Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Spotlight: Regulator

His profile is the usual pseudo-intellectual wikipedia entry on some historical American vigilante group. He's been a Freeper since 2001.

He's a huuuuuuuge racist, but rather than the usual anti-black sentiment, he's more anti-Mexican.

Well, anti Latino. The analysis of their animal-like culture, the blame of everything he doesn't like upon them (even homosexuality!), it's just like your standard anti-black racist, just directed a bit differently.

Though he finds some time to hate on blacks. And Germans, for some reason. His collective guilt does not seem to extend to colonialism, naturally.

Why don't more politicians call for white babies?
Isn’t it interesting that you never hear people like Jeb Bush call for Americans to have more children and repopulate their own country again?

One might conclude that Mr. Bush the Youngest simply doesn’t like Americans.
Julian Castro? He's basically Hitler.

Not really.

The son of the woman who co-founded La Raza Unida in Texas back in the 60s.

They only advocate the violent overthrow of the United States and genocide for white males, along with the establishment of the Nation of Aztlan in the Southwest.

Don’t believe me? Google Jose Angel Gutierrez and Rosie Castro.

This guy for vice president of the United States? Might as well run Joe Stalin or Adolph Hitler.
Only whites invent things:
That car you drove to the studio? Designed and built by which guy from Zimbabwe, Zerlina?

The studio itself: name the Mexican inventor of the CCD cameras, the transmitter amplifiers, the audio receivers and recording system, Zerlina.

What? You say you can’t name such....because they don’t exist?

But we’re all supposed to be a askeered of the big bad Angry Non-whites and their righteous rage over...other people’s achievements.

And we better get with the program RIGHT NOW and vote them into power so they can get all that bling’n’stuff cuz’ we just have too much and they have so little.
A history of America's death:
Wasn’t ‘78.

It was ‘65, when the Kennedy crap really started to kick in.

The things they implemented were just cultural Marxist initiatives; the economic Marxism was implemented in the ‘30s by Roosevelt.

The 70’s was when it all started to bear fruit (rotten fruit, but fruit nonetheless). The 80’s was just a bump in the road, as the WWII generation tried to throw a rock on the track to Hell.

But they’re lives are finite, and they are almost gone now.

Been downhill ever since. And pouring tens of millions of desperate foreigners into the country is just gas on the fire.

Which is intentional.
Alaskans? They're mostly Secret Mexicans.
Deep family roots in Alaska?

His parents were probably interned in the camps.

He probably has deep rooted grudges against the gringos, like his buddy the Kenyan.

Looks like both of them will spend the next couple of years taking out their revenge on the Americans.
Mexicans will understand when Hillary assassinates them:
Just another example of hispanic intimidation.

In their society, it’s always “you have no choice but to bow down to me!”

Nothing but a bully’s threat. Push the weak, see if they fold.

The funny thing about Bill’s wife is she isn’t weak, she’s a criminal. Doubt if the Mexicans can push her. She’ll just have them conveniently murdered. They’ll understand that, it’s the way Mexico works.
Oregon politics
The new governor of Oregon is a mentally disturbed sexual deviant.

So she’s saying now that she shouldn’t have control of any arms?

Guess that means she has to resign.
Gayness is evil, and Hispanic/Muslim:
Boys who are morphologically effeminate are physically assaulted and impressed into homosexuality by other men trying to show their physical dominance.

In Rome, there was no stigma attached to the aggressor in such a relationship. In fact, it was a sign of virility, and proof of superiority. Such symbology still exists within the Latin world today, and throughout the Muslim world.

In other words, it's a marker of a crude, backward and atavistic society.
Fear of Illegal Alien police officers:
can police be far off?

The excuse will be “well if they can serve in the military and be lawyers like in California...”

Just think, soon you too can be stopped by an illegal with a badge and a gun.
Also ending America: Communist Chinese immigrants:
Open Borders for 1.3 billion Chinese “workers”.

Buy a Little Red Book now, avoid the compulsory rush.
Michelle Obama is basically Imelda Marcos:
Madame Baby Doc still tryin' to keep a lid on it?


Maybe she could go shopping for some shoes.
Everyone who wants it bad enough can get into medical school:
Listen to the civil rights hustlers talking about “more fortunate ones...”

As if getting through medical school is about luck.
He's proud how his views haven't progressed from his white ancestors:
I have Huguenot and English ancestors who were in the Revolution, can't think of any of them who would approve of [same sex marriage]!

In fact, being mostly hard edged radical Protestants, they would have barfed at the thought.
Jeb Bush's wife is HISPANIC?!!
Diga la mujer primera: “Ju will love being ruled by Mexico! Now shut up and vote for us, Gusanos...”
Top cops are all in on the pro-black conspiracy:
The disgusting racists who occupy the top law enforcement positions in this country are using this event the same way they tried to take advantage of the Tucson shootings and Sandy Hook.

They say nothing about black on white attacks, minimizing them, nothing about Muslim anti-Jewish attacks, but the minute some idiot decides to live out his prejudices, the Racist In Chief jumps in to exploit it.

Beyond disgusting.
Clinton had nothing to do with economic success:
She conveniently forgets that the jobs in the Clinton years happened after the GOP Congress cut taxes in 1995 and the Fed responded with lower rates, which finally broke loose the housing market. The Rapist had nothing to do with it, he was just forced to go along.
He didn't much like the Civil Rights movement as a child:
I watched the prequel about 50 years ago, was pretty awful then

Scared the crap outta me as a kid, seeing the hoses and the dogs and all the angry black people

Few years later they fire bombed some subsidized housing where my aunt and cousins lived, they were the only pale people there - no black people got fire bombed in the complex, just them

Decided Selma was better left behind
Breitbart truther!
A guy who said he had videos of Barack HUSSEIN Obama when he was younger....and he ends up keeling over at age 43.

Just a co-inky-dink.

Communists always do this. The history of the 20th century is littered with Red murders, that are always "accidents".

The evidence will be next to impossible to find.

But it's there.
Knew it would come to this:
Yup. Knew it would come to this.

“It’s a civil right to invade the United States”

Could anyone imagine illegal aliens rioting in the U.S. to insist that they have a right to stay?
Of course, he white knights those white bikers in Waco:
This will all end up being Waco 2. People can say “they’re all criminals!” but the circumstances aren’t going to justify mowing people down in a parking lot. This will be in court for the next decade, and it ain’t gonna be fun for Waco, it’s police department, courts or population.
He also hates Germans...?
To go into a village where people had lived peacefully for thousands of years and massacre them is a crime that has no mitigating circumstance. You can’t say “well that’s war”. Germans and Germany were the aggressors and those blond brats had been told the villagers were Untermenschen so it was OK to kill them.

For what they did the Germans could work 1000 years for everyone else in Europe and not have paid back their debt.

THAT is the 1000 year Reich the SOBs should have: the penalty Reich, where they work for all the people they victimized.
Explaining Latino Culture:
The things they say would shock almost anyone. It shows that they are not “immigrants” in any rational sense of the word but rather a hostile foreign occupation force, coming here out of malice and jealousy.

The bit about trying to get the Chinese to speak Spanish must have perplexed them...but it’s part of the act. “You will speak Spanish!” barks the Mexican. Why? Because then he is the strong one, and you are surrendering to his culture, his nation.
So many Republicans are in bed with Mexico:
Marco “Viva La Raza” Rubio, Lindsey Grahamnesty, Chris “Fatboy” Christie and Jeb “The First Mexican President” Arbusto are all for this.

