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Freepers vs. Recycling

anon1's eagle eye found this one.

I don't know if all recycling is energy efficient, or if it's more a long-standing political fad. Neither do Freepers, and they're amusingly split on the issue. There's those who refuse out of spite, those waiting for the Almighty Market to give them money to do it, and those who do it but post on Free Republic how they totally don't like it.

ClearCase_guy is totally not smug:
Liberalism is an IQ test. The smug people are the dumb people.
Daffynition is one of many, many Freepers to raise this objection, but cite not sources:
It irks, that one has to rinse the recyclables...has anyone calculated the water it wastes? .....especially if you use hot water?
driftless2 wants everyone to listen to his LIBERAL geography prof:
More than twenty years ago one of my LIBERAL geography profs. did a study on recycling and concluded it cost more in money and was more polluting than just throwing everything in the garbage.
Steely Tom doesn't like to do anything that wasn't done like 40 years ago:
I have to wash the garbage I put in the recycling bin so we don’t have flies in the garage.

My parents never washed the garbage. I know this because I used to empty the wastebaskets every day and take the garbage out every week.
Diana in Wisconsin works hard to lower her footprint. And also seems to live in a place inhabited by Jawas or something...
I will ALWAYS compost veggie scraps and garden waste and will burn what I can - but I might not always ‘recycle’ as I should. I will crush cans and save aluminum for cash, but it’s not an obsession by any means.

However, he makes a good point that those stuck in Liberal Cities or, ‘In Town’ as we call them, have to have a place to keep their recyclables until pick-up day which can be messy and stinky in the heat of summer.

I live in the boonies and have NEVER had a problem getting rid of anything; I haul it to the ‘curb’ and it’s gone in sixty seconds. ;)

I ‘release’ it back into The Universe and if someone else wants to profit from it, so much the better. :)
Yeah, I'm not even going to look it up; I'm not buying this story by whinecountry:
Here in Calif. they outlawed plastic bags for groceries and urged everyone to use the cloth bags to “save the environment.” We know a guy who works in a landfill and guess what. People are throwing away the cloth bags — which take up far more space in the landfill and much longer to deteriorate than the plastics.
thirst4truth smugly tells of how she owned her public school system once:
25 years ago when my oldest son was in grade school, I caught him looking through the various "recycling" bags under the kitchen sink. "What are you doing?" I asked. "My teacher asked us to find out if our parents are recycling and report back." "What?" I took all the bags, plastic, glass, paper and put them all in one bag and handed it to him to take out to the garbage can, and told him, "Now go tell your teacher that I do NOT recycle, what is she going to do about it?"

Never recycled another piece of garbage again, happy about it too.
thirst4truth is pretty sure that one heroic act of dickery is what made her son eschew recycling:
He is 34 now, has a family and is not recycling, he still remembers what I did that day.
newfreep somehow ties recycling to being anti-Christian:
The same with “climate change,” it’s a religion and will make us poorer and lead to tyranny.

Leftism is an amalgamation of religious cults that is the “Bi-Polar” opposite of the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian morals that America was founded upon.
Haiku Guy knows what recycling leads to:
Recycling is practice for knuckling under to tyranny.
huldah1776 took all the wrong lessons from his social psychology class:
The recycling campaign is used as a prime example on how to coerce and motivate the public in my social psych text. Live and learn!
toothfairy86 is just not getting into the spiteful spirit of things:
I still live in a small city that was a major glass producer in the 1900’s. As a child, we used to play in the alleyways and dig up pieces of colored glass that was mixed in through the gravel. Now, our city is a democratic run, drug riddled, cesspool. We pay for garbage bags, and they pick up recycling twice a, cans, and newspapers. We used to be allowed to burn our waste paper, but the city took a pile of money from the EPA to make it illegal.

I always felt that most recycling was counter intuitive. You waste a lot of water to wash out cans and glass jars. If you really care about the environment, quit drinking out of plastic bottles and get a water filter. Make coffee in a coffee pot, instead of K-cups. Buy food or products with less packaging. Buy quality products, so that you aren’t constantly buying new stuff that breaks quickly. Conservatism is all about being good stewards of your environment.
Market robot kosciusko51 does nothing unless there's profit in it:
My daughters ask me why we don’t recycle. I told them there is no money in it. If there was, someone would pay me to recycle.
Hot Tabasco is okay with anything wherein he gets paid:
I think recycling is a waste of time. However, I AM in favor of deposits on bottles and cans and would like to see the same on plastic water bottles too........
lacrew blew a coworker's mind by demanding to be paid to recycle:
I once tried to explain this to a liberal who wanted me to recycle paper at the office. I explained that, if nobody wanted to pay me for used paper, at BEST recycling was a break even as far as energy is concerned....but more likely used more. In a free market, cost of just about anything is directly related to the energy needed to make and ship it. If new paper costs less, it must have a lower ‘carbon footprint’.

She shrugged it off.
Norseman is totally the only person who understands the superlative correctness of the market:
I got in an argument with a liberal about 20 years ago over recycling. He ended up saying to me “So, what you’re saying is that you only recycle what you get paid to recycle?” I said “Yes.”

Basic economics and liberalism are not easily joined.
Mastador1 recycled until he saw some poor people found his discarded cans useful, and FUCK THEM:
I have found that separating the recyclables ended helping only the thieves that came and took the valuable items from the cans the night before and sometimes right in front of the collection truck. When I saw that the city had no intention of upholding a law that was supposed to help keep costs down through revenue I said screw it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Obama alone made gay marriage happen edition:
Saul Alinsky does not and never has taught changing things ( or the constitution ) via a big bang approach.

It is always via the slow, subtle, baby steps approach.

Just look at what happened to gay marriage....

First, you appoint judges who will overturn state referendums that ban gay marriage.

Then, you turn to the deep blue states and support their legislature in legislating to legalize gay marriage.

You at first voice opposition to it and then a few years later, tell everyone that you have “evolved” on the issue.

You then appoint Justices to the Supreme Court who will vote to legalize gay marriage.

You then ignore such laws as DOMA and refuse to enforce it.

Then, with all the judges you have in place, allow the gay activists to challenge DOMA in the courts.

You get your buddies in Hollywood and the popular music business to make films and music sympathetic to the gay marriage cause for mass consumption to slowly but surely indoctrinate the youth.

Eventually, without even the nation voting on it, and with DOMA safely declared unconstitutional, you go for the big prize — SUPREME COURT deciding the only recognizing traditional marriage is unconstitutional.

With that, any American who refuses to recognize this decision as the “law of the land” ( Kim Davis, Christian bakers and photographers, etc ), are persecuted.

What makes you think this Alinsky-ite tactic can’t be implemented for the second amendment?

It might take years, but THAT is Alinsky’s genius. He HAS time and national complacency on his side.
Replacing scary changes in society with a single, comforting supervillian provided by SeekAndFind

Monday, August 28, 2017


I originally thought it was some kind of performance art, but the website looks pretty sincere. I'm not for reperations, but I'm fine with fools doing foolish things.

An artist created a website that allows white people to volunteer to help out nonwhites as 'reperations.' This is not how reperations are supposed to work, but whatever. The site's founder Natasha Marin seems sufficiently conscious of race in our society to know how this was going to play among a certain segment, so I suspect at least a postmodernist sociological component.

I would suspect racists to not much care about some black lady not even calling them racist. But Freepers are never ones to allow other people to behave in a way they don't like. More than condemning the race traitor whites, though, they respond by loudly declaring how not guilty they are in great and telling detail.

Reperations? TigerClaws reminds us all that young black men are the cause of crime, and then blames all blacks for that show how much he's missed the point:
I posted about this here 3 weeks ago. Sure is making the rounds.

A pool of 3% of our population (young black men) commit 50% of the violent crime.

Perhaps a website should be posted for them to do something nice for the white folks.
Kevin in California finds this voluntary website to be kind of a threat:
You want money from me bitch? Come and get it.
DoughtyOne doesn't believe in art:
Probably never working a solid hour in her life.
Molon Labbie is sure blacks are all insincere:
Reparations? More like misappropriations.

