Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not Conservative, anti-liberal.

Obama opens up drilling off the coast of Virginia. Freepers spin this move out of the Conservative playbook as one might imagine; badly:

TokuMei knows whatever Obama does it's to get people to like him:

Right! He’ll trumpet this to high heaven until right after his re-election, and then yank the carpet from under us.

This man is Afro-Machiavellian.

He's doing a super bad job for Freepers, then!

goodnesswins knows where all good things lead:

Yeah...under what soon the OIL Companies will be under gov’t control...

ExSoldier won't be satisfied until there is some serious regulation:
Open for drilling is one thing. Big oil will snap up leases and then sit on them so as to keep anybody ELSE from drilling and thus keep oil prices high. I'll believe it when he MANDATES drilling and then mandates more refineries be built.
nutmeg is unhappy cause all the money is going to pay for things:
Money to pay China?That was my first thought. Or money to pay for the upcoming healthcare debacle...
Chickensoup just hates all policies that increase income:

We have to make money so he can tax money.

NoobRep sees the future:

It’s a diversion straight out of Alinsky’s playboook. Obama is going to announce that CO2 is a pollutant and put this in the hands of the EPA. Stuart Varney said this oil drilling won’t be scheduled for years and then the greennuts will sue. Says we won’t see a drop of oil for years.


Alternative energy source: all the heat from exploding leftists’ heads.

Well yeah, if they stick to their principals.

Liberal values

One of the most hilarious things about Freepers is how they see folks who disagree with them as not just wrong, but evil. And not just selfish evil, but like supervillian evil.

Case and point, Freepers on being religious and being liberal:

Grampa Dave really encapsulates the divide from reality:

After 71 years on this orb, I become more convinced each day that liberals are born without values.

Some are chameleons and can hide their lack of values while working or in public. When they retire or get behind closed doors, their reality spews out.

Not different values, no values!

joethedrummer has a very popular post:

Leftists, in my experience want most of all to appear SMART and HIP. This is to cover up a deficiency in their self-esteem. It’s just another attempt to boost their ego and self worth over all those around them.

I’m no psychologist, but this has been the case with every leftist I know.

He's now psychologist, but he knows their total lack of self-esteem.


I am just speculating here (judging really, excuuuuuse me) but I believe this faith in government betrays a lack of faith in the Holy Spirit and the power of God in this world.

mrsmel goes with the selfishness
I think that the majority of leftists are leftist not because of some deep conviction, but because of mere narcissism”what's in it for me?” If this is true, it makes perfect sense that they don't give of their own time and money to help others, but support the government stealing from taxpayers to give-thay always want their piece of the pie that they didn't work for. I can't give them that much credit as to think it's because they truly believe that liberal policies are more “compassionate”-not when they've had at least a century's worth of evidence to the contrary.
Which doesn't explain rich liberals at all, but whaddya want from someone who has at least a century's worth of history on his side?

right way right

They get there values from their father, the devil.

Wow, what with all the liberals out there, the devil must be gettin' pretty busy...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Muslim Militias

Freepers turn from their health care rage to some nice paranoia. That militia on Michigan, planing on killing cops with pipe bombs? Proof Muslim Obama is coming for the Feepers.

Eye of Unk is on a roll:

By the definition of these charges against this group its a reasonable jump to logic that Obama is almost ready to arrest Sarah Palin on sedition charges.

The rats are truly in deranged panic mode now.


I am NOT believing any of this crapola coming from FOX.

This militia is absolutely everything a marxist Muslim President could hate. They were set up, staged evidence, the whole thing is being spun out of control by the MSM to incite panic, this is Obamas opening shot.

And the crazy hat trick:

When Obama leaves the Whitehouse is when the FBI will investigate Muslim threats against Christians.

Until then it may actually be safer for a militia right now to post online, post real signs on their property, wear pro-Islam T-shirts and in any way they can show their support for Islam.

Its a well known fact the FBI is doing nothing against Muslim militias.

Those well known Muslim militias, always gettin' away with stuff!

Mr. Jazzy has a startling statistic:

Tell me how many women and children have been injured or killed at the hands of non-muslims in the US? ZERO!!!

onedoug supports the point, at least about how all terrorists are Muslims:

I think there’s more evidence that McVeigh operated in support of islamist terror. His partner Terry Nichols had been to the Philipenes several times. There seems some evidence he had met with Ramzi Yousef and that McVeigh accompanied him at least once.


>attack and kill Muslim-Americans.

Impossible, since if you are a muzzy, you can not be an American.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Obama versus the Pope

Freepers love them some Catholic church. Authoritarian, socially conservative, beleaguered by the MSM. The latest allegations about the current Pope covering up pedophile priests? All Obama's doing!

If Rahm can take out a pope, he can do anything.

I can just see the smug looks on their faces...
This makes me sick to my stomach. The powerful Church liberals - all Obamamites, such as many bishops and the awful “theologian” that is currently the ambassador to the Vatican - are probably behind this at least as much as Rahm.

If the Pope is replaced I will wager he will be a Pope for all people in other words, a Muslim.

So the newspaper of Henry VIII's church starts spreading rumors that the Pope is going to resign, and talks about Pius VII writing a letter saying that "if he were to be kidnapped by the Nazis he was to be considered to have resigned, and a successor should be chosen."

Hmmmm... I can see the connection. Does the BBC have some insider information that maybe somebody wants to kidnap the Pope? If so, why are they keeping it to themselves?

Anybody see the timing strange of these charges the same week when a pro abortion healthcare bill went into law?

Bedford Forrest
The Kenyan muslim ghetto punkboy had better be careful about sliming anyone - much less the Holy Father - with pedophilia trash. After all, Mossad and others may be presumed to have lots of very damaging information about the long, consensual relationship between the Kenyan muslim ghetto punkboy and his mentor in pedophilia and marxist psychobabble, Frank Marshall Davis.

Monday potpourri.

The fix has been in since Barry Soetoro entered high school.

The left implements its plans over decades and generations.

