Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taxes are Unconstitutiona, Evil and Communist

Freepers: not fans of taxes.

YankeeReb: taxes are Marxist.

Not socialism light but Marxism pure and simple. Wasn’t a “progressive income tax” one of Karl Marx’s stated goals along with an estate tax to basically abolish “inherited wealth”. We became an economic power without an income tax or corporate tax. Since 1913 the biggest growth has been in the size of all levels of government.

Myrddin: Taxes are Slavery.
The 16th [Amendment] has been abused to the point where we have become slaves to the government. The 16th was ill conceived. There is no limit on how much tax can be imposed, nor does it comply with the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. It is wrong to lay unequal burdens upon citizens. It is wrong to memorialize a disincentive to success in the Constitution. A progressive tax is a disincentive to succeed.
tisket: Taxes are unnecessary.
It did ok for 136 years without an income tax. Money was usually raised through Bond Issues, where it was put to a vote. This however, was not a certain way of getting cash for all their tyrannical schemes fast enough, so in 1912 - wham! - the income tax - pay up bud!
citizenredstater9271: taxes are a mind control plot:

Fake conservatives aren’t going to come out in favor of taxation. They realize how evil it is but still think it’s okay for the gov. to take our money b/c of brainwashing.

dragnet2: Taxes are rape.

Did you know the federal and state governments just pull their tax schemes and regulations out of thin air?

Why is it Americans are gang raped to pay billions in income tax for border security, while our borders resemble a lawless Boston marathon of millions?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Fascism and ugliness of Elane Kagan

Freepers see the Kagan hearings cause FOX is showing them. They react as one might expect, despite their lack of ammunition:

Red Steel sees the conservatives' thesis as a bit stronger than it is:
Senator Jeff Sessions statements about Kagan showed her as she really is a totalitarian.

Elena Kagan isn’t qualified to clerk for Harriet Miers. She is proof that Obamao hates America.

At last! Proof!

Dinah Lord sees the subtext:

Is it my imagination or is Kagan staring daggers at Scott Brown’s back?

Kagan followed the events in Massachusetts very carefully:

Recovering Ex-hippie must have been the worst hippie ever:


Can’ t the dems get any attractive women..First the Latina, now this boring sycophant! Listening to her just makes me want to throw up.

meyer hates all the news FOX News keeps putting on:

I wish they’d get this commie bimbo off my TV and put Cavuto on. WTH is it with Fox showing all this crap all the time? They interrupt Beck with Obama all the time and now they’re showing this crap in place of Cavuto?

Tuesday Potpurri

ExTexasRedhead on Obama's constant lying to Arazona's governor.

Ask Arizona Governor Jan Brewer about Zero’s lying. He lies to her repeatedly.

repeated lying, and I thought they barely talked!

autumnraine is frightened by the violent left:

It’s frightening to me how many hatefilled and potentially violent comments are made on news articles by liberals regarding Tea Party members.

It reminds me at how the Germans could let the jews be marched by them so readily. Sure, they didn’t *know* the jews were going to be exterminated, but wrong nonetheless.

DCBryan1's comment is therefore made hilarious:
I just read Stephen’s dissent. The guy is an out and out gun bigot. A communist. A statist. Methinks Stephens and Breyer need to have a “Romanian term limit” imposed upon them.
I still care on how Obama has kept racism alive by being so socialist:
Wright doesn’t have to worry. Obama has made sure racism will be around for a hundred years.

If he had governed logically, from the center, it could have been the death knell of racism and people like Wright. But there are lots of people out their that will remember Obama with a shudder and never, ever, vote for a black man again.

Bratch quotes a website with the best internet conspiracy theory I've seen thusfar:

Larry Sinclair, Reggie Jones, Kal Penn, Donald Young, nameless men at Man’s Country. You name it.

Who’s pushing the Baker business now, and why? Is there a himbo eruption coming for the White House, so they want to preemptively start rumors the current president is such a stud he’s bedding down a woman like Baker?

Could this have anything to do with the fact that, surreally, even people like Maureen Dowd have been hinting at a sexual relationship between Obama and his “basketball buddy” and “body man” Reggie Love…or is it linked to Kal Penn’s firing?

Is Penn threatening to talk?

Was he really robbed at gunpoint coincidentally in Dupont Circle, or was someone sending Penn a message not to talk about what went on with Obama?

It wouldn’t be the first time a man romantically linked to this president found himself in front of the business end of the gun.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Kumar is butt-sexing with Obama? Awesome!

kindred on what sorts of people see the conspiracies:

Chess players and other thinkers and discerners who use thier God given mind and eyes and ears can see a definite pattern here, they can connect the dots the liberals never see.

Nepeta commands pettiness:
Obama is incapable of handling anything other than worship of his being. This is one of the most instructive events to come out of Obama's regime so far--he has handed out the key to his own destruction: ridicule. Obama cannot handle ridicule. Crises don't deserve his attention, but ridicule has his instant focus.

Ridicule needs to be heaped on Obama. Withering, constant ridicule targeting all his frailties. He will not handle it, and better, he will be less able to carry on with abuses.
devolve executes the pettiness plan:

Pics with the dog

Dog is in charge

You can see why Obama only played 2nd string HS basketball

Obama poses and moves like a San Francisco freak or transformer at a gay parade

CaliforniaCon thinks the military is all gay ALREADY!

RE: “I live close to Ft Hood in Killeen, Tx and surprised how many of the Army enlisted and officers are Obama supporters.”


Given the, ahem, ‘makeup’ of the military these days, this does NOT shock me one bit.

montag813 hates the troops:
Petraeus should just resign. Let Obama name some lesbian “general” to the job instead, if the ROE aren’t going to change.
RipSawyer has a cool story:

This morning after I finished my weight lifting routine I went to the locker room to change clothes and was treated to the spectacle of a man nearly ninety who is getting frantic worrying about losing his retirement income and or his medical care. Two years ago he was proclaiming that the only reason anyone wouldn’t vote for Obama was racism! Now he has nothing positive to say for him and swears that he DID NOT vote for him! I am sorry to say that I indulged myself by saying, “I told you so”.

The most pathetic part was when he told us that he has a son who has spent almost thirty years in the military and his son says that he cannot see how the nation can survive if Obama is reelected.