“Look at all this swag these suckers sent me!”
polymuser is not the only one to use 'gibmedat,' as he discusses what a failure racist Obama was in actually doing racist things:
Gibmedats going full grab as Barky’s reign comes to an end without much dat.
LambSlave knows blacks that feel America has wronged them aren't really Americans. No word on Freepers who say the same thing:
I can’t help but wonder how many offers for work boots and one way tickets to Africa she’s received so far.
Jumper is pretty sure America earned it's way to racial equality because it took a huge war to end black slavery:
I think am going to create a website so that former black slaves can show their appreciate for my ancestors who lost their lives in the Civil War fighting for Mr. Lincoln and the North. Of course, I think I will just make sure it can accept EBTs so most if not all can make the payments that Social Justice demands!
ExTexasRedhead also sites the Civil War as reparations. Poor England just banned slavery without a war, I guess they must owe so much more!
I guess they failed to take note of how many Americans died during the Civil War:

Roughly 1,264,000 American soldiers have died in the nation’s wars—620,000 in the Civil War and 644,000 in all other conflicts. It was only as recently as the Vietnam War that the amount of American deaths in foreign wars eclipsed the number who died in the Civil War.
Byron_the_Aussie demonstrates how racism is totally over in America:
300,000 men died to end slavery, and she wants reparations?? I know who's owed reparations. Ante up Taquanda and note: cash only. Obamaphones, hoopties and cartons of Newport Menthols not accepted:
I had to excerpt Sons of Union Vets's lengthy explanation of how not guilty he is:
Both my 2nd great grandfather and his cousin returned from the war as disabled veterans. My 2nd great grandfather suffered from chronic complications of amoebic dysentery that was not properly treated...a dysentery which killed more soldiers than did enemy bullets. My cousin lost an arm in the famous Battle of Winchester.

Now ask me if I feel guilty!!!!

She should be paying ME reparations for whatever of MY taxes have enabled her to feed off the public trough.

By the way, the first slave owner in America was black and many of the slave owners in the south were black. So why doesn't she go and try to shake down THEIR descendants???

Yulee argues that Christianity ended slavery, so...Muslims are bad!
Slavery in the US existed between the ratification of our Constitution in 1788 and 1865, a period of 77 years. And yet we as a country (USA) are demonized continually about slavery. What about the British, the Spanish, and the Portuguese. What about the continued enslavement of people of all racial backgrounds by “modern” Muslim states. The hypocrisy is appalling.

Only under Christianity has slavery been stamped out.

I find it revolting that young and old Blacks take Muslim names, ignore the true history of how their ancestors became slaves, and fall to the lure of Islam.

Reparations? Why not sue the Muslim countries (rich in oil) for going inland, capturing slaves, dragging them to the coast, and selling them to the Spanish and Portuguese?

Also, what about all the millions who were castrated, and used as sex slaves?

I thank God that my ancestor, once enslaved, was sent West and not taken East to a Muslim Hell Hole, to serve as a concubine, or sex slave.
Muslim slavery was worse than American chattle slavery? Haha, no.

The balls on LeoWindhorse, who goes and argues for Confederate reparations:
I think I should launch a website for Yankee and black reparations for our ancestral Mississippian loss and destruction of our property during the Northern Invasion of the State of Mississippi in 1862-1865 . Followed by the seizure and appropriation of further private properties, during the period known as ‘Reconstruction’ , on a racial basis , causing great losses to our white Mississippian ancestors.
gaijin starts with a racist bon mot, and then moves on to dodgy numbers that require one to assume all social programs go entirely to black people:
Most expensive “free” help we ever got..!

On Mars let’s pick our OWN friggin cotton..!

You know, an economist totalled up ALL the money spent on social welfare programs since the beginning of the “War on Poverty”:

It was an amount adequate to buy EVERY acre of farmland and EVERY share of EVERY company on the NYSE...!

Yet do we have more or less poverty..?
A_perfect_lady is really angry at other people giving away their money:
I think guilty white liberals should give away every penny in reparations, and then jump off a bridge to really show how sorry they are. Before the election, preferably.
This website reminds Joe Boucher that Obama's election is a reparation or something:
to assuage our collective slave guilt, we elected this stumble bum negro, twice.
Just look how that’s turned out.
As for ‘Reparations’ , if this magic negro wants a war, this just may do the trick.
And let us end with ArmyTeach, who seriously has no idea what his proud anecdote of racial outreach sounds like:
My uncle, a Southern lawyer from a prominent family, defended a black man who had killed another man in a bar room fight. Instead of jail, he pleaded that his defendant be paroled to him for life. This man maintained my uncle’s house for the rest of his life - cooking, cleaning and all. My uncle saw that he had an income and bought him a car and his own apartment as well a room in his town home and country home.

Tough life.

Monday, July 3, 2017

And Now This Word from Outer Space

My 1950s childhood was peaceful because we prayed away the demons edition:
I'm 65 yo now and can remember the day when doors were left unlocked, keys left in ignitions, everybody had a gun and nobody was shot. I can remember when we prayed in school, but the atheist just looked out the window and kept quiet. I can remember when you got your butt whipped if you disrespected the flag or a female. You opened the door for her and gave her your seat if they needed one. It was a different world back then. Everyone felt like an American, ....everyone. Children were taught how to shoot and handle guns safely, even at school or the Boy Scouts, which were welcome back then. I was a member of the NRA shooting club at 10 yo and carried my gun to the abandoned ice house to shoot targets in competition.

I still have my jacket full of expert and marksman patches. I've shown it to my daughter that is now 31. She has heard me speak about the US her whole life, yet it seems she can't even imagine a world that thought the way we did then. She has no idea what it was like as she has never had a day when she wasn't in this hellish nightmare we call "modern culture".

As we watch mass shootings today, the "modern culture" ping pongs around from gun control to terrorism, to mental illness, ect. We have so many regulations today that the Second Amendment almost means nothing anymore. As we see here, if the authorities wanted your gun, you are most likely on some obscure list gathered up over the decades. What we are told is if you own a Confederate flag, you are a risk to society. If you are a Christian, you are a danger to abortion clinics and gay bars. If you have a gun, you are liable to go mental some morning and shoot your family and neighbors. What they always seem to miss is it's not guns,...we need better people. The people I grew up with all had guns, yet shootings were rare. There was mental illness, but it was rare. Keeping your baby was a given, because killing it was unthinkable.

What has changed from then till now? God has been removed from society, especially schools. Just a couple of generations since God has been banned and men have gone insane. They can't even decide if they are men or women by looking in their pants. Even apes realize what they are at an early age. We have no respect for life because we have murdered 65 million babies and now are considering killing old people that are no longer productive. We have many people blind to the difference between a "god" that murders Jews, infidels, homosexuals, women, and even others of the same belief, and the real God that loved mankind enough to give His own Son for them.

The bottom line is there is no amount of laws and regulations that can tame an individual full of demons. Banning the Confederate flag won't change any hearts and it boggles the mind that anyone thinks it can. Our system of maximum freedom is based on a religious and moral people. Anarchy is by definition freedom without moral limits. America will never be "America" again unless God is honored and revered and is put first above the "freedom" people seem to think they are due. As we get farther from God, it harder and harder to even find Christians to agree what "Christian" even means. What made America exceptional for over 230 years was the blessing of God, not smart politicians. As we reject God and His wisdom as a nation, there is nothing left but Satan and chaos. Thinking we are somehow different than Israel over thousands of years is ludicrous. Idols and immorality reaps bad kings and destruction and slavery.

Reading Leviticus 18:22-30 pretty much covers what's coming and we follow like lemmings to our own destruction. It has nothing to do with more gun laws. 2 Chron 7:13-22 pretty much spells it out and reveals the answer to the problems. What we need is better people to get less regulation and oppressive laws and to live in the peace of God.
Legit clinging to guns and religion (and what's up with the daughter?) brought to you by chuckles.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

And Now this word from Outer Space

Unable to tell if it's a joke edition:
A just discovered little known fact may help to explain Hillary Clinton’s aggressive and domineering personality: She is, in fact, Adolph Hitler’s long lost daughter.

7 months before her April 30th, 1945 suicide with Adolph in the Berlin bunker, Eva Braun gave birth to little “Hildegard” Shickelgruber and arranged to have the baby smuggled across Allied lines to France. In France, the child was delivered to a kind-hearted ship’s captain. Upon landing in New Orleans, the captain personally carried the infant to the home of Eva’s second cousin, Dorte Dittlemann, in Stuttgart, Arkansas.

Psychologists theorize that Hillary’s intense dislike of — indeed, hatred for – military personnel spring from the failure of the German military of her daddy’s Third Reich to save him and her mother during those final days in Berlin.

