Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday potpourri.

Diogenesis gives Mitt Romney the supervillain treatment:
Leper, backstabber, Mitt Romney:
"Do you duty.
You will embrace these attacks on Gov. Palin and her defenseless children.
Throw Election2008 to the DNC ….. for ME. FOR ME.
Then attack Gov. Jindal, Gov. Palin, and the others
who dare to keep me from my future as your King.
Create, then support, the attacks from our northern lands,
our bought media, and our plants within the Obama team.
I will gain GOP favor by condemning the very same attacks and
ordering them opposed from our lands in the south.
Whichever way the tide runs, we will rise and only I will be left standing."

sheik yerbouty
The Kenyan is a red jihadist buttlifter. He is america’s biggest threat!
Never-mind "Red jihadist." Buttlifter?

ScottinVA is not a fan of Obama's book:

There’s something inherently creepy about someone — raised by an atheist mother and a “tranny nanny;” influenced by muslims and communists at a young age; and harboring a seething anger against traditional America — writing a children’s book.

Not only gay, communist, and jihadi, Obama is clearly a secret pedophile as well!

Eye of Unk has a plan to discredit Obama:

I bet if there was just ONE case of a public Koran burning at an airport the Moslems would go nuts.

And if a nationwide event were to happen, even if it was just people wearing T-shirts of a Koran being burnt it would cause a massive wave of resentment against Obama.

Step one: be dicks to Muslims. Step 3 is taking out Obama!

Greenperson found a picture of Obama wearing a ring and must analyze:

Is this the same ring he wears today? The one recently repaired, but which the media calls his wedding ring? Mark wears a similar ring, in some interviews; but I can’t see details so don’t know if it’s the same.

Mark? Maybe Obama is secretly gay married!

Atomic Vomit
is one of many who thinks Obama must be behind the wikileaks:
Why is no one asking, "Who is giving them all this information?

These are all supposedly secret govt. docs. How are they coming into the hands of these enemies of the U.S.?

This began during the ocarter (obama)admin. Is our own government feeding these damaging documents to these people?

Is it a stretch to wonder if people who condider themselves to be enemies of America are now in control of these branches of government and are intentionally releasing this stuff to harm their own country?

This stuff is not coming from just a few moles- it's a recurring document dump.

Where is the effort to stop it? Do our present leaders want it to stop?

Nope, not a stretch at all!

Slyfox thinks politics is the Superbowl of God:
Think of it as the Superbowl of all Superbowls. God has arranged the game, and since he knows the opposition very well, he has set all the parameters in our favor. We are in the locker room right now getting our information about our opponent, while our founding fathers are waiting in the guest boxes. When we get the signal we will enter the arena and win the game.
BiggieLittle on what sorts of religions are okay to make laws out of:

I think laws should be based on moral principals as long as they’re my moral principals. I don’t want any of the following: Scientology, Jehovah Witnesses, Wiccans, Muslims, Fundamentalist Mormons, Shintoism. I have no problem with Christianity as long as it’s not the kookie kind. You know....the snake handling stuff. Same with Judaism. The Hasids kind of freak me out although I go to 47th Street and buy jewelry from them.

RightOnTheBorder on how racist Erik Holder is:

Well, the wikileaks founder and the leaker are both white so there actually is a chance Holder will go after them.

onyx hates Elenore Roosevelt's UN:

Eleanor Roosevelt’s UN can go to Hell. It’s anti-America, anti-Israel and anti-Liberty and Freedom.

The Comedian thinks John Kerry's coming out for the START treaty means he should die:
I sure look forward to seeing a picture of Kerry with "Heinz ketsup" trickling out of his ear and the side of mouth after some sort of tragic condiment accident.

Treason, pure and simple. *AGAIN*.

old republic is super pissed about the food safety bill passing Congress:
This law is treason and hands not only the rights of individuals but the sovereignty of the US as well. The World Trade Organization and the UN are big winners and get to be the major players in forming US food policy under this bill. The bill basically outlaws unauthorized gardening and storing of seeds and then puts the owner of the GMO seed company Monsanto, in charge of it all. Geee I wonder if there is there a conflict of interest in there? Hmmmm....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Pix

Wolves are so unamerican, unlike grizzlies!


Yep, the half the country that votes Dem love them some criminals!

If you wondered if these folks are Pinkos, you can tell cause of the Commie stars above their head.

OMG! It sounds like unelectable, but it means kinda the opposite!

Obama's Presidenting is evil! And he doesn't do it enough!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Obama is secretly crazy!

I don't know what's going on in right wing media these days, but between Beck going extra tin-foil hat about Soros and now Limbaugh discussing Dems blackmailing Obama out of office due to a secret mental breakdown, it seems the crazy has been turned up to "11." Needless to say, this means Free Republic's Crazy is at like 15:

thinks Obama is the next Nixon:

If I understand Rush correctly he’s saying the Democrats are finally on to this because of their epic defeat and are preparing to throw Obama under the bus...Could we be seeing a Dem delegation visiting Obama to ask him resign like the Republicans did to Nixon in 1974?


uncbob knows Rush must be telling the truth about something this crazy!
Can’t believe Rush would go out on a limb like this without “knowing” something...

Especially since he knows the MSM and liberal power structure love to make him look like an extremist
the invisib1e hand has predicted this for a long time:
been saying since before he was elected that he'd be found sucking his thumb under his desk one day.

I think he's a suicide risk. I actually prayed for his soul today.
RayChuang88 worries about Obama being depressed about the midterms.
Insane he may be not, but I think Obama could be suffering a form of depression from seeing what happened last Tuesday, and hopefully that he'll get over it after the trip to Asia ends. The LAST thing we want is a President with mental problems.
pallis thinks all liberals are insane:

Of course Obamao is insane. He is a carrier of the liberal virus, designed to screw up the programming of Western civilization. Nothing could be more insane.

righttackle44 thinks Michelle Obama is running things:
I agree with you that there is a case to be made. I have previously noted that, in the last days of FDR's life, Mrs. Roosevelt was essentially the de factor President.

It appears that the same thing could be going on because
Obama may be incapable of functioning.
RckyRaCoCo thinks Obama is a serial killer:
Actually his obviously deep rooted narcissism is more in line with someone looking for....martyrdom.

Kind of curious what parallels a criminal profiler might come up with between Obama....and serial offenders. Same calm demeanor, grandiose delusions, inability to reason, etc.
TheBigJ has this whole scenaria worked out:

No one is really mentioning what Zero would do being confronted with a coup and blackmailed out of office.

