Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday potpourri.

UglyinLA parses Obama's latest speech for more birther evidence!!!!!!

[Obama] says he “grew up” in Hawaii. Normally someone would say they were “born and raised” unless they were born somewhere else, then they say they “grew up.” Is this a slip of the tongue that he was only “raised” by Grampa Dunham but born elsewhere???????

Venturer is terrified!

The fags are everywhere. Don’t hand me that crap about only 2% being homosexual.

cripplecreek on community organizing:

Its what a community organizer does. They pour gasoline on the fire, block the firefighters from doing their jobs, and blame banks, corporations and landlords for the lost homes.

I think he's been doing it wrong.

has a fascinating reaction to the revelation that the CIA had a fake Saddam gay sex tape:

I think it is a cover for revelations about to come forward about the TOTUS. If the CIA could manufacture a tape about Hussein’s homosexuality, then one should be wary of charges against a certain person in power with the same middle name, even if there are pictures.

1951Boomer has a never before heard revelation about the border:

The routes they use are littered with Korans, prayer rugs, and other junk indicative of Islamists. The garden variety illegal Mexicans may be the LEAST of our immigration problems.

Never heard before because he made it up.

has martial law conspiracy theory #95487:

Let’s think about this a minute. Arizona takes matters in their own hands and gets an unparalleled barage of negative comments from the White House, and now they’re sending in the National Guard. A last minute change of plans could have them taking over the statehouse under the pretext of insurrection, and declaring an emergency “election” enforced by union thugs for an Obama stooge. Am I being paranoid?

dalebert has beliefs, but no facts or evidence:

and i believe while the rig in the gulf was spilling tons of oil hillary signed something with the un that is some form of gun control.

Better go into hiding now!


We cannot help any country infected by Islam. It is a disease with a 100% fatality rate. Every child born in Afghanistan is already dead.

How Christian!

aruanan on how slavery was much better than what Obama is doing now:
the lifetime expropriation of the fruits of labor from Southern slaves by their owners was about 10% (and they provided child care, housing, food, and medical care!).
Who needs a source when you are into the lost cause?

Cruising Speed has some economics to drop on us:
Inflation is theft, pure and simple.
LibLieSlayer, model Freeper:
I do not trust anyone any longer... except Palin, Rush, Malkin, Levin and GOD.
SirLurkedalot on Patton's assassination. You heard right:
IIRC a sniper took out his driver.

I often wonder just how far back the infiltration goes..


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Pix

TRUE Conservatives never sit near liberal co-workers.

A collection of Freepers' craziest theories, and Obama is the crazy one?

Well, at least they didn't use basketball.

Haw! Obama's gay with his body man!


Wait, you photoshop him into something and them pretend to be offended by the photoshop?

This picture has stayed on Freepers' minds for so long. It must be love.

Hilarious! It has like 2 letters that are the same as Obama!

Who is beating up these two? Obama? SOROS?

I have no doubt there were black Confederates. So? There were Jewish Nazis too.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Freepers love the oil spill

Obama: “I take responsibility. It is my job to make sure that everything is done to shut this down” Thus, inevitably, Freepers:

E. Pluribus Unum:
This sucks, but the one ray of light is that Obama took credit for stopping it, then it turns out it's not stopped.

it went awry almost to the very second that The One claimed that he was “in charge”.


the truth is gushing out


So now it will be spun this way: BP got mad at Obama claiming victory, at which point they sabotaged the effort


Can we now say it’s Obama’s fault?

Everyday, my suspicions grow

Freepers are going truther about the BP spill!

This Just In smells diabolic here!

I don’t believe it was an accident. This leak happens shortly after Obama announces that we can start drilling for more offshore oil?

Hussein Obama knows that Americans want to drill for oil. He knows we don’t want to be dependent on Saudi or South American crude, not to mention the jobs companies will be creating as well as the revenue.

He announcement was a pose.

I smell diabolic here.

You and Hugo Chaves, chief.

It is unbelievable that we are all thinking this way 1 1/2 years into this mess. This oil spill seems way too convenient. Creates many areas of crisis.
Yeah, amazing how Obama forced you guys to go crazy!

RetroSexual knows the truth will never come out:
Until we wrest control of the media from these bastards we can't expect to ever see fair reporting of the facts. Absurdities like the Obama Administration will go unnoticed. The movies and TV will continue to be biased, and the great unwashed will get their news from the Comedy Channel.
When will the media report Freepers' evidence-less speculation?! When?

Which leads to svcw
I am sickened by this man. On election night I was so angry. I just could not believe the American people could have been so duped. Not that I wanted McCain.
My family was sorta making fun of me, conservatives all.
I went on a really long diatribe about what we were in for, I have been correct. I just thought it was going to be over his eight years in office not in eighteen months. The decline has surprised me but because it has been fast, even liberals are seeing this tragedy.
Knowing Freepers, I can only assume that svcw is currently fighting off jackbooted thugs trying to end his free speech and take his money and then put him in an oven after a death panel.


Thursday, May 27, 2010


Freepers are pretty excited about this whole Sestack being offered a job if he didn't run. There could be a crime there, if you could prove intent. Plus people seem to be forgetting about it as the holiday looms. But Freepers have visions of impeachment dancing in their heads:

Art in Idaho gives not so hopeful sounding advice:

Keep repeating it.
Maybe it'll catch on like that Joker thing did!

driftdiver notes that Obama doesn't actually need to do anything wrong to be impeached:

“He’ll take his hits for the dem machine - no way does he have “proof” that will get to court...”

Don’t need that for impeachment and probably can get away with it for removal. Not that it will happen.

(I think they forget who is in control of Congress, or they are deep in their 2010 election fantasy.)

CurlyDave notes that if they succeed, the result wouldn't be so bad:

Biden is a dumb as a stump, but he isn’t really a socialist.

Fool! The talking point is ALL DEMS ARE SOCIALIST/NAZI/Al Queda!

Rapscallion starts a list:


1. Attempted bribe

2. Cover up of a crime.

3. Spending without appropriation of funds from Congress


rockabyebaby adds to it:

4. Citizen?

5. Communist

Lest some Freepers come to their senses, Rapscallion reminds them:
Remember Clinton was impeached. Historically, impeachment is its own reward.
We'll see what history thinks if Republicans actually go for the impeachment of every Democratic President from now on, eh?

