Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Pix

Operation: Ugly-up the enemy continues!

The press sure do make a fancy-looking but unintimidating secret police

Freepers feel like the EPA is a dick, and thanks to photoshop they can live their dream!

Sekret Muslim is old and busted.

Sekret Soviet is the new hotness!

Freepers missed that it's satire again! They really think Skittles is all thuggish now.

Some Freepers actually inquired whether this was real...

Smug Obama, eeeevil caduceus, burning money and an American flag. At last, our orgy is complete!

BUSH AND CONDI ARE IN ON IT! I think Rumsfeld too!!

How many racist stereotypes can you find in this picture?

At last, proof he's a thug.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Uncle Slayton - Free Republic's own Humpty Dumpty

"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less."

Another 'special' Freeper I'm shocked I missed. He takes Humpty Dumpty a step further and applies it to reality as well as words. This guy's self-delusion is incredible.

He's the only Freeper to fall for an obviously doctored video of Obama, supposedly acting drunk.
The video is almost two years old and MSM has been hiding the video all this time.
On Hoodies:

I think you may be underestimating the Power and the Fear of the Hoodie.

Having an odd definition of 'traces.'

Traces of marijuana could mean anything from several ounces to a couple hundred pounds. We just don’t know and the MSM is not helping.

On how Chelsea Clinton chose to be Clinton' daughter.

Sorry Chelsea, but you and Sandra Fluke both chose to be in the public spotlight and therefore are fair game for Rush Limbaugh to discuss and call sluts or dogs or whatever he wishes.

On putting abortion doctors on Wanted Posters, as compared to the New Black Panthers' attention-whoring:
The Wanted Posters published by the Pro Life Activists were intended to Protect Life of the Unborn, while the Wanted Posters published by Black Panther Terrorists were intended to cause harm or death to Capt. Zimmerman.
Of course he's a birther:
Good work!
Finally, someone has indisputable proof that Obama was in fact born in Kenya.
His theories about gas prices:
In August of 2008 gas was at $4.00 a gallon and then Sarah Palin demanded that we Drill Here Drill Now, and gas prices immediately dropped to $1.95 a gallon.
His idea to use racism in defense of Zimmerman:
“Black teenagers shoot black teenagers all the time.”
And Captain Zimmmeman knew that fact when he was apprehending Travon and if charged can use that as a defense.
Obama has many, many wars:

Gov. Haley is a victim of not only a partisan witch hunt or Obama, but a victim of the Obama War on women, Christians and people of Indian backgrounds.

His own views on women:

Repeal the 19th.

On how Treyvon's twitter posts deserve the death penalty:

Joe ignores the fact that Trayvon’s Thug Twitter posting had direct causation as to why Trayvon was out so late at night and likely give us insight as to why Trayvon was out that late wearing a hoodie.
Neighborhood Watch Captain Zimmerman was able to quickly identify Trayvon’s motives and acted to protect his body and property from a thug who Zimmerman determined was up to no good.
It's always "Captain Zimmerman" too. Weird.

His response to White Supremacists breaking into Trayvon's twitter account and changing the password to 'niggerniggernigger.'

Sorry, Trayvon Martin is dead and does not have privacy rights to to Internet accounts.

Previous Freeper Spotlights:


Theocracy Now

Dr. Teeth strikes again!

A Canadian woman was arrested for entering a Toronto abortion clinic and "offering pro-life counseling."

The judge threw her in jail, saying among other things, "Your determination to break the law is a potential threat to the well-being of society and plants the seeds of lawlessness, perhaps even anarchy … You are unable to accord some civility and respect to others. Your view in law is wrong.”

This seems a perfectly legitimate civil disobedience case. But there is a specific bunch of especially extreme Freepers who recognize no laws other than Gods, and pro-life martyr threads like this are just the place to find them!

Absolutely Nobama lays down the law:

My God just happens to have created the universe.

What did this bozo ever do ? Collect a State salary ? Mumble a bunch of jibberish no one will remember or care about in a 100 years ?

DaveyB knows a judge's duty:
The judge is not above God, he is not a god, he is under God and will answer to Him.

His duty is first to God and them to civic law.
Uncle Slayton' better world has more beatings and thoughtcrime than I would think.

In a better world, the atheist would be beaten by the parishioners and sent to prison by the judge and the doctors, staff and women having abortions would be convicted of capital murder.

slumber1 naivety champions property rights in the middle of all this:

I’m not an abortion supporter but I wonder how we’d react if an atheist came into a church and started passing out atheist literature. Would the church members not have the right to remove him from the property? Someone explain to me how this is any different.

Nervous Tick doesn't much like the uniform application of law, so he's decided to be a dick:

I don’t know where *you* worship, but in *my* congregation they don’t sign in those in the lobby and then take them back behind the altar rail and kill their babies.

I’d respectfully submit *that* as a difference.

556x45 knows Real Christians don't apply trespass laws, they just talk to any asshole who waltzes in:
I see you didnt think that one thru. :D I rather suspect they would invite him to sit and hear what they had to say. Its a ready made opportunity to preach the Gospel. Even tho the press portrays Christians as bigots not willing to hear its really just a bunch of projection. Its really the left thats narrow and unwilling. I think you need to show up at church more often...then you wouldnt ask such questions. :)
I guess he didn't read the "beat the hell out of all atheists" guy.
slumber1 follows up:
a representative of Planned Parenthood walks into a pro-life counseling center and starts handing out pro abortion material. And lets say for good measure that it is her sincere and deeply held belief that she is doing good by offering these women a way out of their pregnancy, perhaps she even believes she is in some way serving God. (I agree that she is deceived about her beliefs but that is not the point here)
achilles2000 decides a condescending reply is the right one:
You are talking about someone soliciting what should be capital murder. Thank you for playing.
Dr. Sivana also hasn't read the thread:

Most of the pro-lifers I know would welcome such a person, and a chance to educate him, as well as the mother. Our arguments are better, as they are true. We generally don’t resort to ad hominems, and completely avoid straw men. As long as the conversation continues, the mother isn’t killing her child.

Mrs. Don-o hates how trespass laws apply to everyone:
this case is different, due to lives being in imminent danger.