That hatred manifested itself in such bizarre ways as: demeaning Marines in their dress blues by requiring them to serve as waiters during numerous White House dinners;

yelling at uniform personnel in the White House if, for example, they failed to open doors for her as quickly as she thought necessary;

making loud, sarcastic remarks to uniformed – and non-uniformed – Secret Service personnel assigned to her security detail in the White House and in other public settings;

admonishing her daughter to NOT be civil to these same security and other personnel. Her daughter, who apparently did not inherit all of her mother’s highly unpleasant persona, refused to comply and was generally decent to those her mother despises.

Please TRY to remember this as she makes her run at the White House. Ask yourself if this INCREDIBLY UNPLEASANT woman ought to be Commander-in-Chief of the same military she so clearly detests??

This creature – THE BITCH OF BENGHAZI – must NEVER again be allowed to infest the White House!
A joke that will be quoted as truth before November brought to you by Dick Bachert (This entire "administration" has been a series of Reischstag Fires. We know how that turned out!)

And nice tagline.

And Now This word from Outer Space

Pervy robot novel edition:
I’m writing a book and I introduce full-service human synths about 2035. Synthetic Humans.

By 2100, they are directing traffic in cities and speeding flow and reducing crime and vandalism in central cities. Tourism will go up and business will boom. The New york subway will become a tourist destination and model for the world. A synth on each car to start and then one every other car.

They stop crime, arrest people, clean the car and can do maintenance if the train stops. They patrol above the traffic in anti-grav cheery pickers, see Dick Tracy 60 years ago.

They do all menial, repetitive chores.

Then they introduce school teacher who can lecture on many subjects and can answer any question, in the info is online and more in 20 seconds. Then assisting in surgeries (robots already in use)

When you go to London, you will visit a tourist area 10 blocks square in the East End. It will be Victorian age and Dickens, Victoria, Wilde and others will be walking down the street and answer questions or be in clubs and tell stories.

Sex synths will feel and do anything humans can do. Future synths will be able to split their tongues. Use your imagination. People will use synths as personal assistants in business and at home. The price a hundred years from now will be only 199,000 because of volume.

In 2199, Synths will take over the Mars colony and block ships from landing. It will take synths and humans 75 years to take back Mars, while they mine and reduce the amount of food being grown. Outlaw countries will purchase Mars metal from the synths. Because of their deductive powers, by 2150, synths will be teamed with humans as detectives. They will be expert in crime scene searches, perform forensics on site, and read body language and vitals during interrogation better than any human. The use of synths will reduce PD budgets 55.1%, as crime steadily drops because of the use of synths.

There will be three lanes of traffic. Ground , mid, and gravity cars. The synths and other emergency vehicles will use the mid level. The wealthy or business which can afford it will use the high speed anti-gravity level.

The Chinese will develop a road bed for anti-gravity cars contracted with lane marked made from lights and lasers. The cars will be solar electric because even in cloudy areas the cells will draw more form light than we ever though possible. The Japanese and the Germans will build the cars and the US car industry will finally collapse because we got into the game too late. There will be tube trains traveling at 3,000 miles an hour.

People will have sex in commercials.

The US will lower voting, material, age of consent and such to 16 due to the advanced maturity and knowledge of teens. The ages will be the same in all 50 states.

Desal plants in the Gulf of California will turn the area west of Juarez into an agricultural source for much of the world. Russia and Ukraine will partner and do the same with 3 million acres which cross their borders. when the population reaches 11 billion, hunger will be eradicated.

There will be privately owned space planes New York to japan in 2 hours (see Reagan 1980s)

People will wear rings which will change colors as they press the pours stones. The rings signal sexual availability and preferences. (example white is any situation, black is I’m celibate, exclusion relationship like married, or just taking the night off. Rings will be developed with chips which can do blood test. The first strips and pins will come out of the ring around the outside f the watch. The first test will be diabetes, the second STDs the third AIDS. 20 years later you can add a TB and pregnancy test all on your watch.

People will have more sex. People that want that life, will become more fit to be more suitable as a partner. More fit people use less health care. There will be 18.6% less money spent on health care.

There will be triple marriages and then the supremes will say, no more restrictions on numbers.

Polygamy becomes popular with one person being the full-time house spouse. People will be able to afford ,more houses as the spouses who work don’t take time off for babies, because the remaining spouse takes car of that.

2275, synths will drug the president and keep her in her bedroom and just have her come out to make statements. The synths will develop superior military strategy and take over 5 US forts and bases. They will defeat China in a massive, but short attack and the rest of the world will surrender.

A world run by synths will be logical and generally trouble free. They will decide what humans can do and if they have any value. By 2350 it will be clear that synths are a higher, more intelligent power. They will have humans as assistant, if they prefer. The earths population will be brought down from 12 billion to 5 over a 100 year period.

People will work less except for any residual manual labor. There will be clubs in which you can have a lottery to see if you can have sex with an actual human being.

There will be underground cannibalism, because of the thrill and suspense as you set with 5 others for the evening and then 2 hours later they determine who is going to be cooked and who’s recipe will be used. Fit, good looking people will be the favorite meal of choice.

Babies are only born as determined by the synth world human population center.

I know some of this is not so new, but it’a part of a series I’m doing which starts now and ends in 2399.

Thanx for reading. Fire away.
1990s Edgelord hedonistic techno-future brought to you by morphing libertarian

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Freepers contemplate fighting schoolchildren

Some 6th grader in Missouri got into a fight for wearing a Trump hat. The school suspended the kid for being disruptive. Knowing kids, I suspect there's a bit of history there.
Freepers do not know kids, however. And so this story briefly went national.

Recall that Freepers were into bullying when it was pro-Trump. Now, though, this is a crisis that can only be solved by lawsuits and adults getting violent - always a good lesson for kids to learn!

dsc, on the site Free Republic, complains that liberal sites ban dissenters:
School claims that the HAT was causing problems... Not the bullies.... but the hat....

That’s the way the way the crybullies operate.

Ain’cha never been kicked off a libtard site?
Of course giant Bible bore HiTech RedNeck thinks the problem is unspecific not enough Jesus:
The only good part is more Dems are forced to admit that racism, mob tactics and property destruction have become their main strategies of communication.

They’re trying so sadly to do kumbaya... with no Jesus Christ.
CrimsonTidegirl is ready for brutality!
If that were my son, the school, the bullies & the bullies’ families would suffer hell.

Unfortunately, like most conservatives, the boy’s parents will probably just roll over quietly. That’s what conservatives do.

It’s time for some REAL Social Justice. Conservatives, START FIGHTING BACK. Brutally, if need be.
CrimsonTidegirl continues to demonstrate she doesn't have the maturity to be a parent:
The left doesn’t hesitate to harass normal people through the court system. Time for payback.

I’m sick of the violent left getting away with their violent antics without any repercussions. I’m a very petite woman & not very strong physically but I do have a temper. If one of these subhumans attacked me, I would probably lose but I would cause as much pain as I could:)
lightman has a great plan:
Put the kid in cyberschool...that’ll punish the screwl district.
stubernx98 has been a dick foreeever:
I remember getting a major fight in the 4th grade in Oregon when I supported Truman over Duey. Me against many. Have things changed!(me too)
Scrambler Bob thinks deadly force was being used, I guess, because he brings in self-defense law:
The “Ed Code” allows the schools to take ownership of a kid from the time he heads toward school till he gets home (and beyond that, it seems, when you include social media).

There is no provision for self defense. The victim is supposed to roll up in a fetal position and call for a teacher.

Meanwhile, the Law defines self defense and specifies when it is permissible, which differs 100% from the Ed Code.

I say call the cops, press charges. They have evidence.
FrdmLvr's twelve-year-old nephew swore once, proof kids these days are awful:
Speaking of the F bomb: I was sitting with my 91 year old dad and my 35 year old nephew, who happens to be a teacher, a few weeks ago and we were discussing current events of one kind of another when out comes the F word from my nephew! My dad about fell over, but that is the way Gen Xers and millennial speak now a days, and apparently, now 12 year olds too. The coarsening of society is sad.
Candor7, with zero proof, is sure 'demographics' are involved.
This is not politics. Its demographic cultural warfare.

The leftist liberal fascist brown shirts are being created right in front of our eyes. All they need is uniforms and knifes.
redgolum also tweaks to race as the real issue:
How diverse was the school?

For that matter, what is the demographic of the teachers?
central_va's Civil War boner is rising...
I can feel the tension in the air. I think the leftists are going to start something. It is almost palpable. I've never felt this kind of tension since the Vietnam War. Love it.

Trump was supposed to be like rolling a frag grenade under the body politic. So far so good.

Go Trump, Go!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

That's it for a while

Some archive stuff sporadically, but I'm offline for a while. Professional reasons, so don't worry about me!

