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Spotlight Friday: Ezekiel

Another Freeper who likes to mix his crazy with the Bible. It makes for quite the force multiplier!

Ezekiel sees analogies that confirm his point of view everywhere. He's especially fond of shoehorning laughably inapt Biblical passages to things Obama has done. It's a hoot.

He has a profile, but it's all in Hebrew.
Obama's executive actions are blasphemous.
Obama has elevated himself above pharaoh.

Instead of, "So let it be written, so let it be done", it's "So let it be spoken, so let it be done".

Sound familiar? Genesis 1:

"And God said..."

Obama = blasphemer.

He's not just supplanting Congress, he is attempting to supplant God Himself, creating something... out of nothing.

Drink water? more like drink DEATH
Michelle Obama, who has for years been suggesting "Let's Move," Wednesday added a new directive in her campaign against obesity: "Drink up."

Reads like an apocalyptic warning right out of the beast's own mouth. The righteous are first warned to flee, and those who remain are ordered to swallow the Obama elixir of death.
The beast system:
There is *no mercy* or justice in the beast system. Only perpetual punishment and isolation for a life of "sins", starting in daycare or preschool: using a finger as a gun, or chewing a poptart into the shape of a weapon.

Brought to you by the same folks who cry "do not judge" at their every abomination.

IOW, do not judge negatively (accurately), discerning between good and evil. Those who approve (judge favorably), however, will somehow be immune to the persecution. Funny how that works.
The mystery of who sired Obama's daughters
POSOTUS doesn’t even remotely resemble any of these Obama “relatives”. His so-called daughters, same thing, although the oldest one is tall and lanky. You’d think some kid, cousin, sibling, whatever would have picked up the traits of a grandparent strongly enough to identify the DNA, but no... just another enigma, cloaked in deceit.
Sebelius is a Demon Doll
Doesn’t she remind you a little of “Chuckie” that demonic doll? I watched about two minutes of his act the other day before changing channels.
Eyes like Raggedy Ann or a shark—black buttons.

LOL but egads, you're right. Demon dolls, and she's not the only one. The place is crawling with them.
A pregnant woman faints at an Obama speech? That's The Woman of the Apocalypse!
Not only was this woman dizzy (supposedly from fainting), she really does look like she's "seeing stars" i.e. she's a complete Obamabot space cadet:

From post 43:


So her "caring husband" allows his wife (who looks large enough to be dropping the babe at any moment) to STAND in a close bunch of warm bodies for a long, tedious speech in the hot sun when she suffers from diabetes....and all this in the exciting, heady, almost orgasmic atmosphere of being in the Messiah's personal nearness.

Reminds me of:

Revelation 12:1-4 1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:
2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.
3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

From the eternal to the petty:
I do take solace in the eternal reality that these odious Obamas WILL end up with the bill.

Trillions of dollars of debt and destruction... they ain't never gonna pay that off, lol. Satan's workers' paradise is going to come as a shock to these entitled, racist, America-hating grifters.

Imagine the scene as that snarling pampered mother-in-law is dragged off with the lot of them, stamping her feet and instisting that she isn't actually an "Obama".

Warms the heart. :)
Obama visits eBay, which will now totally fail:
The Obama kiss of death strikes again.

Reality wastes no time witnessing against this pathological liar.
Obama = Belshazzar
Arrogant Belshazzar and his circle of cohorts' profane use of the holy temple vessels is a picture of the Obama admin. Makes the Clinton regime seem scrupulously ethical by comparison.
Obama = Greece.
Latin aenigma, from Greek ainigmat-, ainigma, from ainissesthai to speak in riddles, from ainos fable

Obama’s Big Fat Greek Budget: His debt is Your Children's Future
Daniel 8
23. And in the latter time of their kingdom [Greece], when the transgressors have reached their full measure, a king of fierce countenance [az-paniym = impudent, audacious], and one who understand riddles [mevin chidot = expert/maven of riddles]*, shall arise:
24. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power; and he shall cause awesome destruction, and he shall prosper, and act, and he shall destroy the mighty and the holy people:
25. And through his cunning he shall make deceit prosper under his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and without difficulty shall destroy many; he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken by no human hand:

A rare nonBiblical analogy:
He definitely has a psychotic need to bludgeon America the Beautiful to death, like one of those grizzly crime scenes where the victim is stabbed several hundred times. Something about America stirs in him a deep hatred and lust for retribution..
Yet Obama isn't in control:
BO is the perfect fall guy for the shadowy puppertmasters.

They’ll cut the strings and run, leaving this POS to twist in the wind.

It would be funny if we weren’t talking about the fate of the free world here.
Also racism:
Born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia. Is it any wonder he has no clue of western civilization history?

There are some people for whom the first world was never intended.
Dominos Pizza is secretly Obama himself!

OOoo, that graphic is disturbingly apropos on so many levels. Doubles as a demon-possessed Lady Liberty using a calorie calculator.

Say, how long before the "pepperoni" on the Domino's logo become obamalogos?

Look at the numbers on the domino, a 2 and a 1. In Hebrew numbering, a bet and alef. A mirror of בא, that is to say... BO.

Some kind of omen/metaphor in there.

Poor Domino's, their patriotic red white and blue color scheme likely set off a few demons.
Remember when Obama faked an injury in 2012?
The faked grave injury would be an effective sympathy ploy. MSM lies for him, so a couple days worth of headlines and wailing over the supposed departed Won would work miracles, so to speak.
A long metaphor a about Zimmerman
Mr. Zimmerman finds himself metaphorically shoved into a boxcar and deposited upon the threshold of hell, with jackboots of justice-for-trayvon crushing his skull and kicking him through the gate. All the while the President of these United States stands in authority at the scene, nodding with approval.

I can see why any human about to be sacrificed upon the altar of Obamanation would default to the basic instinct of survival. There's no reasoning with animals.
Obama actually did a TV appearance from a Satanic altar:
The image of the 2008 DNC stage does tend to remind me of the Temple of Pergamon,

That alter was Satan’s throne we’re told by none other than Jesus himself.

Good point. I visited the site about 25 years ago, and still have the guide book I bought there. Lots of interesting details - history, maps and diagrams.

The Obama "temple" is a modern neokoros.

3511 neokoros {neh-o-kor'-os}
from a form of 3485 and koreo (to sweep);; n m
He then free associates his way to Obamacare.

ANWAR Wilderness = evil.
Obama Proposes to Make ANWR a Wilderness

Your list reminds me of:

Matthew 23:38

Behold, your house is left unto you desolate*.
Jerusalem is an allegory for America. The premontions are strong with this one.
The usurper sure is an omen generator!
Seal falling off of podium, seal flying off the beastmobile, beastmobile running aground at embassy in Ireland, rats, flies, storms, volcanoes, and now twitter chatter about Obama falling...

The usurper sure is an omen generator.
The Trinity of Treachery!
This Brian Williams IS the [lying] face - the chief representative of the entire media’s operation of manipuation, deceit, and subversion.

Same as BO is the face of the lying, savage, predatory Fedzilla, organizing for evil.

As “a threefold cord is not quickly broken”, Hollyweird completes their trinity of treachery.
Reagan was America’s Josiah. Who could forget the funeral, or the never ending line at the Capitol Rotunda?

Lamentations, mourning, and woe.
Fedzilla will think up something more outrageous... say, embedding an Obamalogo in the palm, and when any human runs afoul of, the Obamalogo "life clock" will start blinking or change color or some such, in order to alert the Sandmen.

