

To adress what little substance there was there, it seems the poster is saying that if it is a parent's responsibility, then the government shouldn't help. No supervision or assistance for parenting, since the only thing bad parents hurt are themselves. Wait...I know I'm missing someone in that equation...abortion maybe?

The Frost family provides quite a target for the freepers. They love citizen investigation. Ever since Dan Rather, they are looking for more glory; another opportunity to show up the em-es-em. Thus you get such nuggets as:

Wedding announcement from the NY Times for Halsey and Bonnie Frost. Poor people do not tend to get wedding announcements in the NY Times. Nor do they have families that were involved in designing “several public buildings in New York.”
That's some crack detective work. See, archetects never have poor grandchildren. They're like CEOs that way.

Then things get a bit sinister:

The father's business probably can't stand a lot of scrutiny [especially if ears perk up at the IRS over this story]. This means that the parents are such committed Democrat activists that BDS syndrome has turned them into idiots.

It's not going to matter if one or two points of icwhatudo's rebuttal are wrong if the family gets shaken down by the government revenooers.

What WAS the father thinking?!!!?
(icwhatudo is a freeper/hero who tracked down the Frists for Michelle Malkin) A veiled threat if I've ever seen one. Though, in the interests of fairness and ballance, Suzy Quzy replied

The IRS will NEVER go after them....NEVER.
replacing threts with paranoia.

And now that the investigation has proven the Frosts to be Evil, let the hate begin!

Little Graeme is organizing a school baseball team. It’s called the Baltimore Grifters. (Like father, like son.)
Attacking the kid is pretty bad, but can we get crazier?

This is the worst yet because the parents are pimping their kids.

This is as bad as the parents that took money from Michael Jackson to allow their kids to stay for the weekend at his ranch.
Nice! Not only does this post imply that the Frosts are abetting child molestors, but those molestors? DEMOCRATS:

Kiddie Porn: How the Democrats Take Advantage of Children For Their Own Gratification.

Dems are HATE-TRIOTS, not Patriots.

Pelosi would know about “hate”.

No one is more hateful than the Dhim O Rats.

I just love her sabotaging Turkish American relations at a critical time.

None dare call it treason.

Liars, thieves, traitors. Suicide bombers. That’s our Dhims.

What's with adding the "h?" I think it makes it sound more arabic.
Speaking of which, we need to bring the troops into this somehow:
Dear mzpeelousy lets talk about how dems treat the troops. Did you see any of out troops being referred to as NAZIs, Pol Pot followers, air raiding villagers, in a manner reminesent of Ghengis Khan. Did you not see any of that over the last six years? Just because you can’t give wealthy surburban puppies socialized health care, no matter how they prostitute their own children for it, is no reason to suggest there is any hate attached to my reservations of calling 25 year olds children. Piss off socialists.
Also, Pelosi blamed "hate radio" for the tarring of the Frosts. Heh.

This is what PISSES ME OFF the most about the Democrats....They have managed to make DISAGREEMENT = HATE.


She’s right. It’s “hate” radio.

We conservatives hate moronic, left-wing, anti-American, anti-military, tax-and-spend treasonous lying scumbags like Pelosi, Kennedy, Boxer, Murtha, Kerry, Hitlery, etc.

Nothing wrong with that.

But despite these blindingly engaging bumper sticker arguments, the country does not agree with Free Republic on this. So the only people to blame: The American people:

Yes, our government does stink, but the reason it does is because the American people are ignorant and believe government is the answer to all their problems. Until that changes, look for the US to follow Europe on the path to becoming a socialist welfare state.

Could we add just a bit more crazy?

...welfare is approved via the democratic process. So was the freeing of Barrabas.
Nice. The bible says Democracy doesn't work.

And now, I leave you with this word from outer space:

Ron Paul you dodo . . . THE WAR IS OVER



Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Armenian Genocide

If there's ten thing Free Republic hates - and there is - one of them is when other cultures kill. But what do you do when condeming another culture (and thus afirming the ascendancy of American culture) interferes with The Long War?

Many go for the usual attack the Dems, this siding for the war in Iraq, and against recognizing genocide:
This is a deliberate, with malice aforesight, move meant to cripple the war in Iraq and force and early withdrawal.
Maybe not a perfect statement of the law, but clearly marine-iac7 wants to charge the Dems with murder...of the war in Iraq.

