Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reagan and Goldwater would aprove

US News has a report by one Peter Fenn on how the Republican Party has drifted right since Reagan. But that's impossible, since everything Reagan did was perfect, so no progress should be possible! Freepers respond to this contradiction:

Lakeshark says no way has the Republican Party progressed since 1980!

Truth be told, I think Reagan would be cheering on the TEA party, and JFK would recoil in horror at what the democrat party has become.

Paperdoll thinks the Republican party has actually gotten more liberal!
This hack has no idea what Reagan or Goldwater would recognize or not! In fact, both of these gentlemen would probably carry banners for today’s Tea Party. They are no doubt now rolling over in their graves at what the Republican Party has become! How dare Fenn evem mention Everett Dirksen’S name! God rest all their souls. And shame upon shame on Peter Fenn!
Eddie01 thinks this article is part of some kind of commandment-based conspiracy:

They know exactly what they are saying. Here are the groupthink commandments that hang framed on their wall. It is their guide.

Thou shalt create an illusion of invulnerability shared by most members to foster excessive optimism and encourage extreme risks taking

Thou shall not allow any member to question the group’s inherent morality, instead members shall be encouraged to ignore the ethical or moral consequences of their decisions

Thou shalt promote collective efforts to rationalize in order to discount warnings, or other information that might lead members to reconsider their assumptions before they recommit themselves to their assumptions

Thou shalt reinforce stereotyped views of enemy leaders as too evil to warrant genuine attempts to negotiate, or as too weak and stupid to counter whatever risky attempts are made to defeat their purpose

it goes on like that for a while.

Opinionated Blowhard notes that things have changed. And that people from the past would not like the future:

Honestly, none of the mentioned politicians, and no Dem politician—even the most liberal one—would recognize America today. If you told any of them—even the Libs—that we had gay marriage and two trillion dollar deficits, they’d recoil in horror. That is the God’s honest truth.

And the founders wouldn't like all the black folks we have runnin free either!

pissant knows Reagan is to the right of even the craziest Tea Party folks these days:

“Something tells me that he(Reagan) would have more trouble with the Christine O’Donnells, the Sharron Angles, the Ron Pauls, the Ken Bucks, and the Linda McMahons....”

Reagan was more conservative than any of them.

Never mind that he was a union leader, or passed amnesty or signed a pro-choice bill as governor of California.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Awesome Obama hate quickie

The comment thread I posted about below had some awesome over the top Obama hate I had to share:

gets a bit poetic:

zer0 trying to butch up before the election?

He is death and the leader of the party orchestrating death
for all people and things that are good and right.

stephenjohnbanker on how Obama hides his burning hate so well:

Obama has thus far managed not to “blow up” in public. He is consumed with hatred for America.

TheOldLady again, on Obama's eyes:
Looking into the eyes of Obama is like looking into the eyes of Mohammed Atta.

You mean those glowing, red pits with the blackness of Hell behind them? Those eyes? Yes.

Minnesota terrorism

FBI serves warrants what appear to be white guys. Freepers know what this means - Obama hates white people!

Kartographer thinks every liberal he knows is in on it:

Yeah it looks like this time its a bunch of Peace loving bipartisan Kumbaya singing latte drinking socialist Obama voters who just love American! All cut from the same cloth as Bill Ayers,and his cop killing wife Bernardine Dohrn. All with a front row seat in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s First Church of God D@NM America!

norwaypinesavage thinks this is more evidence of Obama's racism:
The Obama Justice Department must have given an order to: “Arrest some white guys just before the election”. The problem is, the only ones they found were leftists.
DoughtyOne thinks this is part of Obama's plan to pull one over on whitey:
I do find it interesting that they had so little evidence against these people that all they could do is raid eight locations fishing for some.

Folks, I may be proven to be wrong down the road, but it seems to me this is more evidence of the Obama administration trying to change the paradigm from Islamic threat to Whitey on a rope.

We are lead to believe this White guys are a real threat because of their associations. Of course Islamic adherents are not a threat, even though the message from the leaders are anti-Western and these groups keep pushing the limits as to what they can get away with.

onemiddleamerican knows Obama cannot be responsible, so the FBI must have gone rogue:
Sounds like somebody (or a whole buncha somebodies) at the FBI have had it up to here with the Obama admin's Kumbaya BS regarding terrorists, terrorist sympathizers, etc., and have just fired a shot across the bow of the SS Obama by this raid.

I would say they are "going rogue", but the only thing they are going rogue against is the Obama admin's do-nothing-against-terrorists game plan. They are doing what they were hired and trained to do; find the bad guys and bust up their plots and build criminal cases against them.

Obama is likely displeased with this news.
theDentist thinks terrorism is all Obama's fault these days:
Not sure if the frequency is up, but I do believe that those who would do us harm have little fear of a government led by a part-time muzzie with an Atty General who hates Whitey.
Carley is pretty sure the next 9-11 will mean we get to lynch Obama at last!

Obama thinks that because the country rallied to President Bush following the 9/11 attack and the OBL video released shortly before the re-election, that he will benefit from the same scenario.

He could not be more wrong.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rahm's departure

Looks like the Chief of Staff is off. Kinda lame to leave so fast for such a job, if you ask me. Freepers, of course, see this as confirming many conspiracy theories they just now came up with:

just kinda free associates, and also is racist:

What that F...rk is the dumfruc thinking? THA FRIGGIN squirrel couldn’t win dog Snatcher in Springfield let alone a Chicago gangsta Mayor.
Tha Blackhouse is flushin his buns from DC and the Immediate vicinity......Besides, tha dancin Squirrel couldn’t fix Pelosi or Reid ... Airforce ONE in the ditch and Emanual has ahold of the steering wheel and the gearshift is up his Donkey.

Tha Blackhouse? Hilarious!

dennisw uses his racial consciousness to analyze Rahm's chances to make Mayor of Chicago:
with the black Muslim shadow over Chicago I don’t think Chicago will elect a Jewish mayor. But if a strong black candidate emerges then the white ethnics of Chicago would rally around Emanuel to derail a Louie Farakkan stooge
jimbo123 has a theory:

Something else is up. Rahm must be close to indictment or he has AIDS.

According to Freepers, all liberal men have AIDS. Cause they all love the drugs and buttsex, I guess.

browniexyz thinks this is a sign of secret budget shenanigans:

OCTOBER 1 is the beginning of the new federal fiscal year. Something Axelrod and Rahm have been up to with public money at the White House doesn’t withstand public scrutiny. Hope whoever is in the new Congress will have the guts to scrutinize all the “black budgets” in the White House—if the docs aren’t destroyed this weekend!!!