Don’t need to go any further! Whatever they’re for, any sensible Conservative gotta be against.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Obama and the Muslim Gang Sign

American Thinker catches Obama pointing is index finger up. This is a sign Muslims use, as well as just about every other human. Freepers are in the height of their interelection madness, when they are unconstrained by political considerations. Add in Obama's recent policy successes in the face of the 2014 elections, and this kind of silly BS is catnip.

txhurl sees people in the picture smiling at Obama:
Look at the surprise and delight of the ones who saw him do it.
Shamrock498 is skeptical, but hastily reassures everyone he still hates Obama
without a video and audio of the entire exchange its impossible to know exactly what is going on here. don’t get me wrong though, I’ve always thought and still do think he is a closet muslim and this pic does require explaination
Hatteras also carefully tries to walk the line between thinking this is silly and evincing insufficient Obama hatred:
I hate the treasonous bastid, I do believe he has been masquerading as a Christian and is, in fact, a muslim. But I also believe this is grasping at unnecessary straws. He was jokingly admonishing one of the others for a comment about his little stumble.
RoosterRedux is convinced:
If you are a Christian, would you ever say “my muslim faith”? It isn’t a simple slip of the tongue.

He’s a muslim...why can’t you accept that.
A Formerly Proud Canadian finds even the ambiguity proof Obama is Satanic:
Obama is Satan’s play toy, so he is anything that everyone who isn’t Christian thinks he is.

He is all things to all people who don’t believe in The One True Living God.

Could he be giving the moslem gang hand sign? Sure! Could he be signaling, “Oh, just one minute!”? Sure! Whatever nonbelievers choose to think, he’s cool with that, as long as you DON’T thing about God! Satan is about confusion.

Has 0.00bamugabe been pinned down on ANYTHING? No. Is he Marxist? Probably. Is he Muslim? Probably. Does he care? No, as long as he divides through confusion! He is his father’s son, the father of lies who chooses to confuse the world, so we don’t focus on God.
butterdezillion weighs in, having speculated herself into assuredness once again:
This is why the media was threatened in Oct of 2008 with dire consequences if they allowed anybody to report 2 things: Obama’s ineligibility/documentation problems, and his Muslim leanings. The first tells us that he’s a foreign enemy combatant, and the second tells us who his puppet-masters are. Everything we’ve seen out of this guy makes sense when you realize those 2 things.
RoosterRedux doesn't get why reality isn't conforming to his fantasies:
I have expected a military coup for a while now. One, that is, wherein Obama is frog-marched out of the White Hut in handcuffs.
arthurus is amazed not everyone is as crazy as Freepers
I am amazed it has taken this long fora a publication anywhere to say it. Everyone has known it for at least 6 months and many of us believed it way back when he was running for president the first time. It has been something like general knowledge on FR for since the first of the year at least.
arthurus lays out his plan for conservatives to completely destroy themselves:
Now we need for a prominent Republican who is not currently running for president to state publicly that the President is a Moslem and is working for Islamic goals.

Trump would be good if someone like Giuliani would follow up and support him. Trump alone would be simply blown off by just about everyone in the Press, but he would be a good first so long as there is a second.

Then Levin should take it up then Rush. If that should come to pass there will be many and the veil will fall completely away.

Obama’s minions’ denials would get increasingly hollow and unbelievable and not believed.

Obama would be forced to try something really radical and he would be either removed or walled off in the White House or he would try that coup that some have speculated on for years.
Colehill1999 just wants to call Obama gay all day long:

“Now now my fellow butt buddies, i can indeed make you scream like little girls. I willl be back in five minutes to prove it”.

or to guy behind him in white dress:
“My my dear brother, that bump in your skirt is indeed one to be proud of!”
I'm not even sure what molson209 means:
Beware , Obama’s Muslim Spring has started in the US
tophat9000 knows Obama is well-versed in Muslim signs, so he had to mean it!
Here the deal on “maybe he raised the finger for some other reason”...

There is no denying Obama was raised around Islam so knows it well..

so he would know that's gesture well and know what its mean in front of that audience....

You an I might not know what it means... but he would...he would know very well what it means to an Islamic crowd

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Teacher says he helped write Common Core to end White Privilege

A reasonable-conservative radio show I listen to had on a bunch of anti-Common Core people, but they had real trouble articulating why it was so evil and indoctrinating. Freepers, of course, need no convincing.

“The reason why I helped write the standards and the reason why I am here today is that as a white male in society I am given a lot of privilege that I didn't earn.”

The idea that a good education system helps the poor and even blacks escapes Freepers. No, they assume the system is somehow going to keep Whitey down.

F15Eagle knows the first rule of White privilege club is you don't acknowledge White privilege.
It’s obvious he didn’t earn it; for he is a self-hating moron.

jsanders2001 - if you want to help black people, you're racist.
So he admits he’s a racist...I say take him to downtown Chicago or LA and let him mingle with those he loves so much then get back to us. Truth and reality is not found in his kind...
Yeah, I've been in both downtown Chicago and downtown LA, and didn't get shot at once. Amazing!

MHGinTN makes up an association to create guilt:
A Billy the bomber Ayers protege? Seems like it.
Blood of Tyrants is sure blacks will somehow be exempt from these awful standards:
Minorities will be given a pass because of the soft racism of low expectations.
meadsjn wants to kill the teacher for somehow escaping the Common Core's totalitarianism.
Ironically, the $28,535 per year Derryfield School that Dr. Pook teaches at considers the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) inferior and does not use them on the student body that is 91% white.

People like this need to be air-dropped many miles from shore, and from more than 30,000 feet altitude.
Red Badger has a better name:
Common Corruption....................
I would also accept "Commie Core." I think that's what Rush calls it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Why People like Obama

Some online poll finds people like Obama, but aren't huge fans of his policies. Not probative, but that's never stopped Freepers before. But they cannot be content with just a political win - Freepers instead despair that anyone might find Obama nice:

Ann Archy's consistent CAPS LOCK ridden hyperbole continues to deliver:
He’s EVIL INCARNATE with a CHEESY SMILE! People are so stupid.
kingattax - faith means never considering other people's points of view.
stupid, yes. but much more blinded by satan.
Truth29...US breeding program?
"Who are these acutely stupid people being polled?"

They are the products of defacto US breeding and education programs akin to the lower castes in Brave New World.
muir_redwoods kind mapes his annoyance at a co-worker onto Obama.
I used to work with a nice guy like obama. He delivered the interrogative mail. He lived in a group home with people who worked as grocery store baggers and agricultural workers. This guy always had an opinion about sports and cars, etc. and was eager to tell you all he knew; over and over again. It took a bit but most people figured out how to politely escape his conversation. We don’t have that luxury with Obama.
Vaquero has decided The Bible miniseries was a documentary:
Why do people think BO is nice? He’s nothing more than a lying bully.
IMR 4350 is sure many people secretly hate Obama but cannot admit it:
White guilt.

A lot of white people still can’t say they don’t like the black guy.
Only Buckeye McFrog knows the Real Obama!
The “likeability” is the result of contrived, carefully managed stagecraft.
Wait'll Dqban22 finds out Reagan was divorced!

Obama, is a great role model for the American youth.

In “Dreams of My Father” Barack Obama bragged about smoking reefer, drinking beer and enthusiastically doing drugs.

minnesota_bound is gonna haul this out forever:
Nice guys do not let men die in Benghazi or leave wounded behind then go to a party afterwards.


Rules for Radicals might have been a big thing in the 1960s, but these days the only place you hear about it is on the right, accusing the left of using Alinsky Rule #4 whenever a joke is made or whatever.

Needless to say, most Freepers feel no need to read the book, content to merely use it as a talisman of hate.

