Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Pix

Golfing is suddenly evil.

Blue lips, lol!


hilecopters hate Obama.

Way to strike a blow, Freepers!

Birthers keep rolling on!

By 2012, Freepers will claim this is the real one.

Egypt equals evil

Lots of water?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Allen West 2012

Black Republican Freshman Congressman from Florida. Talks like a Freeper - says Obama is like a low-level socialist agitator, would have no Muslims in his cabinet. Did I mention he's black? Like Obama?! Cause as Freepers recover from their birther-induced Trumpmania, they are looking farther and farther afield for candidates that are both crazy but no one else knows it yet:

lonevoice loves how he's kind of a war criminal:

"If it's about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I'd go through hell with a gasoline can." ~ LTC Allen West

Some of us will never forget.
SWAMPSNIPER thinks West may be in danger, and will totally guard him. With his gun!
If the Colonel says the word I'll camp on his doorstep with my 12 gauge pump, and I'm not the only one!

The demorats are working themselves up to doing some really stupid things, they just don't know any better. Sooner or later someone is going to bite off more than he can chew!
ripley also thinks West will punch hippies:
I would love to hear one of those oily, slimy, Progressive punks call Mr. West an Oreo cookie, or question his intellectual abilities, to his face. Considering what Mr. West is made of, I don’t think they’d dare.
Venturer notes West is a Man:

Allan West looks like a man, as opposed to the Obama whop looks like a Sissy.

Finatic is softheaded enough he hasn't quite shaken the Trumpmania yet:

GO LTC West!

This Army vet backs you to the hilt!

Trump runs for President and said he will only do one term to clean out Washinton and takes LTC West as his running mate to bolster his military credential platform and the Colonel is groomed for 2016.

That is my dream.


West is brilliant. He is needed to run in 2012 for POTUS.
Dare anyone sat a freshmen is unqualed or that he is unqualed.

Freepers on the royal wedding

Ain't nothing Freepers can't politicize six ways from Sunday:

seeing a Muslim would have ruined the whole thing for Buddygir :
I was happy to see Christ honored there! If there were any Muslims, I didn’t see any. Just happy to see our culture was in vogue for the day!
Nea Wood also sees the wedding as anti-Muslim:
I was also looking at the beautiful old cathedral and thinking that not every culture could, or would, build such a fine and beautiful structure.
Cause Muslims never built anything impressive!

Westbrook is happy Obama isn't invited:
> So, that explains why some high ranking “americans” were not invited.

Because they aren’t Americans, neither are they adherents to Western Civilization.


redgolum hates England, and is boycotting proper spelling:

I find it a rather sad show put on by a dieing country

rollo tomasi notes that some gay men were happy at the Wedding. This cannot stand!

I hope Elton John, in his state of unrepentant sin, does not consider himself a Christian/Anglican because he was sure singing up a storm with his husband. The hypocrisy of it all knows no bounds... (To borrow a line)

I only throws stones who openly flaunt God’s laws while considering him/herself virtuous under the law.

Mr Rogers is just a grumpy scold:

The lace may have been pure, but what was inside wasn’t!

After 8 years of shacking up, what is the point of a big wedding? Who is being fooled? And the thrill of the wedding night? After 8 years, he’ll be lucky if she doesn’t have a headache tonight...

Obama sabotages space shuttle

The Space Shuttle Endeavor's launch is delayed by a malfunctioning doohickey. Obama was going to be there. I think you know where this is going:

PDMiller defiantly sees this as cause by Obama somehow, probably cause he angers God:
Doesn't everything this guy touches turn to sh*%?

How DARE 0bama go to Florida to witness a Shuttle launch when his whole “vision” is to DESTROY our capabilty to go into space!

erm, it was Bush who retired the shuttle, if that's what you mean...

Zeppo also thinks Obama killed our space program:
What a fitting metaphor to have Obama literally presiding over the decline of the formerly great American manned space program...
Freepers don't care about the budget where NASA is concerned, only NPR and the like.

Gator113 makes what may be the worst birther joke I have ever heard:

Can’t the shuttle be moved to Kenya and launched from there??

oh8eleven is pissed Gabrielle Giffords is getting to see her husband:
Already at Cape Canaveral for the liftoff was wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords
How did she get to Cape Canaveral - commercial flight, military, private jet, etc? And who paid for it?
Where is she staying at Cape Canaveral and who's paying for it?
Jack Hydrazine just hates it when Obama is anywhere.

Does this mean that the Obungler won’t be at the next launch attempt which will not require putting the area on lock down like prisons and schools and actually allowing the NASA employs to go outside and watch it? schools?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Poor are such lucky ducks!

IN a thread about how Wal-Mart is complaining they're making less money these days. The usual "OBAMA DEPRESSION" stuff was there. But that really took a back seat to complaining about how the poor have it so easy:

yarddog keeps the welfare queen myth alive!
I was once behind a young couple very well dressed, tho in casual clothes. They were Black and bought over $200 of nothing but meat. I noticed as I followed them out that the drove away in a late model Alpha Romeo. I took down their tag number.

A lady in our office who had once worked at welfare, said they would investigate if I turned them in but what they would find is the couple are not married, the sports car is registered to someone else etc. Just as well not bother.

in Texas, the illegals with WIC and welfare cards are stocking up.
When was the last time you saw a whitey or african pushing a huge completely full basket of groceries at Walmart?
Well, just last week there was julietta and her four chicas pushing an overflowing basket of groceries in a central TX Walmart.
Yep, she paid with a TX welfare card.
Steaks all sorts of expensive items.
I felt like a pauper, my measly 15 items topped out at $85 bucks for the wife and I.
Hell, I have never in my life bought a basket of groceries that full (except for beer in college, but that’s another story)
What really pisses me off though is when the welfare leech in front of me is eating better than I am based on what they put on the conveyor, and uses their welfare card to pay for their food!

Sure enough, the same welfare leech then gets out to the parking lot to a waiting SUV full of their brood and zooms off while yacking on their iphone screaming at their baby daddies (multiple) to send them money.

You know, it really DOES NOT PAY to work anymore. I'm tired of my hard earned taxpayer dollars going to support that sub-culture and the welfare crowd in this country.

They eat better than I do, they drive better vehicles than I do, hell I don't have an iPHone!!!!! Seems the "poor" in this country are doing better than the so-called "middle class" and "rich!" They aren't working for it!
ConservativeWarrior strikes a blow for Freepers, via being a dick.

I’ve taken to saying “You’re welcome” to people checking out with EBT cards ahead of me. I don’t care anymore.

Most people give me a blank look, one baby daddy started cursing at me. I just responded “He’s your president, complain to him.” That guy was hot, and I’m glad the kids weren’t with me.

I don’t say it to everyone. Elderly, disabled, get a pass, though I’m not too happy about government-mandated charity in any case. My family is generous to charities, but we don’t like having our money taken by law.