That's when the People find out just how many "sleeper" dispatchers are out there.
The real problem is dealing with people who can't stop making things political:
It’s impossible to keep the peace and remain cordial with people who equate relationships with battlegrounds. How hard is it to take a simple walk with a neighbor, or get together for lunch, or have a family holiday dinner, without proseltyzing for Obama? (And it’s not limited to 0bots, either, but most of the other pushy types can take a polite hint and zip it without becoming hostile or vindictive.)
Dude's longwinded, but click through that last post. It's awesome.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Birthers, lol

Lets check in on birthers. Here is a thread from a wordpress blog called "exposing the first birther."

Contentless anger! Conflicting theories! Paranoia about nonbirther Freepers! Aaand furious rationalizing that this is still important!

lee martell has decided Obama the liar randomly told the truth on some slapped together brochure.
Obama said it himself, or at least made the claim on his slapped together brochure of introduction back in the 1980’s. That was one of the few times I believe he spoke near the truth as he knew it to be. The truth will come out long after the spell and his hold on the presidency has been broken for good.
lee martell's reasoning seems mostly based on antipathy.
Everyone involved is protected by a conspiracy of silence. Just one example, Nancy Pelosi had to have known, John Brennan, head of CIA has to have known, yet for their own reasons, they chose not to act. Obama still does not even have Top Secret Clearance, so filled with holes and fuzzy lines is his biography. The results of this ‘interloper’ known to us as “Obama” have been ruinous, disasterous and in some cases as with Fast and Furious, his schemes have been deadly for scores of innocent people. Yet no one has of now been formally accused, let alone prosecuted.
DiogenesLamp has studied the issue and sees no evidence Obama was born in Hawaii.
I have been studying this topic since 2008, and I know of no facts that show he was born in Hawaii. It is equally probable that he was born in Washington state or Canada based on what i've seen.
And by "no evidence" DiogenesLamp means nothing he finds "conclusive."
Of all the things you presented in your document, that *is* probably the most compelling but neither it nor anything else so far presented meets a conclusive standard of proof.

Left out of this discussion is the fact that Hawaii *WILL* issue birth certificates for people not born there. They will be *REAL* documents, but they don't really prove anything. Beyond that, you can't even get Hawaii to admit with no "ifs" "ands" or "buts" that the document we are seeing is the ORIGINAL. They keep sticking comments on it that are ambiguous and inconclusive. Such as "Or an abstract thereof" which renders any "certification" pointless because nothing is being certified with any degree of certainty.

It is this constant resort to "wiggle room" that makes me distrust any pronouncements the Hawaiian state government makes on the topic. Their previous language of certification was exact with no ambiguity whatsoever, but for some reason they seem to feel the need to hedge every statement they make.
Besides, DiogenesLamp says, as he throws everything at the wall he can, Obama's birthright citizenship isn't what the Founders would have wanted:
The 14th amendment was never meant to apply to the children born here of foreign parents unless those parents intended to permanently reside in this country.

It was not intended to cover "anchor babies". It has gotten distorted quite a lot from what it's original purpose, which was to grant citizenship rights to former slaves.
Fantasywriter shows up, all gentle questions:
So are you saying Stanley Ann lived in that wee bungalow with her parents for the entire length of her pregnancy? If not, where was Stanley Ann during those nine months?

Also, not trying to be difficult, but I have never seen any evidence anywhere that Stanley Ann brought her baby home from the hospital to 6085 Kalanianaole Highway. Is this merely Obama-friendly guesswork, or is there a ‘fact’ somewhere that supports it?
But Fantasywriter soon takes a nonbirther to task.
A listing of 26 items which point to birth in Hawaii.

You’re aware that the person who made that list was banned from FR?

But in your humble view, his content is still welcome?

Kind of a way for the banned party to continue to post after he’s been uninvited?

Is that you, LorenC?

It’s been mentioned that your posts are eerily similar.
Mad prophet Yosemitest just kinda mumbles about Obama's footprint:

Have you not read of THE LAWLESS ONE and God sending a POWERFUL DELUSION ?
Yet you still believe those forgeries Obama put out ?
There's only one Birth Certificate out there with HIS footprint on it, and he dares NOT try to disprove it by publicly documenting his own footprint to disprove it.

The Arab-Kenyan Barack Hussein Obama II, (a.k.a. Barry Soetoro), ( the one guilty of TREASON ! ) has NO legitimate Social Security Number.

[And blah blah blah]
rawcatslyentist's pet theory is Indonesia:
I'm still in shock over how many people actually believe he's a Kenyan!

What makes you believe him? His dark skin? Do you think it wise to believe him even in this instance?

I say he's an Indonesian! Thru and thru!
noinfringers2 likes Kenya, but with a cultish twist:
He was born in Kenya, yes. However. this resulted from mama Stanley Ann being kicked out of a SE Asian guru’s communist, Islam cult because the cult members did not accept her child of the leader as a true member. Look up Muhhammed Subuh to find who the real sperm provider for Obama was.
Alas, no real Malcolm X or Frank Marshall Davis posts this go-round.

marron explains that he's interested in birtherism as an academic example of how clever Obama is.
Seriously, how can this "Birther Issue" make any difference anymore?

You make several very good points.

For me, the issue continues to be interesting just for the way the propaganda mind games have been successfully played. It is one for the PR books.

Whatever the truth of the matter, it is evident that O told so many lies over the years that the only way he could avoid a big problem was to declare his entire history off-limits. And he did, and he got away with it. No one could get at his paper trail, and no one was able to even discuss it in polite company without being drummed out of the public square. No one, not the press, not the judiciary, and certainly not the blessed Republicans, could be roused to take an interest in determining who this guy was and if anything about his biography was even real.

That, at this point, is what makes it interesting to me. It was a very successful psyops game and since it has been done so successfully, you can expect to see other similar games run all the time. And once you've seen the tell-tale signs, you can spot it from miles away... for all the good it will do you, since if its done successfully no one will give you the time of day for mentioning it.

Of course, at FR we get used to seeing fake stories on page one and real stories that go down the memory hole. You get used to people having no idea what you're talking about when they get their news from the alphabets and you don't.
morphing libertarian explains that to birther is human.
The issue is what is the truth. It is important to pursue truth, not just for the historical record, but because it is an innate human characteristic to do so.
jonrick46 dares to make a joke
Obama was born on a space ship.
WildHighlander57 cries ALINSKY!
Amazing little crowd that showed up to ridicule and say “what difference does it make now”, very interesting to say the least.

And some Freepers (not you) are engaging in Alinsky tactics/methods.

Why are so many people obsessed with vampires?

I found this on a True Blood thread while poking around looking for links with the tag 'misogyny.' Freeper ilovesarah2012 asks: "Why are so many people obsessed with vampires and the occult? I find them demonic and stay away."

The replies are adorably backwards and closed-minded.

Resettozero thinks sexy Vampires are corrupting our youth.
It saddens me to hear church-going youth speak so openly and admiringly of the Twilight series of movies and other similarly-themed shows. These under-college age people do so even though they have been taught and instructed in the way they can best live life. It's a troubling matter for prayer and action.
sten has clearly never seen a movie.
ive always wondered, since Hollywood has accepted vampires and demons in so many story lines... then why don’t they show more from the other side? where are the members of armies of light?

I know... it’s about promoting the decay of the moral fabric...

I have also considered an anti-liberal channel that would only show quality, wholesome tv 24x7
Vampires, like everything else, remind IMR 4350 of how much he hates Democrats:
Vampire is just another name for democrat.