Do you think the purpose of law is the protection life and property (in that order)?

Or is it "the orderly administration of injustice"?
MLK "an unjust law is no law at all" used disobedience to try to change the law, he didn't just say forget about the law. 'Course, he had more skin in the game than these guys, who can just throw hypothetical stones at a society they hate.

BlackElk answers by politicizing the Holocaust:
If anyone gets their panties in a bunch over my references to Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg and cites the idiotic "Godwin's Law" that the first person to mention the Nazis loses the argument being made, my response is: Get over it. Nazism was not a unique evil in all of human history. We just (understandably) act as though it was. Abortion is not only a direct analogy to aspects of the Nazi Holocaust, but as the published research of a history professor (John Hunt) at St. Joseph's College at West Hartford, CT, has shown, several defendants at Nuremberg were prosecuted and convicted solely for perpetrating abortions.
Now, these are not your usual Freepers, their crazy is that of different message boards, and a different blog. But they are here, under the radar.

Before Obama

I've been saying Free Republic has been getting more crazy for a while. When a Freeper bumped a thread from 2005 about the possibility of a nuke in DC, it seemed the perfect moment to compare:

Diana in Wisconsin thinks it's every man for himself.
It truly WILL be every Man for Himself if we get nuked. So, don't be scared; be prepared as best you can be with food, a basement (yours or a neighbors), cots, wind-up radio, bottled water, meds if you need them, something to make fire, etc. We have a great kit put together for tornadoes & blizzards in our basement. A lot of that "survival" stuff would come in hand in this instance, too.
No concern about roving liberal urban gangs.

Jonathan shows fantasies of Muslim genocide aren't new:
And here is what happens next, if I had anything to do with it:

Tasking orders are sent to an Ohio class SSBN somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

Within 15 minutes 24 Trident SLBM's are headed to the Middle East.

Every Muslim city of over 100,000 people is incinerated with a MIRV warhead.

Every day for the next 5 days a similar atomic strike is launched on the survivors and the battle-assesed remnants of the Muslim world.

P.S. If the Muslims KNEW this would happen and BELIEVED we would do it, they would deliver Ali Kahn of Pakistan and Bin Laden's corpse and all of their followers to us post haste.
Prost1 dehumanizes even innocent Muslims just like nowadays:
the Enemy must know without a doubt....

Every man, woman, child that is muslim will be dead within hours of the event. There will be not muslim country left, from Africa to Indonesia.

I will have as much pity for the innocent muslim as the innocent muslim has for us.
null and void wishes death upon Freepers' Satan du jour:

I think Hillary would survive a nuclear blast.

Yeah. She has a powerfull ally that's used to flames...

Satan is so fickle, ain't he!

has a different enemy:

No more Ted Kennedy?

Lexington Green has the unthinking hatred of DC down:
All those politicians dead..... Why would our enemies do us such a favor?
ExSoldier has the same old conspiracy theories, just with a different pupped-master.
But have you ever heard of FEMA and the infamous Executive Orders to be triggered ('scuse the pun) in such a case? All those EO's were linked together by Clinton. It's a nightmare.
Quix is as apocalyptic as always!
that's been scheduled, ordered by the puppet masters.

They figure they have to scare us into the world government scheme.

They also want only about 500,000,000 total world population to make governing easier.
JDoutrider from 2009:

I missed this the first time around... now with the mooselimb in power, it makes sense to BTTT!

Dems working the refs.

I cannot explain exactly why I love going to Free Republic so much. Most likely it's a combination of things.

One of them is that it's a refuge. When Democrats say something hinky, I know Freepers will eagerly overplay their hand to the point that my laughing at them diminishes any concerns I have about my side's foibles.

Thus, I ran to Free Republic when I heard last night that Sen. Richard Blumenthal explained that if the Supreme Court strikes down the ACA, they would suffer a blow to their credibility, and that their power depends on their credibility because "“The court commands no armies, it has no money."

Crazy Freepers to the rescue!

Dick Bachert
sees what makes me uncomfortable, and already takes it too far:

Does that sound like a not so veiled threat to anyone but moi?

"Could it maybe be construed as a veiled threat? Then it's totally a big obvious threat!!!"

SandyInSeattle doesn't understand why God allows Democrats to exist:

I keep waiting for lightning to strike these people.

Their dishonesty is breathtaking.
sjmjax explains, "I know you are but what am I."

It's breathtaking how the tortured liberal mind is so upside down / inside out.

What will damage the credibility of the Supreme Court or any particular Justice is any vote to uphold the mandate.


When lies become sedition, people should know about it.
GOPJ expects all sorts of shenanigans:

Are they going to 'Breitbart' them? Maybe have Black Panthers put out 'Wanted - Dead or Alive" posters - with big rewards?

Or threaten their parents and families?

Or stick the 'oh so biased New York Times and Washington Post on them?

Spooooo many ways to be thuggy - so little time
cableguymn has at last started deprogramming his kids! That doesn't sound sinister at all!

I honestly think they think we will just lay down and accept it.

However, if it does lead to a war. I agree. Lets get it started. I am young enough to fight and my kids are old enough to be ok with out me. I am raising my kids the right way, outside of the nest of the government. Neither attend government schools (my wife teaches them)

we started deprogramming them 4 months ago. Both are turning in to great little capitalists with the ability to help rebuild our nation once what infects it is rooted out and removed.

TLI thinks it's time for suppression.

The only way to preserve freedom for American Citizens in this Republic is suppression of the communist supporters. "Taking the high road" is rapidly becoming something to be put on the shelf for a while. It is now time to step up, get in their face and refuse any other narrative other than they are worthless communist agenda bastards undeserving of a place in this Republic.

Worthless communist agenda bastards undeserving of a place in this Republic.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sexual confusion

A light one, per the legion once again. I'd seen this come up in a few threads, but this one was long enough to really get into.

This whole Canadian beauty queen who wants to compete in Miss Universe but is a transgender thins has me skeptical. I mean, her name is "Jenna Talackova." Say that out loud.