I think 'hot' means angry here, or else the story goes down this romance novel path...

VanDeKoik wishes he were homeless:
You should see the HOMELESS in my town. They are all fat because they get three squares a day from soup kitchens. That's not counting the number that get food stamps and SS "disability" money. Most can get free clothing. And from what I understand from a niece that deals with some of them, many are getting free cell phones from the government, and a few even have laptops!

Working is for suckers it seems.

More Cruel and Unusual Punishment!

Someone was sentenced to 22 years to life for beating a young girl to death. That alone would make Freepers yearn for blood. But he was also illegal. Wow:

Shane doesn't like the civilized death penalty we have:

No, not a bullet, a pipe repeatedly, until he no longer moves, administered by a male member of the young lady’s family. What a worthless piece of trash this cretin is.

bushpilot1 has an idea:

Once upon a time...there would be a lynching for animals like this..

Hmmm. Wonder why that stopped?

BigCinBigD manages to one-up lynching guy:
I favor bringing back public Crucifixion.
Condor51 wants to start a collection to hire a prisoner hitman:
here's a couple problems 'we' will have to face up to.
  1. His 'sex crime' wasn't on a child so the General Pop in prison won't go after him for being a 'short eyes'.
  2. He's Latino so he'll hook up with a Latino Prison Gang and be protected.
  3. Ergo the only way 'Justice' can be meted out is by a Black Prison Gang.
  4. The Aryan Brotherhood.
Rannug wants to shoot Mexicans:

Those wetbacks should be very thankful that I am not the judge and jury. And executioner.

dennisw knows the mother's pain can only be salved by death:
The only way to balance the scales of justice is to try and execute these murderers within 90 days. I promise you this would ease some of her mothers awful pain
StonyBurk sounds like a crazy person. I mean, more than the usual Freeeper:
the creep deserves to die by the same manner he has killed his prey.

and he should not be allowed to breath one more breath -ever having denied that once unalienable -God given right to those he owed no allegiance to.

Es verdad we live in the land that has made ending life an art form protected by the ruling class -a much better for profit enterprise than slavery -and a better weapon against the moral majority.

I say let him loose to open a school to teach others like him how to perfect his practice-much like we did that ass named Johnson who led his rabid dog pack of petty vandals on a repugnant tour of a Texas town before earning fame as the guy who elevated desecration of our flag to protected speech status.
A society that does not defend its women and children deserves to expire and we have become that society.
Never mind the violent crime statistics, this guy is willing to vicariously claim victimhood!

Liz hits the illegal angle hard:
These savages are a national security nightmare. Clearly, they are violent separatists intent on building a Third World nation inside the US. They strive to create chaos and are fervently attempting to weaken the US financial system.

L/E should be collaring the offenders for undermining US national security-----not for immigration violations.

The sense of entitlement here is nauseating, expecting taxpayers to pick up the tab for their every whim. They have no respect for America, Americans, our laws, and our culture. They keep escalating the whining for more and more freebies.

It is indicative of their hidden agenda that they will not toe the line and become citizens, pay taxes, and contribute to make America stronger.
I like how they aren't just here illegally, they have a sinister hidden agenda.

Molon Labbie hates the justice system:

The evil justice system, namely the trifecta of judge, prosecutor and defense attorney, are very much responsible for the out of control crime in this country. They rank only second to the defendant.

Yeah, the Bill of Rights sucks.

GladesGuru thinks the victim deserved it, because she lived in New York:

Note to all: This occurred in the Big Sh*tty - home of Libtardism and worse since the days of the Revolutionary War.

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving group of Libtards - except that Liberalism, as usual, seems to have punished another innocent and their family.

No matter, Big Sh*tty Liberalism WILL create a better Big Sh*tty.

Have faith! Believe!

Obama loves tornadoes

The South has been having some rough weather. Like, it's killing people. Hundreds of people. For the most part, the Freeper thread is full of prayers, support and up-to-date news. But then there are those who blame Obama:

POWERSBOOTHEFAN thinks a properly humble President will visit every time Americans die:

Don’t expect Obama to visit these folks;it’s beneath him.

onemiddleamerican is pissed Obama is speaking about this:
Fox just said he is going to speak about this today at 3:10 (eastern).

But he'll probably lead off with some jokes and shout-outs to his socialist financiers.

He's such a despicable Marxist pig.
savedbygrace is pissed Obama waited so long to speak:

Finally, a statement from Mr. President. Apparently, before this, not enough people had died and had their homes and businesses destroyed in the previous band of severe storms and tornadoes for him to make one.

I shouldn’t be so bitter about this president, should I?

Texas resident is pretty sure Obama is only speaking because of golf:

baraq dispenses with silliness by going to Chicago to do a tv show and then on to NYC to fleece his zombie supporters. Got home late last night. Has to rest up for his vacation on Friday to Florida to watch the last shuttle mission and get his picture taken with Rep. Giffords.
Then once all the important business has been taken care of, then what the hey, he’s in Florida and there just happens to be a golf course nearby. Might as well get a round in with another bunch of contributors.

Lay off the kenyan. He has a very demanding schedule.

meyer thinks Obama loves it when white people die:

These aren't "his" people - he hopes that the damage is extensive and the death toll high. That'll be that many fewer "crackers" that his civilian security force will have to deal with.

When it's pointed out that many of those killed are black, meyer sticks the pivot:
Actually, take a closer look at #39...those *are* “his” people.

I hadn't noticed that. Then again, they're probably non-union so "the One" still won't claim them as his people.

It takes a certain kind of derangement to just keep on keeping on when your main premise is proven wrong.

Supreme Court doesn't fast track health care

Freepers are not too happy the Supreme Court follows appellate procedure:

unixfox overuses Marxist:

If the states allow this monstrocity to happen, we WILL be a ruled nation by MARXISTS!

Logical me overuses "banana republic."

The SC is just as corrupt as the rest of Washington. America is in the final touches of becoming a banana Republic.

MHGinTN sprices up a rather pedestrian "liberals suck and are everywhere" post with a new Nickname for Chief Justice Roberts:
Folks need to stop and think about why the demagogue types like Schumer and Leahy embraced the Pirate Roberts touted by the media scum as ‘a conservative appointment’.

The Pirate's court is now the stealth servant of the globalist agenda, so the Pirate's court protects Barry the Bastard and any progressive legislation which is deemed appropriate to ending the Republic of We The People.
My bolding. Cause that's awesome


How do you say “The Fix is in” in Swahili?

Swahili? Is this racist somehow?

T-Bird45 thinks it's Civil War 2 time!!

So much for elections having consequences. If the ballot box fails, alternatives are few and not optimal.

PSYCHO-FREEP engages in class warfare:

We have been railroaded by the Ruling Class, which includes the SCOTUS.