When you run out of money they can suck out of you they go for your blood.
ArtDodger - liberals love Vampires because they are all sad proto-Nazis.
Why are so many people obsessed with vampires and the occult?

Because the reality they have made for themselves is terrible. Liberals are the unhappiest people I know, and when they get the social transformation they whine for, they are even unhappier. Hence, they escape into the magic world of HBO, where the Sarah Palins are always evil and the socialist wackos saves the world.

These liberal idiots are RIPE for a Nazi leader to unite them long enough to wrest political power away from the Constitution. Of course, once they are no longer needed, their beloved HBO will be replaced by a labor camp to occupy their remaining time on earth, until they are of no use at all.
The cool thing is that the above logic applies to all escapism.

Cletus.D.Yokel's comment is my favorite though. It seems Vampires are a distraction from domestic evils, which are in turn a distraction from Obama, who is an distraction from Satan....I think.
I find them fabrications of the Beelzabub-human imagination and the true human condition (AKA: sin).

With influence from the Father of Lies, the human heart looks to justify its abject sin by triangulating to/at a separate “race” of REALLY, REALLY, REALLY evil people in an effort to deflect from:

the REALLY, REALLY evil that deflects to

The REALLY evil that shows hope and change to

the ordinary, garden-variety evil people.

Everyone else (meaning, Obama voters) cannot be compared to the simple “errors” of everyday folks (blood-letting). Those gangers in Chicago that killed the 11-YO girl on a sleep-over...just a simple mistake.

Looking back at all she could have suffered, she could have been killed by a supremely evil VAMPIRE! Uhhh...errr..ummm...VAMPIRE! VAMPIRE!


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Dream executive orders of a Republican President

FreeperFan finds the good stuff, and this is no exception.

Everyone's political fantasies are going to be a bit eccentric - no one likes the status quo, and what's the point of a fantasy if it's going to be generic? But the fantasies of Freepers are less utopian than spiteful and anti-Obama. And hilariously naiive about a world without regulations.

central_va starts us off by enriching himself:
First EO - Veterans with Honorable Discharges are no longer required to pay any federal taxes for the rest of theirs lives. Same with active duty.
Lazamataz covers a lot of the things other Freepers do:
Executive Order #1: All Executive Orders by Obama are overturned. All of them.

Executive Order #2: All gun laws are declared illegal. Anyone who asks, may purchase any military firearm that is being retired, at our original cost. Handgun vending machines are now legal in airports and schools.

Executive Order #3: All income-based taxes are now illegal. All tax debt is forgiven. Sales taxes (the Flat Tax) are the only way to collect taxes from now on. The IRS is reduced to 1/10 its size and tasked with collecting the Flat sales tax. No information on who or what purchase a sales tax is coming from, is permitted. The sales tax will be collected at the point of sale.

Executive Order #4: The NSA, CIA, FBI, and any other agency, state or federal, are all ordered to stop spying on US citizens. Any agency member that spys on a US citizen without an explicit warrant is jailed and sentenced to be hanged.

Executive Order #5: No federal agency is permitted to have a SWAT team. Those teams are to exist only at the State level and if the feds need one, they can ask the state in question very politely. No more than 1 state SWAT team can exists per 2,000,000 population in the state.

Executive Order #6: NO laws may be interpreted or created or modified by Fed bureaucracy. All former interpretations, creations, or modifications are rescinded. Only Congress may interpret, create, or modify law.

Executive Order #7: All pardons issued by Obama are null and void.
I wouldn't mind #4. Or #5, except that I read Free Republic.

dandiegirl is one of many to go down this rout:
Abolish the EPA and department of education. Abolish the IRS and just have a flat tax.
EPA appears on every single one of the many lists of agencies to abolish.

MeshugeMikey is one of many Freepers preemptively angry about Obama's pardons:
Invalidation of all obamas executive orders...and Pardons
erm, I don't think you can invalidate a pardon...

ProtectOurFreedom wants an imperialist Fortress America.
Restoration of the rule of law is paramount. We must use legislation to totally demolish the Administrative State — wipe out Dept of Energy, EPA, Dept of Education, Dept of Commerce and IRS, and cut Health and Human Services (HHS) by 75%.

Then fire all lifers at State — wipe ‘em out and start with a new conservative diplomatic corps. Start aggressively building advanced weapons systems in large quantities to rebuild the hollowed-out military.

Finally, get serious about illegal immigration. Use DOJ to enforce laws against legals and deport them all. Let them go home and figure out how to enter the US legally following established rules. And build a serious fence the entire length of the Mexican border to keep that problem from ever happening again.
arthurus wants policy by seance:
Eliminate every agency and department that Alexander Hamilton would find Unconstitutional and fire all the employes with no further Federal compensation at all. Repeal the 16th, 17th, and 19th amendments. Nullify unconstitutional court decisions of the last century. Gold money and no fractional banking. We would have a short very sharp Depression, a couple of quarters maybe a year then the prosperity chart would go straight up, an exaggerated hockey stick.
The 19th is women's right to vote.

The Duke wants some very serious gerrymandering:
I would like to see a total, relentless "Spanish Inquisition" on past cases of vote fraud ... Along with tough new requirements for photo voter ID everywhere. I would also like to see some very serious gerrymandering of voting districts.

Also, congressional investigations into improper relationships between media and the Democrat political machine...with some serious revocation of broadcast licenses.

And a RICO investigation of the IRS, with summary firings, inprisonment and loss of retirement benefits as appropriate.
Olog-hai does not believe in gun laws:
Automatic CCW or open carry for all citizens without a criminal background.

That’s already a right. Only takes the citizens to exercise it.
The Antiyuppie thinks too much education is the problem with America:
No more government-backed student loans. Immediately, tuition would probably go down 50%, or the schools are out of business. Garbage like Womyn’s Studies would suddenly become very unattractive (so to speak), and the professors could go find more work more suited to their skillset - uhh...whatever that is. Maybe they could become maids and cooks, with all of the illegal aliens gone, those jobs would probably open up. All good for the economy!
grumpygresh's fantasies are less policy and more violence:
Why wait? The constitution’s dead so let’s have a military coup and repeal all of zero’s EOs, ditch the Fed and IRS, and put 0bama in a two foot by four foot cell. We’ve got plenty of FEMA camps so we can put all the Democrats and MSM in there.

And Now This Word from Outer Space

your only LOGICAL choice is to nuke your neighbor edition:
Here’s an analogy I’ve designed. I’m interested in any critical opinion on the logic:

1. Suppose, your neighbor hates you and has a beautiful kind wife.
2. Suppose his hobby is raising a lot of rattlesnakes in his backyard.
3. Suppose there is no fence between your yard and his and there is no way to build an effective barrier.
4. Suppose he has threatened to kill you with his rattlesnakes and there’s deep grass all around your house...
5. Suppose you realize that eventually his rattlesnakes WILL kill you.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? __________

a) Do you blow up his house including him and all the rattlesnakes and his innocent/beautiful wife?

b) Or do you wait until your certain future of death by rattlesnakes?

Clearly, it’s NOT wise for you to wait for your certain death, so your only LOGICAL choice is to nuke your neighbor.

Your dilemma is you that know that there will be innocent casualties (e.g. his beautiful/innocent wife would die in the blast), but you will not be killed in the future by him and you will rid the world of this evil man and his weapons.

THEREFORE, from a pure survival standpoint, wouldn’t it make more sense to nuke (with a Neutron Bomb) all of ISIS and all other evil factions in the Middle East? Unfortunately this would result in innocent casualties, but we know that it is a certainty that there WILL BE MANY innocent casualties in the Western world if we wait to be attacked. So we then the choice is distilled into do we want the innocent casualties to be theirs or ours?