So does tomnbeverly:
WHY NOW... TREASON..HR 106. if one U.S. soldier dies because of this incursion or fighting between the Kurds and Turkey every memeber of committe that voted Yea must be held on murder charges....
I must admit, I'm not a fan of the DU forums, but they don't advocate killing or jailing members of Congress too often. Though the president...alright, there's crazies on both sides.

A very few choose to assume there was no genocide:
Republicans should have been smart and introduce a resolution that condemned the revisionist history using the definition without the word genocide
But as stated before, Freepres love genocides, since it makes the US's little booboos look trivial, so not many take this point of view.

A lot of posters point out that the genocide was carried out by the Ottoman Empire and that Turkey is under new management now. Indeed, the resolution condemns the Ottoman Empire, not Turkey. This still pisses off Turkey, though. Who is to blame for the? The Dems:

Again, the Democrats believe the present day Turkish government is responsible for the Armenian deaths. Odds are good none of them will ever actually read their resolution ~ that's staff work doncha' know ~ and most of them don't care one way or the other about the Ottoman Empire, the Turks, or the Armenians. Their only purpose is to force the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq and bring on a genocide.

Democrats love Genocide. Real Americans love victory, and self-respect. They reject cowardice and betrayal.
Take it from muawiyah. The Dems say Ottoman Empire, but they mean Turkey. Also, they would make a resolution aplauding the genocide, if it wasn't for the war in iraq. Cause they love genocide. Also, one may spot Real Americans (Now Capitalized!) due to the fact that they are not fans of betrayal. This can be a good test to use on your friends; betray one, and if they are pissed off, they are not Democrats!


There is a rousing debate regarding whether Turkey is an ally or not.
Today Turkey has good trade relations with Israel

They pretty much always have. Turks and Jews go way back. 1492 is yesterday in comparison.


Turkey betrayed America at the start of the war against Saddam, and they should be punished for what they did.

I personally, do not give a darn how much they are insulted about something that happened almost 100 years ago.

I am insulted about what they did to our American soldiers at the start of this war against Saddam!
I assume this has to do with Turkey not allowing us to send troops through them in the inital rampup to the invasion of Iraq back in 2003. Not many dwell on that, considering the help they give us now, but some never forget. Among those, are Kurdish terrorists, apparently.
If the Turks had let the 4th ID move across Turkey. They'd likely not have the problem with left wing Islamo Nut terrorist type Kurds coming across the border. The Turks have not treated the Kurds of Turkey well, historically speaking. But they also fail to make distinctions between Kurdish groups. And there are big differences. The ones giving them problems have gotten Iranian support, and earlier they got support from a certain Socialist country that is not far from Kurdistan and Turkey.
But wait! The Kurds hate the Turkish, and some of them are commies! Maybe that means the Turks are okay!
Yes we do need to worry about commies in Kurdish territory. What part of WORLD...WORKERS do you not get? They are part of the world organization to disrupt freedom, and democracy. They don't want a free Iraq or a democracy in Turkey. The lying MSM has done it's job well I see.
Aaand we're back to the media. The old hate tropes are a place of comfort when one's ideals clash. Indeed, as when any non-religeous debate on Free Republic gets heated, some members are blamed for being Dem plants:
And there are some self-absorbed FReepers who support this resolution at this time and could care less how this affects the Iraq war and our troops on the ground fighting al Qaeda. I am calling those FReepers out as democrats/liberals posing as conservatives. They are no different than Pelosi and her ilk!
That was the actual font. Yeah. And lo, the voice of huge font did recieve replies:

Absolutely well said.

You are going to see alot of moles surfacing over the next 12 mos. How hard would it be to hide since 2000 or 2004 and come out now as a phony conservative.

Pray for W and Our Troops

I also blame the democrats for people who I disagree with on a conservative web forum! It is the only explanation for philosophical divergance!

In the end, though, Freepers come down against the Democrats by reflex, and this tilts the debate.

