Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Pix

Reverse racists love to use "cracker" so Freepers are gonna take it back!

Aww, Freepers are no longer thrilled with Obama. He's dooomed!

This argument also works with Regan and Bush!

That is one sinister looking donkey!

Any pic of Michelle Obama, this face shows up. Oy.

Obama likes it, it mus suck!

Friday, July 30, 2010


There is a rumor Obama might release an executive order about immigration. This is yet another last straw:

defines tyranny down:

As Levin has noted, this is called tyranny.

Al l that voting might be seen as a counterexample there. Also how Congress and the Supreme Court exist.

Blood of Tyrants agrees:

We are in a dictatorship. Obastard has decided the he will do what he wants to HELL with the law, the people, and the Constitution.
Yeah! Executive orders mean dictatorship!

fhayek elides Rome and Nazi Germany:

Rome was a republic. Then a popular dictator took over, and the republic was no more. And just because you love this dictator, does not mean that you won’t be first in line for the ovens when the next dictator takes over.

2harddrive has a plan:

Ladies and Gentlemen: The CORRECT answer is for a 2nd Constitutional Convention to be held...we only need 1 or 2 more states to agree...and for that august body to then DISSOLVE the United States of America! With that dead carcass out of the way, the delegates could then form a NEW government, one that is of, by, and for the PEOPLE!

Razmataz has a different, no less hilarious plan:

When this so called president effects this situation,
we should all vow to go to Washington DC and stand
in front of the Congressional buildings and just throw a
noise fit EVERY DAY until the Congress puts articles of
impeachment into place and votes the sorry b...ard out of
office. And at the same time... the not abiding by the wish
of us... THEIR EMPLOYERS will bring the same thing over
and over... LITERALLY showing the voice of the American
people. If we do not... then we will be agreeing to the coup
that is going on right this minute.

1COUNTER-MORTER-68 may be having a breakdown:

Roger Dat!,,,Huurrraaaggg!!!,,,


Bayonet Fixed,,,

My Battle Station is Manned~N~Ready!!!

You outta hear the talk at the local gun show,,,

The folks in my AO are highly PISSED about the way the

gubmint is skrooo’in them,,,

The Battle Flags are up...


Why Obama did the wikileaks leak

Something bad happened, so Obama must be responsible. See, Obama is simultaneously an evil chess-master and a Soros puppet. The only question is what his motivation may be. Freepers supply many:

NativeNewYorker knows Obama could have stopped this, though doesn't know why:
Well, they couldn’t tell the German and UK papers not to publish, but we know the NY Times and the Dems are one-and-the-same. If Soetero didn’t ring up Pinch and ask him not to publish, it means Axelrod WANTED the material released. It’s just that simple.
derekr44 sees patterns in how Obama tries to fix things that go wrong:

Anybody else see a pattern, or am I the only one?

Administration attempts to regulate internet usage.
Administration “doesn’t stop” military data leak.
Administration now pushes harder to regulate internet usage.

Administration attempts to regulate domestic oil production.
Administration “doesn’t stop” BP gulf oil leak.
Administration now pushes harder to regulate domestic oil production.

Administration attempts to regulate financial markets.
Administration “doesn’t stop” recession from spreading.
Administration now pushes harder to regulate financial markets.

I swear I’m seeing a pattern...

It's amazing how if you assume Obama is neglecting stuff on purpose, things seem sinister!

Eye of Unk thinks this is just a distraction so Obama

All this wikileaks has done is draw attention away from Obamas problems, such as Kagan who may have been instrumental in diverting the first eligibility cases approaching the SCOTUS.

Also is Obamas plummeting ratings, his constant escaping from Presidential duties which really is a joke there as he never qualified to be President in the first place and now the weekly vacation.

Obamas world is imploding, he needs a diversion no matter what even if it does give hime some negative image, in as such as these leaked war documents I believe Obama ordered it to be leaked deliberately.

Joe 6-pack thinks the internet is the endgame:
I think the end game here is internet regulation under the aegis of national security.
All Blue State, on the other hand, thinks Obama is just blaming Bush:

The leaks are from activities during the Bush Era, our President Obamination is changing the subject back to Bush. This is a political move.

2ndDivisionVet has yet another theory:
Where do you think these traitors got the classified documents from in the first place? This gives Dear Leader an excuse to leave the Middle East & Afghanistan and the Taliban & Al Qaida carte blanche. That was the plan!! If something doesn't make sense, remember, he's a MUSLIM!!

Why do blacks get to use the N-Word?

Freepers seem to be stuck behind the times. Obama on the view says whites and blacks are both 'mongrel people.' Freepers are not happy they don't get to say such things. Well, not really, they just want to attack Obama on another racial front:

TheThinker doesn't believe in context. But does like beating the corpses of Democrats:

I guess Obama agrees with KKK Byrd when he called African Americans race mongrels who would degrade America.

holden knows what Obama was thinking: reparations!
The difference, of course, is that white mongrels aren't deserving of reparations, THUS SPAKE ZEROBAMSTER. You see, the white man made blacks to be mongrels, and therefore the administration has the same right to extract reparations compensatory damages in the form of a totally-controlled by Barry slush fund as it did in the case of $20B of BP money.
That slush fund meme seems to have some traction. We'll see if it gets to Black Panther level.

savagesusie also thinks the use of mongrel somehow shows Obama to hate white people:

Wow! His hate for America and what they “did” to the so called “Black” race is tangible. Freudian slip.....or intentional (conceit that the press will ignore it)— I think it was an intentional slap in the face at the history of this nation and the MSM will ignore it.

He is so warped by hate he can not stand the success of “white” people over the centuries. He wants to destroy all whites. His extreme jealousy and hatred is obvious.

redpoll hates how smug the liberals in his head are:

Ah, more elitist crap from our Sun King.

“We” know more about it? Really? Why is it that every single “white” person I know of who has married outside their ethnic group or religion - which is just about everyone - gleefully describe themselves as “mutts” or “halfbreeds” or “Heinz 57”? And I’ve heard that for the past 50 years, ever since I emerged into the world as a combination of a dozen different nationalities and three major world religions.

Heinz 57? Who the crap does redpoll hang out with?

norton manages to use this to compare Obama to Hitler.
"...the term "mongrel" has been used by racists in the nation's past." I believe it was also used by Adolph Hitler to define Americans in general.
(Maybe it's just a fascist thing.)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chelsea Clinton is unacceptably rich

Chelsea Clinton's wedding was a lavish affair. While Limbaugh's opulent nuptials were totally classy, liberals can't have nice things:

Dumpster Baby is just a dick:

That’s one expensive pork chop hung around her neck so some dog would play with her!