A 90 year old Obama voter at the gym, terrified about Obamacare alluva sudden? Clearly true! The way you can tell is how the author admitted weakness with the "I told you so." Bona Fide!

2ndDivisionVet has another awesome story the truth bound media won't tell you:

I live half a mile from the Gulf. My wife knows people that are being paid $100 a day to sit on their butts as no clean-up work is being done.

Monday, June 28, 2010

dancing on Robert Byrd's grave

You know the drill. Lots of "Pray for his soul," lots of smug "no comment" or "self-censored" attempts at wit. But Byrd as a person quickly fades, and each Freeper uses his death to go off on their own pet obsessions:

Byrd's death reminds DoughtyOne of how Conservatives are such victims:

The guy was a KKK leader. None the less he served the longest term in the history of the United States Senate.

And he served as a Democrat.

No, I won’t be allowing this POS to drift off into some dream state as Democrats will be want to do.

This man could not have served as a Republican in the Senate of the United States. The Democrats would have torn him to shreds.

Everyone is a racist, but a Democrat. That’s what they have been pounding into our brains in the 59 years I have been alive.

So no, I won’t be letting this racist prick off the hook.

If you’ve served as a leader in the KKK, you’re done. That’s something I don’t give second chances to get right.

Read about his record. He can go straight to hell, and not pass Go or collect his $200 dollars.

rdb3 agrees, and has this topsy-turvy idea of history:
Now contrast that with the Late Sen. Strom Thurmond, at his funeral even some of his closest Senate Colleagues would not attend because of his so called past and he was treated disrespectfully. Yet from all accounts he gave a lot of Blacks starts on his staff and helped a lot them along in their political and/or government careers.

Thurmond did change, beginning in the '60s. We have no clue about Byrd.

You mean clues like how Byrd apologized again and again and actually voted for civil rights legislation, stuff which Thurmond didn't actually do?

Arthur McGowan just hates Byrd for being Democrats, Byrd included:
It is not healthy for the country as a whole to participate in the pretense that those who have murdered millions of babies, raided the Treasury of billions of dollars, and made life more miserable for tens of millions of Americans, while shredding the Constitution, are members of the body politic. They are alien combatants against the American people and the Constitution.

He was all of those evil things, and a gasbag extraordinaire.

RushLake is angry about the troops, and therefor Byrd, or something.
Too many American Warriors unnecessarily have fallen on Byrd's watch. Everyday lately we get the news of more of those warriors falling in Afghanistan in large part because of the ROEs that dictate that they can't bring full force against suspected terrorist filth. Those ROEs exist at the behest of the CIC Maobama who had the full support of Robert C. Byrd and the rest of the human refuse that is the democrat party. Maobamacare, tax increases, decreases in our Constitutional Rights and on and on are all in place or are strongly contemplated by the democrat party of Robert C. Byrd and Akbar Hussein Maobama.

I hope the evil old bastard rots in hell.
Byrd, of course, was against the war in Iraq. Not that the irony would matter to RushLake.

Speaking if irony (sort of), StopObama2012 would like to remind us Obama is a racist:

It’s ironic. Byrd hated blacks, Omoslem hates whites.

The more Democrats change, the more they stay the same.

Arthur Wildfire! March has an interesting idea of unrepentant

So, he kicked the old sheet-covered bucket. Now he’s in God’s hands. I frankly can’t feel much empathy for an unrepentant terrorist. So, what is the political consequence here?

Sigh. HE DID REPENT! Not that facts matter here.

WaterBoard offers some evidence of Byrd's racism:

Yes. Let the members of his old KKK group morn his loss in private. I am sure that Sen Byrd will be conforted in the fact that he was covered one last time in a white sheet at the hospital.

Sen. Robert Byrd was nothing more than a racist protected by the DNC.

1) Byrd is the only Senator to have voted against the nominations of both Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas to the United States Supreme Court, the only two African-Americans to have been nominated to the court.

2) Mr. Byrd allied himself with Richard B. Russell, the powerful Democratic senator from Georgia and architect of the filibuster against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He joined Southern Democrats in opposition to the landmark legislation, which outlawed racial segregation in schools, public places and employment. Relying on licorice pellets and sips of milk for energy, Mr. Byrd filibustered for more than 14 hours in an effort to bury the legislation.

“Men are not created equal today, and they were not created equal in 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was written,” Mr. Byrd proclaimed during the filibuster. “Men and races of men differ in appearance, ways, physical power, mental capacity, creativity and vision.”

Voting for the Civil Rights Act of 1968, and later President Obama are also evidence of his racism. no doubt.

Candor7 just wishes everyone he disagrees with would die:
Interesting how the big gun Dems like Kennedy and Byrd are falling in tandem. They have caused tremendous suffering in some individuals and areas of the nation.I would be disingenuous if I said I did not hope the trend continues.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oil conspiracy.

Obama's secret plan to become unpopular and destroy Louisiana!

There was an oil worker on local media saying BP should of never put out the original fire.

It should of been allowed to burn off whatever oil was coming up. He said this was industry protocol and didn't understand why BP changed it. I have reason to believe that's where the FedGov stepped in.

“The Perfect Storm” sequence of events:

1. March 30, 2010, Obama announces he supports off-shore drilling.
2. April 5, 2010, Coal mine explodes in Virginia.
3. April 19, 2010 is Earth Day.
4. April 20, 2010, Deepwater rig is sabotaged & explodes.
5. Gov’t willful negligence resulting in maximum environmental & economic damage, with the intended result (See 7)
6. Gov’t “shakes down” & imposes strict controls over all oil companies, including massive drilling moratoriums.
7. Citizens rebel against “big oil”.
8. Capitalizing on anger of citizens (carefully fashioned by the Gov’t to be solely against BP and not the MMS or environmentalists) Gov’t-run “Clean energy” agenda advances and replaces private company, capitalist-driven supply of American’s traditional energy.
9. In addition to Gov’t control of Banks, Auto Industry, Wall Street, Internet, Health Care.. Now add Energy to the list.
10. Too many perfect storms.. We’ve been had.


Your current Pres__dent doesn’t not work for you.

It might be Soros that he works for, or Maurice Strong, but he sure as hell doesn’t work FOR the American people he is sworn to protect.

I feel like I’m stuck in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. I want to stand still, and point to Liberals, and scream, so everyone will be warned. ;-)

Pilgrim's Progress

And I bet they [the helpers] are all mooslem countries.