Thus, the danger of America becoming Islamic is brought up:

What the Leftists haven’t figured out, is that it is THEIR base who will be most impacted by Sharia law..
The pious Islamists kill perverts, adulterers and blasphemers —— and terribly punish drinkers, gamblers, thieves, whores, drug users and the “immodest”, etc........

This would play HAVOC with the Liberal “Progressive” Leftists of the Democrat base.

The more I think about that, the better it begins to sound.... I’ll have to buy me a Koran and study up!
Also, we must not forget Vietnam!

The Turkish Parliament should issue a resolution condemning US cutoff of funds to its ally in South Vietnam and the resulting murder of hundreds of thousands. They should mention Ted Kennedy’s willingness to feed Vietnamese children to the sharks in the South China Sea.

Perhaps that should be suggested to Turkey from someone on this board. E-mail to the president of Turkey. I have a draft saved.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Why Rudy will never be President.

Rudy Giuliani is currently the front runner in the Republican primary, despite his position on Guns, Abortion, and Gays. But, from reading Free Republic, I have become convinced that he cannot win the general election.

Free Republic did purge Rudy supporters from it's rolls in April, but that doesn't mean that it's dislike of Rudy isn't significant. Free Republic represents the conservative base of the Republican party. Generally, the base can be counted on to go vote for it's party, regardless of who the candidate is. Indeed, the Republican party's great investments in getting out the vote show how important they realize this effect is.

Therefore, the fact that many on Free Republic wouldn't vote for Rudy over even Hillary is important. It means Rudy has about a 20% deficit to make up.

But you're not here for the analysis; you're hear for the quotes:

Originator of the site Jim Robinson actually made a Rudy hate thread:

If you will just agree to the murdering of your children, then we can win the presidency.


Rudy Tooter
Note the nickname. If you get a nickname, it is not a good sign. And it goes without saying that the right to choose does not mean you abort your children.

To be sure, some argue that a vote for Rudy is a vot against Hillary:
Rudy, warts and all, is orders of magnitude better than the Hildabeast.

Dennis Prager recently stated that conservatives would be fools to 'let the perfect be the enemy of the good' with respect to a potential Giuliani candidacy: voting 3rd party or staying home on election day is half a vote for HER. I just hope everybody on FR remembers that when the time comes, because if she wins, we can kiss the America we know and love goodbye.

Yes, this odd mixture of quoting the right wing punditocracy and insulting nicknames is what passes for informed debate in Free Repbulic. Well, unless the Bible is involved; then it gets pretty deep.

The reply:

Dear bassmanner,

“... ‘let the perfect be the enemy of the good’ ...”

I’d be happy to vote for the good if the perfect isn’t available.

But I won’t for the evil.

Mr. Giuliani’s presidency would be evil.


Not sure why it must be in the form of a letter, but the declarative, manichaestic statement is quite difficult to rebut.

SoConPubbie agrees.

I could care less about sophistication.

Usually, as is the case in this example, all that means is someone has sold out their morals and honor for some other goal.
that kind of common sense really allows one to not think hardly at all!

The argument that Rudy will appoint conservative judges has somewhat more traction, with most saying "wait til after the primary." But some cannot be convinced

It's a long wait for SCOTUS appointments and the ship of state has a large leak that is not waiting. We still might get another Warren appointment. And SCOTUS appointments are only one perk of the Executive, but the slowest and most drawn out.

Rudy has not committed to using the other executive powers to further conservative principles of government, just the slowest and least controllable one. Why? I don't like the answer that comes to mind, so it will take more to convince me, and I'm not seein' it.

Presidents nominate judges, Rooty Toot will nominate liberal judges (NO president has EVER knowlingly nominated a supreme court justice who had a political philosophy that was diametrically opposed to their own).

I love the assumtion that "Rooty Toot" has a political point of view, despite all his flip-flopping.

Another point of view is that the Republican party deserves this, since they've abandoned conservatives (a view I see echoed by liberals):

[W]hen switching from hardcore leftist Cuomo to allegedly right-wing Pataki: gun control and other issues got a LOT worse precisely because Pataki, a socialist at heart, automatically got the blind support of Republicans.

Sometimes the greater of two evils is the better choice: people recognize it as evil.