Who is to blame for the oil spill?


muawiyah wants more regulation:
No, BP is not responsible ~ the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT owns the well. BP drilled it, but pays royalties to continue to use it.

The inspection regime created and administered by an army of EPA, INTERIOR and special interest lawyers proved to be inadequate.

Tarpon has questions. Well, really a conspiracy theory in the form of questions:
Depends on what you think is responsible for the waiver given by MMS to violate standard procedures of offshore drilling. Was it a payback for O campaign contributions? Was it authorized from higher ups? a czar maybe? Was it crony capitalism at it finest?

And then there is this problems with Deepwater Horizons inspection logs?

I suggest we won’t know until after Jan 2011.

marron notes that oil is everywhere and we're not drilling:

It should be pointed out that Brazil has drilled its way to energy independence, in deep water. So its tough, but its do-able.

All the easy stuff is off limits. Now they are going to try and make the difficult stuff off limits too, mark my words. The Brazilians can do it, but we can’t.

We have as much oil shale as the Saudis have oil. We’ve got so much oil off the California coast that it comes bubbling up through the ocean floor. We have as much oil off the arctic coast of Alaska as you’ll find anywhere, and if we don’t drill it the Russians will.

Just like, if we don’t want to drill off Florida, no problem, the Chinese will do it for us. On behalf of Cuba.

Ahh, oil shale. Wonder why the oil companies haven't been refining it? Probably Obama's fault.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obama keeps detainees in jail forever, but he doesn't really mean it.

The DC Circuit says that detainees held at Bagram have no habeas rights. The Obama admin is the one that appealed and won this case. Not too liberal an action (hell, even I'm pissed about it, and I'm no partisan).
Freepers effortlessly keeps the cognitive dissonance going, though.

HiTech RedNeck

Bummer only wants to be liberal with your resources. He is tightwad with his.


MadMax, the Grinning Reaper makes up facts and proves this is a huge victory for Bush!
this is a VICTORY for Pres. Bush and his anti-terrorism policies.

Obama was forced to pursue the appeal which was probably initiated by the Bush Administration (not sure I saw this spelled out in the article).

Obie also get bitchslapped by Congress regarding closing GITMO. Even the Democrats voted to keep it open.

BUSH 2: Obama - ZERO

Well, with those facts, sure.

UAConservative just assumes liberal hypocrisy, not paying any attention to what liberals are actually saying

According to the RATs, it’s only illegal when they’re not in power. Whenever the socialists get control of something, then nothing’s off-limits.

manc knows what Obama was thinking, which belays his illiberal actions.

my thoughts too, this is no win for nobama at all , he probably wants them to appeal and was crying as the other far left kooks were about them being held there

the hypocrisy by the left nuts is astounding
BCR #226 has a great question:

Wait a minute, weren’t the libtards fighting to prevent terror suspects from being held like that? Now they are applauding it? Make up your fraking minds people!!!!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Big Marxist, the Lama.

The Dali Lama says he's a Marxist, because Marxism is a moral philosophy while Capitalism is not. Freepers, always willing to hate on someone for the sake of keeping the Cold War alive, pile on.

nonliberal knows a Buddhist leader when he sees one, and the Lama? Faaake!

This guy is a fraud and has been since day 1.

Truthsearcher on how the Lama is like a super-liberal

I’ve always wondered why leftists in the West were so gung ho in their “Free Tibet” bumper stickers. They never seemed to be the least bit concerned about victims of Communist oppression anywhere else.

I had in the past just attributed to another case of blind mice finding an acorn.

But apparently it’s just another case of leftists always supporting the more ideologically Marxist one in the any dispute.

livius, on the other hand, thinks the Lama has been tossed aside for the "ur-Marxists."
Anybody who didn’t think the Dalai Lama was a Marxist was out of their minds. That’s why he was so popular with the left...until, of course, the ur-Marxists emerged, and the left dropped the poor Dalai Lama and he had to exit the White House next to the trash cans.
Indy Pendance packs a lot of stupid into few words:

This has to be a false report. Obama treated him poorly.

Obama as representing all Marxists, plus the Lama being terribly petty about it? Wow. T

Longbow1969 diagnoses the Lama with stupid:
I always knew the Dalai Lama was completely ineffective and sort of useless all around. This confirms my thinking that he really isn’t all that bright.
rcrngroup wants torture:
Red Chinese government, go ahead, arrest Dalai Lama and have your way with him. Show the pacifist bastard who's boss!
GodGunsGuts thinks this is all a conspiracy:
The Dalai Lama is a phony! He was probably a Red China puppet all along.
NFHale hates Tibet now.

“...Still I am a Marxist,” the exiled Tibetan Buddhist leader said ...

“Then still, Dalai Lama, you are a POS...” Hale replied to the exiled Tibetan Buddhist leader. Just lost all sympathy for him and “the plight of his people”, etc., etc., etc.,

Freepers vs. science

The National Academy of Sciences calls for a carbon tax. Freepers take pride in their ignorance.

library user uses big type:
US top scientists urge coal


raybbr has a nit to pick on this one guy's resume:
Gee, why does a physicist need and MBA? Must be seeing dollar signs in "science".
Freepers think most folks who make money are good, but scientists should be noble pauper-monks, I guess?

OldDeckHand thinks Economics is the science that rules us all:

Maybe it's a better idea to let physical scientists worry about physical "sciency" stuff, and let the economist worry about economic, to especially include our nation's tax policies. Just a though.

BuffaloJack is a scientist, so you can trust him:

Top scientists?

No actual physical scientists or engineers that I know of. I am a scientist and all this global warming stuff is hooey; nothing more than a socialist scheme to get us all to part with the contents of our wallets.

Plus he doesn't know any of these National Academy guys! Are they all fakes made up by Soros?

pnh102 knows what it means when scientists disagree with him:

Not scientists... charlatans.


“US top scientists”

Says who?

I don’t agree, they sound like used toilet paper.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday potpourri.