Of course, that does make sense in a rational sort of way.

They can use the towels on the head to soak up all the oil.

Get ready for $7.00 per gal gas.
he has NO INTENTION of fixing it. The worse it gets, the more he can bear down on BP, chase oil drilling from our shores, perhaps bankrupt/ nationalize BP. God only knows what O has in mind, but it is NOT to fix this problem.

He acts dumb, and he is an idiot, but he also has an agenda.

Saturday Pix

Friday, June 25, 2010

We as a society, have so lost our way.

When Miley Cyrus has pics of her without underwear on the noted homosexual Perez Hilton's twitter, it's goodbye sweet America! Well, its more hate on both sides:

gaijin on how Perez is like all gay men:

Why is it with fags things eventually turn into underage sex of some kind?

Albion Wilde blames Miley's father:
Seeing that her father wears his hair like a girl, she's having some confusion about what it means to become a lady.
Real Men have short hair and conform!

lady lawyer has had the scales fall from her eyes:
I blew a lot of money taking my grandkids to see a Miley Cyrus concert a couple of years ago. I thought she was a decent performer, and an acceptable role model. Now, it turns out she is just a stupid little skank. She poses all pouty, trying to look sultry and edgy. She just looks stupid and pathetic.
Those tween pop-tarts? Kinda slutty. Who knew?

Celerity on the gay side:

Nothing will come of this. Perez likes putting his penis in other boy’s anuses. That means he is more enlightened than all of us.

It is his social responsibility to put his penis in as many boys’ anuses as time allows. And it is socially irresponsible for anyone to interfere or object.

In court, it will be found that to object to his publishing of child porn is wrong, his child-porn is right, and he is hero for gifting the world with his published photo of Miley Cyrus’ 17 year old vagina. Also, it is fair to showcase him and his struggle to expose the 17 year old vagina by allowing him to also flaunt that he enjoys putting his penis in the anuses of boys.

Celerity's victimization complex is so strong it has bent his reality into ludicrous space!


Someone writes about the possibilities of a coup. Freepers, who want a coup for them but secretly want a coup against them (thus proving their paranoia correct), just start fantasizing.


Obama only barely had legitimacy in the eyes of the American public when he took office, and what perceived worthiness he had to "rule" has slid downhill ever since. The Emperor definitely has no clothes, and even the Dems see it, though most are too horrified to talk about it.


Just announce that because of the economic crisis and national debt, all government welfare programs would be cut.

Then sit back and watch the cities start to burn.
vanilla swirl
1. Collapse power grid nationwide using placed operatives
2. Martial law declaration to protect people and property from threat, restrict freedom and movement
3. Grab control of media outlets in order to stop rumors and spread of fear (and silence opposition)
4. Remove political opposition in the ensuing chaos and media blackout”

1. So many possibilities there, the Chinese have already penetrated the networks. I had an interesting discussion over the weekend with a retired power plant worker. He said that a few years ago the plants were automated with computer systems taking out human decision making. The people who know how to run the plants without the computer systems are gone now. That’s not even considering an EMP attack (read One Second After for a scenario) or even a 1859 Carrington event (Google it).
3. The laws are in place now to implement that (partly tanks to Bush).

Jim Noble

The universal franchise is the problem. The military is one of the possible solutions (though quite an unlikely one, IMO).

Nobody who understands jacksh*t respects the voter - and they are perfectly right.
A coup in October in order to hold on to power would be widely perceived as a bad mistake. Support would be lacking.
A coup in late November to recover from Dem election losses would be widely seen as a move of desperation. Support would be lacking. But a coup in September? Because of the collapse of the US banking system? Because of the failure of the Euro and the skyrocketing cost of gold? Well, yeah, perhaps emergency powers would be a good idea! Hell, yeah -- Obama to the rescue!!!!

On topic, I wrongly predicted the coup to take place around July 23, 2009. That was 6 months plus a day or two from inauguration and was about as long as I thought the Messiah would be tolerated. Perhaps I got the year wrong. Maybe 2010?

The coup will be action by the Praetorians. Like Caligula, the Messiah will be terminated and a Claudius inserted in his place. The nation will cheer.

"But then who ever thought it would be possible . . . "

. . . that Bush would hand him the torch.

. . . that all of congress knew but remained silent, giving their consent.

. . . that the Supreme Court would turn their backs and ignore the pleas of the people.

Yes, who would have ever thought.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Why did he lsay those things? Obama's fault, no doubt:


I hope he becomes a political consultant on Fox and tells the truth.

Sounds a lot like McChrystal planned to commit an equivalent of the suicide by cop and get out of serving under Obama and his ROE, after he became "disappointed" in Obama... If so, his execution of the plan was flawless.

The General demonstrated low moral character, poor judgement, and complete stupidity.
He voted for the known Mooslime, Commie, Chicago thug, doper, who isn’t even a Natural Born Citizen. He doesn’t belong in the military.


This may work out. This is another shining example of how insecure and incompetent Zero is. Look for his poll number to go below 40% favorable on this issue alone.


An Observation on Obama’s Decision

It doesn’t feel right. I am left with a sense of dread.

But we have to get beyond this.

We cannot continue to risk life and limb if Afghan men aren’t equipped to grab the baton from us.

Maybe Afghan women should marry American men and produce some Afghans with higher testosterone levels.

I’m only half kidding.

Petraeus IS the man for the job. And I hope he can undo the damage Obama has done.

God, I hope he can.

Because the thought of abandoning Afghan women, again, just sickens me.


[McCrystal] is a patriot, smart, loyal, and loves America.

He would make a great President in 2012. Better than any name previously suggested. He has been tested. I admire him and know he has a place in saving America.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Th plight of doctors

Think BP has it hard? Freepers evince sympathy for the soon to be pauper-ridden medical profession:

cherry sees a dichotomy:
doctors work like dogs and keep getting the brunt of bama's ( and other administrations as well) budget "cutting"...

they could have partied in college and become teachers and never worry again....
Doctors: super noble, poor toilers. Teachers: lazy, stupid loafers. The key is to prejudge a whole profession - it sure saves on brain cells!

Keen-Minded sees a future horror:

My doctor told me this week that he may have to cut staff. He said it may come to patients seeing a physician practitioner before some one will see a medical doctor.

Way to go OBummer!