I believe like what happened to his cousin, Raila Odinga in Kenya after losing the election, Zero will incite riots, screw the outcome, and try to remain in some power form. A race war. He’s already said race baiting things and there’s no way he will go quietly. He will play the usual role, victim. Zero and the First Wookie are angry people with gross entitlement complexes.

The DemRats in government should be able to maintain control of American security forces during this period, but what about Zero-the-Usurper-in-Thief’s foreign allegiances? His commie and mussie brethren abroad and cells within the U.S.? Do they want him similarly disposed? What kind of chaos will they bring to the pot for his bidding?

Ronbo1948 compares Obama to Hitler...unfavorably.

But Hitler was an intelligent alpha male who kicked butt.

Obama is a weakling below average beta male who runs away from his country with his tail between his legs after losing an election.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Civil War time again!

It's been months since the Freepers had a goof Civil War 2 thread. What with the recent success in the midterms, I thought it'd be a while before we saw such again. But I guess Freepers are getting antsy with that Obama guy still in the White House, so they've taken a quote out of context (John Podest saying "Obama can use executive orders, rulemaking, and even the armed forces “to accomplish important change” and that such means “should not be underestimated." ) and it's off to the races!

Westbrook is sure we're on the verge of revolution:

Laws and arcane legalities mean nothing to these people.

They are revolutionary communists.

Now that they once again have the reins of power, and the command of the military, they are not likely to let go.

Clinton was careful about the Congress.

These anti-American criminals are not.

Steamburg invokes the SOROS!

If Barry uses the military, there won’t be a next sitting President.
This is more than troubling. Podesta is financed by Soros. Every “suggestion” from this group has been adopted by the administration within weeks of their “suggestion”. Yesterday Soros, said that if this President can’t get it done then we need to start looking for a new figure.
This is more than ominous. This is an order for action.

EBH thinks the elections only emboldened the evil forces!

Make no mistake about this.

Two years ago it was stated this man would need, NEED, violence to accomplish the progressive change. Many here on FR scoffed at the idea of the peaceniks jumping on board...

Watch, the government ordered and supported violence against the American people is coming. Our troops, the UN forces...brutal overseas forces brought here to help subdue a peaceful people.

You see this won’t be a lame duck session. Their loss changed nothing on their agenda. IF it had changed anything, Pelosi would have been booted out...they kept her as leadership of their party!

Jess79 reminds us Muslims are involved as well:
Don't forget, Muslims are encouraged to lie to infidels. His oath means nothing.
maine-iac7 thinks martial law is immanent!

We'll be very lucky to survive the next 2 months until our new Congress is seated. But if an "emergency" presents itself and obummer declares Martial Law - and has another 6 months to rule supreme - do you really think we will have any freedoms left?

NTHockey REFUSES something or other:

Here it is, folks. No longer a theoretical or polemic discussion, but an “in-your-face”, “do something about it” threat. Yesterday, in light of Janet “Brunhilda” Neapolitano telling us that we have no right to fly and her aide, Tim “Adolf” Pistole, saying he won’t change TSA policy; this should come as no surprise.

The question is do we stand by and do nothing? I was born free and I will die that way, My knee bends for no one, except He that made me.

Feds: “I REFUSE”

convertedtoreason shouts to the heavens:




Kartographer goes with an inspirational speech:

We are fast approaching a time of great choosing and you will be required to make a stand to: Choose this day how you will serve; Will you serve unwillingly and at the bidding of others wearing the yoke of socialism or will you hold true to the course of our forefathers’ standing tall and serving freely? As for me I choose to SERVE THE REPUBLIC!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sitting Bull: Terrorists

Obama writes a children's book about people he admires. Freepers, ever looking for flaws, fasten on his praise of Sitting Bull as praise of a terrorist.

WOW! Now the Kenyan Usurper is openly praising terrorists? He is not even PRETENDING to be a loyal American anymore! We need to make sure this anti-American book NEVER gets into the schools.

Obama will praise anyone that KILLS, TERRORIZES or MAIMS Americans because HE HATES patriotic AMERICANS!

jiminycricket000 sounds exactly like the conquistadors:
These Indians were trecherous people, with no guiding principles to reign in their human instincts. And they were heartless butchers, routinely slaughtering women and children, asking for everything they recieved in return. They were not one iota different than the Roman Empire barbarians or the women and baby sacrificing Aztecs, both of whom were too base a people to build a real civilization.
Happy Rain has decided might makes right:
Until anyone can accurately claim original ownership by one's group of ANY piece of land anywhere on earth (the Indians in say-Arkansas-weren't the FIRST Indians there) then those who WEREN”T GOOD ENOUGH TO HOLD ON TO THEIR PROPERTY should quit bitchin’ and just try to get good enough for next time.
Sherman Logan wished we'd completed our genocide:

For an alternative where "kill them all" was the norm, may I refer you to the history of Argentine, which was fighting its last Indian wars at the same time we were.

Argentina has no Indian problem because it has no Indians. They killed them all.

OTOH, it was indeed routine for American Indians to kill white (and enemy Indian) women and children, often by torturing them to death.
Psalm 144 has a bit of a twist

Custer was the damned terrorist.

Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse et alia were Red State Americans clinging to their guns and religion and antipathy to people who weren’t like them, who incidentally were also trying to kill them, their wives and their children. The defenders at the Little Bighorn understood the nature of the federal government and its benevolent intent early on.

The important thing is that one side in every conflict be a terrorist, so Freepers can give their hate historical weight.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bumper sticker rage

Freepers are none too happy with the "coexist" bumper sticker, for some reason:

SECURE AMERICA is unclear on the subject:

The “bumper sticker” sentiment appears to have merit in that it doesn’t suggest coexisting is an evil

But it suggests that all should coexist with islam which is evil. You don’t understand that? How?

Opinionated Blowhard hates how when people talk about haters, they're always talking about him!

Coexist and the Darwin fish are obnoxious, anti-Christian bumper stickers. People who have them on their cars have a dangerously high opinion of themselves.

AdaGray knows what the sticker says about the driver:

I see these here in the Northeast at least once a month. A sure sign of another angry, self-righteous, libby.

Hooray strawman stereotypes!

People with this bumper sticker should be sentenced to at least a year in a predominately Muslim country—preferably one with a Christian minority. Lets see if they feel the same way when they return.
elcid1970 won't coexist with Muslims, cause he assume they won't coexist with him. Amazing he's existed this long, with the slavering hordes all around him!

Displaying the “COEXIST” bumper sticker is IMO dangerously naive and suggests that Islam is tolerant of other religions, and is not militant and violent like its founder Muhammad. But let’s just ignore Islam’s fourteen hundred year long historical record, OK?

The Theophilus is moved to write this opus about why True Christains shouldn't coexist with anyone:
What possible connection does a bumper sticker have to a person’s license to drive, vote, bearing children, or driving a SUV for that matter?