Candor7 is always good for hitting on multiple crazy fronts:
The biatch is off to Chicago to be Obama's on site thug.He will enter the veiled obscurity of the Chicago back rooms of liberal fascists, and do his dirty work there to end freedom as we know it. The White House has too much light for Ram Manual. He thrives in darkness and in deceit, like all fascist thugs.

Ram Manual is a parasite.Chicago is a sick beast badly in need of a Wyoming worming, red hot poker style.

Ram may just end up in Lake Michigan, which is more than just a vague possibility. He knows far too much and has too many enemies.
Chicago is the new seat of Obama's evil power, and Rahm is like an evil batman, staying in the darkness. Also thug. Also Chicago needs to be reamed up the butt.

albie just really hates Obama, and has the gross metaphors to prove it!

A walking hemmoroid. A cancer on society. An absolute waste of space. Evil beyond compare. Rot in hell you SOB!

Liz thinks Rahm musta taken trillions!!

Ohaha knows now he made a huge blunder putting the Chi-mob in the WH........probably part of the deal as the puppet candidate of Rahm/Axelrod/Soros.

These Chi-thugs acted as if they were crowned heads of the "US kingdom," rather than public servants.

They trampled over our constitutional rights. They put down American exceptionalism as if it were a crime. They sucked up to Commies, dictators, and illegals.

Rahm is intensely disliked---so the Dems are getting rid of him, hoping to save a few seats. Rahm is the twerp who stood on the Capitol steps Inaguration Day and thumbed his nose at America.

Wall Street Rahm knows how to make money disappear faster than a cream puff at a Weight Watcher weigh-in. Keep in mind---Wall Street Rahm controlled all the activites at the Dept of the Treasury.

Once we take over, we need to scrutinize his involvment in $$$trillions of bailouts---much of it easily hidden offshore---wire transferred to phantom businesses, numbered accounts, interrelated tax-exempt international funds, institutions, foundations, and the like.
It is true that without evidence, such speculations carry little weight, even on the fringe. But on Free Republic, there are so many cockamamie theories that they add up to a self-fulfilling general aura of conspiratorial evil, which allows for ever more outlandish speculation.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday potpourri.

shadowcat has a rather telling response to Colin Powell's saying his workers are illegal aliens:
Snuph has yet another telling question about Obama:

Where are all the old Girlfriends? Ever see anyone become famous and all the old lovers come out of the woodwork?


VRWC For Truth calibrates the political spectrum:
Glen Beck = Libertarian
Hannity = Moderate Democrat
BOR = Liberal Democrat
Bill Krystal = Liberal Democrat
Mort Kondrake = Limousine Liberal
Juan Williams = Koolaid Democrat
Whoraldo = Liberal Moonbat
Hannity = Moderate Democrat? Bwahahahaaha!

has found it in herself to support the troops despite their commander in chief:
when I think of these men and what they do. They aren’t do this for Obama, I believe that in their hearts and mind they are doing it for us in spite of Obama.

God Bless them and their loved ones.

She's all heart.

Truthsearcher thinks condoms are a conspiracy by Planned Parenthood to increase abortions:
PP’s strategy in giving contraceptives is purely to induce a false sense of security in people so they increase risky behavior which ultimately leads them back to the abortion mill.
BobP has an analogy. Though traditionally, analogies have a connection to reality.

What's happening now can be explained like this: people go to the bank to make a deposit. When they look through the front door, they see a bank robber stealing the deposits of customers such as AIG, GM and SEIU. The bank robber is screaming that he will start emptying the vault after he's finished stealing all the depositors' money.

Would you walk through the front door? No, you would wait for the robber to leave -- and be sure he won't return before you venture inside.

That robber is Obama.

Outlaw Woman confirms her suspicions about liberals:
Stop Abortion, save the life of a taxpayer. Think about the revenue generated by 50 million.

Thank you. You are the only person I've ever heard (seen) make that argument. For years I've been making that argument. The fact that the dems ignore it shows they love death even more than money. Sick, twisted, evil souls. We must vote them out.

The FBI should also be looking to round up about a quarter of a million terrorists in Boston. They’re all in Cambridge going to Harvard and MIT.

celtic gal's kid has hit hard times. But he voted for Obama, so to hell with him:
Our middle kid and her husband as well as our youngest and her husband voted for this nightmare in the WH. The middle one and her husband have lost their house...can't pay the mortgage...put hundreds of thousands of dollars in the reno of the 1970something house ( which is on a farm).

So now they are moving out of the country..selling what they can, keeping the most meaningful things and off they go..they have a business that they set up several years ago in another country so they will have a living but it makes me feel that here they go...

Wow. Freeper hate is stronger than the family bond.

little jeremiah is nostalgic for the good old days:
How about turning back the clock in these ways - no IRS, no communism, no "gay" agenda, neighbors knew each other, wives could stay home and be home makers since taxes didn't destroy income, husbands and wives stayed married and raised their own children without the government handing out questionnaires at school asking about Johnny's sexual identity, etc.
And blacks and women had no rights, and sissies were all beaten up! Don't we all with we could live in Madmen? Those guys seem so happy!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Pix

Holy giant-headed crap, what did they do!

Be afraid, Muslims takeover is a danger!

Who cares where she's bombing, the important thing is she'll get America bombing again!

How did they come up with this one?

This is indeed how Freepers see the world.

So tough and bad-ass, it's just like an awful Ben Affleck movie!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Who cares about the future, I want the dude who said mean things dead now!!!

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad again was bombastic and offensive at the UN. Freepers, however, have a plan to deal with figureheads of countries they don't like:

IbJensen hates being diplomatic with assholes. Also, he really hates Obama. Not that that's relevant, but he thought he'd bring it up anyhow.
Get the damned UN out of the US and keep a--holes like this bearded creep out of America! Keep the door open you imbecilic anti-president so that you have an escape route out of the White Hut!

Down and out with the UN and Barack Hussein Obama!
Renegade assures us assassinating this guy won't lead to World War I.

Cap that a$$hole or put a contract out on him . He isn’t the arch-duke Ferni.

Yeah, there's no international tension these days!

isthisnickcool wants to 9-11 the UN AND jail Ahmadineja, just to assure World War:

Pick him up, throw him in jail then run a couple of remote controlled planes in to the un.

Gator113 reminds us if you voted for Obama, you must luv the Iranian dictator. Cause you're both evil, I guess.

Had this been a group of Obama voters, Ahmadinejad could have held the crowd.

petertare doesn't forget Obama is just like Ahmadinejad. Also he's half-black. Cause that is important to know at all times.

Why the display of disgust toward the Iranian leader?