Got news for you...that apocalyptic feature is HERE!

Mom MD doesn't care about the evidence, she knows what is happening:
I figure I have about 3 years left to practice, until the worst of Obamacare hits. Then I’m out. I will not spend the last years of my career as a government employee.
goat granny sees Obama's true plan:

No doctor shortage, they will import them from the muslim world...

And they'll inject us with Muslimness, and we'll start suicide bombing, no doubt!

PA-RIVER thinks it may be worse - we may start killing the MDs!

Well, my Muslim friend who I debated with over healthcare, who also voted for O, said these doctors who quit should be rounded up and killed. My jaw dropped when he said that in resonse to my point that doctors will quit if the plan passes.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And now this word from outer space

Kill all the illegals edition:
Illegals have no rights, except the right to be returned to their home country.

vertically or horizontal.
Thinly veiled racial death-threats provided by Doogle

Marxism versus Fascism:

Freepers deal with the consequences of their rather pinched vocabulary:


[Obama]’s not a Marxist at all; he’s a fascist. Marxists are at least “noble” in their demand that everyone is equal; fascists want everyone ELSE to be equal (with themselves more than equal).

He’s a narcissistic fascist, not a Marxist.


He’s a marxist. He wouldn’t know what fascism is. ALL of his mentors were marxists. And believe it or not, the marxists at the top of the heap knew very well that they would have the power and riches while the peasants remained “equal”.


Then most Marxist advocates are really fascists. Damn near all of them think they are superior to the rest of us.

Marxist, fascist; Hitler, Stalin - what's the difference? Once you scrape the paint off they're all totalitarians. Their economic models all boil down to one fact: they're in charge and we aren't.

Barton: to Gay to stand up for BP.

Sorry for the lack of posting, been a bit under the weather. I've got a bunch of material though. As I am not yet up to my witty self, I'll be posting without comments for the time being.

This Barton guy's apology to BP. That was super brave. But then he took it back that was not so brave:


faggity ass

Rep. Burton just told the truth. Extortion is something this Administration is very good at. This is the same technique that the community organizers use on a daily basis.
Barton undoubtedly got THE phone call within the hour from Obama's enforcer, whoever he is these days.

Remember, every issue, every policy, any discourse in DC legislation is being handled in the Chicago Way.

Probably the only thing missing will be the horse's head in Barton's bed when he wakes up tomorrow morning. At least his backing-off saved the life of a perfectly good horse.


Good Gravy GOP, stand for something. Sure wouldnt want to hurt anyones feelings. Emotional politics will be the end of us. Im infuriated by this.

These damn Republican Congressmen need to grow a pair. BP is being extorted by the Obama Chicago machine, with $$ going into the Obama "stash" slush fund.

When we DEMAND that they de-fund ObamaCare in January, we don't need to elect Conservatives in November who get weak in the knees at the first signs of pressure!
I think the primary disagreement revolves around the question: Are we nation of laws with a government that follows and enforces the law OR are we a nation comprised of a populist mob that goes on witch hunts and ignores the law when it suits the mob and its dear leader?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Pix

Yep, the whole Alan Greene thing proves Dems are all racist, somehow!

I can only presume the lie was about his birth certificate.

Deep holes support Obama!

And babies try to shit when they see him!

He also attacks his detractors!

And bad things happen to him cause he's an asshole.

Also there was an oil spill.

Did I mention oil spill?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Defining slavery down

Hillary Clinton added the US to a list of nations with significant amounts of human trafficking. Clinton + racial issue + Free Republic = crazytown:

RexBeach assumes there is no problem if Clinton thinks there is:

The Democrats just love outrage, don’t they.

OK, if Americans are being held in slavery, what is Mrs. Clinton doing about it, other than talking about it?

Stupid politicians always talking, never strapping on a headband and going all Rambo.

gulfcoast6 prefers to define slavery narrowly:
Held in slavery? What in the hell is she talking about, last time I look here in Mississippi nary a slave was to be seen.
wac3rd thinks marriage is slavery:

She is enslaved to a serial philanderer with herpes and her not-so-secret lesbian “inclinations”.

Old hate is old.

avacado hauls out this old chestnut:

The liberal welfare plantation is a form of slavery. Go ahead and list that one too, Hillary!


Millions of Tax Slaves, for sure.

Tax Slaves are just like being forced into prostitution.

E. Pluribus Unum has a solution:
Close the borders and this wouldn't happen nearly as often.

Most human trafficking involves smuggling them in.
Closing the border would solve so much! Isolationism for the win!

jessduntno seems to misunderstand the list.
A disgusting Clinton lie. This NATION is not engaged in trafficing of persons. There may be scum here that do, but as a NATION we are not. READ THE TEXT. While some NATIONS are involved in this disgusting practice, in MY country, the United States, we are not. Not yet.
mickey finn:
So Ms. Cankles are you willing to defund ACORN now. Put your money where your mouth is or shut it.
ACORN = slavery! Cause of that one discredited video, I presume.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Freepers line up behind BP

Obama is coming down hard on BP these days, so Freepers cannot help but defend BP:

Rational Thought
Just a coincidence [damning e-mails] happen to come out the day before the Obama address.
The Obama Spin Machine is hard at work.
ClearCase_guy knows stuff happens:

It’s not clear to me that these are violations. You can do the job with gold plating, and know that it’s as safe as can be, or you can do the job at a minimal level that just barely is within the letter of the law. I’m not in a position to say, but it’s not clear to me that BP really made a mistake. Stuff happens.

skeeter blames Obama much harder than BP, somehow:
I’m not in a position to say, but it’s not clear to me that BP really made a mistake.

I'd call their enthusiastic financial suppot of the Obama campaign a huge mistake.

The way this administration operates, it would not surprise me in the least to find that they looked the other way while BP cut corners.
raygun thinks this is some kind of union conspiracy:

My bet is the argument to be made is that if there were sufficient union stewards aboard, none of this would’ve happened.

Anybody can see this is a ploy for card check.

It could be a movement for the envir-wacko lobby.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Freepers try to keep the "Obama will end America" meme alive as nothing continues to happen:

DoughtyOne can't believe America is still here.

I can’t believe we don’t have Communist Block Captains and the People’s Reproductive Services knocking on our doors every few days. That has to be coming...

Saved by sinister ellipsis!