In the same manner that illuminated idiot lights on the dashboard of the car strongly suggest to the operator to stop driving.

Those who sport the insipid "COEXIST" sticker do not coexist with reality. As anyone who is conscious of the world can attest, Islam doesn't coexist with other religions, civilization or even itself.

Along with Islam, Sodomy doesn't get along with anyone else either, hence the constant pressure to tear down civilization by destroying the institution of marriage and the nuclear family, actively working against the natural order, and selfishly demanding that society follows them down their path of destruction.

Judaism, as specified in the Torah ceased to exist in the first century, and is now just mere shadow of itself, existing only to divide the Church of God and maintain unrest throughout the world.

Paganism has absolutely nothing to offer, dittos with Taoism - and Pacifism isn't even a religion, just an other empty selfish mindset that requires others to keep them alive and out of slavery. It works as long as the Pacifist remains unaware and oblivious that men of action are keeping them safe, otherwise they bite the hand that feeds them.

Christianity, on the other hand, has brought true Peace and Prosperity to the world - as much as possible despite the hijacking by evil men using Christianity as their disguise. Calvinism teaches that most people are reprobate and thus will sin until they die, so there is no illusion that all will be saved (outside the Post Mill camps) and thus the faith perpetuates by divine means rather than sword and tax. In other words, Christianity is the only philosophy/religion/ideology that coexists with the fallen world.

Islam, Sodomy, Pacifism and Paganism want conversion through threat of violence and legislation. Judaism, such as it is, largely doesn't even want you, the unclean Gentile, to join, but will work tirelessly to undermine Christianity in any way possible.

Thus, the bearer of this sticker really just hates true Christianity, since Darkness won't cast out Darkness, the others are just fashionable to the bumper-sticker philosopher, permitting them to claim a love of the religion of Diversity. A more accurate sticker, better reflecting their neurosis, would be ABOLISH, exclusively using Christian symbols. Something that would be sported next to the 'ΙΧΘΥΣ' symbol with legs on it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday potpourri.

napscoordinator is planning:

Joe Miller. Alaska Senator in 2016! We should start this now.

FlyVet thinks all Dems have been lacking:
Let's look at the quality of recent Democrat candidates. Obama? LOL. Kerry? LOL. Gore? LOL. Billy Jeff? Was he presidential? Carter? LOL.

When was the last time the Democrats fielded a presidential president? I suppose you could argue LBJ or JFK, but only because the mediots did a great job of hiding their foibles.

So, maybe Truman? Even he laughed at the idea that there were Communists buried deep within his administration, even though Venona proved otherwise. Please, when was the last truly presidential democrat president?
Cause if there isn't a Freeper personality cult about you, you aren't Presidential!

rockinqsranch thinks Soros is a vampire and Obama is his victim:

My take is that GS sees Obama as emptied of useful juice for the nourishment of his agenda, and he is priming other resources fully loaded with useful idiocy to fill the position he had Obama in.

I think GS may be one “H” of a financial wizard, but short on the understanding of free people, and he tangled his strings too often manipulating Obama. With Obama empty, and ALL credibility shot, he is seeking another host.

Fantasywriter sends NPR a daily letter calling them racist. No, really.
I keep pounding the racist drum because that is something NPR actually cares about and prides itself on. Can you imagine their horror when they are accused over and over of being racist? Well, NPR, you reap what you sow.
rarestia is pissed no one has done a military coup yet:

Why haven’t the Joint Chiefs gotten together and decided to overthrow the President by armed coup for crimes against the country and the Constitution? Does ANYONE take their oath of office seriously anymore?

Frantzie doesn't think the government treats children well:

The govt does things for our children with laws like:

1. Killing babies.
2. Having TSA molest small children.
3. Getting are post-children young adults killed in Iraq and Afghan because our children cannot shoot back at Muslims. This is because idiots who watch TV voted for a Muslim and ALL of TV supports him 100%.

grey_whiskers endorses the Holocaust, only he wishes it was Muslims, not Jews:
I remember an anecdote from a few years back (I couldn't find it after looking on Google for half an hour...)

It was on a German train, and the young Muslim was ranting to the Germans in the compartment with him , going on and on about how the Muslims were going to take over Germany -- "We are young, and you are all getting OLD! What can you do against five million Muslims?"

As he paused for breath, an old woman in the corner murmured at him "Seems to me we used to have six million JEWS too..."

The Muslim went absolutely silent and left at the next stop.

olrtex thinks more people should hang for buying GM:

I suppose I am very much in the minority, but I think buying GM shares or GM products is treason. If you buy a Chevy or a share of GM, then you support Obama’s thuggish socialism that kept GM alive. There is really no argument to the contrary that I can see.

Huebolt laments the lack of white teens in history textbooks:
Look in your public school text books and you will NOT FIND A PICTURE of a European American male teenager. Unless they're CRIPPLED!
erm, how many nonwhite teens are there in the books?

Mind-numbed Robot has been reading the Elder Zion books again:
You are right. It is! I used to poo poo the idea of Jewish bankers controlling the world but that was because they kept everything so quiet and behind the scenes. Now they seem to feel no need for that. Soros is the lead man now but there are many others involved, including Kissinger. Their plan seems to be to loot most of the world's money and control through limited capitalism.

They probably won't rule like the Communists and other tyrants did but instead keep us going to replenish the money supply, sort of like a fly wrapped in a web to provide food for the spider over time.
muir_redwoods would like to tell Jews how to reac to the the Holocaust

A Jew who supports gun-control utters a lie when he says “Never Again”. And armed Jew can say it with a clear conscience

null and void knows Obama may not be a palindrome, but he's still Satan!
One doesn't need gematria, it's in the plain text as well:

Luke 10:18
He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven."

"Barrak" is Hebrew for "lightning"

START over.

The Republican recalcitrance about the nuclear disarmament/inspection treaty with Russia is kinda special. This is a no brainer treaty - Reagan was for it, and until Senator Kyle suddenly balked everyone was sure it would quietly pass. But Republicans are reaching new heights in obstruction. Freepers, of course, are content to hate it cause Obama is for it:

kittymyrib comes out for preemptively hating anything Obama does, cause Obama hates America, unlike Regan.

We don’t trust BO, period. Ronald Reagan was an American who loved the USA. Nothing we have seen from the current resident of the White House make us think he does.

Course Reagan was for this exact policy as well. But never mind that, Obama likes it now so it sucks.

AmericanInTokyo notes Obama acts differently from Reagan. Also, Republicans won in November WOOOOOO!
As IF Patrice Lumumba OBONGO would have the courage, mettle and grace to pull a Reykjavik and get up and walk out on the Russians.