Good luck with that. I don't see those beyond this site recognizing Hillary as evil any more than only some see Bush as evil.
And let us not forget the denial:
Rudy is a liberal who is trying to play conservative and it is not working except for a very few.
yeah...that means the vast majiority of the country, and the Republican Party is liberal.

Also, since Abortion is involved, let us not foget the jingoism:
Don't Cut and Run, vote pro-life always.
Nicely done; war on terror = abortion. Actually, Free Republic does this a lot. But that's a story for another day.
In conclusion, many on the site hold the following view:
Amen. We cannot beat the democrats by emulating them, and I hope we will not sell our principles (indeed our soul) for the hollow victory of putting a RINO in the white house. I will not.
If the choice is between Rudi an Hilary I will vote 3rd party or leave that part of the ballot blank. I will not vote for an abortionist under any circumstances. If the RINOs take over the Republican party, I will gladly support a prolife conservative alternative.
That alone, coming from the base, is enough the render Rudy unelectable in the general election.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words Saturday

Freeper Pookie posts cartoons everyweekday. Mostly these are editorial cartoons, some published, some quite badly drawn.

But my favorites are the photoshops. An internet original, they strip the message down to the core. And in the case of Free Republic, it is generally mean-spirited and hate-filled:

Not many like Ron Paul. I guess this shopper thinks those that do are nerds...?
A common trope; Hillary the Stalinist. And not a good example of that genre either.
I like this one better.

Ah yes, making fun of a foe's appearance AND animation! Truly high discourse.
Fear the Soros! He controls all, since he gives his money to LIBERALS!
Rawk on!
Ummm, GOP dominance illustrated through Buttsecks? I didn't think that was how they rolled...

All in all, not too good this week. Too much news, and all the good shops of Hillary have already been done...

Here's a good one from the archive:

Okay, this one made me laugh.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore's nobel

When both the hated "Algore" and the UN both win the Nobel, the analysis is light, and the hatred is strong:


Some people react with that peculiar brand of semi-incoherant rage that only the internet allows out uncensored:
Wow. The Nobel Peace Prize. That's the "Miss Congeniality" of awards. As in, "You're a fat, sweaty, ugly cow, so we'll give you this nice shiny trophy if you promise to get the hell off our stage." Gore is a hypocritical, bloated old phallus cephalis. I bet he got beat up every day on the playground. Now all he has is crap-science and an audience of tapioca-brained morons.
"phallus cephalis?" Cause "Penis Brain" would be too uncouth.

Al Gore: Secret racist, polluter and terrorist (it's genetic):
This Al Gore, who’s father voted AGAINST the Equal Voting Rights Act of ‘64 - This Al Gore who refused to allow black secret service near his family in the White House - This Al Gore who has been cited twice by the EPA for illegal mining runoff into the Caney Fork river from his farm in Carthage,Tennessee - is funded (like all the eco groups) by Arab dollars and anyone else fearful of America becomming self-sufficient on it’s own oil supplies.
Also, in an interesting move, a commenter attacked Gore for failing out of the very leftist institutions the right wing generally has such distain for:
The same Gork who flunked out of divinity school, and, in a very rare double play, resigned from law school before exams the next year because he was going to flunk again.
Now, I never got the whole "algore" title as an insult, but seeing "Gork," I suppose you've got to work with what you got.

Of course, many just rely on the actually amusing stylings of South Park, and the "manbearpig" references and pictures abound. My favorite, resplendent in it's lameness:
Man Bear Prize


2002: Jimmy Carter, United States (I've never met an anti-American dictator I didn't like)
1994: Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (See a Jew... Kill a Jew)
1988: The U.N. Peacekeeping Forces (Pedophiles Without Borders)
UN = pedophiles? Glad the freepers are consolidating their enemies, even if it is at the expense of logic.

The ultimate confirmation that man-made global warming is a myth.
If the Nobel Prize Committee likes it, it must be false (sorry photoelectric effect!)

To be fair, there are some who acknowledge that the other nobel prizes are cool, and it's just the peace price that sucks.


Hang on, it's gonna be a bumpy ride:

Our enemies are doing a bang up job of at infiltrating and riping up all organizations and traditional role models in an attempt to create a new dependence.

Alas, AlQueda's plan to use the nobel peace prize to take down America has been thwarted by Earthdweller

Or maybe it was someone more insideous than AQ...