Happy Freeping,


Saturday, April 1, 2017

Freeper economics.

Robert Reich talks some Keynsian economics (i.e. - "The real job creators are the vast middle class and the poor," "The free market doesn’t exist in nature. It’s created and enforced by government."

Freepers take him on. I'll skip the endless ad-hominems (I take it he's not a tall man?) and go straight to the conservative claptrap and liberal strawmen:

zzwhale knows its all Communism, and will never work!
what will reich be when he grows up......
show me one place in the world where communism works to the benefit of the masss.....
it is a all fairey tales and utopian make believe....

the ivory tower commies have caused more death and destruciton than any other force in the world but the young and stupid keep believin the bs and drinkin the kool aid...
PenguinM has clearly thought this out:
The three biggest myths....
1 - Government involvement helps (aka stimulus)
2 - Government regulations work (yeah, to choke growth)
3 - Taxes make it fair (more choking)

What a nasty little troll Reich is.
4rcane also refrains from anything like an actual explanation:
the myth is that spending creates job
as opposed to investing create jobs
They’re not the same
T-Bird45 doesn't need a PhD to call this guy dumb without bothering to engage any arguments at all!
In what world can an economics Ph.D. be so flamingly ignorant and obtuse, especially about his first “point?” My only answer to that is that he’s never held a real job in his life so he has no insight to how things work.
RWB Patriot says fuck the middle class and poor:
1. The “job creators” are CEOs, corporations, and the rich, whose taxes must be low in order to induce them to create more jobs. Rubbish. The real job creators are the vast middle class and the poor, whose spending induces businesses to create jobs. Which is why raising the minimum wage, extending overtime protection, enlarging the Earned Income Tax Credit, and reducing middle-class taxes are all necessary.”

Two words, @$$hole:

Atlas Shrugged
It's interesting that Freepers have taken to criticizing the crony capitalistic rich, but will return to the fold in a heartbeat.

Pollster1 explains that the global economy means demand doesn't matter, and that free markets exist, because most people are full of integrity.
Spending by the working class and the poor creates demand, which is different from jobs, unless you want to count the jobs created in China and Indonesia. It’s the little guy working 80 hours a week who creates jobs as he hires people to fill the roles he has created.

The free market is what exists in nature when both sides have the integrity to choose voluntary exchange and the power to refuse outside compulsion. Government is force, the opposite of freedom. We need some government to protect against those with no integrity, but today’s bloated FedGov has become exactly what a limited constitutional government was supposed to protect the people against.
rlmorel cites 'tons of evidence'
There are tons of evidence that “economists” like him are WRONG, and Economists like Thomas Sowell are RIGHT, but the failure of socialism and all forms of wealth redistribution do not deter liberals one single bit.

If it doesn’t work, nobody calls them on it, it isn’t recorded for future reference, the failure of liberal economic policies simply goes down the memory hole, chalked up as wrong time/plan/leadership/execution/funding, etc.

They NEVER, even for one gazillionth of a second, consider that the fundamental idea of theirs, that wealth production lies DEFINITIVELY in the hands of each worker, and not in any form in the people who take chances, invest their money and build a business.


I detest liberals and everything about them.
rlmorel goes on to explain what liberals think:
Liberals simply don’t believe that wealth can be “created”. They think the concept is absurd.

We know that wealth CAN be created from an idea.

To liberals, the fact that wealth can spring from an idea and hard work is anathema.

In their mind, it does so only at the grace of the government.

We see it happening in SPITE of the government.
Jack Hammer on that big free-market guy, Lenin!
“The free market doesn’t exist in nature. It’s created and enforced by government.”

Not origial with Reich, and he should say so.

This is a central tenet of Marxism/Leninism, which seems to be Reich’s economic philosophy of choice.

Surely you must see that the rigidity of your position, which is logically correct, is absurd nonetheless?

Dinesh D’Souza, jailed for campaign finance violations, can't stop churning out pseudo-intellectual racist BS for the right.

Here, he jumps onto the 'Obama's a Muslim' bandwagon, without saying Obama's a Muslim: "Obama Forming Global Caliphate". Some Freepers follow the piper, but many get caught up arguing about his imprisonment:

hosepipe knows the real problem are all the voters:
I would think the people that back Obama and vote for him are the dangerous ones..

Obama is just figurehead of a dangerous Cabal..
The boy is playing hockey with a warped puck..
WilliamRobert agrees that Democrats all want the Caliphate:
I knew this five years ago. Why is it just coming out now. This has always been the Democrats design.
cynwoody believes in breaking every law he dems unconstitutional:
Campaign finance laws are made to be broken. They are largely Democrat attempts to subvert that inconvenient First Amendment. Supported by scum.
cynwoody's contempt for the law continues:
Felony schmelony! You are part of the problem, not part of the solution!

If the law conflicts with the Constitution, the law is wrong!
cynwoody would also like to selectively quote Churchill:
Winston Churchill said it best: “Islam is to humans as rabies is to dogs”
Churchill said worse things about the Irish.

The Irish are not relevant to this discussion.
cynwoody explains the subtleties of the Anglosphere
My last name appears on Irish pubs.

Nevertheless, I do not care about the "Black and Tans" because I am an American and a member of the Anglosphere, which correctly reveres Sir Winston. I don't give a rat's ass about Irish issues.
Ann Archy keeps it simple:
You can’t take the Muslim out of the Muslim. And when it’s a DEMOCRAT MUSLIM, it’s doubly EVIL.
manc finds anyone questioning D'Souza to be Alinsky:
Are you kidding? Why would you attack the author who has written about bozo the clown and his future goals instead of addressing the article and how bozo wants an Islamic state and make America a land of non whites or white Christians as a minority?

What you did was right out of the book of Alinsky.
papertyger adds some choice insults:
There are so many people on this thread claiming that D’Souza’s felonies were justified, I get confused.

No, they're just not intimidated by suicide scruples.

As for your confusion, I think it has far less to do with what others are writing than it does with your "girl bully" comportment.
Come for the suicide scruples, stay for the girl bully!

dforest - admitting your guilt once you're caught absolves you of any criminality!
You do understand he did the right thing and admitted what he did. He also accepted the sentence.

It would be nice to see the same zeal dorected at those who lie and never admit they are crooks. Like most of the democrat party.
manc settles back to hate New York darkies:
For some reason the Dems have always hated the fact this country was founded by white men, made by white men and, made great into a super power by white men and all based on Christian principles.

Now they seek to bring in third world immigrants from all over, bring as many muslims over without checking them from Syria just like Clinton did after Kosovo and then there was his Somali’s who are now causing all sorts of trouble here.

If they want the third world here then they should move them to places like Westchester county in NY and Manhattan so they the left can live with them and let them enjoy their multi cultural place
major-pelham knows the real truth is one step beyond logic.
Surely you must see that the rigidity of your position, which is logically correct, is absurd nonetheless?
SisterK randomly brings up SATAN:
You left out the part "This country is run by total SATANIC IDIOTS..."
arthurus just makes things up.
There are two people at the top, Sultan Obama and his Vizier Jarrett.

The relationship is analagous to the relationship between sultan and vizier in the Porte- Istanbul pre Ataturk- and in Cairo of the Mamelukes. The vizier actually runs the government while the sultan plays.

In the old days the sultan spent his time at his hunting lodges or in his harem. This one plays golf and flies off to Hawaii or Africa.

The sultans tended to be omnisexual in their practices and their harems could include boys or the boys were just brought in to him off the street.

And now This Word from Outer Space

Torture-based border control edition:
Sample legislation.

A person found within the United States, having entered illegally, shall:

1. Receive fifty lashes on the back with a cat o’nine tails.
2. Be branded on both cheeks with the letter “B” for “border crasher,” said brand to be two inches tall.
3. Forfeit all monies and properties earned or amassed in the United States, wherever located.
4. Walk from where apprehended to the Mexican border on a diet of beans and tortillas, sleeping in the open.
6. On their journey, ejectees shall pick up trash, cut grass with scythes and other unpowered tools, trim roadside shrubbery, clean rest area toilets, and perform such other tasks as may be ordered, said tasks not to be unduly hazardous.
7. Any person seen with the letter “B” branded on the cheeks who is not a member of a guarded ejectee party may be shot and killed on sight by any U.S. citizen at any time.
8. Idiots may offer ejectees food and water if they like. The penalty for providing ejectees with arms or assisting them to escape shall be death by firing squad, following a guilty verdict in a trial to be conducted by three officers of the U.S. military.
9. Any attempt to bribe a guard is punishable by death, following a guilty verdict in a trial to be conducted by three officers of the U.S. military. A bribe can be monetary or in the form of goods and services, especially including carnal services.
10. Any guard accepting a bribe shall be executed by hanging following a guilty verdict in a trial to be conducted by three officers of the U.S. military.
12. After the great majority of illegal aliens have been ejected, two fences 20 feet tall and 50 feet apart shall be erected on the Mexican side of the border. The area between the fences shall be heavily planted with anti-personnel mines. Motion-sensor-activated machine guns shall be emplaced in such a way as to cover the entire area between the fences with interlocking fields of fire.
13. The President of the United States shall, before the UN General Assembly, tell the President of Mexico to kiss his ass.
14. The organization known as “La Raza” and all similar groups are hereby designated domestic enemies of the Constitution. Active membership in such organizations shall be punished by death.