Eye of Unk adds some authentic birther flavor:

Just a daily reminder that Obama FAILED TO QUALIFY as POTUS.

His Executive Orders mean jack squat, nothing.

One of the most patriotic duties all Americans should also perform on a daily basis is to disobey any bill or law Obama has signed.

It IS the right thing to be a dissenting Patriot.

Disobey any laws Obama has signed? Like what, stop getting health insurance?

MadMax, the Grinning Reaper on how Obama is over:
The death of the Obama marxist regime starts November 2, 2010 and the death blow is November 2012.

Lots of fighting ahead but we are locked, loaded, trained, and ready to take to the streets to promote good patriotic candidates against Obama’s Marxist Horders and Chicago Criminal thugs.

Now is the time for all patriots to come to the defense of our country.

Locked and loaded and...ready to vote!

Frank_2001 still predicts tyranny:

Probably will be an internal security police like the Cuban G2. They can pick recruits from the SEIU and the Fruit of Islam.....

Needless to say, when America doesn't end, it'll be because of Freepers' pure hearts and noble efforts.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Obama should say in his speech tonight

Freepers fail at concern trolling:

Le Chien Rouge

Sarah was right!!....Drill,Baby,Drill....

I opologize for my socialist ways. I am resigning because I realize I'm doing more harm than good. America deserves a lot better than me....Good night!
When the New World Order decided I was to become the world's Messiah ...well hell, they didn't tell me I couldn't play golf all the time!

My fellow Americans.....the days of deceiving you are over. I Quit !! And let me be perfectly clear....95% of you will be relieved at my decision. This job is so tough...I had no idea ! I will now be taking a well-earned vacation to Pockeestahn and Saudi Arabia. See you on safari in Kenya.

PS: The White House may need fumigating.


“I hereby relieve Joe Biden of his role as Vice President, and nominate Gov. Sarah Palin for his post. I now tender my resignation effective immediately. It gives me great pleasure to introduce the President of the United States, Sarah Palin.”


‘Yo, homies...its all good’. (Take care of the base.)

To sum up: Obama should resign, also Sarah Palin. And a touch of racism.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Potpourri

LomanBill has the best new conspiracy theory I've heard:
Islam is ... a hierarchically organized selective breeding program. One desired result evidently being a genome that is no more able to control its obediently aggressive behavior than pit bulls or cockfighting roosters.
DonaldC keeps it simple:

Open primaries are of the devil.

brushcop is hoping for another Mexican-American war:
We haven’t spanked Mexico for quite a while. Maybe it’s about time again.

Past time. Many of us in Texas are ready. Looks like AZ is showing the way however. Where's Gov. Goodhair???
It'll be simple! We'll all be home by fall!

meyer has an observation:
It seems to me that the cleanliness of stores is inversely proportionate to the number of illegal aliens that live in a given area. I was in a Kohl's in Clermont, Florida one time - the store was a sloppy mess. Nothing neatly stacked on the shelves and racks, cloths on the floor, shirts thrown on top of the hangar racks instead of neatly hung. I noticed also that a proportionately large number of customers around me were NOT speaking English.
mo keeps seeing martial law just around the corner:

“Obama’s civilian army....”

BINGO!!!SO THAT’S how they’ll “fix” Arizona and Governor Brewer.....I was wondering what they’d to to a sovereign state behaving as a sovereign...

GatorGirl must not watch some news, preferring to make it up so she can stay mad.

I am so mad I could SPIT and the media keeps licking his boots. They should be down there day after day after day running images of the fishing, shrimp and charter boats sitting empty, the dead animals (dolphins, turtles, countless fish and birds), the hotels and shops and people who rely on the Gulf for their livelihoods.

They did it with a true natural disaster, Katrina and did it specifically to make President Bush look bad. This is 1000% worse!

Well, ya don't have thousands dead.

reefdiver analyzes Supreme Court Justice candidate Kagan's face:
that is the face of one fat. Lesbo, baby killing, country killing , machine. she will be stepping out and stepping all over the original intent, corporations and conservatives. Religious (Christian & Jew's) are in for a treat, not to their liking if confirmed. I see no way to stop it. This is what happens when our OWN elected fail us.
manc has a story:

went with NY city Jewish girl and she was alright.
We moved on andmet up some years later, she married this guy a big big Jewish bigot who still to this day will nto buy Germany products and will not talk to Germans.
He’s also a biog big rat who moved to chappaqua to be near the Clintons

This girl and I were talking about the election just before bozo got in and I pointed out how he is very radical, veryu pro Islam etc
she told me that I need to read the huff post.
I told her that it was very biased
She then said I was NAZI, right wing thug etc etc, this from a girl who I have had fights on the streets when in Boston protecting her from the bigoted left wing shouting anti israeli, zionest comments.

She went on to tell me that the NAZIS used to say the media is biased and that is why I am one.

She also told me that bozo would be a better friend to Israel than McCain
I know I nearly fainted after that comment.

Sounds realistic to me!

taildragger has a plan for Sarah Palin:
Sarah should invite (him, i.e. Bibi) to her house.

Absolutely Brilliant, kudos to you, yes she should. If he accepted, it would denote a vote of no confidence in Obama via another sitting Head of State. In essence Sarah may be looked upon as Minister without Portfolio or President in Absentia, via the sub of subs to Obingo...
President in Absentia? Brilliant!

Sen Jack S. Fogbound
must have been asleep for Bush's term:

I’m not a lawyer but I would believe using Executive Order to withhold documents from the Congress is very illegal! Perhaps unconstitutional!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Pix

Staskey and Hutch? Is this an insult, like Obama is tragically 80s?

Subtle! (Check the bottom left corner)

Michelle Obama is a man haw haw haw!

Michelle also approves of the oil spill I guess?

See, black folks all talk in broken English.

...not sure you should be using that as an insult Freepers...

OMG! A politician drinking on the campaign trail!

Yeah, Obama should probably stop beating all the Freepers to death. That's going too far. Note how the same talking points work for Obama, Palestine, Unions and Communists. Efficiency!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Obama the antisemite

Obama gives aid to Gaza, as is required by treaty, as Bush did back in the day. Freepers, already especialy strident about Israel these days, goes hilariously apeshit. Observe:

American Quilter is not happy tax money is being used how he doesn't like:

It enrages me that one cent of my money—taken from me by force, let’s not forget—goes to those anti-Semitic, anti-American barbarians.