No matter, she is undeniably hot,

and the visual to a fault Freepers are hilariously confused:

ReneeLynn sees the flaw that keeps the genders separate!
He’s been on hormones since 14 and had ‘things’ cut off at 19. Stop the hormone treatments and you wouldn’t be confused for long. Those are skinny, man legs.
Scythian claims to be confused as well:
I’m kind of suprised at all the men being turned on by this creature?
trailhkr1 admits the truth:
SRS folks this she/he looks better than many real women out there..and no I am not saying this is right and I have a real woman girlfriend.
Real woman girlfriends are the best kind!

Notary Sojac allows she's hot, but it's all makeup, and liberal women are ugly!!!!!
Many of America’s left-wing “double X” women could benefit greatly from a makeup and grooming course taught by the he-she’s........
SVTCobra03 is super pissed about the hotness:
It would be hard for any heterosexual man not to consider it also, unless of course...but for many that wouldn’t matter. That is one hot potato.
That is probably one of the most disgusting comments I have ever seen on FR.
POWERSBOOTHEFAN thinks she's in Three's Company:
I feel bad for the guy who believes that this man is really a woman and goes out with “her”.

How much do you wanna bet that “she” will get socked in the jaw and have “her” lights knocked out?

It’s gonna happen. Mark my words.
Jack Hammer defines 'hubris' as prideful defying of Donald Trump.
Deliberate misrepresentation on the part of the writer.

No - NO ONE was “booted out for being a boy.”

Someone was booted out for a grotesque and yet willful act of deliberate, dunderheaded hubris; i.e., being sufficently stupid to think that entering a women’s beauty contest was possible for a male, provided that said male, for whatever reason, “wanted” an exception to be made in HIS case.

This whole “sex change” nonsense has gone light years too far.

If you’re an effing male, with male genes and equipment, but you want to be (or think you are!) a female, get a good psychiatrist, for Pete’s sake.

But whatever you do, DO NOT ask me to (or even worse, demand that I) live in your dystopian fantasy world.
Yes, a world where Jack Hammer is offended is a dark one indeed!

Chelsea Clinton On Sandra Fluke: “We Both Have Been Attacked By Rush Limbaugh”

via the Anonymous Legion.

I've spoken before about how Freepers are getting less and less politically savvy for some reason. It's like their madness has reached critical mass, and damaging their cause no longer matters to them.

So when Chelsea Clinton weighed in on the Sandra Fluke thing, there was very little holding Freepers back from such juicy (if undeserving) targets.

arrdon - Sarah Palin is a victim, so there is no such thing as unfair attacks:
Yeah? You shoulda’ had some liberal, slime-bag a$$-hole ‘writer’ move in next to your parents’ home in an attempt to monitor every family move and write a continuing trumped-up lie in an effort to slander your Mother first, then every single member of your family. This, in an effort to further the interests of the Soros Presidential-handling Experiment. Try being one of the Palin family, Mizzzz Clinton.
Maverick68 keeps it simple:
Well, you are both lying, unattractive whores, so I’m OK with that.
Nathaniel has kept close track of the academic careers of both women:
What Fluke does NOT have in common with Hatchet-Face, Jr (Chelsea) is that Chelsea “earned” her undergraduate degree, master’s degree and is currently “perusing” her PhD (Oxford?) and NEVER or RARELY set foot in a classroom.
Her liberal dummycRAT pedigree combined with daddy and butch-mommy’s celebrity wielded incredible influence on fawning lib-dim “professors”.

Fluke is no Mensa member – rather a “professional student” who intends to ride free on grants, her leg-spreading abilities and her new-found notoriety for as long as humanly possible.

Limbaugh should NEVER have apologized – not to echo fictional John Wayne or Mark Harmon characters, but lib-dims seize apologies as a huge sign of weakness. There is NO substitute for total and complete victory. Genghis Kahn was right.
ScottinVA points out what's important:
Try as she might, the Clinton daughter is talentless, classless and clueless. Not only does she know nothing, she suspects nothing.
And she's not particularly easy on the eyes, either.
Dixie Yooper probably thinks liberals are the classless ones:
In Rush's defense, when he called Chelsea ugly during her dad's first year in office, she was quite a hideous looking little girl.
I wish I could tell which gender these folks are, but I do know some of the most rabid Michelle-Obama bashers are women.

tumblindice is off and rolling!
“She was 30, I was 13,” Clinton said

That’s called `opening the door’ (to what would otherwise be inadmissable).

When Chelsea was 13 she was so ugly that she had to wear a bag of tuna around her neck to get `Sox’ to come near her.
When she was born, the doctor slapped her mother.
Hillary was upset because the other mothers kept thinking Chelsea was a monkey. Bill came to visit with a bunch of flowers and bananas. “Ah wasn’t sure,” said the serial sex criminal.
FrankR conveniently ignores the content of the thread, to lament how conservatives cannot win.
If a conservative says a liberal's name - no matter what the context - it is somehow deemed as "hate", "racial", "sexist, or just "mean".

If a conservative DOESN'T mention a liberal's name - no matter why - it is somehow deemed as "hate", "racial", "sexist" or just "mean".

The solution is to stop running from it, stand your ground, and tell them to STFU.
A bit calmer than the previous Fluke stuff, though. Dunno if the hate was so bright it burned itself out, or if some inkling of how they look has made it's way inside.

One thing the Fluke thing and the Treyvon Martin thing have showed me, though; personal, bigoted attacks are always waiting just below the surface of Free Republic these days, pressurized to explode for the right stimulus.

Treyvon Martin continues

Freepers continue to decide their speculations are the facts in the Treyvon Martin killing.

But the other thing they are doing is to miss the reason for the outrage. In this case, the killer is known but hasn't been arrested, and wasn't even really investigated. Not that the racial aspect isn't part of it, but it's Zimmerman's seeming privilege that makes the case special.

But Freepers are only seeing the race aspect. Small wonder, since that feeds right into their white-people-are-victims/coming Obama race war narratives.

So this week Freeper have really been enjoying pointing out cases where white folks were victimized by blacks, and yet it hasn't gone national. Every anecdote, of course, is proof Obama loves black-on-white violence.

Dilbert San Diego is a case-in-point:

Facts are stubborn things.