Announce that and see how long it takes them to self-deport.
The Dark Ages got shit done brought to you by dsc (Any attempt to move a government to the left is a crime against humanity.)

Locker room Jihad

A Muslim tried to pray at an LA Fitness, and was asked to leave. He's suing, and Freepers are hatin'

V_TWIN is not good at figuring out reasonable limitations:
“Soon you’ll be tripping over praying Muslims everywhere”

I was just thinking, would he do this in a movie theater or a restaurant or..........? Where does it end?
9thLife is over Muslims:
Those that aren't killers are obnoxious.

I'm over 'em.
JimRed knows True Muslims are killing machines:
Western Hills High School alumnus Mohamed Fall is a practicing Muslim...

Practicing? Does that mean he is raping, enslaving or killing Infidels? No? Then he's just another apostate, faux-Muslim, and ISIS/ISIL will kill him as quickly as you or me.
MeganC - the locker room was nearly conquered for Islam!
It’s a locker room and not a mosque for some filthy moslem to try to conquer via intimidation.
PROCON posts in large, large font:
Get out of my Country, muslim scourge!
MaxMax realizes that the Constitution never stood for tolerance:
Mecca isn't in America. I understand now that the Constitution has been perverted
by those intent on destroying America by calling it a living Document, and have interpreted
the Constitution as a national suicide pact. That pact is being exercised daily by the Democrats.
Albion Wilde counsels being a rampant asshole:
Next time, ask in a cordial voice, "Do you mind if I join you in prayer?" Then recite the Lord's Prayer at the top of your voice. Stand up and raise your arms to heaven. Put a lot of emotion into it. Sob a little!

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Conspiratorial fan fiction edition.
The internationalist global network is a confederation of selected persons who all know each other but not all are on the same page all the time.

They (meaning the network of selected persons) transit between different roles of arms traders, international bankers, intelligence operatives.

The key to their power is control “of/from” central banking, not central banking per se, but ‘control of/from’ more precisely meaning ‘access to’ and ‘authority support inside’.

For those lurking, you probably know the central bank of the United States is the Federal Reserve (Fed). The central bank of Europe is the European Central Bank (ECB) which now presides over the Deutsche Bundesbank and the European System of Central Banks; for Japan it is the Bank of Japan, for China it is the People’s Bank of China (PBC) with quasi-independent Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) for Hong Kong and its international trading partners; for the UK it is Bank of England. Then there are 2nd tier central banks for economies such as Ireland, Canada, and a descending ranking on down to for example the Central Bank of Nicaragua, the Central Bank of Nigeria, etc.

There is a vertical rank structure of central banks of the world with the Fed at the top followed by the ECB. The rest either fall into line or there will be severe economic consequences followed by a hot war if necessary.

Everyone should know that central banks can create money from nowhere (on computers). All central bank money creation is performance rated by the currency exchanges but the top echelon controls (rigs) the currency markets in favor of their respective currencies. Most all of international relations revolves around the currency markets as they control the value of things in trade.

Control of the top echelon of central banks is a delicate matter with power shared between populist politicians and ruling families via tech partners, contractors and operatives. Banking tech contractors are usually top banks of the world. For example, Citibank is pretty much the proxy controller for the central bank of Mexico. JP Morgan is pretty much the central bank of Iraq. Many of the world’s central bankers take their marching orders from the top echelon’s bank contractors.

The ‘power’ between political figures and ruling families is mostly focused on ranges for top echelon currency values and the amount of money created for ‘regulating’ international banking. These functions are carried out by contractors which are most often top tier commercial and investment banks.

Needless to say, that international commerce and relations are tightly controlled by top banks serving as regulators for monitoring and reporting but NOT FOR ENFORCEMENT. Because top banks are tasked by central banks to monitor and report, there is a crossover of persons between banks and intelligence agencies. Through these persons, all international players are documented and made known. Banking pretty much controls everything and what it does not control slips through in the black market. For example, Iran will run oil tanker trucks in caravans through southern Turkey to oil depots with pipe links to port terminals in Instanbul. The Iran black market for oil will net several million Euros for each run which is peanuts to the financial power of top banks in the arms trade. But it is enough to fund terrorists as long as bank accounts exist for transferring funds and exchanging currencies. These accounts must be in the names of individuals and companies that filed the required paperwork to show they are ‘clean’. These ‘clean’ accounts exist on all sides as proxies for the powerful interests behind them.

The need for clean accounts is what drives the ‘selection’ of people that function as buffers and proxies among intelligence agencies and their operatives. These are the insiders.

Sometimes insiders get greedy and try to transfer funds from their clean account to another account for their own use. For example a few years back, a clean account holder in Hong Kong transferred an amount valued at more than $300 million USD. A contractor from MI6 (a former agent of her Majesty’s Secret Service, a Scot of more than 6’7” in height) caught up with this clean account holder, took him on a helicopter flight, opened the cargo door at 10,000 feet altitude over the ocean and told the account holder to either tell where the $300 million was or he would be taking a swim. This is an example of the nature of the business.

When selected clean account holders are added to the stable of account holders, special accounts for them may be created by SECOM licenses in Luxembourg. These licenses are granted only to wealthy individuals or businesses. The licenses enable the opening of more than 1800 accounts worldwide. These accounts are often used to fund intelligence, trading, and enforcement operations.

The wealthy individuals for the SECOM accounts are chosen or created. Once selected they become insiders and all of their actions and movements are monitored. If there are not enough wealthy persons to choose from, new ones are created by various wealth creation and concentrating means. One such scheme is through the equity markets. For example, an IPO is issued and stock valuations are created by ordering subscribers to play ball. Instant billionaires are made and their insider status has already been set up and agreed to. They are issued a SECOM license becoming account holders for more than 1800 accounts worldwide as proxies for covert funding agencies and persons.

The top central banks provide liquidity (meaning money from nowhere) for most (90% +) of the funding of all the above.

Everything I wrote above is monitored. I was selected as a candidate for insider status and then deselected by an insider before I was funded. I was deselected because I favored Donald Trump for the election. Take that as information about the war at the top.
"I know all about the evil killer International Bankers, but somehow they let me live" provided by Hostage (Article V)

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Walking Dead as Conservative Propaganda edition:
When I watched the this week's episode of The Walking Dead, I immediately thought about how Rick Grimes' group reminded me of the Conservative Family in America.

To paraphrase Rick, as he spoke to the camera while being interviewed:

"You should keep the borders closed. Because it’s all about survival now. At any cost, by voting, grassrooting, resisting the ugly anti-American messaging of the corrupt Fourth Estate. Democrats and RINOS out there are always looking for an angle. Looking to play on your weakness. They measure you. By what they can take from you. By how they can use you to live."

Obama, McConnell, Reid, Boehner, Pelosi, and I even believe Walker, are ruthlessly dismantling the American dream, brick by brick, inside out in America, by targeting conservatives, the middle class, military veterans, military service members, law enforcement, your wife, husband, kids, and even cats and dogs. They will not stop, even after you are too afraid to speak out against them.

This is why net neutrality was recently passed, to stop the Fifth Estate from mobilizing against the obamanation and rinoation tyranny. But the Free Republic still exists, to help us communicate the simple, absolute truth about what these corrupt politicians are all about. Speak it, speak it until your dying breath!
Wait, isn't that show about how the survivors the real monsters?

My favorite TV shows are all Conservative provided by by WIBamian (Cruz for President. Alabama Senator Jeff Session for Vice-President. There really is no one else.)

Over a quarter of British Muslims have sympathy for the Charlie Hebdo terrorists

25% is a pretty high figure, and the disaffection of their minority communities is certainly something England needs to address, both both carrots and sticks.