Conservatives get distracted by various forms of silliness, thereby falling right into the trap
Totally! Conservatives should really focus on Obama being groomed as a commie since high school a lot more. This is sure to get results.

americanmother gices Obama the powers of a God:
The demons rejoice. Jesus gave us freedom and Obama takes it away.
MichiganConservative knows America will fall cause of those damned women:

Women have bought the feminist lies and most can’t even smell reality when it’s put in their faces. They’ve destroyed families through no-fault divorce and raised sissy sons.

Weak, immoral men have taken advantage and gone along to get laid by loose women who believe the lie that they should act like men to be happy.

The birth rate drops as a result and its easier to have foreigners walk in and take over.

Demographics is destiny.

Basically, the culture has bought into evil and the republic is dead as a result.

Why do we let the women have children?! It's gonna end America!

concerned about politics knows what till happen:
The left is building a cage.
Within the next couple of years, there will be two earth quakes (Alaska? Washington state? Somewhere around there will be one. I don't see where the other will be yet). They will be in places we least expect, and the people will not be prepared. This will bring us to the end of our great experimnent if the present isn't divinely changed now.
The left has an earthquake machine?

MrB has one of the best hypotheticals I've seen:

Ghandi used the tactics he did because the people were unarmed.
He would have used other tactics had the situation been otherwise.

Action Ghandi woulda been awesome!

Beloved Levinite has concerns:
"Beyond that, buy more arable land. Seeds. Livestock"

They have a plan for that too. It's called poisoning the air, water & soil with Chemtrails. They have been spraying the HELL out of us here in the NYC area for the last week! Saw at least 20 planes spraying crap in criss-cross patterns for three days straight in the skies about my neighborhood, leaving to to quiver inside from anger & fear. Oh, and check Google Earth, they are spraying the hell out of Iraq today. You can tell by the artificial "striations" in the cloud formations. World is going to hell in a handbasket, and quick.
Welcome to crazytown, folks!

Pan_Yan on Osama Bin Laden's latest tape:

This threat shows the effectiveness of our military and intelligence services, despite the best attempts of democrats. The only way this threat is not impotent is if President Obama caves, which unfortunately is his plan.

From "this is awesome" to "we're all doomed" in two sentences. Way to self-refute!

John O on how targeting Children is what God wants:

So they can enslave my children and deny them their basic rights as Americans but we can do nothing to their spawn?

I don't think so. They attack my family, that makes their family fair game.

When God brought His children into the promised land he had them kill even the children of the people who lived there. He knew that these children would be a stumbling block and a threat to His children's safety. As always, God knew what He was doing. Pray for the democrats. Psalms 109:8-9
Fantasywriter has a question?

I’m getting tired of waiting for the CIA or Mossad to release embarrassing and/or devastating information on Obama. What’s holding them back?

Why, indeed!

Windcatcher has a fantasy:

I’m trying so hard not to laugh. I can just see tweed-suited professors, grille-mouthed gangstas, bony, bespectacled college co-eds, aged hippies and smelly twentysomethings marching on our neighborhoods...

...while we’re picking them off with rifle fire at 500 yards...AT NIGHT.

Yeah, I REALLY see those libs showing some staying power...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Pix

Letting the other guy talk is totally a sign of weakness.

Ummm, wrong revolution, Freepers. I doubt anyone wants a reign of terror. Random executions, purges...oh, nevermind.

Lol rape!

Liberal women age! What's the deal with that?!

Lucas' only cool quote in like 20 years and you gotta Freeper it up...

Umm, you guys seem to be casting yourselves as the evil incestuous Commodus.

Barack is black? OMG!

Slavery only for some? What about the death?



Ya know, I don't think this is gonna stick. They're just trying too hard.

Friday, March 26, 2010

If you keep calling me violent, Ima hit you!

Limbaugh isn't on vacation. That's usually the explanation for why Freepers remain off-message for more than a day. But maybe this is bigger than Rush (blatant joke set up...). Whatever this is, the messaging about threats and violence is still all over the map.

bfree knows this is totally common in that most liberal of cities, Chicago:
This crap is nothing new in Chicago. Every election a brick goes through a window when an incumbent is in a tight race. It's usually one of his own staffers doing it, looking for the sympathy vote and the fake media outrage.
Brett66 may not know who did it, but he's sure it isn't one of the loosely-organized angry protesters:

These incidents have nothing to do with the Tea Party, the person(s) making this connection have to offer proof.

So it’s not necessary to apologize, defend or excuse this behavior.

They might as well be accussing the Tea Party of causing the earthquake in Haiti, complete non-sequitor.

AmericanInTokyo makes with the Hitler
Incremental Reichstag Fire (IRF) Bump!
farmguy goes with the it wasn't me defense:
I keep telling the wife that as pissed off as I am, for sure there are those out there that are even more pissed off about this and have the training and/or demeanor to show how serious they are. They are the ones that aren't talking about it or doing high school pranks like tossing bricks through windows.
Sarajevo sees not difference between disagreeing and death threats and property damage:
It seems that any form of disagreement with the annoited elite is now "cowardice" or "terrorism". This is as bad as the constant use/misuse of the race card.
Frantzie just goes for straight denial:

People on are side need to stop writing columns to support the Dems lie. The only people threatened are Repubs.

Blogger blames the victims:

IF it is happening on the scale they are talking about, it is happening because Congress is instigating. It is stupid to vandalize a Congressman/woman’s property. Death threats, IF they are occurring, are likewise stupid and illegal. Nevertheless, when you march through a crowd of angry protesters thumbing your nose at their complaints you shouldn’t whine. You take the trip, you pay for the ticket. Not defending violence - I think it is the worst thing that we could do, and while it may come to that I don’t wish it because it will not end well for the republic.

chrisser is the best though:

I wonder if the leftist hacks have considered that if they slander conservatives with the presumption of violence long enough, they take away a lot of the reason to eschew it - if you’re going to get blamed anyway, you may as well participate.

Some probably look forward to this, but I think the run-of-the-ill rat parrot is in for a surprise if they continue to fan these flames. They may not like what ends up burning.

Say we're violent eh? I'll show you!

And now this word from Outer Space

Deep Drama edition:


Libra’s footsteps echo off the walls. The buzz of a flickering neon light is heard. In the corner of the garage a whole sector of lights has gone dark. Shadows thicken. A lighter flickers in the darkness as a cigar is lit.

