Sunday, October 31, 2010

UPS Bomb Truthers

Freepers cannot believe a terrorist plot was legitimately stopped on Obama's watch, so they think this latest bunch of bombs intercepted on cargo planes must have been planted by Obama. No, really:

Sarah Barracuda

This all smells of a set-up..I knew something like this would happen, he wants to claim victory so that people will vote Democrat..Only problem for Barry is the what, 20 million people out of work..won’t work Hussein, his Administration is going DOWN on Tuesday and no BS made up threat will make anyone vote Dem

Recovering Ex-hippie is generally unimpressed with Obama only giving orders:

WOW.....HE told everyone what to take whatever steps to take...he DIRECTED EVERYONE!!

Oh, Thank God!


Obama himself didn't discover or even disarm even one bomb!

Pravious thinks Obama was having too much fun with his anouncement of the terrorist plot:

Our narcissist-in-chief sounds positively gleeful. Probably because he gets to play President and talk about what a wonderful job he and his RAT administration is doing keeping all of us safe.


Stunt to shore up the Jewish vote... like he cares about Israel

chilltherats thinks the plot won't work - liberals are too lazy to hear about it!

It’s Friday afternoon, rats are fixin’ to get their 40 oz. and their party on. The ones who work just want to get to the bank, the store and home so they can tuck into a pizza and their recording of The View.

Bombs from Yemen? GMAFB. Zero’s administration got some UPS union slugs to dump a bunch of electronic junk into a couple of boxes, put some mysterious looking sender address crap on them, and bring them over.

Joe 6-pack just KNOWS the Tea Party arrests are coming! He knows it sooo bad!
"No, Obozo said he will continue to go after violent extremists."

Things are going to get ugly for the Tea Party.
Really. Freepers at this point are so against Obama they think every terrorist attack in this Country is not just his fault, but happened by his design!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Colbert/Stewart rallies

Freepers react to today's rally. In short "It wasn't that big, and if it was, it was super lame! Anyway, Tuesday is gonna be AWESOME!"

chilltherats finds the crowd size wanting:

The footage I saw on Fox looked like a pretty sparse crowd.

Also, in the footage I saw, it looked like Colbert was really making an ass of himslef just as he did when he went to congress a couple weeks ago.

what True Republican Patriot lacks in rigor he makes up for in enthusiasm:

Actually Less than a Tenth [as many people as the Beck Rally]!! Far Less!! Lets be Accurate!!
This was a Rally to Continue the Insanity of Obozo Hussein and it FAILED MISERABLY!

SeattleBruce also thinks the Conservatives won the numbers race:
This is small compared to Beck’s and 9/12/2009, Promise Keepers and a number of other rallies I’ve seen.
SeattleBruce later revises his opinion:

Huffington bussed in 15000 people for free. Even if it were larger than Beck’s, it’s not larger than 9-12-09 and Promise Keepers and is ill timed as it keeps the libs away from scrambling for votes...HAHA!

dfwgator thinks the numbers don't matter anyhow:

Big deal, we already know there are millions of losers in this country, it doesn’t make them any more right.

traditional1 thinks those grapes were sour anyway:
This "rally" was continuously promoted by the State Run Media, free transportation was provided, rock music performers were provided, food and etc. was provided, and all they got were a bunch of schoolkids and college mush-heads who have no clue as to what America is about.
lionheart 247365 hits the oddly common conservative crowing that liberal rallies leave a lot of litter, while conservatives keep things clean:
... can’t wait to see the trash left behind .
ilovesarah2012 is probably being unironic here:

I only saw white people.

4Liberty wants us all to know that Patriotism is Serious Business, and Stewart did it wrong:

‘Patriotism is funny.’

THAT’S A winning Message for TUESDAY...

A CA Guy doesn't think much of the performers:
I caught a little of it and it seemed like they were going through the motions on stage. They seemed without spirit, dead!
RowdyFFC analyzes the audience and decides they are all stupid:

What’s really funny is when they zoom in on the faces in this crowd, they’re not even getting the jokes in which Stewart and Colbert are trying to hide their vileness...the looks on their faces are like...’what?’. I think the only thing they got was ‘the wave’...and then they were lead through laugh, cry, silent, laugh uproariously, et al, like a bunch of sheeple which more or less represents the crowd.

OMG! leading the crowd to cry on queue like the puppets they are!

Saturday Pix

Yeah yeah, liberals are all actors in bad zombie makeup, I've heard it before.

well, this is just a kerflopple of crazy here, eh?

I'm not even sure who the non-Obama Nazis are in this pic!

That blood donkey is pretty badass.

What the crap? A slurpee? A skull tattoo?

Wait, I thought that whole lipstick thing was sexist...

Unflattering pica allow Freepers to see into Obama's fascist soul!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Stewart/Colbert rallies

The right has taken to protests and rallies lately. Such events are now their territory, and all attempts by non Tea Party folks are just immitatin'. Thus the Stewart Colbert rallies this weekend do not make them happy. Course, the tone (if not the substance) is being kept strictly nonpartisan. Not that such will stop Freepers from bringing their strongest liberal stereotypes to bear!

Darkwolf377 knows what will happen:

I was just thinking, if this thing is actually huge, it’s going to completely backfire on them. Americans will see a sea of people saying “GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!!!” with their Mexican flags and “Bush’s Fault” signs, and think, “Well now I’m DEFINITELY voting these people out, they’re the ones bleeding us dry and they want more!?”

Prole agrees, and has a poetically insane list of who votes Democrat these days:

Jon Leibowitz, or whatever the hell his name is these days, fails to understand that today's democrat party is the support network of hostile racists, anarchists, islamic terrorists, abortionists, societal elitists, jack-booted feminists, militant homosexuals, felons, pathological liars, sneaks, tax cheats, miscreants and other uniquely dangerous individuals.

I genuinely hope that all of these assorted losers show up in droves to Leibowitz's rally, and show America what today's democrat party is truly representative of.
Darkwolf377 again, with many levels of wrong:

Do you recall when Colbert made his foolish appearance before Congress? If you noticed, he started out being “funny,” but then you could see he must have been thinking, “Hey...wait...I am A Force for Good In Our Time!” and he tried to get serious.

That’s what’s happening here. If hardly anyone shows up, Stewart and Colbert won’t miss a beat, and be saying, “We were just kidding around, and look how many people showed up to mock all those silly SERIOUS people who went to the Beck thing!”