Cue the "Web Hubble is her real dad!" "She's still ugly" posts.

tumblindice would like to remind us that the Clintons are white trash:
A large razorback will be roasted by the see-ment pond, then all invited guests will retire to the Billiard Room to dine high off the hog on the plush green felt, using pot-passers to spear the swine-flesh, and all under the visage of the mighty, mounted Billiard.
goseminoles thinks marrying one's high school sweetheart is awful:
She’s picking a jew because he’s probably the only guy she’s been with. If she met him in 93, she was 13. Poor girl never had a chance to play the field.
Note: she has had other boyfriends (that link is full of Freeper Chelsea love as well, if you can't get enough)

Venturer hates rich people:

Wouldnt it be great if all the people the Groom’s father scammed out of their money showed up and demanded admittance? Or if all the people who got sick from the tainted blood Bubba sold showed up and asked for a piece of the cake.

One of the things that really gets to me is that we all know of their past. We all know what crooks ,perverts, and scam artists they are and yet they unashamedly show their arrogance by parading themselves and their ill gotten wealth in from of the nation.

Worse yet many Americans think this is great.

Well, he hates rich people that are liberals:

Lorianne goes off message to bash Obama:

Chelsea is creating more jobs than Obama.

UCANSEE2 is worried about the Jew angle:
Mezvinsky knows a good investment when he sees one.

Smart Jewish boys usually do.

Which reminds me.

With HILLARY'S known disdain for Jews, why is her daughter marrying a Jewish man?

Is this going to be a Jewish Wedding?

Will Bill and Hillary claim they ARE Jewish?

How come this nightmare just keeps going and I never wake up?

Because you are a crazy person.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So says historyrepeatz. He and all the Freepers turn the hyperbole meters up to 11 in response to the temporary injunction to the Arizona immigration law:

ExTexasRedhead thinks this will lead to revolution just as soon as Al Qaeda gets it's act together:

Americans won’t be pissed enough until one of the Al Qaeda operatives that has crossed into our country via Arizona blows up a mall or a city. Meanwhile, the Ruling Class has the best protection our tax dollars can buy. It is We The People that will suffer the consequences of these Liberal Traitors.

Then, the feces will fly.

Parley Baer is more pithy:
Al Queda just won.
Yaelle agrees:
"To Arizona!!! Everyone!!! Praise Allah!!"
TaraP thinks this ruling was prophesied in the Bible:

Lawlessness and Apostasy

running AMOK!

Illegal Immigration and Homosexuality!

Yahusha’ spoke of the “increase of lawlessness” (Matthew 24:12). And Paul wrote about the man of lawlessness and the secret power of lawlessness. Lawlessness may be defined as an action or way of life “not regulated by or based on law.”

TaraP follows up by noting that Obama may be an Illegal Demon:

We have an *Illegal Alien* running the Country from the White House!

Wether or not he is a Kenyan Illegal or a Demon Illegal
he is illegal in everu sense of the word!

The melding of illegal and immoral is very interesting. I would like to see that anti-Demon legislation!

katiedidit1 blames Obama:

Obama refuses to go to Arizona, refuses to address the Boy Scouts but he goes on “The View” Our country is hemorhaging while Obama hides.

America will die unless Obama makes more meaningless gestures!!

240B has taken a stand:
this year, based on all the Democrats, I didn’t file a tax return.

What the Liberals do not realize is that they are making themselves irrelevant. Once you say, ‘The Law does not apply to me or my buddies’, then why does it apply to me?

FU, I’m not giving you any license or registration or anything. Go to hell. There is no Law anymore. There is no citizenship anymore.

In this environment, I would actually prefer to be illegal.

Yeah, right. Somehow I doubt you are on the run from the IRS cause that's better than paying your taxes.

Logical me knows what this means: Communism!

America is now a total communists nation. If you cannot see that then you are not up to speed on what a communists nation is like. King Obama just kicked this judge in the as@ and she caved in. Anyone has any questions how communism works? We are done!! Civil war and now is the only way America can be saved. America has no law and the communists Democrats will be in power forever.

Umm, I don't think that word means what you think it means...

John O has been forced into racism by this ruling!

They have now forced us to racially profile. Anyone who looks hispanic has got to be treated as an illegal alien since we have no way to determine if they are legal or not.

Do the legal latinos realize the damage they have just done to themselves? There are no longer any legitimate reasons to hire a hispanic.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Potpurri

massgopguy predicts BUY GOLD

FDR confiscated the gold. So did Fidel. Barack will too.

olezip is blind to irony:
It is time for John McCain to retire and support JD. Especially when he is reduced to calling names, a Democrat strategy. Democrats have no soul, no vision, and are unenlightened; they quickly resort to name calling because they have nothing else, nothing but lust for power to tax and spend.
Yes, it is the left that resorts to name calling. Do you even read Free Republic?

piytar makes irony meter explode:

Thugocracy. Fascism. Welcome to the Obamanation’s “America.”

Ironically, misguided leftdolts said similar things about Bush. They were idiots. It’s called projection.

SkyPilot hates gays:
There is a Provincetown MA. Tip of the cape.

A beautiful spot created by God, fouled by the worst and most disgusting people on the planet today.

He really posted that picture. THESE most disgusting people on the planet today?

Le Chien Rouge lives a life of danger:

Top ten List of people on the ‘assassination program’:

1) Sarah Palin
2) Rush Limbaugh
3) Glen Beck
4) Anne Coulter
5) Rev Manning
6) Roger Ailes
7) Congressman Paul Ryan
8) Michelle Bachman
9) John Bolton
10) Anyone who reads posts on Free Republic.

Freepers: always living on the edge!!

Extremely Extreme Extremist thinks Breitbart is a super genius cause he committed fraud on the media once again!
Does anyone realize just how effectively Breitbart and Beck completely played the Obama administration for fools?

Breitbart puts the video out there, the WH makes a knee-jerk decision, and Beck and others say that she was wronged. Meanwhile Sherrod knows that she was just a tool. Now Obama has egg on his face in front of the blacks who support him.

This was a brilliant, defining masterstroke that ranks right up there with Palin's "Death Panel" comment. We have to start using the Left's tactics against them. Breitbart knows how to play dirty.
Whatta champion! ALINSKY!

Candor7 uses logic beyond logic:
Sherrod is a racist. Why are people concentrating ono what she said in context. Her whole mind set is uncompromisingly rascist.And that translates to contuinued action. "He should get help from his own kind," even uttered inn the ontext of a person attemptingto trabscend reacism is enough to show that she is merely Hoilder qualified for her job.