Art in Idaho explains the importance:
Of these, Rules 4, 5, 8, and 12 have been used to greatest effect by the Left. In their war against the Constitution and traditional America, they have assailed, in turn, most of the great foundations of our society.

Much has been made in recent political history of Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals. Barack Obama taught a class on using Alinsky principles to keep the nation in chaos. After all, it’s easier to get radical policies enacted during a crisis.
RULE 11: “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”

The Progressives almost always fail at RULE 11.
Zeneta urges more conservative joking. Good luck.
* RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. (Pretty crude, rude and mean, huh? They want to create anger and fear.)

This may be the best and only weapon WE have to counter them.
You know, I'm not sure rlmorel read more than like 2 sentences:
Up until a couple of years ago, I had been trying to figure out a way to obtain a copy of “Rules for Radicals” because it is the bible followed by Obama and his associates. I had been trying to get it without paying for it, and the copies at the library were backordered for months. To my surprise, one finally came in after about a six month delay.

When I was about a third of the way through “Rules for Radicals”, I concluded that reading it tells volumes about the people who profess to following it as a bible, especially the ones pushing the legislation we have seen in the last two years.

The book explains a lot. And none of it is good.

I was going to dictate the entire thing and make an audiobook out of it to give to my close associates, who, like me, don’t want a single red cent to go to anyone associated with writing, printing or distributing that hideous work. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I couldn’t stomach hearing myself read it in a way that would make it easier on the ears to listen to (To put the inflection in the right places means you have to read it as if you believe it, and I gave up after one chapter.)

It is probably one of the most amoral, twisted works I have ever read. Given that Alinsky wrote a dedication to Lucifer, I shouldn’t be surprised. The dedication was taken out of later editions so as not to offend the clergy he was attempting to recruit, but the version I read had it. Apparently, it was a copy from the 1980's, and they figured it was safe to put it back in.

From what I can see, reading that book enables one to understand what makes Obama (and his devoted followers) tick.

The very FIRST paragraph exposes very clearly what they are all about:
"What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be. 'The Prince' was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. 'Rules for Radicals' is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away."

It is unrestricted class warfare, pure and simple. And it is the bible of Obama and his like-minded followers.
Empowering the Have-nots! Oh noes!

Art in Idaho now knows why everything Obama does pisses him off!
Now I know why it seems like there's 'something every day' from Obama. It's straight out of Alinsky! 700 or some such days left? That's a Long time. . How much damage is he going to do? We sent a message to the new Congress to STOP OBAMA! There's no evidence they are taking a national emergency stonewall stand with Obama.

Don't they get it? It's one minute to midnight Congress! No, not from the outside, from the White House! STOP OBAMA'S Fundamental Transformation of our great country!
logi_cal869 sees Alinsky even on Freep.
There are those here at FR that use those tactics to silence others.

Equally stunning...
It's almost as if Alinsky was laying out things people already did when advocating and arguing...

tumblindice urges Freepers to stop being so timid with the invective:
Barry is a vain, preening, narcissistic personality; in other words, a vulnerable & risible character. [SEE: Rudy Giuliani stroking his fur backwards.]
Most of us have some trepidations with invective in general (snotty liberals) but as #5 states, the best way to deflate human hot-air balloons (like the Obamanites) is by simply sticking pins in them.

And FReepers can be very good at that, with continued patience from the Mods.
Fledermaus relates a totally true and certainly still relevant story about the Carter admin:
Mark, on his show, tells of the time he started working for the Reagan administration and they found box after box after box of “Rules for Radicals” purchased by taxpayers to give to left wing bureaucrats during the Carter admin.

Wake up America, the left is taking our country from us with our money.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

While Freepers initially rallied around the Duggers, they've since backed off, and are largely content to condemn them as creepy cultists who they never liked. Hence their reaction to dware:
This has been heartbreaking to see. The Satanists wanted to get rid of them, and they got their wish. The only winner here is Satan, plain and simple.

Don’t blame or give Satan any undue credit here. The Duggars sinned and it’s their own fault. Had they dealt with this years ago by proper channels this would have not come back to bite them in the a$$. The tried to hide it as Numbers 32:23 says “ and you may be sure that your sin will find you out.”
Yet they'll break out the tin foil rather than believe white biker gangs can fight: Tupelo:
I am afraid this is looking more and more like a “Branch Banditos” or maybe a “Bandito Dravidian” affair.
fwdude's list gets derailed by a metaphor:
I’ve already banned the display of the American Flag on my property over what it’s become and currently represents.

The reasons for this are several:
1. It has become a fetid, rotting carcass, unrelated and bearing no resemblance to that great, godly Nation founded by our Fathers.
2. The rotting carcass is infested with maggots that are moving the carcass, but the carcass itself no longer has any life in it.
3. Pledging allegiance to this parody of a once-great nation is enabling the parody.
4. It represents a nation composed largely of mindless parasites, whose only concern is its next meal off those who are productive and moral.
5. Its head, and those who installed it, are enemies of the moral, the rational, and the sane.
Crusher138 seems to think the State is involved in baptisms and communions:
When it comes to Gay "Marriage" I am mostly hacked off at the cheapening of the sacrament of marriage. Image if people said...

"Yeah, I ate a huge communion at the Casino Buffet the other day."


"Went to the aquatic center yesterday before work and did ten laps of baptism."

Just like eating doesn't make it communion, and getting wet doesn't make it baptism, two people pledging to love each other doesn't make it Marriage.
PA-RIVER may be the last person making this laughable argument:
When marriage becomes a gay parade, heterosexual men will lose all respect for it. This will result in a loss of respect for women. Without respect for women, there is no respect for family and children. They go hand in hand.
Deagle makes the same anti-speech argument fascists have been making since freedom of speech was a thing:
Sorry, but that is what it will come down to. Democracy or Sharia Law. Your choice.

Sounds undemocratic I know but sometimes (like Germany) there are times for choices and now is the time to ban those that want a different government. Bringing them here will only exacerbates the problem as long as they want a different government. Eventually, that leads to revolution doesn’t it?
max americana has sympathy for exactly one illegal immigrant:
My aunt was an illegal alien. She applied for citizenship because she was damn tired of living like a criminal. From illegal to citizen, and she did it properly from lawyers to showing her paying taxes via ITIN so she wasn’t a bum to the system like these “Americans” who EBT their way to living.

This is how it should be, make it extremely hard like we do in Canada where now there is a much stricter quota system in place this year.
rfreedom4u wonders why liberals let Hillary Clinton continue, what with her being a Democrat and all!
Strike 1: She’s a democrat.
Strike 2: She’s a Clinton
Strike 3: She’s a liar.
Strike 4: Clinton body trail.

How many strikes will libs give her?
Talisker is sure Hillary only looks shocked:
She hiding a huge smile with that hand - she was watching Gaddafi being raped to death per her orders by the future members of ISIS.
Taxman says what they're all thinking:
Hitlery is a LIEberal!

LIEberals LIE!

Therefore, Hitlery LIEs!

About everything!
napscoordinator thinks American imperialist John Bolton is too internationalist:
I’m not likely to vote for any politician who had anything to do with the UN.