Source: Ross Perot once mentioned the analogy of a rattlesnake in your backyard. I merely expanded upon the idea.
Cartoonishly reductive understanding of the Middle East provided by AlanGreenSpam (Obama: The First 'American IDOL' President - sponsored by Chicago NeoCom Thugs)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Barack Obama is super Muslim, you guys!

Any traction it had with the public has all gone. Even the loathing it once stoked is now kindled by other things. But the Obama=secret Muslim theory is still a tonic for the troops, a reminder that America is a club and they all know Obama's not invited.

rarestia has confused sanity with lack of integrity:
How many more transgressions are required for the “Internet society” to wake the Hell up and do something about this imposter? Oh wait, nothing will happen, that’s right, because our “representatives” only care about their own interests and don’t want to actually do their Constitutionally-appointed jobs.

At this point, our only hope is for a military coup, and I’m nearly 100% certain that won’t happen.
GrandJediMasterYoda is sure everyone knows.
He’s a radical Muslim no different from any other the only difference being he is working in stealth which really isn’t stealth anymore as his cover has been blown. The bottom line is Democraps in all their brilliance put the freakin’ enemy into the nations highest office.
HotHunt declares Obama "Muslim by Default."
If Obama is not a Muslim by his own admission, then he is a de facto Muslim, a Muslim by default.

Because he is like no Christian I have ever met.
Ann Archy is, as usual, really excited:
THIS is FABULOUS!!! I heard Mike Gallagher read this yesterday!!! VERY POWERFUL and needs to be on EVERY THREAD and sent to EVERY DEMOCRAT we know!!
OKSooner veeery carefully points out that some of the original post is bullshit.
Hey, uh, don't get me wrong, I'm on your side here, but the Tampa Bay Times article you reference at your link, uh, kinda seems to discredit your position.

All it does is reference a chain letter going around making the assertion about Muslims being exempted and actually uses the punch line "pants on fire"...

Honestly I'm inclined to believe this but your source isn't helping you.
Pearls Before Swine is undeterred by any debunking:
Drip, drip, drip. The conclusion is inescapable. Thanks for this terrific compilation.
Tula Git just likes to sound dramatic:
Ther White House is one huge “sleeper cell”.
I want the USA back is sure Obama's blackness is how only Freepers noticed he's Muslim.
A colossal hoax has been perpetrated on this country, and the people fell for it - twice.

The left and the media made sure we focused on the words “first black president” and deliberately avoided asking embarassing questions.

We have been defrauded.
arthurus points out that Obama said the magic words: And one more- the definitive one:
Obama recited Shaheed in Cairo in Arabic. That is the declaratory statement that one is a Moslem. The arabs and berbers and Egyptians and Persians who heard him understood that and all know that he is a Moslem and would strive to make the USA a Moslem country.
azishot must have a crazy wallet.
Good post. I’m printing this to carry in my wallet.

Chris Kyle Trutherism

The combination of the American Sniper movie affirming all that Freepers believe (I hear it does not, but that doesn't stop them), and the trial of his killer has Freepers off on another of their hyperbolic delusion jags that keeps us amused.

LeoWindhorse wants to honor this freedom fighter by getting rid of due process:
I mean , hello ? aren’t even our greatest of heroes worth anything ? Due process and pamper the murderous crazy assholes ? I’m sorry , if it was up to me I’d string this bastard up . I would be happy to switch the horse personally
Lots of Freepers want to kill the mentally ill, but SpinnerWebb wants to charge victims' families if they don't want the death penalty!
what should it matter if a person is incapable of understanding if what did in killing another is wrong ?
The one they killed doesn’t get the choice of understanding anything anymore . It should be up to the relatives of the victim to decide what his fate should be . If they choose mercy , then it’s mercy , if they choose hanging , then it’s hanging . Works for me

And they can choose mercy as long as they refund the state for the burden.
Neoliberalnot senses conspiracy:
I don’t know all the details, but I have been highly suspicious of this maggot—is he a hired hit man and who hired him? Any guesses?
Flintlock's eagle eye spots a beard!!
A Muslim convert.
Doin’ his own private Jihad.
(Check out his picture if you don’t agree!)
Pilgrim's Progress adds another to Obama's long string of imaginary pardons.
Stringing up has its advantages . . . if he goes on death row he will be pardoned by our Islam-lovin’ president.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. 2

grumpygresh continues the Freeper tradition of hoping for an Obama rampage:
We should all pray that this setback tips 0bama over the edge. Narcissists do not being told that they are wrong.
Diogenesis blames Obama for 9-11.
They murder Americans and BOMBED the Pentagon,
and murder Americans with IMPUNITY because
Obama is a documented Islamic terroristophile
AND THAT IS THE ONLY documentation on him
(other than he gave up his citizenship).
Fido969 explains why conservatives must love the Patriots:
Lefties hate the Patriots, and I'm not surprised to see this in the Guardian.

If they were called the New England Transvestites, or some such, rather than the Tea-Party like “Patriots,” ESPN and NBC would be having a 24/7 lovefest, the likes of which have not been seen since Michael Sam was drafted.
Gen-X-Dad explains why conservatives must hate the Patriots:
The Patriots are the perfect super bowl champion for modern day America. Cheat, lie, and steal your way to the top. Deny, deny, deny that you knew anything, did anything, or got caught and wait for the media and public to lose interest and wander off. We can thank Bill Clinton for opening the door on acceptance of this type of behavior. In the end, the Patriots light up a celebration cigar, laugh at getting by with it and know that at the most they will get a slap on the wrist from the NFL.
peyton randolph - Obama isn't a politician, he's a butt bandit!
Obama isn’t a political leader. He’s a butt bandit. I don’t want to give the Democrat Party undue credit so let’s leave it at that.
Born to Conserve thinks Bill Nye even looks socialist:
Nye is such a typical commie socialist. You can tell by looking at him, before he even says anything. He is a “type”. (Am I allowed to say “type”?)
Karl Spooner has some awesome advice for Ted Cruz:
He needs to call Obama a Muslim lover and a communist. That will get peoples attention. Rudy broke the ice for him to do that...
laplata's probably fake neighbor:
My neighbor is in her late 80’s and tends to exaggerate so maybe that’s the case with her sister’s heating bill.

She’s a nice old lady. She said Obama “...needs to go to Dallas and keep the top down”.
maddog55 wants to impeach Obama for appointing known liberals to high office:
ITEM: Adhering to the enemies of the United States, giving them aid and comfort, as witnessed by consorting with, supporting and installing to powerful Federal positions persons who in writing, word and deed have called for and promoted the overthrow of America’s constitutionally guaranteed Republican form of government, and the overthrow of the United States Constitution; including but not limited to William Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn, Cass Sunstein, John Holdren, Van Jones, Dalia Mogahed, Harold Koh, and Eric Holder, in violation of U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section IV and U.S. Penal Code, Section 2385.
SamuraiScot on Nicolle Wallace's liberal ugliness:
Nicole is looking kinda . . . old. She hasn’t aged nearly as well as the woman who (in her mind only) is her rival. Purity of heart is what keeps one young, unfortunately for Nicole.
MeshugeMikey continues to use humor as a refuge for incoherent hate-fantasies:
Im thinking with the available technology....there night be some interesting methods ofor ah...directing traffic...during the next hadj

perhaps a Hologram of Mohammutt projected on the nighttime sky calling for all true believers to exit this moral coil post haste like....

this is INSPIRING...

sort of like being in on the inception of a new product say..a “ Jihadi-Be-Gone”
edh is sure Hillary is too ugly to debate real men:
Cruz or Walker would look great debating Hillary. More importantly, they’d be able to throttle her on her ideas, not just her run down, Star Wars Emperor looks. She has no self control and her shrill voice and tired, trite, 1960s message will seem both rehearsed and antiquated next to Cruz or Walker’s platform.