As IF.


But, as it is, coming out of Obongo's mouth, not even worth a response perhaps. He's just playing with us, but deep down he is still HURTING over the elections earlier this month. Really hurting.
AmericanInTokyo again, on how this new START is total shit. For reasons unspecified:
The Foreign Relations Committee did not do their DUE DILIGENCE on this piece of shit treaty, so there read it in open on the full Senate floor and rip it to shreds, bucking into the next session where it will die a certain death.
alice_in_bubbaland specifies. Seems she thinks the solution to loose nukes is not to inspect but to build more!

Just what we need is a nuke treaty. The Iranians, Venezuelans and North Koreans either want or have them and we are reducing our capability!

Real smart dumbass Obama!

November 2012 can’t come soon enough!

FlingWingFlyer doesn't understand why Dems would try to act bipartisan in their speeches:

Every time the commie ‘RATS want to impress the electorate, they “evoke” President Reagan or some other prominent Republican. Why the heck don’t they “evoke” a DemocRAT, Marxist or Communist?

Chode uses the word ' boy' to speak about Obama.
Reagan's name should burn burn like fire in the boy's mouth...
Racism AND unseemly idolatry of politicians! Winner!


Trust but verify! Dunham must be speaking of his usurpercy???
Where’s the birth certificate.

And thus reasonable discourse dies.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

And now this word from outer space

Random CAPS edition:

A prime technique for bringing down an existing social order is to OVERLOAD and OVERWHELM the governmental systems, creating economic and social chaos. What’s going on today straight out of Saul Alinsky’s “Handbook for Radicals.” Because we have NOT sent home 20 million illegals, WE NOW HAVE THE FORMER AND ARE CLOSING IN ON THE LATTER. BOTH parties have been applying those methods but Obama, who studied those methods under Bill Ayers while a so-called “community organizer,” is using ALL the tools in the radical toolkit. If it continues much longer, YOUR kids are doomed to life as serfs in a nation that will more resemble Nazi Germany or the old USSR than the America the Founders ATTEMPTED to leave us.

A member of the family is an OB/GYN who took her pre-med at HAAAAVVAAAAADDD! Needless to say, she emerged from that experience a LIBERAL. (She stopped catching babies and went into research when her malpractice premiums exceeded her annual earnings.)

Upon completing her medical training at yet another liberal university, she interned at a hospital near the border in “Kahlifonia.”

It was there that a mystical transformation took place: She began to connect the heavy deductions from the slave wage GROSS EARNINGS for which she busted her butt for as many as 72 virtually sleepless hours in a row with the taxis and jalopies regularly sliding to the curb in front of the ER.

Many of them contained pregnant illegals who won the race to deliver their babies HERE. She caught many of those “anchor babies” who, under the current — and COMPLETELY ERRONEOUS —interpretation of the 14th Amendment were IMMEDIATELY NEW AMERICANS. The mother – who, obviously, could not care for the child if she were back in her native land — could not be deported now even if the INS and the political bosses WANTED her deported . And as the mother of a new US citizen, the woman could remain here for about as long as she cared to – and that was usually for life.

Most of those patients were welfare recipients and the deliveries were charity cases: The bill for the hospital’s – and HER services – were routinely spread over the bills of those who DO pay. And what the other users of those facilities don’t cover went back to the taxpayers.
And since my niece was now a taxpayer, they were costing HER.

And while she may not exactly be a libertarian, today she’s now a LOOONNNNG way from Haaaavaaaaaad.

Contempt for Haaaavaaaaaad brought to you by Dick Bachert

GM be succesfull? That's unpossible!

Freepers deny reality about the market approving of GM's IPO.

Da Coyote knows the market can't endorse the Evil that is Obama and the car company he owns!
Given GM’s inept management and corrupt unions, shouldn’t the stock price be 32 or 33 cents - not dollars?
DownInFlames prefers making unsupported predictions to flatly denying reality:

Anyone who buys into this is a fool and will lose his/her money.

dhs12345 knows this is NOT HAPPENING!
Doubt that there will be any long term investors. Just those who want to make a get in-get out quick buck. And, there may be a panic sell off if it appears that the stock is tanking. Certainly not a long term investment.
SAJ searched till he found numbers he prefers:

I’ve seen a couple of (very!) independent analyses that peg the proper share price for a GM IPO at between $1.60 and $2.05...and that’s WITH some rather generous assumptions about debt restructuring, contract concessions and future auto sales.

rockvillem thinks GM will always be socialist:

A great confluence between two trains of thought: (i) there’s a sucker born every minute, and (ii) there is no way that GM and the UAW are going to be cut loose from the federal teat anytime soon.

No doubt if they pay the government back, that will only be a conspiracy:

Pollster1 recognizes that this is happening, and the fix is in:
Once upon a time, the United States was a country in which the rule of law mattered. Looking at the GM bailout, you can tell that the rule of law was a very long time in the past.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Pix

Step 1. Take a politician you don't like.
Step 2. Apply a single photoshop filter so they look wacky
Step 3. They look funny, they muct be evil!

All succesfull black liberals are kinda pimpish, eh?

This is totally what Obama is thinking about!

Not so sure this is true, though, I'm sure you hate them at least.

Freepers were prosting this al over the Charlie Rangle threads. WAT

Freepers are all bilies at heart.

The new TSA procedure is Chertoff's thing, but Freepers are fine blaming Obama's Admin and then yelling tediously about it.

Proficiency of Black Students Is Found to Be Far Lower Than Expected

Upn request, from my Thanksgiving buffer, but brought to to you all early tonight, an epic thread about blacks doing badly in school, and the conclusions Freepers draw:

Freepers have always been, by and large, racists. That is, they assume all (non-conservative) black folks are all the same and then draw disparaging conclusions about their fitness in (conservative) society at large. But, to be taken seriously (ha!) they kept it quiet beyond jokes and loving the phrase "soft bigotry of lowered expectations."

Then Obama got elected President. Suddenly all their half-baked theories about blackness became ways to bash the villain in the White House. They became more vocal in their theories. Thus, they stoop even to believe the New York Times when it posted an article about how blacks don't seem to be performing well in school.

Turns out dumbness is genetic. And linked to skin color

jimt loves him some bell curve, and also eugenics:
The Bell Curve.

It’s all in there.

Wikipedia's article covers but did not emphasize the most critical and obvious point.

Subsidizing welfare mommas results in their having more children. As the mommas and their baby daddies are generally not rocket scientists, you INCREASE the perecentage of low intelligence kiddies born, driving the average down.