The fact is that young black men commit a disproportionate amount of serious crimes in this country.
We could debate all the reasons for this. Heck, entire books have been written about this problem. But, it’s fact that there is a critical mass of criminal element in the
black community.
The liberal view is that we’re not supposed to talk about all of the black on black crime, gang violence, drugs, etc.
A rare case of a non-black shooting of a black youth in the Travyon Martin case is being extrapolated to show that we are a racist bigoted society, and that the biggest danger to black youth is a racist with a gun. But the stubborn facts are that the biggest danger to young black men are other black men with guns, not racists with guns.

Yes, the accusations of outrage have to do merely with the race, not with how the shooter got to joke with the cops and then head home.

Freddd knows Obama only apologizes to blacks and Muslims:

Two whites killed by a black for no reason.
Obama won’t say a word. Even though they contacted him 3 times.
They simply aren’t Eric Holder’s ‘people’.

No word on whether Santorum, Newt and Romney contacted this family, as they too weighed in on the Treyvon case.

jiggyboy accuses Obama of being a politician:

Obama picks his areas for “concern” in exactly the same way as he picks
his campaign stops, which is what they are — fleeting, soon forgotten episodes
of retail-level campaigning, photo opportunities, and sound bytes more
appropriate to a Chicago alderman’s race than the day to day operation of the
Presidency of the United States.

Oh, not just a politician, a crappy one! The Outrage!!

Pollster1 repeats the current Freeper received wisdom that Obama's offering of sympathy by saying his son would look like Treyvon was exclusive, and that non-black kids need not apply.

If Obama had a son, he would look like . . . the killer in this case. No, I don’t see Obama feeling sympathetic to the parents. For him it’s all about race - especially race as a source of personal power.

Kenny Bunk gets the message:

The message to you isn't at all subliminal.
Vote for me or there will be massive "urban unrest."
The message to "them" is "Begin now." Not only will violent African-American behavior be tolerated, it will be ecouraged, and worst of all, rewarded.
Planned chaos.

Yes, just like the black flash-mobs last summer started the race war?

rightwingextremist1776 is totally ready:

Then lots of them will be meeting their maker......
I say BRING IT ON! It’s time to end this BS one way or the other.

Well, it is time to end the BS...

Gay State Conservative feels bad for the parents, cause they don't get how evil Obama is:

These poor parents don't seem to understand.There are no votes in Obama expressing *any* kind of regret for the death of these kids.If their sons were black and the killer was white they very probably would have been invited to the White House but,alas....
It's certainly easy to see why they wouldn't understand...there's nobody in British politics with a character that even *remotely* resembles that of our Community Organizer-In-Chief

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not looking good for the Individual Mandate

The five conservative Justices on the Supreme Court seem to be buying into the anti-Obamacare framing of the individual mandate. Freepers alternate between skepticism and howling triumph:

Mangia E Statti Zitto cannot believe it:
Forgive me, but after three years of this lying, despicable cabal, I find myself waiting for the other shoe to drop. I can’t believe they’re throwing in the towel this easily.
Mad Dawgg trusts nothing he hears at all!
I'll believe CNN when the law is actually struck down by SCOTUS.

And even then I will be skeptical.

Bottom line: The Main Stream Media doesn't report News...

They spread propaganda.
FedsRStealingOurCountryFromUs is sure - Obama is totally going to overrule the Supreme Court.
This is why 0bama must go. He will ignore the SCOTUS’ ruling if overturned and wait until AFTER he’s elected to publicly state his intent to proceed with 0bamacare. He’ll have more “FLEXIBILITY” at that point, right?
SoFloFreeper agrees:
the Obama regime doesn’t give a damn about judicial decisions that go against them. They ignored the first judge who ruled it unconstitutional...and they ignored the judge who ruled against their drilling moratorium.

They don’t care about the law.

freeangel doesn't trust the Supreme Court after they didn't weigh in on the dozens of Birther theories.

Until I hear the toilet flushing, I won’t believe that this will be delared unconstitutional by a panel of judges that wouldn’t touch eleigibility issues for fear of reprisal by the king.

fightin kentuckian is worried Sotomayor is going to kill and replace the other Justices, or something.
I believe that Sotomayer is just as much as a radical activist as obama with a “union thug gene” deep in her genome.

I believe that Sotomayer will try to sway other Justices behind closed doors. I believe that she will be in touch with the obama adminstration giving them a blow by blow on how the decision is coming along. In short she is a mole.

I believe that if the opinion doesn’t go her way that she will try to fiddle with the final text in order to achieve her end.

Look at her track record if you don’t believe that sotomayer is capable of that. She is a non apologetic racist who will have her way and do anything to get her way.

Sotomayer is key, someone must keep an eye on her and keep her in check. (Kind of reminds me of John Carpenters “The Thing” with Kirt Russel)

Lady Lucky has this contentless bumper sticker.

Cost shifting was the little socialism. Obamacare is the great socialism.

FlyingEagle will not be satisfied unless the losers are jailed.

The very fact that communist medical care is being debated in the United States Supreme Court illustrates that this formerly free republican society has pushed passed its peak and is in terminal decline.

Obama, Biden, Reid, and Pelosi, along with Sebilius, should be immediately sequestered and held in prison without bail, on charges of violation of their oaths of office, while under impeachment and sentencing procedures for this fraud, a very costly fraud, perpetuated on the American people.

What is there to debate in court? The Obamacare tax ripoff is ipso facto unconstitutional in every aspect. Summary judgement should be issued and the whole idiocy ended except for the extended imprisonment or other punishment of the seditious and traitorous behavior of the nations highest officers.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Could the Muslims be right?

It's something of a trope that Freepers are the American Taliban. But to hear them say it? That's rare.

This is from an article about a Canadian court holding that outlawing brothels is unconstitutional.


“Western culture is in a terminal decline.”

There’s less and less left worth defending.

Could the Muslims be right?

Nextrush agrees with Satan:

Even the Evil One himself speaks the truth part of the time.

kearnyirish2 sorta agrees, additionally, he's rejected society.

My thoughts exactly; Muslims aren’t right, but this isn’t either (and certainly not worth dying for). I know this is a Canadian story, but it has parallels with the US: As we become a country where deviance is heralded as better then the norm, where race and gender determine whether or not someone gets into a school, lands a job or promotion, obtains a business loan, etc., what stake does a heterosexual male of European descent even have in it?