SaraJohnson on how the CIA is secretly Commie

You are assuming that Obama being connected to the CIA means “Obama helped to defeat the Soviet Union in their war with Afghanistan.” I am telling you the CIA is many things and centrally it is for advancing global communism - the same as the Soviet Union.

Wow, the CIA suuucks at it's secret job then.

Solar Wind plays identity politics and comes up crazy:

What just occurred to me today is how [Palin] is preparing the field for her 2012 run, and she WILL run. Sarah sees who she will probably run against in 2012 and it is not Obama. It is Hillary.

The Dems will probaly see that if Sarah runs, her toughest opponent will be Hillary, not Obama. They will push the “First Woman President” as their prize, not Sarah’s.


Color trumps loyalty to Christ, among most blacks.

It’s shocking, really.

Yeah, a whole lot of blacks I know would take serious, serious offense to that.

Odds are good that somewhere around [Syria and Lebanon] you can find still active Ba'al worshippers ~ but they'll call themselves something else and "no, you may not attend prayers with us ~ it is haram".
Ba'al? Like the dude you fight in Diablo 2? Demon haunted world indeed!

ConservativeMind is a bit bigoted:

You know, too many decent guys marry liberals.

Conservatives should never marry liberals. It’s an exercise in torment until one changes or until death.

AppyPappy likes his politicians so crazy that no one wants to be associated with them:

I like a conservative that scares politicians. Alan Keyes is a good example

ncfool would like to know if you've heard f a roumor he just maed up right now?

what about the rumor that North Korea blew up the Oil rig in the gulf with a missle from a sub?

combat_boots takes measures to counteract Obama's policies towards Israel:

God’s wrath for turning against the apple of His eye.

Time for lamb’s blood and anointing oil on our doorways and lentels.

righttackle44 is worried now that scientists synthesized a whole chromosome:

I’m proud it was an American team. I’m frightened that we won’t have the wisdom or brains to control artificial life.
I’m concerned that Obama will start selecting old persons, sick children and terminally ill adults and teenagers to
start experimenting on.

I'll bet righttackle44 is scared a lot.

Bean Counter
is a Custer truther!

Custer was the greatest Cavalry Officer the Union Army ever produced in the Civil War, and was also considered the Country’s greatest Indian fighter; and when news of his death at the Little Big Horn came right at the Centennial, it was the 911 event of that time and rocked the Nation. How was it possible that our greatest Indian fighter was slaughtered with all of his men??

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Pix

Heh Looks like the Tea Party has destroyed itself purifying the Republican party. You sure this isn't a Democratic pic?

Between the bull and whoever that Uncle Sam is...this may be the weirdest pic I've ever posted

I'm not sure impeachment works like that.

No idea what this means, but I'm glad it was important enough to make into a picture.

What's with all the possums? I also don't recognize most of those people, even after turning upside-down.

Two! Two! Two talking points in one!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Iron man goes Galt

Freepers politicize the latest blockbuster. Whether they pick out the conservative or liberal parts is basically a crapshoot. Turns out this time they pick conservative this time:

mockingbyrd sees the conspiracy that proves the truth:

So is THAT why it’s getting panned by the critics?

Also true of Battlefield Earth.

Soothesayer likes the realism:

I loved the first one and expect this next one to be great. Tony Stark is one of the most realistic super heroes and therefore one of the most interesting.

max americana on the secret conservatives in Hollywood, and paying extra to support them:

If the ticket was $20, I’d gladly pay that amount. As a member here in Hollywood of the Hollywood Republicans, there’s been a rumor for years that Jon Favreau is a libercon, like his pal Vince vaughn.

netmilsmom sees the truth in Robert Downy Jr's charming blathering.

I saw Iron Man 2 at noon and loved it.

My favorite line is Tony to Pepper who is talking about alternative energy, “I’m not for the Liberal Agenda.”


And now this word from outer space

Creepy song edition:

The Stockpile Song

Take the flag down from the place
where it led the human race.
Run up U. N. white and blue.
That’s what you “leaders” plan to do.
The don’t seem to understand
we are a patriotic band.
We’ll spread the word across the land:
Stockpile weapons while you can.

Public schools were first to go
They’re run by leftists as you know.
So school your children safe at home.
Free from their propaganda zone
They don’t want to understand.
We are a family loving band.
We’ll spread the word across the land:
Stockpile textbooks while you can.

Stage, and screen, and on TV,
mocking God in all we see.
They may close the church some day
But they can’t stop us when we pray.
They refuse to understand
We are a Jesus loving band.
We’ll spread the word across the land:
Stockpile Bibles while you can.

Somewhere there near your home town
Professor’s robe or judge’s gown
There is a leftist who must go.
So lock and load and let them know.
Time will come they’ll understand
we are a patriotic band.
So spread the word across the land:
Stockpile weapons while you can.

Every paranoid fantasy Freeper have in one song provided by Touch Not the Cat (Where is the light? Wonder if it's weeping somewhere...)

Wall Street Reform Baaad!

Freepers don't need to read the Senate's finance reform bill to dislike it:

Michael Barnes is super efficent thanks to all the time he saves by making assumptions!

theres that word again. It can only mean one thing; MORE TAXES.

The markets will probably tank again tomorrow.

These all important markets do seem to love Obama otherwise, though!



It’s not just a liberal slogan anymore.

It’s policy.

pissant makes a hilarious joke about Scott Brown, who voted for the law:

Scott Brown is Susan Collins in pants.


Fascism is here.

Siena Dreaming
Dodd, Frank, Brown, Collins, Snowe...all New Englanders angry at the progress the rest of the country is making and trying to hang onto the legacy of the past, even though the Founding Fathers would have had nothing to do with them.


Senator Brownback apologizes for America's treatment of the Native Americans. Freepers are not down with this, and respond with the logic of the conquistadores:

downtownconservative starts out with the American exceptionalism argument...

I’ve always said that the stronger culture won out. The indians were primative beings who would still be nomdic and living in teepees if not for the European settlers. If the English had not initially settled America, Asians or other Europeans would have.