Thank. I won’t either. Supporting such a terrorist organization should make all Republicans shutter. But yet they are ready to give him the keys to the White House? Hard to believe.
Once again HomerBohn has put off America's death until the next election:
Fact is that upcoming is the most IMPORTANT time EVER in the history of the United States of America. We cannot elect another Democrat to serve in the White House, and more importantly, the SKANK Hillery Rodham Clinton. If you think things are bad with this Black/White ISIS supporting Muslim President in the WH today, wait until these American Idiots elect Hitlery. Talking about the SHTF, we will be kissing the US goodbye forever. 12 years of Democrat Marxist leadership will NOT be a good thing. We MUST prevent this from happening AT ALL COSTS, even if it means a RE-Revolutionary WAR.
Mr. Jeeves's Asian wife is one of the good ones:
I was lucky enough to marry an Asian woman who had lived here a long time, already become a citizen, and had not become Americanized at all. She doesn't watch US television and considers white American women lazy, fat, surgically-altered she doesn't have any single American friends to negatively influence her. And since she's kind of a dragon lady, her single Asian friends do whatever she tells them to. :)

On the other hand, I've seen the other side. The two of us have watched the process unfold as a friend of ours married a Philippine woman and brought her to the US over the last three years. We even gave her a job in our company. But she became Americanized at an alarming rate - so much so that our friend wants to move back to the Philippines with her before any more damage is done.

It's unfair to blame women as a group - the Gramscian-Hollywood culture in this country has become so toxic that it requires great strength of character for a man or a woman of any background to overcome its influences and remain an independent thinker.

V_TWIN is hilariously dumb:
“New guidelines on how officers were to interact with the public, especially blacks, were often imposed”

Sounds a bit like sharia law to me.
Keep on keeping on, Red Badger!
I still believe Vince was killed either in the WH or in the parking lot.................
unlearner exhorts Freepers not to fall into name calling, that's Obama's thing:
Personally, I think derisive terms about sexuality are unproductive, too. I stick to calling same-sex sexuality “homosexual” generally. Otherwise people just get caught up in name calling rather than persuading.

The left persuades through appeals to emotion. The right usually appeals to logic and reason. It is important to show the faulty logic of emotional appeals by demonstrating that the plans, strategies, and actions of the left tend to make the problems they claim to address worse.

You want to help the poor? Good. Embrace free markets. You want to help homosexuals and others with sexual identity issues find peace? Good. Embrace religious liberty. You want citizens to get a good education? Good. Minimize the role of government.

Keep in mind that part of Obama’s strategy has been to keep us continuously agitated with one outlandish action after another. Seems to be working pretty well.

While anger toward Obama is well deserved, we do not need to allow it to take us off message.
Organic Panic is incensed by Gloria Steinem visiting North Korea, having made up her agenda in his head:
Gloria Steinem doesn’t want the North to become a free republic but the rest of the world to be more like North Korea. Juche for all!!! She will be lamenting how bad things are for women on US college campuses and how Hobby Lobby is forcing women to remain barefoot and pregnant while proclaiming how wonderful women are treated in NK and get free birth control.

If it is a real protest against the government, PLEASE take Moochelle. She’s due for another tax payer funded vacation. Lena Dunham and Sandra Fluck should tag along as well.
The collapse of the arguments about gay marriage lead to gibbering, like knarf's:
I ask only for the homosexual to point to where it came from

Prove your genesis

If you are not on an evolutionary chart of some kind ... you can't be a member of the human race

If you CAN point to your origin, you were hetero-sexually conceived and birthed

If you were hetero sexually conceived and birthed, you have a gender and an identity

If you claim neither ... you choose to ... claim ... neither

It's a choice

They weren't born queer ... they chose queer.
Graybeard58 hasn't met any gays, so they do not exist:
I had understood the gay population of the U.S.A. is 2% of the populace, which I believe is too high.

Just based on personal observation, I agree with you, too high. Again, just my own experience, I don't know even one self professed queer. Stretching the old memory back, I cannot remember ever knowing one.
Ann Archy sees only gayness and death:
We were just in Ireland a few days ago, and the Pro-Gay "Equality" signs were EVRYWHERE, and I mean EVERYWHERE, which maybe means that Ireland IS dead, just like our once fine country is dead. God help us all.
Oy. My heart goes out to EQAndyBuzz's daughter. This might explain why EQAndyBuzz has been particularly strident on Freep lately.
My 21 year old bi daughter and I had this conversation last week. Using facts I explained all this to her. Monday night there was a McDonalds commercial on with someone named Max Greenfield. Apparently he is in some show on Fox. The commercial flat out appeals to girls and gays.

And I said this out loud. “This commercial is sooooo gay!” My daughter called me a homophobe and said she no longer feels safe in my house. Needless to say, as much as I love her, she proved my point. She is moving out.

Too much drama.

I'm traveling back home to NY this week, so there will be a bit of filler from my archive of evergreen stories, but I'll do what I can to mix in contemporary stories (I'm looking at you, Palin not-wedding!). And if something big breaks, I'll be sure to give you the Freepers' hot-takes!

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

The American Liberal Jew was the type of Jew Hitler wanted to get rid of. Unfortunately, the rest of us were collateral damage.
World War II bad, Holocaust good. Gotcha.

And right out of the Nazi manifesto, Slambat explains that Jews are Communist infiltrators:
The embittered Jewish Communists aka the liberal American Jews are or spawns of the fascist Jews that fled Nazi Germany before and during WWII. Taking these people in as refugees was the absolute worst thing America ever did. They were not fleeing fascism, which they were staunch supporters, just persecution. Soon after they arrived here in America they began the socialist movement with the infiltration of the media, banks and government.
Texas Eagle connects some idiotic dots:
Is the Washington Post prepared to admit that going after Saddam in response to 9/11 was the right thing to do?

Saddam's officers are leaders of ISIS. ISIS was spawned by Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda was created by Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden ordered the attacks on 9/11.
GodAndCountryFirst doesn't want to waste all this "Muslim in the White House!" paranoia when Obama's no longer President:
There are those who believe the Clintons converted to Islam while Bill was still in office - late in his second term.

But even if that is not true, it’ll be time to start thinking of a “Plan B” if Hillary is as effective as OZERO at stealing the White House with illegal immigrant votes and multiple voting in the inner cities.
SvenMagnussen has decided to start hating the Constitution:
An ineligible President voids the Constitution and not the sovereignty of the People. The People need to establish a new, national governing document.

The US Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation because the Articles of Confederation were weak and the country wanted a more powerful, centralized federal government. Now the US Constitution must be replaced to curtail the federal government’s ability to continue spending regardless of the debt incurred and attempts to control the People through social engineering.
Hulka on black dating habits:
Black-white dating is acceptable if the girl is attractive and white.

From what I've seen the reverse is true. Fat/ugly white-girls not attractive white girls are the norm.
Attention Surplus Disorder doesn't like how America celebrates Civil Rights triumphs:
Let’s not forget, as well, that now “Baltimore” will acquire the same kind of privileged spiritual victimhood assingmentism as “Selma”. As in, no white person can actually say the name of the town “Selma”, it belongs to a certain class, you know.
The_Media_never_lie gives some elementary thugology:
I don’t give a flip for black thugs nor for white thugs. However, I pretty much know how to get along with the white thugs. Stay out of their way, have nothing to do with them, ignore them and no problem. Black thugs, however, seem to like to menace people.
I can't tell if rktman doesn't know or doesn't care:
Obamabot human vermin at work, doing their best to destroy the American Republic with released Obamabot would be cop killers, thugs, looters, criminals, druggies and America haters!!!

Careful, you’re bordering on ray-cyst there. ;>}
MacNaughton explains how "all men are created equal" doesn't really mean all men are equal:
“all men are created equal”

Live in New Orleans for a few years, five or more, and come back and tell me if you believe that is actually so.