Braack Obammy (half-black) could readily say the same in all earnest.

RoseofTexas wonders Will no one rid her of this turbulent Ahmadinejad? It's not a death threat, it's just wondering...
I have a hard time acknowledging that SOB walks NY streets free as a bird thumbing his middle finger at us and NO ONE has attempted to blow this little bastard away.

I can't believe a clever sniper can't be found!!! MY GOODNESS FOLKS HOW LONG must we take this kind of CHIT on our soil from this little @$$hole...HOW LONG?!

What an opportunity for some wacko off the street to take a shot at him!! No I'm not sorry on saying this...this guy is EVIL and it's him or us!
Freepers foreign policy is all about the id. Well, so is everything else, I guess.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pledge to America

Freepers recent yelling about going third party has been forgotten for the time being. Now it's all about the GOP's Contract with America 2!

pelican001 worries about the gramar in this historic document:

It looks like a wonderful document in terms of the fundamental ideas, but it’s clearly not up to the compositional standards of the Founding Documents.

Why couldn’t they have avoided the phrases that ended with prepositions, such as this one: “by keeping faith with the values our nation was founded on” ? This is pretty shabby for a document that could have been a classic. It should have said “by keeping faith with the values upon which our nation was founded.”

AmericanInTokyo senses creeping elitism in the bad grammar somehow:
Well, what do you expect?

"Stuff" drafted by low-wage or volunteer interns just fresh out of Princeton or USC who have yet learned how to write correct English.

But, having said that, God Bless them anyway.
BCW is worries Republicans might get caught up in the issues, and stop the personal attacks:

My fear is that the Demo’s are going to lie in wait...and the Republicans will try to broker a peace...

They need not only to stand together as conservatives - but they need to list - and continue to list - how the progressives/liberals/Democrats lie, cheat, and steal from the taxpayers...I hope they push this down their throat and make sure every US Citizen understands that people like Obama can never or shall never be elected again!

Parley Baer is worried the GOP will stop their current issues-based tactics:
What this does is bring the main issues back to the for front for discussion. The dimoKKKRATS do not want that. They want to do their usual character assassinations and avoid the main issues.
upstanding is unhappy the GOP doesn't just stick with the Constitution!!

The various Tea Party groups and the umbrella TP Express ought to hold counter declarations, holding up the Constitution as their pledge.

And with the additional pledge of repealing that !@#$damned 17th amendment.
takenoprisoner is really angry about...crazy things:

Does the pledge promise to legalize freedom?

I’m sick of pedophiles xraying my body parts. I don’t walk like a muslim, I don’t talk like a muslim, I don’t act like a muslim, I don’t look like a muslim. With my southern drawl, no way could I fool anyone. Nor could my mother, nor father, nor grandfather, nor my grandmother, nor great grandfather, nor great grandmother, nor great great grand father nor great great grandmother. Heck, we all look like red blooded Americans here for Thanksgiving.

I could go on to great great great. But, by now, I hope the point is made. We deserve freedom. Our ancestors fought and died for it. It’s ours to cherish. They gave this right to us. We cannot, and we shall not, allow their spilled blood be in vein.

Our Founders spilled their blood so only Muslims were ogled by pedophiles!

patriciaruth sums it all up:


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So, what do we call Muslims who call themselves such but do not strictly follow the Koran?

I've got a nasty cold, so light posting for a bit.

Freepers discuss what to call Muslims that don't quite fit their terrorist narrative:

tet68 thinks insults are the way to go:

Enablers, Supporters, apostates?

ViLaLuz thinks they are victims:

Prisoners in bondage, victims.

sneakers thinnks they are as lame as Catholics who aren't pro-life (or anti-death penalty)
Cafeteria muslims?


Whatever, everyone knows Obama's a Jihadi, as all Freeper Koran experts know is the only possible interpretation of the book.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday potpourri.

Diogenesis thinks Obama is funneling weapons to the terrorists:

From POTUS, Moslems get weapons, rockets, protection,
instructions for killing, and complete cover for their
invasion of America, the West, Iraq and Israel.

moovova has studied Obama and sees evidence of Muslimness:

Does Obama look like he’s lost some weight?

He looked “diminished” when he gave his speech from the newly redecorted Offal Office.

Rush even mentioned he looked “frail” when Zero gave a speech yesterday.

Ramadan perhaps?

FreedomPoster is sad he can only find studies that Blacks are inherently criminal at racist sites:

It stinks that the only places with studies of that fact tend to be borderline, or worse, racist sites.

Salvation has a pig-based plan to fight Sharia:
In Seville, Spain, the City Council authorized the construction of a Mosque on one of the empty pieces of land. The citizens did not want the mosque built in their vicinity and found a brilliant solution. They buried a pig in the land, and made the news public. The Islamic law prohibits the construction of a mosque on lands desecrated by remains of pigs, therefore the Muslims had to renounce the construction on this desecrated land...

Astute Sevillans…The commentaries of the Civil Guard (Police) are very interesting. Maybe it is the solution needed by New York to avoid the construction of a mosque in the vicinity of the twin towers.

The Israelis are using a similar strategy since 2004. They placed a box
containing pig lard on the buses in Israel and made it public that any kamikaze suicide bomber who tries to assault a bus, risks the prohibition of entering heaven by getting the pig lard on them.

There are no suicide bombers on the buses in Israel any more. Maybe we should try this here in america as well. Bring on the "BLT" sandwiches.
montag813 is surprised no one has taken out Soros:
I am shocked some Jew hasn't taken [Soros] out yet, given how he ratted out other Hungarian Jews to the Nazis for money during WWII.
dennisw on Imam Rauf, and how he must be a liar:

This mofo knows all the lefty buzzwords such as "discourse"

The silver tongued devil..... One of the best Moozlim slicksters I've seen in a while...a real low life creep....this is the kind of human debris the moozies call an imam....a holy man....all I see is bullshyte artist

But no Freeper or conservative is fooled by this 0bama style conman

bert has a threat for Imam Rauf:

Better watch your back old man. There are many who are not lilly livered New York cowards.

flowerplough knows how Muslims think:

How do America’s nearly seven million American Muslims feel when their faith is denounced as barbaric?

Many of them feel outed. Exposed. And they feel embarrassed and defiant.

pissant is correct:

You could pick 5 random freepers to debate the entire Columbia Journalism school on politics past or present, and it wouldn’t even be a contest.

Soothesayer wishes we'd kill a lot more liberals:

We need to do the same thing to these leftists that we do to the Taliban. Both have the same business of deception and death so why are we treating leftists like citizens?

