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Suck it Britain!

Via Anon.

One of my favorite Freeper quirks is the two-dimensional way they see England. England is either the land of Thatcher and Churchill, or it's horrible Muslim-Commmistan. Which it is is entierly defined by political expediency. It's our bestest ally if believing that might somehow hurt Obama, but it totally sucks if it might help Obama. Thus, when the generally histrionic British press made something of a kerfuffle about Romney's remarks about London's handling of the Olympics, Britain suddenly became the worst place ever:

GreatRoad is pretty sure Prime Minister Cameron is a Communist:
Isn’t Cameron a loving Comrade to Obummer?
WashingtonSource knows England is home to 'the most Communist Commies on the planet.'
There is nothing Romney could have said to please the leftists in Britain, who are among the most Communist Commies on the planet, especially in the media and London. They couldn’t wait to pile on.
Doc Savage doesn't seem to be a fan:
This from a country over-run by muslim terrorists, drunken ‘footballers’, sots, an elitist homo upper crust, and some old bag who pretends it’s still the 12th century! I’ll give you Churchill. After that I wouldn’t give you plug nickel for these wastrels!
ecomcon knows the important thing is be bullcrap Churchill Bust story:
Good on him for stepping on some toes.

The symbolism that means something is that he would return the Churchill bust.

They hate Palin. End of story.
Zhang Fei won't even let England have Churchill:
My impression is that the Brits have always hated Churchill for being right about Hitler. Churchill's undiluted pugnaciousness is much more popular stateside than in the UK. The only reason Churchill got to become PM was because he was viewed as someone with the necessary experience to get the job done, after Chamberlain set the country on a course for war by guaranteeing Poland's sovereignty and had his bluff called by Hitler's destruction of the Polish army. As soon as the war was won, the British electorate turfed Churchill.
Vigilanteman knows England became awful right after World War 2.
It all started in the weeks after VE Day when they overwhelming voted Winston Churchill out of office and installed Clement Attlee who proceeded to give them socialized medicine and turn a first rate world power which had played the key role in defeating Nazi Germany into a has been and a honey pot for third worlders intent on transforming Great Britain into no longer great.
Verginius Rufus thinks George Washington fought against beer and camera theft:
I've been to England twice and am in no hurry to go there again. The last time I was there I was surprised at how much public drunkenness I saw. Plus my camera was stolen.

Thank God for George Washington and the other heroes of the American Revolution.
Nagurski just talks some trash:
nothing reinforces our natural sense of superiority as watching the country we **** all over when they owned 25% of the world continually reduced and reduced and reduced to a small vassal state of the EU. Scotland will go in a couple years. NI will certainly follow. I suppose Wales figures they have nothing better but you never know. Once its just little England all alone again it won’t be long until the city decides its tired of carrying all that dead weight.

Watching our lapdogs go from an empire to a city in the span of less than century certainly does provide quite the laugh and help take ones mind of the business of running the world.
Westbrook thinks England loves Obama because every single one of them is a birther:
0bama is the son of a British subject, as Kenya was under British dominion when 0bama’s father was born.

0bama himself may be considered a British subject, ergo the allegiance due to the satisfaction of having a Brit running the unruly Murican colonies again.

And on top of that, 0bama’s positions on “Palestinians”, Moslems and Jews is virtually congruent with that of England.
Eye of Unk's gut tells him terrorism will prove Romney correct:
I have a somber feeling the Brits may actually not have enough resources to stop possibly another Israeli event.

I’m just going by a gut feeling, something is about to pop over there, a gas attack or an airplane crash aimed at the event.
ClearCase_guy is also not hoping for a disaster, but noting how awesome it would be...
Heaven forbid there is a terrorist incident at this year’s Olympics. If it happens, and if it goes badly, Romney will seem like a very wise man.

Dick Cheney vs. Sarah Palin

MDaF found this one.

Dick Cheney posits that Sarah Palin wasn't up to be President when McCain chose her for VP. Who will win, the Sainted Cheney of being Tough on Bad Guys, or Our Sarah of Victimization, Hotness and Empty Populism?
No contest, as it turns out. Freepers, in unison, turn on Cheney:

3Fingas allows Cheney is a bit better than Obama in leadership skills:
Sorry, never really trusted Dick Cheney...one thing I will say in his favor though...he is an able man and competent administrator unlike almost everyone in this current administration.
wideawake knows Cheney's daughter has turned Cheney to the dark side:
Cheney has been recruited by his daughter into the movement to destroy marriage. He is now an implacable enemy of Christian morality and has gone over to the dark side. Sad to watch.
izzatzo knows Cheney is an elite, and therefore sucks:
Cheney says that she was unqualified to be VP-—and, Obama was qualified to be President? Dick, why don’t you save it for Obama? STFU! I like Cheney, but he is, after all, part of the GOP elite by virtue of his long service. And, when push comes to shove, the elite are going to circle the wagons around their own kind.
Tzar goes with the Daily Show humor:
If you are Dick Cheney’s friend, it is only a matter of time before he stabs you in the back or shoots you in the face.
RINO neocon, homo-marriage loving, war profiteer Cheney should crawl back under his rock.
War profiteer? What are you, a liberal?

Having an enemy like Cheney is all it takes to be a hero inPGR88's eyes:
The more I hear stuff like this, the more I like Palin.

She is obviously doing something right.
Alberta's Child totally hated Cheney before it was cool:
Flame me if you want, but I never liked the guy ... and my enthusiasm for George W. Bush diminished considerably when Cheney was selected to be his running mate.
Friendofgeorge knows Real Christians never disagree with other Christians:
The Dick without question certainly attacked Gov Sarah Palin today, and personally! If anybody dares to suggest otherwise, I have no time for them.

Has The Dick not heard the saying...if you have nothing nice to say about someone, say nothing?

Not sure about Dick`s spiritual condition, you would think someone that just had a heart transplant would be thinking from a point of gratitude, and would have his Lord on his mind.

But here he is attacking who would be is Sister in Christ, if he is in fact one of The Lord`s.

I prayed a lot for this man over the years, certainly do not regret it, but am very disappointed.

If Gov Palin does not get a personal call from Liz Cheney, offering her support, then I will have to also cross her off my list. In fact I think this statement by Dick warrants a public comment from Liz saying.....That`s my fathers opinion, I love my father but we disagree on this.

Michelle Obama at the Olympics

Michelle Obama has made her usual down-to-earth appearance at the Olympics, so Freepers gotta get their petty on!

Daffynition goes with the 'rich people can't have nice things if they're Obamas' line:
Folks at home are eating Mac 'n cheese, can't pay their mortgages and her jacket cost $6,800.?
exit82, though, thinks the First Lady is dressing stupidly:
That grey outfit is one of the stupidest outfits a First Lady has worn in history.

With all of her money, you think she could dress like the wife of the President of the United States instead of like a washerwoman.
GlockThe Vote is pretty sure Michelle is watching the Olympics all racist-like:
Does she ever go to events to watch non-AA athletes?
JaguarXKE goes with the fat jokes:
Them’s some Olympic-sized hips right there!
Huskrrrr also thinks she's fat:
“Keep those athletes away from me. They make my butt look big.”
hal ogen wants Michelle to go to prison for being First Lady, or something:
Has anyone been able to figure-out how much this grifter’s latest trip is costing the taxpayers? The Worst Lady should be in prison. Mooch-elle is a shameless, affirmative-action, equal-opportunity loser.
GeorgeWashingtonsGhost knows Michelle is secretly thinking about black power:
"Stick it to ta man, mmmmm hmmmm, Thas wut I'm talkin' bout.. Oh wait.. USA, USA, USA!!"
nothingnew has a comparison:
I don't know.......all the pictures remind me of Cheetah.