Outside of my tribe, I couldn’t care less for most of the people around me; I’ve become completely indifferent to them. I still pay taxes and vote, but along a very narrow range of issues that matter to me personally. The concept of a nation or shared heritage has been completely eradicated (deliberately) by America’s Bolsheviks.

Can you feel the patriotism?

Teacher Fired After Not Noticing Third Graders Having Sex Under Desk

Another gem uncovered by Dr. Teeth.

How do Freepers react to the story of two children of maybe 9 having oral sex in school? Assume this anecdote represents all Public schools and take off from there!

rovenstinez knows who to blame:
Absolutely, this is the legacy of Bill and Monica, the world we live in will never be the same, Thanks Bill.
Seriously, like four posts on this thread blame Bill Clinton for inventing oral sex or something.

Westbrook blames the Public School System. Here is one of his dozen posts:
No right-thinking parent who loves his kids would put them in a government school collective 40 hours a week to be indoctrinated with “sex education” films and “values clarification” and to read commie-inspired doggerel from kindergarten on up.
BobL shows you don't need no sex education:

Hopefully the school provides free birth control or this could be a much bigger problem.

GeronL remembers condoms are bad, and liberals love child sex!
Yep. The left is going to wonder what the big deal is, and give them condoms.
baddog 219 knows which race this is!

I’m sorry but the thought of third graders doing this sickens me.....Not to be racist, but was these 3rd graders .... UH.... black?

sueuprising blames Satan, though he uses an unfortunate verb:

And there are still people in this world, who say the devil is not real. The devil is real and is indeed “ looking for someone to devour”. In this case, it is a pair of 8 year olds and their teacher.

Freepers try to understand liberals

FARK linked to an interesting article claiming conservatives understand liberals better than vice-versa.

But, as Cracked's Free Republic comments have recently pointed out, Freepers are hardly ordinary conservatives.

MrB has studied liberals' neurosis, and has decided they are commies in denial.

Although I’ve made it a point, through my personal worldview studies, to understand the liberal neurosis, and the base assumptions thereof,

I find the most frustrating thing is that they are in such denial that they support the causes of communism and fascism through their advocacy.

ImJustAnotherOkie discusses the liberals he encounters:
most liberals I encounter are just plain stupid naive people who need a keeper.
aruanan cites Jesus, though I can't figure out why:
One does not become a liberal. One is born a liberal. In the fullness of time, a few grow up. Others remain with the child's view of life: The world is whatever I believe it to be. This is nothing new, Jesus talked about it when he referred to his generation "They are like children sitting in the marketplace and calling out to each other:

“‘We played the pipe for you,
and you did not dance;
we sang a dirge,
and you did not cry."
Drawsing brings up Freepers' oft-repeated canard that liberals are literbugs:
Liberals also feel leave a filthy mess wherever they go. Which explains the mountains of garbage left after a liberal rally. Conservative gatherings leave the place nice and tidy. Liberal’s sense of dependence/entitlement/victimhood leaves them in a perpetual state of adolescent irresponsibility with a “the government will clean up after me” mentality.
Kaslin found a thesaurus!

I don’t hate liberals. I despise and loathe them

Beagle8U goes in for some kind of mystical farmer's elitism:
The average liberal is...well below average by almost every measure.

Being liberal is a self defense mechanism. Forget ‘fight or flight’, liberals just stand there being ‘liberal’. Sure, in the real world it would get them killed, but in liberal world it gets them protected, and often supported by tax payers.

Most liberals are educated morons.

Ask yourself this question... Do you know any liberals that know anything that can't be read in books? Ask them a question and they immediately start searching their I-pad or Maxi-pad,( something like that ) for an answer.

Oak leaves are smarter than liberals.

Ask a liberal when to plant corn or when the crappies are on their beds and they will stand there looking stupid or start searching their pads. Oak leaves know these things.

Ask the same liberal when snapping turtles lay their eggs...
more dumb looks ( by now the dumb bastard is crying..hee hee), but even corn knows this one.

Walkingfeather has decided petty tribalism is the only rational answer:

We need to shed the, “ Oh we cant be mean” attitude and start knocking them off their game. We will never convince them over to our side by our sound arguments.
Shift your perspective this morning. Think about, “how can i screw up a liberals day, just for the fact they are a liberal and nothing more?” Be proactive.
freedomfiter2 sees liberals everywhere:
The writer left out the worst one, Liberals run just about everything including the GOP.

And now this word from outer space

What's at stake edition:
If he steals another election, we're ALL gonna die.
Drama provided by crosshairs

Monday, March 26, 2012

A taxonomy of Crazy

Via Dr. Teeth. Always a source for rich veins of crazy.

“On all these issues, particularly on missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space,” Obama says. “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

I guess it's that this was caught when Obama thought he was off-mike, but paranoia really sets in. Freepers all hear something different than an actual statement of political realities. But what they hear varies depending on the neurosis of the individual Freeper. I have set up a non-exhaustive taxonomy for you folks:

Aevery_Freeman is of the 'Voter Fraud' Camp.
Primary take away here:

Obama knows he's going to win!

The fix is in, folks.
kabar agrees, and also adds the usual lament that the GOP won't use this clear evidence of Obama's treason:

The height of arrogance or is Obama so sure of his voter fraud machine that the outcome of the election is not in doubt. Hopefully, the Stupid Party will use this audio to nail this Marxist.

NEMDF is not only into the voter fraud thing, he has figured out Obama's every move!
I think you might be right. He has many, many campaign workers researching the voter rolls and lists of the deceased to be sure that they get in a vote for every dead registered voter out there. Probably some bribes lined up for stuffing ballot boxes and/or finding whole boxes of ballots under the stairs in the church polling places, if need be.
dandiegirl is of the Birther Tribe, far from her usual home:

Putin has the goods on BO’s background including where he was born. He’s probably being blackmailed . This is why Congress should look into BO’s past and actually do something about it.v

butterdezillion is the head of the Nonspecific Apocalypse Folk:

Translation: “I have to hide what I’m up to until after this election but then there will be nothing to stop me from totally annihilating the US of A.”