Your tax dollars at work.
Jim Noble disabuses anyone who tries to blame culture
“If the black kids were as diligent and disciplined as the Asian students in suburban schools, I would not be a bit surprised if they did just as well.”

Then you have no understanding of the problem.
triumphant values would like to note that blacks are inherently morally inferior as well:
White liberals live their lives for the most part as conservatives. They have low illegitimacy rates, low abortion rates, low divorce rates and higher long term planning rates and impulse control.

What they don't grasp is that while they, with their above average IQs, didn't need a strict social moral structure to exhibit successful behavior, others below them on the IQ curve and impulse control continuum did.

triumphant values thinks blacks just have less dense brains:
Number of fast-twitch fibers per cubic centimeter of muscle tissue - genetic.

Number of neurons per cubic centimeter of brain matter - not genetic.

It's amazing the logical contortions people will attempt when the subject is race.
bareford101 thinks the American negro is apart from America:
IMO, the American negro has always refused to assimilate in America, preferring to maintain a separate culture and language. For some reason, white Americans have refused to acknowledge this...preferring to keep dumbing down our society and giving out welfare checks to “encourage them to "feel good about themselves and assimilate” as Americans...
ErnBatavia is pretty sure all blacks talk like gangsta rappers:

It’s because the testing is administered in white English.....check out some of the crime shows, and you’ll see all the subtitles which are needed for understanding the lingo being spoken in ‘The Community’.

DocH brings it all back to Obama:

Barry Hussein didn’t need no steenking pro-ficiency, when his enablers made it so damn easy to FAKE IT ALL.

Smear a whole race so you can hate the President just a little bit more!

Lexington Green knows the truth, but is afraid:

None dare speak the truth

This thread seems quite the counterexample. To the dare part, at least.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Palin's America

Freepers are pretty sure Palin's Alaska was basically perfect. And by perfect, they mean something Obama wouldn't do.

November 2010 liked how it was totally down-to-earth, as only reality TV can be:
I like the open book aspect of this, especially in light of Obama’s greek column speeches, hidden past, wagyu beef, and millions of dollars a day vacations and trips. I want an American as President, not an emperor.
OneVike agrees that the show showed Palin doin' what Palin does best: be American.

So we have liberals who hate it when real Americans do what Americans can do. Be American.

Why am I not surprised that a liberal would think such a thing.

I watched it and Sarah rules.


Can anyone see Obama climbing a mountain like Sarah did?


laxcoach takes that "Obama can't do that" further:

Purely as contrast, do a thought experiment and try to picture our dear leader engaged in any of these activities.

1) Obama fishing without a guide, including:
a) baiting a hook with a live worm
b) baiting a hook with live baitfish
c) casting a spinning real (not a kiddy push button thing)
d) reeling in AND landing a fish over 15 pounds on light-medium gear.

2) Obama camping without secret service assistance (security yes, assistance no), including:
a) putting up a tent
b) coming back from the woods with a roll of TP in his hands
c) starting a campfire without a firestarter log

3) Obama firing a weapon. It needs to be at least a 9mm handgun. Long guns and shotguns are fine, but no kiddie pop guns.

Memo to Obama. Playing basketball with sycophants and secret service agents does not come off as particularly manly. Nor does playing golf twice a week.

A President who is not outdorsey? Marxism!

carton253 thinks the cross-promotion with Jon and Kate Plus 8 as a masterstroke:
And on one of the shows, she goes camping with Kate and her kids. Brilliant. More people (who actually watch only tabloid television and shows like Dancing with the Stars) will see Sarah and come to know her too. Brilliant!
TexasFreeper2009 wasn't a fan. Not that it was Sarah's fault!
The producers in my opinion sabotaged her. I can almost hear them talking to her now... Yes... everyone knows you can shot a elk and skin it in 2 minutes flat and have it's head hanging on your wall before dinner... but lets stretch you a bit... get you “out there” in the REAL Alaska! doing stuff you haven't done before, get you out of your comfort zone, and the best part is... we'll pay for it !

So by doing this they get her to agree to do things she hasn't had experience doing before (like mountain climbing) and manage to make her look a little silly in the process.

But let me just say that none of this made Todd look silly in the slightest! Todd was like.... whatever... whats the big deal... it's a freaking crack ... step over it... oh big whoop a small hill ... why are we even wearing harnesses? lol
marron on how nothing gets to reality like reality TV:

The woman who almost singlehandedly stopped Obama in his tracks, and then went on to re-shape congress with her little Facebook page, now shows herself to be a rather nice, charmingly normal person that other nice normal people can identify with. She has a nice family, not a perfect one, but they clearly enjoy one another.

I might be biased but even the fact that she showed her fear trying to climb reminded people that she’s human. I thought the whole thing was rather endearing.

I don’t know what God has for her down the road but I do know that she is all but unstoppable. At least by her enemies. Referring to her enemies, the fact that she clearly enjoys her life is a rebuke to them, I think. They want conservatives to be angry people; the fact that most of us are actually pretty happy doesn’t fit the “narrative”.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Medal of Honor

Freepers love them some war heroes to the point of idolization , but hate Obama to the point of fetishization. When Obama gives out the medal of honor, Freepers delve deep into the madness:

Pan_Yan reminds Freepers they also have a duty:
As long as we have men like him, our Republic is safe.

Men like this keep us safe from foreign enemies. It's our job to keep him safe from domestic ones.
Like Obama, I'll bet!

Ezekiel saw the video, and liked Obama, so he concocted this tale:

I watched the video. It was as if Obama - for the first time - realized that someone greater than Barry existed on the planet. He appeared somewhat perplexed and uncomfortable, knowing how very very small he was next to this brave and selfless sergeant. It was kind of weird, as if an angel snatched away the One’s ego and allowed him to understand true honor and character, even if only for a few moments.

Pharaoh’s heart has now had time to resolidify...

Ro_Thunder saw a picture, and analyzed away:

The first picture is anathema to me. Pres. Obama just looks, disgusted? constipated? I don’t know, just off. Maybe it’s a bad picture, maybe it’s a bad person.

marine86297 thinks there is a Medal of Honor conspiracy:
I still can't get over the fact that this is the first living MOH winner since Vietnam. I wholeheartedly believe that the powers that be did not want GW Bush to have a living hero.
patton found a detail that proves Obama hates America:

0 did not salute the MOH winner. That was a breach of protocol.

EVERYONE is required to salute anyone wearing a MOH.

Da Coyote:

Brought tears to my eyes seen the pic of this hero.

Brought vomit to my throat seeing the Dung Beetle in Chief in the same pic with him.

