Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. II

I recall doing a systematic evaluation of Newspaper articles on political matters in regards the ‘politicians are all the same’ argument. The NYT was one of the nearly score of papers I tracked. While bias was expected, I was astounded at how they would selectively edit things, and often provide only the Democrat description of what the Republicans were saying without any quotations at all for the other side. Hearings that there were transcripts of, were ended when the relevant response came and the next words completely dismantled the point of the article.

Just awful.
Very serious, the CIA using domestic propaganda through the Washington Post, CNN, Washington Times, Wall Street Journal to undermine the authority of the President of the United States...

If there is any truth to the claim that Obama signed an Executive Order authorizing the CIA to become involved in domestic propaganda & disinformation operations it would explain the current barrage of FAKE NEWS President Donald Trump is facing.

President Trump needs to issue an EO that strictly sanctions all federal agencies from manipulation of the domestic media.... the global socialist conspirators are very accomplished at soft coups through deliberate distortion of information and their agents are well imbedded by the CIA in the MSM....

President Trump needs to be advised, speak to this & take action....
What a shit show is country is now.

I am actually at the point to where I wish Hillary would have won. I have actually come to believe there is no way for Trump to succeed with 60% of the American people opposed to him and the entire congress unwilling to work with him.

This country is going down in flames fast. Id rather it had crashed and burned under Hillary instead of Trump.


  1. These are the unhappiest bastards I have ever seen in my life.


  3. "...with 60% of the American people opposed to him..."
    But I thought he won bigly! I thought his electoral landslide was the biggest ever! He told us so incessantly for months!

  4. Donnie Junior, the son of the President, is tweeting.

    …Donald Trump Jnr slams London mayor Sadiq Khan for saying ‘terror attacks are part of living in…

    I especially like it that this is being reported in The Sun which is a supermarket tabloid.

    Good grief. How did we get here?

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