I really hope the hag is getting plastic surgery ... that’ll be a sight to see :-).
bigmak007's daughter had a macho wedding, which is less gay than it sounds, I'm sure:
My daughter married macho, the groomsmen wore open carry, all the bridesmaids posed with Glocks.
jsanders2001 is getting into some cloak and dagger with some random Muslims:
At times it seems like we do have some radical Muslim spies visit here doesn’t it. I know we have had 4 people that appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent visit our church one time each to never return again. By chance, I spotted one of them in a local Walmart and Asked her about her visit and she said something that seemed a little strange at the time but not anymore; she said I visit different churches all the time. She seemed a little suspicious atbthe time and I get the impression they are Muslims doing recon on an area before they target it for invasion.
jsanders2001 on Muslim-spotting:
You could tell they were clearly Middle Eastern by looking at them. They were all women too which attract less attention and supicion than a Middle Eastern male would. Its easy to tell thm from Hispanic or Indian women to me. I just imagine them in a burqah of hijab. If they look the part then I know my gut instincts were right especially if I ask them and “the reaction”.

The shape of their eyes and nose and the darker tinting around thir eyes is usually a dead giveway even before I hear their accent.
SamuraiScot is sure eliminating entitlements would be the rebirth of American civilization:
Eliminating welfare and leaving it to the private sector would have a wide range of benefits, of course—the rebirth of American civilization, for instance. It needs to be dismantled doorjamb by doorjamb, and we could start almost anywhere. Except: I would not start with stopping the rate of growth. That doesn't change welfare's character, which I think is essential to producing a change in people's assumptions about how to live.
sergeantdave knows old vets will kill all the Mexican gang members:
“Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program”= MS 13 thugs. Fortunately, we have Marine and Airborne vets to wipe them out.
Electoral history bedamned, areukiddingme1 is sure blacks will stop voting Democrat now that Obama is out.
Okay, seriously, if the left believes that they are going to get black males between the ages of 18 - 45 to turn out to vote for an old white woman...they are just nuts.

So...doesn’t matter, Warren or Clinton...the black male vote just isn’t going to be there — There is no planet in the universe where you will be able to get young black males excited to vote for Warren or Clinton, yeah, to them obamadork was “historic” and they rallied to the cause but the AA vote will be waaaaayyyyyy down because an old white woman isn’t historic to them.
rrrod seems nice:
obola worshipping gutter whore alert
I want the USA back doesn't get why one would colonize Mars:
Colonizing Mars? Foolishness. The issues that divide on Earth won’t go away -the racial/sex/language/religion animosity will go with them to Mars. Gay marriage and affirmative action on Mars?
GrandJediMasterYoda finds the evidence BEYOND overwhelming that everyone in America agrees with his Obama=Muslim conspiracy.
The bottom line is we have a radical Muslim as President. The evidence is BEYOND overwhelming. Democraps in all their brilliance put the freakin’ enemy in the White House, Congress knows this and refuses to do anything about it. They would rather have this piece of rat filth burn the country to the ground rather than risk their own sorry asses to save the country. F them, they are slime of the slime, beyond contempt. All the vets who died, were maimed for life fighting to free Iraq and this piece of Islamo vomit gave it all right back to the enemy. 11 acts of blatant hardcore treason by this President SO FAR and Congress does absolutely nothing about it.
Only 11? You're not Freeping hard enough.

minnesota_bound draws an odd analogy:
obama is like PBS, always race with him and dividing people.
Eric in the Ozarks will only listen to "one of us."
Politico is not one of us.

Monday Potpourri pt. 1

Teacher317 reads a lot into "can't kill our way out of this".
We should be very clear here. She is NOT saying that it is impossible to defeat them by killing them. That is a logical fallacy.

She is giving a command, and telling us that she and her ilk will not stand idly by during any such effort at victory. They will march and shame and spit and yell and write and propagandize and everything else in an effort to stop a victory by those means, while demanding that we somehow find a different way to win... against a barbarous group that thinks nothing of killing, even their own, even over grudges that are hundreds of years old.

She will lie and cheat and steal and sabotage and anything else to try to enforce her fantasy on the rest of the world, no matter how many more are killed because of her efforts. She will even try to support the logical fallacy that killing cannot lead to victory, but that is not the purpose of her headline statement. Again, it is an order, and one that the Leftists will do their best to make us obey, most typically through emotional manipulation.
InterceptPoint has reached an objective conclusion:
Obama stands with ISIS.

Any truly independent observer could draw no other conclusion. Actions, words. You remember how that goes.
Forward the Light Brigade is still pining for a military coup:
Time for the Generals to act. If Congress can’t act for political resons maybe the Joint Chiefs should roll tanks to White House—seize power and place a Junta in control, close congress, place an acting President in power—Like General Patreus, until elections can be called. Nation under martial Law—all major cities under military control—the right to assemble cancelled until elections. News papers and media under control. I would almost welcome this—and I never thought I would say this in my life.
Richard Axtell actually thinks there will be action soon:
I believe we are days or weeks away from a coup d’é·tat, either by or against BHO. Events are happening at such a rate that they will soon be beyond anyone’s control, certainly of our feckless and incompetent leader. Either control of the gov will be seized and the constitution put in abeyance, or someone will find the pistachios to do the right thing and end this reign of idiocy we have been burdened with.

A Democrat pundit laughingly suggested just yesterday that we conservatives think Barach Obamama is the “Manchurian Candidate”! For once this was no straw man. I believe that he is exactly that, with all its implications.
hondact200 gets gradually more crazy as he types:
Obama is just one of them , Hamas or ISIL,or Al Quaeda he be believes that he is the 12th Imam, the imadi, whatever the is.lamic anti christ messiah is iS oBAMA TRULY A kENYAN, OR IS HE REALLY FRANK MARSHALL dAVIS OFFSPRING?
txrefugee has some very high expectations for Netanyahu's speech:
Obviously, Obama is scared spitless that Bibi’s upcoming speech will inform our Congress ans the nation about what is really on in Obama’s anti-Israel plotting with Iran. This could really blow up in his face.
pgyanke on how Obama's signature looks Muslim:
There was a time when comparisons were made between Obama's signature and the circular Bismillah (statement of faith in Islam). Those have all been scrubbed from a Google search. Even the circular Bismillah images have been scrubbed to the point that I only found one that even closely resembles his signature now.

However, as a student of Islam (yes, I am), I know exactly what I, and the rest of the world, see in his signature.
Boogieman complains that Jon Stewart isn't original:
Stewart didn’t even invent his “schtick”. All the basic bits of the show were already in place when Craig Kilbourn was hosting, but it was pretty equal opportunity in its mockery back then. The only thing Stewart did was shift the show to being a tool for bashing Republicans nearly exclusively.
FlingWingFlyer liked snow as a kid, so why are people up in arms about record amounts now?
It’s strange. When I was a kid, we all sang cute little songs about snow. Now, snow is considered “extreme” and the Freddy Krueger of all natural phenomenon.
Excellence seems to have a legit anxiety problem. I recommend less freeping:
My son is a Marine, yet I feel the need to keep harping on him about “situational awareness.” I never feel at ease.
Speaking of mental problems...Mozilla has some interesting Internet websites:
All she needs is to go to Best Gore and see the scores of beheading and killings done by Both Islamic radicals and The Mexican and Brazilian cartels. I doubt she could handle it.
Caipirabob disowned his in-laws:
You're fortunate. I have one set of in-laws that will never change their minds. They still believe the BS, and in a totally transformed country would be party loyalists and petty apparatchiks.