SF_Redux thinks the apocalypse is nigh:

people need to realize that financially in this current admin, we will not last until fall of 2012

OBama hates Christains

Obama didn't release an Easter proclamation. Never mind his passover one, Freepers make the expected deduction:

laweeks is lie a detective, only he doesn't need evidence:

He’s a muslim. No way he can acknowledge that Jesus died for us and was resurrected on Easter morning. No muslim believes that for a minute. He has no use for Christians. Enough said.

ripley says things that sound sort of profound:

They’re making it obvious now, without being obvious.

That’s the Progressive way dontcha know; The conflict of opposites.

freeangel knows not acknowledging Easter is the first step to Sharia Law:

The sooner hussein can relegate Christ as a non entity, the closer we become to sharia.

Mr. K thinks Sharia is close:

He is sending clear signals to the Muslim world that he is one of them

And helping Al Qaida rid Libya of Khadaddy is another way.

They are prparing to instill the Caliphate while Obambi is head of the USA.

If he looks to be losing the next election they will spead things up. If he wins it will be even worse, only one year later.

Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! has a whole story all set up:

I think the Obama’s went to the baptist church (was it on Easter Sunday or last week?) because his new chief of staff told him it was politically wise to do so. He was applauded when he entered the Church so it fed his ego enough to deal with not being in his 20 year loved radical, Rev. Wright Church

shadowcat knows Obama can't win:
It would be a phony proclamation.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Freepers continue to check out the Long Form. Birtherism rolls on!


But there is NO WAY that the “X” in “THE” in the 2011 document is the result of a blurred stamp.

So then there has to be an explanation of how it got there.

Is it psy ops to get people riled up to misdirect them while Bernake testifies....

Or did someone screw up a forgery and not catch it.

I have no idea. I just know THE is not spelled right.


Can anyone explain why there’s a “hole” and a “curl on the left” of the document and the rubber stamped April 25, 2011 “signature” seems to be like an overlay?


That’s still the fake one - father’s race is listed as “African”. No such race.

Stanley Ann’s signature doesn’t look like the
typical handwriting of an 18 year old for the time period 1961. The handwriting looks more like someone born 1920 and schooled by 1940.
it also looks like someone named Ann D something was the original signature and the Stanley in parenthesis was added to make it appear authentic.
one R shows in barack but not the rest of the name.
Also, barak sr did NOT spell his name with a c.

How did Barry ever get his name changed back to Barrack?

When did he do this? After he was 21? Was he an Indonesian Citizen? If so does that negate Natural Born it should. Natural Born was to assure allegiance to the United States. If Barry stayed an Indonesian citizen till after College he has more allegiance to Indonesia than America. The fact he uses a bogus SSN makes me seriously wonder if he is an illegal alien.

It’s time to move on. The REAL issue is Natural Born Citizenship. How can a Man be born under the British Nationality Act of 1048 and be a Natural Born Citizen of the United States? According to John Bingham the author of the 14th Amendment, he was NOT born under the sole jurisdiction of the United States, and is therefore NOT a Natural Born Citizen.

This has ALWAYS been the issue we could not get past... No one would look at NBC until the bloody Birth Certificate was dealt with. I consider it dealt with! I want to get onto the issue which makes him ineligible!!!

He was BORN BRITISH and we now have CONFIRMATION of that fact!

Or is the 14th Amendment no longer valid????? ummmm hum.

The McDonalds beatdown

This was all the rage on Free Republic over the weekend. Some black women badly beat a transexual who used the women's bathroom, and someone taped it.

Most of the threads were Freepers arguing over whether to see this as "wild Negros" or "icky gays." It didn't make for good blogging, since most of it was internal bickering. But now that it has calmed down, the crazy has congealed to the point I can post on it:

353FMG blames Obama:

The face of Obama’s “our people”.

Enterprise on the crazy names they have for black kids these days:
poor black females know that there is little hope for their children. They began giving them frenchie sounding names, hoping that it will make them special in some way.
AEMILIUS PAULUS thinks Jim Crow laws may have been to protect us from blacks:

I wonder if the old Jim Crow laws were designed, at least in part, as a preventative of this kind of assault? Such laws were repealed in my area about five years before I was born so I don’t know.

Maverick68 wants more vigilante justice

Folks, we are in dire need of some Bernie Goetz like responses to the animals that are destroying our country.

muawiyah prefers to focus on the transexual part of this, and then make crazy assmptions.
Let's see if the Prosecutor is, perhaps, no it couldn't be ~ DON'T SAY IT ~ lesbian?!?!?!?!?

That would add some color to this otherwise drab beat down.
achilles2000 thinks the beating was totally justified:
The more I see of this case the more I start to think that men who go into women’s bathrooms ought to be soundly thrashed. I don’t care if this guy happened to be feeling “pretty” that day, or whether he likes to play dress-up, or whether he thinks he’s Julie Andrews. Women shouldn’t have to deal with men in their bathrooms.
Dick Vomer doesn't pick sides, he just makes a "first lady is an ugly transsexual" joke.

the vertical striping in the hair has a slimming effect and highlights the natural beauty of her cheeks. The colored streak is both fashionable and makes a statement of the passion in which she embraces all things social and personal. From the look of her collar and upper torso we can tell that this woman has it all, including the "urban" retro look. All in all just one of the most fashionable and beautiful women in the United States according to most fashion insiders.

I did not realize our first lady ate at Micky D's.
I still care also can't decide whether to hate blacks or gays more, so he hates the media:

The MSM is going to have a problem with this.

Who to side with - the repressed, economically deprived minority, or the deviant, LBGTQ whose rights were trampled on?

I say they go with the trannie.

Oldpuppymax also prefers to project his conflicting bigotry onto Obama's DoJ, which as you know is involved in everything racial ever:

Now isn’t THIS a poser for the Hussein/Holder “Justice” dept!! The he-she is white, and therefore can neither be a victim of racism or of an assault by blacks. HOWEVER, the he-she is after all, a HE-SHE!!! So fags, perverts and the utterly grotesque who donate so much to leftist campaigns could be up in arms should The One not prosecute! Decisions, decisions, huh Eric!!


See Obama's rope-a-dope! Watch Freepers pivot! Witness the rampant denial! Enjoy the goalposts moving!

Fractal Trader goes with denial:

Clearly a forgery. There should be a consistent “hashed” background across the document. There are many places where there are white spaces surrounding typing:

6c This one is really bad. The HEADER, “Name of Hospital...” has white space. The header should never have any white space
13 Compare ANN to STANLEY and DUNHAM Different type, white space
18a Signature white space
19a Signature white space


Responsibility2nd just declares victory.


We’ve forced his hand. All the lies and deception Obama has fed us has now come to an end.

Or has it?