That's racist!!
Cheetah? The chimpanzee from Tarzan? Yeah, that's pretty racist, dude.

rcrngroup thinks Michelle looks angry:
The perpetual angry scowl that we’ve all grown to know & hate is back! “The bitch is back”

Beyonce is ugly, stupid.

Beyonce says nice things about Michelle Obama. Freepers respond as they tend to these days, calling her ugly, stupid and black:

laweeks considers only whiteness to be a positive:
This absolutely gorgeous "African-Caucasian" American is a good example of rejecting the positive part of her background: Caucasian heritage--ala Halle Berry.

She is also absolutely dumber than a rock.
Celtic Cross doesn't think she's hot:

Hell no!
Trod Upon uses photoshop to show how Beyonce looks like a man:
Use an editor to cut the hair short and add a little 5:00 shadow. She has male features.
M1903A1 also thinks her pop songs are lame:
IMO, one of the most overrated pop singers in recent memory.

I remember when everyone was singing the praises (pardon the pun) of “Single Ladies”. I listened to it, and when it was done I thought “that’s it??”. How can I describe it...it sounded like one long intro. Any moment I was expecting some depth (of sound if not lyrics) to kick in and for the song to really begin...and it never happened.

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Monday Potpouri

BuffaloJack is protesting gun registration by not registering:
I don’t have a handgun permit, but it’s only because I refuse to pay several hundreds of dollars to exercise a right that should be guaranteed to me by the Constitution but isn’t. If it’s a right, then it should not cost me a cent other than the price of the firearm.
Charging for firearms licensing is no different than charging someone to vote.
Hmmm, I wonder what he thinks about voter ID...

nascarnation is going hard at Obama's childhood marijuana use:
I believe the Baraq Hussein Obama Presidential Library and Choom Gang Museum will have three branches:

Hawaii, California, and Chicago.
RummyChick goes the crazy rout less traveled, and is a Robert Kennedy Assassination conspiracy theorist:
Sometimes a nut is just a nut..and sometimes not.

For example, Sirhan Sirhan could have been a nut.

Or he could have been programmed to kill by some entity as per the experimentation of MK Ultra. It programmed a woman to kill and not remember it later.
Interestingly, this does appear to be the theory Sirhan Sirhan's defense is going with these days.

True Republican Patriot has the perfect test for if Obama's really Christian:
When is a Journalist going to ask Obama HUSSEIN to recite “THE LORD’S PRAYER and /or THE APOSTLE’S CREED?” We know he still can give the MUSLIM “EVENING CALL TO PRAYER” in perfect Arabic with no accent and believes it is “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SOUND IN THE UNIVERSE!” I think it sounds horrible, myself! but then I am a Christian who can recite “THE LORD’S PRAYER’ without a Teleprompter!
perfect Arabic with no accent, eh! Yeah, that's totally not pulled from his ass.

True Republican Patriot also hates Bill Moyers:
To call Moyers a brainless Douchebag would do a major disservice to all Douchebags Worldwide! When SATAN brings Moyer back to his home for Eternity in Hades will be a Great celebration for AMERICA, Her CONSTITUTION, and the FREEDOMS OF ALL OF AMERICA’S LEGAL, GOD FEARING, and GUN TOTTING, PICK UP DRIVING CITIZENS! Bill Moyer is the A**HOLE of America’s Freedoms!

I wouldn’t let the Pervert Kiss the Soles of My Totally Manure Covered, Pork Pi*ssed on, Soles of my most disgusting SHOES!
It's clear this guy obsessively watches everything Bill Moyers appears in, hating him SOOOOO hard!

unixfox knows Obama's secret anti-gun desires:
No matter what he says to the contrary, you can bet your ass he would love nothing better than to ban all guns. PERIOD!

The halfrican is a MARXIST through and through, hell bent on as much control as he thinks he can get.
TomasUSMC wants leaders to stop offering comfort and empathy:
the words, “Let’s roll,” which authorities believe was a signal to the other passengers to confront the terrorist hijackers. In one hour, a transformation occurred among the passengers—athletes, business people and parents—from sh...eep to sheepdogs and together they fought the wolves, ultimately saving an unknown number of lives on the ground.

This is what our leaders ought to be telling America instead of the same ole “I’m so sorry for your loss “ crap we hear evey damn stinikin time. We need to instill in our youth and in our Citizens the mental attitude of...ATTACK.
An America where everyone is thinking ATTACK seems nice.

zeestephen is not a fan of Zimmerman's lawyer, because liberals have stopped paying attention:
I think the fact that ALL criticism of O’Mara is coming from Conservatives, and absolutely NO criticism of O’Mara is coming from the Left, tells us everything we need to know about this lawyer.

Zimmerman has made the exact error that Tom DeLay and Scooter Libby made.

Like DeLay and Libby, Zimmerman has been charged with a POLITICAL crime.

Like DeLay and Libby, Zimmerman has chosen a lawyer who knows absolutely nothing about Conservative principles and Conservative arguments.
Some lovely projection by LMAO:
The left asumes the worse when it comes to those who disagree with because, in reality, it’s a reflection of who they are. They accuse others of doing what they would do
WKUHilltopper knows union workers in nursing homes abuse old people for no good reason:
Typical union practices in nursing homes. Many times, they give the residents’ exlax, etc, and then walk out. They use these poor people, incapable of defending themselves, as tools of their corruption. They could care less if they live or die only if they can force their way—make more money for their union bosses.

And there’s never any prosecution, no union management ever held accountable.
mkjessup has a disturbingly elaborate scenario where Bill Moyers is shot cause he has no gun. It ends thusly:
NOOO!! Who are you! What do you want? Get the Hell out of my house you **BAM** **BAM** **BAM**

911 Operator: 'Cancel that police call, send the meat wagon and the Coroner, another dumb ass that should have had a gun.'
Psalm_2 provides made-up quotes:
Lenin once said that the keystone in the arch of socialism is medicine. as long as obamacare remains, so will the keystone.

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Saturday Pix

Somehow I doubt Freepers are really excited about more armed black people.
This totally isn't cherry picking - England banned guns, and now they're all about the mass graves!
I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.
It is a bit rich for Freepers to call Obama the crybaby considering how much they go in for victimization and whining.
Calling you opposition crazy...isn't that how Stalin rolled?
This horse has been dead a while...
Jeez, with a blood trail no less. 
He's not stoned!  Obama's on the designer drug Toon - note the telltale stars whirling around his head.

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When FreepFan suggested this thread about some of the surviving Aurora victims forgiving the shooter, he noted the few deep and reflective posts sticking out among the crazy. Stuff like Delta 21's "By forgiving the shooter he is not allowing himself to be controlled by the past. Not dwelling on it and moving on quickly."

But while it is good to recognize that Freepers are (usually) human beings once you strip away internet anonymity and echo chamber effects, that's not what this blog is for. We're going to turn to the other 80% of posts, wherein Freepers tell the angels of their better nature to suck it.

laweeks hates the media's fig-lead-of-presumed-innocent use of 'alleged'
The mass murderer is still "alleged." So, by the same logic, are the victims of this scumbag "allegedly" dead?
23 Everest knows to forgive is liberal:
Shot 3 times and still a stupid liberal. They walk among us.
FlingWingFlyer, as an American, decides he speaks for the dead victims:
I’m glad that he has the luxury to “forgive” the murdering bastard. I wonder how the 12 who died and their families feel about the orange-haired maggot. As an American, I won’t forgive him for all the commie BS we’re going to have to endure from the commie ‘RATS about the Second Amendment.
Sir Napsalot goes on with the torture fantasies:
Well, Pierce O'Farrill's a better man than I.