If they get a big crowd, Stewart will be up there shouting about Tea Baggers and taking this country back and we won’t let them do blah blah blah.

They’re going to implode like any comedian does when he wants to be considered a serious actor, or serious commentator ala Jeanine Garafolo (sp), who went from lightweight comedian to popular lib to cancelled radio show host to whatever she is now. They claim they’re being funny but are secretly hoping to be taken seriously, to BE the people they mock on their TV shows.

1. He assumes Colbert's Congressional testimony was all improvised, so he could serious it up in the middle? Wow, Colbert is awesome!

2. Similarly, he thinks the rally material won't be written beforehand?

3. Stewart doesn't exactly trade in yelling and shouting.

4. Comedians that go serious? Yeah, that never works, never mind Jim Carrey, Bill Murray and Steve Martin! Or Al Franken.

ncalburt prefers to shoot the mesanger:
You mean phony JOHN LEIBOWITZ, his real name .

This sicko is a twisted Israel Hating Manhattan Jewish Leftist supporting a radical Muslim Black . He is a wacko.

Yeppers....bozo Jon Leibowitzo will fair even worst than the smug little prick Colbert’s stupid charade in front of the loons in Congress. This will be another turnoff to serious Voters....the Tea-nami is still growing!

Serious Voters vote Republican, and use Tea-nami in political discourse!

notes they've got our kids! Not hers though:
I found out yesterday that nieces, nephews, kids from the neighborhood and down at the local college campus are all going. Called my mother-in-law, she was so upset to hear they've got our kids (not mine thank God!), I think I ruined her day.
Darren McCarty totally watches the show:

Jon Stewart is a piece of crap. To use his own words, he can go %@!# himself.

Karl Rove's fall from grace

Freepers have long been content to refer to Karl Rove as "that magnificent bastard" and laud his partisan scheming. Till he got this comentator gig on FOX News and started having non approves opinions. So when he said Palin's reality TV stint may not play well come Presidential election time, Freepers turn on him with a rage reserved for betrayers:

Will88 nkows Rove is driven by his elitism:

No doubt some Republican elites don't want to see upstarts gain so much influence, and the Rove ego and self-importance doubtless make it that much more difficult for "The Architect".

Walts Ice Pick thinks Rove got paid off to shill for The Hated Romney:

Looks like Rove is Mitt’s bitch now. I wonder what he cost.

ryan71 has an interesting idea of who Rove was serving:
Mr. Rove, we no longer require your services - We The People
Shady thinks FOX is going to hold elections in November:

He is part of the ruling class. They will be purged on 11/2/10. That is a promise. No more.

Sarah Barracuda has the ultimate insult:
I would not be surprised if Rove voted for Obama..its just like Mark Levin said, some in the GOP voted for Obama in 2008, and would again in 2012
hondact200 plays the gender card so hard:
Correct me if I am wrong but I see Karl Rove and Barack Obama as the same type of person when it comes to woman whom challenge him. Maybe the woman are to strong for him so he has to bash them utilizing name calling and belittling them.

Karl Rove cannot deal with a woman that has more strength of character than he does. He is intimaidate by palin, O’Donnell and et al.
ChildOfThe60s goes all Manly War On the Internets on us:

These people are our enemies. As much as the Democrats, Rove and the RINOs are our enemies. They despise conservatism. They are in fact quite willing to assist Dems in fighting off conservatives. This is an example of how they provide aid to the enemy.

Lazamataz goes for volume:
Why is Karl doing this NOW, 6 days before the election???!!!!!

I have an idea or two:

  • Because Karl Rove is a P.O.S.
  • Because Karl Rove is a GOP P.O.S.
  • Because Karl Rove is a P.O.S slimeball.
  • Because Karl Rove is a P.O.S GOP elitist.
  • Because Karl Rove is a P.O.S GOP'er.
  • Because Karl Rove is a P.O.S antipopulist.
  • Because Karl Rove is a RINO P.O.S.
  • Because Karl Rove is a P.O.S Ruling Classer.
  • Because Karl Rove is a Republican in name only P.O.S.
  • Because Karl Rove is a P.O.S GOP hack.
  • Because Karl Rove is a P.O.S RINO .
  • Because Karl Rove is a P.O.S Republican, not Conservative.
  • Because Karl Rove is a P.O.S liberal.
  • Because Karl Rove is a P.O.S left-of-center GOP RINO.
  • Because Karl Rove is a liberal P.O.S.
  • Because Karl Rove is a P.O.S.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Immigrants + Judges + Election Week = Freeper Conniption

Freepers are getting into high dudgeon about voter fraud, come the election. Fear the hated unions in Nevada, and the Illegals in Arizona. Seems a Federal Appeals Court has held that a proof of citizenship requirement was too harsh. America is over. Again.

a fool in paradise:

Don’t need a birth certificate for anything anymore.

Except to buy a gun or serve on a jury.

Both those requirements are news to me, but they sure fit into the Freeper nativist narrative!

Hoodat is not optimistic:

Our Republic is dead. It was nice while it lasted.

Vigilanteman counsels lynching:

The term “hanging judge” will take on a whole new meaning WTSHTF.

caww thinks this election is soooooo important and is the only way to stop fraud somehow:

Well the whole consititution is off the then what? Lawsuits?...after the fact won’t help... and they will have volunteers to go under the bus. It’s a no win thru the stacked courts.

The criminals have control of the money, the power, and the means to do what they want...and nothing to stop them. We will vote...but it has to be a huge landslide with all the cheating they are doing. This election is soooooo important. If our votes do not win this then there is nothing left to stop this machine from taking us completely over the cliff.

dragnet2 just hates:

Ya seen America lately? It's jammed with millions of American hating foreigners, Muslims and illegal Mexicans....

Nice huh?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stomp the Left!

Freepers cheer the stomping on the head of a activist by Rand Paul supporters.

Russ has an appetite for violence. Or so he claims on the internet:

The left gets a taste of their own medicine. Sorry, at this point I have no pity...I’d like to stomp a few myself...

BCW thinks Real Americans have had enough of the other sides words, and will answer...with fists!

The media and the socialist need to grow up - this isn’t 6th grade US citizens have had enough of glorified hollywood types fromt eh media and other org’s like Move On telling them what’s best for them...

she got exactly what she dished out -

tobyhill thinks any bewiged liberal approaching Paul should be strip searched

She was in disguise and attempted to approach Rand Paul. How would they know her intent? They should have stripped her down to make sure she didn’t have a bomb or gun on her.