For birthers to force Obama into this does not bode well for Obama. He’s running scared.

bvw looks into Obama's soul and sees victory:
I am listening to Obama at the news conference. Based on his demeanor, his voice — this is a all a con. That is my impression is he and Hawaii are tendering what they know to be a fraudulent certificate. He is unsure if the con will make it through, so he is downplaying why it took so long to release, and trying to force everyone to “move on”.
Dansong keeps the Kenyan faith alive!

The catch 22 here is simple: If he really was born in Kenya - and I believe he was - then everything hinges on third-world/African record keeping circa 1961; meaning there probably is none and hence nothing exists to counter a good forgery. Kenya’s chaos is his cloak.

Fantasywriter remembers that one birther army guy and is pretty sure he'll be Obama's downfall:

If this is real, Obama just self-destructed. People recall the Swiftboaters, I’m sure. They torpedoed the execrable Kerry’s asinine run for the WH. The way they treated Kerry will look like the kid glove treatment of a tender mother with her newborn, compared to what will happen to Obama if this thing is legit.

The commercial starts with the gates of Leavenworth slamming shut. The voice over says, ‘He asked to see his CIC’s most basic documentation—the same papers he had to show to join the military. It wasn’t too much to ask, considering he had just been asked to risk his life in Afghanistan.”

Segue to a pic of Obama golfing.

“He couldn’t be bothered. He let a decorated, honorable officer and family man rot in Leavenworth. He didn’t want to be late for his Tee-time.”

Segue to pic of Terry Lakin.

“His career was destroyed. His family suffered. All because Obama refused to release this:”

Segue to pic of BC.


Segue to another goofy pic of Obama on the golf course.

“Is this the man you want sending your sons and daughters into harm’s way???”

Voice over, ‘paid for’ etc.

Obama will be toast For FREAKEN’ Ever!!!! He will be hated and despised, even by apolitical voters. This commercial is the blow/wound from which he could NEVER recover.

Any lurking Obots who want to harp on the it’s all Lakin’s fault meme, just be aware of one thing. Maybe one or two percent of the people watching the above commercial will blame Lakin. He’s rotting in Leavenworth, remember? It’s the Golfer in Chief who takes the brunt—as well he should.

DCBryan1 makes a "yo mamma" joke. Classy:

It should read, "Commie whore".
magritte has high standards of proof:

Can’t tell without an actual physical copy in hand...

RJS1950 thinks this only leads to more questions:
This might be believable if he had not spent over 2 years and millions to hide it. If he had produced something credible during the campaign when the issue first came up there would be few questions. This just heightens the suspicion that he was and still is hiding something.
wilco200 straight up says he's going to move the goal posts:


Then we just “move the goal posts” hee hee hee

Where is your original passport? Where are your college records and financial aid info? etc.

Admitting you're arguing in bad faith is not usually an approved tactic. But then that is in reality-land.

gop4lyf pivots gracefully:

I am more interested in his college records, but it is interesting that he has been forced to finally show it.

Paddy Irish is too excited for sentences:

Muslim! Who’s the baby daddy? Maybe mom born in Canada?

Fawn focuses on what is important:

I wonder who his daddy is....I’ll bet that part is photoshopped...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday potpourri.

ConradofMontferrat thinks Republicans should stop caring when their own side gets into scandals, cause Democrats never resign!

If this guy was a Rat, he would dig in his heals and say: “Yea, I’m guilty as sin, so effin what?”

Our side just doesn’t know that in this culture war thingee, sometimes we have to grow a pair.

Not approving of his indiscretions in the least, that’s between him and his God, just saying that our enemies have more in the “fire in the belly” department.

If this guy was a Rat, Barney Fwank and Chucky the Schmucky Chumer would take his back and try make every one else out to be the bad guy.


Gator113 loves inefficient cars, cause he's totally sticking it to Obama!

Obama can take his electric and other goofy looking cars.... and stuff them where the sun doesn’t shine.

I’ll be driving my Tundra long after that bastard is gone.

I filled up this morning. $4.15 per gallon... a $91 fill up! I didn’t like it, but it pleases me to know that I can afford it FAR MORE than the simpletons that voted that bastard into office.

No doubt the Saudis love this guy.

has a great suggestion:

Still waiting for someone to get on Bumma’s face, IN PUBLIC and call him what he is, A LYING SACK OF $H-T!

mojito thinks six-year old Obama was a jihadi:
Lil Barry was definitely a muzzie in Indonesia.

It got so bad that his commie mommie didn't like it; it's the main reason lil Barry got shipped back to gran and gramps in HI.
Yes, no one is as zealous as those 6-year-old Muslim fanatics!

has proved abortion is murder, with Logic!
An unborn child is a person. What else could it possibly be? It's not a dog, it's not a cat. It's a person who hasn't yet passed through the birth canal.

No religious belief is necessary to support that. It's simple logic
LibLieSlayer thinks we're in a DEPRESSION
WE are locked in a Deepening DEPRESSION... 472,000 unemployed last week... UNEXPECTEDLY... gas hit $4.25 in Mississippi for premium non-ethanol. 4.01.9 for regular... 20 dollar T-Bones at the grocery (I almost remember what one tasted like)... clothing out of sight... everything zooming up in price while our dollar shrinks and all commodities soar. obama is marching us into marxism and is lying about anything and everything that he does. He has Never told the truth to America about anything.
Expensive steaks?! Wow, depressions ain't what they used to be, I guess.

blueplum takes war metaphors a bit too far:

how does one gain control of the population?

one has a private army

as well equipped as our military

Zero’s army is the Union

his generals are the union bosses


I imagine Al Capone would be in awe of Obama. The guy is the embodiment of a walking, talking, and apparently untouchable crime spree.

brivette has an interesting emergency plan:

nuclear power plants are the safest place to be in an emergency.

chooseascreennamepat is waiting for the Chinese takeover:
That half-assed SOB poser for the presidency of the US has managed to put us in bankruptcy, but he can find time to play pasture pool off the taxpayer's dime.

His corruption knows no boundaries. I consider it criminal that he can play these games knowing that the ultimate end is the total destruction of this country.

There is no doubt that we will be taken over by the Red Chinese in the end and Chairman 0 will be the top dog of the west and that chinese murderer will be chairman of the east.

Someone just has to do something, and FAST!
Vigilanteman relates suicide to being conservative:
If suicides are higher in conservative areas, it is because conservatives are culturally attuned to taking responsibility for oneself and one's actions.

Homicides are definitely higher in liberal areas as they are culturally attuned to blaming others for your situation.