Candor7 has this learned comment:
400 mil in aid, thats a lot of hummus.I wonder if Obama will order the US Navy to run the Israeli blockade to deliver it?

If so, Ameican ships will be in danger from Israeli fire.

Obama is a huge POS.Treasonous.Impeachable Offences are about to be commmitted by Barry Soetoro.
You know you can send money electronically now? But keep on indulgent in your Obama-Israel war fantasies!

colonialhk has the Chicago/Muslim connection:

Payoffs are the Chicago way and also the way things are done in the ME...Just call your Senators and yell at them again on this issue

MindBender26 knows Obama's true agenda:
Obama wants worldwide jihadist Wahhabi Islamic victory over the West. Is there any reason to believer otherwise?
Other than that your idea is completely crazy and unsupported except by crazy people?

HearMe speaks in honesty:

Lets be honest Bush did the same thing.

Still, Obama is different and his motivations are different.

Yey double standards! Really, it's what Freepers are made of.


Yo commie in the white house!

How about giving that 400 million to the the AMERICAN people!


The terrorists attack us ... and next thing you know we are sending them 100’s of millions of dollars! WTH!

1. Seems like he's for welfare, cause that's giving millions to the American people.

2. 9-11 cause by Palestinians now?

BigFinn rages us to the finish:

Good grief. What does it take to realize he is NOT for America? He is taking us down the path to TOTAL destruction. Add up all the negatives, from the people he associates with, to the corruption within the administration, the Czar shadow government, the dissing of Netanyahu and now more money to Hamas, the mysterious happenings on Memorial Day, to the 'present' on the oil spill... etc. etc. etc.

This is way more serious than anyone realises.

Not more serious than Freepers realize!

Freepers defend BP

Cause if Obama is against it, Freepers are for it. Well, that and the idea that Obama is too close to BP doesn't seem to stick. So Freepers turn on a dime, and now Obama hates BP and wants to kill them for no good reason:

Myrddin knows the names of some laws:
BP had a contractual limit on liability for this rig. There are people trying to change that contract and legislatively raise the cap retroactively. That is an ex post facto law AND a bill of attainder aimed at punishing oil companies in general and BP in particular.

Congress already has a black eye for seizing the private assets of the GM bond holders...breaking their bonded contractual ownership of GM...and handing it to their union buddies.

If government fails to enforce contract law, it is time for that government to go. They are simply a lawless mob using their power to seize property and purchase favors with the seized assets. Thieves in suits.
if the Congress passes a law making BP liable, then yes. Otherwise, just keep fucking that chicken.

GOPJ thinks the dems are responsible for BP's demise
Mutual funds with BP stock should be moved - I suspect dems will be able to destroy BP. Dems can’t build sh^t - but they’ve got destruction down pat...
What about, you know, the reckless negligence BP seems to have displayed.

lonestar on how Obama is killing all businesses everywhere:
All the politicians are doing is destroying investors' savings and weakening the company

True of many companies since the Obama administration was sworn in!
Funny how the markets don't see this rampant discussion.


This is the reason that the Democrat party must not only beaten but destroyed.

Obama is an adolescent punk and street thug. Using the term “kicking ass” to describe a complex situation shows thug tendencies and a refusal to offer positive and constructive input. It is inappropriate for any responsible adult and more so for the POTUS.

Obama and the Democrats want to use this situation to take as much money as possible from the entire energy industry, not just BP. They are extortionists and thugs and the fact that they have the power of the Federal Government is dangerous to our country's future.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Obama issuing lots of memos. EVERYBODY PANIC!

Obama is writing things, and Freepers don't like it one bit! What he is writing turns out to be mostly boring. But then Freepers never concern themselves with reality where the opposition is concerned:

LibLieSlayer keeps it pithy:
communist memos.
ilovesarah2012 hates how Obama is in charge of his own branch:

Ruling by fiat.

2ndDivisionVet goes straight to the Nazi reff:

In the 1930’s these were called “enabling acts” but what do they call them now?

panaxanax is oddly optimistic:

So many things to undo when he’s thrown out of office for fraud and deceit.


Talk. Write.

None of these are Action.

Unlike Bush who totally went out and kicked ass himself! Well, at least Cheney did.

MrB sees the signs in the President writing memos:

Running out of time - Rev 12:12

World War 3 is gonna be sooo awesome!

Some former politician in Israel says they should declare war on Turkey. Freepers, always ready to get behind more bombing of Muslims, get pretty excited:

Joan Kerrey - Obama means war is necessary:
it is perfectly clear that Obama will no longer support Israel. That said and considering that Israel is now alone in her quest for her very survival, she must play this correctly or she's finished. Israel is backed into a corner. The only thing she can do is to fight for her very existence.
Always Independent is ready for a coup

Time for the Turkish military to take control again.

Those worked so well in the 60s and 70s!

Michael Barnes also wants a coup, but closer to home:
would Obama come to Turkey’s aid if asked?

He would, certainly.

I wonder if our Military commanders would on the other hand.
DoughtyOne blames Obama:
Obama, “Success at last, success at last...”
FlyingEagle blames Obama, but fleshes out the crazy:

It is obvious the Hussein convinced Turkey to do the blockade run. He provoked the Israelis on purpose, using the muslim Turks as his tool.

Whence this newfound concern in Turkey for Gaza? That is brand new - if anything Turkey has been historically moderate among arabs relative to Israel.

Why else would Bibi exit the US and cut his visit short, while Hussein meets with Abbas shortly afterward and gives him hundreds of millions of $.

The One orchestrated this whole thing, shortly after Rahm’s visit to Israel. Its a power play. Israel is on to it and they are having none of it. They will stand firm.

fenderfeeder prefers lashing out to paranoia, and picks his bogeyman accordingly:

Iran is orchestrating the rift in relations between Turkey and Israel.

Helotes longs for the good old days:

In the past the United States would mention that they agree with Israel’s stand (challenging blockade an act of war) and that would be the end of it.

Today it’s not so obvious that that would happen if Israel did take that position

Yeah, back in the day when the US helped Israel in all it's wars of aggression...

Obama lies about crime

Violent crime has been going down across the country for decades. But when Southern California reports a drop in crime on Obama's watch, Freepers spring into action. Nothing positive must happen for anyone while Obama is in office!