America, you better be listening to this.

Nice of Obama to wait till his second term to annihilate.

F15Eagle is another fan of nonspecificity, citing Ayers and Brietbart to prove there is Plotting Afoot!
The Ayers seemed to have long-range goals, according to their mailman. As Breitbart said, folks were plotting. Wasn’t that sometime in 2012 that Breitbart said that? (meaning, recently before his untimely demise).
vanilla swirl is also of the folk, with a SOROS bonus!

Increasingly evident that Obama is the Manchurian Candidate who took Soros’ order to bring America down.

Venturer is of the Muslim subgroup of the folk:
The Muslim will sell us out right after the election.
allendale is a member of the Overdramatic Historical Society, non-sequitor branch.

Always remember the modern Democratic Party is the greatest internal threat to the well being of the United States since the formation of the Confederacy. Never trust a liberal.

Though to be fair, hyperbolic attacks on all liberals are always welcome on Free Republic, regardless of the supposed topic!

Yaelle is a hoary old Cold Warrior, still vigilant for the Commies around every tree, and likely clutching an old McCarthy pin.

I think it’s starting to make sense why SAD [Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's biological mother] was in a Russian class waaaay back

A communist daddy. Her first semester in college and she takes Russian. Hmmm. And big Daddy Obama was also taking in Russian. In 1960, height of the Cold War. Hmmm.

STD is into Civil War 2, but looks how he changes with the season:

Deliberate Bait to bring on Phase three. Be watchful, but as peaceful as ‘whittle wamms’

Yes, Freepers may seem to be rarin' for Civil War if Obama gets reelected, but when put-up-or-shut-up time comes, they'll shut up, citing "that's what Obama wants us to do."

Just like last time.

Was Trayvon Martin a Drug Dealer?

Now that Obama has expressed sympathy for Trayvon Martin, this thing is no longer about gun rights, or even race. It's about tearing down everything Obama has ever touched.

Let loose the dogs of speculation and prejudice! To whit, Freepers have decided Martin was probably a drug dealer.

Uncle Slayton rages against the media for covering up all the crap he made up:
The MSM is covering up all kinds of facts about Martin as they have not reported that he was stalking the streets at 3:00 am and they have not reported your fact that he was a drug dealer.
hal ogen adds another lie to the pile:
The city manager said his body lay in the morgue for three days before any of his friends or family said anything about his not being around. Maybe he roamed the city pretty much at will at all hours doing something or other?
TigerClaws alleges a bunch suspiciously stereotypically black stuff:

Treyvon’s character matters.

Did he swing at a school bus driver leading to his suspension? A propensity for violent confrontations.

“No Limit” is a gangsta rap label. Tata. Weed. Gold teeth.

Not quite the squeaky clean young boy the MSM is selling

Yaelle knows what this sounds like:

Sounds like he sold weed. And sounds like he did something PRET-Ty bad at school to get suspended for 10 days. And it sounds like he was assaulting Zimmerman very badly. Badly enough to use self defense.

boomop1 crows Obama's race war is canceled now!

This will spoil Obama’s rabid spring.

Santorum's "Obamaville" video.

Santorum has released a hilariously over the top anti-Obama fearmongering video. It's so over the to, some Freepers think it's a bit much. Most, though, are too far gone to care about politics these days:

who knows what evil? knows there are two types of people: conservatives and sodomites:

The sodomites are squealing like stuck pigs...conservatives don’t care for this because it paints an ugly future that they would rather deny is coming...

Vision believes!

Propagandists don’t like the truth.

rabidralph loves the subliminal aspects!

LOL! “sworn American enemy” Look for the flash frame of Obama intermingled with Akmadinijad. Download this now before someone really complains and gets it pulled.

MulberryDraw is inspired to add branding to Freepers' crazy claims:

That single word, “Obamaville” can now be followed by many many sound bites. That’s how the “all-important” center thinks.


where gun sales are through the roof.
toilet paper holds its value better than the dollar,
but contraception is free. (let the masses eat that!)...

Houghton M. is sure Freepers who don't like the add are just against Santorum.

If Newt had made this video he would be praised for it by the same people trashing it now. Perhaps not by you, but by most of those trashing it now.

If that doesn’t apply to you, great.

But about 99% of the criticism by conservatives of this video would evaporate if it had been made by Newt. Then it would be strong and forceful and “taking it to Obama.”

That’s my point. Double-standards are not limited to Lefists. FRingrichers have them too.

I was hoping for a huge flame-war about Newt versus Santorum, but it's mostly just wining.

Common Sense 101 knows no add is too negative!

Imagery is WAY too suggestive/negative at this point.

More negative than the past three years and the prospect of four more years of the ignorant jug-eared Marxist?

As I said up top, the 4 years of relentless apocalyptic rhetoric has burned out some Freepers' practical sense. When the end of the world is staring you in the face, the end not only justifies the means, but the end itself is lost amidst the drama.

And now this word from outer space

Palin flight of fancy edition:
In my dreams..

(That's so y'all can say “in your dreams!” and I can say “yup, that's what I said...”

The first ballot is held. No one gains the requisite votes for nomination.

Our Lady of Wasilla gives a speech that wows the crowd. About half-way through, chants of “run, sarah, run” are heard under the applause.

About three-quarters of the way through, no applause is heard, because every pause is filled with “RUN, SARAH, RUN!”

She doesn't get to finish the speech— the text is later published in her Presidential Memoirs— because she can't get a word in with all the “RUN, SARAH, RUN!”

She steps away from the podium, and the MC gavels the place into some sort of order— at least to the point when the PA can be heard over the crowd. This takes 38 minutes. Two major networks cut away...

..and miss the part where the MC places the name of Sarah Heath Palin into nomination; the chairman of the Alaska delegation seconds, and the nomination is made “by acclamation.”

In my dreams... but I'll be waiting.
Palin stimulation brought to you by ExGeeEye (Islam: a transnational fascist government that demands worship.)

And now this word from outer space

The ways Obamacare is illegal edition:

Obama”care” was robo-signed by Congress, and is therefore illegal.

Obama”care” was 2700 pages long, but is still being written, but not by Congress: witness the forced contraception coverage recently.

Obama”care” has caused “The Catholic Spring.”