The difference in suicide rates are marginal. The difference in homicide rates are dramatic.
JewishRighter's enemies list:
Steve Israel, Al Sharpton, Michael Boore, Zsa Zsa Huffington, Rosie O’Dumbell, Anthony Weenie, Henry Nostrildamus Waxman, Keith Doberman, Jessie Jerkson, Whoopie Cushion Goldberg, Joy Bleythar, Alec Baldwin, Joe Begala, Stainmaker Klintoon, Maximum Time Waters, Hanoi Jane Fonda, Al Franken, SEIU, ACORN, CODE PINK, ANSWER, NAACP, La Raza, NOW, NARAL, ACLU, MoveOn, George Soros, Timidiot Geithner, Rahm Emmanuel, Louise Slaughter, Howard Dean, Marxist Kolitis, Barnyard Fwank, .....

And now this word from outer space

Liberal amygdala dysfunction edition:

I have a general theory of political thought, and wrote a book about it. The theory is that Liberalism is an advanced version of a Darwinian strategy seen in nature, and adopted to avoid the risk of free competition, be it for resources, mates, whatever.

If the theory is correct, the true Liberal adopts their worldview in childhood, and their brain becomes averse to the fear of uncertainty in their future (due to amygdala dysfunction). The only way to curtail their noxious pursuit of everyone’s oppression is to make pursuit of it create uncertainty in their future. ie, if they think everyone is going to be against them, and they are going to be ostracized, they will retreat.

We need to grasp that true Liberals don’t think like us, don’t care for facts, and will always want everyone oppressed
Unified theory of liberals provided by AnonymousConservative ( - see the evolutionary origin of Liberalism and its purpose in nature)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Pix

No golfing while dead solders exists, Obama!

Obama will be getting red of doctors in favor of attractive college students!

This guy is becoming my favorite. He just puts so many random things into the picture! Hugo Chaves? Big Brother? It's Where's Waldo for crazy people!

Wow, Michelle Obama's accent is spot on! Laura Bush sure didn't talk like ghetto trash when she...never answered press questions.

OK, I'm sorry, this is not scary, it is just trippy.

Yep, liberals are the lockstep doctrinaire ones!

Friday, April 22, 2011

McCain to Libya

Freepers are all bent out of shape that John McCain went to Libya to meet with the rebels:

Shady is pissed this might make Libya look a bit less bad:
onyx screws up and hates McCain more than Obama for a bit there:

He’s maliciously meddling, in obama’s war.

wendy1946 knows her Africa:

The happy ending would be McCain going into the cooking pot like in one of those old (pre-political-correctness) Tarzan movies...

LibLieSlayer just straight up wants McCain killed:

I am thinking about bad things that could happen to mccain in Libya... can I root for daffy this time?



Democrat moderate McCain meets with Al-Quada and a Potpourri of Terrorists.

rikkir thinks McCain is working for the Viet Cong:
I am truly beginning to doubt about his status as a war hero. Maybe he did believe that statement he signed.

How else can we explain the damage he’s caused this country including giving the US a president who is determined to destroy us. Maybe we’ve been not looking at the correct number of Manchurian Candidates.

He’s been set up by the commies to think they like him, and his choice of Sarah for VP was an accident that almost ruined their plan. Remember it was McCain’s staffers that muffled her, and wouldn’t let her tell the truth about Obozo. After realizing what she could become in this country, they have been active, and willing participants with the media in trying to destroy her.

I am beginning to think McCain being Obozo’s opponent was not an accident

The makings of a Freeper

Freeper conversion stories!

For huldah1776 it was God

I grew up in the Baptist Church and thought because the Democrats were for helping people and the evil Republicans were only for big business that I was a Democrat. When the pro-life issue came to the fore I actually started looking into politics and learned the truth and it made me free.

Truth is what cuts through the darkness of evil and shines the light so all may see. Opening eyes and ears is only done by the Almighty, so prayer is also required. That is why today’s education is warped and clouded. Truth is a necessity.

muir_redwoods went with a religious tract of a somewhat more secular nature:

I was a typical leftist college student in the ‘60’s until I read Ayn Rand. There’s not a lot of drama or mystery in my conversion; I simply read a rational presentation of a defense of capitalism and I havent looked back.

For Hootowl, and many others, it was the 1980 election:
Born and raised in a staunchly Democratic, pro-Union family, I tooled along in a military career believing all of the happy progressive horsecrap, even voting for Carter’s first term. When Reagan ran against Carter I suddenly realized that Ronaldo Magnus was voicing the things I truly believed. I haven’t looked left since.
Wow, what was it about 1980 that made people not only vote Republican but then go nuts?!

For Beelzebubba read about how AIDS is a hoax, and got hooked:

I was raised a strict atheist and liberal. Liberal through college, and beyond. In grad school people tell me (later) I was deep-down a conservative, but I was still voting and arguing liberal.

Then a smart friend told me about a science author names Michael Fumento, who wrote about bogus environmental issues, and AIDS.

His book “Science Under Siege” showed me (using the kind of irrefutable scientific evidence and logic process I was raised and trained on) that the liberal politicians and the media had been lying to me all along.

I learned to think critically, and to trust the media no more. Which inevitably leads to conservatism.

Soothesayer realized people are evil, and stopped raping women:

I used to be a radical leftist back in college in 2004. I was very egotistic and self-centered although not particularly hateful of others. Also, naive and exceedingly idealistic. I believed that human beings were naturally good and that evil didn’t matter anyway because in my new age religion “the energy would return to the universe”.

I converted to conservatism very rapidly when I started studying the news. I discovered very quickly that evil was not an anomaly and that it was the default tendency of human beings. I also started for the first time in my life to internalize these events and to view the suffering and deceased as real living beings and not some theoretical abstraction to be created and sacrificed for the “greater good”.

Liberalism is at its core anti-life. A person meant nothing to me. Only ideas and feelings had value. There is no need to talk about the economics because everything revolves around the value of a person. Freedom and rights cannot exist unless a person is a real thing and not an abstraction to be manipulated by academics and politicians.

Fortunately the seed of conservatism was always there to facilitate this rapid conversion. I had never been fond of the hedonist world, not even as a child. Therefore, I became the type of college student who was far more interested in studying the realities of the world instead of spending all my free time partying and raping women.

Josh Painter didn't hate liberals till the Thomas hearings:

Tipping point: Confirmation hearing for Clarence Thomas. The liberal Dems tried to destroy this good and decent man with their lies and sealed it for me. I began to truly despise the left.

dagogo redux went crazy in Vietnam, and has been a tin-foil hat Freeper ever since:
As Saigon fell, and with it the entire charade of that war, and as the helicopter evacuations began, they finally cancelled our mission. I recall feeling, not relief, but betrayal, a sense of being a mere pawn in global, not national, mechinations, and a clear sense of the betrayal of all the troops used by these people over there. That day I learned on some intuitive level that our leaders were traitors to the people, elitists serving global masters. The execution of the many wars since then has done nothing to diminish that belief - only to reinforce it.
Retired Greyhound's wife just hates taxes:

I’m proud to say I was never a leftist.