Yes, counter to those folks, I've had to disown in-laws myself.

But they were so foul I would have done it for many other reasons, so no real loss there.
ClearCase_guy smugly compares the Middle East to a country:
The Empire of Japan? -- It took us less than 4 years to get an unconditional surrender.

The Third Reich? -- It took even less time.

The Middle East? Which has almost no industry? Which has large percentages of their population without education? It's beyond our power to make beat these guys?

My suggestion: Give it a try.
I don't usually point out typos, but I like "Make beat these guys" quite a bit.

truth_seeker explains why the South needs so much government assistance:
Highest percentages of blacks clearly explains much of this situation.
MeshugeMikey is still rolling the crazy hateful humor!
Pelosi Leaps from Tallest Building In D.C.

“Obama Hospitalized for Alcohol Overdose”

Bobalu knows the Jews have a magic bomb:
It was a Jew that created the nuclear weapons tech that is most important to Israel, the Neutron bomb. This weapon’s existence means that Israel can defeat any invading army..they can even deploy them on their own soil if need be without harming their own people.

There simply is no defense against neutron bomb technology. It completely negates any numerical advantage an enemy might possess.
HiTech RedNeck explains why Jews are selfishly not all moving to Israel:
Jews like to live abroad because they are trying to strike a balance between personal comfort and God. When that tradeoff becomes untenable they will return.
PROCON knows he's living in the end times:
You've heard it said that every generation thinks they're living in the end times?

Well, we're much closer now; I'm just waiting for the true anti-christ to show up; and no, it isn't Obama.
Allagion is some kind of Evangelical Jew.
Recognizing Jesus as the Messiah is entirely antithetical to the Jewish faith down to the very core. If anything, God is preparing the world for the time when Christians will rightly abandon and denounce Jesus as a false prophet and messiah. So too will Muslims rightly forsake Mohammed as a false prophet and the vile, perverted tenets of Islam. Every heart and mind will open to the one true God, whereon the world will proclaim and believe "Hear, O Israel! The Lord is God! The Lord is One!"
arthurus doesn't like Jeb Bush, so Jeb must be a proto-Muslim:
A President Bush would continue the momentum and direction of the Obama Sultanate but Jeb is not yet a Moslem, I think. Perhaps he will convert.
Beyond her strawman logic, Liz really hates "U of VA"
THIS JUST IN: While munching on kale chips and sipping a green smoothie....and watching videos of the Jordanian pilot's ordeal----Marie Harf's U of Va graduate analysis skills went into overdrive.

Marie insightfully discerned that ISIS immolaters did't "feel good" about themselves.

Plus Marie KNEW from her U of Va graduate studies that having self-esteem is crucial to making life choices.

So Marie went to work---she began gift-wrapping monogrammed Zippo lighters to ISIL immolaters.

Marie, herself, attached State Dept happy-face tags to each Zippo.
OldNavyVet has a boy who killed his family all figured out:
Most likely he is just a cold hearted violent thug.

Wouldn't surprise me to learn that the boy is homosexual, his parents found out about it and one or more of his parents blew their top.
GOPsterinMA knows how to convince people:
Keep saying it:

montag813 hates how Israel gives Arabs even token rights:
It is disgusting that Arab savages can "serve" in the Knesset, where they typically give aid and comfort to Hamas. Israelis see this as a wonderful symbol of democracy, but all it shows it weakness, when an enemy "party" can swing a government to the extreme left. Ben Gurion and other Socialist foudners were fools to embrace Arab representation.
CodeToad has decided to anti-Vaxxers are Obama acolytes:
I see the ObamaCare social media trolls are out and about trying to get people to not want vaccinations so ObamaCare can save money.

Lately it has been no mammograms, no prenatal care, no colonoscopies, no vaccinations, no preventative care at all.
longfellow is one of many who's decided the guy who killed American Sniper Chris Kyle musta been a secret Muslim:
This asshole executed them. Shot them 4 x’s in the back each then a shot to their heads. He was a muslim sympathizer and or convert, just another bergdhal who is a hero to the likes of Moore and Maher.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Friday Spotlight: MeneMeneTekelUpharsin

A frustrated Freeper schoolteacher. The policies he puts forth tend to be extreme, even for Freepers. He loves citing his Mexican wife who holds similar views.

Mostly, he talks about Civil War 2 and punishing everyone who voted for Obama.

As expected with someone so dramatic, he thinks Obama has people killed all the time.

Quoting a noted theologian:
The sin of this nation is bringing this evil upon us.

"If you had not committed so many sins, God would not have sent me to punish you." Genghis Khan
Do YOU have the nerve to be a racist asshole to fight ISIS?
The talk in these forums is useless. Have the nerve to confront them in public everywhere you find them and speak clearly and logically. Caught a guy who looked Middle Eastern at the gas station LAST NIGHT and asked if he were Middle Eastern or Hispanic. He said Hispanic (from the sound of his voice and accent, I think he lied.).

I told him looking him straight in the eye that this behavior by folks from that area needed to stop because we have had enough. He said the members of the KKK were all white. I said, it's not about race, I am married to a native of Mexico. It's about the fact that you don't kill people like that. He shut up.
Civil War hoping:
Can you hear that civil war train a’’s comin’ round the bend...I ain’t seen no sunshine, since I don’t know when...and I hear that whistle blowing...
More of the same:
Oh wow. More violence. I can feel the rains coming....
...Maybe the apocalypse?
I see two men who look like angels walking down the road toward the United States. Wonder what their business is?
Protestant history is super peaceful:
Almost all of the atrocities committed by any Bible-based religion were done by catholics. Some have been committed by so-called protestants and catholics in Ireland in particular and some in Europe. Fact.
His response to "Mass escape from Brazilian prison after women seduce guards"
You don’t know what a mass escape is. A mass escape is the several million ignorant voters who voted for the Democrat Party and Obama and are not being forcibly deported because of it. They have escaped just punishment. Now, THAT is a mass escape.
If he were President, he'd purge the opposition!
No, it is the principle of doing what is right by repealing the Healthcare Act which is an attempt to control the people and then impeach Obama who did the bidding of his supporters and pushed it. Then, go after the supporters and, if possible, force them to leave the country. That would be my agenda. ANYONE who supports the Godless philosophy of the Democrat Party would be forcibly deported. I am not a real believer in democratic government anymore.
It is time. Make them pay!
It is time. EVERYONE who voted for this guy needs to pay in some form or fashion. The people who have voted for this evil party must be made to pay. The evil they have brought upon us is unspeakable. We now have the antichrist before our very eyes.
Wait, that's not the Antichrist:
The Anti-Christ is islam.

Now that's an Antichrist!

More insane ideas:
The only reason this country is losing to Radical Islam is because I (or others like me) have not been elected to important positions or have been able to take over. No ifs, ands or buts, swift action would be taken.

Apparently, God doesn't want that to happen yet, or, if at all for our sins.
No one supports it when he propagandizes children!
I tried for YEARS to help instill values in public school children and can count on the fingers of ONE hand the number of adults who tried to give me support.