Obama”care” reduces competition, and therefore is illegal by the 1890 Sherman Anti-Trust Law.

Obama”care” is designed to be a US Federal Government monopoly, with no competition.

Obama”care” also is illegal according to the US Constitution, because it violates our freedom of choice.

Will THE NINE SUPREMES notice any of these three violations? I seriously doubt it.

Impeached Bill Clinton proved that the US President is above US Federal Law, so anything that the President wants he gets, regardless of the Federal Laws that he has violated.

Epic legal misunderstandings provided by Graewoulf (( obama"care" violates the 1890 Sherman Anti-Trust Law, AND is illegal by the U.S. Constitution.))

Monday potpourri pt. 2

Norm Lenhart thinks knowing any Muslims means you cannot judge Muslims objectively.
As I suspected, you indeed are ;to close to the problem’. You have a friend who is/was/whatever a muslim and that colors your thinking.
dps.inspect knows what is coming!

This is the beginning of Black Spring in America... Lord have mercy on the uncle Tom’s of this world.

Diogenesis PROVES Obama wants violence:
“They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun”

Obama to His Followers:
“Get in Their Faces!”

Obama on ACORN Mobs:
“I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!”

Obama to His Mercenary Army:
“Hit Back Twice As Hard”

Obama on the private sector:
“We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick.“

Obama to voters:
Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat”

Obama to lib supporters:
“It’s time to Fight for it.”

Obama to Latino supporters:
“Punish your enemies.”

Obama to democrats:
“I’m itching for a fight.”
dandiegirl thinks Michelle is teaching the Obama daughters to be ninja assassins.

Weird about the guy that told someone BO was acting really strange and he ended up dead. I guess these are the South Side ways that the Mooch is so proudly teaching her girls.

MrB has a White Liberation Theology:
the left has always sided with the forces of anti-Christ.

“White” culture is really Western Judeao-Christian culture.

And, yes, communism is one of many anti-Christ movements in this world.

Cheburashka knows gay people think everyone is secretly gay:
The gay alliance will tell you that everyone is born gay, and that most people have been repressed into straightness by evil social repression.
bigheadfred is a big fan of the US Soldier who killed all those Afghani civilians:

This Bales is my hero.

rawcatslyentist agrees - everyone in Afghanistan is trying to kill Americans, and they ALL HAVE BOOKS ABOUT IT!
Did they search the houses for terrorist training manuals?

I bet EVERY house has a book instructing them to MURDER US in any way possible!
liberalh8ter is not a fan of immigration:

Give me your tired, your poor, your morally bankrupt, your hopelessly wasted,

Your huddled violent masses, yearning to breath kill to live for free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore cardboard ghettos,

Send these, the homeless, tempest tossed most barbaric and criminal of your inner cesspools,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door give up.
Road Glide hopes Romney will at last help out white folk:

3. Romney is white, and will represent “white interests” vis-a-vis Obama, who dislikes whites (read quotes from his book) and will do nothing for them (playing that race card when’er he can). And before you go “callin’ me racis’”, remember that the core, traditional values of old America came from white European stock. In that vein, “white interests” very often correlate with “traditional American” values. Whatever Romney’s “values” may be (and I don’t pretend to like him), one thing I -know- deep in my core is that the values Obama has are quite divergent from mine.

rarestia thinks the Trayvon story is over:

It’s funny how quick this story got legs then fell to its knees.

Zimmerman was originally described as a white man. This was supposed to be a white-on-black hate crime. Now he’s Hispanic?

Aww... what happened MSM? All the air come out of your balloon at the same time?


television is just wrong doesn't believe in racism:

racism is an invented word to destroy the United States of America.

Monday potpourri pt. 1

Bumper crop again this week. Blame Trayvon Martin, I don't plan to make a habit out of it.

points out how Obama is like Charles Manson, only all subtle-like.

That makes 2 famous people seeking a “race war.”

Barack Obama and Charles Manson.

Manson’s “family” went around California stoking fears of the “coming race war.”

The major difference is, one occupies the Oval Office.

The other difference is, while Manson’s followers “murdered the rich pigs,” Omoslem uses surrogates (Black Panthers, OWS) domestically and moslem surrogates (Muslim Brotherhood) overseas to threaten and kill Jews... Christians... The “rich”....and Whitey.

USS Alaska is pissed how the Secret Service won't let him say Obama needs to die.

If the pResident had a son, he'd look like most of the shooters in last weekend's Chicago massacre, but don't get too excited, they might beat their record this weekend.

I wonder if the murdered, little six year old girl's parents, will get a shout out from the pResident?

This hypocritical, halfrican, communist, mooselimb, prick needs to be ________.

Fill in the blank, if I did, the SS would be at my door, Sieg Heil.

bert has decided Trayvon has had lots of kids out of wedlock:

So far, none of the MSM has asked how many kids now have no biological father since Travon died

Secret Agent Man cannot abide woman protagonists in action movies:

I won’t go to any movie where the waif girl survives huge guys and guns. In real life one on one there’s no contest. I can’t suspend the disbelief enough to buy that crap.

Right Cal Gal knows Hollywood is going to have a hard time after the Obama Gasoline Apocalypse:
These Entertainment libturds think Obama’s peachy-keen now, but wait until later this year when fans aren’t buying records and attending concerts and movies because they have to buy gasoline and food instead.
Toespi knows Obama's been testing America's tolerance for...moderate liberal policies I guess?

Obama has been putting America through a series of tests.
The first test was, will they vote for a man with Muslim roots, Marxist friends and whose middle name is Hussein, seven years after Muslim radicals killed 3000 people.
The second test was, will they allow me to take over the private sector, banking and auto industry.
Third test, will they pass a healthcare bill virtually taking over the lives of every American. Will they not ask questions about my association with SEIU, and othe corrupt unions. Will they go along with spreading their wealth.
Well we passed his test proving we are sheep. We are his.

POWERSBOOTHEFAN knows Blacker equals speaking with bad grammar

‘Blacker’? You mean ignorant?

“You is the father”

“You is dumb”

“Obama is they president”

“The child is mines”

quickquiver has learned about Obama's secret Asian-Afghanistan-Heroin-Disney World...I have no idea.