LIBRA: Carthago. Countersign?

CENTURION: Delenda est. Sort of overly dramatic don’t you think?

LIBRA: Not paid to think. What is the assignment?

CENTURION: The Wing thinks it’s time to lay a little blue smoke between the mirrors. Take the heat off our team and torch the other side. That’s your job.

LIBRA: Fine. How wet does the Wing want it to get?

CENTURION: We project that if three team members are sent down it should put a stop to any attrition in November.

LIBRA: Wouldn’t taking out just one serve the same purpose?

CENTURION: No. It has to look like a pattern.

LIBRA: Fine. Any particular team members you need erased?

CENTURION: Nobody from Chicago or San Francisco. And from safe seats only. We need to preserve the count. Renegade’s very keen on that.

LIBRA: Level of obfuscation?

CENTURION: None. Public and messy. “Accidents” would be counter productive. But no families. Renaissance would be upset.

LIBRA: Timing?

CENTURION: Within the next 10 days. It would be best if all three were within the same day.

LIBRA: You want target clearance and notification?

CENTURION: No. This will be the last contact for this contract.

LIBRA: Half to the Bahamas account by noon tomorrow and the half on completion to our friend in Costa Rica.


LIBRA: Anything else?

CENTURION: No. If we need you again we can always find you.

LIBRA: That’s what you people always think. Oh, by the way, was that stuff about you being naked in the showers the real deal?

CENTURION: Just get it done.


First Family Conspiracy brought to you by Travis McGee (

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Violence plays into Obama's hand almost as much as not violence does!

As the populist anger the Republicans have fanned starts to careen out of control, Freepers first denied the violence, then embraced it. Now they're warning folks away from it. "Let them fire the first shot!" etc. etc. So they seem to have a modicum of political sense.

Then noted Republican (and Jew!) Eric Cantor notes that the in Richmond sometime in the last several days, what may have been a bullet may have gone through a window in a building whose tenants include a person hired as a political consultant.

Freepers jump onto the hope they can change the narrative with both feet:

11th Commandment knows exactly what's going on:

Boy the left radicals are busy, first faking attacks against Democrats and now real attacks against Republicans...

Cause it' s been the Dems talking about the end of America and treason and the blood of tyrants lately.

Blue Turtle on why you can tell it's all libs:
Conservatives are NOT violent people. Liberals are very extreme and angry people by nature.
TheClintons-STILLAnti-American is a victim of the Media:
This is not news.

He's not a Democrat.
What's funny is that any violence seems to be feeding into the anti-tea-party narrative so far

Lancey Howard might explain why:
Considering that America is under attack from within by "domestic enemies" such as Ubanga and his circle of communists, it's probably not surprising that bullets are starting to fly.
reaganwasright1980 notes cryptically:
Alinski rules apply.
Tigercap has an interesting angle:

Obama’s policies are anti-jewish. He has influenced his idiot kool-aid drinking followers to violence against jews.

Cause when I think Cantor, I think Jewish.

Oceander goes full conspiracy:
That was one of Rahm's personal operatives. The staging of the Reichstag Fire proceeds apace, my friends, it proceeds apace. No doubt, Rep. Stupak will be the first of the Democrats' actual victims - after all, he's worth more to them dead than alive now - and they will then use that act of theirs as an excuse to start shutting down the country, suspending the writ of habeas corpus, and in general, turning this country into a literal fascist police state.
even mojitojoe is suddenly reticent to kill the jack-booted thugs:

I suspect the WH thugs. It would not surprise me in the least if they do someone in, even their own party, to try to silence people like Rush, Beck, etc. They are panicking. I worry about them using this as a build up to get rid of a couple members of the Supreme Court. Remember, he plans to FUNDAMENTALLY change America. He went ballistic over their last ruling. They are a problem for him and the psychopathic narcissist Marxist doesn’t like to not get his way.
I think they are doing all of it, and setting the stage for a false flag attack.

If this is any indication, blood in the streets will have to wait till Freepers decide it isn't all part of Obama's evil plan.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And now this word from Outer Space

Presidential death threats edition:
One thing we have is our freedom. I can leave my house and go anywhere, I don’t have to worry that someone is out to ‘off’ me. BHO will have to live in fear for the rest of his life. He will always wonder if someone is lurking to pop him. His entire life.... He won’t always have the protection of the WH. His life has forever changed. He’s a pussy and the fact that he will live in fear until the day he dies gives me great satisfaction.
Awesome plan by tough guy mojitojoe (I don't care what you passed. you are irrelevant. I'll NEVER comply in any way. Read my lips, NEVER!)

Cheering on the sidelines

Granted, Freepers are too busy today to go and lick Obama's brownshirts. But democratic offices get bricks thrown through their window? This means the awesome revolution has begun. The Freepers will be right with ya, they just need to post something first:

equalitybeforethelaw thinks this is great:

Seems someone is a little angry that the Bill of Rights was overturned by 219 demonazis. Lets see what the demonazis do about it. I would certianly like to see more of this. Lets have real democracy and see if demonazi can handle it.

The irony of endorsing the reaking of windows and then calling the other side Nazis, probably lost on this guy.

roses of sharon has a goal:

The Kenyan and his cult want us a 3rd world country..they adore them.

Let’s misbehave...and give them one.

Army Air Corps knows what broken windows means:

Revolution is a b!tch, Dems.

jakota thinks Obama will reacy appropriately to some scattered property damage:
Watch Out. Marshal Law will be declared.
Victor is not satisfied with the window breakers:
I pray this is the *shot* heard 'round the world.

I, like everyone on FR, enjoy all the discourse on a daily basis...but what next? Continue talk and discourse? To what end...

Platitudes and discourse are fine during peaceful times, but these are not peaceful times. I say, what are we going to do about it?

Civil disobediance is a good start, but much more is needed; after all this war.

To arms, mes amis. And don't stop with bricks.
Lets you and Obama fight, mes amis!

ShadowAce sees a contradiction:
NO VIOLENCE PEOPLE... it is playing into their hands. They are goading you.