If I were in his shoes, I want to carve up the perp slowly, and inflict as much pain as possible.
goat granny has an interesting philosophy - you can totally hate people on behalf of third parties all you want:
I could easily forgive the harm someone did to me.....the harm they did to one I love no way. In fact I don’t think we have the obligation to forgive the hurt someone put on another, only ourselves. I would hold the harm to my loved ones against him forever....I don’t have the power to say to someone,,,,,I forgive you for what you did to another person. Won’t find it in the bible either I don’t think..
Lurker knows forgiveness isn't Christian:
Another faux Christian who has no idea of the true concept of forgiveness.
Lurker explains that the other guy need to ask for it, or else hate away!
Unless and until the perpetrator truly repents and asks forgiveness a true Christian is under no obligation to offer it, nor should they.
Klemper seems to think there's some kind of forgiveness threshold for heaven, and also blames the shooter for sending all his non-believing murder victims to burn in hell:
Now how many more victims need to forgive him before the monster will be allowed into Heaven? (That is of course, if the monster finds God... he has plenty of time, of course, having all of that new study time in his cell), but his murderous actions, have caused many of his victims to burn in Hell for all eternity, because they had not yet found God..... (maybe they would have found God between that tragic night and the natural end to their lives.)
Shadowstrike's God is pretty old testament:
This moron thinks he’s being “Christian” by forgiving Evil?

Oh how God must be laughing at people like this.
Shadowstrike further thinks forging someone is putting yourself above God!
God hasn’t forgiven Satan.

Who am I to be ‘better’ than God.
imardmd1 forgives unbelievers out of spite, to make hell worse for them:
Pray for your enemies (including Obama, etc.), and be willing to offer forgiveness (and forget); for in doing so, you will heap coals of fire (figure of speech) on their heads, until they seek release.

Freepers discuss voter ID laws

Studies show that needing an ID to vote acts like a poll tax, discouraging the poor and elderly from voting.
Freepers see that as a good thing, of course, as the wrong people keep voting.

Still, they try to keep up appearances with increasingly outlandish explanations of how ID requirements don't really impost a burden at all:

YouGoTexasGirl knows the poor just don't want to vote:
probably are fretting that they’ll have to skip a pedicure to get an id... We live in a pathetic country right now. I bet if it was for some government benefit they’d rush to get the id......
nomad agrees - the poor only care about welfare!
But I bet they sure as hell could find their way to a welfare office!
reg45 points out the poor and elderly are mostly drunks:
The same ID that they use to buy that bottle of cheap gin.
Slump Tester uses sarcasm to endorse voter disenfranchisement:
Golly, I hope this doesn’t make them disfranchised.
jazusamo expects the source is probably lying for Obama's benefit:
I'd be interested to know if Eric Holder is connected in any way to the Brennan Center for Justice.
Drango blames a different boogeyman:
Soros front group....
Mears hates the word Justice, for some reason:
Just clicked on your posted link and IMMEDIATELY clicked off when I saw the word “justice”.

That one word tells me all I need to know.
WashingtonSource prefers to focus on imaginary voter fraud:
What a sob story. I’m going to cry myself to sleep. Then sleep soundly knowing that illegal aliens, felons, dead people and union thugs will not be stealing 500,000 votes they would have otherwise stolen.
RetiredTexasVet has a story that's really just a mishmash of voter-suppression propaganda over the past decade:
When the State Attorney General argued the Voter ID case in Federal Court, he showed the statistics provided by Eric the Corrupt were fictitious and should have caused Eric to be held in contempt of court. The State Attorney General had students from UT actually call the people submitted on the list by Eric that were supposed to have not photo ID. They found less than 10% of the people claimed they did not have photo Id. Included on Eric’s list of people not having photo Id were G W Bush, Mickey Mouse, etc. The list was fraudulent from the get go.
What the Dems REALLY FEAR here is that once these people show up at DMV, they won’t have a paper-trail to prove who they are...and if that’s the case, they’re essentially non-citizens (i.e., non-players), even if they are here legally.
Yes! Democrats worry that citizens who should vote will be unable to due to these stringent laws:

bobo1 complains how much you have to pay for ID, but somehow doesn't make the connection to poll taxes:
You just go down and get one. Of course, in Illinois you pay up the butt for one, because the fascists are in charge (located in Chicago, mostly). If you are too stupid to be able to acquire a picture ID, You are either not an American citizen, or you are too stupid to be allowed to vote.
wbill knows only losers allow their vote to get suppressed anyhow:
I'd guess that my grandmother doesn't have an ID. I don't know that for sure, but it's a good bet. She hasn't driven for years, Grandpa (and now, Dad) handles all of her finances, and so on.

However, if my state requires one to vote, you just TRY and stop her from getting one! She'll be first in line at the DMV (or where-ever).

This "hardship" argument is such bunk. Irritates me to no end.
unique1's conspiracy theory requires national ID:
OK, so how in hell are these people going to be tracked by ObamaCare?


It was a while ago, but now that news has calmed down, I can at last get to this post, found by Anon.

Freepers hate the media, which allows them to disregard everything from polls to facts.

But they need to get their crazy from somewhere, and even the rightwing echo chamber needs some external grist for it's mill.
So the "MSM lies!" rule has many exceptions for things Freepers agree with.

The is no more evident than when Russian Communist Party organ Pravda published a birhter piece by a US Air Force Colonial with such red meat as:
It is not now politically advantageous for either the Democrat or the Republican Party to tell the truth about Barack Obama; that he is an illegal President and very likely a felon, who has a forged birth certificate, a forged Selective Service registration and is using a Social Security Number not issued to him.
Suddenly Pravda is a trusted source with the best interests of the US in mind!

Navy Patriot notes that Pravda has it's flaws, but it's better than non-birther media!
Pravda ain't perfect, but a lot of what they print nowdays reflects the real world truth, and there is much journalistic integrity.

Considering that Pravda once was what the US MSM has become today, a Communist propaganda organ, it is indeed remarkable.
iontheball uses the very fact that only a Communist paper would print this as proof of it's veracity:
The author is an American patriot. I suppose it is a testament to how deep the corruption is that he has now gone to Pravda to publish this blockbuster article.
Red Steel just points out that the story is credibly true, and the MSM are the real Commies:
Most of the American media is private and not government funded. Only PBS and NPR are government funded.

Russia on the other hand has mostly government funded media. RT, Ren TV, Rossiya, Channel One, RIA Novosti, NTV and Pravda are all either government owned or government funded.

It is state sponsored propaganda

The story is still credibly true. And the New York Slimes, Washington ConPost, LSDNBC, Chicago Tribune, La Slimes, cBS, Communist News Newtwork(CNN) are all propagandist for the US government to be run by the Democratic party, AKA the Communists.
krogers58 manages to trust Pravda in the same breath as he worries about Cold War Commies infiltrating America:
Tis a cold day in he LL when we have to look to Pravda to tell us the truth that our press refuses to print. Moreover, the disturbing thing is that most of what we are seeing is the KGB “planting” communists, socialists, and marxists in positions where they could influence the US government, such as academia, the press, and the state department. Now, they appear to be getting ready to foment unrest using the right. Not that there shouldn’t be unrest, but it is disturbing to think we are somewhat allied with the Soviets, is it not?
Iron Munro doesn't care about sourcing - he wants a military coup while the military is still hetero:
Actually, a few military leaders could do the dirty work our RINOs are afraid to do. It may be our only hope.