Freepers, though, aren't into percentages of populations. It's all or nothing for them. This time with bonus pop-sociological defenses of bigotry!

dfwgator uses the usual 'get out of nuance free' card.
The other three-quarters are engaging in Taqqiya.
Defiant allows for 5% non-Muslim Muslims.
And it’s also clear that about 75% of British muslims lied on this survey.

Well, 70 percent. But the other 5 aren’t really Muslim, as they do not follow the teachings of their founding beheader.
I wonder what Buckeye Battle Cry would consider irrefutable proof?
They are liars. Their “holy book” commands them to lie to infidels if it protects or furthers their faith. Never trust them until they prove irrefutably the subject at issue.
FlingWingFlyer accidentally lays out a big reason England has problems with it's Islamic minority:
I take it “British Muslims” aren’t really Brits. They’re just Muzzies that infest Great Britain.
ConservativeInPA wants to keep England white:
That is a shocking figure. And an utterly shaming one for Britain’s Muslim community.

It is utterly shameful that formerly Great Britain has allowed a Muslim community to exist and grow.
DJ Taylor advertises some anti-Muslim propaganda:
One cannot possibly understand Muslims if one doesn't know what's in the Koran.

For your and your family's survival, get and read The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran by Robert Spencer. available at
Pearls Before Swine has this whole theory where xenophobia is a virtue:
I think a lot can be learned from the immune systems of biological organisms.

There are some symbiotic relationships between the host and “guest” organisms, particularly in the gut. But, the general rule is that if it’s different, immune surveillance picks it up, attacks it, and gets rid of it. Why? Because most of the foreign organisms are self-interested parasites which will damage or eventually kill the host.

Western PC (with a good dose of Communist/Alinsky scheming over the years) has devolved to the point where we pretend that our society doesn’t need an immune system. That’s what borders (like the skin) provide, when properly enforced. It’s what immigrant vetting and naturalization are supposed to provide.

So, now, with a long period of suppressed civic immune system, we’ve developed a number of civic diseases. We have colonies of self-interested nationalistic groups balkanizing the country. Maybe some of these are benign growths. But, we have metastatic ones too—Islamic and leftist—which seek complete overthrow of the host society and domination of its remaining parts.
Steely Tom straight-up defends prejudice:
What I'm saying - and not very well - is that the ecological system of ideas, and the mechanisms that have been developed by civilization for finding the truth, defending the truth, and purging anti-truths (superstitions, lies, propaganda, etc.) are under attack.

Political correctness/nonjudgementalism is an attack on the basic act of generalization. "Prejudice" is simply a word that is applied to a type of generalization that one group or another doesn't like. P-C is an attack on all generalization, which makes it an attack on one of the basic modalities of human intellectual activity in the search of knowledge and insight, and the survival value those things confer.
ridesthemiles has this revealing analogy:
Britain needs to permanently DEPORT every last one of them.

Sorta like when businesses in the USA were forced into down-sizing & many private small business owners walked thru their parking lots & looked for all the Obama stickers to make their list of lay-offs!!!
The fact that Freepers cries of survival are actually just disguised spite is unsurprising.

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Military tolerance edition:
It’s much worse than this.

Mandatory “consideration of others” (CO2) training - monthly in many commands - has become a continual drumbeat of socialist propaganda.

The unit’s political officer singles out those with dissenting viewpoints and through the classic marxist deconstruction techniques ridicules, chastises, and otherwise harasses christians and conservatives over issues of: taxation, support for our president (a topic which NEVER came up during the Bush years, trust me) global village outreach missions (as opposed to blowing sh*t up and killing people which is - ostensibly - what the military is meant to do as an extenuation of political will. Read von Clausewitz on this.), LGBTQ/XYZABC&FU issues are a frequent topic of “discussion” (issues which, believe me, are endless and all-encompassing. Who knew that someone’s lifestyle choice would impact themselves, others, life, the universe and everything so DRAMATICALLY), women in front line combat, unmarried/pregnant soldiers who can’t do their job forcing others to pick up the slack while the pregnant ones slack off for the rest of their career, muslims, muslims, muslims and, did I mention muslims? They’re our friends and neighbors and are PEA-e-e-e-e-CEFUL (read that with the ululation of a lamb’s bleating for sarcastic effect).

Such identified individuals are labeled as “haters” and get singled out month after month for more of the same treatment and frequently taken to the Sergeant Major or company CO for “attitude correction” which effects their reviews and promotability.

John 15:13 only goes so far and then there’s Ecclesiastes’ 3:3 (”Time to kill”) or GTFO.
"Why can't I hate all Muslims and be in the military" brought to you by normbal (normbal. somewhere in socialist occupied America)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Fun with Nazis and definitions edition:
Didn’t you know the Nazi’s and Southern racists were all about LIMITED government, I mean how ELSE could they have done all their mis-deeds.

The Nazi’s only had ONE very efficient NAZI rounding up and killing all the millions of Jews, his name was Franz and he was a horrible person. One thing you cannot do and round people up and kill them at the same time is to have a giant totally in control central government like the NAZI’s apparently didn’t have... NAZI was short for National SMALL Government you know...

And the southern Jim Crow laws were all in place because the government down there felt they didn’t have the right to tell businesses WHO they could do business with and that they were certainly not having issues with government overreach into other peoples lives. I mean the Democrats in the south had nothing to do whatsoever with all the limited government racist laws that enforced segregation....

I think I have used up my daily allowance of sarcastic wit...
GraceG (Protect the Border from Illegal Aliens, Don't Protect Illegal Alien Boarders...) - Clearly not one to read Freepers re: immigration and law enforcement.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Freeper regrets

I have a few regrets, looking over my life - you'd be lying to yourself if you didn't. Mostly these are professional or romantic, as one might expect.

But if one ever doubted that (despite recent electoral success) Freepers represent an...idiosyncratic subset of Americans, one need only gaze upon this thread.

refermech starts what will become a theme of women troubles.
Never trust a woman in matters concerning birth control. appears max americana is single!
too many regrets. I wished I saved my relationship with my 4th GF in college. She was the one that got away and would have married and settled down with her.

I’m a dog, you see ;)
Chickensoup was insufficiently self-absorbed.
What kind of everythings?

I would not have focused so much on other people.
For a 'conservative', Chickensoup really seems unsatisfied with responsibility.
I would have been a bit less independent.

I would have spent more time on fun things instead of always being the provider.

No one really loves the provider, they love the fun one.
daler is another who is unsatisfied and frustrated:
I wouldn't have stayed in the same crummy job for 20 years in the interest of "security."

My advice to young people is, while being logical and thoughtful about it, to always chase your dream(s).

Life doesn't give you a mulligan.
Drew68 is one of many who try and claim no regrets.
Not a thing.

I'm in a good place right now. Every mistake I've ever made has led me here.
Organic Panic has another common trend - getting rich quick via Apple stock:
Buy gold
Bought property
Invested in Apple

Then I would have been retired about 30 years already.
Stayed in college.
Mr. Jeeves  has a lot of dreams, all involving getting rich quick, and avoiding his unsuccessful attempts to get rich quick.
The list is large - all choices I had in front of me at one time, and made the wrong ones:

- Would have worked much harder in high school and tried to get into Stanford in 1982, majoring in Computer Science.

- Would have gone to work for Microsoft in the late Eighties when I had a chance to do so.

- Would have bought vast quantities of Apple stock at its lower points before the return of Steve Jobs.

- Never would have bought Las Vegas real estate in the last few years before 2008.

- Never would have left my job in 2008 to resume my consulting career.

- Never would have opened a retail store in a major mall.

Things look pretty good going forward, though, especially since Hillary will not be President. I'll try to avoid making any more massive blunders from here on out. :)
Ellendra was forced to quit school, and so could't get rich quick. Also she has had multiple weird health issues that turned out to be nothing...
I would have studied Medical Coding in college, and then after I got my degree I would have studied Accounting. That way when I was forced to quit school I would have had a fallback plan in place.

I would have waited 6 months before buying my land. The seller went bankrupt, and the lot next to mine sold for 1/3rd what I paid, for the same size property.

I would have gone to the hospital right away when I got sick that summer, instead of waiting until I collapsed and had to be carried. It turned out to be a mild infection, but the symptoms were so subtle I tried to power through them.

I would have gone to the chiropractor when I started having dizzy spells in 2008. Instead, it took almost 2 years and tens of thousands of dollars in tests, when it was a simple misalignment in my neck that was causing the problem. Even then, we discovered the cause by accident. None of the doctors I saw caught it.