But my wife was. Voted for Carter in ‘80 and Mondale in ‘84. She didn’t pay much attention to politics, but believed what the media said that Reagan was scary.

When she became a nurse around 1990, and saw how much of her paycheck was taxed, she became a Republican.

She now loves Reagan and regrets not supporting him. I tell her it’s ok, he didn’t need you anyway.

Steel Wolf has no real reason, but liberals are all retarded or evil!
the Army taught me to appreciate things that work, and dislike things that don't work. Not just on the physical level, but on the intellectual and strategic level. Idealism is a great wellspring of motivation, but it needs practical tools to 'draw the water' of changing the world.

The deeper you delve into the practical application of liberalism, the more you discover there are really only two kinds. One is the shallow, slogan-slinging, knee-jerk, feel-good, bumper-sticker philosophies of emotionally stunted but well meaning fools. The other cloaks itself in well meaning rhetoric, but it is anything but. It is a soulless, calculating, power absorption machine that is not bound by any moral authority other than the naked will to power.

Lots of uncritical book reading there. Also lots of "I watched the news."

The First Amendment is over.

That Koran-Burning Pastor got himself to Dearborn and got arrested for planning to incite a riot. Totally unconstitutional decision. Maybe even something the judge can be sanctioned for. Freepers, never one to stick on a winning hand, double down:

Tzimisce blames Obama for this local court decision:

Right to assemble peacefully?

Not in Obamaland.

WilliamofCarmichael knows the courts are all Muslim now:
Jihad lite: the current state of American jurisprudence.
k5kor is amazing:
This man is a hero. He is emerging as a leader for the Christian crusade.
k5kor again:

Islam will not be unopposed if these professional money grubbing “churches “ wake up and fight for oxygen because the damned godless muslims will cut the throats of their “congregation” and blow up their “churches”.WAKE UP!!!

The scare quotes make it true!

k5kor with the hat trick:
These muslims need to go home. This is a Christian Nation and it is EASTER. These bastards will go to hell.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jerry Seinfeld is a bad Jew

So Jerry Seinfeld canceled an upcoming appearance at a benefit for Trump's son's Foundation due to Trump's birtherism. Seems a bit petty, but well within how celebrities behave. Trump bloviates, and Freepers circle the waggons. THus does the 10 minutes of hate against Jerry Seinfeld begin:

Datom knows real Jews hate Obama:
Jerry appears to be a JINO (Jew In Name Only).
Boardwalk agrees:

Seinfeld is also Jewish so you have to wonder about him supporting the Muslim over St. Jude.

SMARTY has a schoolboy crush on Trump:
Awww ...Gee whiz...!!! How can you not like a guy who talks SO STRAIGHT??!!!
SO STRAIGHT?!! comment.

dennisw has suddenly always hated Seinfeld.

Steinfeld never was funny. His Steinfeld show was never funny. Trump is kind of funny with his braggadocio and the way he says things

LibLieSlayer looks forwards to the return of blacklisting:

If I ever see seinfeld again... I will spit in his face. Not because of Trump but because of St. Judes and for St. Judes. One day hollywood... McCarthy II... That is a promise... one day.

Michelle Obama is fat, communist and black.

It's been a bit since we've looked in on Freepers constant cattiness at the Michelle Obama. Nothing encapsulates the obsesive partisan pettiness better than a good Michelle thread.
Yahoo writes an article on her wardrobe team, and away we go!

traditional1 goes with the traditional 2 insults:

Ya know, I purposely avoid TV whenever either one of the Usurpers are on the tube, but if she's got a "star team of fashion and beauty experts" on her staff, why does she always look like a Wookie?

She always reminds me of Aunt Esther on Sanford and Son.....
wookie AND Aunt Esther! Wow, this guy is as hilarious as he is original!

WestwardHo thinks she looks like a man with boobs:

It looks like her head is photoshoped onto a male body...look at those muscles and b***bs...never mind...!!!

Noob1999 is pretty sure Michelle Obama is making her clothing choices based on bribes, because Chicago!

It sounds like its time for someone to explore the connections of Wookie-wear, to the designers/manufacturers.

It might be interesting to find out what contracts the
Wookie has signed, with deferred royalties, to these “fashion” houses to wear their garbage in public.

It’s the Chicago way don’cha know!

manc posts a number of times asking for moar ugly pics of Michelle Obama!
do you have the photo’s of her walking up to airforce one in the yellow outfit showing her massive arse and panty lines or the one where she is walking her dog?

LucyT thinks the First Lady is cheap:

This afternoon in Target, I saw a handbag exactly like moo-shell’s for $19.99.

Say, what is wrong with her arms? Ever notice her wrists?

mojitojoe is a bit overexcited:

YESSSSSSSSSSS! I’ve said many times that she is deformed. Her upper arms look like a man,s her lower arms and wrists look like she had polio. I think she is a hermaphrodite.

Abortion rage

A website says abortion isn't awful baby killing. The organization that produces it dets some public health money from Massachusetts. Freepers get crazy:

Beelzebubba sounds a bit Taliban-y.
Truly, literally, and egregiously:


Soothesayer is itching to kill some liberals:

If I EVER catch a leftist urging a young girl towards a decision that will destroy her life and the life of her child, I will kill the rodent right there on the spot. The same goes for any leftist guilty of molestation and rape.

No more mercy for leftists. They should be treated with absolute hostility at all times. Anyone who does not do the same is equally guilty.

What about conservatives guilty of molestation and rape? Do they get due process:

somehow connects abortion Dem vote recruitment:

abortion is another mechanism the dems use for voter recruiting.

if a woman has an abortion, the vast majority will forever vote democrat to validate their decision.

this is yet another social engineering mechanism the left has been using for years. others include drug use, crime, infidelity, and body manipulation. all these things either lead to the break down of the family and/or a limitation on the professional advancement of the person.

yefragetuwrabrumuy has plans for the website's spokesperson 'Maria.'

Show Maria a few years later, when she happily gets married to the man of her dreams, for them only then to discover that the scarring from her abortion has left her barren. Her husband, wanting children, then divorces her, and her life does downhill from there.

Hard. Her own family don’t want her back, and she spends her time in bars with men who want to use her, and give her VD. She becomes an alcoholic and a drug addict, and the memories of her abortion never go away, the turning point in her life where everything went bad. Finally, she discovers that she has breast and uterine cancer, one last effect of the smiling monsters who killed her baby and ruined her life.

No need for truth when abortion is involved!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Liberalism: The New Crack

When I read the title, I knew this had to be awesome. Alternate Freeper history hooo! Though, interestingly, Freepers shied away from the drug parallel. They prefer the well-trod ground of slavery parallels:

Republic of Texas thinks liberal whites all think like slave owners:

White Democrats never left their “slave owner” mentality, and black Democrats never left their “slave” mentality. What’s worse is that the media won’t let either group move on.