That window of opportunity is closing fast.

There is a reason Obama and the democrats are working hard to pussy-fy the military, loading it up with lebos, queers, Nancy Boys, illegals and other minorities.
Las Vegas Ron applies the 'only trust what I agree with' principle to his fellow Freepers:

"Barack Obama, an illegal President, a stolen Social Security Number, a forged birth certificate, a forged Selective Service registration." 

Where is the evidence for these allegations?

Those are undisbuted facts

The current president has been the worst in my lifetime, but I never make up nonsense conspiracy theories about him.


Am I the only one who feels utter and total contempt for the so called poor?

Freeper sagar posts this epicly Dickensian rant:
Am I the only one who feels utter and total contempt for the so called poor? This is the most free, by far, any country in the history of the world, and yet we have these scum-sucking parasites that have not taken advantage of it, instead they cannot take care of themselves, their children, nor their elderly. When I see a poor person, I am filled with disgust. How can this individual(or group of individuals) live like this and not feel that they have the opportunity just in front of them that the rest of the world would kill for? My contempt level is pretty high for the poor parasites, but it reaches epic proportions for those that are poor and obese! How can they even live like it? Do they have no dignity? No shame? America is wasted on them. In fact, America is now dying under their weight. Sorry for the rant.
His fellow Freepers, though, will not have it, as most of them are poor. But while they are not quite so cartoonishly callus, even in their defense of the poors, certain odd class ideas become evident.

TexasCajun, though, agrees with the main poster:
...it had to be said.

The vast, vast majority are poor by choice.
Las Vegas Ron thinks Jesus would hate the poor these days:
the rich in the times of Christ were oppressive Governments and Rulers, the poor were poor because of them.

The US has no oppessers or rulers (ideally).

Your analogy is not valid.
I thought Democrats were the oppessers and rulers?

terycarl defends the poor - most of the poor are just stupid, and there is nothing to be done:
the more that you deal with them, the more that you realize that the vast majority of the truly poor are “not very smart”. I realize that many, if not most, are laggards...but there is a large percentage that just don’t have the ability to do much of anything.
Castlebar points out that the US is better than other countries, so we should really stop trying:
anyone who can look at the general conditions in even the proud rural poor of the Dominican Republic, and then look at the family of four in this country receiving food stamps and housing assistance, and can then tell me that we have poverty in this country - that person is a person with a serious personal integrity problem.
Cvengr knows the real poor are the middle class:
I see so very many poor, with new homes, new cars, part time jobs, and spare time, while I observe the middle class driving 20 year old economy cars/trucks, working overtime, paying for insurance and still in debt with medical and older homes not presently in compliance with modern codes.

I don’t see any middle class going to midnight movies, but I do see lots of ‘poor’ class partying from sundown to sunup, sleeping till noon, with middle class not partying, waking before dawn and turning in after they get home from work.
GunningForTheBuddha knows it isn't the poor, it's the 'hood' that you should hate:
I worked in “the hood” for a bit. At least in this neck of the woods the majority have mooching off of the system down to a science.
max americana is a bit more blatant in noting you should only hate poor black people:
I used to work for a non-profit before my current job and that non-profit is located right in the middle of Skid Row, L.A..

I agree 100%, once these parasites got a hold of a free program, they will stay on that dole until the day they die. And yes, I have to say it...THEY’RE 95% BLACK.
nascarnation heralds the return of the dogwhistle politics of welfare queens, minus the Cadillac:
On Sunday the local tv news had a feature about distribution of free backpacks filled with school supplies to the local poor.

It was interesting to see how nicely turned out the mothers were, professional hairdos, $300 glasses, $200 shoes, iPhones, etc. Would liked to have seen what the parking lot looked like....was it Buick, Lexus, Escalades?
Las Vegas Ron also with the black welfare queens:
I stood behind a very well dressed black lady in a check out line who purchased a basket full of groceries that would feed a king. She exceeded the limit on her EBT card and used an AMEX gold card to pay the balance.
So there you have it, don't hate the poor, though those ungrateful lucky duckies have it much better than the middle class.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

You can tell from the pixels

MDaF found a nice conspiratorial thread on some random Obama family photo. No other thread I have yet seen shows how obsessively intense scrutiny inevitably leads one down a rabbit hole:

Noamie would be right at home in 4Chan:

I use Photoshop professionally and I would say that there is a very high chance that this photo is “shopped,” except that this is such a low res example it is tough to really say for sure.
Some things that stand out:
1. Lower right edge of her dress. That dark line is different from what you would expect to see and could be the remnants from something that was in the her original photo (a dark background on original in that area).
At first I thought that it was just the seat support behind her (and it could be up to a point), except that the dark line extends to her foot.
2. Black, or gloved, hand. Simply put, humans have pretty regular conformations and the human forearm is roughly the length of a person’s foot. The forearm in this photo is grotesquely elongated.
Even if she were wearing a sheer-typed glove, her forearm is too long to fit with the hand as it is positioned in this photo.
3. Something that may be hard to explain, but immediately jumped out to me is that if you printed this photo and then took a straight ruler and placed it along the edge of the top side of the white wall in the background you would find that it is straight all of the way across.
If you place the ruler on the lower edge of the white wall you will find that the left side of her dress is raised up slightly and not in line.
It’s just odd.
4. The lighting isn’t quite right on her face, but that would be hard to judge unless you know how the light is getting into the room (windows, glass, &c.?) and if something were blocking it in places.
5. Hair. The hair above her left shoulder appears to “fade” away. Hair does not do that in reality, but it often does it in bad photoshopping. Hair is often a tale-tell sign.
It would be nice to have a higher res version to see better - especially her hair.

RummyChick spots the issue:
holy crap, that is a black man’s hand. Is it possible someone in Obama’s camp put the black hand in there just to mess with the birthers?
Smokeyblue knows what's important:
Dang. I’ve never seen that photo. Odumbo is really, really fat.
svcw has never heard of puberty. Explains a lot.
How does a chubby round faced dark skin kid turn into a lanky light skinned long faced adult?
GOPJ explains that fake photos are pretty Communist:
Communists were big on doctoring photos long before it became easy with home computers. And they made stupid mistakes too - like the kind shown here...
GeorgeWashingtonsGhost wants a Congressional investigation of darkhandgate:
That's Frank Marshall Davis' right hand. He's got his hand clasped due to holding sun glasses. He was probably originally standing approximately where Ann now is, or a bit to the right of that. There is no possible way anyone can successfully argue this is Ann's hand. It's too large and would indeed be lighter in tone even if in a shadow.

This SHOULD trigger a Congressional investigation, but it won't. Some allege Davis was a spy for the Soviet Union, so Barack's grooming could certainly be connected to a much bigger Soviet plot... "More flexible" now takes on a whole new meaning.
GeorgeWashingtonsGhost has uncovered another suspicious photo:
Raise your hand if you think 0bama's head looks way to big here..
CIB-173RDABN knows even obvious hoaxes only show how deep the conspiracy goes!!!
If I had some potentially embarrassing photo from my past and if I thought if the truth got out it could damage me or my career, I do not think I would spend my time trying to get control of them.

I would do the opposite. I would flood the market with embarrassing obvious fakes.

This way if a real photo should surface it can be brushed aside as a fake. True believers and true haters do not care about the truth. It is those in the middle that need to be confused so they give you the benefit of the doubt.

The UN Arms treaty Apocalypse

Support of gun rights is up these days, but Freeper just double down on the paranoia.
Thus, the always super powerful UN's latest treaty will somehow, despite explicetly recognizing the "legitimate international trade and lawful private ownership and use of conventional arms," lead to Obama taking all our guns!!!!!!!!!!.