A racist is a racist is a racist.

Hey!Lets offer David Duke a $400,000 annual salary plus benefits and see how quickly he can make the atonement song and dance,and then hire him!

You bet they fell on their swords, the entire Fascist Czar administration thought it was true at first BECAUSE IT IS!

klva thinks Cantor is disqualified because of this horrifying secret:

I think it was Cantor that went to a Britney Spears concert while the Dems were trying to push something terrible through last year. And he wasn’t taking his daughter or anything like that. He actually admitted this! This is who we have representing the GOP!! God help this country!!!

No one who likes Britney is fit to lead the GOP!

ClearCase_guy thinks this is the Holocaust. Right now.

Not enough people realize that we're living through the whole "When they came for the Jews, I did not speak up because I was not a Jew ..." scenario.

The Left has picked out enemies and positions and is taking no prisoners. Conservatives have spent years trying to pick their battles, make common cause, and seek compromise. Now we're in the cross-hairs and no one is out there, coming to our rescue. The media was taken by the Left. The schools were taken by the Left. Banking, Cars, and Energy have been co-opted by the Left. No one will speak out for us, so we better stand up and fight back for ourselves.
SunkenCiv is pretty excited about voter intimidation attempts:
Time to start organizing taser-equipped "poll watchers" and heavily armed backup keeping things under observation from nearby.
April Lexington takes the Journolist fiasco to...interesting places.
This is a conspiracy of DOMESTIC ENEMIES. They were supposed to be the Fourth Estate. The guardians of our freedom. They abused that privilege and conspired to elect a communist activist who is hell bent on destroying the United States and its middle class.

Millions of people are hurting because of the actions of these people. 20% employment. 50% plus employment among Blacks and it was caused by the actions of these *ssholes. NOT BUSH... These peckers.

They must be brought to justice. Either by the justice system or by the people. YOU WANT A REVOLUTION? COMMUNIST? WE'LL GIVE YOU A F*CKING REVOLUTION, BILLY AYERS...

Monday, July 26, 2010


Rangle's ethics are catching up with him. Freeper are not happy that it's the Dems who are prosecuting:

ZeitgeistSurfer thinks this is a distraction from Dem's true evil:
Rangel is the sacrificial lamb designed to (1) send a message that the Dems are taking out the garbage and (2) divert attention from all the other Dem malefactors. Be prepared for other diversionary manouevers.
ILS21R wants us to know the press is liberal:

“Rep. Charles Rangel broke ethics rules, House panel finds”

Washington Post declares day of mourning.

piytar is unhappy:

And the cosequences will be? NOTHING.

Rangel is a donk. That means the SRM won’t cover this. The fGOP is too spineless to make it an issue. And the donk run Congress won’t even slap him on the wrist.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Pix

If you support Sarah "Refudiate" Palin, you cannot make fun of mis-speaking.

Killing folks you don't like solves so many problems!

Wow. That's not dark humor, it's just creepy.


If you read Free Republic, you know it's the Freepers that can't quit Alinsky.

Oh, the irony!


Haw! Thay photoshopeed Biden to be poor! Hilarious!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Andrew Breitbart is awesome!

The Shirley Sherrod narrative is beginning to gel on Free Republic. It seems she is totally racist and should have been fired. And the blogger who posted an edited clip online? He's done nothing wrong. Cause she was racist, so his clip was fake but accurate!

Sarah Barracuda thinks Sherrod is gonna take Obama down with her being super racist and all:

Sherrod is now the female Jeremiah Wright..they can find tapes of things she said in the past and what she says in the future..she is gonna be a HUGE liability for Dick Morris said last night, she is Wright but working on the inside. She should have been fired for just mentioning her political views during this event.

SmokingJoe knows what blacks do:
Here we go again.
The inevitable shakedown from the race hustlers begins.
Brietbart is not the federal government. He is not going to fold and pay out free money to some racist African-American woman like the federal government did from our tax dollars. Bring it on!
AbeKrieger thinks some folks might call him racist:

I am certain my comments would be construed as racist by any damned liberal who reads them, but WHY does every wronged African-American make everythign about GITTIN PAID? I think it just validates the white racists’ perception, each and every time it happens. Not about justice, it’s about the Benjamins.

Besides saying all black folks act like this, the use of black dialect? Yeah, I don't wonder people think he's racist.

Eva buys in to Brietbart's attempt to ass-cover:

Now, it is Sherrod who is taking the posting out of context. Breitbart’s intent was not so much to expose Sherrod as a racist (or former racist) as it was to expose the NAACP as a bunch of racists who cheered on the racist account of a civil servant under-serving a White citizen.

The left is trying to say that Sherrod was the focus of the story. She was not. The focus of the story was the audience and their positive reaction to a story of anti-White bigotry.

Makes one wonder why Brietbart called his link "“In this piece you will see video evidence of racism coming from a federal appointee and NAACP award recipient.” Probably just a typo!

dfwgator on how black people are all racist. At least I think that's what he's saying:
I was born a poor, black, racist child. But I got better.

"Lord loves a working man, don't trust whitey, see a doctor and get rid of it."
Mr. K thinks it was a conspiracy gone awry!

i think it was a setup of Breitbart- but he STILL played it masterfully

The white house even fell for it

Breitbart correctly pointed out that the NAACP audience id the bigger issue here- when she was explaining how she acted racist toward some white farmers they were ALL FOR IT!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Global Warming - the hottest hoax around!

Freepers get ahold of a a British article saying this is going to be the hottest year since 1880 in terms of worldwide average temp. The causal relationship between this and global warming is probabilistic, but that's close enough to put Freepers into full attack mode. Against a number.

piytar denies. And then re-denies, just in case:

Just more lies. They never stop.

And even if true, did the world end in 1880? Nope. So who cares?

depressed in 06 has an anecdote that disproves everything:

Didn’t I just see stories of people freezing in Buenos Aires.

Yes, because global warming can never cause anything to be too cold!

DoughtyOne is also not too hot, so nothing is going on:

Here in Glendale, California, on the northern border of Los Angeles, we have had one of the most mild first half of the year spells, I’ve ever witnessed.

June Gloom is a term coined to describe the onshore marine layer that frequently blankets the Southland during that month. This year, between 80 to 90% of the days since January 1st, have been these types of days, or simply cold due to winter weather.

We’ve had our air conditioner on twice this year. We haven’t had our heater on that I can remember.