I know exactly of what you speak. We both know TJ was referring to "in the eyes of the law". I watched in horror during the aftermath of Katrina in 2005. Like many Freepers, I think we are in for another "reckoning" and BHO is egging it upon us. I pray that I can hold onto my Christian faith during the coming crisis. We will be sorely tested.
jsanders2001's Obama fan fiction is coming along:
And when the nukes go off on our soil, Obama will be thousands of miles away smiling to himself as the Amerca we know is blasted into oblivion. After divorrcing Moochie and collecting his commission checks from Soros, he’ll finally announce he was Muslim and gay all along and acknowledge that the 47 % were suckers...
duckworth knows what's coming for the Boston Bomber:
How can Imam Obama not pardon this guy? Muslim helping out a Muslim.
SoFloFreeper knows Obama isn't really doing anything in the Middle East:
Yes, CNN is all about the Obama worship....covering Team Valerie’s faux war on terror as if it truly existed.
Similarly, FreeAtlanta explains away yet another ISIS leader being killed:
Either Obama was upset that the terrorist had more integrity and leadership ability than him, or he didn’t like that the Islamic leader was telling the truth about the murderous religion.
Talisker goes full MRA, bitter old guy style.
I think these packs of drugged, drunk, ferocious, utterly hypocritical and staggeringly cruel women - and there are now literally millions of them - is THE elephant in America’s living room. They are the power behind the abiding madness of the Left.

What these poor fools don’t realize is that they have been led to completely, utterly, destroy their lives solely for their votes, and that their precious feminism has only ever been a front for international communism at the most barbaric level. Oh - and that every one of them is completely dispensable.

It’s a profound moral collapse in every way, by women too frightened and vicious to reverse themselves. Which is a good thing for Hillary, because if these women ever really grasp what’s been done to them by Cankles & Co., they’d rip that bitch into chunks.
Like Vietnam before it, mbrfl is all about how the left lost a war America was about to win:
Imagine if Patton, to prove a point that his strategy was better than Eisenhower’s, deliberately undermined the war effort from that point on. Maybe then, we would have lost the war, and Patton could have petulantly blamed the loss on Eisenhower not taking his advice. But that’s not what great men do. But that’s what America hating commies like Obama and the Democrat Party do. They have deliberately given away the victory so dearly fought for, to try to “prove” that it never happened.
longfellow is one of many Freepers who want to lynch the Pope:
Somebody get me a rope...

I’ll get the tree.
Mr. Jeeves is unimpressed by old Obama photos:
Those aren’t good enough to be modern Photoshops. This is KGB stuff from the 80’s. Tantalizingly close to concrete proof that Obama is a mole.
dware is getting awesome:
We have quite a few candidates who will win in 2016.

And Cruz is the only one that REAL CONSERVATIVES will vote for. So, sure, Walker or Jebbie could win the primary. But if they do, might as well get ready for Hitlery.
dware, calling fellow Freepers leftists:
You are lower then pond scum. You are the ruination of the United States. I can’t wait for the prayer post on can’t come soon enough.

From a leftist such as yourself, I'll take that as a compliment!
TexasCajun loves him some sample bias:
This is the first Biker Gang incident I’ve heard about in years, while this type of carnage happens every weekend in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans, Philadelphia.
TribalPrincess2U knows who to blame for that biker gang war!
shite like this was almost never heard of any more. Only until that ‘Rat Bastard Commie’ opened the flood gates for anyone. To get votes and to destroy America.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Spotlight: SamuraiScot

A prime example of the anecdote-ridden existence many Freepers live, and it's pitfalls. He spends a lot of time discarding anecdotes he doesn't like, and elevating those he does to a general rule.

Of course, he's also full of the usual extremist Freeper tropes. Wants to abolish the FDA. Thinks liberal women age much worse than conservatives. Believes Muslims to be calculating supervillian-types.

Even his optimism is crazy - he fully believes President Cruz will happen, and will solve all of the above issues when he ends the government.

Nicole Wallace speaks ill of Sarah Palin:
Nicole is looking kinda . . . old. She hasn’t aged nearly as well as the woman who (in her mind only) is her rival. Purity of heart is what keeps one young, unfortunately for Nicole.
Solve all of America's problems: stop caring for the poor!
Eliminating welfare and leaving it to the private sector would have a wide range of benefits, of course—the rebirth of American civilization, for instance. It needs to be dismantled doorjamb by doorjamb, and we could start almost anywhere. Except: I would not start with stopping the rate of growth. That doesn't change welfare's character, which I think is essential to producing a change in people's assumptions about how to live.



THEN, ON DAY 2 . . .
Abolish the FDA, because Stalin.
Abolish the FDA. Like all Progressive inventions, it's unnecessary, unconstitutional, and the impetus for its creation was a set of feverish lies. The FDA owes its nanny-state beginnings to the Pure Food and Drugs Act of 1906—which was inspired, no joke, by a novel—a work of fiction in every sense.

The author, Upton Sinclair, was a Communist writing about the plight of poor immigrants working in filthy conditions in the meat-packing industry. The conditions, like the characters, were invented for the purpose. The novel's title was The Jungle. (As so often happens with Communists, what is politically correct yesterday is treason next week. Surely today, the title would have to be The Rainforest.)

In the 1930s, Sinclair was a fan and supporter of Stalin's purges.
Arab Christians suck:
Middle East Christians are the biggest Jew-haters I've ever seen. They act like coward dhimmies. Get their butts handed to them by the Moslems, getting exterminated—and they come to my church at Christmas time selling carved knick-knacks and complaining about how the JEWS in Israel are hurting their business by taking security measures.
Collateral deaths of Muslim civilians is all a hoax. All of it:
Having researched and followed many, many tragic stories about Moslem victims of Israeli violence and indifference, I discovered that in each case, the story was false. Sometimes the "victim" wasn't really dead, and turned up walking around and joking later on the same video that seemed to show him being killed. Sometimes I'd find that it was the same old woman wailing in front of every blown-up house in the area over a period of years, claiming to Western reporters that her children had been inside each one. Sometimes it was Moslem photographers putting children's toys into wreckage of any kind and selling the photo to gullible wire services. (And somehow, even after the "blast" and dust, the toys always showed up in the picture clean and sparkly.)

And sometimes, the victim really was killed—by other Moslems—on some other occasion, and the body was brought in and dumped where the Western reporters were instructed to "find" it.
More Muslim fakery:
Photo of journalist carrying dead son in Gaza spurs online grief

How poignant and perfect this shot is! How wonderfully well-lit, with his buds all standing around him in perfect position, with perfect expressions.

I wonder how many takes they needed before they got everything right. I'm an aficionado of Moslem phoniness, and if a shot looks too good to be true, it is. They pose everything. Sometimes the dead person has to get up and move to a different position so the fotog or videographer can get a better angle. There are videos of them doing this.

I remember seeing a tragic still shot of an old Arab woman crying to Allah in front of the ruin of her poor little house where she had lived for 50 years, hit by an Israeli bomb. (Boo!) A few months later, she appeared crying to Allah in front of a different ruined house where she had lived for 50 years.
Poverty is caused by attitude:
Poverty is caused by behavior, not a lack of cash. That's why expropriating funds from anyone by force to transfer them to the poor does no good.
Females on juries - just another bad idea.
The goal of requiring female jury duty—and combat duty—is to break open the family to the claws of the state. It's to make the household a temporary grouping, instead of an autonomous unit that governs itself, and to make every person, including small children, individually subject to state authority. This statist religion requires that no decision be too private to be subject to the review and intervention of the state. And that the state be subject to no one.
Only gays get AIDS:
There was a campaign by homosexual groups a few years back to sell the idea that we had to devote the equivalent of the entire Pentagon budget (or whatever) to fighting AIDS—using the claim that AIDS "can happen to anybody," that is, including normal males. And when you looked at the stats, which came out a year or two later, it was clearly, bizarrely untrue. Okay, a lie. It's what they do best. I guess it's cute and puckish somehow.