It’s like the argument against La Raza who wants Texas, NM, AZ and Calif sent back to Mexico, since the US stole the land. Had Mex held on to these territories, they’d be just like the Mexico we see today, corrupt, poor, and underdeveloped, just like the US would be had the native cultures remained preimminent.

and then effortlessly pivots to attack Mexicans as well!

yarddog goes with the "well, we didn't kill all of them'" angle:

We could easily have killed them all. The fact that there are probably millions of Indians in America today speaks totally of the decency of White people. Many, but not all, Indians would not have shown the same mercy had they prevailed.

And the Stalin didn't kill every Russian either. Communism works! I also like the evil savages moral equivalence bit at the end.


Well that’s fine but are the Indians going to apologize for raiding our wagon trains?

Yet when a burglar sues a homeowner for unnecessary force, Freepers want to kill the guy

wilco200 goes for the "property is for civilized folks":

This land was unincorporated. The indians were squatters. It’s American now and has been for 230+ years. Time to get a grip and move on. And forget the apologies.


Sacajaweau is ironically named:
They played the game. If it wasn't for us, they probably would have killed each other off. It's the same tribal problems of Afghanistan and other "tribal" countries.
Then we go beyond the craziness of 1500s Spain to a realm reached only be Freepers:

keykitten is hilarious:
Look at it this way:
The white settlers were homeless with everything
they owned in their little covered wagons. They were
immigrants bringing diversity to the Western US.
They were only looking for work the Indians wouldn’t do.
The Indians used racial epithets against them
e.g. ‘PALEFACE’ The Indians owe their descendants
reparations for goodness sakes.
White folks: when will they stop being victimized by the other races?

Eagles6 doesn't believe in "feeling sorry" only "thinking sorry."
Apologies delivered due to political correctness are are given because of pressure and/or emotions, not logic and reason
goodnesswins has an interesting definition of socialism:

Yes...putting the Indians on Reservations was the first SOCIALIZATION of this nation....hasn’t worked out well...

OMG! And it's in the very Constitution!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obama hates Dennis Blair

Dennis Blair out as director of Intelligence. This is the first major cabinet official Obama has fired, I think. Freepers get to speculatin'

Who will replace him?

nolongerademocrat knows Obama's demographic:

Does anyone else think he’ll be replaced by a closet muslim, atheist, or satanist?

The Satanist part is secret, of course. But Freepers can tell:

Rome2000 keeps it classy:

How many DYKES can the muzzie in chief guy appoint?

But why is he out?

indulges in some fun speculation:
After Blair said: "I quit because you're endangering our national security, you stupid socialist."

OldDeckHand thinks it was a story not many people covered:

Blair let the cat out of the bag about the authorization to assassinate Americans abroad in the WOT. Obama I’m sure isn’t please about being painted into that corner.

Gen.Blather has like a million ideas:
I believe the problem is he’s not towing the ideological line.

He has probably urged Obambi to do something other than “strongly condemn” North Korea.

He probably said the rules of engagement in the Persian gulf need to change so a Captain or Admiral has the right to say when we shoot down provocative aircraft.

He might have mentioned that not supporting South Korea will lead to a nuclear arms race.

He may have mentioned that failure to support our allies is unconscionable.

He might also have let slip that Obambi is the laughing stock of the Islamic world.

Yep, he had to go all right.
Basically it's that Blair is a secret Freeper! I wonder why Obama ever appointed him?

StormEye starts the hagiography now:
I never thought Blair would last very long in the Obama Regime due to the very reasons you stated. The alien president was just waiting for the right time get rid of him.

Speaking of racism

Some website posts a story following up on those three dudes who hung around outside of a voting booth in Philadelphia back in 2008 dressed in Black Panther uniforms. Seems the DoJ is letting them go with an injunction. Freepers prove they will never be tired of this story:


“It was what Bartle Bull, a former civil rights lawyer and publisher of the left-wing Village Voice, called “the most blatant form of voter intimidation I’ve ever seen” — Black Panthers dressed in paramilitary garb, one brandishing a nightstick and saying things like, “You are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker!”

No more than we deserve for voting that piece of $hit in.

Bartle Bull seems to be hardly a liberal. Shocking, I know. I do like the blame America for Obama attitude, though.

Vigilantcitizen finds the above quote credible enough to challenge these guys to a fight over the internet:
"You are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker!"

I ain't ruled by anyone you punk azz mf'er. Come try that sh!t here in ga. I dare you.

Sorry for the language FReepers.
Black folks don't talk so big in GA, I guess?


Sure would have been nice to see some cowboy swagger up and point a hog-leg revolver at those thugs!

Cowboy? In Philadelphia? Wait oohhhh, you mean white dude.

Candor7 just kind of mumbles about revolution:

I swear, if this POS is not gotten rid of, then we will be getting some.Try the vote , or sink their boat.The country is in no mood for these leftist effing prigs.

Obama is counting on unrest.
"Effing prigs?"

chiefqc knows Holder well:

Aside from him being a stupid moron, which is why mac daddy chose him, he is just doing the bidding of the plantation straw boss mac daddy.

Hmmm. Needs more mac daddy and "ironic" slave references.

jesseam sees a black liberal and puts two and two together:

POS Holder may very well be a closet black panther


I caught the Maddow-Rand Paul interview, which was all about Rand Paul not saying whether he supports the private portion of the Civil Rights act of 1964 or not. I get the libertarian argument, Rand, so get some balls and say it!

Anyhow, Freepers' reaction, when torn between their ideals (support their latest fave) or political expediency is to split the baby and blame the messenger:

roses of sharon actually attacks Rand Paul himself AND the messenger:

A Paul grovels on The Kenyan’s State TV (Maddow)?

Shocker, lol!

Who cares about what was said, MSNBC is African!

Theophilus thinks this is no big deal:
  • Viewer of MSNBC - Rare
  • KY Viewer of MSNBC - Endangered
  • Rural KY Democrat or Independant Viewer of MSNBC - Better luck finding an ivory billed woodpecker.
Well, I suppose FOX may not report this.

RogerQ actually engages:
Rand Paul is absolutely right. The government has no right to limit anyone’s property and free speech rights in the name of so-called civil rights.
It starts out almost coherent (though wrong). Till the "so-called" ya stuck on the end of civil rights.