Lack of violence plays into their hands even quicker.
I'll bet I know how he's planning to solve the paradox...violence.

Dilbert San Diego, and many others, take a different tact:

This is Saul Alinsky crap.

Just as the nooses that have been planted in recent years, to allegedly show that there is racism were found to have been planted by blacks, this could end up being something done by a good Democrat to show the outrage of their opposition.

And the racist and sex slurs stories on the news from this weekend, directed at black and homosexual members of Congress, were also made up. They never happened, but the MSM dutifully reported them as fact.

This is great! We should all be doing this! But it totally wasn't us....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kick the can down the road

Civil War if health care passes? Course not, it's the next thing Obama does when we'll start the secesh!

Bean Counter on how Civil War is still totally inevitable, but not right now:

We ain’t there yet, but that day is coming. I think Comrade Peloski and Premier Hussein smell opportunity now, and there is not telling what else they will attempt to ramrod through between now and the first of the year. Stand by, because much, much more is coming.

MrB on which issue he'll throw down for:

I think the healthcare state/fed showdown will not turn violent,

but I believe these “firearms freedom acts” WILL end in a violent conflict.

There is NO WAY the BATF is going to give up this area of jackbootery without shooting someone.

panthermom suddenly also has a new line in the sand:

If amnesty goes through, I really don’t know what I will do. I am at my breaking point. My quality of life has gone down so fast in the last 2 yrs. that I can barely catch my breath.

jtal drops some tautology on us:
It's only non violent because our side isn't using violence.
Not that the damned libs are getting off Scott free. There are consequences, and I don't just mean in November:

concerned about politics is gonna call them names:
Stalinist democrats. Most people have no idea what socialism leads to. "Socialism" sounds so "friendly."
Like every left wing policy, including even the most vile, the word Socialism wears a pretty mask. Remove the mask, and the horror underneith is exposed. Call them Stalinist, and people will be curious enough to look it up.
Broker has some serious flag shenanigans:
Flag procedure: Fly Old Glory upside-down symbolic signal our nation is in chaos and peril. Do this briefly (2days). Then raise the flag of national resistance... "Don't Tread on Me!"

Always remember the Islamic Ottoman Empire conquered the Christian Byzantium with their Janissary. Obama will pit brother vs brother using the IRS, FBI, DEA and other American Janissary to crush opposition. Despirate people will work for their enemy. Ethnic cleansing and payback are on the table.

So it's not all talk; it's also flags!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Potpourri

red meat conservative on Obama's secret conversations:

I could just picture the scene in the obama white house.

“%##$% those Jews. Why can’t they just walk into the gas chambers and get this done with”.

tbird-james ignores Obama's previous Christain holiday observances, cause he knows that was all play-acting by a Muslim:
Pres. Obama needs to get out of town so that he doesn't have play Christian and do any Easter religion activity.
Better to go off to a non-Christian country.
Bulwyf is one of them Canadian slaves:
This pisses me off, I’m a Canadian and I’m willing to do more than most Americans I see because I know what socialism/communism does to a country, I don’t live in a free country, and I want to have that option someday and the US is about the only choice.
Bad Jack Bauer: Sooper Badass.
I guess my copies of The Poor Man's James Bond and Uncle Ragnar's Guide to Improvised Explosive Devices are not just for enertainment anymore. Life under the tyranny that is likely to be imposed on us is not worth living anymore so what is there left to lose? I have said before I WILL not participate in any of their stupid programs and they are welcomed to come after me. I have not killed anyone in a really long and have been all twitchy over that fact for awhile. I would welcome some much desired relief.

I can only hope that the loses imposed on the IRS are high enough to give them pause. I remember watching the ATF assault on David Koresch's compound. Koresch may have been a kook, asshat and pedophile but damn it was statisfying watching those Feds get their asses handed to them. I hope that scene is repeated time and time again should this pass.
lentulusgracchus takes issue with a certain phrase:
History has given its verdict

Oh, history gives out "verdicts" now ..... how perfectly Marxian. Which dialectic are we on now?

History gave a "verdict" to the Athenian, Roman, Venetian, and Florentine republics ...... but our Framers founded yet another, having refused history's "verdict" that tyranny, Caesarism, and divine right of kings are the natural order of things.
How postmodern! There is no true History! Have we won World War 2? Was slavery, in the end, bad? If you decide you know the answer, you're a Marxist!

combat_boots has a prayer:

I pray to God that these people deciding on these issues are bound by You personally, God, bound on Earth and in Heaven, to uphold the Constitution of the United States and act with honor and integrity. I beseech You, O, God, to thwart all backroom deals and knavery, all bribery and witchcraft; may You stop this immediately, so that their evil is not present.

I call upon the Lord Jesus Christ to chasten these men and women, and to remind them personally of what this country means to the world. I call upon Michael and Gabriel to stand against those evil people who frequent the Halls of Congress. Lastly, I ask intercession of angelic hosts, and the souls, both living and dead, to prevail against the satanism of lies and deception rife throughout DC. Smite through it. Show the liars to us all, on TV, with the truth willing out unawares.

Love the image of Michael and Gabriel versus Reid and Pelosi in the halls of Congress. Movie deal?

762X51 Wants to bring back Phrenology!
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; a disproportionate number of liberals have a misshapen head and less than attractive features. I believe these attributes are outward manifestations indicating mental defects. There are, of course, exceptions to every rule, but for the most part my theory holds. See for example Henry Waxman, James Carville, Chuck Schumer, Janet Napolitano, Janet Reno, Nancy Piglosi, John Kerry, “Dead Ted” Kennedy, Bawney Fwank, Alan Grayson, Sarah Brady, the entire membership of N.O.W., etc., etc.
Ajnin has a well-thought out plan:

I’m a Federal Law Enforcement Officer. Although taxation is not my pervue, I will earnestly persuade my fellow FLEO’s not to enforce tax law.

I will do whatever I can to help those in protest.

Tarpon on Michelle Obama's fatness:
[T]he first cow pushing dieting, and eating greens, is just too funny.
Kryn-Man on Obama's performance on FOX news:

This is pathetic...POTUS with back against the wall shucking and jiving...,it’s embarrassing

Tuesday Pix

The happy Indian "Pray" guy is pretty cool, but I'm all about the enraged granny.