RummyChick gives Freepers carte blanche to use an antiquated racial term:

Coons is feel free to make all the Raccoon jokes you want.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Pix

Michelle Obama sure is an angry black lady!

The Free Republic Fascist Award is Groucho Marx glasses? Ahh, because Marxism equals Fascism!

Heh. Rove really stepped in it this time.

Michelle Obama sure is black!


What the crap is going on here?

Note the loving details like the stuffed eagle and the many family pics.

Horns coming out of his neck, even!

Why does this guy look like a stand-up comedian?

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Colbert/Stewart rallies

Freepers know what these liberal rallies will involve:

AIDS from the sex and drugs:

First of all, who is managing the cleanup, considering the kind of crowd that Stewart and Colbert will draw? Have they alerted the local hospitals to provide HazMat support to help reduce the danger of infection from all those loose bodily fluids, bloodied hypodermic needles, scattered and tattered porn, ick, ick, at al?
Shit everywhere:

they probably won’t even bother to use the porta-potties...

Constitution burning:

Are they going to burn our Constitution?

Smoking the Constitution:

They’ll probably tear the Constitution in little pieces to roll their pot doobies...

Freepers running super clever black ops:

I think a whole bunch of tea partiers need to show up, dressed like slobs holding up huge anti-conservative signs that are horribly misspelled. They would need to get evenly dispersed throughout the crowd so as not to be missed from the cameras. Oh, and get interviewed too, speaking like idiots.

The Party of ideas!

Obama challenges the GOP to have ideas beyond fear and frustration. Freepers respond, sorta...

Carl LaFong
probably also thinks Victory is a strategy:

You’re right, Odumbo.No new ideas. Only a very old one-liberty.

purplelobster hates new ideas:

Why does Barry think we need new ideas? Seems the problems would be solved if we returned to a Calvin Coolidge style hands-off President who quietly just let people go about their business.

funfan doesn't have ideas, but Obama sure does suck!

Fear and Frustration are better than Unicorns and rainbows

griswold3 says I know you are but what am I:

Someone ask Obama just WHO is using tired old ideas that belong on the ash heap of history!
Keynesianism? Epic Fail!

Viking2002, when asked for ideas, just wants Obama in jail:
Obama should be convicted of treason, fraud, subversion, and racketeering, and thrown into a dank prison cell until there's nothing left but two big ears atop a pile of rat-gnawed bones.

GoCards is pissed Obama won't listen to the ideas:

Listen Asswipe. We are offering ideas. You are so blinded by yourself you dont listen. Fool......

List of ideas pending...

Christian4Bush thinks ideas don't matter anyhow:

And this TOTUS addicted bastard’s response to the MANY ideas we’ve offered?

“I won...I trump you on that.”

Pinche chin**da pendejo...

Jumping to conclusions

Freepers race to jump to conclusions about a hostage crisis at John Hopkins. As a special hypocrisy bonus they also rail against other people jumping to conclusions:

makes some assumptions

Notice the race of the shooter is not being disclosed. They KNOW what race it is ... .

Thermalseeker is sure the right will be blamed

Probably just somebody upset over Obamacare. Nothing to see here. Move along.....

agere_contra would also like to preemptively take victim status:
The most suspenseful part of the drama is still ahead, which is: - how can this be blamed on the Tea Party?
Libertarian4Bush thinks this is gonna be a gun thing:

well, some guy talking in Florida was responsible for the distress and ensuing violence it led to, so clearly the left will blame the doctor here. oh, wait, he wasn’t burning a koran, so in this case we’ll just blame the gun.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Carla Bruni has a book out where she discloses Michelle Obama doesn't like her job. It's gossip, who knows if it's true, but I believe it. What little authority you have authority is derived from your husband, and you need to spend a lot of your time in ceremonial crap? Bleagh!

Anyhow, regardless of the subject matter, Freepers just start talking about how ugly and hateful and black Michelle Obama is, cause that's what is important:

macquire is amazed Laura Bush can act diplomatic in the face of Michelle Obama's evil:

Kudo’s to Laura Bush for being able to actually stand alongside this beast Michelle and smile and make small talk. It takes a real Christian to not bash and slime someone you disagree with.

No word on Michelle Obama's awesome Christian restraint.

Question Liberal Authority thinks Michelle Obama's cause is fascist:
In my opinion, obsessing over what other people eat and telling everyone else what to eat all the time is an eating disorder. It might not be recognized as such by the nutritionists and psychiatrists of the world, but that's because most of them share the same affliction.
Damn you, Nancy Regan and Laura Bush with your anti-drug/pro-reading disorders!

1951Boomer thinks Michelle Obama's style is undignified, and expects more, damn it!
Her style reflects almost a “finger in the eye” of dignity, decorum, and elegance. I think we have a right to expect that much of the First Lady. It’s the hypocrisy of it all.
Texas resident would like to point out how fat Michelle Obama is:

Mooch elle would have garnered much more sympathy from the oprah crowd if she had taken the tack that she just can’t help eating. She is a victim you know. All those cakes just keep jumping up at her. The lobsters keep calling from the deep. There is no safe buffet table.

That lobster thing was like the best hoax ever for Freepers.

IceAge knows she must be awful to be married to, and she walks funny:

I have been trying to figure out why she looks so strange when she walks. She is bow-legged, perhaps?
I just can’t get a handle on it. She seems to pick up her foot and put it down flat instead of using the ankle.

Can’t imagine the pure hell she dishes out to her hubbie. If he wasn’t such a heathen and trying to ruin our country, I would almost feel sorry for him. Some of the looks she gives out are really hateful.
bobby.223 has a bit of a rant on how ugly this woman is:
those of us that remembember Jackie God this, this, this thing, now calling herself ‘First Lady’??....what a damn embarrassment for our nation. to bad so many are so young to not know how a first lady should act and look in appearance......and to think this seriously fat hipped, no boobs, huge butt looking overweight slob is the ‘first lady’???!!!!!!! my goodness.... flat hard to believe. okay, old guy rant over....but is WAS better way back when!!!!
chilltherats keeps it classy. And by classy I mean racist:

Carla is white and beautiful. She has blue eyes. Manchelle is black and ugly. That’s what the glare is all about.

chilltherats again.

Have you noticed that the first kids are little snoots like their mother, especially the older one?

So uppity, those Obama kids!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The O'Donnel meltdown

O'Donell isn't just ludicrously conservative, she is also a pretty lady. Like Palin's protege. When she won the primary in Deleware, Freepers were super happy to see she triumphed over the inevitable victimhood attractive Republican women (bit I repeat myself) have to face from the Elites.

But then, the National Republican Senatorial Committee seems to think an anti-masturbation ethically challenged conservative might be a hard sell to Delaware, and shall be spending their funds elsewhere.