Neil E. Wright is an expert on the treaty, and scare quotes:
Also included in the registration/tracking under this "treaty" are ALL civilian weapons and ammunition. It MUST be defeated! “Where liberty dwells, there is my country." –Benjamin Franklin Islam Delenda Est! REFUSE. RESIST. Do NOT Submit! ★ FREEDOM! ★
rarestia knows Communism is an Arms Treat away!
If this is ratified and signed by Obama, Communism will be completely wrapped around the throat of America. There's nothing in this treaty that allows for state sovereignty to override it in any way.
History Repeats is ready for the never coming nonexistent fight:
Will this be the straw that breaks the camels back or will most surrender and hang their heads?

I’m choosing to fight. Come and take them you collection of dictators.
rurgan is also prepared to lay his life down for an eventuality that will never some to pass:
Obama will sign this of course.

I’m ready for rebellion.
itssme is super excited to join with the righteous when what won't happen does:
RESIST, RESIST, RESIST. We’re the freedom fighters, and we need to fight this enemy of the people in the White House, like freedom fighters in wars past have done.

rurgan gives the UN a lot of credit:
The UN is the ultimate evil in the world, a den full of marxist vipers so vile they make a multi-headed hydra seem saintly. For you to attribute anything but the ultimate evil motive to this enemy of America and freedom shows you are a democrat
rurgan also doesn't cotton to any of those skeptical of his craziness:
You are for this UN tyranny. You must be a democrat mole.
gbs thinks Muslims and Harrison Ford movies are worthy comparisons:
This would be similar to the jihadist’s, government officials would be on their hunt for the Holy Grail in their eyes!!
Carry_Okie has some trouble with the maths:
Remember: a treaty can be legally ratified by as few as 34 Senators. Harry Reid should be put under a 24/7 watch.
cherokee1 expects it'll be like Occupied Germany:
After WW II during our occupation of Germany our guys made the rounds of virtually all houses looking for weapons. Mama answers the door. GI asks if they have any weapons. Mama first says “oh no, not us.” GI says we want to look around, you know you were supposed to turn them in.? . If we find any we will arrest your husband and prosecute him. Suddenly Mama remembers a Luger that’s buring under the woodpile. Because she lied at first they get to keep NO WEAPONS. Normally they would have been allowed to keep one for home defense.

You wife/girlfriend/roomate will suddenly remember where your lost Glock is. Your case will be turned over to Eric Holder. If you aren’t prepared to meet attempts at confiscation locked and loaded then you are part of the problem.———We’ve seen this rodeo before.
Errant Is calling for impeachment. Again.
If Obama signs this treaty, he will be in violation of his oath to protect and defend Article II of the Constitutional Amendments. Which is, A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

xzins is still a bit butthurt about the ACA decision:
where, after John Roberts' twisting the constitution into his own personal pretzel a few weeks back, is the section that says a judge or lawyer can't make this mean pretty much whatever they want?
dartuser knows the key is to unthinkingly hate the UN no matter what:
almost anything the UN is involved with is idiotic leftist garbage.

I oppose it because its the UN, not because I think there is gun control in it.
I_Publius explains that the authorities have some sort of Gun Detector.
Have you ever had an energy audit done on your home and seen the infrared, handheld scanner they use to show the inside of the walls and roof of your house?? I have and have seen what the consumer scanning tool can do. There’s no hiding anything in the house. They can drive by homes in a van equipped with a scanning device and see everything inside your home, not to mention the technology that we all use. Pretty impossible to hide all the firearms that you guys own...
Travis McGee knows what time it is:
In case of high treason, there would be Rule 308 (+)
Rule 308 is, of course, armed revolution - comes from the .308 bullet.

Has anyone noticed that Free Republic seems even more knee-jerk unthinking lately? I mean, I'm used to seeing shockingly wrongheaded and factually wrong arguments, but these days they don't even seem to be bothering with the argument.

Senate Extends Bush Tax Cuts on all but Ruch.

In a blatantly political move, the Senate passed a law extending the Bush tax cuts, but not for those making over 250K.

This now will die in the Republican-held house, this giving Democrats a "Republicans are holding middle-class tax cuts hostage" political bludgeon, just as planned.

Freepers seem unclear on the concept:

Sub-Driver is smug that this won't pass:
Lot's of luck with the house...............
grumpygresh knows if the Dems passed the bill rich people would crash the economy:
Not smart politics for the Dems. Tax increases on those over 250k will hurt top producers meaning that investment and business expansion/ job creation will plummet.

Much consumer spending will also decline because those asking over 250k account for a large percentage of consumer pending.
The only aspect of the economy that will not be directly affected is lower end consumer spending.
Norm Lenhart doesn't seem to think deductions exist:
I had an uncle who was a lumberjack/truck driver back in the 80s before the EPA and green groups took total control of the logging industry. This ‘rich’ man grossed about 200K a year.

He netted about $30K after all was said and done.

In today’s dollars, he’d be one of Obama’s taxed ‘rich’...until the first tax payment. Then he’d be out of business and paying no tax at all. Expect to see that writ large under the Dems’ cunning plan.
silverleaf knows all growth in America comes from the super rich:
Should read “Democrat Senate passes Tax Increase Plan on Business, Savings and Investment”
I'm not sure what piasa is on about, but he clearly thinks he hows the government nothing. I guess he's some sort of hermit who uses neither roads nor Internet.
What really makes me seethe is President Flustercluck’s oft used lie that failure to tax the snot out of people is a government expenditure. It’s not the $%&^&&(*^ government’s money in the first place.

Lies, lies and more lies, all Orwellian newspeak gobbledegook- it is all this president knows how to do. God knows he can’t do anything productive. It’s no different than saying that it costs a thief money if he is not allowed to pick the pockets of unsuspecting tourists, or it costs a hobo if someone chooses not to buy him a drink.

Freepers still fighting about Romney

Last night I was checking out this thread: "Romney claims many Aurora weapons were illegal.

It got pretty contentious re: is Romney an evil gun-grabber. But then:

Pulled on 07/25/2012 6:03:14 PM PDT by Admin Moderator, reason: Flamewar

Once the election is over, I expect this will boil over again, so that'll be fun.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"You didn't build that" redux.

Without much else to fasten on, and with Romney still kinda off balance re: taxes and Bain, the Right has been really working hard on Obama's speech about how we all work together in America, so no one is solely responsible for their success.
But they've been at this for over a week now, and the quote is getting pretty threadbare, leaving only the old attacks on Obama the Socialist.

Witness Freepers' substanceless schoolyard responses to Obama noting that his 'you didn't build that' has been taken out of context:

EagleUSA doesn't know what 'taking out of context' is, so he takes out a strawman instead.
Twisting words? No, just repeating them.

After all, nobody can create a profitable business and be successful without government (read socialism) “help”.
mortal19440 knows politics is no place for grown-ups:
WAAA, my pussy hurts.
gov_bean_ counter also thinks schoolyard taunts are key:
President Obie needs to replace his campaign bus with a...

wait for it...

gusopol3 prefers to think Obama was taunting Freepers!
“I’m struck by people who think they’re so smart... they work harder....”

There’s the context .. an in-your-face, trash talking taunt.
Gritty knows the important thing is that Obama's tone was super insulting:
The condescending sneer... The tone of his voice and facial expression said volumes

That deserves repeating.

This is meant to appeal to his base; parasites, welfare rats, ignoramuses with puffed up "self-esteem", and union drones doing slow and sloppy work while hiding behind hidebound rules and making far more money than they are worth and who want to pull down the "bosses" and anybody else who ever did an honest days work.