Obama's success may go to his head!

Health Care: Secret Republican Victory!

This may be old, but I had to post it cause of the donkey-swastika.

Love the tears.

Only one white guy?

Non-Freepers, all secret gays. Young women - all secret freepers.

Obama the rock star!

If Hitler didn't exist, Freepers would have invented him.

Ahh, the Slaughter rule. Freepers made much hay of this before it was abandoned.

Fascism redefined, indeed!

Somehow I doubt Freepers read the text at the bottom of this comic.

Love the color scheme! They should add some flashing animations though.

Health Care Schadenfreude Post:

Crazy weekend. You'll get yer pix and potpourri later today. But first:

Deo volente

Founding Fathers puking in their graves tonight.


I know exactly what you mean. After the vote went down, I went outside and looked at the sky. I had the thought this this wasn’t a sky over America anymore, and there is no America now, and it felt like America just disappeared into the night’s sky, and now I was standing on someone else’s land, someone else’s home, and I could never go home again.

I will forever look at others as strangers, wondering, “Whose side were you on the night it all disappeared?”


I feel worse today than I did on 9/11. Instead of 3000 murderers, about 33 million will be murdered by Obama’s henchmen. No doubt about it. This will weave violent ripples throughout our once proud Republic.


I feel like a Jew on the night the Nuremberg Laws were passed.


as I said in another thread, I now advocate and support an armed revolt against the current American government leaders. Nothing else will suffice now.


This whole deal was written down long before you or I or America were even here.


Actually is Sharpton.....pick up your arms and revolt.....NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Freepers not fans of Bill O'Reilly

O'Reilly is pretty conservative, and basically invented right-wing populism. So you'd think Freepers would love him.

But then...


O’Reilly is six feet of wrinkled skin surrounding two hundred pounds of ego. I cannot understand how anyone can stomach an hour listening to him blow his horn.

Unlike the totally humble Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity.

SoConPubbie would also like to mock O'Reilly:

Ted Baxter doing what he does best, looking ridiculous!
Yes, calling him Ted Baxter seems to be the meme de jour on Free Republic.

TigerBait has a great idea:

Beck deserves the prime time slot (he’s on at a horrible time and his ratings are through roof). Hannity should follow. Put BOR on the early slot.

Top rated show? To heck with the free market, move the guy I agree with up!

SkipW on O'Reilly's apostasy:

As far as I am concerned Bill O’Reilly is a creep. His arrogance grows every day. I will never forgive the creep for the way he slandered Tea Party people by claiming that 10% of us are extremists. He mentioned the militia.

O’Reilly is a sneak. He is admittedly a greenie. He has made disparaging remarks about Second Amendment rights. He also goes out of his way to make it clear that he is not a conservative. I wish he would be as aggressive in telling people about his extreme enviro and ant-gun positions.

So Freepers think liberalism is a mental disorder, but none of their group are crazy, Roeder bedamned!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obama: King of the Jews

Obama was interviewed on FOX, but not much of interest was said ("his lips aren't so blue this time! He should shut up! Our side is winning!"). Check back Monday for some quality racism though.

Anyhow, Freepers are huuuge fans of Israel, cause that's where all the manly True Jews are. Thus, they are all pretty excited about the latest diplomatic fracas between the US and Israel. Seems it's really all a proxy war between Obama and God:

EBH knows the Seventh Seal is broken when the Vice President of the US is 90 minutes late for a dinner!
I can’t help but to accept that we may very well be witnessing the end of days.

And all these things must come to pass.

SoFloFreeper seems to assume Netanyahu will never leave office.

Stand strong, Bibi! BO will not be in office forever...the American people will replace him with someone who respects Israel.

Also respect for Israel means never disagreeing with them!

PIF has my favorite conspiracy theory of the day:
Hussein is also comtemplating putting the Palestinians under a US military umbrella...
Obama is totally gonna take out Israel!

Ulysse wants us to know Muslim Obama is an Islamic Muslim:

He is the king of muslims ,as he is worshiped by muslims and he is a muslim worshiper,AND he WANNABE the king of the jews since he wants to rule and dominate Israel.
Israel is an evil state for Oboman as well as USA until it becomes a dhimmy state.....


Obama had better stay out of Israel’s sovereign politics or he might get the surprise of his life from God Himself.

And that's Old Testament God, too!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kucinich switches on health care.

Obama convinced Dennis Kucinich to switch his vote. Freepers, who rarely give him a second thought, react:

Kucinich is so weak he got a ride on Air Force One while his old lady was being entertained by the designated hit man.

The Farleftwingtards place their faith in this guy.
Hit man?

austingirl doesn't need your steenking nuance:

Not sure if it was a bribe or if, in the privacy of Air Force One, the two commies showed each other their Worker’s Party cards.

Blue Turtle has the latest talking point:

...and this decision after 46% of doctors said they would leave their practice if this bill passes.

O'Reily talked about it I guess. Freepers hate him, but are certainly not above stealing a ridiculous talking point:

reagan_fanatic clearly doesn't know much about Kucinich.
It's payday for Dennis.
ecomcon calls to task those who note that Kucinich is a man of principles:

Never respect the enemy. Democrats will always do the “ask for the moon, and take half” thing. The trend is what is important. This furthers communism, so he will support it in the end.

One wonders why Democrats ever disagree

Tainan goes for the schoolyard bully taunts:
he is nothing but a little azz-weasel. A twerp. A dork. Of less value than a used and discarded condom.
There is some mention of Ms. Kucinich, but not much. Pretty liberals scare Freepers.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Freeper Christianity

Glenn Beck takes on churches promoting "social justice." This allows Freepers to expound on what a true church should expound. To be sure, many just make the point that charity is for churches not governments, which is a fair argument I can understand, if not agree with. Other, though, go all social darwin on us:

Nuc1 sums up what Beck said:
I watched the program and it was about communism / progressive-ism and their infiltration and perversion of the of the Christian faith. It was not reckless it was simply truthful. Communists will use any means, including the Church of Christ itself to inflict its Godless evil upon the world. And Social Justice is one of their buzz words. Essentially Glenn's advice was to leave any church that espouses communism as they cannot be about God. He was spot on as the author grudgingly concludes.
genetic homophobe on approved religious organizations:

Beck is right. Mainstream Religion has been going this route for a long time. Any organization that is a member of the World Council of Churches, or the National Council of Churches is basically an arm of the Communist party.