LibLieSlayer really hates this woman he's never met:

Clearly a case of assault with intent... this bitch was a hit bitch from soros. I hope she suffered some sort of permanent damage.

LibLieSlayer again, celebrating a past liberal death yearning for the justice of 200 years ago:

rachael corey is another one of these leftists that got what she deserved. This woman would have been flogged 200 years ago. America has grown soft... dims and al qaeda have taken notice. Some of us are not so soft... and you will need all of us one day. Mark my words.

myself6 thinks it's time for Freepers to start stomping more!

It is NOT our fault it had to come to this. but it HAS come to this and its our duty to MAKE them understand that its in their best interests to go the F away. We have always been able to put these people down but have shied away from it because we know that once we start to cross that bridge we have to go all the way. We gave up A LOT to avoid this from happening but the F’ers just kept on pushing... Now they have pushed us onto that bridge and we ARE going to cross it. Enough is enough...

af_vet_rr puts for the inevitable No True Conservative postulate
How do we know they weren't SEIU thugs pretending to be Rand Paul supporters?

I saw the video as well, and what I saw was not the behavior of typical Republicans. My first thought was those guys were plants by the left to give the MSM a nice photo op to frame Republicans as thugs.
Welp, dude confessed, so there goes the false flag idea.

texan75010 wishes there had been more violence:

This will now encourage loons everywhere to try this. Next time, send her out in an ambulance and strike some fear in to the hearts and minds of potential interlopers. That would put a stop to such foolish behavior.

Tony Blair's Sister converts to Islam

Someone converts to Islam. This, of course, means they must have converted to the super radical kind, cause Freepers do not allow that any other sort of Islam exists:

HANG THE EXPENSE analyzes a photograph of the lady in question and sees evidence:

She has that shithouse rat crazy look in her eyes.

Mad_as_heck thinks she's going to suicide bomb now. Also England sucks:
Converts are alot more likely to auto detonate. In all religions groups there is a well know phenomenon called "crazy convert disease." Someone who converts to Islam is not likely to be moderate in their views.

This is the inevitable effect of a hopeless, valueless, society that offers almost nothing to the English people. When you create a vacuum something will fill it. Usually something aggressive and nasty...

GeronL agrees that England is over:
The UK is a lost cause.
It’s full dhimmi
cradle of freedom on why Islam is appealing:
islam is very ritualistic so it keeps people busy and preoccupied to keep their minds away from their problems—sort of like obsessive-complusive disorder.
Unlike other religions which are not ritualistic at all!

BunnySlippers worries her daughters may be Muslimmed:

She says she may were a burka.

I fear for those young girls.

Ruy Dias de Bivar thinks a bit of violent threat would do her good:

She may have another epiphany if you pull out a knife and say she has to have her.(ahem) private parts cut off muslim style.

Because all Muslims do this!

eleni121 thinks this makes sense cause Kosovo.

No Surprise!

Blair himself was Islam’s chief enabler - bombing Christian Serbs during Easter in 1999- along with his boy toy slick Bill.

He helped create the monstrosity called Kosovo - so more Zombie Mooslems can get their kicks chopping off Christian heads.

Rashputin knows Islam appeals to the leftist desire to force their views on others
It's typical of cults and brainwashing and it happens to the “educated” westerner because humans have a need for God and when they refuse to acknowledge that need and to acknowledge God, they're filled with whatever spirit first grants them a feeling of being a part of something larger than themselves.

In the case of Islam, they're joining something that fits the leftist desire to shove their views down the throats of all who do not agree so it's an easy transition.
watchdogmom just puts it out there:
I want all these muslim to pack up and get the hell out of the United States of America! And I am damn serious. I just read where the”Fraud” in the whitehouse ok’d 85,000 muslims to come in here in 2011! I don’t think so. If they have a half of a brain they’ll start packing.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday potpourri.

forgotten man seems a lil bit racist:

I looked at the pictures of 0bama on Drudge today. He looks like the quintessential angry black man. He is scaring the hell out of people. I hope he “continyas attacking bidnesses” etc. The people have woken up and will slap him upside the head in two weeks.

ResponseAbility thinks the right had better get more ideologically pure:

Leftist continue to take over conservative institutions. They are but a handful of the populace but they do this all the time. That is because these “people” lie about who they are and what they stand for until they get to the position they were after. Then the leftist commie claws come out.

We on the right don’t have disingenuous people who will behave in such a reprehensible way. We don’t have rightist trolls who invade leftist organizations. Every conservative institution needs to take extreme steps to block and purge all leftists from positions of importance in their ranks.

citizenredstater9271 has an interesting idea of what sorts of people are protesting in France:
These are NOT free market anarchists. These are anarchist communists who want socialism.
anarchist communists!

Windflier just perfectly encapsulates Freepers' general thesis about Obama:

People call him an alien, and that's what he is. He's never been an American, even though he's mastered the art of sounding like one when it suits him.

He comes from a place that is utterly alien to you and I. A place so radically different from our America, that it might as well be a foreign country.

This is why everything that comes out of his mouth rubs us the wrong way. This is why his foreign relations are so bizarrely ass-backwards. This is why he demonizes mainstream America the way he does. We're completely alien to him.
Shit. And I agree with him much of the time, I must be an alien too!

Rome2000 has a plan for America:

Zero tolerance for marxists in US government.

Investigate and arrest members of the “Progressive Congressional Caucus”, send those red sons of bitches back underground.

Via Executive Order, declare all States “right to work states”, no more forced compulsory union dues in order to work.

Defund the marxist trade and government worker unions.

No one will pay union dues voluntarily.

Smash the left!

Fascism - the new way!

Monkey Face is yet another Freeper to predict an immanent Obama meltdown:

IMHO: the (so-called) POTUS is losing what few marbles he had. It would seem his public appearances are more controlled than they have been in the past. Also, his speeches are more controlled. As for his actions, releasing known terrorists for whatever reason, is an indication that he is not aware of the real problem.

He keeps talking about “don’t make me look bad” as if he is talking to his crones, and worrying about the opinions of his neighborhood.

My assessment: Apply pressure for the next two years, directly and indirectly, and he will spiral out of control. And we can all watch it happen!!!

(I can hardly wait!!)

I suspect Michelle will have more and more influence on his appearances.

Gabrial knows why Obama appealed the Don't Ask Don't Tell decision - his Muslim base:
Barry Soetoro is afraid of losing his domestic and international contributions from Muslims by openly supporting homosexuals. He remains on the down low trying to preserve relationships with his contributors. That is why he is trying to punt the issue to Congress and remain at arm's length.
Mariner on the next epic conflict:

The NAACP and Freepers are now eternal enemies.