I simply don’t want to hear it anymore from ANYONE. Administrators constantly accused me of putting “politics” in the classroom. People are getting exactly what they deserve for failure to stand up and defend those trying to do what is right.
Horrifying. And there's more!
Homosexuals have become empowered. Public school teachers I taught with OPENLY attempt to brainwash students against conservative candidates and nothing is done about it. However, when I advocated Biblical, truthful values, I was severely criticized and run out of public education.

It has become a moral war.
Yeah, he seems to hate kids:
At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child - miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill disciplined, despotic, and useless.

Oh man, I saw a huge number of teens in school just like this description.
His tagline: "Freedom is the freedom to discipline yourself so others don't have to do it for you."
Developed my tagline myself. Taught it in school. Students didn't like it.
Man, imagine having him as a teacher.

"My wife is a Mexican!"
Luis, I’m looking at MY own family. My wife is a native of Mexico and she despises people like you to your face. You want people to come here and then demand that everyone cater to them, ignore their illegality and turn our society into their society with all of the corruption you practice. No thanks. She is assimilating into our society and has learned English so well she spells better than American women with whom she works. THAT is what America used to be. Get lost, opportunistic punk.
My Dad taught me to hate.
My father was an expert on Islam, having read and studied the koran and related studies. He told me, “Islam is the most dangerous religion on the face of the earth.” He said that over 20 years ago. My father was correct & Obama and the subversives in the government are in error.
School shootings? All false flags:
This stuff has to be coming from some special ops group conning guys into doing this. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Can’t be coincidence.
Obama vs. Romney:
Obama debate agenda: Threaten rioting and/or civil war. Brazenly lie. Throw the entire nation under the bus.

Romney debate agenda: Advocate peace and unification. Just tell the truth. Throw Congress and Federal Agency heads under the bus.
It's not Obama, it's the Islamic bankers!
It is now becoming obvious whose money put him in office. No doubt exists at this point. Wonder if the media will ever investigate the full extent of the evil behind all of this?
Remember when Obama ordered Rush Limbaugh assassinated in 2009?
Someone in Obama’s administration is going to have Rush assassinated. I cannot believe that bunch is going to let Rush continue to eviscerate them with the facts.
Obama's killing everyone up here!
Anyone who knew Obama is not going to admit it so (s)he can keep on living.
He's learned dramatic, deadly secrets he's too poor to reveal.
If I could get some financial support (I’d lose my job if I tell the truth publicly), I can give you incredible information on the how the illegal immigrant population is operating and the effect they are having on the country in detail. Problem is, once I do, vilification and unemployment will follow. It would be easy to eliminate all of the emotional support for these people.

Another Black Violence Post

There's been a lot of these one-off "black kids did something and now Freepers discuss killing all negros" threads lately. This one is my favorite.

Some black teenagers ran through a restaurant and ate a bunch of food of patrons' plates. A particularly right-wing site called "conservativetreehouse" took this, rounded up every other black-on-white crime it could find, and soberly concluded: "Saint Paul Minnesota is a hotbed of racially driven black mob violence, but the media work diligently to keep it hidden. Recently the frequency of the attacks has increased in severity and now even the local media are forced to discuss it."

At this point, race-bating has ceased to have any political benefit, but it's become self-sustaining on the fringes. Thus, Freep, who had mostly turned to Muslim and gay stuff, goes from zero to black-killing-racist in one post:

Tunehead54 blames Obama:
I see the hand of the Community Organizer in Chief in all this nationwide crap ...
sergeantdave wants some cinematic killings:
Be proactive. Smash the yutes in the face with a plate of spaghetti. Restaurant plates are heavy and can cause mortal damage to a straight nose.
GladesGuru finds negroid noses mean only guns will solve the problem:
Smash the yutes in the face with a plate of spaghetti. Restaurant plates are heavy and can cause mortal damage to a straight nose.”

Contradiction Alert!

The ‘yutes’ are black, and negroid noses are less elongated than white noses, even before the application of a restraurant plate.

IMHO, where superior numbers, great difference in strength, etc. exist - only firearms use guarantees ones safety.
roofgoat finds America a black-ruled hellscape:
Delusion is the reason this racial violence is happening everywhere. YES EVERYWHERE.

Sorry if it scares but it does not change the fact that blacks know they can go ANYWHERE and do what they want. And whites just look on with glazed clueless eyes. Or at best chest thump and say “that won’t happen here”

But it is. I have seen it all over. And rural areas are and will not be immune no matter how much tough talk.
Rome2000 thinks blacks should have died out in America, but for welfare:
As long as we are talking percentages, in 1865 there were 31 million Americans of which 13% were black slaves.

The percentage of blacks in America has remained consistent, although the total population of both groups has increased by a factor of 10.

It is American taxpayer dollars confiscated by the Federal Government and redistributed to blacks that has enabled this non-viable sub-group to keep pace.
sport knows there are some places where vigilante justice still rules:
once it reaches Red Neck Land and the Red Necks perceive it to be a threat to the safety of their families, it will be a horse of a different color. There will be no announcement because none will be needed. There will only be individuals taking what they consider appropriate action to protect their families. And once started, it will be hard to stop.
Yeah...I'm not believing Lazamataz here.
Since the ENTIRE COUNTRY has been faggified, understand the (potential) enemy has been as well.

They may bluster; they certainly attack BUT ONLY WITH OVERWHELMING NUMBERS — but they are mostly also faggified.

Strong resolve and steely, calm confidence, combined with metallic backup, has served me well when I have had to.... er.... stand my ground. LOL
Mastador1 loves Death Wish.
They could sure use Paul Kersey down there!
Ouderkirk continues to be proudly racist:
Listen up’s needs to gibs me dats.

Black lives don’t matter, not to me anyway.

Obama revealed at last!

Obama said that if Republicans don't fund DHS, then sheriffs won't get federal funds. Freepers start yelling incoherently about tyranny. As if Obama is at last showing himself to be as cartoonishly evil as they all know he is. It's great.

BuffaloJack knows the only people who threaten and demand are terrorists:
DHS is sounding like a terrorist organization, complete with threats and demands.
Zathras knows this budgetary spat makes it clear what Obama is:
Now we are beginning to seeing the REAL Obama.
A dangerous Thug who lives for power.
43north wishes he lived in more interesting times, I think:
Two words - Full Mussolini.
bgill seems Mussolinis everywhere:
Notice how this entire administration always has that head tilt and smug look on their mugs. Very telling.
PGalt knows there's bribing going on somewhere:
Totalitarians R Us have spoken. Check$ and Balance$? CONgre$$?
lavaroise brings up two old canards:
Odinga instinct... The bush W keys on keyboards being ripped out aint nothing.
RedHeeler takes solace in predicting that Obama's gonna go to hell any day now:
The emperor needs a realm. May he get exactly, that realm. I believe it is coming, very soon.
bert wants an assassination:
three words......

ides of March
The Senate murdering Obama will be rough, but the American Empire is gonna be sweet.

Bob434 knew Obama's second term would be the bad one:
I said if he ever got into office for a second term he was going to unleash unholy hell on this country knowing that it would be the last ‘great chance’ the left had to destroy this nation and lien their pockets In the process- and that is precisely what has happened! Only a blind man with brain damage AND a frontal lobotomy couldn’t see it coming
arthurus - even was a tyrant, Obama's a Muslim:
He should have a turban, not a crown. He is not in the mode of an old European Absolute Ruler but rather that of a Sultan at Topkapi.
sport will probably blame Hillary's secret coup in 2016:
I see a big show down coming. This evil POS might declare himself President For Life.