That said, Beck’s warning rings hollow when you realize he doesn’t run from his own cult which is steeped in the hallucinogenic rantings of a sexual pervert.

concerned about politics
The Bible teaches faith in God and faith in one self. If our righteousness does not exceed that of the Pharaohs, the liberal church and political leaders of the day, we'll never be able to enter the kingdom.
Churches teaching "social justice" are condoning the sinful lifestyles that got the poor in their dreadful position in the first place.

“Social justice” sounds so warm and fuzzy. Doesn't it? But in the Orwellian word of Marxism words do not mean what they mean. Sow confusion in language and we have a confused people. A confused and rudderless people are more easily controlled.

By the way...I am glad that the movie “Alice in Wonderland” is a mega-hit. It will prompt thoughtful people to actually read the book. In the wonderland world of Marxism words don't mean what they mean
Orwellian Commie-words could be anywhere! Even "Free" and "Republic!" Also, Alice in Wonderland as a Marxist Allegory is news to me.

DManA elides the 'social'
if you have to enforce your "justice" at the point of a gun, as the United States of America does, it probably doesn't please Christ.
You mean like the police and the courts?

UncleHenry missed something about the good Samaritan or something:
The gospel of social justice as a means of setting up God’s kingdom here on earth is no gospel (good news), but rather a perversion of the truth. We aren’t called to make the world a nicer place to go to hell from, we are called to rescue people out from a world slated for deception and destruction.
Conversions only! No helping!

Texas education!

Freepers are surprisingly unhappy with the news that Texas is gonna Right-wing their textbooks. Seems public school is still bad, and the changes insufficiently crazy. Yeah, Freepers are feeling their oats lately, and it's made them even less tolerant than usual.

parisa declares not just victory, but SUPER VICTORY!!!

Oh, the nightmare of leftism is about to begin!!!

They thought they were winning wars. The imbecile fools! These are battles and skirmishes ONLY.

The words of Admiral Yamamoto rings in our ears:

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

What a price to pay for privilege of government paid doctors visits!!!

GeronL wants som additions to the curriculum:

Right they need to make sure to include what Darwin said about how blacks are less evolved than whites. That would certainly shake things up.

See, that'd be fine if they were bipartisan about the craziness of Republicans as well.

Instead of whitewashing them, like a fool in paradise notes re: McCarthy:
I like the Venona addition - finally acknowledging the hard evidence of deep communist infiltration which the Left and Sean Penn have denied for years (they were all innocents),

Stalinist lie. It's what makes political debate pointless.

It took Pete Seeger 40 years to admit that Joe Stalin had done some evil things. Human lives mean nothing to a committed Communist. Every bit as vile a Nazism.
RushLake blames the lack of blacks in the curriculum on the...left, somehow:
Of course, there will be no mention of contributions of black people such as "The Real McCoy", the 54th Massachusetts, Frederick Douglas. It will be about a giant white guilt trip for the white children. Thank God my kids are thru with that part of their lives.
a fool in paradise knows what with all the liberal teachers, no amount of texbooks will save you:

You can try to deprogram your kids but some teachers these days play a subversive role trying to undermine parental authority.

I’ve seen articles (articles, not just postings) where teachers tell students “Your parents don’t know everything”, “Your parents are racist”, “Your parents are homophobic”, and “Your parents are wrong”. They do this on social issues and global warming.

They get them for 8 hours a day and have Hollyweird celebrities making indoctrination propaganda videos (on global warming, Howard Zinn’s refresher in AntiAmericanism, etc.).

I always though Zinn sold out when he went all Hollywood.


Why can't conservatives see that they **MUST** MUST** MUST*** work to close every government K-12 school in this nation! They must work to see that every child has access to a low cost ( or tuition-free), conservative, and private education that **thoroughly** integrates Judeo Christian principles and our nation's founding principles into every course subject and every school policy?

Yay, for the theocracy our founders secretly wanted! (Cept for Jefferson, who got demoted)

Monday potpourri.

Eye of Unk knows what Obama really is:

An Alien/Predator Islamic/Communist Dictator/Usurper might be a more definitive explanation of what he is.

The first and last black President of the USA.

Shooter 2.5 on why so many Jews are liberals:
Most jews have a martyrdom complex. "It's poor little us and someday it's going to happen to me because it's God's will. Oh, well, what can you do about it".
cameraeye on why health care will wori:
It will not start until 2014 and most of the sick people now will have died by then!The real kicker is they get to pay for it for three years or more. Tell that to a demoncrat.
All the sick people will be dead! What a nefarious plot!

ATOMIC_PUNK has a list of freedoms Obama has taken away from him:
Oh mr Obama I enjoyed my health care when i had it

I Enjoyed the way my Doctor treated me like a human Being

I enjoyed not having a hassle Getting the drugs i need for my heart and my Diabetes that i can no longer get

I Cherished being able to go to the doctor and paying just a copay Knowing my job and my pay took care of the rest of the bill

I do not enjoy having to ask a government agency to feed my family and to find out im only eligible to feed them for 2 months then i have to fend for myself

I think he just lost his job, and is blaming Obama that the saftey net isn't good enough?

riri is not happy Beck is too crazy to toe the Freeper line properly:
Beck is appearing to be controlled opposition.
Blood of Tyrants is not happy texbooks won't be publishing the "sekrit Muslin" side of Obama:

If liberals write the history about [Obama], you will not recognize who it is.

Cheetahcat on Princess Diana:

If [Pincess] Diana was home with her kids she would be still alive

ZULU would like to add this to the Diana subject:
She was a beautiful woman and her motives were right, but her dalliance with that damn Muslim was unforgivable.
ZULU was on a roll last week. He delves into his philosophy:

I don;t trust Educators and I don’t give a damn WHERE they came from.

They are, for the most part, anti-Western, Anti-Judaeo-Christian, ant-American, and pro-cultural relativism.