I'll not be smeared by a bunch of racists and communists.

People get ready, there's a train a comin'...
A train?

volunbeer knows the Muslim problem is larger than just Obama:

The left always abides by the idea that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

Who hated Bush as much as leftists? Radical Muslims.

Gabrial again, this time on why he hates NPR - too much poo talk!
I tried to listen to NPR some time ago and there was a guy making extensive commentary on the size of a bowel movement someone had left in his toilet. It was disgusting. I never went back and tried to listen again. I can't believe our tax dollars are spent on this crap.
Arizona Carolyn on Soros' next plan - destroy Glen Beck!

I think the reason Soros said he wasn’t funding Democrats this year is he has decided he has to destroy Fox News to accomplish his means to an end..... remember Soros is a graduate of the Fabian Society, he is not stupid, he see’s how Beck revealing all these organizations is waking some people up and he has to destroy the messenger to stop the message and any further awakening.

HiTech RedNeck theorizes gay folks kinda engineer suicides for the sympathy vote:

Wonder what it is like to be a “fag” on the other side of the tracks. Do their companions deliberately withdraw from them when they are “rattled” by “homophobia” simply to produce another sympathy loss for the team? Usually Christians under fire will easily be able to find spiritual support in their communities.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Pix

Obama can't be Greek, he's Muslim! Ohh, that's how liberals think!

A demon haunted world would certainly make politics more exciting!

Hooray for unflattering photos letting us know who to hate!

Jesus, this is painful too look at!

For someone as crazy about raising taxes as Obama seems, he is sure awful at actually doing so!

Marx seems so happy to be dead Obama! He'll wake up angry at you! Good thing you're wearing scrubs though, so he won't catch an infection.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Williams: suddenly conservative

NPR fired Juan williams for kinda giving permission to prejudge Muslims. NPR caters to liberals in everything including it's insistence on having a conservative point of view, so I'm kinda surprised, but not gonna stop giving them money or anything.

Freepers, needless to say, disagree with me about the significance of this event:

BlessingsofLiberty thinks Juan's true thoughts are Freeper approved:

Maybe Juan will start saying what he really believes and not what NPR demands that he say. He has slipped a couple of times in the past and had to get back in line.

Republic is really angry NPR is government funded:

I am so BLASTED ANGRY that our tax dollars fund this crap. NPR and NPT are wholly owned by the government and public donations but do NOT ADVERTISE that their controllers are all DEMOCRATS. I am furious about it.

Controlled by Democrats? You mean the CPB?

hampdenkid manages to blame Obama somehow

Now, folks, let’s not over-react here. We all know that our freedom-loving, patriotic president will step in and stand up for the basic right to tell the truth about the threat of radical Islam ... Oh, um ... Wait a minute ... I forgot: Imam Obama doesn’t quite share the views of most Americans on that subject. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have Juan stoned.

NeverForgetBataan also blames Obama, but in an even more crazy fashion:

This story smells like “dead fish”.

It was obviously a “Chicago style hit”. Probably ordered by Rahm or his boss. NPR is in the tank for 0, even though they try so desperately to look unbiased.

Juan has probably been on their “list” for quite some time.

counterpunch hits us with some logic.

Censorship is unamerican, thus, NPR is unamerican.
The GOP congress needs to end NPR funding next session.

Wow, sounds like NPR really shouldn't listen to their market!

connects the dots, and names the next victim:

I wonder if this wasn’t a condition of Soros’ $1.8 million gift to NPR. Mara Liason better mind her PC manners.

La Lydia likes the slavery metaphor:
Figures. Juan Williams wanders off the plantation, plantation bosses take action. Black people who work for NPR are limited to only certain pre-approved opinions.
stripes1776 goes for the 1984 analogy:
NPR (National Propaganda Radicals) has an extremely loose relationship with the truth. Not surprising that the propaganda ministry at NPR would fire Williams when he spoke the truth. Their tax dollars need to be yanked.
Not everyone has rallied to his defense. I see my hands does not forgive, though he does like to center his comments:
I hope his is the beginning of a long miserable streak of personal disappointment and failure for you. Have a rotten decade, lib.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jerry Brown pulls ahead. Freepers bask in Denial.

It's not that California is basically liberal, and that Carly has misstepped a number of times, if Jerry Brown wins the governorship, it's some kinda conspiracy!

just relaxes and embraces hating California till the next election gives him hope:
California, you are done if he wins.

Saw it off and let it float around the Horn to Argentina.

California, drop dead!
Kenny Bunk thinks it's all about the illegals, who have reached critical mass!
Jerry's advantage is not the American citizens voting in the election. It is the fraudulently registered illegal Mexican aliens. No one seems to face the major demographic issue of illegal immigration. That is that in a state like California, illegals and anchor baby generations are over "crirical mass" in elections.
Safrguns thinks the polls are part of a voter fraud conspiracy!

The real purpose behind democrat polls is to cover for fraud... to make the ill-gotten results sound more plausible.

The rats know all someone can do about the fraud when they see it is complain to someone... and they own the courts, so they just say bring it on.

xzins thinks it's time for Republicans to play dirty:

Again, the democrats play hardball in elections, and the republicans play nice.

Whitman needs to shovel some dirt on Brown quickly, and it needs to show Brown’s anti-hispanic tendencies.

Fight fire with fire or lose.

Terry Mross is angry at California. Also at Florida Jews:

Florida Jews vote for obama.

Az re-elects McCain.

California elects Brown.

They all deserve what they get as I feel sorry for the minority who voted correctly.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Freepers once again endorse dickery

Clarence Thomas' wife called Anita Hill and wanted her to apologize for the 20-year-old Clarence Thomas partisan brouahaha. To me, reopening such an unfortunate time by asking for an apology is passive-aggressive dickery of the highest level. Needless to say, Freepers loved it:

Lazlo in PA just like pissing off those who he disagrees with:

Hilarious. This will drive the left bonkers.

the invisib1e hand loves this kind of dickery:
Ogawd I love it! You go girl!

Every man otta have a wife like that.
Passive aggressive wives for everyone!

Doctor 2Brains would like to remind us Anita Hill is totally low class:

Well, good luck with that. Anita will prbably ask to borrow money.

brushcop one-ups Ms. Thomas with the dickery:

Come on Mrs. Thomas, DEMAND an apology and decent treatment, 20 years overdue.