Ammo Republic 15 comes out and says it:

If anyone wants to find out what happened to this nation and how it has been destroyed you need look no further than the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Immigration Act.

The seed of destruction were planted with both pieces of legislation.

The best part isn't that he's going further than Rand to basically argue for Jim Crow and possibly white supremacy. The best part is the lack of support, like it's self-evident.

DwFry agrees:

Amen!...but speaking such truths will get you blacklisted from almost any group.

Sad time to be a supporter of freedom.

Sad indeed!

Freepers versus some Comunist

Some high school teacher/Communist/Illegal immigrant activist guy spouts off about revolution and hating on cops. This is like anti-Freepomium. Like anti-matter and matter are attracted to one another and annihilate, so too must Freepers and anti-Freepomium annihilate, but instead of energy, you just get crazy rage:

montag813 equates La Raza with Al Queda, since everything Freepers don't like has to be part of the same evil Comunist/Nazi/Muslim/Globalist cabal.
remember that MEChA and La Raza both have STRONG ties to terrorist groups like long will it be before Mexican “revolutionaries” hook up with Al Queda, and bring nuclear materials into the U.S. across our porous border like Arizona?
AuntB has a story to tell us:
in February, the US. soccer team left the Los Angeles Coliseum after losing 1-0 to Mexico’s team and, as the Americans left the field, they were pelted with water bombs, beer bottles and garbage; when our national anthem was played, it was drowned out with booing, whistles and hoofing, most of it from Hispanics. A Mexican government spokesman suggested that such boorishness (to say no more) could be avoided in the future simply by not playing The Star Spangled Banner at soccer games.
Yeah, we should invade. Or at least hate everyone who looks Mexican.

Squantos thinks the solution for such blatantly impotent speech is death:

Such trash is no less a threat to americas safety than the threat presented by islamic terrorists or enemy nations overt and covert attacks on our infrastructure.

Arrest, short trial, and long rope solution for such as this Peon POS

Shop Arizona !

SaraJohnson has boycotted making sense:
Upping the ante! Mexican race war against American cops now? It’s a Marxist attention whore like Dear Reader.
Cause Obama hates cops, I guess?


Sucking up to hyphentaes--no matter how vile and hate-filled---continues unabated. US culture has been undermined by Political Correctness and the liberal veneration of "diversity."

AAABEST goes farther:

Not to quibble, but it's not political correctness any longer. Large factions of the left are moving into some type of seditious, radical madness that's truly - without exaggeration - approaching the demeanor of the early 20th century Bolsheviks. This guy and those like him are not an anomaly.

Political correctness was rather quaint compared to whatever it is these people are promulgating.
Note that anti-Freepomium, while rare, is hilarious.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Freepers get pretty excited about this Rand Paul guy without knowing who he is. I mean, he's into the tea party and he won, who cares what else? Not that lack of knowledge makes Freepers at all reticent to make dire predictions for the liberals:

Catsrus indulges in a bit of sample bias:

One of Sarah’s endorsements.

And the only one who won yesterday.

UCFRoadWarrior talks all tough-like:

‘Tis a bad day for Liberal RINOs....would love to see the look on the face on the Human RINO Fossil, Mitch McConnell, being consoled by his ChiCom-friendly wife.

Its a Bitch to be Mitch....he ran off Jim Bunning...and his Liberal Globalist Democrat candidate got crushed. Awesome

Every Liberal RINO better take notice....especially you John Hussein McCain....

NYCslicker uses some unfortunate nomenclature:


Let the purges continue!

What a beautiful thing.

“but the mouth of them that speak lies shall be stopped.”

Purges RULE!

WhistlingPastTheGraveyard thinks Rand is part of the Liberal Conspiracy:

Controlled opposition is the goal. The left has the GOP under control... this is the first step in getting the Tea Party under control.

And conservatives are acting like they’ve won something in nominating this Jones/Adam Kokesh infiltrator. It’s no wonder they lost the country in the first place. They’re oblivious.

Christian_Capitalist replies:
We won, and you lost.

And it's a happy day for Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and all patriotic Americans.

Just not for you.

Spector out!

Freepers are pretty excited about traitor Spector getting primaried out. Not thinking too much about the general though. The politics of personality are a bit short sighted, it seems. No matter, they'll get new energy up to hate this Sestak guy in short order.

Rome2000 is just a little bitter:
This disgusting excuse for a human being, 80 years old and still clawing desperately to stay in DC and keep riding the gravy train.

There's a spot in hell waiting for him, right next to Teddy Kennedy, Saddam Hussein, and Hussein Baraka Sr.
That's an interesting lineup he's got in hell. Kennedy and Spector along with Saddam Hussain, and then Obama's dad, I think?

RED SOUTH likes the larger fonts:

hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess Obama's organizing for America isn't so strong anymore. They were in full gear for Specter

RED SOUTH's definition of full gear is pretty different. Do not want to drive behind this guy.

mojitojoe looks to the next election:
it will be harder and I think the Kenyan through him under the bus because he knew Toomey would easily crush him. Look for massive voter fraud this fall. They won’t allow anything to hider their coup.
Ugh. Under the bus has jumped the shark.

publana is happy if people he doesn't like are unhappy:

This is priceless! We turned on MSNBC to see what they were saying and Chrissy Matthews looked as if he was going to cry.

Cause the progressive beat the once-Republican! Media bias!!

GOP_Party_Animal saves some hate for Spectre's victorious opponent:
I just read [Sestak's] profile on Wikipedia. I just can't get over how a 30 military veteran could be so damn commie-pinko leftwards. Decades ago he was part of Reagan's 600 ship fleet that held the Soviets at bay. Now he's pushing Soviet-style government here. Unbelievable.
katnip is nothing if not petty:

Hee Hee. I’m composing my So Long Stinker email to him right now!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Laura Bush: stupid woman.

Laura Bush did an interview where she said she was for gay marriage, liked Kagan on the Supreme Court, and was pro-Choice. Freepers, whose worship of Laura is equaled only by their hatred of the current first lady, rage that their First Lady wasn't one of them:

se_ohio_young_conservative blames Laura for the fact that President Bush wasn't a Freeper.

President Bush may have had some lousy advisors and a miserable staff. But I now think Laura may have been the worst of them all. She is a part of the reason his presidency failed.