Candor7 on Obama's endgame:
Obama likely already has a dictator style safe house/estate somewhere in Africa.

Obama has the support of people like Robert Mugabe and their dictator's network of national socialism based on Rev. Wright style black supremacist racial superiority.

And the people of America elected this thing into office? The suffering Obama will ceate has only just begun.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Pix

Yep, dems would hate Obama's democratic policies if he were white!

Wait, what?

Beck: not the right kind of crazy for Freepers


Presidents should be seen and not heard!

Sweet Christmas, that's a jumbo bucket of crazy!

OMG! Grahm is a girl!

Vigilante justice FTW!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Same old Same old

Reid's family in an accident. The usual reaction.

Prayers, but awesome:

I am sorry for his family. Truly I am. Those two ladies do not deserve their injuries and they will be in my prayers.

But at the same time, I am glad that Dingy Harry is thoroughly distracted.

No prayers for the enemy:

No prayers for them...Too busy praying for others more worthy. I never pray for hack families nor do I wish them ill

This was the answer to my prayers

I am sorry they were hurt, but if it got Harry Reid away from the Senate floor, perhaps could it be divine intervention?

Evil libs are gonna use this for evil:

He will not *waste a tragedy*.

Watch that old buzzard use his personal story to sell his nightmare package.

Blaming the liberal victim:

Harry Reid was tested. He was given a choice between being with his family in their time of need, or pursing 0bama’s evil agenda to deprive Americans of their healthcare.

He made his choice, and he will reap its consequences.

And crazy-ass conspiracy theories:
Bill Clinton's secretary found that her brother had been run down by a semi on his way to get aid for his disabled car. He got up, though, and was hit by a semi coming from the opposite direction.

She was scheduled to testify about Bill some time later that week.

So, yeah, this does look like another bit of the "Clinton Body Count".

I'd be interrogating that truck driver on a rack in a garage, and hooking up my battery charger as I talked casually to him. Now that won't happen because there are people in American who don't want him to tell the truth!
Torture - is there anything it can't solve?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Put up or shutup

Dems' most recent procedural menuvering has Freepers shaking of their outrage fatigue and leaping directly to Civil War 2 mode again.

I do hope they pass the health care bill, neutered though it may be, just to see the Freepers put up or shutup. Not that they will, but the "I was about to revolt, but then I thought of the children" or whatnot will be hilarious to see.

thethirddegree has this whole story written out:

There isn’t enough secret service and police to protect these tyrants from the American people if they pass this bill. As individual families begin to see the financial impact, family members sicken and die because of inadequate care, you will see organized violence against the people responsible for this bill’s passage. The American people have told Congress their will on this matter and they ignore it at their peril. I am not advocating violence,I just won’t be surprised when it starts.

Like how 'American people' is basically the tea-party folks.

Principled is stuck in the Matrix!

This is 0bama’s Chavez option.

But, we have guns. Lots of guns.

crosshairs thinks they'll be done by fall

It will be the patriots and the U.S. military fighting against SEIU, ACORN, Black Panthers, etc. Should mop them up in a day or two. But first, need to cut off the head of the snake.

TCH gets a bit more graphic.

“But first, need to cut off the head of the snake.”

Yes, literally. Then hang their rotting corpses from lamp posts until the meat falls off the bones... Just as was done to treasonous bastards long ago. We must make examples of these filthy vermin, just to be certain that never again will any of their ilk attempt such treachery.

You'd think lynching imagery would have passed out of style when racism became less overt.

concerned about politics on how the righteous will win cause of how righteous they are:
It will be the patriots and the U.S. military fighting against SEIU, ACORN, Black Panthers, etc.

I agree. It will be the army of the left leaning, Socialist/communist hearts against those who will fight to no end to be free. Our side has the greatest cause, because our freedoms are inherent and granted to us by the highest power.
Zeddicus wants to outsource to the military. Because military coups tend to end awesome!

If they do this, they are simply begging for a violent revolt. With this action, they will be declaring open war upon the citizens of this country. If they do this, our military is OBLIGATED to forcibly remove them from power as treasonous domestic enemies of the Constitution.

Victor has a date:
April 15th Tea Party, anyone....??

This time let's bring pitchforks, torches, and...weapons.
I'd be worried, if this wasn't the twentieth gathering they threatened to turn into a revolt.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ACORN cleared

I know I was wrong about ACORN. I still think their vote registration buyins is a bit shoddy, but the video? When a prosecutor sees it and then drops charges the next day...yeah.
Freepers reactions are not so forgiving:


Wow, you can commit fraud and subborn perjury on video tape and still beat the rap.

Must be great falling under Presidential protection

reader25 sticks with the edited video tape as being true as well:

No surprise here. Only question is how much taxpayer money did it take to buy off New York officials. How much political pressure was brought by the Administration to drop all charges. Sad thing is ACORN will be back in business providing assistance to those wanting to set up brothels consisting of children. This action essentially gives ACORN the go ahead to continue with their criminal enterprise using taxpayer funds. SHAMEFUL!

TribalPrincess2U and many Freeper keep harping on a dead horse:

Something familiar about this....something about Black Panthers.

Hey Al, not enough ‘black power’ out there for you, huh?

Those two guys have provided Freepers with rightous indignation for over a year with no sign of being exhausted! Well done!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Obama just can't stop catching terrorists

Some new terrorist guy got nabbed in Pakistan. Freepers struggle to keep withtheir "Obama is a Muslim and loves terrorists" narrative. Well, they don't actually struggle, since they are unburdened by facts:


This is SOLID evidence that the intelligence community has gone “rogue” in a GOOD way, probably using private money r funds allocated for covert purposes and deposited in placed out of reach of the White House.

There is NO WAY Obama is authorizing the arrest of high-level Muslims. I am sure he is very steamed about this, but has to PRETEND to be happy about it!

eleni121 makes an "I am Legend" comparison:
Just like Neville was trying ot sruvive the onslaught of the undead - We are dealing with nothing less than infected minds - Muslims - That Pakstan will eventually come around to helping us - never gonna happen
Weren't the supposed zombies actually intelligent and feared the main character as the monster? Just saying.