The weather has been very mild, not too cold and not too hot.

I’ve had two of the lowest power bills I’ve had in the last seven years.

Other parts of the nation may be seeing hot weather, hotter than usual, but every single year records are set somewhere. That’s just life.

yefragetuwrabrumuy does some commons sense science, the truthiest kind:

So importantly, extrapolate this to Earth. What does it mean if the summers are unusually hot, yet the winters are unusually cold?

It obviously means that our greenhouse effect, caused by our thermosphere, is much weaker than normal. Conversely, if Earth had a greater greenhouse effect, things would just be a little bit warmer year around, but summers would be cooler than normal, and winters would be warmer than normal.

And this is real climate change. Whatever the opposite of the greenhouse effect is, we are experiencing it. And there is not a single thing we can do about it.

PROCON likes some statistics, but not others:

Thanks Jack, it’s funny how true statistics don’t lie!

I guess True Statistics go hand in hand with Real Americans.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shirley Sherrod: Still Racist!

Freepers are going for the overreach about this whole Shirley Sherrod edited tape incident. It just touches on too many narratives. It shows Obama is a fool, Obama is racist, Brietbart is a tactical genius, and Sherrod is still racist.

Frantzie has made up his mind:

Obama acted stupidly.

This is such BS. She is racist who hates “whitey” and now they will make her into a martyr. I bet she gets millions too.

Stupid whites who voted for this.

Niteflyr has analyzed Sherrod's body language, if not her actual words:
Not only that Sherrod herself was smiling as if this was funny what she was saying......Ms. Sherrod was no contrite angel in the video I saw......there is much that does not show in the text is everything.
PA-RIVER just goes full Stormfront:
They have lost White Americans.

There's no point in apologizing for hating white Americans.
Freddd gets a lot of kudos for this artfully vague condemnation of Obama:

Finally the Obama White House got caught in it’s own web of racist deceitfulness.

What is the web? Who knows!

LadyBuck just hates liberals:

I’m assuming she’s going to be reinstated.

Of course she will - she’s one of “his own”

(translation: a fellow Marxist federal trough-feeder)

Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! is one of those newfangled non-riming poets.
Sadly that is it in a nutshell. A partisan hack,radical leftist, progressive-communistic idiot; that knows exactly what he is doing as he does not even try to pretend to be any where near moderate like the Clinton's. So he is a political idiot but a wise usurper, treasonous radical-
as he fooled m a n y to get elected.

Obama is blatantly

Destroying America

Race baiting

Class war fare

Race war fare
Repeat Offender on the awesome tactics of Brietbart!
I wouldn't be surprised if Breitbart gave Glenn the heads up with a request "let this stew for a day."

Beck and Breitbart have had pretty good timing in giving ACORN, the WH et el just enough rope (time/video) to hang themselves with.

I wouldn't be surprised if later this week or sometime next week further videos are released, or more light is shed on the USDA/black farmers class action with Sherrod at center stage.
Alinsky lol!

There's millions of'em warns it's a trap!

The entire incident is a clever ambush designed to bring down talk radio, and the internet sites that expose the administration.

Tea Party Coherence fail

In the aftermath of the epic fail that was the "Dear Lincoln" letter by the head of the Tea Party Express, some group called the Tea Party Federation has disowned them, as would be politically savvy. But Freepers are not ones to avoid doubling down on stupid. They jump behind the Express with both feet and an entire roll of tin foil:

Jim Robinson, the head Freeper thinks the lack of organization is what makes the Tea Party so cool!

As soon as we have leaders, even self-appointed leaders, we get this shit. We don’t need it or them!!

As noted elsewhere, the TEA Party is a movement, not a formal organization and it should remain so if it wants to remain effective. If you organize it, you kill it.

The TEA Party is a spontaneous grassroots movement that arose to fight against unconstitutional big government intrusion into our lives, regardless of organization or political party!!

Go leaderless TEA Party!!

Rebellion is brewing!!

He's been signing all his posts "Rebellion is brewing!!" lately.

FrankR thinks this is some kind of Alinzky conspiracy!
it's an "alinsky-inspired" move to isolate and divide the TEA party movement.

Actualy TEA party patriots that have been pulled into this "FEDERATION" had better run away as fast as they can.

The "Federation" is the Ross Perot of the TEA party movement, divide and conquer.

Don't lose focus...
caddie thinks this Federation itself is a conspiracy fomented by CNN!
Moles posing as conservatives, a la Alinsky.

CNN probably in on it. Maybe the ringleaders of this particular circus.

We need to develop instincts to see this for what it is in real time.

It's happening.

These guys on the left play filthy dirty.

manc has a beef. It may not be relevant, but it is full of ALL CAPS!


RC2 thinks that America is full of Conservatives, except they are all too lazy to vote I guess.
I do agree with the idea that the silent majority needs to start stepping up and push the liberals out. There are approximately two to three times more conservatives. If they would get involved with our country, the liberals wouldn’t stand a chance.
GOPJ blames Obama:

Expelling groups without a membership vote is the “Chicago Way”. Maybe Obama and thugs are running the Tea Party...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Obama bombs Oil Exec's wife

In a story I have not heard much of elsewhere, a mail bomb seems to have been sent to the home of an oil company executive. It injured a the woman who opened it, albeit nonseriously. Not wiling to simply blame environmentalists or assuming it was a liberal, Freepers tryto pin this on Obama:

jumps straight from the blaming to the bumper sticker:

Thanks Obama. A divider not a uniter

PghBaldy thinks the President should never voice disapproval of anyone he doesn't want dead:

This is what happens when an out of control dictator named B Hussein Obama villifies oil company executives.

penelopesire decries the press' silence. Cover up!
I agree that this takes eco terrorism to a new level. It could have been some ‘lone wolf’ inspired by our president as well. This is the real reason the press wants to obscure the facts surrounding this case. They don’t want to hurt the left or Zero. Same reason the press is not reporting on the Black Panther story and a host of other stories that paint the true picture of the marxists in this country and in this administration.
my headline would read:


Possible backlash from Obama's Administration's Hostility to Oil & Gas?

Authorities are focusing on Green and Eco-Terror groups as likely perpetrators of the heinous attack.


Good poll question:

Do you think the people who committed this crime have heard this clip, and if they had, do you think that they might have thought at the time that this would be a good way to help Barack Obama “kick some ass?”

Yes it would be a good question, but is too honest to ever be asked.

DBrow has an interesting idea of who the Unabomber targeted:

Domestic terrorism? Hate crime?