Candor7 goes for the patronizing tone:

Laura , take qualude and have a nap.

She needs a ranch house in Southern Arizona.

Mamzelle tries telepathy, and invents a fake illegal alien maid:
I think it's more like she likes having a maid to clean up Scotty's poop.

This running of her mouth after such a classy service as FLOTUS has really left a bad taste in my mouth in re Bush women.

Wonder if she changed diapers for either of her twins, or let Manuela do it?
Downyoceanhon is an interesting one:

What’s next Laura ?
will it be promoting the microchip and glorifying how wonderful and “secure” it will be.
Stepford Wife!

Now that's the straight up liberal talking point when Laura was in office. The cruelest cut of all!

mojitojoe feels tricked!
I was done with her already for being pro abortion, pro gay marriage, and thinking Kagan is a good choice, this is just the icing on the cake. She is a died in the wool progressive. If there is one thing I hate it’s being tricked. Her pictures are gone from my profile page, she no longer exists to me.
kempster knows how to deal with apostates:

All pictures of Laura Bush have been removed from my house.

Wait, kempster has pics of Laura Bush in his house?

firebrand's sexism is not too subtle:

Does she ever need to shut up. Gives all women a bad name for spouting off on a political issue without understanding it or having the big picture. Looks more and more like Bush married a nice, pretty woman who just wasn’t that smart.

Muslim Miss USA takes over America

Freepers are predictably (and hilariously) worked up that one of the hated religion who are all secretly Jihadis winning some TV contest. The main theme seems to be that no matter how normal and hot she looks, she's secretly a killer!

Sarah Barracuda
not only knows how anti-American she must be, she also knows what the judges were thinking:
that is why they chose her to win, even though she stumbled on the damn floor, they wanted an Anti-American, Anti-Israel woman to be Miss America..sickening
Mack Truck thinks winning the Miss USA pageant may be the plan all along
The mullahs told Islamofascists to take over the West from within and that is what they’re doing.
La Enchiladita has three different paragraphs of wrongness:

Ann, I watched last night. Miss Oklahoma by far made the most stunning impression from the very start, which she topped off with her awesome, intelligent response to the dumb question re illegals and Arizona.

I could see that Miss Michigan was Arab and assumed she must not be mooselim, parading around in nearly nothing. She was born in Lebanon, reportedly attended Catholic school and yet enthusiastically supports govt funded healthcare paying for contraceptives. A lot of elements of her story do not fit together.

She could have been practicing taqiyya.

Secret Agent Man picks up on the taqiyya theme:

Besides, if she’s prancing around in a two-piece, then she’s MINO (Muslim-In-Name-Only).

Read up on Al-Taqiyaa.

This guy knows that unlike all other religions ever, there are no moderate Muslims, only those pretending to be moderate!

Star Traveler has an interesting term:

The Hezbollah monkey is not so bad herself, as far as being a "looker" ... but being a Hezbollah-Muslim is a deal-killer ...

"Hezbollah monkey," (but he'd do the monkey part.)

Star Traveler adds:
Where does she hide her assault rifle?

Her "assault rifle" is being a "baby factory" for Islam to take over this country -- see "demographics" ... LOL ...

Again, no moderate Muslims, especially the ladies!

RaceBannon thinks she's biding her time to blow herself up:

the guys went to strip clubs before they blew themselves up or flew planes into buildings

maybe she is having her fling before she blows herself up

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday potpourri.

Theodore R. adds to the huge list of organizations insufficiently conservative for Freepers:

Isn’t the American Legion primarily interested in obtaining various kinds of federal subsidies, rather than promoting patriotism, etc.

throwback has an interesting view of affirmative action:
Rush is a pretty busy, important guy. I’m sure Barry can find some other affirmative action greats like himself that would be willing to play [golf] with him. Maybe O.J.
Cause OJ was only in football cause of affirmative action. Or do you just assume black equal affirmative action. Great excuse to see them as inferior even when they are succesful, I guess.

Many STILL scoff at the fact that there are “death panels” built into the steaming pile called the Healthcare Bill
Folks still don't believe in death panels! Craaazy!

ichabod1 compares England's new First Lady to the Michelle Obama of the imagination:

Yeah, missus osama would have had like a bright orange paisley boob belt with that purple dress. Actually, she would never have worn anything that understated and the color would have made osama’s lips look purple.

GatorGirl on why Obama isn't all crazy yet:

The conventional wisdom is, at this time Zero doesn’t want to give his whole agenda away by nominating a real scary Marxist such as Sunstein so he’s picked a relatively innocuous and unknown lesbian thereby throwing a bone to his gay constituency as well.

Just as they've been saying for years! Obama is secretly crazy, but is crafty and acting like it...yet!

marron on when ya gotta stop with the Democracy already:
at a certain point you have to determine not to let the marxists, and the Sorosians, and the sharia muslims turn democracy into a suicide pact.
Carley sees the secret messages in DC fashion:

Purple is the favorite color of homosexuals and lesbians.

Also of the SEIU!

Soothesayer has given up:

The nation will never wake up. The world will NEVER wake up. These are the last days. Our only hope is a quick death.

central_va is not the most patriotic of Freepers:
I pay tribute to an empire every year. I am obliged to do so under the threat of imprisonment/personal economic ruin. The state I live in Virginia, is a vassal state of that empire. Until, such time, if ever, the state of Virginia declares her rightful sovereignty (again) I will end my obligations to the US empire and my allegiances will fall to my new country.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Pix

Freepers accusing mainstream liberals of delusion.

Burka or shame? Who knows, Freepers will use it in both offices.

Perfectly good talking points ruined by making adding Kagan looks funny. Such a waste.

Freepers have been using this against each other lately. Hilarious.


Cuckoo clock crotch?

Yeah, I think Obama went too far when he shut down Fox News.

And Rush wins the moral victory!

Obama, flanked by the nerd protagonists of Revenge of the Nerds. If the nerds are in league with Obama, Freepers must see the movie as a tragedy.

Mojave Cross torn down

Some vandals took down this cross that w3as recently the target of a big Supreme Court lawsuit. Freepers fall all over themselves to claim victimhood:

has like the best gaydar ever:

Gay democrat party terrorists, oops I meant “activists.”