Rich unnamed Asian supposedly helped fund the 9/11 terrorists too, but I read it here at FR. Since 0bomber is a Chinese agent, (remember the deep kiss with an unknown Asian women at the closed Disney World), clearing the playing field MO, Afghanistan is payoff to the Chinese. Heroin is for the zombie Jihadis and crazy world leaders sons to get crazy on. Saddam’s sons remember.

You can learn a lot at FR as long as you are aware of the planted stories and posts.

wita shows how Free Republic is actually moderate.

Left wingers are all alike be they Communists, leftists, fascists, progressives, socialists, marxists, Nazis. They stand for government run amuck, meaning tyranny which is on the far left of the political scale. The far right side of the political scale is no government at all which is spelled Anarchy. At the balance point or center of the scale reside normal people believing in a balance of government and law, vs either of the two extremes on the scale tyranny or anarchy the first occupying the far left, and the second occupying the far right.

The Alinsky tactic of accusing the middle of the balance beam of being extreme right, does not fit at all, but the left, and their media sheep sure love the sound of it.

Step 1: compress the entire authoritarian spectrum onto the left. Ignore Freepers' social authoritarianism.
Step 2: create some weird strawman for the right side of the spectrum.

You know you're extreme when it takes two fallacies to make you seem normal!

Nervous Tick combats being asked for a Facebook password by a staggering amount of entitled douchebagery.

(You really don’t get how this works, do you? No wonder there are so many unemployed yutes — I think folks have forgotten HOW to be employed.)

Here’s a hint. Director and VP-level candidates aren’t asked for their Facebook passwords. (At least not at the first interview.)

Dime-a-dozen GenX and Millenial entry-level employees who have an over-inflated sense of their self-worth from too many years of “esteem building” in public schools? Yeah, I’d like to see your facebook, if you don’t mind.

rcrngroup has a new nickname for Obama, and he's going to be sure to use it!
0dumb0sh_t is a RAT bastard, socialist-fascist commie pig, and the rest of the demonic demoRATs are equally as bad. God help us if we cannot vote out 0dumb0sh_t in Nov 2012. Our country really will then be in its’ last 4 years as a nominally free nation. What a RAT bastard commie pig 0dumb0sh_t is!
Bellflower realizes the only way non-Freeper America doesn't hate Obama is because of Satan.
Historians of the future will scratch their heads in astonishment that America allowed itself to be bamboozled by a demented racialist poseur and con artist who was never qualified to hold the office.

It REALLY doesn't make a lot of sense. You have got to wonder what is driving it, other than Satan himself. Where did they get all of this control? How come the people that are suppose to be the Conservatives seem so impotent and do not seem to have a grip on anything?

We must all call out to God.
chris37 takes Free Republic's assault on reality to it's logical conclusion - Buddhism!

Believe me, I am tryng very, very hard not to be naive.

It has become quite clear to me that my entire world is nothing but a manufactured illusion.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Pix

Obama - silly AND evil!

I like this editorial cartoon because it's not addressing any current issue, it's just "Democrats suck."

Napoloean was emperor, not king. And I'll bet after recent French history, he was a bit careful about decapitation orders.

Yes, Freepers, this time you totally found the issue that will be Obama's kryptonite!

Seeing more and more Romney-McCain comparisons.

Damn, this evil black guy sure means business! I mean, he's straight up looking you in the eye while holding a burning parchment, and pointing at it too, in case you didn't get the message.

Ah, but they're at least using their left hands this time!


Friday, March 23, 2012

It's going to get interesting at FR if Romney is nominated, innit??

Freepers contemplate the inevitable:

USS Alaska is one of those humble martyrs who can't stop talking about their martyrdom on the internet.

If mittens gets the nod, I am gonna self ban from FR, me, my wild rants and my quarterly donations, because I won't be singing and dancing, but I'll be voting for mittens.

FReepers are mostly pretty sharp politically, but many are prideful to a fault.

There is a load of childishness, masquerading as false conservative values, and since you voted for obama in the last election, you will feel justified doing it again.

Not me, I'll be going on down the road.
cuban leaf is planning something sinister!

If Romney wins the nomination or the SCOTUS sides with Obama on health care, I’ll probably disappear from the internet.

samtheman takes refuge in shadowy conspiracies:

We were played.

First we were played on the subject of Rick Perry (Guardisil! Guardisil! OMG! Guardisil!), then we were played on the subject of Newt Gingrich (pre-Florida there was an anti-Newt tsunami here on FR).

We are conservatives and we are stupid.

demkicker is typical of the side voting for Romney, justifying selling out by pumping up Obama to supernatural levels:
I admire people with principles, but in this case I cannot fathom how anyone could justify handing the presidency over to Satan/Obama for another four years - period.It's
Remember kids, never blame on pragmatism what you can blame on SATAN.

Sirius Lee Palins it up:
Grassroots Conservatives started the Tea Party. We can start a Sarah Palin write in movement. Why do we have to just accept whatever dogcarp the GOPe "allows" us? Xcrew that!

It's time for us do to an end run around these clowns. There are more of us than there are Karl Roves. We just have to agree to do it. And the DO IT!

We can do this. We can get the signatures to put her on the ballot of every state as the candidate of the Palin Party. We just have to do it and stop whining about being stuck with the false dichotomy of loser(R) or loser (D).
ngat is just going to mutter about those undeserving voters on election day:

So, the only conclusion possible is that an electorate to which the universal franchise has been extended, is infinitely pliable, by application of the ruses of the demogogue.

EternalVigilance is running for President! Really!

Yes, I’m running. And I may well end up being the only conservative on the ballot, the way it’s looking.

Tellingly, Jim Robinson concentrates on Congress these days.

It’s going to be interesting alright. IMHO, we need to fight like banshees to continue the 2010 tea party congressional sweeps no matter who gets the presidential nomination. And, whether Romney, Santorum, Gingrich or Obama wins the election, we’re going to need strong tea party majorities in both houses of congress to hold their feet to the fire and to roll back government.
Personally, I cannot and will not vote for abortionist big government Romney if he’s the one, but damn sure will turn out on election day to vote for any conservative Republicans down ticket.