Free Republic has exploded with rage not seen since last month with that Mosque thing. But this time it is against the Republican Party:

Melchior thinks the Tea Party is gonna go mainstream!

The NSRC is finished. Bet on it! By 2012 politics in America will have undergone an incredible metamorphosis. The last nail in the Republican heirarchy’s coffin will be the announcement of a Tea Party convention to name a candidate for President of the United States.

Newton is a bit hazy on what a closed primary means. Either that or how subsets work:

Okay, their story is that you need a moderate repub to win in the northeast. If true, how did she win? It was the people of Delaware that voted, so uh.... wouldn’t they have voted for the RINO if that was true? BTW Anyone see Karl Rove on Hannity? He was spewing the RINO mantra.

Interesting Times thinks this is proof Socialists are everywhere!
After the rant by Rove on Hannity I read about, and now this, I’m convinced the depth of the entrenchment of the Left within the GOP has been grossly underestimated.

Exactly. The socialists didn't limit their subversion to one party.
wk4bush2004 has posted some advice on the NRSC's Facebook page:

The Facebook pages of both the NRSC and the RNC are flooding with very angry comments. Here’s another one I just posted:



Heh. I love this guy. He's like a berserker or something. "Oh, I say let us have more tea. Oh, it is rage time already? I HATE YOU ALL!!!!!! RUAAAAAAAUGH!"

BigEdLB thinks the Democrat Party is eeevil, so you should give money to O'Donell or something:
The NRSC is wholly unaware that an insidious cancer called Marxism is now metasticising in the senior levels of a party, the Democrat Party, which has its roots with Thomas Jefferson. They, themselves are the naive fools content to worry about `rule of law`, but only for certain people...
LdSentinal is sure this makes O'Donell, I mean 'Christine' electable, cause Castle is still in this thing!
Great News.

Castle and Coons will split the Liberal/Dem vote, allowing Christine to win.
waxer1 is all for this lazy internet yelling based revolution!!

Boycott the GOP!! Send them old dirty socks instead of money. I will be supporting tea party canidates only!!!

Now! this is what I call a revolution!!!!!!!

By request: Why Africa is poor.

I've mentioned Freepers' theories about why Africa remains backwards before (South Africa, By request: Back to Africa with ya!. Now a commenter has uncovered another thread, called "Why Africa is Poor." Being that I've observed Freeper racial tensions seem higher, have things changed? Hard to say. This thread has a lot of pretty pure "black people are inferior and savage" racism. But I think the previous threads show that was already around. Though if I would venture that fewer outright racist posts are being removed by the moderators.

Psalm 144 sees some patterns:

Like, why is Haiti poor? Why is Detroit poor?

Notedly absent from the question: the South.

RickB444 thinks blacks just aren't as evolved:

Because the rest of humanity evolved and moved the hell away from anything to do with Africa. Those left behind are primitives who haven’t the intelligence to make it better or leave themselves.

fightinJAG goes for some quality social darwinism:

As I brought up elsewhere, it’s ironic, isn’t it, that the people who most trumpet Darwin are at the same time the most intrusive into the process of survival of the fittest.

Likewise, those most for state-sanctioned suicide and murder (of the unborn, but more relevantly here of the born) are at the same time the most insistent that all our blood and treasure be expended to ensurve the “life” of peoples on whom otherwise nature would take its course.

Only the Master Race will survive!

A. Patriot tries to blame Freepers favorite evil:

Aren’t there a lot of moooslems in Africa? Stone-age societies are by definition, poor.

Also Communists - aren't Africans usually Commies?

Nosterrex reveals Obama is black:

The problem with Africa is black Africans. The white Africans brought order and prosperity out of chaos. Since Africa has been given back to black Africans, it has returned to the jungle. This should be a lesson for America.

Obama lives like an African tribal chief with one party after another and more vacation than work. I know that this is not politically correct, and many will say that I am being racist, but observe the actions and words of Obama. You make the judgment for yourself.

hellbender on Obama's genetic predisposition to evil:

Just think. Our current President is the son of one of these worthless parasitic African socialist leaders, crossed with a narcissistic expatriate hippie girl from a family of American fellow travelers. He’s genetically engineered to be a high-yield producer of disaster.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Russians are Coming!

Meet Kabud. Kabud is from the Ukraine. He is also crazy:

thinks Russian secret agents have no identities at all:

soviet spetsnaz ARE NOT russian or kazakh
names are fake
communists never have a religion or ethnicity

spetsnaz get special training that cleans their brains of EVERYTHING

Kabud is worried about this one nuclear power plant. And everything else.

if ruski take out THAT plant

they also destroy i-95

then Florida is CUT OFF!!!!!!!

East coast electric grid may go OFF for ..God may be for weeks if not more

IT IS AN END TO USA as we know it

If God forbid..
it will be most lokely followed by MORE attacks:
a weak USA becomes a easy pray for Castro, Chavez, Chinese and of course:

ruski strategioc rocket forces(about 4 times more nukes then USA)

and ANTHRAX, dont forget THAT it was also russian

Kabud is worried about China and Russia in a surprise attack:

USA is the only obstacle to China-Russian domination

You got to read and watch ruski TV:

mostly ALL ruski politicians talk anti american , very intimidating stuff

If USA is weakened: world is tuning to Moscow

they will have us all exterminated

there is no other reason ruski invested around 100 trillion dollars since 1945 in arming themselfs with WMD

They NEVER waste nothing like 100 tril

Kabud has a solution - massive defense spending!

we need

missile defense at the state of the art NOW

number of strategic rockets in our possession must me at least quadrupled (if we assume that open sources on ruski WMD are correct, in fact ruski always keep a double or 2 doubles of nuclear warheads and missiles beyond all treaties)

we MUST deny russia diplomatic recognition and through their nationals away from here NOW

We must resume biological weapon project

this is just to start with

Kabud knows the Russians have calculated everything!

you have to read something about how ruski hire people to post massively online. Come out from your cave, read, learn

Also check the statistic of Americans been overweight

And look into how THAT effect immune system

Ruski military planners TOOK it into account

it is all easily can be found in open sources.

Nuts on the internet are a dime a dozen. But the funny part is that Freepers are all over this thread agreeing with him

e.g. B4Ranch

You and I both know it won’t be nice but as long as there is football on the TV and beer for sale in the stores most people are not going to worry one iota about what Russia has planned for Americas future.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday potpourri.

lbryce is really angry people mention the Muslims killed on 9-11:
Only the New York Slimes could have the utter temerity to dredge up a story of a 9/11 widow who is of the Muslim faith in regards to what is America's most solemn, somber national day of mourning as an abomination in every sense of the word, an utter disgrace to the memory of all those who lost their lives simply only because they were American. I won't, can't go on and will let this story speak for itself.
Eye of Unk thinks Quran burning is "bold and daring"
Its a bold and daring move that will show the hand and faces of our enemy as they lose control with their emotional anger.