ZULU has a different bugaboo chosen as the villian:

Probably Muslims re-enacting the destruction of the historic Buddhas in Afghanistan.

They are shameless vandals and iconoclasts.

Buckeye McFrog is sure this is Obama's doing:

and whaddya want to bet that the National Park Service will be conveniently “lacking the funds to rebuild it”??

This is looking to be the most chilling part of Obama’s M.O., like his setbacks on Net Neutrality, Cap n Tax or anything else. He won’t take no for an answer, will just come back and take another run at it from a more devious angle.

NormsRevenge indulges in some numerology, just like Obama does in his universe:

Obama reset union recruiting rules to favor union organizers, unchanged for 76 years..

Memorial Cross standing for 76 years torn down..

pattern ??

MMM MMmm mmmm


Wouldn’t surprise me if the Government gave Special Ops orders to go out and remove it.. with the help of a Blackhawk helicopter.

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo has some analysis of liberals:
How can [liberals] live with themselves?

They don't want to live; they're nihilists - they want to die.

They are infatuated with Death.

Death consumes them.

Death defines them.

Death is them.

The sooner you realize this, the better.

Then you don't have to waste any more time scratching your head, furrowing your brow, and wondering, "WTF?!?"
"Death is them?" Methinks the cult is closer than you think, Mr. Crazypants.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Harsh penalties for petty crimes

Freepers like to divide folks into the good camp and the evil camp and stop analysis there. This means that their idea of punishments can be quite harsh.

Take, for instance, this awful case of a teacher's aid who was stealing an autistic kid's lunch money every day for nearly two months. She got a 180-day jail sentence and is probably an awful Person.

Freepers cry out for blood:

the invisib1e hand thinks the country he loves would torture:
The penalty should be public, creative, and unbearable.

Death would be too good.
Lurker is all about the 17th Century.

This country used to pillory people like the perpetrator. Too bad it was abolished in the early 1800’s.

DTogo manages to one-up medieval justice for barbarism:
Pillory? How about impalement!
dfwgator weighs in with his preferred method of torture:
Yep, tar and feathering should make a comeback.
thinkin out loud has a racial note he'd like to make:

The POS has a name that makes me think she might be something other than legally in this coutry.... but of course NO ONE in the media or southern California attorneys general will ever say that.

I see my hands has pictures, and stereotypes!
Kristen "At least I'm not white" Santoyo

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The invastion of Mexica-Americans

What, Freepers be racist?

Nea Wood on what Mexicans are all saying:
"WE will tell you when you can wear your flag colors, gringos! You WILL respect us. And by the way, you evil, racist, Nazi, gringo bigots, we DEMAND to be allowed to live amongst you. We demand NOT to be deported to our home country...where everybody is so much better than you are!"
w1andsodidwe heard a story on talk radio which is totally true:

On the way to work this morning I was listening to KSFO. A woman called in and related the story of how the mob of Latino students attacked her car yesterday in downtown Morgan Hill, because she waved an American flag. There were police all over, but they did nothing. She was forced to run a red light to get away from them. Then a policeman stopped her and said that his watch commander had ordered him to arrest this woman. Ultimately he did not do so, but she was pretty shook up.

HuntsvilleTxVeteran has an interesting notion of what self-respect is:
A person has to have self respect before they even know what respect means.
They only care about their status in their tribe.
Some would say that having a gang gives folks self respect. Unless they're like ants?

Lucky9teen knows what to do with students who are American Citizens but protest for respect of Mexican heritage:

Sounds like 200 students who need:

1) to be suspended
2) to be properly educated
3) to be deported to Mexico

and maybe all of the above?

hiredhand thinks death is the answer:
If most of our Governors, local leaders, and school administrators were worth a shit, they'd just apply a little encouragement to these junior grade criminals, and sit back and let them do what we know they would do. Then call in the ANG and let them mop up the resulting mess. These little terrorists would probably be a lot less enthusiastic afterwards!
hiredhand continues with his plans for the crazy:
The interesting thing is that they don't really understand the notion of respect. On the other hand, they understand violence and force very well. In an attempt to maximize our communications effort with them, we should communicate using methods that they understand. Oh sure...they'll get the living hell beaten out of them... but they'll gain an entirely new understanding of respect.
fullchroma's irony meter is broken, and he can now only make ironic statements:

When you start respecting the laws of this country, including the First Amendment, I will reconsider.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Obama surrenders to Pakistan.

A treat for you all today.

Hillary Clinton is taking a hardline stance with respect to Pakistan's cooperation with America in the War on Terror. Said one US official, "Sorry, if there is a successful attack, we will have to act."

Freepers begin to spin wildly about why this is a bad idea. Never have I seen more differing points of view as to why Obama is evil this time than in this thread:

deaconjim thinks Obama threaten Pakistan too publicly:

There’s a big difference between telling the Pakistani government this, and making a public statement about it. By going public, Obama has just invited a serious attack.

Grunthor, on the other hand, thinks threats are just like invitations:

“Obama Admin: “If there’s a successful terrorist attack, we will have to act (within Pakistan)”

Translation, “you get a free one, make it count.”

Sacajaweau notes this official didn't mention unsuccessful attacks:
unsuccessful attacks don't count???

That's like saying: If Iran sends a nuke missile our way and it explodes prematurely, we do nothing. How stupid is he???
Because not exhaustively mentioning what you will do in response to every action means you're going to do nothing!

Oldpuppymax just doesn't believe the Obama administration would threaten anyone other than whites:

Oh please. Hussein making threats to ANYONE other than white, working, taxpaying American citizens? I’m sure they’re just shaking in their shoes in Pakistan.

Mad_Tom_Rackham also thinks Obama isn't going to follow through with what he says:
He means he'll have to send Hillary to Pakistan on a "Listening Tour" to find out what we're doing wrong to incite such hatred, and how we can better appease the people of color whom we have so egregiously offended.
La Enchiladita thinks this is all an effort to destabilize Pakistan:

I think you’re both on to something: Comrade Obowma aims to install his (and the islamist jihadists’) preferred regime in Pakistan. He’s been rattling the sword in their direction ever since the campaign.

jpsb is against invasion:

Empty threat, US ground forces in Pakistan would lead to civil war in Pakistan. Bad idea.