DoughtyOne knows who causes crimes:

Economy has a down-turn. Illegals pack up and go home. Crime drops. We’re supposed to be surprised by this.

rj45mis doesn't believe in any nationally reported statistics if they appear in a newspaper:

If the LAT reports it, it must be true! Their credibility is nearly as lacking as the NYT! Seriously, the timing of this report is suspect at best!

Oceander draws a parallel to NYC, and how it's going to be a hellhole any day now that Giuliani is gone:
I think that, sooner rather than later, we will find that the ongoing dividends from the Giuliani era are gone, and that we're back to a liberal style of city policing - basically making sure it isn't too hard for crooks to get by fleecing innocent people.
yorkie01 sees a union conspiracy:

Zero’s unions at work. If people around the country reported every time a cop looks the other way or fails to show up for a trial or participates in a crime, the numbers would be more representative of what’s really going on. It’s simply naive to assume that the cops are the good guys.

Yep, even the city cops all work for Obama now!

GOPJ blames the economy:

Times are rough - commit a violent crime and “sis” might not take you in....

Seems in Obama's America, poverty drives people away from crime! Amazing!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


What progress we have made. Obama says ass on television, and Freepers do not jump on him for lacking Presidential class, they jump on him for not really meaning it. Yes, it's another "Obama is not a real man" fiesta.

Red in Blue PA
compares Obama to a lesbian. FEEL THE HUMOR
obama playing tough guy is like Rosie O’Donnell playing sexy.
aruanan kicks it Freud style:

It’s all just a substitute for the two guys whose asses he really wants to kick: Barry Obama, Sr. and Frank Marshall Davis.

bobby.223 thinks Obama is the girl and Michelle can beat him up!

he’d have to send two tons of fun michelle if an obama was gonna try to kick anyone’s ass.

Wild Irish Rogue on how Bush was a real man and Obama has never changed a tire:

The few sane Democrats left in the party have to be cringing at Lil Barry’s latest stab at machismo.
Dick Cheney could convey virility and strength in just a look.
George Bush was all man and all men knew it.
Lil Barry thinks dropping his gs and using words like ass will transform him into a man.
And he has to mention standing in da rain as if that shows testosterone.
It’s as if Barry is reading from Acting Like A Man For Dummies.
Page 12-Use phrases like kicking ass and talk about enduring harsh weather conditions.
Next , he’ll be scratching his crotch and spitting on CNN .
This pathetic wuss has obviously never shoveled a sidewalk or changed a flat tire.
We may be laughing ,but, the terror regimes around the world are rolling on the floor.

TAKE NOTE: Unless you know how to shovel a sidewalk, terrorist will roll on the floor:

Michael Barnes seems to have forgotten about 2008.
Sorry; but American's (real ones, not the lefties claiming American In Name Only) love winners. American's love fighters. This guy is neither, the Democrats are neither. The ONLY thing the left fights diligently for is robbing AMERICAN's of liberty, and that is wafting heavy on the air these days.
rcrngroup has quite the potty mouth:

Somebody’s GOT to have the photo handy of the faggot 0bozo wincing on the WH lawn during a martial arts demo....his chief enforce phat ass maBelle michelle was in the photo, probably protecting his skinny negro kenyan ass.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday potpourri.

Jewbacca on life in the current Obama regime:

Jewish people and Christians are now classified as “Dhimini” under Obama Policy.

You get a little yellow cross.

We get a star.

Wow, that'd be awful if it were anywhere near true!

SandRat has a reaction to Obama speaking on Memorial Day during a thunderstorm:
God may impeach O-Bozo in an opening scene reminiscent of the movie ‘King Ralph’.
Wow, Freepers make King Ralph references. Tragic!

GonzoGOP has a theory about the Gore divorce:
My bet is that Al knows that he is about to get hit with an Inconvenient Lawsuit for fraud. By getting divorced Tipper gets half of the 100 million Al has socked away. Then when Al gets hit for fraud you can only go after his half. Ken Lay's and Bernie Maddoff's wife did the same thing. The former got to keep most of the money. Because Madoff's wife waited until after the fraud went public they took her half too.
Leader_Of_The _Conservatives on all the affair rumors and raghead comments swirling around the Nikki Haily campaign. Seems it's all about Palin:

All this stuff is coming out now because she is ahead and the polls and most of it is pushed because Palin endorsed her. They want Palin to show she isn’t a winner.

olepap has a legitimate question about Supreme Court nominee Elane Kagan:

I wonder if she is related to Lazar Kaganovitch - Stalin’s right-hand man?

OldDeckHand has the following reaction to a rare English shootout:
This incident, just like the similar incidents in America, was only "successful" because it transpired in a "gun free zone".

About a year ago, a man tried to shoot up a Jewish museum in DC. What stopped him? An armed security guard. If you shooter had been confronted by someone who was armed themselves, perhaps no one would have died, to say nothing of the 12 who sadly have.
Perhaps no one would have died. Or perhaps there would be more frequent killings, as is the case in the US. Or perhaps Aliens would come down and give us ray guns cause we're so badass!

a fool in paradise caused the Irony Police to lay down their weapons and surrender:

Would be NICE for our president to realize that the political opposition is NOT the “enemy” and take on the real problems in this world.

DesertRhino on how the right is far too polite:
Sitting there like William F. Buckley having deep conversations about policy differences like a Rockefeller Repub, is ineffective for many voters we must reach.

It’s like standing there like a boxer from 1920, with his Queensbury rules, ready for fisticuffs,, facing a modern MMA cage champion or steroids. It’s no contest.

While we win debate points, they made Obama cool with the “Obama Girl” video,, etc etc,,, It’s a legit enemy stronghold to reduce.

So as we cooly win policy debates,,, they win elections with this uneducated guy, mostly because they made Bush a laughingstock, and because he could dance with ellen degenerate. The young that voted for Obama largely did it because he was like the people they party with.

My favorite part is calling Obama "thus uneducated guy"

Quix brings the crazy. Lots of the crazy:

1. OThuga will not resign. His REACTIVE ATTACHMENT ORDER IS QUITE SERIOUS ENOUGH that his insecurity based arrogance is enormous. The only way he’d resign is if he were threatened devastatingly by the same folks who put him in place, pull his puppet strings and script his teleprompter.