Of course, previously, the same, petulant individuals were trying to get money for AIDS research on the grounds that it was a special, gay, victim thing.

But before that, the disease was called, in the epidemiology field, GRID—for "Gay-Related Immunological Disorder." That had sent the militant homosexuals into a frenzy that someone would dare oppress them by associating them with a disease so horrible it suggested the wrath of God.

Soon they adopted the disease (and the fund-raising potential) as their own—a dignifying tragedy that was somehow Society's fault. And AIDS became for them like the Ring for Gollum.

Today, with the "norming" of homosexuality into more institutions, the incidence of AIDS is skyrocketing again. (Among homosexuals.)
Soon Conservatives will sweep Cruz into office:
I think a lot has changed in the year since this was written. The conservative base is waking up like an angry bear in springtime. Cruz is playing very strategically by rolling up support early from a huge constituency that could get him numerical support and a huge amount of money—Evangelicals. He has a clear advantage over all the other candidates in this.

Where necessary, conservatives and delegates should ignore the stupid rules, show up at the convention with a plan, and make trouble. They could turn a prissy, control-freak convention upside-down in no time.
Not a fan of vaccines:
Here in the U.S., my kids didn't get shots at all, and are now grown. We raised them to play outside, wash their hands a lot, clean their cuts, and take Airborne if they felt a sore throat coming on. They've always been healthy as horses.
Women, post-college.
Once you're out of your early 20s, different things make you happy—it happens first among the women. They're not queens of the universe anymore, and they get practical so fast, it makes your poor male head spin.

Marriage survives because of self-interest—enlightened, wise, far-seeing self-interest. When government doesn't put itself in the way, marriage not only survives, but dominates.
Civil Rights was a Communist Plot:
JFK distrusted Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement with good reason: It was run by white Communists, of whom MLK was one of their major puppets. For a taste, search for King's 1967 speech where he comes out against the Vietnam war. He says a couple of anti-Soviet things, and then proceeds to endorse a good dozen Soviet-backed revolutions in Africa and South America while trashing the U.S.—calling our country "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today."
Biotruths about homosexuality:
The overwhelming observation of most people is that everyone you know who is a homosexual had an overbearing mother and an absent or aloof father—or an incident of molestation, or both. Heck of a coincidence.

The other logical possibility would be if the father's absence—in person or in personality—somehow produces a response in the mother carrying the early-stage child in utero to reduce the developing boy's testosterone "bath," such that he is born "less male." And that this factor would produce same-sex attraction, rather than some other effect you might expect, such as hermaphroditism. I've never heard of evidence for that, but it's pretty much the only "Born This Way" scenario that would make sense to me.
porno-twisted minds and slut-styling
Boys with porno-twisted minds and slut-styling girls are all signal and no message. That's what's depraved, and leads to depraved behavior.

In a sense you don't get it because you haven't really absorbed how different boys are from girls—because of our feminist-infested public discourse. What enrages the feminists is that nothing happens unless boys do something. Girls spend energy trying to get boys to do something. The crazy ones do this in a crazy way. The "objectifying" slides into crazy when everything goes into manipulating the other person—which is contemptuous of him.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Freepers hate the Pope pt. II: Environmentalism

I hear that, like just about everyone who isn't a Freeper, the Pope believes in global warming. I'm not sure about the manmade part, but he also believes that good Catholics care about the environment.

Here's the anodyne quote that set the Freepers off on a righteous rageapalooza:

the powerful of the Earth that God will call them to judgment one day, and there it will be revealed if they really tried to provide for him in every person, and if they did what they could to preserve the environment so that it could produce this food."

Sacajaweau knows what this quote is!
full blown communist
HomerBohn just hates anything after the 1950s, and the Church is no excpetion
God will judge the ‘popes’ subsequent to Vatican II and rather harshly I would think.

This current heretic is probably the worst of the bunch, but that’s not saying anything as they’re all complicit in creating a new religion based on secular humanism.
The Catholic Church are secular humanists?!

winner3000 questions the Biblical authority for the Pope's pronouncement:
Which commandment was that again?
Nervous Tick agrees - there ain't nothing in the bible about caring for the poor or Earth!
God will judge them on whether they fed the poor and cared for the Earth

Maybe we should send the po-po a Bible.

I’m not sure he *has* one.
Nervous Tick follows up by noting the Pope didn't give specifics:
No drilling for oil? No burning fossil fuel of any kind? No dumping at sea? No eating meat? No GMO? No air travel? All of those things can be, AND HAVE BEEN, proscribed for us unwashed masses by our betters in the environmental grievance industry and at the UN... to which chorus the good pope is also lustily lending his own voice.

Who draws the line, and where? You? The Pope? Obama? Kofi Anan? Who?
MrB thinks they key is to act environmentalist, but not care about it.
Satan always perverts the good that God proclaims.
We are to take dominion and make the earth fruitful,
but we are not to worship it,
nor do we derive any righteousness by how much we care.
No one out-crazies editor-surveyor! This heretical craziness is promptly ignored, alas.
Nothing in God’s word tells us to care for the Earth.

We are specifically instructed to subdue the Earth.

Feeding the poor is another story, and this is where the catholic church has failed miserably, by spending Yeshua’s money on massive buildings with satanic phalli puncuuating their roofs, and man worshiping art treasures covering the walls.
CA Conservative mixes judging God by man's standards with a bit of strawman fun:
Since God "destroyed" the earth once already with water, and the Bible says He will do it again with fire, I don't think that you can make a case that preserving the earth is God's highest priority. Now, we are to be good stewards of what He has given us, but that is a far cry from destroying our economies and impoverishing billions in the name of "protecting the earth" as the left would like to do...
Finny explains how when the government cares for the poor, it causes evil:
Charity is a moral act. It requires voluntary sacrifice on the part of the giver. The receiver is morally indebted, knowing that someone else chose to go without for his own in order to help the receiver to go with. The giver is exercising mercy and kindness.

When government usurps the duty of charity, it removes "voluntary" and degree of sacrifice, mercy, and kindness, and converts it to an AMORAL act, zero reference to morality. AMORALITY and all its evil results. Givers become slaves, and receivers become entitled dependents supported in sloth and promiscuity without material consequence.
Makes you yearn for the moral heights of the private charity-run Victorian England, eh?

Harmless Teddy Bear noted the Pope only exhorted those with means:
So the poor, who do the most damage to the earth, get off?
justa-hairyape revels in dickish know-nothingism.
And the more CO2, the more food, and the greater the diversity of life.
By not mentioning ISIS in every sentence, Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America infers the Pope loves ISIS.
Being nice to mother Earth trumps stopping ISIS and their brutal crusade of raping and torturing Christians?
bramps isn't big on humility:
Feels good to know more than a Pope.
Nervous Tick:
“The Pope is a Socialist and is coming after our money.”

In other words... is the pope catholic? Yep.

Freepers hate the Pope pt. 1: Palestine

First, Monday Potpourri looks like its gonna be especially awesome.

Now, to business. I know he's not, but Pope Francis does seem super liberal to me. It's just an illusion projected by comparison to the previous guy, but it is a joy to even perceive organized religion as a progressive force (I'm a Unitarian, natch).

Freepers...not so joyful. In this case, the Vatican officially recognized Palestine. The largely evangelical Freepers have a fraught relationship with the Catholic Church in the best of times, and this Pope is really bringing out the anti-Catholicism. This particular move is extra fun, since it adds in Freeper's performative defense of Israel and a bit of the old apocalypse prophecy.