He's stoking the envious, the slothful, and those who think the world (or the government) owes them because they are so special. And if they don't get what they are convinced they're due, they are either going to tear everything down and get it or somehow vote somebody in who will do it for them!

Of course, Obama and the Liberals are those guys.
Wisconsinlady clearly didn't hear the speech:
How can Obama say his words were “taken out of context” when it only got worse once they played the entire speech?
Which part was the worst part, "when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together?" Or was it "We rise or fall together as one nation and as one people?"

JohnD9207 thinks this is a good time to hate on Valerie Jarrett:
She never gets tired. She was taught well by her commie dad. With Valorie you have to ask, what happened to all that cash Obama handed you for that slum rehab that never happened? She is pure evil.
HiTech RedNeck knows the out of context quote is what Obama was secretly thinking, so it's all true:
Barack hasn’t yet come up with a better explanation for what he said. If it was a grammatical gaffe, it was Freudian.
Paradox gets the context, but still doesn't believe in society:
Even taken at un-face value, that is, taking “what he meant”, it is STILL dead wrong, it STILL shows his disdain for real achievers. It is still a LIE, because he makes it sounds as if Business makers don’t pay for roads and infrastructure, when the truth is, THEY PAY FOR MOST of it, in wages and taxes. This was Obama’s Freudian Slip, down he shall go...
See, between taxes and wages, business owner totally pay their way, which makes them basically independant!

varmintman knows nothing is out of context in hyperbole-land!
This was arguably the stupidest statement ever uttered by a North American politician since the Spanish discovered America. Nobody needs to twist this one.
<1/1,000,000th% draws the obvious conclusion:
Obama has no idea what he read. He’s on drugs all the time.
Also, he's got AIDS from the gaynes, right?

Kanzan feels refreshed that the Right at last has some old, tired red meat to endlessly chew over for the next month:
I’m really getting to enjoy Romney and the “context is worse than the quote” is so refreshing, and amusing and true.

The NIH shot those people in Aurora.

The upcoming election, the Aurora shooting and the summer months have made Free Republic a prime medium on which almost any conspiracy theory can grow to maximum crazy.

This is particularly evident when Freepers noted that James Holmes got a $26,000 competitive merit-based federal grant to go to school in neuroscience.

Now the NIH is clearly in on this shooting. And that's the sanest thing on the thread

truth_seeker explains scholarships are responsible for this murder:
Here is the type of help Obama's dogooder government is providing to America.

Holmes didn't do it on his own; he got help from Obama's fedgov.
E. Pluribus Unum thinks postgrad fellowships are welfare and provided by Obama himelf!

Don't leave home without them.
RandallFlagg uses the now standard Freeper maneuver of using Fast and the Furious to bootstrap other conspiracy theories into belief.
Taxpayers funded Fast and furious that got a bunch of people murdered.

Taxpayers funded this psycho that murdered some more.

Tell me how this is any different!
nascarnation explains that Grad School is the money train:
He was collecting unemployment too according to Drudge.

Probably a 99er from when he worked at McDonalds after graduating from college.

Grad students can also borrow $21,500 per year in student loans.

FReepers who couldn’t understand how this guy could purchase a $15,000 arsenal didn’t know the numbers.
Gritty knows NIH grants are taxpayer money, so the shooting was basically done in his name:
Well, now we know where he got all the money to buy thousands of Dollars worth of good weapons, ammo, protective gear, and bomb making equipment.

He got it from us.
Tzimisce knows what sort of people get merit based neurological scholarships - America haters!
2k bucks a month from the government.

Think about that while you’re job hunting. :)

Now go pay your taxes, the freaks that hate you need the money. :P
True Republican Patriot is pretty sure Eric Holder at DOJ got the NIH to fund the shooter 'cause Holder loves domestic terrorists:
Actually, he probably got it for FREE once Eric Holder knew he would use it for a Terror Attack against America! and fit in nicely with the prime mission of “FAST AND FURIOUS!”

That Mission, to destroy America’s Second Amendment thru Public Deception and Outcry over Setup Atrocities with “FAST and FURIOUS” supplied Firearms!
True Republican Patriot...seems to have gone away from us now.
Everything Obama HUSSEIN does is calculated to destroy the Moral and Fiscal Fiber of Our AMERICA!
hoosiermama wonders if there's a Rahm Emmanuel connection:
IIrC Rahm E’s brother got an appointment with the NIH. WOnder if he is connected?
EEGator turns up another weak, weak connection. No stone left unturned!!!
He’s a Va Tech grad. Same as that mass murdering Korean student.
Rona_Badger has discovered the Federal Government is funding basic research!!!!!!!!
Wow, look at all of the grants available just under a search of neuroscience:
Sirius Lee is to hip for this crap - hes still digging 1980s conspiracies you've probably never heard of:
I'm more inclined to think that - given the CIA's Monarch and The Finders programs, Holmes' own involvement with a DARPA project, the government's warning a few weeks ago about an attack on a movie theater, a drill that was being held a few miles away in Colorado in which the scenario was a gunman entering a theater and shooting it up, the pending U.N. small arms treaty, and the judge's sealing and concealing of the facts of the case - that he was a drugged up patsy in a false flag event.

Lada Gaga is Tricking Kids into being Gay

In the words of Anon, Turn it up! Bring the lulz! Anon delivers.

There's a strong undercurrent in Freeper homophobia that heterosexuality is fragile, and easily seduced away by wily gays.

Or even wily heterosexual pop singers

scottjewell cites Freud to prove most people are bisexual, until trained out of it:
Growing up I listened to Queen and the Eurythmics. At no point in time did it ever make me desire man butt.

Well, you are constituted strongly in the heterosexual direction.

But I believe Freud was right when he said a significant number of people have a bisexual psychological constitution, and it is only society and mores which enable them to mature into marriage and childbearing and raising.

If Freud was correct - and I believe he was - then someone like Lady Gaga, as well as the entire rainbow movement, are definitely muddying the waters for people who may have matured past the bisexual moment, had the social fabric guied them to do so.
rawcatslyentist posits that Lady Gaga is secretly a man, and has some fun with lyrics:
Wait till "she" comes out as he.
They can't reproduce, so they recruit! Poke her face with a lady gagger? How much more blatant does it have to get?
Impala64ssa knows being pro-gay means you almost certainly abuse kids:
why do I get this creepy feeling that Lady Caca’s born This Way foundation is just another sex abuse scandal waiting to happen?
chris37 porbably said this about Elvis and his hips too:
Lady Gaga is the poison that our sick society spews.
IbJensen knows the main thing is wedging in insults against Obama:
I’ve only had the occasional glimpse of the nut case who refers to her self as GA-GA, which means, I believe certifiably nuts.

Now, why would anyone pay money to see a crazy person when they can watch the antics of the speechifying Barack? His el Duce facial mannerisms and his frenetic marching back and forth across the platform as he attempts to read his tele prompter is just funny as hell.

Too bad the POS is the illegal president of the USA.
Sun points out that children of gay couples are gay about half the time!
Adoption is another way to recruit. Here are the results when same-sex couples adopt: “58 percent of the children of lesbians called themselves gay, and 33 percent of the children of gay men called themselves gay.” snip http://www.aolnews.com/2010/10/17/study-gay-parents-more-likely-to-have-gay-kids
The link goes to a Family Research Counsel study, so you know it's legit.