2. I still believe he was put in place as DESTROYER IN CHIEF to utterly destroy as much of our grand land as he could manage as fast as possible . . . and then . . .

3. when things get super chaotic, deadly, destructive . . . to dramatically replace him, making him a horrendous scape-goat.

4. I expect someone slicker or a place holder for someone slicker after Othuga. . . . or even more of a puppet—hard to imagine how that COULD be.

5. There’s a surprising number of Christians—at least a handful that I know of—who’ve had dramatic dreams of him being removed and . . . by our military. That could get very interesting.

mcshot on the mythic Blackberry and how, if captured, it will solve all Freepers' problems forever:

If we can take the secured “blackberry” away from him he will go down. That “blackberry” arrangement is the basis for his secret govt actions and he must be stripped of it in the name of public information and the right to know. Just as emails were deemed public information. Unfortunately, the Clinton’s lost theirs and withheld Bill’s medical records which started it all.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Pix

What is the deal with comparing Michelle to that sitcom lady?


Obama sure is a scary black radical!

Obama is also like scary white mobsters!

Biden is a stoner! Hilarious!

Indie red paint? I don't get it.

All the Dems are gay men! Especially Hillary!

Hah! Al Gore is fat!!

Killing UN troops is hilarious!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pettiness: it's patriotic

DesertRhino on why it all matters:
Every new way to ridicule him is another of the 1000 cuts that helps destroy this America-hating prick. Review your Alinsk:
Freepers, do their duty, and analyze this picture (and a few others of similar type):

Really looking very "wookie-ish" in this photo.

Man! Ol' MO looks like she had a rough night!

Gin Fever I'd say.

Always Independent

How many paces does his wife have to walk behind a good muslim?


Thast is what you call a “swisher”

Mr Rogers

my 12 year old daughter has more muscle in her forearms than our CINC. Hair or no hair, there is something wrong with a ‘man’ whose watch could slide to his armpit without difficulty.


Someone bought him jeans in a decent cut, but stonewash is very 2002 - darker jeans are in for 2010. On the plus side his sandals match his watch, but that horrible box cut velvety shirt makes my lunch crawl up the back of my throat. And WTF, does he shave his arms?

"Never seen a POTUS in sandals."

It's a muslim thing.
My WORD!! That woman even WALKS with her arms crossed?!! What do the psychologist say about that?

I’ve never seen Michelle with her hair tied back. Her ears are a big an Barry’s!

Psalm 73
I've heard that heavy cocaine use can do that to a person.
I'm not sayin'......

Tuck in your shirt! You’re the dang President of the United States! You don’t get a casual Friday!


I am saddened to see the girls constantly looking down.

What the he11's with 0 and his wristwatch? Every time you see him in short sleeves his watch is halfway up to his elbow.

Dude is one strange duck!

The UN is evil

Israel is much put upon these days. The UN, being an instrument of castigation, is a target for Free Republic's hatred. As usual, rather than simple contempt, this takes the form of over the top raging:

UCFRoadWarrior thinks the UN are "unpublished Nazis."

Just think.....65 years ago....we took anti-Semites like Ban Ki-Moon and executed them for war crimes. Now, the Unpunished Nazis (the UN) are doing the work Hitler could not finish.

The UN is a terrorist organization and a hate group. Any support of them is treason.

Republic notes that the UN aren't just Naizs but rapists:
As I have read, many blue helmets, or UN so called soldiers are expert rapists.
SOme, perhaps. Many? Well, if Republic has read...

cranked takes like the exact opposite approach:

UN is worthless and has no enforcement abilities; therefore, STFU.

444Flyer is unclear on what a blockade is:
A blockade on the UN would be nice. Deport them all to their countries of origin and sell that building for condos. That's prime real estate in Manhattan.
PalmettoMason counsels murder:

Blue helmets make great targets!

GonzoGOP thinks we should punish South Korea, since the head of the UN is from there:

Get out troops the heck out of SK and let the Norks and Chinese have the place. If he won’t even let the Israeli’s fight for their own freedom why are we willing to fight for his.

Barak Hussein Obama: Raghead

A South Carolina State Senator spoke out against governor's candidate and former Sikh Nikki Haley, saying "we have one raghead in the White House, we don't need one in the governor's mansion." Once again, Freepers double down on stupid:


So what?? Raghead and commie.


“Raghead” is a disgraceful slur against Obama. “Camel jockeying Marxist” is much more appropriate.

eCSMaster plays the victim card without even reading the article:
“Raghead,” - “Macaca” - what’s the difference?
ans: “Macaca” was uttered by a Republican. Therefore it’s a capital offense.
iowamark knows this guy is No True Conservative:

A little research shows that Jake Knotts is a corrupt, big government statist. This is why he is trashing the conservative reformer Haley.

SharpRightTurn is pissed at people offended at racial slurs:

What I am sick of is not someone who says “raghead” or “macaca”, but all the thin-skinned, cottage industry whiners who demand apologies everytime they get their feelings hurt.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

eye loss is hilarious!

Some American protester lost her eye in Jerusalem. And there was much Freeper rejoicing:

wishes she died:

Too bad she wasn’t Corried

Professional exhalats in the death

WHY has nobody posted a pic of bulldozer girl?? I love that pic of her and her angry face... shortly before she was flattened like a dime.

The Comedian knows what Nazis look like, and how you should kill all dissenters:
The IDF member who shot this woman should be sternly reprimanded for the following reason:

Nazis should be shot in the eye until one of two things happen:

1) They stop being Nazis

2) You run out of ammo.

She's still a Nazi and he didn't run out of ammo.

Wait, who is the Nazi? The protestor or the guy whose all about shooting protesters?

pallis is a moderate, and prefers the whole deporting citizens idea.

When she gets out of the hospital, give her some jail time, and deport her to a Muslim country.

sten wonders:

i wonder if, during her recovery, a simple thought will dawn on her...

“ya know... being a human meat shield for terrorists isn’t such a great idea.”

Yep, that's totally what she was! Cause yelling at Israel means your a terrorist!

PLD thinks she was just protesting the wrong things:

Just to bad I feel no sorrow for an idiot like her..Bet if it was know for sure she is a Muslim and lives in America..Stay home and mind your own business..She sould be here protesting Obama and his idiots in Washington.

Sekret Muslim, you an tell cause she doesn't hate Obama!