TChad reopens the whole Anita Hill sucks meme:
Thomas went out of his way to help Anita Hill advance her career, and she repaid him by stabbing him in the back. Even if Hill's testimony was accurate, and there is good reason to suspect it was not, Thomas did not sexually harass her under any sane standard of sexual harassment. As a Yale-educated lawyer, Hill tried to play a victim card that she never owned.
Because if you go to Yale, pubic hair in unfortunate places should be de rigueur!

O'Donnel stumbles into the truthl

A lot of non-Freepers are shocked O'Donnell didn't seem to know what was in the First Amendment. Freepers, of course, rally around the latest smear of their new Republican heroine-victim:

on the illegitimacy of the Supreme Court:

Hugo Black was a Catholic hating Klansman.

And he kept hypnotizing the other Justices to vote with his bigoted views!

TruthShallSetYouFree goes with the usual:

“Separation of Church and State” is in the same (liberal) Constitution wherein you can find “A Woman’s Right to Abortion.”

The Supreme Court is super liberal!

hosepipe drops the Con-Law scholarship:
The Constitution separates the State from the Church...
NOT the church from the State..

Whats with all the laws passed to restrict "the Church" from "the State"..
Democrats must be dyslexic.. they reverse the context..
AND no republicans call them on it..

THIS MUST CHANGE... and it is.. The TP Caucus is growing, growing, growing..
You mean the supposedly economically conservative but not right-wing Tea Party Caucus?

UCANSEE2 also has some Con-Law:

I don’t need the Media to tell me about Separation of Church and State.

First off, they do not even have the terminology right, little lone any answer.

What the founding fathers referred to was the Separation of THE POWERS of CHURCH, and THE POWERS of STATE.

The POWERS! Thanks to the emphasis of CAPS LOCK it all makes SENSE!

Christine was right in the debate. She might’ve accidentally stumbled into it, but she was right.
She may sound ignorant, but if you rearrange her words, she's genius!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Michelle Obama destroys our Democracy

Michelle Obama went to vote early in Illinois this week, and mentioned how she supports her husband. This is electioneering, and therefore disallowed by election law. Of course, seeing how often this occurs in real life, the law is usually reserved for more egregious actions. Course this incident was a big freaking deal to Freepers.

snowsislander has ginned up some quality anger:
The Kenyan usurper's wife outdoes herself.

Now she sullies the name of her office with outright criminal behavior.
upstanding knows this is how commies act
The commie bitch needs to go down for this, but the state media will issue her a get out of jail card. Or is it the race card? I lose track sometimes. All I know is that if a Republican First Lady had done this, it would be front page and primetime news for the next three weeks.
HereInTheHeartland picks up on the hypothetical victimhood and runs with it:
“Let’s see if she gets treated like Laura Bush would have been treated if she DARED to do such a thing.”

That is always such a great mental exercise. Think of things that Obama’s people do, and then imagine if the Bush folks had done the same thing.
It would be a media firestorm if Laura Bush had done it.
Imaginary victimhood is almost as good as claiming real victimhood when it comes to rightous anger!

AmericanInTokyo knows that unless you enforce every law every time law and order is over:
This is an outrage. But the cavalier, "man, like, chill out" treatment of it is in the same manner we turn a blind eye and even joke about US Federal Immigration Violations. This is another crack in the wall about the United States being a nation of LAW and ORDER. If we want to sink into Third Worldism, folks, you are looking right at at.
Typical_Whitey has plans for a lawsuit:

Typical of Liberals..... Look if the DOJ refuses to prosecute then we have to play by their rules... Everyone show up at polling places and break the law and if you get locked up then file a law suite against the first lady because you were just following an example....

R0CK3T blames Wolf Blitzer somehow:

Dems have no need or requirement to follow any laws.

Laws are there to keep us in our place.

“Progressives” are Un-American technocrats who only use laws to lampoon Conservatives with the help of disgusting human fecal matter known as the Press.

Scumbags like Wolf (Bite-me) Blitzer would sooner insult and lecture any loathsome opponent to the the Liberal cause than he would EVER even pose a question to Madame Control Freak about her obvious disrespect for transgressing the Laws of America by politicking at a polling place.

Leftists in League with a single party Media = no freaking concerns for the Law.

Windflier has this whole story about how the whitehouse staff all hates Michelle:

Now that Rahm is gone, who's going to get the job of reining her in? Axelrod? Valerie Jarret? Fibbs?

Bozo sure as hell doesn't have the cojones to do it.

I'll bet that Michelle had a lot to do with all of the recent departures of Obama's staff. Notice that all of these resignations came right on the heels of Michelle's disastrously timed Spain trip, and just before the November elections.

I think that all those rats had already had enough of Michelle, and with the Democrat electoral Armageddon approaching, they really had few reasons left to stay on board. They all saw the handwriting on the wall, so why continue to put up with Chewbacca?

It's just a theory, but I'd bet good money that she's created a hellish atmosphere in the White House. It's really hard to work around people like that.
Fictional villains and hypothetical victims. When you get to make up your own world, you never risk being wrong!

Condi Rice: Traitor

Condoleezza Rice is on book tour. And as she speaks, the once beloved token black conservative again and again fails to call the Obama Admin fascist, and the once Presidential wishes of Freepers sour to condemnation:

Venturer is sure blacks don't think for themselves:

I have always said that I would bet good money that she voted for Obama if we could find a way to prove it.

It’s in the blood.

NOBO2 thinks this is the latest play in the Hillary-Obama chess game in his head:

Hillary must be seething over this......

GonzoGOP thinks Rice is angling for Secretary of State:
My bet is job interview. Hillery is going to quit a Sec State. Obama needs to put someone in there who can go before a very hostile Senate and get confirmed. He can't put one of his typical Chicago Communist Community Politicians (CCCP) as a the Republicans can now easily filibuster it, even if they don't get the majority.

So he hires on the RINO Rice and puts her back in secretary of state. Since she has already been Sec State under a Republican the Senate can't challenge her. Since she is a RINO she can be guaranteed to sell out the country whenever Obama demands it. And if any thing gos wrong (like Iran randomly nuking everyone in range) it is a Republican that gets the blame.
Ann Archy also thinks this is because blackness makes you dumb:
Color is thicker than loyalty.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday potpourri.

TheThinker worships America:

There's nothing wrong with an almost religious devotion to America. The citizens of America have more say in their government and more freedom than anywhere else in the world. Why would one not worship the principles of such a country and err on its side when it is attacked?