I have maintained from the first day he occupied the White House, he is not leaving of his own accord. And should he decide to stay, who will tell him nay?
A Navy Vet wants a coup to keep all these blacks in Obama's cabinet from taking over:
This maxist POS is getting more bolder by the day. I never thought I would be good with a military coup. As watching it happen around the world, it is sometimes good.

And let me ask all the racists, what is with Obambi putting SO many blacks in positions of power who are only 12% of the population? Shall we count them? Does not anyone see this? Where is FoxNews and there so-called "fair and balanced" reporting? Right, they're scared to call it.

I will. Obambi is a racist. Come get me IRS.
Obama's cabinet, BTW? Not super diverse.

laplata suspects demons.
Also I’m not sure about you and others, but when I notice how flies would land on his face. For me Flies are an omen, I sensed that this Obama was not a good person. Now he is proving it.

He is pure Evil and is demonically driven.
itssme loves him some gross fantasies:
I want to see those flies chewing his face, and those maggots pouring out of his orifices to help the flies “do the work others won’t do.”
RedHeeler knows what will kill all hope for humanity:
Regardless, a Hillary will kill all hope for Our World. The Planet. We, us human species, will die by slavery. How is this even a possible idea? I was at a loss of understanding. Now, not so much.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Manly revenge

An Iraqi man went on a rampage after ISIS shot his son, killing 7 militants before himself being brought down. Now, it's hard to call that a bad act, but it's also hard to see that as anything else but tragic.

But Freepers see it as glorious. Because in their world, revenge not only makes up for loss, it also makes you a man.

knarf wishes someone would kill his family, so he could have an excuse:
THIS is the sacrifice America needs to see and I, for one, have contemplated a lot of times my own inactivity and shame.

I'm guilty of sitting at a keyboard and not taking revenge

In my defense, I think if I had lost a son or other family member in the same manner, I would have no problem

Perhaps that's why the cowards are working within our system instead of out in the open ... we're armed and we'd make mince meat out of their asses
stevio also seems eager for such things to come to America:
The Devil loves destruction. I would've done the same thing this father did if justice wasn't served. Times are getting darker.
MuttTheHoople with the inevitable:
Obama mourns death of 7 Community Organizers at hands of reactionary revanchist.
Gen.Blather knows what to call people that don't go on roaring revenge rampages:
“If a family member of each person slaughtered by ISIS did the same, ISIS would lose it’s control.”

Most people are sheep. Islam, especially, breeds fatalism.
phs3 may want to look into the arms to rebels stuff that Freepers have been raging about:
I think we should take a complete change of tactics over there, and this hero has inspired it. Dump massive supplies of small arms on the general population. Realy arm the citizenry to the teeth. It’s a better idea than what we’re doing now. What happens after the urgent Iraqi military finaly falls.
saleman reminds us the father was Muslim, and thus also evil:
Sorry to hear this man died....he was obviously wise about militant Islam. Smarter than most so-calledleaders in America.

I’m not so sure about that. His executed son was a member of ISIS. If I had to guess, and I could be wrong, I’ll bet he supported ISIS. Up to the day they executed his son. I’ll also bet he’s a Muslim. And, I’ll bet he doesn’t blame Islam, but ISIS.

Just another Muzzy extremist gone. I’m happy he took a few with him.
NELSON111 hates how the Pope isn't into revenge:
He went out like a BOSS!

Yep. Went out like a man. I'm sure Pope Francis is very disappointed to see a man act like a man.
This is why Freepers see the "Death Wish" movies as heroic and glorious.

Pro-Israel, anti-Jewish

It is an old saw that the two things that distinguish Free Republic from Stormfront are the explicit use of the N-word, and love of Jews.

I dunno, I've never been to Stormfront. But the second isn't really true. Oh, they love Israel, though based on how they've turned on the Pope, that may not be as solid as it seems.

Here, a Freeper with an agenda posts an old study about how Jews are liberal. You get an amusing mix of naked antisemitism and Jewish Freepers crying false flag.

I guess Jews are liberal for the same reason blacks vote Democrat: Stockholm syndrome.
yefragetuwrabrumuy knows Jews are just natural idealists and Hitler supporters:
if anyone comes up with an idealistic philosophy, such as socialism-communism, it will likely attract Jews like moths to a flame.

Even Hitler was so charismatic that some Jews showed interest in following him. In the US, there were huge hopes that JFK would take that role, and with Obama, they were falling all over themselves to enlist their support for him.

It doesn’t matter if whoever it is, is a burning antisemite, many Jews will continue to support them.
I suspect Roman_War_Criminal has a pretty narrow definition of how to love Israel:
Liberal Jews hate their own nation Israel, and with more venom, than I’ve ever witnessed personally from others (that includes muslims).

Conservative Jews at least “get” that we wacko Evangelical Christians aren’t out to get them.
JudyinCanada knows you can't really be conservative if you're not Christian:
Pretty simple really - rejection of Christianity.

Exactly what I was going to post. Liberalism is the anti-Christian ideology. It’s a spiritual thing.
Trapped Behind Enemy Lines thinks it has to do with anti-Tsarism:
I think Jewish devotion to radical Left politics originated in Europe as a response to anti-Semitism, especially in Eastern Europe. In Russia, under the czars, and in other parts of Europe, Jews were often prohibited from owning land and were herded into ghettoes and were the target of state sponsored pogroms. Of course many were downtrodden and impoverished. This environment may have caused many to embrace Marxism, Bolshevism, and Socialism and this radical politics was brought with them when they immigrated to America.
Talisker mixes up Objectivism and Judaism:
Socialism isn’t about helping the masses, it’s a psychological method to get the masses to accept the totalitarian control of those who consider themselves “masters.”

Jews generally consider themselves the “chosen” and are not known for their insecurity. In fact, overall they think pretty highly of themselves.

So it is not a surprise that people who call themselves the “chosen” would be attracted to a method of totalitarian political control which requires “masters” to run it.
Alberta's Child reminds us who killed the Messiah!
It goes back to the days of the Gospels. They’ve been choosing Caesar over God ever since.
Yaelle has it hard as a Freeper Jew:
The main reason why jews are liberal today in 2015 is fear of being shamed by their friends and family. It is harder to come out at Passover as conservative than gay, in a non orthodox extended family.

I’ve done it. The former, that is. You will never be as accepted as you were, you will never be seen the same. If you came out as gay, you’d be the star of the show. Everyone would want to be seen as being close to you.

If you announce you’re voting for the Republican, it’s like announcing you just pooped on the floor.
zzwhale knows the Jews control the government:
its really simple....... DEMOCRAT POLITCIANS ARE CHEAPER TO BUY THAN REPUBLICANS... ONLY GENTILES PAY retail and there you have it...also there is the STUPIDITY FACTOR....

grandpop and grandmom voted dem... daddy and mommy voted dem.... i must keep up the STUPID TRADITION....

I am sure all the JEWS are estatic over Obama’s treatment of israel.... and yet STUPIDITY overrides REASON.... and they voted for him twice... double stupid.
Never mind. PA Engineer is sure all the posters above are false flags.
Jewish people are slowly (too slowly) trending conservative. I often wonder if stupid threads like this are posted by trolls (or used by trolls) to keep Jews on the Democrat Plantation by bringing out all the cretins.

Yep. Check out some of the posting history and born on dates. The Delphi Technique is alive and well here.