I am very much looking forward to “Burn the Quran Day”.

Eye of Unk again, waxing about what burning the Koran will mean:

For every Koran that is burned Obama will feel a pinprick of anguish and disbelief.

For every Koran that is lost to fire a Muslim will lose one of his promised 72 virgins.

For every Koran that is burned an American that has died by the hands of Islam will have the grace of God shining down upon him/her.

dan1123 doesn't believe in morality for conservative politicians:
Conservatives should never attack another conservative for personal immorality. Attacks should be limited to what one advocates in public and their voting record if they are in public office.
South40 thinks America is to blame for 9-11:
And just what did we do to bring on 9/11?

We elected a spineless, liberal president who gutted our military which sent the message we were vulnerable and weak.
Ulysse takes a rather stark view of American empire:
We have the right to demand other countries to change their ways since they are WRONG and we are RIGHT...
jonascord is excited that some liberals are getting old and dying:
“Are you listening Michael Moore, Dan Rather and Baba Wawa?”
You realize 2 of the 3 are near death...literally? And the 3rd is a bloated pig soon to expire in his own shit.

Are you just saying that to make me feel good? Rather is out shopping for urns? (Proper libs are cremated, it acclimatizes them to their eventual fate...) And Baba?

Oh, that the days be short, and happiness soon...
MamaDearest is not happy with Hillary:
[Hillary Clinton]'s shown her true UN colors as of late. Time for her to hang up her "running" shoes.
UN colors?

November 2010 can go all night about Obama's evil:

Gay marriage. Gays in the military. AZ border. Unemployment. Obama’s bowing to the Saudi’s. Obama’s support of the Trade Center Mosque. Obama’s 6 vacations in 6 months. Michelle Obama’s $750,000 a day trip to Spain. Closing down the US offshore wells. Funding Brazilian offshore wells. Not attending church on Sundays. Talking badly about the USA to foreign audiences. Attacking the police before the beer summit. Mishandling the oil spill. 13 trillion dollar deficit. No help to small businesses. Giant payoffs to the financial industry.

I can go on all night.

honoring the troops comes second for unkus if it might help Obama:

Sounds like Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta obviously deserves the Medal of Honor. I still can’t get rid of the feeling that Obama seeks to use this to bump his own credibility. It just seems like desperation time to me.

If I were Sgt. Salvatore Guinta, I’d request the ceremony be put off until the next president takes office.

nascarnation thinks Obama's live press conference was staged:

two prompters (on the flanks of the room) and Baraq has what looks like a wireless earpiece in his right ear

Muslim lives don't count

There is a pretty troubling story about some soldiers in Afghanistan being prosecuted for hunting the natives for sport. Most Freepers go with the "it's a lie" dodge. But some proud few are totally cool with wanton killing of innocent Muslims:

montag813 thinks if we did it in WWII, it must be cool:
Allied forces bombed over 1,500 French towns in WWII, killing over 67,000 French civilians between Jan 1940 and May 1945. Not one U.S. airman faced charges in those deaths.

So boo freakin' hoo to the handful of Afghan savages we killed. Who gives a crap. (At least with France we were saving one of the world's great culture. WTF are we saving in Afghanistan?)
Also collateral damage is the same as hunting for sport, I guess. Bonus points for the savages comment.

a fool in paradise thinks this may be a conspiracy:

When there are reports of “US soldiers” attacking civilians, I am left to wonder, were they really members of the US military and if they were, could they have been turncoats who act out to tank the military mission (not just a “soldier gone wild” but a genuine fifth columnist hellbent on taking the troops down from within).

bigheadfred is totally cool if some of our boys "bring home a trophy or five:"

When we are talking about people with a completely different mindset, like the afganimaniacs, I don’t think it’s a joke to talk about wiping them out.

We shouldn’t be seeing increasing U.S. deaths. This crap should be over with. But when bush took his eye off the ball and headed for Iraq this was bound to happen.

Win their hearts and minds. Crap. Heroin production has increased dramatically. Corruption. Billions poured down a craphole for NO GAIN.

With restrictive ROE’s, No air support, too worried about civilian casualties, it was time to leave a LONG time ago.

If some of our boys bring home a trophy or five, good for them.

Lucius Cornelius Sulla wants him some genocide:

'I look at it this way. Every one (we) kill now is one less to kill later.'

Start with kids under five years old. They will be easier.

No, that's not sarcasm.

Friendofgeorge thinks this prosecution should come a bit later in the priority cue after executing Democrats:
those men should be punished with all due severity.
Only after Obama and the Clintons are executed for infanticide.
cowboyusa agrees - dehumanizing Muslims is only the beginning:

IF YOU ATTACK US AGAIN, YOUR SOMETHING IN YOUR AREA IS GOWING TO GLOW! We have played at war in a Leftist way for 9 years! Time to Cowboy up!

It would be better to go after the lefties. The world would be a much better place without them

That’s started as well. It’s time for Cowboys vs. Islamists and Cowboys vs. Commies.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday Pix

Grahm is a woman, cause he is not a Freeper!

Arizona is a war ground, and Obama loves it!

Let is never be said Freepers take the high road

Michelle Obama cannot dance, as can be see by photoshoping pics of her not dancing. Laura Bush could totally cut a rug, though, since she was the perfect first lady.

Obama wore blue. Smurfs are blue. Ha ha?

This is awful photoshop, but they added the shadow under Palin for some reason.

This is the whitest Mexican I've ever seen.

Unions ruin companies. But it takes them like sixty years.

Hooray for free association as political slogan!

Friday, September 10, 2010

10 American Cities That Are Dead Forever

Something called the Business Insider has an article about 10 cities that are dead forever. Freepers struggle to fit this into their narrative, and without the firm hand of Rush and co. at the tiller, crazy stupidity results:

Nabber has his priorities:

With all due respect to northern Freepers,
My comment is:

1. BUFFALO,NY —Yankees
5. HARTFORD, CT —Yankees
6. NEW ORLEANS, LA —Whodats
7. ALBANY, NY —Yankees
9. ALLENTOWN, PA —Yankees

So, who cares?

Not mentioned: #10: Galveston, TX.

Yeah, what does the north do for the south, except for massive subsidies?