I would have driven to Cleveland when I lost my voice in 2011. I was mute for 3 years, and went through more tests and doctors, got yelled at and accused of making it up, only to eventually discover that it was a simple problem, that a specialist at the Cleveland Clinic was able to fix in an hour.

I would never have trusted my father for anything.
InkStone exemplifies another common Freeper rout - Jesusing all up in the place:
I wish I would have given my life to Christ as a young man, instead of waiting so long...

Because I failed to do so, I made mistakes that caused a lifetime of heartache and regret for myself, and many others.
shhrubbery! blames everything bad on not being Christian enough:
Would've not let myself be influenced by the evil Left, back in the terrible '60s and '70s.

Would've stayed a faithful Christian, instead of letting myself be tempted to do the trendy thing.

Everything bad that happened in my life was a consequence straying from traditional Judeo-Christian morality.
Obbiee hints at some problems with the kids. This will become a trend.
I would live fully for the one who died for me. Every morning of every day.
I would have instilled in my children a love for Christ that no college education could question.
BelleAl's Christianity tortures her because her kids didn't stick with it. They say the best faiths make you miserable!
2 of my three kids have turned their backs on Christ. Knowing now that the world they grew up in was so vastly different than mine of the 1970s, I would have adapted my parenting accordingly. I used the parenting model of my parents where our faith was supported in our local culture and in college. It’s a greater fight than I knew - We were involved in a local church and walked the Christian path as a family. It just wasn’t enough in today’s broken world.

Not sharing this core belief with two so precious to me is my greatest heartbreak. It grieves me daily.
ZinGirl thinks misery builds character.
It sounds terrible...but we wouldn't have cared about the kids' "feelings" so much. It did them no favors. We see that now. We really thought it was the right thing to do. In a large part, perhaps it was. However, did we raise part of a generation who needed validation at every turn? Or, despite success, did it seem empty without "peer" approval?

WW1 and WW2 sucked, but it sure created some people with character, strength, and fortitude.
Poor mom4melody's unfulfillment has lead her to yearn for things no proper Freeper women should want - a career and no kids.
No to marriage, no to kids, more on my education and career
Harmless Teddy Bear's life is legit a bit tragic, and I guess adoption wasn't thought of.
I would have met my husband earlier. We were about two miles apart of years, probably passed each other in the store and other places multiple times and never met.

I would have ignored the people telling me to get a white collar job and gotten my certification as a master diesel mechanic.

I would have ignored that stupid OB-GYN who told me the problems I was having were normal and gotten one who knew what he was doing. Then our children would have had a chance to live.

That is pretty much it.

The third item is what I really regret. The rest is just life.

And God has given me a pretty good life.
ThunderSleeps regrets not having a threesome, which is kinda normal, I guess.
I had talked to a Marine Corps recruiter several times and almost signed up. Looking back across 35 years...wish I had.

If that's a little too corny for anyone, probably my second biggest regret is not saying "yes" to the two lovely ladies that propositioned me (at a party, not on a street corner) with a 3-some. I was too much of a good wingman, a buddy of mine had a tremendous crush on one of them. In retrospect, he never would've known, heck, he ended up marrying someone else anyway...
YogicCowboy, as he does, regrets women are such bitches.
I will be candid:

I would have refused to believe young women who called themselves Christians who wanted to marry a spiritually-minded man.

As an ordained minister, I have witnessed time after time how Church Girls choose the Bad Boys over the Good Guys.

I was a Good Guy. I was never a Bad Boy. I have never been drunk. I have never used drugs. I have never fornicated.

I was told numerous times by such a Christian woman that I was the most honorable man that she had ever known - yet such a woman rarely would date me even once, much less twice.
Meanwhile, I remain an adult virgin, since my profession of faith denies me fornication as an outlet.

I live in a culture that mocks virginity, especially in a male. (My virility was mocked - both behind my back, and to my face - by some of the above pew warmers, when they realized that I was actually chaste.)
jumpingcholla34's marriage has longevity, but doesn't sound so hot.
I'm 70 now. I've made some major screw-ups, but most big decisions have turned out all right. I try to leave the past where it lies.

But, one thing I might have done is to persuade my wife to be a frugal person, as she was at the start of our marriage. Now, I see that I have enough money to satisfy all of my modest needs for the rest of my life, but not enough to satisfy her needs. So, I keep working and worrying about money. That seems crazy.
right way right regrets not blaming more things on Obama.
In 2007 I decided to make a career shift and left a long term employer for greener grass. Then 2008 hit and diabetes and I found myself back at the same employer again, I was ecstatic, then Obama was elected and I was laid off. I bounced through 6 Jobs during this Obamanation period.

Much has been my own fault but, I also blame much on the spooked Obamanation economy and employers afraid to make total commitments to a diabetic employee because of Obamacare.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wisconsin court: Teens in Slender Man case should be tried as adults

Two twelve-year-olds killed someone due to some kind of fascination with Internet meme slenderman. Horrible. But trying twelve-year-olds as adults is not justice. Freepers, though, are always down to be unthinkingly tough on crime. After all, Freepers often speak about revenge as a legitimate use of state power.

Boogieman does not see any sign of mental illness here:
Sorry, I don’t buy the whole “delusional” excuse. 12 year olds are old enough to know crap like that is not real, and certainly two 12 year old brains working together would know better.
Grimmy thinks this will only encourage other twelve-year-old ritualistic murderers:
All this mollycoddling of “youths” that do violent crimes has done no thing other than to increase the frequency with which youngsters commit violent crimes.

Never too young to learn about repercussions.
Drango keeps things simplistic:
12 year olds are not adults, but they are evil.
definitelynotaliberal thinks childhood drawings were a sign the parents should have seen, and is ready to diagnose:
Both parents encouraged the Geyser girl to indulge her Slenderman obsession. Her father bragged on his Facebook page that his munchkin drew Slenderman on restaurant napkins, etc.. The mother says that the father is schizophrenic and that they expected that “Mogo” might become schizoid herself down the road.

In my estimation, she needs to be locked up for decades, at least 25 years, and needs to be closely monitored after that.
BBell may not have heard but mental institutions are a thing these days, and asylums are universally regarded as horrorshows best consigned to the past.
These two need mental help and close monitoring. Prison is only going to make them worse and they will get out eventually. Prisons were not meant to be mental institutions but that is what they have turned into.

Bring back the asylums.

Monday Potpourri pt. II

I recall doing a systematic evaluation of Newspaper articles on political matters in regards the ‘politicians are all the same’ argument. The NYT was one of the nearly score of papers I tracked. While bias was expected, I was astounded at how they would selectively edit things, and often provide only the Democrat description of what the Republicans were saying without any quotations at all for the other side. Hearings that there were transcripts of, were ended when the relevant response came and the next words completely dismantled the point of the article.

Just awful.
Very serious, the CIA using domestic propaganda through the Washington Post, CNN, Washington Times, Wall Street Journal to undermine the authority of the President of the United States...

If there is any truth to the claim that Obama signed an Executive Order authorizing the CIA to become involved in domestic propaganda & disinformation operations it would explain the current barrage of FAKE NEWS President Donald Trump is facing.

President Trump needs to issue an EO that strictly sanctions all federal agencies from manipulation of the domestic media.... the global socialist conspirators are very accomplished at soft coups through deliberate distortion of information and their agents are well imbedded by the CIA in the MSM....

President Trump needs to be advised, speak to this & take action....
What a shit show is country is now.

I am actually at the point to where I wish Hillary would have won. I have actually come to believe there is no way for Trump to succeed with 60% of the American people opposed to him and the entire congress unwilling to work with him.

This country is going down in flames fast. Id rather it had crashed and burned under Hillary instead of Trump.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


("The New PTSD: Post-Trump Stress Disorder" - The MLN didn't make Trump, so they can't break Trump.)
(Democrats appoint activist 'judges' to legislate from the bench. WE NEED TO DO THE SAME.)
 (God bless Israel and all who protect and defend her! And please, God, bless the USA again.)
(Democrats Fed. job-security Whorocracy & hate:hypocrites must be gay like us or be tested/crucified)
 (The Left has a mental illness: A totalitarian psyche.)
( ~~Trump 2020~~)
(1 1/2 million attended Obama's coronation - only 14 missed work!)
("A is A. A thing is what it is." Ayn Rand)
(The Confederacy was the single greatest conservative resistance to federal authority ever)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The horror of giltter

Some congressman got glitterbombed for being pro life. Freepers, who have no doubt already forgotten about this minor headline nevertheless hastened to blow this amusingly out of proportion:

OKSooner knows this is serious:
Somebody needs to go to jail. Glitter can really mess people’s eyes up if it gets in them.
RginTN blames the media for minimizing this huge story:
I’m sure the Media will be demanding Democrats denounce this violent act, right????
Crim doesn't understand how spring-loaded glitterbombs work:
I see little little difference between that and a mail bomb expept for the level of explosion.
exit82 calls terrorism:
Basically a terrorist attack — the intent is to intimidate.