The thread is also full of savagesusie's usual crazy, if that's your thing.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Obama Is Evil

Anon found this awesomely contentless thread.
The poster, in the main text, posts a pure stream of Freeper shibboleths such as "As I look upon the abundance of the heart of Obama, I see the unholy trinity of hate, lies and death. Obama serves this rancid spirit through a triune filter of an Islamo-Marxist-Chicago Gangster."

Freeper replies to this thin gruel form a circle jerk full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing.

Mark17 knows Obama isn't just evil - he's Super Evil!
Obama Is Evil

The understatement of the year.
chris37 goes even further:
He’s the Devil.

The Devil.
353FMG knows who else is evil - half the population!
And so are those who plan to vote for him for the second time.
Thread originator Armaggedon explains Marxists have no God:
In essence Marxists believe doing evil in order to obtain their concept of good is ok. In other words a Marxist’s ends justifies his means. In a Marxists world there is no god outside his own human nature. The Marxist acts as god.
jespasinthru really hates human progress:
If you study human history from the beginning of civilization, you will notice that evil almost always triumphs over good. If America survives the nightmare of Obamanation, then we will be the exception. But then again, we always were.
Give me that old time Mesopotamian religion!

bicyclerepair is so depressed by Obama he's going all socialist.
As another FReeper posted, we are drinking swamp water. I’m so broke it’s not funny. Got laid off in 09 and can’t find a job if my life depended on it. Thank God for family.

Been in school full-time since. Thanks to the U.S. Taxpayers. May as well learn something right?

Don’t let your kids grow up to be college student............

via Doctor_TeethMD

A Zogby poll finds that Obama leads by 8 points with college educated people.

Freepers dive into anti-intellectualism in a particularly typo and misspelling-ridden thread:

depressed in 06 knows politics are the true test of intellect:
Survey sez: dumbest people going to college,
basil provides us with the title of this piece:
Don’t let your kids grow up to be college student............
ellipsis abuse plus pluralism fail plus hating college plus country song all in 10 words!

Wuli noticed that most pollsters are also college students...
Lucky9teen agrees - his own surveys find differently:
Last time I checked, quite the opposite was true. Most “middle income” voters I know, DESPISE Obama, with every fiber of their being.

Stupid polls....they are either TOTALLY biased or.....totally biased.....but I digress
E. Pluribus Unum knows why college educated really support Obama:
That's because they think they won't be among the 6.5 billion peasants UN Agenda 21 wants to "disappear."

Have they got a surprise coming.
You know it's deep in the tin foil when the guy thinks that everyone knows of the conspiracy, but still keep it quiet.

Carry_Okie uses big words to show she's super smart. Her clarity may be a giveaway, though:
They believe their education constitutes entitlement to rule, and in ruling, a way to power and safety. They identify with expressions of autocracy, As middle class, they will be taxed into oblivion, to exist without work in a state of feeling wronged. They root, "gimme pigs for Zero," not realizing that they are destined to despair, in death "below the line." Thus, the are the ultimately useful idiots, cheering for the cause of their own demise.
Conservative Vermont Vet went to grad school, but don't worry he totally hated it:
That's because they have spent more time in the hallowed halls of academia and thus have been more brainwashed/indoctrinated by mostly, far left, Moonbat, Profs...many of which are products of the 60's/70's and in turn, taught today's liberal educators.

As someone who has an MBA, I speak from experience, though I got my undergrad degree in 1980 and it was a tough slog even then, trying to balance my speaking out and even arguing with so many of those glittering jewels of ignorance and educated idiots who knew 0 about the real world and getting decent grades.
FlingWingFlyer tries to make this a class thing:
It sounds like "the rich" are breaking for Barry. Whodda thunk he'd ever get the 1% voting block.
College education equals 1%? illinifan explains why super rich college boys love Obama:
Perhaps they think The One will save them from the violence from the 99% - additional taxes would be a small price to pay.
Ann Archy also turns on the 1%:
Does “harder for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven than a camel thru the eye of a needle” RING A BELL???? geesh....just becuse you are rich doesn;t mean you ahve MORALS......maybe just the OPPOSITE!!
But...wealth creators?!

dsrtsage knows it's only stupid liberal arts degrees, really:
They say college educated, but not in what. I would guess that college educated in engineering and hard sciences is highly against Emperor Nero Narcissus, but those are the minority of college graduates. I would guess that anybody who got a degree in something that either has the word “Studies”, or “Science” in the title is 100%, which is a much larger number, and skews the statistics.
He'll be surprised to hear about the politics of scientists. OldMissileer also thinks liberal art is useless:
I watch liberals run around yelling to people how smart they, the liberals, are yet when you ask them what degrees they hold it is almost exclusively some garbage arts degree. They also get quite upset when you point this out to them.
ballplayer knows a real education requires getting shot at:
Tens of thousands of dollars to produce Morons,what a Waste of time and Money,they should all be drafted on graduation day to serve in Afghanistan,let them get a taste of real service to their country,bunch of stupid idiots .

Freepers not fans of Barbarab Bush

This one has been a long time coming, after a suggestion by Anonymous.

Barbara Bush says Bill Clinton is “a good fellow” who is “very thoughtful about calling,” ans that she thinks of Clinton as a son.

Freepers have been known to reject people for insufficient hate against their enemies, but actually making friends with the hated Clinton? Well, that'll get you a 10 minutes of hate yourself, lady!

Bryanw92 knows it's all about the New World Order.
To them, the NWO is more important than the USA.
tanknetter wonders if this is to get Jeb the VP.
It’s almost like she’s trying to get ahead of the curve on something (aka political inoculation). Against a guy who is a HUGE fundraising and GOTV producer for the Democrats.

Mittens still hasn’t settle on a VP yet? Or has he?
JayAr36 knows Bushes aren't Freepers, so they're all liberals.
My respect for the Bushs'decreases daily. They are so close to being Liberals that it impossible to distinguish a difference.
Cowgirl of Justice fires up the biblical hyperbole!
Evil. Pure, horrifying evil.

Where are the true heroes who can and will fight this?
Any ideas on if MinuteGal here is making sense, or just wanted to make a Treyvonn reference real bad?
If Barbara Bush had another daughter-in-law she'd look like Monica Lewinski.
laweeks still hates Clinton!
She sure has a lot of nice things to say about a rapist, sexual predator, liar, perjurer, traitor, and draft dodger. Maybe she’s just getting old and feeble minded.

I wouldn’t cross the street to see that disgusting pig. And she praises him. Yeegoddddds!
Starboard knows Sarah Palin is the only person worth of praise:
“She praises Clinton and denigrates Sarah Palin.”

Your post says it all. Clinton, with all his faults, is still one of them. A member of the club, if you will. Sarah is seen as an upstart “outsider” from middle America who would disrupt the statist model built by the elitists. Her values are perceived by the elitists as “quaint”. Bill is loved; Sarah is feared.
nerdgirl knows the evillest enemy is always the one up for election right now
Obama has done something I never imagined possible 15 years ago; make Bill Clinton seem like a great guy! I say this honestly too, as by comparison to Obama, Clinton is just about all good.
Lazamataz knows if Barbara Bush likes Bill Clinton, worldwide death is sure to follow:
You hear stuff like this, and you just KNOW that the day will come when the population will be thinned, for the benefit of the elite.
Godwin1 has not much except bile to offer:
A baby killing old golden spoon hag. Wife and mother to pathetic losers. Who cares what she thinks about anything?
IbJensen also sticks with pure insults:
The Alzeimer years are much happier when both husband and wife share.

Why GHWB could have been Clinton’s father. Somebody had to be otherwise Billy Goat’s mother is a -——!
able to reproduce through binary fission?

Freepers versus the electric company

Anon found this one.  Nicely done!