Don Corleone expands on the idea:
The social enslavement of the “Blacks” goes all the way back to such liberal luminaries as Cecil Rhodes (Rhodesia, Rhodes Scholars etc) and Margaret Sanger who’s ethnic cleansing and population control was aimed primarily at the Negro. Even Adolph himself drew inspiration from their philosophy.

Now they are kept in semi-permanent enslavement by government policies that suck the ambition out of them and drive them to pull the lever for the Democrat Party at each opportunity. Remember the picture of the mob in Detroit not too long ago? Obama Cash! Obama Stash!
Remember, all liberal blacks are like those people in Detroit that were caught on camera that one time. Well, that or they're like those two BLACK PANTHERS!

ConservativeDude blames medicare:
just when Black America was starting to get some momentum, along came the Great Society with all its help, and after that, it has pretty much been a downward spiral.
Republic has a whole new version of President Johnson's relationship with black people:
Lyndon Johnson even said as much as he signed his bill-something like, and these are my words but fair to his comment, 'now we have a lock on these people forever'. Meaning, of course, VOTES.
Beelzebubba blames Civil Rights for ruining black people:

Read some conservative black autobiographies (Sowell, Walter Williams), as well as their scholarly writings and you’ll learn how everything was getting better for blacks BEFORE the civil rights movement, which was basically the rooster taking credit for the sunrise.

Pontiac wants to be black:

Minorities are over privileged in this country.

Minorities are legally exempt from criticism by virtue of the fact that any criticism is deemed generated by prejudice on the part of the critic. The ease with which a plaintiff can gain a favorable verdict from the courts silences critics quite effectively. Typically a minority will not even have to take a case to court to gain a finical settlement. The mere threat of a suit will see that the minorities palm is greased.

And now this word from outer space

Palin worship edition:

This is an ongoing list of historical, popular, Biblical, and fictional people that Sarah Palin has been compared to on FR:

  • Washington
  • Lincoln
  • Reagan
  • Thatcher
  • Patton
  • Truman
  • Ike
  • Churchill
  • Cincinnatus
  • Esther
  • Nathan Hale
  • Joan of Arc
  • Jesus Christ
  • Annie Oakley
  • The Terminator
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Davy Crockett
  • Paul Bunyan
  • Mark Twain
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Daniel Boone
  • Shakespeare
  • Jeane Kirkpatrick
  • Rosie the Riveter
  • Phyllis Schlafly
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Teddy Roosevelt
  • Deborah
  • Sir William Wallace
  • Wonder Woman
  • Golda Meir
  • Johnny Cash
  • Moses
  • Gideon
  • Sun Tzu
  • Clint Eastwood
increasing skepticism of Palin supplied by EveningStar (Karl Marx is not one of our Founding Fathers.)

Brewer vetoes Birhter Bill

Jan Brewer, AZ governor, has vetoed the AZ bill that says Presidential Candidates gotta show their long form birth certificate. Freepers are not happy. Conspiracies abound.

MeSpikeLibs thinks there was a bribe somewhere, since that's the only way people aren't birthers:
Wonder what she got in return for this veto! Time will tell!
US Navy Vet found a possible reason:
Fron Wiki Brewer was “Born in California” that alone makes her suspect.
Terry Mross thinks everyone is in cahoots against Real Americans:

It just proves the GOP and the dem elites are all in this together. I’ll never again vote for the lessor of two eviils.

Obama is president and will be president in 2013 because of people like Brewer and McCain and the Bushes.

MrLee keeps it simple and paranoid.

Traitors in our midst. They’re everywhere!

C. Edmund Wright wants to walk back that "traitors are everywhere!" comment.

With all due respect to the “traitor” comment — that sort of blurs the line between those who are flawed and those who are traitors. Brewer is flawed. McCain is a traitor. Let’s maintain that very important distinction and not cheapen terms like traitor or RINO etc. Flawed means what it means.

Yeah, save traitor for people like McCain...wait, what?

The Tea Party tug of war

Remember in 2008, when people were complaining how Obama was all things to all people? Same thing is going on with the Tea Party. The moderate-republican radio show I listen to says it's all financial, whereas Free Republic thinks they are basically all Freepers.

As the 2012 election approaches, this fault line is getting more dangerous. Hence, Freeper reactions when Pro-Lifers are not allowed to pass out pamphlets at a Sacramento Tea Party rally:

UCFRoadWarrior thinks the people who started the Tea Party are the real fake Tea Party! Or something like that:

A “Fiscal Conservative” is neither....

I wonder if this is the Tea Party group aligned with Freedom Works....the pro-illegal/anti-American group run by Dick Armey?

Why would any Tea Party group diss a pro-life organization is beyond me.

Mozilla knows that anyone who hates Obama should be welcome:

You know we are headed to a bigger downfall in the country and the world for that matter when even the tea party is not enough. The Tea party silences people who every well could have issues against Obama. So what good is that.

Antoninus thinks that social issues are most important to America's welfare. Because Shut Up, is why!
Fiscal issues don't mean squat because too many people have become immoral. If we fix that, fiscal issues will fix themselves.
longtermmemmory has a mantra:

Whenever I see, hear, or read about “no social issues” it is just code for pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, anti-second amendment rights RINOs.

Conservative is conservative, liberal is just communist.

wagglebee argues government banning abortion is small government:
anyone who doesn't favor the unrestricted murder of the unborn,, disabled and elderly is a "statist" or whatever they want to call it.

The TRUTH is that they are statists because they advocate collecting taxes for Social Security Medicare from a person and then killing the person before they can collect what they've actually paid for.
Reagan Man has a version of the founding documents I've not heard of:

The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are pro life and pro liberty documents.

The Tea Party is making a huge mistake if they try to purge social issues from their agenda.
Jim Robinson, head Freeper, only speaks in bumper stickers these days:

We’re not going to lose, ah. We’re going to fight the godless evil bastards and we’re going to take them down. Guess I’m going to have to repeat this ad infinitum before it sinks in to the hard-headed.

I’ve attended hundreds of tea party rallies and protests in nearly every state of the union including a half-dozen in Sacramento. Traditional pro-life and family values are always well received at every tea party event I’ve ever attended. Don’t believe the weak-kneed RINO sisters or totalitarian control freaks who claim otherwise. They’ve either never attended a tea party or they’re outright lying.

Who the hell do you think attends these rallies? Godless liberals? RINOS? Hell no. The attendees are mostly pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage, pro-gun, pro-borders, pro-constitution, patriotic pro-America traditional conservative Christians and they’re fed up and mad as hell! They don’t call us the Christian right for nothing!!

I’m pro-God, pro-Life, pro-family, pro-Liberty and pro-America. So is FR. So is the Tea Party or I wouldn’t be part of it!

Don’t piss down my leg and tell me it’s raining.