One cannot question the miraculous and holy America!

Libloather take sthe opposite view, and hates America now that Obama ruined it:

The fear of the rookie Hussein? Count me in.
True Republican Patriot knows more about Giraldo than Obama, somehow:

Thank you for the Exellent Bio on “ Geraldo “, and it’s interesting that we clearly know so much more about his records than we do of Obama’s records.

Beowulf9 likes Anderson Cooper, but it's OK cause he's a Freeper in his heard. Beowulf9 can tell.

I actually have begun to like Anderson Cooper on CNN—who is trying to be fair despite his bias because he suspects that the Dems are wrong and ruining the economy, etc.....

Carbonsteel thinks the End is Nigh:

I now firmly believe that Obama is and will be the LAST American President.

Once Obama is done there will no longer be a United States, so in another two years or so, find an Obama voter and ask them if it was worth the price.
savedbygrace heard Michelle Obama saying "“I know many are praying..”Keeping Clean Spirits around us”. He knows some headonism when he hears it:

Nominal Christians (Christians in Name Only) tend to pick up bits of Christian language and terminology. I’d bet MO heard someone reading a Gospel passage about Jesus casting out unclean spirits and concluded: Unclean spirits are bad, therefore clean spirits are good.

Unfortunately, born again Christians hearing her say that immediately spot the falseness in her statement, and tag her as a non-Christian.

There is only one clean spirit, the Holy Spirit, and He is God. None of the Obamas seem to know that.

OneWingedShark hates our military cause it isn't doing a coup:
So you believe that all of the tens of thousands of officers serving in the military who HAVEN’T followed Lakin’s lead are without honor and guilty of Conduct Unbecoming?

In a word, yes. (But not *just* on the issue of Obama’s eligibility.)

The officers are too much of the “armchair quarterback” style of person when it comes to the Constitution; as a matter of fact ALL THREE branches of government figuratively shit all over the Constitution.

How many Officers threatened to use their training [war] on the members of Congress in response to Obamacare?

How many officers have DEMANDED that the AZ borders be sealed against illegal aliens?

How many officers demanded the Blood of the Supreme Court Justices for their de facto alteration of the 5th Amendment to allow eminent domain to be to seize for PRIVATE usage?
Well, at least he capitalized the Blood of the Supreme Court.

is not a fan of the typo turning Rich Whitney to Rich Whitey, and plays the race card:
calling a Whitney a Rich Whitey.......if you ask me this is nothing more that the white version of the N word...somebody’s ass should be fired and then prosecuted for civil rights violations as well as hate crimes laws.
Yeah, not even an actual N-word based typo would get someone fired. The race card does not work like that:

pnh102 wants a touch President. Like Mike Tyson:
Mike Tyson makes a better representative of America than Obama.

I agree 100%. People know better than to mess with Iron Mike.
ClearCase_guy thinks tolerating folks not speaking English is like burning Jews in ovens:
Hitler's Germany was a leftwing phenomenon in which the government said "Some people are better than others and deserve more rights."

Multiculturalism is a leftwing phenomenon in which the government says "Some people are better than others and deserve more rights."

If Multiculturalism doesn't quite look as bad, it's only because it has not had enough time to do the damage.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Pix

If you don't like war, you're some kinda song bird. If you do, you're a badass raptor!

The Clinton Adultery Collage, or CAC, has totally destroyed the Clintons' political future!

Except Barney Frank's seat is safe. But why pass up a way to make fun of his speech?

Holder is a Black Panther! Be afraid white people!

The Obamacare Collage is...confusing.

I think this is some kind of American Idol thing? The important thing is that Obama suucks.

It was Reagan's ghost that made that seal fall!!!

Prez Palin has shredded Roe v. Wade, and keeps an army man on her desk. Also a basketball player's pic.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Don't Ask Forced...Our of America's Throat

Freepers have canned reactions to gains in homosexual rights and to judicial rulings they don't like, so their reaction to a Federal Judge saying Don't Ask Don't Tell is unconstitutional was pretty rote, actually. It's like their outrage is busy waiting for November:

has this thoughtful treatise on homosexuality and masculinity:

Being an open “gay” is most definitely prejudicial to good order and discipline. Warriors are manly - neither female nor gay. And the armed forces that I want to protect me and my family is an army of warriors. Anything less is a social experiment that has nothing to do with winning wars.

Only Manly Men can fight, like Rambo and those 300 guys!

Califelephant goes with the "Judges are destroying our democracy" line:

Bow to your judicial overlords!

The citizens can vote ... a judge will overrule them.
The Congress can legislate ... a judge will overturn them.
The President can sign a bill into law ... but a judge gets the final word.

All hail the omnipotent men (and women) in black!

sigh. They say this every time, and yet somehow America keeps on keeping on.

And the hits just keep on coming. Whether she knows it or not, this bimbo just put the final torpedo in the ‘RATS’ ship. Good for her! See you ‘RATS in November!!!
Come for the Bimbo Judge, stay for the political analysis:

anniegetyourgun thinks this is just finishing what Obama's election started:
It’s like I said in 11/08 - we have 1-party rule now. They own us.
takenoprisoner wants gays to be some kind of kick-as suicide squad.

Since gays and lesbians are such great fighting warriors, not to be discriminated against, then they should always be placed on the front line as point men/women. None of this office duty, or duty in the rear with the gear. No no no. We need gays and lesbians on the front line of defense. They must be the first in. The first boots on the ground. The first to face the enemy one on one. Just like heterosexuals have done for centuries.

Political Junkie Too wants a Constitutional Crisis over this:

Appealing the ruling just legitimizes it. People should just declare the ruling unconstitutional and ignore it.

Yeah, just don't invite the gays next time you deploy!

1_Of_We Forgot Reagan and Coolidge:
In the words of our last good president (Andrew Jackson): “They’ve made their decision... now let them enforce it!”
TexasFreeper2009 sees Obama is in a difficult position, if you buy into pure identity politics:
Remember though... the blacks are the only group that still strongly support the president... and they are BIG against the fags.

He risks alienating his last remaining supporters.

Obama would have killed those Chilean Miners

Freepers partisanize the Chilean miners story in an unrelated thread:

knows when Obama has sympathy he's lying, not like this Chilean President:
Pinero pulled his country together. Pinero genuinely cared about the miners. Contrast that to obama's behavior after our soldiers were massacred at Fort Hood.
Pit1 noted Chile did not thank the US. Probably cause Obama sucks so much. Or maybe cause it isn't in Latin America:
Notice in the Chilean Presidents talk after the last miner was on the surface, he thanked a host of Latin Countries and their leaders. Even mentioned the leader of England.