What a contrast between guts and gutless.

cll laments America doesn't love war heroes enough:
Unfortunately, nearly half of "every American" are ingrates and are not even aware of who the real heroes are. To them, only celebrities deserve recognition.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

By hook or by crook

As Freepers give up on Miller beating Murkowski in Alaska, their veneer of caring a bout anything other than their side winning has slipped. Thus, when tlb posts that he's not happy with Miller's trying to throw out misspelled ballots, saying "the recount was crushing him. So he pulls a Gore." and asking "do people really want a senator who would disenfranchise voters for a spelling error?" Freepers respond in one of two ways:

IMissPresidentReagan twists logical pretzels with an odd hypothetical to take the moral high ground that mispelling should deny you the franchise:
However, what the Murkowski camp wants to do is to apply a subjective standard, and read "voter intent" into each vote. So, say I wrote in "MurCOWski bitch" as a protest vote, and my individual intent was to protest her running after losing the primary, or because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, angry at the world, and wanted people to know that I hated her, the very real probability that my anti-Murkowski vote would be counted as a pro-Murkowski vote exists because of this subjective "intent" crap.
John O also has some interesting ideas of how mispellings never happen:
How do you know they did not intend to vote for Lisa Murkowsky, the nice lady who lives doen the street. Or for Lisa Merkowski, the woman who watches their kids during teh daytime. Or Leesa Murkowski, their teenage daughters best friends mother?

You assume these voters are too stupid to spell the candidate's name (How democrat of you).

I assume these voters voted for exactly who they wanted to vote for and refuse to let them be disenfranchised by having their votes given to some Lisa Murkowski wench.
BOBWADE tries for a simpler rout - rules do not matter:

I would if it meant defeating a RINO

freekitty agrees. See, only Republicans count as 'the people:'

No. He is standing up to the corruption that is Lisa and people like her.

She was not chosen by the people to run. Mr. Miller was.

nikos1121 knows that this is war, and morals do not apply:

I see a POS Senator out of Minnesota, his name is Franken. HIs side got the upper hand and basically stole the election.

I say no more compromises, business as usual...let’s all get along, KUMBAYA, John McCAin Lindsay Graham etc style of politics...

It’s time that we stand up to this tyranny whether it comes from the left or people like Murkowski....

We made some headway this time...2012 we finish the job....

Rules are rules....plain and simple.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rangle shamefully not committing seppuku

Charlie Rangle seems dead set on politically immolating himself over the ethics panel's investigation. Freepers respond to his lunacy as though it were a dare to get crazier than him:

dr_who claims hypothetical victim status, as is customary when things don't go well with Democrats (woulda gone worse foe us!)

...and this means he’ll get his wrists slapped. A Republican in his position would be hounded into resigning by now.

Gaffer would like to remind us all Rangle is Black, and therefore talks funny and is stupid:
Rangel: "How can I have been found to violate all them 'ethnical' rules, I is ethnical!" "Bunch of damn racist Honkies!"
highlander_UW on why Rangle is so popular:
you have to remember, corruption is a selling point to liberal voters.
dhs12345 is not happy at all the murderous congressmen we have running around:

Unfortunately, we, the voters, have allowed them to get away with murder. Literally.

? Condit, maybe? Hillary Clinton with Vince Foster, I guess. Ohhh, Ted Kennedy.

Armaggedon is just angry about illegal immigrants and posts here to seem relevant:
The Democrats are impressed with how Rangel can flaunt the law and get away with it. These dictators are laughing at the people. The system favors lawbreakers. That is why the Rats want more illegal aliens voting. Amnesty for lawbreakers and oppression of the righteous citizens is the Democrats way.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday potpourri.

SaraJohnson on whites under siege in England. But it's one of those secret sieges the MSM won't tell you about!

British justice has all but abandoned white/native British women and children targeted for abuse by Muslim thugs. I saw a documentary that would make your hair curl. They have no way to defend themselves and reporting the abuse is suspected racism.

alarm rider also sees Europe as doomed:
I also believe as a student of European history that the next “civil war” in Europe is inevitable.

It's just a matter of time now, the Brits will get caught with their trousers down and the rest of Europe save Germany and possibly the Balkins will have to take up the slack. There is a danger here, and no one in their right mind wants to see a war, but it's coming. Leadership is needed now, but it won't come until the stuff hits the fan.

txhurl is so high!

Man, I am so high since we took back the country.

Wow, taking back the country isn't what it used to be.

Candor7 mixes some kind of amazing racist word salad based loosely upon Obama going to Indonesia.

Michelle had better ‘chut her mowf’ and walk 3 paces behind Soetoro.

Maybe Soetoro will pick up an extra wife or two?One can only hope.

Apparently Michelle is all done having children but Soetoro is not, according to the gossip news rags.

bareford101 from a thread I am sure as heck posting in detail later this week:
IMO, the American negro has always refused to assimilate in America, preferring to maintain a separate culture and language. For some reason, white Americans have refused to acknowledge this...preferring to keep dumbing down our society and giving out welfare checks to “encourage them to "feel good about themselves and assimilate” as Americans...

And, given the current society, why should they assimilate? They get all the perks of nannie government, playing victims (the race card) while snickering and rolling eyes at white people who they see as stupid for letting them get away with it. it. The athletes are a prime example.. the negro culture is ripe in those teams with a majority of negro players...or just be aware of the TV ads which show the white jerk and the brilliant negro, NEVER the other way around I have seen this for years and observed the speech used when negros are in gangs.... that isn't English. That is very crude street talk... and the worse part is that our children are hearing it in schools now and seeing it reinforced by many teachers..... that is upside down education.... going back to the jungle
My Favorite Headache knows Beck is a target for assassination.

Beck is playing with a lot of fire here. I would have food tasters and security teams around the clock. He is unleashing pure straight no b.s. and today’s show was enough to shake you to the core.

It's amazing Obama dodged Hillary's assassins too! Too bad Tim Russert didn't.

muawiyah has a plan:

Some day the abortion thing flips and then we get to hold trials, and executions, for its proponents.

rurgan longs for the good old days of the 1890s:

We have to repeal all these laws and government agencies to 1890 . Period. Then and only then will America be free and prosperous again.

Government goons better leave us the hell alone.

I am Republican.

I hate democrats/Marxists.

Best. Manifesto. Ever.
Lion Den Dan:

The house boy does not rule anybody. We are a free people. IMPEACH, COMVICT, IMPRISON.

"house boy?" See, your racist dog whistles gotta be more subtle than that.

RipSawyer also tries to go racist in a subtle way:

It occurs to me that the title of a certain book about life at sea comes near to being the perfect nickname for Obama. Alas, it contains a term considered politically incorrect. Of course if Conrad had written The Cracker of the Narcissus instead then it would still work considering that his mother was lily white and none would object to it.