Yehuda laments Obama is all civilized

Extensive waterboarding


After all intel verified,

wrap in bacon and light.


reefdiver doesn' t care about the recent development, he prefers random yawps of hate:

zer0 and the democrats are sad, adam was air america listener before their demise

CyberAnt is my favorite - he decides how this is all a setup to distract us from health care:

Well .. at the rate Obama is bribing congress people to vote for his garbage legislation .. this bribing of Pakistan would not suprise me.

And .. it makes me wonder if that’s what the “stimulus” money was for .. a slush box for Obama to use to bribe people .. foreign governments ....... because I always wondered why Pakistan suddenly began to help us clean out the AQ militants.

This is interesting info .. and if it’s true .. I hope it can be exposed.

Monday potpourri.

JustPiper is totally a psychic:
Lemme share a childhood night terror. At about ten years old, I had not one clue what a jihadi was. (over 40 yrs ago) Aladdin in movies used to scare the bejesus outta me. I had a repetitive night terror, of someone in Arab garb would still me away & I was a slave.

jongaltsr is such a badass. You can tell from the huge text size:

Note to all you "Second Amendment" whiners.

If you concern yourself with what some "Justice or Politician" says or the rules they make that takes your rights away, then just SHUT THE F**K up.

Those of us who will defend our rights regardless of what "They" say is law, will protect the very rights you seem to be afraid to defend with nothing more then mere rhetoric on your part.

ACTION always speaks louder than words. If THEY can keep you talking, instead of actually taking action - THEY win.
Secret Agent Man on british balls and Muslims as problem solvers:

Brits have no balls to stand up for what’s right anymore. Haven’t had balls in a long time. Oh well the muslims will set some things back right. Hope they’re ready to pay jizya.
TexasFreeper2009 on how Obama can succeed:
I have come to the conclusion that Obama is throwing the entire Democratic party under the bus to hopefully save his presidency.

Nothing, NOTHING must let the first black president fail.

And as I have said from day 1 ... The only thing that can save Obama’s presidency is if Republicans take back control of congress and save his community organizing butt, just like they saved Clintons.
Responsibility2nd on that Roberts rumor:

Everyone is wondering: Where did that erroneous rumor of an imminent retirement by Chief Justice John Roberts come from?


Many FReepers believe Rahm was bored today. Decided to stir the pot.

I believe it.

Rahm - could he be the new omnipotent Soros?

OBXWanderer on the reaction to the jobs bill passing:
Que up "Happy Days are here Again"...most of the customers at my local ABC store will be HiGH FIVING each other today, and lottery sales back up at the gas station next door...
The return of welfare queens!

FlingWingFlyer has a prediction:

Like Sarah Palin, we’re ALL getting to them now! I’ve got a feeling, we’re going to see the suicide rate among commie, piggie ‘RATS really take off. Let’s keep it up!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Pix

See, Obama's just like the low-class folks on that black show! Cause Obama's also black. They're like twins!


It's like history come to life!

So Freepers play the evil horrors here?

Congrats, Stark, Freepers have made graphics to mock you. You've really made it!

Obama stole Uncle Sam's hat!

Yay, racism!

Attn; Freepers - When actually you buy into Team America: World Police as if it's true, something has gone wrong.

Yay, racism!
Imam Pelosi. So she's like a teacher? Do love the Freepers reaching out to dems. That's some good advice.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The True Scotsman dance

Not sure I have ever seen the "No True Scotsman"/"All true liberals" dance done so well as with this Pentagon shooter case.

First, there was the frantic search for just how liberal (secretly or otherwise) this guys was:

Then, the conclusion, and indictment on all liberals: truther! Frabjous day!

StopObama2012 goes with the "all liberals must support this" quickstep:

Hey Van Jones, why didn’t you help him out?

The Antiyuppie has mastered the "guilt by implication" FOXtrot:


Right-wing extremist page hits on Google: ~895,000
Left-wing extremist page hits on Google: ~1,360,000

Gene Eric manages both the revision and generalization! A masterful scurrilous two-step!

>> So the plane crash guy and this nut were both Bush haters.

The museum shooter was also leftward, no?

Windflier throws in a sorta-subtle racist dialect flip:

Figures that the guy was a left-wing “Trutha”.

FormerACLUmember sticks the strawman finish:
Democrat Truther Leftist MSNBC Viewer.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Obama is rebranding America!

Freepers prove that if you're crazy enough, even abstract shapes can become sinister semiotic scheme!

444Flyer knows how subliminal symbols can be:
Obama now wants America to connect our nation's defense and security with him as false messiah. Subliminal messaging he used during his campaign is now being imposed in every area of government and national security. The attempt to condition the masses.
They're like magic!

Eroteme on how the use of roundness in logos bespeaks a vast conspiracy

Logo designers do not come up with such similar things unless they share a considerable amount of parallel guidance from the buyers. They don’t just come up with these things on their own in a vacuum. I’m not a logo designer, but I know from acquaintances that a designer gathers an enormous amount of info as to what it is the logo should evoke in the viewer. This isn’t a goofy blooper or creative happenstance.

carmody on Obama's big picture:

They are in the process of rebranding America. Remove all images that might inspire old antique ideas like freedom, individualism, capitalism. Replace them with the O brand.

No more American Flags, or Bald Eagles!

left that other site on how Muslims have ruined the moon for him:

I can’t even gaze into the sky on a clear night and look at the crescent moon anymore, without being reminded of those horrid people.

They ruined a very nice thing for me.

Never on my watch analyzes the alternate image for the Missle Defense Agency, created 3 years ago:
The old image shows a Soviet Missile being intercepted shortly after launch. The new logo seems to show a launch (the white star) and the missile successfully reaching around the earth to its intended target.

And since it is being launched, apparently, from the moon; it would mean the attack is coming from Islam.
WhistlingPastTheGraveyard thinks this is more serious than islam or Iran. It's Demons and Scientology!
The "star" in the emblem is actually a "Rose Cross"... a symbol of the occult associated with Aleister Crowley. It was co-opted by L. Ron Hubbard as the symbol for Scientology also. A crucifix with a "x" through it.