Da Coyote is super clever:
When I was young, the Catholic Church was Christian.
Catholic HarleyLady27 quickly rambles about prophecy:
There are no Palatines, there never have been...

In the Bible, it warns of the Philistines....they were a waring group and people were warned to be careful of them...

Where this ‘palatine’ thing comes from is from man, not God...

If this pope: “Peter the Roman” wants to go down that road, then he'll answer to a much greater power....
Lest anyone miss HarleyLady27's subtle dis above:
I misspelled that word on purpose because those people are evil....
Trapped Behind Enemy Lines is well acquainted with his extremism alienating him:
I’m a Catholic. I’m a Bible believing Catholic. I put the Bible first. I love my Church and love my faith. AND I AM SIMPLY APPALLED TO NO END WITH THE MARXIST LEADERSHIP FROM THE VATICAN THESE SAYS!!!!

BTW-—I feel the same way about my own country.
jsanders2001 sites hims some prophecy too:
Catholic Church assisting illegal amnesty, destroying confidence in the church wilth a very large of sexual assaults on children, embracing homosexuality, now this...maybe its time to consider it migh be the harlot church spoken of in Revelation
thetallguy24 attacks Freeper Catholics. Preemprively, natch.
Get ready for the backlash from Catholics on here. They can’t argue with the truth though.

I’m sure they’ll call it a “mistranslation”, or they’ll say he’s not a real Catholic. Well if he’s not a real Catholic, then why aren’t phone banks being set up by real Catholics calling their Cardinals to stand up to the Pope.

Is he really that invincible to regular Catholics?
Repeal 16-17 goes so far as to say the Pope must hate Catholicism:
Pope Francis is to the Catholic Church what President Obama is to the United States. A leader that in his heart hates what he leads and does his best to undermine it.
Norm Lenhart predicts the Pope will become Unitarian:
I said a long time ago this communist POS would eventually come out and declare that Jesus was merely a metaphor. Just watch. He has not yet begun to dismantle Catholicism and Christianity.
Part 2 this afternoon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bin Laden Trutherism remains strong

Perhaps the craziest result of Freepers' willingness to accept any delusions rather than give Obama credit for anything, many Freepers continue to believe the raid that killed Bin Laden was a fake. While their initial impulse was to assume a mini military coup, but by 2014 they seem to have settled on the more crazy idea that the entire raid was fake.

Now investigative reporter Seymour Hersh published an uncorroborated account that the Bin Laden was done in cooperation with Pakistan. This is scanty evidence, but there are crazier conspiracy theories than that. Wanna see them?

FreeAtlanta has a theory.
My theory is that we were after the paki nukes, but when we lost the helicopter we had to come up with a cover story.

There was no bin laden, thus no pictures or independent verification of his body.

Just my hair brained theory.
advertising guy has the best little factoid upon which to hang a conspiracy:
I must have posted this a dozen times yet no response,Usama blow’d up at Tora Bora and the Pakistan Usama was 72 inches long,not 79 inches long
HarleyLady27 is having trouble reconciling her gut's desire to hate Obama with all of the evidence that points to Bin Laden actually being dead.
I have often wondered if the killing of OBL was real or made up...

You know when you have that feeling of ‘huhhhh’ yeah, that’s what I mean...

So if we didn’t kill him, where is OBL? Did the Pakistan people kill him, did they hide him, is he still alive????

These questions we need answers to, don’t you think?
Logical me literally cannot believe Obama is capable of anything good.
At the time something smelled fishy. I knew something just did not sound right because of the one picture I saw of King Obama sitting on the floor watching real time. I will never forget that picture and the look on his face told me this coward could never construct the raid on Bin Laden.
Chainmail knows the best conspiracy theorists rage at how obvious the conspiracy is:
"Hersh is a fraud"

Yes, but a broken clock is right once every 12 hours. That whole "long distance raid deep into Pakistan without the Pakistanis knowing about it" struck me as ridiculous. Helicopters, "stealth" or not are the most detectable devices - and the least reliable - on earth. Nobody in their right minds depend on helicopters for critical long-range missions.

That, and the whole "no photographs of OBL's body will be released" and the "burial at sea" stuff is beyond belief. They must think that we're all brain-dead children.
treetopsandroofs knows how to silence Navy Seals:
A whole chopper full of Seals were taken down, biggest ever message sent to the Seals. I don’t recall more than a couple of them vocally “corroborating” the Fraud’s story.
treetopsandroofs next post makes me wonder where he does get his "facts," if not from the news.
I’m unfortunately still amazed that so many here are willing to believe Hussein if a particular news article is well written or appears to present cogent “facts”.
bgill has got to be taking the piss...right?
Do you know for certain they are really SEALS? With this administration, who knows if anything is the truth.

The Glorious War in Iraq

Even after all these years, Freepers never cease to amaze.

After Jeb Bush's bobbling of whether the Iraq war was a good idea in hindsight, the GOP generally has been doing their best to finesse the issue, with most of the Bush-era neoconservatives keeping quiet. Even Ted Cruz got on board.

I assumed that Freepers would be following the line, hampered perhaps by a few amusing stalwarts.

Nope! The defensive crouch they had assumed during the Bush Administration lead to it's own delusions no less entrenched than those about the Moslem Usurper.

I had it reversed - most Freepers stuck to their now long debunked and politically suicidal decades-old false narratives, with the few stalwarts being those against Bush's adventurism.

mosesdapoet thinks the problems is that Bush didn't reveal the WMDs we totally found:
That claim about Bush is based on one failure. The failure to to deny there wasn’t any WMD found, when there was.

By making a political decision not to refute it led to what we’re wittnessing now. Who’s fault was that ? Who was the architect of that reasoning ? And why are Republicans still supporting such people ?
fuzzylogic starts from crazy premises, and gets a crazy result!
To all of the “know it all’s”...

Please tell me exactly what the alternate consequences would have happened if we’d *not* taken out Saddam?

Remember, he DID have WMD’s. The Oil For Food program WAS corrupt and falling apart. He DID have hundreds of tons of yellowcake. He WAS waiting to restart these programs at the drop of a hat. He WAS the biggest sponsor of terrorism. He HAD used WMD’s in the past.

To say we shouldn’t have done this “knowing what we know now” is quite arrogant, it also requires buying into media lies and revisionist history.

He’s one alternate version:

We don’t get involved in Iraq. Oil for Food ends. U.N. weapons inspections never resume. Saddam restarts all WMD programs; nuclear, biological and chemical. Within ten years he’s more dangerous than ever. He’s trained 1000’s of terrorists. He gives them the means to attack the world. Hundreds of thousands are killed, if not more. ...the same people saying “we shouldn’t have gone in” will instead be saying the opposite.
Jim Noble wants all the Neocon imperialism, but against different countries:
Had we embarked on the conquest of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, which is what we should have done, Saddam would have become a valuable ally. He already demonstrated his prowess at killing Iranians (without, BTW, substantial naval or air support), which skill could have proved most useful as a rational strategy evolved after American governors were installed in Riyadh and Islamabad.

So, no, not only were we not “right” to take out Saddam (kind of a childish expression), we were stupid and foolish to do so.
Like Communism and Capitalism, the trouble with Neoconservative foreign policy is that it's never been truly tried.

HarleyLady27 knows every time is a good time to rage about Benghazi!
We did what we thought was right at the time, only problem was GW didn't run for a third term and dumbass took over and screwed everything up...

And in regards to Benghazi, he was running guns thru there into Syria the same as he did with ‘fast and furious’ and everyone in his administration knew about it and kept quite and now look at ANOTHER mess dumbass made....
ifinnegan does not take kindly to Freepers that have altered their point of view based upon reality:
Removing Saddam Hussein was a calamitous mistake of monumental proportions.