This is what Napolitano and DHS has been warning us about, I bet they get right on this.

Only took 20 years to catch Unibomber, after all, and he targeted enemies of Progressives too.

Universities are enemies of progressives now?

grey_whiskers would like to point out something else about the Unabomber:
Don't forget. He went to Harvard. Cheers!

New Black Panthers are scary wimps

The News Black Panthers feed into Freepers' angry black man narrative so well Freepers cannot resist talking them up. But their guns are so small as well:

mojitojoe analyzes the angry black man mindset:

He hate whitey because he is jealous of whitey.

Blacks aren't victims, they're jealous! Of whiteness!

Anti-Bubba182 thinks those teo dudes outside the voting booth are the start of reparations or something:
These guys were always racist and Obama and Holder know it! The important thing this illustrates is the race payback policy played by this administration.

Notice how Press Secretary Gibbs pretended he hadn't heard about the incident. MSM isn't covering this either and they both hope the publicity will go away. It won't.
a fool in paradise thinks it was all Muslims:
Just as the actions of the "lone nut" terrorists do not reflect on the teachings of the same radical Imam. Right.
Popman knows Freepers are more manly than these dudes:

I would bet good money that many FReepers personal arsenal would make these homeboys pee in their panties. I only have five. (I know noob material LOL )

I also would bet good money not one of these asshats have ever been to a range and based on the way they were handling their weapons, they probably haven't shot more than a few rounds to circle jerk themselves.
RWGinger pegs the irony meter:

what is saddest of all about those pics is the dudes think they rre cool and scary.
pissants all

Monday, July 19, 2010

Financial armageddon

Congress passed yet another piece of big legislation! Maybe in reality id didn't do too much, but Freepers cry bitter, angry tears about the world they have lost in their minds:

The Magical Mischief Tour
uses the DOW as a barometer, through only when it goes down:

Stock Markets in free fall after the vote... DOW down almost 100

givemELL likes his sentences large:
WEll, 308 million people have just had their ENTIRE financial life handed over to the Fed Res thru the Bureau established within the FEd Reserve to monitor, control, modify, punish, data collect and report with 10 advisors to be appointed within the Fed Reserve for all policy and enforcement and modification of financial behavior related to the COnsumer “Protection” features.

We have just been globalized by this Congressional abdication of representation of our rights and interests. Like a big, black bag of securitized toxic labor forces, we have been handed over as a tranche of mortgages to extra-national control. Think about it.
Trajan88 kinda calls Obama a winner.

I cannot believe there hasn't been one instance where "O" didn't get what he wanted.

January '13 cannot arrive soon enough.
Yeah...Obama loves him some watered down bills!

St. Louis Conservative never uses facts when cynicism will do:

No, the real burden is going to fall on small banks, small retailers, savings and loans, credit unions and the 99% of hardworking small businesses that don’t have white shoe lobbying firms on retainer.

kevinm13 can see the future.

God Help US! Another monstrous bill from this administration that you have to pass to find out what is in it. I know it will be reaching deep into my wallet, in addition to the tax hikes in 2011, 0bamacare tax increases and cap and tax which already passed the House once, I wonder if there will be anything left in my wallet.

The tax hikes of 2010 may not have materialized, but that just means the tax hikes of 2011 are even bigger!

Texas resident feels terrorized:

I used to think that frank and dodd should be in prison.

Now they should be deported.

This is economic terrorism.

unixfox can't wait for the civil war! He's got his keyboard!

One place they won't rule is Texas. They can try but I will GUARANTEE you they will effing lose!


Monday potpourri.

ilovesarah2012 thinks our President is self-evidently stupid:

Well, Obama is stupid. All those who think he is brilliant are not paying attention.

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo has heard Obama smells bad:
I might get banned for saying this, but AF1 must smell really horrid after having had Michelle and Barack on it for more than a year.

[MODS: Before you ban me, READ THIS.]

If Sarah wins in 2012, then she and Todd are going to need to have 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue fumigated before they & the kids can live there.
Sacajaweau finally put the pieces together:
Not only is Obama insane, I now believe that the rig was sabotaged by the same people responsible for 9-11. Then Obama's actions make sense.
Because Obama was responsible for 9-11?

livius on Obama's madness:

[Obama] has reopened civil war on everybody. Plus he’s a raving nutcase. I think even the people who created this monster, like Frankenstein, can’t control him now.

pallis has something of a plantation mentality. And I do not use that lightly:
Rich people create real jobs and wealth, and as a poor person, I have the greatest appreciation for them.

For instance, the guy who owns the bank we use has several businesses and investments in other businesses.

He has created jobs, futures and security for numerous families over the years.

I can’t say the same for a single poor person I know, me included.

Let the rich people keep their money, and create jobs to help us poor people. At least they aren’t stealing it from us like the government does.
rcrngroup piles on the gay sex analogies to Scott Brown's voting for financial reform:
I had premature hopes that Brown would have some moral principles, however we were wrong. Scott Brown has since LOVED the fawning attention from butt-boy Barney Franks & his effiminate side-kick John E'ffn Kerry.

Plus Scott Brown loves to be pimped & whored by 0b0z0. I'm calling Scott Brown's campaign hq in MA tomorrow and will ream the poor sap who answers the phone.
MrBambaLaMamba, I got nothing to add:

Meanwhile, Charlie Manson is sitting in his cell whispering Helter Skelter over and over to himself while nodding his head yes, silently thanking Obama and friends.

ichabod1 is full of piss and vigor and idiocy. Lots of idiocy.

We haven’t had a real war in my lifetime. I feel cheated.

tumblindice thinks Dems are all weird looking:

A general statement, totally unsupported by any empirical evidence: Have you noticed how photos of freepers and tea party members, and conservatives as a whole, for that matter, look a lot like normal people, people you see on the street, in stores and church, etc., while photos of Democrats look like characters you see at a Halloween costume party?
In that photo you posted, check out Bigfoot’s dresser in that black outfit. She looks like she might be a troll who lives under a bridge.

I think tumblindice might one day walk past some Obama voters and not even know!

ETL on why Clinton's surplus doesn't count:
Clinton benefited greatly by a corrupt stock market and the "dot com" internet bubble. He also saved tons of money by slashing the military budget, while at the same time building up the ChiCom military.
bjorn14 on the cops of various races Obama is prosecuting in the the Danziger Bridge case:

They must be white cops.

Who needs facts when they might get in the way of your racist narrative?

Kaslin heard something super offensive and would like to repeat it:
Another Freeper said yesterday in another thread the Liberals crying Race is like a Hooker crying Rape
Cause ya can't rape a hooker lol lol lol !