Texas lady pulled a gun on a meter reader. In response, Freepers's dislike of government turns into a violent, conspiratorial hatred for meter readers that is as surprising as it is hilarious:

Rennes Templar knows this is why the Founders added the Second Amendment:
The Second Amendment in action.
precisionshootist cannot overstate how awesome threatening a utility guys is:
Good for her. Good for US. Good for America. This woman is a TRUE PATRIOT!
Aleya2Fairlie knows what's coming:
Good for her! These new meters are just the groundwork for the “smart grid” that will ration how much electricity you will be allowed to have.
BobL specifies that when it comes to smart meters, believe everything you read on the Internet, and everything you imagine too:
There are PLENTY of articles on [smart meters]. Some are very frightening...nearly all are true, and what these meters can do is even beyond what most people can imagine.
I wonder what cornelis thinks of Citizens United, given his hardline stance on personhood excludes even utility employees from status as persons:
Utilities and their emissaries have no respect for persons.
RobbyS thinks this was some kind of awesome duel:
Reminding us that when legal action is not practical, then there is another means. Until about 1820, a person was allowed by law to challenge another person to a duel in order to settle a dispute. A trial or other legal action is basically a duel with words.
CodeToad equates reading your meter with Nazi death camp guards:
I have a problem with a companies whose job it is to spy on and control someone’s electricity usage, just like I have the same level of hatred for Nazi death camp guards just doing their jobs. Same level of tyranny as they both lead to control and the ultimate death of those controlled.

The Romney Landslide

Freepers, at least those who don't think Satan has fixed the election for Obama, are ridiculously optimistic about how the election will go:

103198 wishes he'd gotten into the chicken counting business way earlier than this:
A month and a half ago I told my wife and a small gathering of friends that my x+1 choice for Republican candidate will win in a blowout. I made the mistake of not posting it here. I stand by that prediction today.
I'd like to see radpolis's map.
I have my map say 336-202 in favor of Romney.

And I don’t consider myself a self-deluded wishful thinker.

I wish it could be an even bigger blow out if there was some way Chris Christie could get a win for Romney in New Jersey.

But that is where I cross the line from possible into the realm of the absurd.
nathanbedford is feeling Reaganish.
I think this latter scenario will be the one that actually plays out but is that belief more than just a hunch? I think this will be a wave election much like Ronald Reagan's victory in 1980 but I want to be wary of mere wishful thinking. I am not usually a Pollyanna in these matters, I believe that if the Republicans can win this one it will only be a one time aberration from the demographic norm caused by Obama's ham-fisted overreach.
SatinDoll knows they key to Romney's victory is Palin 2 - Electric Clusterfuck!
Do you honestly believe Romney can win in a blowout WITHOUT a Conservative of Tea Party VP sharing the ticket?
Rockingham thinks it's the economy stupid:
I think that Romney is poised to win by a surprisingly substantial margin. The economy is weak and tilting back into recession, with virtually all the economic indicators of political consequence now against Obama.
newnhdad predicts Obama loses everything:
I’ve written this before but it bears repeating. Obama will lose all the states he flipped in 2008. The states he wins, will be by a much smaller margin the states he loses will be a blow-out.

Obama will suffer the largest percentage popular vote loss since the Duke back in 1988 but maintain a higher percentage of the EC vote than the popular vote indicates.
Forward the Light Brigade hits on the appropriately crazy response.
My prediction: Obama will not run. Some reason will stop him and Hillary will take his place “reluctantly”.
Man, the trauma should Obama win will be EPIC.

and the smugness should he lose will be infuriating.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The real tragedy in Aurora

The right are pretty exited about a minor detail about the coverage of the Aurora shooting, where ABC News' Brian Ross, in the midst of trying to scoop the other networks, said this: "There's a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea party site, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year. Now, we don't know if this is the same Jim Holmes, but it's Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado."

It wasn't the right Jim Holmes. ABC retracted and apologized.

Freepers are quick to assume that this reflects not the silly competition to get the scoop seconds before the other guys, but an insidious attempt by the media to paint the Tea Party as violent, when really it is the Occupy guys who are the violent ones!

submarinerswife expects people will think this guy's a Tea Party type from now on:
ABC was pretty quick to get the accusation out there, weren’t they? Once it’s out, they can’t take it back. Now it’s another “Tea Party crack pot” to blame for a murder rampage or bomb plot.
Iron Munro agrees - the damage has been done!
"Never let a crisis go to waste"

1 - Get your narative out early. Fill the information vacuum before the true facts are known.

2 - Apologize later - people will still remember your version.
Da Coyote knows this is a good time to unleash a torrent of anal metaphors:
Shove it up your smelly collective Obamas, ABC, and George S-boy.

You’ll meet yourselves there after the shoving.

Oh, apology NOT accepted.
soycd knows nonstop political lawsuits are the best way to get at the truth:
Sue ABC. Expose the networks agenda and sue them again.
mass55th wonders why TV networks don't act like magazines did 20 years ago.
Yeah, they don't even bother to verify anything anymore. I remember when the Lewinsky story broke, and Drudge ran with the story that Newsweek spiked. Newsweek said the reason they didn't publish the story was because they needed two reliable sources to verify it before they'd report it. I guess that only applies when it's a sleaze-ball Democrap who is the perp.
Terry Mross knows it's not hypocrisy if the other side is evil:
If he is a registered democrat this needs to be constantly mentioned. Too bad even Fox won’t mention it.
Twinkie uses this mistake to prove that liberals are the real shooters, usually:
These “journalists” suspect to begin with that these shooters are generally, registered Democrats, Obama voters, Occupy participants, and Al Gore followers; so they are forced to GET THE LIE OUT THERE right off the bat, so the “Tea Party/Sarah Palin” are blamed immediately. They know what they’re doing by getting the lie around the world before the truth has a chance to even get its pants on.
xuberalles laments the media doesn't have more stories about how unabashedly awesome guns are.
The real tragedy in this endless debate is that the media never reports how times firearms save lives, feed families, foil crimes, and guard freedom around the globe. I could not imagine lying awake at night, knowing my family was at the mercy of some deranged intruder while I was powerless to protect them. I’m an American, a patriot, a law abiding citizen, and there’s a reason why I keep a Glock 20/10mm beside my bed at night: I refuse to be a statistic.
Republic Rocker thinks this time will be different:
This will be different... this should go BIG TIME out into the media world..... This is blatant partisan hope to pin a tactical wound against half the nation... that the conservative side during an election season. George should NEVER be allowed to panel or host a debate... NEVER! He is tarred! Put this guy out there a LATINO HISPANIC TEA PARTY member...! This is the DNC’s worst nightmare!
CountryClassSF knows this happens every single time, when the real villains are the Occupy people, everytime!
This stuff has now gone beyond just a liberal media bias. Every single time something like this happens, the left-wing media fish and hunt for any shred of “evidence” that can link conservatives or tea partiers to any crime whatsoever.

Despite the fact that unlike Occupy, Tea party rallies, cleans up and goes home like regular Americans. All these facts don’t matter.
That "Tea Party clean up after themselves" thing sure is strong.

danielmryan also is pissed the media doesn't assume shooters are liberal:
The Left has shown, again and again, that they have a taste for violence - and yet, they're forgiven. The MSM crew has absolutely no fear of them, regardless of how violent they really are.

But the Tea Party? Regardless of how violent it isn't - heck, they even clean up after themselves when protesting - the MSM and liberals show a clear pattern of fear. A calm and rational non-conservative would write off the spirited rhetoric as people just sounding off, given that the strong words do not lead to any violent incidents.