"The Nigger of Narcissus" is the book. Dude called the Prez a Nigger. Politically incorrect indeed!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Pix

That eagle wants you to start shooting folks!

So Sarah Palin is Snow White? Heh. I won't go into who the seven dwarves are.

SOROS is green! That's the color of evil!

The Joker meets The Emperor in the best fancfic crossover ever!

A giant rock falling on America means change!
I guess someone heard Obamas and India and kinda went wild. Also ears and health care!

Mao was a big health care guy!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Beck's been talking about George Soros. Freepers respond with the appropriate fear and loathing:

Broker just goes straight Nazi. And not the usual "Soros didn't stand up to the Nazis when he was 14" trope. Instead it's cause the Democrats are all Nazis:
Nazism is short for National Socialism. Soros is a Wealthy Secular Hungarian Jewish elitist. He currently directs the Democrat American Oligarchy or ruling class. Hitler did the same in Germany by exploiting the Jews. Soros together with Obama-like puppets are poised to likewise exploit whoever thwarts their NAZI agenda.
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper wants to kick it McCarthy style:

Soros’ greatest fear right now is that Congress will investigate him,his communist ties and his front organizations.

That is why a new House Internal Security Committee is needed.

DarthVader prefers calling for assassination:
Soros needs to be turned off like a switch. Permanently!!
itssme agrees, but is a bit less subtle about it:
I would hope that Special Forces, commandos, SEALs, FBI and any other agency that should be involved are making plans to “retire” Soros as a massive INTERNAL threat to this country.
Oh yeah, internal military assassinations can only end well.

WVNan heard on Beck Soros considers himself a God:

After seeing a bit of Glenn Beck this afternoon, and seeing that Soros considers himself a god, I’m not so sure we can stop anything. Gives me chills, because the Revelation tells of of the one who calls himself god. Glenn is skating on very thin ice. He has been threatened by Soros. The senerio sounded like one out of the godfather.

WVNan doubles down:

I’m not convinced that he is not the Anti-Christ. He’s a Jew, he thinks he is god, and his name is spelled the same frontward and backward.

THe same forwards as backwards? That's a new one on me. Guess Obama's off the hook!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hanging's too good for him. Burning's too good for him!

Another guy on death row, another set of Freepers hating acting all civilized and fantasizing about the tortures they could put this guy through:


I only regret its going to take 20 yrs, and that we can’t use cruel and unusual methods of execution.

VADoc1980 thinks justice is death by prison rape:
I think the death penalty is too merciful for Hayes. I think it would be far more fitting to throw him into general population with a hand-written letter sent to every inmate on his cell block detailing how he is a murderous rapist and child molester, just in case they haven’t been following the news. I guarantee you Hayes would be wishing for the death penalty in a week’s time, and I’d prevent him from ever going into administrative segregation for protection. That’s what justice would be, in my opinion.
Isn't that a little gay?

Mr. K prefers psychological torture:

give him the needle tell him its areseninc but just put him to sleep... when he wakes up say “Oops- we missed” and do it again

I cannot think of enough things you could do to this POS

muawiyah wants an action movie like hunt. Also cannibalism:
Folks like this should simply be turned loose in a large fenced area with a variety of environments.

Then everybody else who wants to participate directly gets to hunt them down like animals, kill them or disable them however they wish, trus 'em up, flense 'em, then dress them out for a barbeque.
se_ohio_young_conservative interrupts our scheduled bloodlust to blame the victim for not having a gun:

I wonder if the father had a gun in the home for protection.

My wife knows where it is and what to do if im not home. And I will make sure my daughters know how to shoot a gun by their 14th or 15th birthday.

Every home should protection. I don’t care if you live in a small town, large town or in New York or Chicago. You have to protect your family.

Because owning a gun prevents all violence!

Soothesayer is sad, though.

He’ll spend decades in prison, appeal after appeal, and millions of our dollars.

Evil always wins.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Obamas in India

I guess all the "200 Million a day" claptrap has left Freepers feeling let own, cause all they can think of to do about Obama's trip to India is make cracks at Michelle - that's by far the most commented thread about he trip.

agere_contra doesn't believe the liberal debunking of the 200 Million a day story:

Obama is giving a terrific speech.

It must be a terrific speech, because it’s costing 2300 dollars a second.

Yaelle makes with the Michelle bashing:

Michelle looks hideous. She is wearing some kind of housedress with football pads under it, no lipstick or white lipstick, and her own natural hair, but pulled back in a bun.

Obama appears to be reading/stumbling over written notes, but he is still turning his head first left, and right as he speaks, as through there were prompters.

He is speaking about the tragedy of the terrorist attack, with absolutely no feeling, as if he were reading the Mumbai phone book.

Here's that hideous dress

MinuteGal analyzes why Michelle must be hideous:
What about India made her decide to go so frumpy?

It's because Indians are brown, primarily non-Christian and women keep covered-up in their saris. The Obamas feel a kinship with them much more than with white, Christian Americans.

Michelle Antoinette wouldn't dare or even want to do her usual schtick of "well-toned" bare shoulders and arms, unattractive cleavage, saggy boobs accentuated by wide belts, too tight pedal pushers, ratty sandals and fake hair while doing the Indian Maharani Tourist Procession.

Her classless trying-to-look-sexy-and-failing attire is reserved for American and European gawking crowds.

Wonder what she'll wear at the State Dinner. Probably a mummy-wrap out of respect to her hosts.

machogirl turns her eye to Obama himself:
Barry has been looking very greenish/yellow lately. Liver problems?
pillut48 manages to talk about India at last- and how most of them secretly hate Obama:
There will be 'liberals' in India who will swoon over Obama's visit, but the majority of the Indian people are pretty smart and have the same attitude my husband (native of Bangalore) has--Obama is a CLOWN.

Never Cut Defense

Rand Paul mentions defense cuts maybe shouldn't be off the table. Many Freepers agreed. Others took a different, more crazy position:

Horusra knows the Constitution says 'armed forces' but not 'EPA':
I do not support cutting the actual constitutional parts of the budget.
behzinlea thinsk the Military is too good at keeping us free:
the armed forces have a legitimate and expressly constitutionally sanctioned role. They have performed that role DAMNED WELL. They've performed it so well, libertarian dopeheads and liberal dumbasses have freedom to bash them and tell them they receive TOO MUCH support.
If only they'd allow a little invasion or something, things would be better!