The message is subtle but unmistakable — “next time it wont be glitter but instead something harmful”

Exactly right.

And this should be prosecuted as such.

If a right winger did this, you know it would be.
Lurker wants some right-wing terrorism:
Conservatives don’t do this kind of stupid s**t.

Perhaps we should.

Monday, March 6, 2017

And Now This Word from Outer Space.

Latest Travis McGee wankfic preview edition.
“The main Muslim prayer, the Shahada: ‘There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger.’ The green Saudi flag is basically the same as the black flag of jihad, except for the color.”

“Right. They have to wipe their feet on the Shahada flag, spit on it, and pledge loyalty to king and country. And it’s all videotaped. Tends to separate the sheep from the goats, knowing they can never live among practicing Muslims ever again. In the end, most of them went through the ritual. And most of them said they were glad to do it.”

“Even so, Colonel, I wouldn’t trust them. The Koran tells them to lie to infidels if it helps to spread Islam.”

“The sincere ex-Muslims are the best at sniffing out the fakers. They know that if there’s any more Muslim terrorism in the UK, they’ll all be deported next time—every last one of them. And they don’t want to go back, oh no, they don’t want to go back. Being dropped off on a deserted stretch of the Libyan beach is not very pleasant, I’d imagine. And after they take the king’s oath standing on the Saudi flag, it’s a death sentence if they’re ever sent back to a Muslim country. It’s all on videotape. They know full well they have the most to lose from any more Muslim terrorism in Britain. They’re the best ferrets we have, the sincere ex-Muslims. Most of them became Christians, just prove their loyalty even more strongly. Anyway, there’s not many left. Most of them went home on the ships. Better than ninety percent. The ex-Muslims who are left are a good lot, by and large. King and country.”

“It’s hard to believe they’d just agree to leave like that.”

“They didn’t have much choice about it. Remember, this all happened soon after Paris and the start of the French Civil War. We were all watching it on television, hour by hour. The Muslims in the UK knew that if we went in hard, like the French Army did, the only alternative to deportation was dying in the rubble. The French example was staring them in the face. Anyway, most of them are still alive—which is more than you can say for the Christians in the Middle East.”
Detailed genocide fantasy provided by Travis McGee (

Monday potpourri pt. I

Kenny is not a fan of the new National Security adviser understanding how psychology works:
Article says he doesn’t want to say “radical Islamic terrorism”. Sorry but no matter who he’s killed, I see that as a red flag. Trump pushed that repeatedly in his rallies, you can’t beat the enemy if you won’t say their name. He criticized Obama over and over for not saying “radical Islamic terrorism”.

Anyway, Hillary’s probably killed her share of enemies, not necessarily a character reference. :-)
Lil Flower has fully adopted the 'if liberals ain't mad, I don't want it' paradigm:
I knew this guy was bad news when the establishment went all gaga over him. Trump is over impressed with Generals, don’t know if he looks deep enough before he hires.

Me too. When everyone likes him, you know it’s trouble. He should have never excepted Flynn’s resignation. Preibus needs to go.
be-baw has an odd definition of innuendo...
We have yet to see a shred of evidence that Russia had any influence on or even tried to intervene in US elections. All we have is innuendo that 9 or 16 or however many intelligence agencies have claimed it happened. No named sources of these rumors as far as I know and there’s no good reason to believe any of it.
dp0622, of all people, urges Freepers to remain calm:
To think I worried about this sh## a few weeks ago.
Nobody’s kicking Trump out of power.

He will destroy them first.

And there are no ground.

THEY HATE that he apologizes to NO ONE an takes no prisoners.

Hey Trump, kill em all and let God sort em out.
To replace Trump's latest failed nominee, VietVet876, like so many Freepers, takes refuge in fiction, and a hoaxter:
I liked one of the actors who played SecNav in NCIS a couple of years ago when Ziva was still in the house. Or to really put a steel-toed boot up the appropriate asses, how about Richard Marcinko?
Pravious defends Trump's compulsive twittering - he's doing it for youuuu!
Why does he feel the need to comment about everything?

Because he sees himself as virtually the only person standing up to that left and what they’re trying to do to our country. Even after his win, the Republicans in congress seem overwhelmingly content to cower under their desks, deny that anything’s ever going to get done, and whimper like cowards.

Besides, I like the mindset of constantly throwing it back in the left’s ugly face. Don’t let them set the agenda. Don’t let them get away with ANYTHING, because they’ve been getting away with EVERYTHING for far, far too long.
trebb also thinks Trump's constantly making a fool of himself for the world to see is good, because liberals being angry proves liberals losing. Not sure what that means about Freepers being angry...
I think the President's tweets work best when he talks about what his administration is accomplishing. After all, that is the best bitch-slap of all.

Normally I might agree, but the whole of the Left is fully engaged in war with President Trump and like they say, A good offense is the best defense --- if he goes a day or two w/o some sort of slap at them, they will be crying out that he must agree with them and that he is indefensible...
Tune in later today, as frustration sets in, and Freepers stop gloating about miserable liberals and start yearning for fascism.

elpadre is pretty sure the Democratic Party is doomed, now:
a full fledged socialist defeated a hammer and sickle communist. I suspect membership in the Democratic Party is going to decrease considerably. 
Many whom I know are only Democrat because they always have been as were their Daddies were and grand-daddies, etc. This may well be just too much for them.
Ho-hum, just  Candor7 urging vigilante murder again.
If I were Bergdahl’s lawyers, at this point I’d tell him to let the trial proceed and see what the judgement is

Well many want him released so they can make their own Justice happen. His action resulted in a couple of deaths of his fellow platoon members.

If he had any clues, he should want to stay in jail as long as possible for protection.But he is actually clueless.
MGunny has already started defending Trump for not delivering on his outlandish promises.
PRESIDENT Trump has been in office now for, what, 5 weeks...and he hasn’t cured the common cold....I am SOOOOO disappointed!
Bit of advice, Arthur McGowan...done's play semantics with pedophilia...
There were only four or five PEDOPHILE priests in the U.S. in the last sixty years.

Most of the rest were pederasts. Homosexual men preying on young males.
WENDLE goes on the Oscars thread to smugly drop that the Oscars and moves r dumb and liberal and gay.
That movie crap is total history.Nobody gives a rip.I have never see so many communists in one hell hole. Their movies suck . I will never watch the glorification of faggots.Never!
Art in Idaho has some analysis of the amusing Oscars screw-up
Trump won tonight.
Ann Archy is going full conspiracy on the Oscars:
I just watched a short clip on Drudge, and it looked TOTALLY FAKE!! HOW did that guy grab the card out of Beatty's hand that said Moolighting????? Totally STAGED imho.

If this hadn't happened NO ONE would be talking about the damn show.
Red Badger seems to think majority minority districts are Democratic inventions:
It was DEMOCRATS OWN GERRYMANDERING that caused them to lose the House and Senate in 1994 and again in 2010.

When they were in power in the states’ redistricting processes they ‘created’ so-called ‘black districts’ that were safely within their control. By doing this, they had to rob adjacent districts of democrat voters, thus weakening their control over those districts’ voters and so they lost the district in the next election after the redistricting.

What this did was to make the elected Dems in Congress be way more liberal and left-wing than the average voter back in their states. They weeded out the centrists and the right wing entirely of their party so now we have a Dem party full of far left ideologues.

Then when the Republicans got control of the redistricting process, they let the ‘black districts’ remain, so now neither the Dems or the Pubbies will get rid of them...............
GrandJediMasterYoda has a new conspiracy for us!
I believe the NY Times was the paper that warned Castro of the Bay of pigs invasion. Right there the editors and owners should have been arrested for treason. That’s 56 years that people have been living under a dictatorship because of that.
Angels27 knows California is only liberal because of all the illegal immigrants voting fraudulently, though also Trump is hated???
I live in Southern California. I ASSURE you Hillarys huge advantage here was just from illegals. Whites overwhelmingly voted for her here to. Trump is completely dispised here in the Peoples Republic of California. He is utterly hated here and anyone who would vote for him is subject to violence. Even Orange County voted overwhelmingly for her. No Democrat since FDR has carried Orange County.