FormerACLUmember thinks their problem would be solved by cities taking in no revenue at all:


Each of these 10 cities would be super-prosperous successes if they:

1) got rid of the thieving democrat party hacks in charge.
2) lowered all taxes
3) fired all the crooked public union workers
4) got rid of all the socialist hyper-regulations
5) zero corporate taxes
6) no sales taxes
7) make it easy to open a new business in 1 hour at no cost

Who needs to pay the Police and Fire departments?

blames desegregation:

Just an unintended result of the desegregation of DISD schools in the ‘70’s. Parents fled Dallas rather than have their children attend inner-city schools, only after being bussed halfway across the city. The DemocRATS are reaping what they have been sowing for the last 40 years.

hosepipe is a bit less subtle with his racial politics:
The democrat party is toxic in a hundred ways..
It has even partially screwed up the republican party..
Black culture sucks on a massive scale.. it poisons everything it touches..
The mexicans are bringing mexico to the south weastern U.S. too..
Mexifornia ia already decomposing.. in an advanced stage..
Palladin has a city he'd like to add:

Add Harrisburg, PA. to the list. Since they elected a black female mayor, they are sinking faster than the Titanic!

Damn black women, they kill cities!

Frantzie is not happy about Dallas of all places:

Dallas is rapidly turning into a toilet. The Texas GOP is infested with open-border RINO’s like Florida’s GOP.

Macoozie thinks NYC is gonna die:
there is little reason to live IN NYC. Everything can be done less expensively, more cleanly and with more future viability OUTSIDE of NYC. Wall Street is doomed.
Once the United Nations is pushed off the the edge of Manhattan island, turn off the lights, the partys over.
The UN: propping the the NYC economy with unpaid parking tickets!

ReneeLynn is a fly in the ointment though:
Pittsburgh did not wait long for steel jobs to come back and then die. They decided they needed to expand. Medical research, tech, etc. I just can’t explain how they did that with Democrats and unions. It’s mind boggling.
Mind boggling! It's almost as if Democrats and minorities tend to live in all cities, good and bad.

Right Wing Assault finds the mythology that solves the problem of Pittsburgh:

My guess is that a number of the “dead” cities are surrounded by reasonably prosperous suburbs, more likely populated by GOP/conservative folks.

They are supporting each other and/or there is still some kind of life in the central city.

Cities may be full of liberals, but it is the Republicans in the suburbs that are propping them up! Except when they aren't and then it's the liberals fault.

GOPsterinMA knows what this means: Civil War time!
Well, the War of Northern Aggression lasted 4 years, I suspect if there's a part 2 it would be shorter...

Obama Hatred Roudup

Obama is spending 9-11 in the wrong place - the Pentagon, not Ground Zero. Freepers use this as an excuse to just kind of yell random reasons they hate Obama:

Cyber Liberty thinks Obama's dog comment is clearly wrong.
He thinks being treated as a dog is a bad thing, when for most Americans, who love their dogs, it's the opposite.

He must treat Bo like crap.
Cause no one uses bitch dog as an insult anymore!

DoughtyOne thinks Obama would just break into Muslim love if he were to go to Ground Zero:

He’s not going because he knows it would be seen as a Muslim standing over the site, equivocating. He won’t be able to resist defending the Muslim hordes and trashing U. S. citizens in the process.

Muslim hordes? Really?

Art in Idaho has a list of things Obama hasn't done right:
So our atheist president says no to The National Day of Prayer, no to Omaha Beach, no to Christmas, no to Arlington and now says No to Ground Zero on 9/11. Why doesn't he just say I hate America and everything it stands for? . . Words cannot convey. . .
olezip brings the inecitable to the dog comment:

Is not the phrase "like a dog" more likely to be uttered by a Muslim, or am I wrong about that? Muslims do not like dogs.

In today's pampered pet culture being treated like a dog is not bad; just consider dog motels with air conditioning and pools, pampered kennels, dog burial grounds, dog toys, etc.
Obama didn't just mean bad, he was talking about being treated as a know, never mind.

Gabrial thinks Obama shouldn't go to Ground Zero, cause he's not good enough:
I am glad he is not going. It would be an insult, a slap in the face of America. He would have been booed by the New York crowds. He knows that at the Pentagon the crowd will be made up of restrained military personnel that won't boo.
Yeah, New York totally hates Obama.

Nepeta really sums it all up:
Imam Obama is not one of us.

Democrats the only real Commies left

Castro says Cuban style Communism isn't working for Cuba in a recent interview. Freepers try to simultaneously crow about how Communism has failed while accusing the Democratic party of bringing it to America:


The RATS are now officially to the left of Fidel Castro...LOLOLOLOLOL...they are such tools...

One of history's greatest ironies is the the USA may be the last refuge for hard core communists.

Many of the Obama comrades who got their Marxist Kenyan into office had Cuban and Che flags in their offices.

wendy1946 misses Tito.

The closest any socialist state ever came to working was probably Yugoslavia.

kronos77 thinks China has it going on:
If they abandon communism and accept lets say, Chinese model, soon they will recover their economy and soon after 50% of hi-tech gadgets in US will be labeled with “Made on Cuba”

And if Obama stays in office Americans will be penetrating Cuba as illegal immigrants....
I thought the Chicoms were total Commie evildoers. Now they are apparently better capitalists than America is. I blame Obama!

Buddygirl Reagan Regan Regan Regan

Do you realize that this is part of the domino effect that President Reagan started when he opposed the Soviet government????? President Reagan, it took a loooooong time but look at what happened to Castro!!!!! (Thank You, Lord!!!!!)

Waco has this to say about chickens:

Anybody can grow chickens, it is said. Cuba has an excellant climate for this. Yet they starve. Cuba could produce enough chicken and eggs to meet the needs of the whole western hemisphere. They could dump dead chickens just off the Fla. keys and depend on the ‘’progessives’’ in the RAT party to lie for them.

dead chickens off Florida?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hillary Clinton is Ugly!

Dick Morris continues his obsession with Hillary Clinton by claiming for the hojilianth time that she's totally running in 2012. Freepers, always ready to believe something that fits into their narrative, take this as face value. Hillary versus Obama, two forces Freepers have built up into evils of epic proportions.

thinks Hillary must be drinking heavily:
It would be great if they could mutually destruct, eh?

maybe in a way, Hill is doin just that...seen her on tv lately?...that alinsky loving lush has got to be pouring down the sauce....rough lookin b)#$&
And Obama with the crack? Freepers seem pretty into the substance abuse narratives.

Happy Rain thinks Hillary is too ugly to be elected:
Hillary is becoming more unelectable as time (her invulnerable foe) is being exceedingly cruel to her appearance.

She is starting to look like an evil Mother Teresa.