I always thought his reaction to the election in 2000 was so odd. It was if the election had been “arranged” in some way for him to win, not by any fair or square ways and in the end some one had double-crossed him or lost the nerve. Evidently his ability to manipulate other things such as the Nobel prize or the Oscars is more effective.

Damn you Gore, you stole the election from Bush, and now you're stealing the Nobel Prize!


Stephen Colbert asks us to think with our gut, not with our head. cajungirl follows his directions to the letter:

I am thinking.

Assume a dem is the next Pres {mostly due to internal republican politics and our falling apart}.

Would you rather Hillary or Al?

I have to say, while Al gives me a more visceral nauseated feeling, Hill is more dangerous. Al would destroy the economy but Hill would change the country.

Yeah...thinking...who makes you more nauseated?

Now there's a thought.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coulter's "Jews need fixing" remarks

Ann Coulter needs to keep topping herself each time her annual book comes out. This time she really outdid herself though, saying that, as a Christian she “just wanted Jews to be perfected,” or converted to Christianity.

Now this puts Free Republic, and the conservative movement in general, into a helluva bind. Because not all conservatives are evangelical Christians. From what I can tell, you’ve got at least four types that remain on FR after the April purge: Evangelicals, secular social conservatives, war hawks, and anti-tax people. Thus, Coulter’s comment, while correctly stating Evangelical religious dogma, cuts across FR’s coalition. Let’s join the fun:

The original poster, FrouFrou, doesn't seem to be taking Coulter seriously, kicking things off with the delightfully sassy

Oh no, she didn't!

dblshot does not take Coulter so lightly, however:

So stating Christian doctrine is now shocking? That says more about our society than it does about Ann.

This leads to a chorus of agreement and scripture quoting. However, skeeter decides to take the fight to the secular enemy:

I am amazed how easily self described non-Christians can be offended by essential Christian doctrine.

Whats it to them since they've chosen not to believe? And why do many become infuriated because there are those that choose to believe?

To this, Mr. Jeeves cannot remain silent, and points out that

It's the ongoing attempt in recent decades to elect legislators and appoint judges who would write such beliefs into law that is worrisome to non-Christians - and no less so than with Muslims trying to do the same thing with Sharia law.

Damn! Someone played the Muslim Sharia card! Indeed, AnotherUnixGeek does the same thing a bit lower in the thread.

Skeeter interprates this to be an attack on his voting rights, and says

I guess you are offended that christians should participate in the democratic process. Tough sh*t.

muawiyah finds an exception to the American's general fear of theocracy:

The issue is "abortion". I assure you Islam doesn't particularly care if Christian children are slaughtered in the womb.

But while some trade barbs about the viability of theocracy, others attack the messenger. Or their version of the messenger:


A transcript, provided by Media Matters, follows. *

I quit reading right there.


What’s wrong with some of you?

This was another MEDIA MATTERS attempt to smear a conservative.


Some of you are falling for it, hook, line and sinker. No questions asked.

THINK, people, THINK

coffe260 posted the entire transcript (the bolding of selected text indicates it was taken from media matters, hilariously enough) and AndyTheBear, as well as others, use this as an excuse to dismiss the whole thing:

The whole transcript puts it in perspective. Deutsch was pushing for something to be offended at and had to twist the context in an absurd way to achieve his goal.

The knee jerk Ann critics on this thread screwed up big time, and are as precisely as obnoxious as they falsely accuse Ann of being.

They owe her a big apology, but I'm not holding my breath.

To sum up, the reaction is some religious sniping but mostly people attacking the transcript in order to let their beloved Ann off the hook. However, it should be noted that in the last year there has been a marked drop-off of people posting pictures of Ms. Coulter's willowy form.

Blinders; is there anything they can't solve?

Inaugural post is the largest and busiest political forum in the world. It’s political influence on the GOP is undeniable. While it is more decentralized than other conservative websites, the zeitgeist of the conservative base of the Republican Party is no more evident than at

I’ve been visiting Free Republic at least once a day for the past four years. Now, I hope to let you share in the experience that is lurking on Free Republic. The Schadenfreude, the anthropological insights, and the sometimes horror that watching this site has brought me.