But not a mention of zero. Obeee is too busy priming for the mtv lash-up. I was thrilled to see how the entire country met the challenge of saving miners lives. And letting the world know that God was involved. Hats off the good folks in Chile.
ConservativeStatement just mentions a bunch of petty crap he hates about Obama:

The Chilean president “acted stupidly.” /sarc

Barry would have been eating ice cream, reading from the prompter and assuring America Republicans were at fault.

SeattleBruce has different stuff he hates about Obama:

Or more likely playing golf. Can’t get enough golf in if you’re the ‘leader’ of the free world, now can ya?

Hmm Ice-Cream and teleprompters, or Golf? Which is worse?

Right Wing Assault has three ideas of how Obama would screw it up:

He also would have been saying "I this" and "I that" in just about every sentence. And, he would have said, "If that mine doesn't send those guys out, I'm going to kick its butt!"

Or, "What is the problem with these American engineers, showing off trying to get these guys out? They should not be embarrassing the Chileans with all that hi-tech stuff. The Chileans are perfectly capable of getting these guys out. Eventually."

Or, "We should have an outreach to the muzzl'em countries for them to bring their best equipment in to do the job. If every muzzl'em in the world brought a shovel to Chile, we could get these guys out in 30 seconds!"
Krodg would like to remind people to hate Michelle as well in this heartwarming time:

I thought the First Lady of Chile was awesome. She kept the families engaged and somewhat relaxed while their men were being lifted out. Michelle could never have been that gracious.

ScottinVA thinks Obama is a wimp and would have gotten beaten up by the miners:
Could you image little 0-Boy being among those trapped? They'd have beaten the crap out of him just to get him to stop blubbering.

Polls are only as accurate as they are Conservative

Freepers love to follow polls. If they disagree, they love to hate them. If they agree, they love them. Case-and-point, President Obama's daily tracking poll's current fluctuation has him a bit up these days. Freepers know what this means. it's wrong!

sees Obama's collapse, but somewhere other than the polls!
I stopped paying attention to Rasmussen Presidential polls when they failed to reflect Obama's collapse in the last few months--I mean, the guy's a pariah! He should be polling around -40.
SeattleBruce agrees that everyon secretly hates Obama:

You know, most people HATE to admit their wrong. Further they HATE to admit they’ve been duped, or had. That psychology has served to keep obummer’s numbers up as high as they are. He’s a TOTAL failure and soon even his supporters will bail. Especially when he has no practical power.

Vaduz delves into the internal numbers:

Fifty-two percent (52%) of Democrats Strongly Approve

40% Do not pay taxes
12% Black

And that's why there no rich white Democrats who like Obama!

has stopped listening to polls, but he can't stop thinking about them!
There is NO poll that should be trusted, the science of polling is really lost now in a partisan media.

They ALL use different methods and they ALL ask more Democrats, the science of polling is dead now. The polls really only influence people now.

George Gallup was a wonderful Christian man and a pioneer in polling, but he is long gone now.

And now they average the polls,that is the biggest joke of all. Newsweak, NYTIMES etc release openly bogus polls and this is included in the average.

The polls all suck! Only Freepers can divine the true opinion of the American People. Well, the Real American People.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rick Sanchez

One of the things I missed in my unexpected absence was Rick Sanchez flaming out about Jews and getting fired from CNN. Needless to say, Freepers think he's liberal as he is to the left of Freepers.

TheThirdRuffian thinks this proves how all liberals are antisemitic:

Liberals and they JOOoooooooooos hate.

So odd. I really think it is a mental disease.

SaraJohnson delves deeper into liberal hatred of Jews:

One of the shocking discoveries for me when I dove into the Left’s racial diversity doctrines to find out why the hate only gets worse in America, was that there is a common thread of hatred beyond just hatred of White people. There is a special hatred and blame for “greedy” Jewish people in all the left wing tribal doctrines.

That Steward ridiculed Sanchez on his program was bad; that Steward is a “predator” Jewish man who made fun of Sanchez was a call to diversity race war. Sanchez is a product of liberal diversity....diversity is our strength...yeah. /s/

diversity race war?

TomasUSMC somehow gets Geraldo involved and is off to the identity politics races:

Betting that Geraldo is trying to hire the Scumbag right now!
That doesn’t even make sense. Geraldo is Jewish.
Lets mix it up hermanos, oh man, all the angles in this one!
Puerto Rican vs Cuban
Liberal Latino vs Less Liberal Latino ( they both would flip flop fighting over both titles)
Conservative Jew vs less Conservative disliker of elite liberal Jews

and on and on and on
bring it on

STD would also like to satirize liberals by writing a very racist post:
Call La Raza This is blatant WASPist racism that targets brown people. The Democrats hate brown people. We need to contact Eric Holder and have him send in the EEOC. This racism by CNN will not be tolerated. Call your congress critters. Demand an investigation. Why can’t a wetback get a break anyway!
dixiechick2000 thinks the antisemitism is overblown, cause he criticized a liberal:

I didn’t think his comments were anti-semitic, either, but those he criticized are libs.

You simply look at them cross-eyed and they cry “prejudice”.

Buncha wusses...

Vendome sees a picture of Sanchez and is pretty excited about beating him up:

Those are his fists? ROTFLMAO!!!!!

I always wanted to kick his smug fat Azz.

Now, I would let him hit me so he could break his Chubbo fingers and wrist on me.

Can’t hurt steel anyway.

Ugh. I feel like a lot of Freepers were bullies in high school and never grew up.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hollywood prosecutes liberals

Freepers, being extremists, find the vast majority of media made for normal people far to liberal. And, being paranoid, they think this liberalism must be a conspiracy. Finally, being egoists, they think most people hate the Hollywood conspiracy just like they do. Thus their raging against the Hollywood machine is sure to accomplish the fall of liberalism!

Proud Socialist (!) thinks the solution is rampant violence.
I think it's time we declare war on Hollywood and level the whole place.

Then turn it into one big parking lot.
Kidding, that's a hilarious joke!