Some may call me shallow by concentrating on the terminal handicap of her looks when so many more important negatives rule her life.
But we haven't had a truly ugly (Change the channel! OH NO!!! he's on ALL of them!) president since Carter.
shibumi knows ugly people are evil:

Her evil comes from deep within, and has tainted her appearance for a very long time.

There are many women (think Angela Lansbury, Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale, Raquel Welch) who are stunningly attractive well into their 70’s.

Hitlery aint one of them.

Ticonderoga34 thinks Obama has a plan to screw Hillary over for reasons unknown:
I'm thinking that Obama is trying to do as much damage as he can in order to sink Hillary's chances in 2012. The way Obama is going, no way a Democrat gets elected POTUS in 2012.

I'm sure the Clintons see what is going on and aren't happy about it. The question is, what are they going to do about it.
Cobra64 thinks Hillary will drive Obama crazy. Like, literally:
I'd also like to see the Marxist Keynesian Kenyan debating the blonde woman (Hillary) with Barry going into total meltdown on national TV.
meadsjn worries Hillary will be like super-Hitler.

Hillary would be Obama with more efficiency. Picture Hitler with modern technology.

No more Koran burning

Freepers are mostly sad there is no more Koran burning. Not that they plan to hold one themselves...

chilltherats is the only one willing to pick up the gauntlet. And up the ante, by using pigs, the Muslims kryptonite!

Fight by fighting. Piss them off, put them in the streets. Let America see what they’re about. Wrap a koran in bacon and toss it in front of a mosque. Film it and put it on youtube. Download it, burn a cd and mail it every lowlife psycho muzzie mosque leader you can locate.

I’m very willing to do it, but one person doing it isn’t enough. We need a lot of people - 10 or 20 - to do this.

LeoWindhorse has a plan to individually burn the Koran, but no one else seems to be into secret dickery.

here’s an idea : Everyone should go down to your local bookstore and buy a Koran yourself and simply , quietly ,privately , burn it on 9/11

We don’t need the media . God will witness our personal protest and THAT is what matters . I think He is waiting for us to show some spine

newfreep thinks Islam isn't a real religion, so the Constitution doesn't apply:

Once you realize islam is NOT a religion but a political movement (like communism), then burning the quran is similar to burning Mein kampf or Mao’s Little Red Book.

No big deal to burn a political handbook like the quran.

Lets just say Muslims aren't even real people and be done with it, eh?

sees a slippery slope to fascism here. Of course, he probably sees one every day:

Next stop, demanding that all websites that make condemn Islam (that means Free Republic), to shut down, or censor all such posts.

John O has this new evangelism called "being a dick to people." Jesus totally used it, apparently:
If we never confront the moslems with the fallacy of their way they will never have a chance to convert and be saved. "OH we mustn't offend them" weak Christians cry. But Jesus offended almost everyone in His day. And those offended became the first Christians.
Monkey Face knows what really happened:

The mosque won’t move. Some muzzies got to the pastor and scared him more than anyone else could have.

American Dream 246 is ironically able to speak about how there is no more Freedom of speech:
freedom of speech is dead for us - we don’t have the gutts to fight for it anymore. Only survives for terrorists and REAL nutjobs like Christ in urine “artist” , hateful anti America crowd or islamist killers. Oh well...

Counting chickens

November is going to be painful for the Dems, no question. Freepers, though, seem to be assuming a 100-seat Armageddon. Also, that the entire Republican party is made of Freepers.

rbmillerjr is declaring a holiday:

Cant wait, going to a party and both kids are staying up late and seeing history and missing school the next day.

Oy, it's smug stuff like this that makes me want an utter fail on the Republican's part.

likes reruns:

Impeachment begins in the House. Just sayin’.....

Joe Boucher keeps it classy:

I have a new box of straight razor blades,
maybe I’ll send them to pelosi and her minions for the day after.

Balding_Eagle gets a lot of agreement for this analysis:

I don’t believe the WH is in panic.

A Republican Congress is the only chance BHO has to be reelected in 2012.

That’s why he is throwing every Dem overboard.

Could be, though I doubt this is Obama's plan. Also, how is Obama throwing every Dem under the bus overboard?

SVTCobra03 assumes Civil War. Again:

Reichstag fire, martial law, suspension of elections....just sayin’.

Artcore has a plan:

This is the last time these A$$Holes on our side reach across the aisle...for anything! Nancy, Harry and Obama can go fu** themselves!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Koran Burning and Fred Phelps

So the pastor guy who is going to burn all those Korans on Saturday turns out to be crazy. Shocking. He also supports Fred Phelps, the "Got Hates Fags" guy. Freepers are not a fan, as he protests at military funerals.

Their commitment to guilt by association has trapped them - love Phelps OR love Muslims, there is no middle ground! Freepers are split on this issue.

Crim decides the Koran burners aren't just saying they hate Islam, they are making some meta-comment about Islamic outrage:
they arent burning “any book they dont like”....they are burning the koran to smoke out the religion of “peace”...and I would add....a wole crop of Dhimmi hand wringers who would submit to the rule of islam when the sword is put to their neck...
earlJam decides this guy must be a liberal plant:

Conservatives are being taken for a ride. This guy is BAD news.

Everyone is getting behind him now. Next week he is holding up a GOD HATES FAGS sign and we look stupid.

mnehring agrees. In fact, this burning is a secret advertisement for Islam:

Book burnings and bannings also don’t result in rallying enemies, what it does is create a ‘forbidden knowledge’ that people usually seek out. In other words, for Islam, it would draw people to it to find out what the ‘forbidden knowledge’ is.. It is almost a publicity stunt.

But then, the backlash! Responsibility2nd loses control and starts firing wildly at his follow freepers:

How’d I know a pro-muzzie Obamabot like you would post this?

Just a lucky guess.

Here’s a tip: Stock up on your Depends now so when Obama sends his DOJ thugs to shut down free speech and freedom of religion, you won’t wet yourself with glee.

takenoprisoner demands extraordinary proof!

If the DWOC supports the killing of our troops, as you suggest, with this pic offered from WBC files, then show us some pics with actual members of DWOC carrying like signs.

Do this, and I will join your cause.

If you can’t. Then I will regard you as a propagandist for Islam.

takenoprisoner then has this inexplicable analysis:

If they are not Christians espousing Christian beliefs, then they must be from satan. How else can it be explained?

You're either evangelizing all the time or you're with Satan!

P-Marlowe notes that if you're not with Phelps, you're with Obama!

If we are going to join in the chorus of those who condemn him for this act, then we have to realize that we are joining in with the likes of Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and Osama Bin Laden.