His regime was no threat to America, but was a big threat to Iran and to those Islamic fanatics who would threaten Christians and Jews!

He was the force that protected Iraq’s minorities.

I say this as a Conservative and NOT a damned Republicrat!

I read posts like yours and I we’ve entered a time warp where posts likemyours aremfrom liberal lefties with Bush Derangement Syndrome from the 2000’s.

Unbelievable how you parrot Michael Moore and Obama talking points from 10 years ago and think it’s “conservative”.
kidd is going waaay back to Bush I's Gulf War:
Saddam Hussein was a huge threat to Israel (remember the scuds?)

Saddam Hussein had to go. The nation building stuff can be debated, but Saddam Hussein was the center of all the problems at the time.
TomasUSMC thinks we should probably have made war on Islam:
Yes we were right to take him out, the problem was we didn't take out Islam out of their Constitution .....when a Constitution states..
“NO LAW SHALL CONTRADICT ISLAM” reality that constitution is then superseded by the Koran.
TomasUSMC knows the real problem is insufficient nationalism:
If we changed the insane Nazi Germany and the equally insane Tojo Japan, we could do the same to moslum countries, except we don’t have the willpower we did in WW2. We don’t teach our youth that America IS exceptional, and why it is.

And thus, we elect Carter, Clinton and Obama.
I think xzins is saying terrorism is easy, to kill all bad people:
If you can put insecticide in a can of RAID and spray it on bugs, then you can do the same with humanicides and spray it in a crowd. The delivery system and projection system are the same: terrorists. One droplet of nerve agent will kill a human being.

One aerosol can of humanicide in a packed stadium or open air festival in the USA could kill hundreds/thousands and terrorize millions.

So, the bottom line: it was the PERSON of Saddam Hussein, supporter of terrorists, gassings, murders, and assassination plots that was the problem....or would have been for any reasonably intelligent president.
Cementjungle advises that the good politics is to blame Iraq on Obama.
The GOP is totally handing this election to Hillary by entertaining the "knowing what you know now..." questions and making this election about GWB. They should be responding with something like "Had I known that Obama would mismanage the situation so badly, I would have..." instead.
arthurus goes way beyond PNAC to some some real colonialism.
The proper strategy for the ME after the mid sixties should have been to re-colonize the oil zones and remit a token amount to the arabs. If we wanted to change the culture - probably not possible due to it being Moslem culture, then we should have taken over and operated the school systems for a couple of long generations. The schools are why the arabs in Gaza and the West Bank can never desire anything but death to Jews. It is what the schools teach in every grade and every class. You can’t mitigate that in the resulting adults. It has become part of their psychological DNA.

It is why we will never get our own culture back, why elections are of no use any more. Our public schools have taught no history or civics for several generations now. The schools have taught victimery and dependence. We now have a huge population of dependent victims who can only look to the government for the very air they breathe.
"We should have taken over their schools. By the way, our schools are also evil."

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The great shift

I've been looking forward to how Freepers will shift from their infinite Obama hatred to infinite Hillary hatred. The changing of superlatives always makes for amusing logical gymnastics.

Can America survive 8 years of Hillary Clinton? is an article attempting to make that shift. In the associated thread, you get Freepers already fully on board with Hillary being worse than Obama, people trying to claim they are both the worst, people clinging to Obama, and no shortage of tiresome nihilists who just yell that America is over forever and there's nothing you can do about it.

mulligan postpones America's death yet again:
Not even 1 day.
Defiant knows the real crisis is right now:
I’m not sure America can survive the last two years of Obama.
Freedom_Is_Not_Free cries that it's all over:
The question is irrelevant.

America did not survive Obama. What happens going forward only impacts the timing of America’s fall, not the inevitability of it. Obama stuck a fork in America. It is over.

Turn to God because that is all we have left.
ricmc2175, as usual, defines 'American' as 'Freeper.'
IMHO it is only a matter of setting the time of the funeral. The disease is already terminal. The disease isn't Obama or Hillary, it's a US citizenry and system that could elect an Obama or a Hillary. There are not enough Americans left in the US to save the Republic.
All you jonny-come-latelies, Mr. Jeeves has been calling America dead for decades!
I contend it didn't survive eight years of Bill Clinton.
Mr. Jeeves also believes voting isn't real:
I remain unconvinced that a relationship exists any more between ballots cast by legal voters and who gets (s)elected to a given political office. "Election Theater" is a popular spectator sport, though - almost as big as the NFL.
CivilWarBrewing has his order well picked out.
NOBODY is worse than 0dumbo, but America deserves better than second worst (Hillary).
GodAndCountryFirst has yet another Clinton conspiracy:
There are those who believe the Clintons converted to Islam while Bill was still in office - late in his second term.
Marathoner picks random social issues to kill America:
If the SC forces homo marriage onto the country, America is already dead as far as I’m concerned.

What you said! Combine that with the abortion holocost, if America isn't dead yet, it's certainly on life support.
pinochet attempts to explain that Hillary is actually just like Obama>
Hillary Clinton is ideologically closer to Obama than Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was an opportunist, and he sometimes did what the American people wanted, if it could help him politically. Bill Clinton signed the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, giving states the right to outlaw gay marriage. Bill supported modest welfare reform. Hillary might be worse than Obama.
Leaning Right is still fence-sitting until Obama's out of office.
On one hand, Obama is probably a closet muslim. Can't say that about Hillary. On the other hand, Obama is lazy, and rather mellow. Hillary is not lazy. She is a driven, and vindictive, person.

So who is worse? Too close to call.
VideoDoctor reads only right-wing blogs, so he's sure everyone hates Hillary:
I doubt Hillary is going to SURVIVE what's happening.

Far too many on the LEFT, and in the Democrap party, DO NOT want her.

I believe it was her OWN party that already dumped her a$$ back in 2008 in favor of Obozo.

Hillary is "Hindenburging" and we have a front row seat.
henkster hears reproductive decisions being made based on the 2016 election:
While watching hockey with my 26 year old married son, he commented that he and his wife are deliberately deferring the decision to have children at all until after the 2016 election. If Clinton is elected, they are not having children. He says it’s not worth it to bring them into a world where she is president.
Georgia Girl 2 knows this time will be Civil War 2 for sure!
If Hillary Clinton gets elected or basically any Democrat we will certainly see the Counter Revolution or CWII or whatever you want to call it because they will come after the guns and that’s the final line in the sand for half of America.
cableguymn fits his favorite conspiracy into the analysis:
Obama is a sting puppet.. You need to compare the string puller to Hillary..

And that person is Jerret.
DPMD predicts Clintons Bad:
I get the feeling that a hillary administration would be a massive “going out of business sale” in the middle of Bill’s orgies, that they’d retire to an overseas private utopia and we’d be left dazed and confused.
Defiant makes an analogy to the Roman Empire, which ruled with massive success for centuries more, and later helped spread Christianity worldwide.
if Clinton is elected (or more particularly, if the Democrats win the election, as I don’t think Clinton will get the Dem nomination) it will signify that the Republic era of the US is officially over, just as in Rome after Ceasar. Americans in the classic sense, the descendants of the founders and of those who immigrated here legally and assimilated to become Americans, will be a remnant portion of the population of those who reside within the US. Efforts will be made to colonize their remaining strongholds, in the heartlands and the mountains, until they are a minority anywhere and everywhere. The US empire will be an ugly, evil place, and if the power of America is ever unleashed on the world in the service of evil, may God help the rest of the world. Think the Romans were bad? They didn’t have nukes.