GOP_Party_Animal found some liberal humor in Chicago. No one laughed though, since only Real Americans were attending that day:

I went to a Second City comedy troupe performance last weekend. They had more than one skit painting Tea Partiers as idiots and religious zealots. Didn’t get a lot of laughs.

max americana is pissed his favorite shows got all liberal:

Right after Bill Peterson left CSI, I didnt watch afterwards and what timing. NCIS was the biggest disappointment right after the Palin remark a season ago. Gibbs was actually a closet commie Marine, whowouldathunkit

It just takes one Palin remark!

101voodoo sticks to TV made before 1960, and FOX News:

While I cannot truthfully claim to have turned off my TV, I can say I have not watched a network show in over 19 years and confine my TV use to playing my library of DVD made of VHS movies I have owned since the 1970’s, Football, re runs of old, OLD sitcoms like Andy Griffith (none since he did that awful commercial for Obamacare), Seinfeld, The Honeymooners, etc.

I do occasionally watch the Panel on FNC from 6:40-7:00Pm

longtermmemmoryhates Tina Fey, though he doesn't follow her career much, it seems
tina fey is probably happy there is a new character she can play.

Her movie career is a dud since the last move she made bout using a surrogate mome. (ad seemed a thinly concealed heather has two momies odd couple). No more movies since then, wooooonder why....?

Fey's Palin impression has made her a loser, 30-Rock bedamned!

Niuhuru has some very interesting opinions, and starts off noting how Hollywood used to be all mistresses for politicians but now they run things:
Up until Clinton, the political relationship was one where Hollywood actresses were the mistresses (Hollywood was Washington’s brothel) and any fandom wasn’t flaunted by politicians. They had celebs for endorsements, but it stopped there.

But then Clinton was so starstruck that he started letting celebrities actually talk to him about foreign/domestic policy and I think that he either did take them seriously or faked that he did. Either way, it got results and Hollywood literally tasted REAL power and they didn’t have to be elected. They had legitimacy.
Niuhuru backs up his previous discussion of how everyone in Hollywood was bangin' politicians by noting that celebs days are soon to be over:

Too late for them to back away from the things they’ve said and done about this country. They’ll never change and they are going to keep losing ground to independent films and smaller companies. With downloading literally eating them alive, only a matter of time until studios tell celebs to take massive pay cuts or get out of the industry.

"literally eating them alive" heh.

Niuhuru then notes how celebrities used to be hated:
Academics used to look down on entertainers, ‘society’ used to look down on entertainers, and the average joe used to look down on entertainers and the entertainers knew it and understood that they had no place in such fields. But now, they’ve been shoving their way into everything. Parents used to want to shoot themselves rather than see their daughters become actresses.
Damn that Regan! And what about sons being actors?

Niuhuru on how women actresses can never be good wives:

Tell men to get it into their thick heads that actresses do not make for stable wife/mother material. While I know that men are not really interested in tarts, teach them to start deciding early on what they want and what they should look out for. If a woman is too interested in living a jet set/clubbing lifestyle, warning signs right there. Tell them to judge and not be ashamed of having standards. Men seem pretty sensible in this area though.
Methinks there's something in this guy's past.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Late Monday Potpouri

Internet is back, and so am I! Sorry for the unexpected hiatus. No one missed the internet as much as me, believe me.

On to Potpouri! This is all stuff from 2 weeks ago, but like all good craziness, it is timeless:

Frantzie hates all TV, though he does seem to know a great deal of what is on it...
I cancelled TV a year ago because it is ALL obama and dem propaganda. Before I cancelled I saw some trailers for this trash. Just more stylish junk. Oh yeah they got the makeup, interiors, clothing, haircuts and other crpa just perfect with glib dialogue making all the white christians and wasps look like evil, back stabbing, chain smoking, adulterious creeps who sell the masses with adevrtising that lies.

TV is such s**t. Post Nov 2008 - I really loathe the propaganda boxes. Someone here will bash me that Tv is mom and apple pie. TV is addictive and it is now used like Stalin used radios that you could not turn off in the USSR.

Sports is one of the worst. Stupid Christian Tim Tebow versus the wonderful Muslim player and many other examples.

screaminsunshine has another connection to the Dem-Nazi-Muslim-Commie axis of evil:

FARC does have connections in the Democrat Party.

Probably some in the Republic Party too, but hooray for confirmation bias!

ansel12 on Palin's giantness:

McCain was not a political mentor to Governor Palin, she herself is the political giant, she is creating new giants all over the nation, whom she has “mentored” to some degree, people like Christine O’Donnell.

USAFJeeper on Jimmy Carter:

I live in Georgia, I am of one mind he is the spawn of Satan. Like Helen Thomas his age let his vitriol out in plain sight. I actually ruled out a college my children wanted to look at because they had a Jimmy Carter Room and A Rosalyn Carter scholarship for nurses.

That being said I wish him no ill will, just feel nothing toward him.

He feels nothing about the spawn of Satan?

secondamendmentkid is not happy that Cornyn says O'Donnel will have a hard row to hoe in Deleware:

“Cornyn is merely stating the obvious. You may not want it to be true, but it is.”

Whether it is true or not is irrelevant. He is an idiot for stating it in public and in effect further undermining O’Donnell. Why did he have to say that? The libtard press loves it!

Regulator found out Obama's new chief of staff is from Alaska:
Deep family roots in Alaska?

His parents were probably interned in the camps.

He probably has deep rooted grudges against the gringos, like his buddy the Kenyan.

Looks like both of them will spend the next couple of years taking out their revenge on the Americans.
sergeantdave thinks Obama wants to bring back Slavery:

Lincoln freed the slaves. King obuma wants to re-institute slavery. He’s the anti-Lincoln. He will be completely destroyed before his term is up. He will be the most hated man of his time.

TheClintons-STILLAnti-American has a kind of iffy quote:
To quote one of the "Black Caucus" geniuses just prior to the Obamacare vote, "We don't care about no rules."
Because Black Congresspeople always speak broken English.

TheOldLady knows what sort of people get abortions:

As their babies died, so should the “mothers.” But I’d settle for hanging. Since they’re probably crack whores, they may not even notice until the devil is tickling their tootsies with hot coals.

sanjoaquinvalley has figured out what liberals want!
Post birth abortions, look for it soon. The next leftist dream that must be squashed. This was what Margaret Sanger wanted. For people to kill family members, she thought it was “kind”.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Pix

Oooh scary eyes!

Just insert any Dem in that pic above and you get a very clever cartoon (here it's Christine O'Donell's opponent)

Everyone in the military secretly hates Obama, of course. Some are less subtle than others.


Double oy.

Sharia law!

Yay, naked fascism!