Art in Idaho thinks this threat is some kind of message saying the opposite:
This is so pathetic. . and he's our CIC?. . yet another (not so veiled this time) invitation to attack. .

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kagan: too ugly for SCOTUS.

Ahh, the period before the professional messageers get going, when Freepers know they are supposed to hate someone, but are not sure why (in fact, she's far more moderate than the left would like, but Freepers think Bob Bennett is to liberal so they don't need any nuanced analysis.)

So it is with new Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. Freepers are throwing it all up against the wall to see what sticks. (I'll skip the ugly comments cause there are so many and they are so boring):

Diogenesis has his priorities straight:

What was her role in Harvard’s ignoring the absolute lack of documentation and qualifications of B. Hussein Obama?

Is that really sufficient grounds for her to rule on its continued coverup?

marstegreg also has some crazy ideas that we will never see again:

Do you think she is holding his thesis hostage? Just a thought.

Pilated ha noticed some say she is gay:

I am very fed up with these sick sex people getting pushed in my face as leaders. This person is disgusting and I would never trust “it’s” opinion on ANYTHING!

Gay folks are "sex people."

Danae's knee has this jerking problem:

BORK HER BOYS! Sorry Ms. Kagan, you are not qualified, and you are a marxist pal. SO, no sorry. Tea Party Conservatives will NOT support your nomination, and those elected officials in the senate in the GOP had better HEAR THIS: N O on Kagan. Any questions GOP? Any at all? Good.

Vote no, thats the will of your constituents.

cameraeye may be playing the confusing game:

How can a sitting judge be a judge when she/he is not a judge? Our country is going to sink into the wretch of history if this is allowed to stand/sit. We must fight this and also my kid laughed at the man with the ear rings and pearls. I was ashamed that is who he picked. What a loser of the highest degree!

manc is mad as hell cause of how he imagines liberals think:
this is pathetic,

the left , well the far left and their messiah bozo doesn't look at what their qualifications are for this appointment, no they see a lesbian, Jewish liberal woman who worships bozo and that's enough for this position for them

this is frigging unbelievable

she’;s a homosexual activist and cannot be partial or fair in any homosexual cases.

add to the fact she has never even been on the bench

Yeah, conservatives are all about minorities as full people, with no tokenism at all.

Monday potpourri.

indylindy has a review of Obama at the White House correspondence dinner:

I don’t know what he said and I really don’t care. There is nothing about this toxic waste dump of a so called president that is funny or humorous.

He is a liar, a traitor, a phony, and a mentally deranged azzhole.

Frankly it is deplorable that any person who is an American can sit in the same room with this creature and pretend there is anything decent or honest about Obozo. He is vermin.

True Republican Patriot also isn't a fan:

Obama Hussein was laughing and Yukking it Up! full well knowing that Thousands of Americans had just escaped Death at the Hands of Radical Muslim Jihadists with potentially Billions of Dolars in damage as well! Sick and Disgusting!! Does Barry even have a “Pinhead” of a Soul?

Yukking it Up? The way this guy thinks...

Marty62 on Obama's neglect:
PEOPLE are dying in Tn from unprededented flooding.
Where is the Admin on this....nowhere.
Has Zero done a flyover of the flooded areas NOOOOOOOOOOO.
Cause flyovers help PEOPLE!

Touch Not the Cat has discovered civil liberarianism now that his party is not in power:
“Miranda warnings are counterproductive in my view,”

That was the position of some LEOs a few decades ago.

Now, however it just sounds ominous.
Jim 0216 knows what Stephen Hawking needs, and it ain't time travel:
Stephen Hawking is a very intelligent person who doesn't seem to have the faith he needs.

The "time machine" he's looking for is really the "timeless" machine and we already have one and it’s a person - Jesus Christ. One of these days He's coming to transport us all out of here just before all hell breaks loose. This is what Steven Hawking is looking for.
Truly happy people need no physics, only God!

Paladin2 has a prescription for what Obama can do to stop terrorism:
"Would you like to explain to us all, in point form if you can, exactly how Obama, sitting in the Oval Office at his desk, could stop any jerk in the country from driving into town, parking a van, and exploding a device like that? "

All muzzies out of the US now! Mosques converted to pig sties. SA put on notice that this Islamic hegemony kr@p has to stop NOW!
wastedyears is not a fan of the witness for the defense in the latest trial of the Navy SEAL who allegedly beat a detainee to death (he was later acquitted)

From what I’ve heard and read, you become closer than brothers in BUD/S and being on the Teams. This guy just betrayed those who would have had his six for anything.

Yeah! Perjury before disloyalty will make America great!

howkn doesn't believe the National Enquirer Obama affair story. Cause Obama's toally gay.
They should just quit planting this story that Obumer is a lady’s man....when clearly he is a man’s man. They (axelrod, rahm, valerie j and muchelle) appear desperate and in fear that Pastor Manning is going to expose Obumber homo past. The planting of this story by Team Obummer shows they are nervous that O’s homo past is going to be exposed.
ansel12 provides us with our daily dispatch from Stormfront:

The black power militant consciousness that emerged during the 1960s and has been reinforced in Hollywood and media ever since, has resulted in the deaths, rapes and injury of tens of millions of Americans.

For those too young to remember, there was a time when blacks raping white women as a political statement was not a fact of life, there was a time when being in a black area was not as risky for a white as it is today.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Pix

It may not stick with the general public, but Freepers will be bringing it up for decades!

Alinsky'd again!

So it was Obama that crossed out the 4th Amendment! And what's with crossing out the 8th?

Russian Rats!

Osama Bin Laden, puppetmaster!


On the internet, everyone is one goofy photo away from being retarded.

Out of all the black folks on TV, why the harping on Sanford and Son, ahead of all others?

I can't wait either.

This guy speaks for all illegal immigrants. (Seriously, what the hell, guy? Agent provacature? Photoshop? Or just a kook?)

Can Butt-Weasle be far behind?

This is pretty well done, even if it is rather racist.