I’m bitterly clinging to my God and guns!!

Rebellion is brewing!!

Those who refuse to fight the good fight are worthless to our cause and should just move on to some RINO Republican site. FR is for God-fearing Life and Liberty conservatives!!

Which is what will sink the TEA party in the end. They will be overwhelmed by those who seek to co-opt the movement.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Angry, angry white knights

The bloom may be off the Palin rose, but that won't stop Freepers from sweeping down to rescue her from a stalker with assassination and torture.

Sarah Barracuda and a few others go with the 'crazy person gotta be a liberal.'
Just another progressive doing what they do best..the media allowed these kind of slimeballs to come out of the woodwork. They are responsible for all of the hell Sarah and her family have had to deal with
IMR 4350 thinks the dude looks gay:
That just smoked another gaydar.
coon2000 wants to shoot the bastard:
Too bad he wasn’t issued a permanent restraining order, written in lead of course.
PowderMonkey prefers beating him to death:
Dental work for a jackass? Choose the right tool. I'm old school. Aluminum just doesn't do it for me. An angry father liberally applying some "Old Hickory" is nice and quiet...well, except for the yelling and the screaming at the beginning.
Pollster1 also advocates assassination:
Alaska has a lot of open land, and both shotguns and shovels are cheap. I'd approve of solving this problem permanently, and I doubt that anyone would look for the missing pedophile - or find him if they did look.
dragonblustar thinks ahead to corpse disposal:

Yep. Just load him up on a plane and drop him over Denali park and the bears would clean up what’s ever left.

Tucker39 knows in the south they solve stalkers with "Bubbas."

Don’t they have any “Good Ol’ Boys” or “Bubbas” in Alaska? Maybe one or more from the south or west will have to take a little road trip. I’d be happy to chip in toward the expenses.

Tucker39 follows up by advocating castration:
A sharp knife, remove the two body parts that seem to be agitating the lad and feed them to one of the sled dogs........and let the lad sing soprano from now on. He’d be SURE to get MORE than 15 minutes of “fame” and he would be a walking CAUTION sign to other would-be stalkers.
Joe Brower thinks this might be Civil War time:
Given the high degree of polarization that's had intentions running high for quite a while now in American poltics, I wonder what might occur if harm were to actually befall one of the Palins, including Sarah Palin herself.

Could be just the spark needed to really set things alight, something I seriously doubt these lefty whackjobs have considered.

Economic denial

Boy the economy sucks. But there are undeniable green shoots - unemployment is inching down, and recently US factory output has been exceeding expectations. Well, undeniable except to Freepers, who continue to hope for death and destruction under Obama's watch:

BlackVeil suddenly decides that government has nothing to do with the economy:

That is a credit to the industrious American people, but not their government.

C210N thinks anything good is really a sign of badness in the future:

Probably expecting an inflationary or hyper-inflationary time where Americans go on a buying spree to spend the money that becomes worthless the next day.

Caipirabob thinks the numbers are made up cause everyone is afraid of Obama:

In America, who wants to be the one to report negative numbers to “IWon”?

xzins also sees death on the horizon:

Businesses are taking this one year reprieve and using it. After Obama’s speech they know that the other shoe will drop again in about 9 months, so the economy will tank right after Christmas as businesses refuse to make long-term decisions due to the specter of high taxes, costs, and government meddling.

Rennes Templar think Americans have stopped consuming:

Probably selling products overseas, because unemployeed Americans can’t afford them.

Monday potpourri.

SarahPalinForPresident2012 on Palin's bravery:

Nobody in US history has been harrassed as much as this — Gov Palin is the bravest of all Americans ever...

Obama's been giving poor austingirl nightmares. Crazy, paranoid nightmares:
I've been having nightmares all week. In one I was able to speak directly to Obama and his eyes became red and he openly spoke of his evil plans to destroy America.

Last night I dreamt I was in the grocery store and, along with the other shoppers, watched prices on a digital display tick upward before we could pick the item off the shelf (and the package sizes were shrinking). People were standing there in shock, not sure what if anything they could buy. I yelled out "Thanks, Obama!"

sport is rather more sanguine about our economy:

Anything obama is for,I am against. So bring on the global recession.

UCANSEE2's conspiracy theory has some timing issues:

If it hadn’t been for Sarah Palin as VP, the DEMS would have run with Hillary. Once they saw that Palin’s popularity outshone Hillary’s, they decided to switch from a GENDER based race, to a RACE based race.

indylindy thinks Obama is ugly:

You may not have horns, Obama, but you have big ole flop ears and an ugly wart thing on your snout.

surfer is not a fan of the Speaker of the House:
Boehner should have never been considered for speaker...the guy is a traitor...always has been.
Since birth, Boehner has hated America!

DesertRhino on Obama's many speaking styles:
now, Obama comes along with his Faux ebonics, his Boston Blueblood accent, his Faux black preacher rhyming routine, a very nice islamic accent, and sometimes an odd Redd Foxx drunken-wino-philospher impersonation....

(na na na na na,, now listen heah,,,)
goodnesswins doesn't think much of the Democrats:

I’ll bet Trig could do a better job than ANY Democrat...when he hits legal age.

Well, thank god for the age thing - gotta keep everything Constitutional!

WhistlingPastTheGraveyard made me laugh:
Get ready for another four years Obi Wan Nairobi squatting in your White House.
Racist, but oddly hilarious!

Grumplestiltskin turns birthermism's increasingly strict requirements on the Republican party:
rumor is that Mr. Rubio can’t pass the “natural born citizen” test, either.

Hasn’t he been fudging a bit when questioned about this?

And the same may even apply to Bobby Jindal....

Sacajaweau counters by deciding 'Natural Born' means 100% loyalty through your life, or some such:
Obama has not led a tough life.

He also hasn't led the life of a TRUE, LOYAL AMERICAN CITIZEN.

I do not believe he was eligible for the Presidency. That requirement wasn't about just was about 100% loyalty THROUGHOUT THE CANDIDATES LIFE.
NFHale finishes it off by noting what birthers really believe:

There are AMERICANS....and then there are Liberals.

Nervous Tick knows even if Obama makes budget cuts, it's only cause he's racist:
Cutting entitlements like SS and Medicare is okay with Bambi, but only for middle- and upper-class whites. :-)
RadiationRomeo has a plan:

I say use Rand Paul’s plan and shut down the government until it is accepted.

There will be riots but oh well.

LibLieSlayer has had it with FOX News:
I despise you fox... you are a leftwing news outlet and nothing that your network does is any longer considered “FAIR OR BALANCED”.
Noumenon thinks ahead to the post apocalyptic hellzones:
Those of us who live outside what will become urban hell-zones will have some hard, hard choices to make regarding the flood of hungry and desperate refugees, ravagers and killers who will be coming our way once the music stops.