Godzilla blames Clinton:
Clinton cut our military to the muscle and bones, Bush was barely able to prosecute the war using our Guard and Reserves. Has the world suddenly become safer? There are realities and there are unrealities. Paul is treading dangerously into unreality. We cannot afford to cut our military spending.
hondact200 makes a list:

the US Government must consider how to cut money from its bloated budget

1. cut the salaries of all politicians by 100,000.00.
2 cut the number of federal employess by 50%.
3. put Obummer on a budget, if he exceeds his budget he has to pay it out of his own pocketbook.
4. end ObummerCare
5. end the stimulus that is unspent.
6. imprison all Dumbocratis politicians and place them in a cold place and let them freeze their genitals off.
seize all the assets of Dumbocratic politicians Reid, Pelosi Kerry and et al
7. close the government for 6 months the national debt is resolved and the do nothings in DC can do nothing.
We The People

I like how it starts out as merely impractical, but ends up crazy.

Frantzie manages to come out for defense cuts AND being crazy:

Considering we are in two wars now that are fairly pointless because we have an Islamic POTUS and Saudi mole plus open borders.

Steamburg wants to end the dreams of the Obama regime first:
Until there is a bill to cut military spending and we have had a chance to read it, this whole argument is pure leftard gibberish designed to take the heat off their illegal activity and chip away at the weak sisters.

We need to stay focused on ending the dreams of the regime.

I do hope to see legislation to defund the Department of Education and the EPA along with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
getmeouttaPalmBeachCounty_FL randomly veers off to discuss how the draft would solve everything
Maybe if pitifully-minded peacemakers were to actually serve with their minds, hearts, bodies and souls, our nation would come together as a united and proud America once again; where pledges were said, people didn’t speak during the National Anthem, flags displayed on homes were lit at night, our military could safely walk outside at night and not be murdered, and their votes could be protected.
Because that country existed.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday potpourri.

Ronbo1948 on the fact that a Democrat won the governorship in Connecticut.

Right out the Communist Playbook!

Do they seriously think we Patriots are too stupid to connect the dots and understand this is a dastardly conspiracy on a NATIONAL LEVEL directed by the DNC?


The mood of the American People has zero tolerance for TREASON!!!

Do the Dems want civil war?

I think they do.

EyeGuy knows why Hillary Clinton won't run against Obama in 2012:

Fear of the juggernaut known as Sarah Palin.

butterdezillion wants us to know thew Constitution hasn't been in effect since Obama got elected:

This country has experienced a coup. We need to get our country back from the control of the coup and THEN we can get back to the job of carrying on as a Constitutional republic. Until we become a Constitutional republic again it’s pointless to go through the motions as if we still were.

Wow, if that was a coup Obama is an awful dictator.

hinckley buzzard has a question for Mexican American citizens:
Hey Beaner--who you been voting for these last 20 years--huh? Who? A-hole 'rats who took your job, that's who, isn't it. Screw you, punk.
Holy blatant racism batman!

USSR Didnt Fall builds an awesome strawman:

How about doing a poll on whether Americans want to be governed by the constitution as founded(the right) or the by communist manifesto?(the left)

Wpin keeps things dramatic:

The left simply cannot kill enough, their lust for innocent blood is unquenchable...evil exists folks and he lives in the minds of the liberals.

Left2Right sees evil everywhere:

Palin vs. McCain: It’s like good vs. evil, except in this case, McNuts is very, very good at being evil. Palin needs to be on her guard against the Old Snake.

MuttTheHoople knows Limbaugh has taken the reins for the Republican success in the midterms:

The Democrats tried to paint Dr. Limbaugh as the “leader of the Republican Party”...the last two times Dr. Limbaugh actually “led” Republicans were in 1994 and this year. Maybe the bedwetting flagburners need to reconsider this.

righttackle44 has a plan for Harry Reid:
Need to put this run in a rodeo. Strip him down to his jockstrap and make him run in front of a roping team, and yell at him:

Blue Highway thinks Barney Frank must have aids and be about to die:
Well he is 70 years old and engaging in a homosexual partnership. Do we know if he has AIDS or not? Hell, he was gay back during the AIDS epidemic in the 80s, so....He is on borrowed time for sure.
GeronL knows why the Tea Party candidate will lose in Alaska

Alaskan Mafia fraud.

Alaskan Mafia?

blackdog has a scenario where Harry Reid will soon get assassinated by the Mob:
Harry is now so bought and paid for by the unions, he won't have time to do anything but handle their requests for "anything" , just as he promised.

The hell to pay because nobody will go to vegas anymore other than union conventions and government retreats, that Harry's ticket will be punched just before sunrise somewhere out in the Vegas dessert foothills.

Today's stolen election comes at a price, which will be paid rather shortly.
Major Matt Mason thinks any investigation of Holder will defeat him!
Holder will resign. He won't allow himself to be grilled by "whitey".
PapaBear3625 is right, actually:

Let the redistricting begin! :)

This is an important point. The party that controls the 2010 redistricting process will dominate the House for the next ten years.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Pix

Wow, Freepers are still on about this?

Liberal Media! This is why you can only trust Glenn Beck!

This is probably what Freepers dream.

As thugs go, this is adorable.


Compromising with Obama is like compromising with with Satan? Freepers are gonna be disappointing.

No idea why Freepers decided to put Al Franken up at this point in time.

After the election, there are like no blue dogs left for you to complain on behalf of, Freepers!

Friday, November 5, 2010

What to investigate first?

Now that Conservatives have the house, Freepers have plans for the Obama administration. Obama may not have investigated Bush, but Freepers are hoping for a repeat of the astounding success that was the Clinton impeachment:

Eric in the Ozarks is pretty focused:

Eric Holder.
Eric Holder.
Eric Holder.

In that order.

WellyP prefers Janet Napolitano.

It may be more interesting to drag “Big Sis” in first and to save her sorry butt, get her to finger Holder!

Well, so long as you make it personal.

BradtotheBone digs deep:
Seestak, New Black Panthers voter intimidation, FDA settlements, etc
mom4melody likes her investigations crazy rather than petty:

Voter fraud, george soros, eligibility of the POS POTUS....

Hotlanta Mike

Eric Holder
Rahm Emmanuel
Nancy Pelosi
Bill Clinton
Barney Frank
Jesse Jackson Jr.
Valerie Jarrett
Jan Shakowski

Chicago Climate Exchange
Organizing for America
GM takeover and screwing of bondholders, closing down of Chrysler dealers
Stimulus waste and fraud
Obamacare deals cut behind closed doors
Obama admins response to BP oil spill
Obama czars
Federal takeover of state lands

While they are at it maybe they can request Obama to inquire into whether it is true that he is using multiple social security numbers, which is a federal crime.

Well, that'll keep Congress busy.

Hit Obama with every lawsuit possible for doing the treasonous act of PREVENTING Arizona from protecting its border!
Maybe Hilary could do a little jailtime for bringing the UN into this.