Saturday, July 17, 2010

BP plugged the hole? Boooo?

Freepers are none too happy that the BP oil spill may be over.

al baby is pissed this happened on Obama's watch:

WOW just in time for obama to go shot 9 holes before he takes credit for it

ozzymandus thinks this may have hurt the Dems actually:

BP fixed its own problem and cost Obama and the RATS a big campaign issue. Still, the RATS got a $20 billion slush fund out of it. How much of that will go into Harry Reid’s campaign?

Paperdoll thinks BP shoulda whipped this head thing up long ago, but Obama stopped them:

Why didn’t they try this in the first place? Under orders?

Freddd won't believe anything's over! Lies!

Such lies.

It never was about stopping the flow. It’s about the pressure in the well bore. If a hurricane hits, will the well bore hold for 48 hours if they had to leave in the event of a hurricane, and slow the flow with the valves..

that question hasn’t been answered yet.

But elections are coming and they want you to believe the leak is stopped!!

rovenstinez thinks this was a punishment from God. As such, it can't be over.
About a month ago, I felt God lead me to make this a matter of prayer. FIVE Governors of State´s declared Day of Prayer for the Golf Well Mishap.

Today I got an email, from the charismatic prophetic circles, that this thing will BLOW in the middle of the week, and we need to urgently pray. Bob Jones on other occasions has spoken about national events and has been mostly accurate. I really respect those people on the ships working on top of this dangerous situation.

If this thing blows, can we PLEASE not blame Bush, but now blame Obama for cutting out the Day of Prayer for our country?

E. Pluribus Unum
Barry "Crisis" Soetoro is deeply saddened.
erm, I don't think it's Obama who is saddened.

Saturday Pix


Obama is in bed with BP! But Obama also wants to destroy BP! But BP owns Obama! But...but...

Obama can fly AND poop with pants on.

Buffet of manliness. Though this is just to show how gay Obama is. Obama is the gay one...

Freepers really think that without Frannie and Freddie the bundling and credit-default stuff would have ended well!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dialogue is for pussies

Newt Gingrich thinks the tea party should try to talk to the NAACP. Freepers hate them some talking to the enemy, or as they call it "apology tours." They are not happy with Newt's plan:

MNlurker invokes Sun Tzu, cause all politics is exactly like war:

For once the NAACP is actually on the run backing off of their attack. There is a real opportunity to marginalize this race baiting group once and for all and this POS RNC/RINO Gingrich tries to insinuate himself into this.

Sun Tzu would have executed him on the battlefield if he would have called for quarter...

Screw you Newt!

mad_as_he$$ thinks you shouldn't talk. And besides the race war is coming:
Newt STFU. The time for talking has passed. The NAAACP is racist and belligerent - history will show they started what is coming.
GreenHornet hates how liberals never talk.

Why the Hell is our side always the one to “reach out”, to “seek a dialogue”, and to “try to find common ground” with the other side?

Terry Mross thinks dialogue will just be an apology. No idea how he talks to anyone ever.
I can’t believe these cowards. Again, it’s run out and apologize for something you didn’t do. And grovel. The naacp is irrevelant. Pretend they don’t exist. But not the gop. Hell, no! They’ll go apologizing for the Tea Party of which they’re not a member. And believe me, this “dialog” Newt wants will end up in an apology.
Dansong also goes for the talking is surrender idea:
He doesn't speak for us! Duologue = new tone = capitulation.
MozarkDawg okays the "there is no tea party leadership!"
How does a dialog occur between an established organization, with leaders, pre-arranged meetings, etc., and a bunch of ordinary Americans who gather together at random spots all over the country at sporadic points on the calendar, nothing set, no one *in charge* anyway??
The tea party: it can talk to you (and you'd better listen) but you cannot talk to it.

Freepers get behind Mel Gibson

Did not see this one coming. Without even Obama being against him, Freepers have circled the wagons to help Mel Gibson's latest craziness. I guess his religion plus Hollywood makes them think he's a victim like them? Anyhow, here comes the denial:

TaraP thinks this is a Hollywood plot to ruin him:

Can you imagine: A Private Argument you had with your spouse taped then plastered all over the Internet for all to hear...Then going to work to have your BOSS tell you..Based on some leaked tapes about you I have heard, you are *FIRED! the world would go Ape Crazy!

Yet they villify Gibson..WHY because he did not Cowar to the Hollywood Big Wigs and made the Passion of the Christ and made 600 Million without their BS...

G-D is more Powerful than Hollywood and they hate it!

FrankR agrees:
Mel was flying high until he did the "Christ" movie, and they've been trying to "palinize" him ever this doesn't surprise me.

But, I like Mel, I like his movies; I still buy his movies. I'm not going to be judgemental on the "N" word until the black rappers stop using it, and until someone pounces on the Black Panthers for their racial epithets.
E. Pluribus Unum thinks they hate Mel's manly individuality:

There are two kinds of actors, passive pretty boy/girls who wait around for somebody to hand them parts for their looks, and businessmen/women who finance and star in their own films and roll the dice. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose, but they are anything but passive. They don't wait around for someone to hand them a part. They make their own parts.

Guess which kind of actor Mel is?
Deagle thinks Hollywood is full of angry, angry crazy dudes.

Just stupid Hollywood liberal talk. Gibson’s future will be over when his movies don’t make millions. Yes, he is an idiot, but just who isn’t in Hollywood?

UPDATE: Now they've gone off into conspiracy land:

radaronline has pics of her broken teeth, right after he supposedly hit her. Weird that there was no soft tissue damage at all. It looks like her veneers were pried off. I’m withholding judgement for now.

Btw, now the tart is claiming that he slugged the baby. I think she's getting a little out of hand.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Bristol-Levi Marriage.

Freepers are pretty discombobulated about the news that Bristol Palin is getting married to the Palin's (former) nemesis Levi Johnsto. One the one hand, they hate Levi. On the other, Palin can do no wrong. Thus, crazytown.

silverleaf assumes Bristol is still living at home at 19. You'd think he would have a better opinion of the Palins:

Oh yeah, wish them “well” .... when they are both making money by zinging her MOTHER

Posing for magazine covers, proclaiming they are forced to keep their young love hidden from Sarah because “she just doesn’t understand..”


Lou Budvis assumes this is all part of Sarah's master plan:

Of course SP knew all about it, she probably helped arrange it. When Levi publicly apologized to the Palins a little while ago, I was thinking that she was starting to get her ducks in a row for a ‘12 run. She had to get rid of the ‘wacky family’ tag. I’m thinking trust funds have been set up.

beckysueb goes for the "out of wedlock child isn't a big deal" approach:
I think they are just a normal family who has ups and downs but are put in the media spotlight more than other people are. I’m sure Chelsea had her times but the media stays out of it. I’m sure the Obama kids are not perfect but you won’t hear of it. They started in on the Bush daughters, too, but from what I hear, Mama Bush put a stop to that. I seem to remember the Reagans daughter acting up pretty badly durring Reagans term. It just seems like SP’s family is held to a higher standard. The media hates her and are going to milk it for all its worth. Best thing we could do is shrug and say so what.
HighlyOpinionated has some old style advice:

My advice for Bristol would be . . . make it a long engagement. At least eighteen months. And don’t live together, let him court you and prove to you that you’re more important to him than anything or anyone [including himself].

But what about the child?

This proves to ReneeLynn that Palin is a saint
what I admire about the Governor is that she never denied that her 17yro was pregnant, she never rebuked her or left her stranded...her attitude? is what it is....

she has more patience than a lot of us...

Victoria Delsoul worries Levi may be a Dem infiltrator:
OMG, I don't trust Levi at all. Actually, I have the feeling that this guy is being enabled by the democrats to infiltrate the Palin camp again, and if Sarah decides to run in 2012 Levi will strike and do the most damage close to the election by releasing photos, tapes, or any other scandalous information he can get his hands on (legitimate or not). He clearly has no problem lying and making up stories and peddling innuendo, so imagine the damage he could cause Sarah – assuming she runs - if he attacks Sarah a few days before the election with some “bombshell.”

Michelle Obama hates whitey

Michelle Obama went to speak about obesity at the NAACP. Freepers heard a completely different speech, one full of the racist invective they assume Michelle Obama must use all the time.

NoObamaFightForConservatives: talks on obesity is the first step to a race war:
As if it is not enough that her husband aids terrorists and is blatantly committing treason against our his radical wife is race-baiting and trying to incite a racial war.

The Great Martin Luther King is rolling over in his grave.
LibLieSlayer is not happy:
I don't listen to an evil wookie but I did listen to clips on Rush yesterday... and it was all about: YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS... SHE and the GOVERNMENT KNOW BEST... YOU WILL EAT AND DRINK WHAT THE GOVERNMENT TELLS YOU THAT YOU CAN AND NOTHING MORE... then combine that with her evil speech to the naaclp about blacks getting more agressive and that they are still an oppressed race and how they need to battle the enemy and etc etc etc and you have the most evil and corrupt racist first wh0re ever to serve.
race whore? Classy!

Ticonderoga34 sees Michelle Obama's nonexistent race-bating as a tactic

Seems to me that the Obamas are getting a little desperate, playing the race card and all.

Barry doesn’t even have enough guts to do the deed himself. He has to send his wife out to do their dirty work.

Oh well, Michelle is enjoying herself. She hates Whitney, you know. And it her gets out of the house so Barry can play with his......male companions.

Michael Barnes hearkens to the Reign of Terror for some reason.
Just. Wow.

Before these two are done, the guillotine is going to be resurrected for some elitist hide; it'll be all the rage amongst what used to be the middle class.
Lazamataz brings the snark:

I cannot stand being the Hated Cracker Honkey scumbag, the White Devil any more. Can I please be black now? The POTUS and the FLOTUS have convinced me that I, by virtue of the color of my skin, am completely without any merit whatsoever, and that I am to be driven before them in shame, and in exile.

Because that's what the Obamas say.

cripplecreek makes fun of how black folks talk:
I don’t speak jive. We’ll probably get busted when we take the kids down to the hood for ice cream.
ohioWfan wants proof of tea party racism:

There were no "racial epithets." There have been no racist signs.

These people are all filthy liars..........including the person pretending to be first lady.
The internets beg to differ, though if you demand super proof, then I demand the same that Obama is ineligible to be President.

Semperfiwife thinks of the children.

Can you imagine how [the Obama children] are faring in a private school (Sidwell Friends) full of rich, WHITE crackers???? It’s a good thing they import their friends from Chicago in.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1000 Posts

In honor of my 1000'th post (well, that was the last post. This is the 1001th post), here are some of my favorite posts, in no particular order. Feel free to add some of your own in the comments!

The recent pettiness post was awesome.

Torture fantasies

Freepers decide not to start Civil War 2 after all, thus confirming that for all their bluster and death threats, they are pussies no one should be worried about.

B-Chan's opus

The "Obama is a Coon" thread, later pulled.

Freepers yelling about calling Palin a pig, while calling Hillary a pig.

The Fist Bump.

Obama killed his Grandmother cause she knew too much.

Thatcher is so cool, she's a man!

FFranco. The craziest Freeper this side of Quix.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday potpourri.

mpeters knows the black mind:

these Democrat are absolute history— never to return. The Blacks will form a third party as Hillery ousts their racist hero. It will be fun to watch.Rest easy.

Liberty Ship on how even when Obama does something legal, it's illegal:

Nothing Obama does is “legit.” Because Obama himself is not “legit.” Fruit of the poisonous tree.

forgotten man is worried for all whitey-kind:

Affirmative action comes to health care. White males go to end of the line. It is our duty to die. Celebrate diversity.

Marty62 is not a fan of Obama's new recess appointment. All he needs to know is HARVARD:

Rationing is in this guys DNA. He’s from HARVARD.
Apparently HARVARD is the source of the problem for American Patients.


Harvard and Chicago, the roots of all evil.

little jeremiah brings the science:

My studies in Ayurveda and also some Taoist books state clearly that same sex acts create serious mental and emotional problems of violence, aggression and psychosis.

ByteMercenary has a theory why African Americans are so stupid:

A few years ago an opinion article written by a man from Egypt once stated that most American Negros were descended from those Africans captured by the muslim slavers. In his opinion being captured proved that the slaves were neither clever nor quick. This was supposed to explain why so many American Blacks had such a tough time adjusting to modern civilization.

That would explain a lot ...

SonOfDarkSkies ummmm:

[Obama] spent 20 frikken years with his skinny homo arse in a pew at TUCC. Filling his beloved daughters minds with hatred for whitey and da juice!

And now comes the reparations and the fairness.

How can a man whose heart is filled with and energized by hatred and anger rise to the pinnacle of U.S. power?

As Alinsky implied, that first rebel is the father of this surge...and that first liar, that first narcissist is the father of this president!

Make no mistake. Obama may be a bumbler...but only in the human world which is partially filled with Godly folks.

In his own world...he would not be a bumbler.

He would be The Liar King!

Hear this O'Satan...we see you, we see who you are...we see your allegiance!

Amos the Prophet on how Obama is Marxist even when he's not acting Marxist:
It is absolutely vital to understand that Obama does not operate according to any set of universal principles. He is an Obamaite first, last and always. Marxists are not ideologues. They are self absorbed tyrants seeking to increase their own power by any means. Certain “means” will not enhance their power, such as strengthening the private sector.
agere_contra brings the science of how Islam makes you crazy:

Here’s an interesting fact.

2.8% of Pakistanis are schizophenic. The rate of schizophenia drops sharply when you cross over the Indian border.

The difference ... is Islam.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Pix

Nostalgic for those racist propaganda posters from WW2? Freepers provide!

Gore is Fat!!!

Bush's vacations were okay, though.

Photoshop proof Obama is shit!


I get the birth certificate thing, but Spock is awesome, why make Obama spock?

Is this from a movie, or is it straight from the poster's crazy brain?

Also where all poor folks speak with black dialects!

Who the crap comes up with this stuff?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Gaypocalypse now

Freepers react to the recent decision in favor of gay marriage:

John O thinks we should shoot them:

The sad thing about this is that if the DOMA gets overturned this way then the faggots will get married in Mass. and then try to bring their perversion to our states and claim to be married.

Maybe we should just shoot them as they invade our borders. (Sorry, topic jumped to illegal aliens. But on second thought it would be a great deterrant in this case also)

ntmxx muses:


Now there is a catchy title for Homo-Leninists.

Seeing a lot of the inexplicable "Homo-Leninist" term. I presume some talk radio guy uses it.

NurdlyPeon has a phenomenal argument:
The states can REGULATE the production, distribution, and consumption of alcohol, but that doesn't mean they can REDEFINE the chemical composition of an alcohol molecule.
Marriage: It's SCIENCE!

DBeers has some analysis:

The leftist could not win against the unalienable (God) so we see them wage battle on the definitions (facts).

IF the leftists can redefine unalienable facts THEN they can succeed in transforming (eliminating) unalienable rights.

DOMA changed nothing -it drew a line in the sand against the leftist assault on reality.

Suggesting it is a States Rights issue simply kicks the can down the road rather than taking a stand and provides the leftists opportunity to succeed and impose their lies via coercion, intimidation and deceit at the State level...

This is a war...
The leftists keep changing what we think is true!

edcoil intimates that the judge must be a pedophile:

NAMBLA members unite - this idiot is toast

Lancey Howard doesn't bother to intimate:
Massachusetts, land of "Fisting for Fifth Graders".
I suspect this judge Joseph Tauro has had his share of little boys.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Obama surrenders to Israel

Obama and Freeper darling Netenyahu had a meeting yesterday. Freepers eschewed the victim card (that's for them!) and just declare victory:

NoGrayZone has some personal beliefs, which is almost as good as facts!

Personally, I believe Bibi went and kicked his a$$. barry, being the narcissist he is, and Bibi knowing how to play him, could NEVER admit to such a thing, so Bibi hashed out what was to “be said” between the two and here we are.

Marty62 brings the body language analysis. It's almost evidence!
I listened to that presser. Netanyahu was not putting on a happy face. His tone was adamant when speaking of Israel security. Zero sounded chastened.
No doubt it sucks to shake MestaMachine's hand:

As I watched this, I saw Netanyahu literally dominating obama to the point where obama looked like the incredible shrinking man.
That handshake was Bibi almost pulling bam’s arm out of its socket. PURE domination by Netanyahu and it was neautiful to see.

musicman gets many to agree with him with his more fanciful version:
"Everything is all better now between Obama and Israel" ..........

....since a special gift package for Obama, from the Mossad, arrived early on Tuesday at the White House just mere hours before Bibi's Tuesday visit.

The contents were not disclosed, but an "unnamed WH source" said it appeared to contain a 90 minute home movie, filmed entirely in a limo, called "Larry and Barry" and a copy of what appeared at a distance to look like an origional gov't issued copy of a Keynan birth certificate.
crosslink backs up the Birther twist:

I know for a fact that many Mossad agents were in Africa before the election looking for records. My guess is they played that card this time. I would have died to have been in the room when they played that card.

combat_boots luvs the Mossad:

Did you know that Mossad has $#!t on every known @$$hole in the world, and, that they’re more dangerous that 150 sea snakes in a 1’ square area?

Now you do.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Freepers take on one night stands

Freepers comment on an article about one night stands. The results are misogynist, as expected. But what I did not expect was how...incomprehensible a lot of the opinions are:

trapped_in_LA is against marriage to non-virgins:
[T]he more sex partners you have (male or female) the more your heart is hardened, the more difficult it will be to emotionally attach to someone. Basically they’re screwed.

This is why the best prospect one has for a long term committed relationship is for both partners not to have any sexual experience (aka virgins) before marriage.

The hook-up culture is just making hookers of all our women and you’d be crazy to marry one (you’d be crazy in nay case with laws so stacked against men in the west now a days).
veritas2002 is one of those incomprehensible ones:
Most men who are having intercourse with a woman to whom they have no intention whatsoever to commit themselves are willing to utter those words as they reach climax, “I love you.” Women are primed to believe what he’s saying. But if they really thought about it, would this mean that he actually loved all of the 50-100 women that he had intercourse with previously and to whom he uttered those same words?
johnnycap doesn't think women like sex:

My sense over the years is that the women I have known who hooked up were either really REALLY drunk or really REALLY calculating for some end scheme. Otherwise, they did not hook up.

SnakeDoctor analyzes the male psyche:

Honestly, I think men are more prone than women to conflate sex and love (in and outside of marriage). Men need sex to feel loved/accepted/etc. ... and if the real thing is absent, they’ll fill the void with whatever moderately acceptable substitute they can find.

FrdmLvr sounds like a real peach:

I think men hold on to the “relationship” until the pain of the nagging outweighs the pleasure of the sex. Then he moves on.

A winnar is Celerity!

I’ve felt that women have had the freedom of choice, and men have to subliminally beg and plead for sex and sexual contact. This fosters other “male exclusive” tendencies, such as porn.

My experience has lead to some liberation : I learned how to play that game as well (Get good looking, or get rich... or both if you can). The result - I found a good girl, and will be getting married in 3 weeks !

Summary: I too learned how to be a “Lock” instead of a “Key”. (Thanks Spetznaz !)